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lawyer ; b. at Chambersburg, Penn. ;
Dickinson Coll., 1812; admitted to the
bar in his native town; in 1855 removed
to Philadelphia ; d. in Baltimore.

Dunlop, William, M.D. The Tiger.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 417.

Dunn, Caleb. Ponivgoe; 31 y Pen.

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 417.

Dunn, George. Cyrus, the Elamite.
An American writer of the day.

Dunn, Henry. Delta. An English
educational and miscellaneous writer;
secretary to the British and Foreign
School Society.

Dunning, Harriet Sarah. Dickey

bunster, Rev. Charles, M.A., -1816.
A Country Clergyman ; Marmaduke Mil-
ton, Esq.

See " I. and ]*.," First Scries, p. 417.

Dnnton, John, 1650-1725. A Mem-
ber of the Athcniitii Society; The Unknown
Author of " Neck or Nothing" ; A Member
of the New Athenian Society.

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 417.

Dussaud, Mmo. . Jacques Vin-
cent. \ Frenc'ii novelist of the day.

Dutlieil, Kugenie. Mile. Fnge'nJe La
Rochire. A French novelist.

Dutton, Anne. A. 1).

See " I. and 1'.," First Series, p. 418.

Duyckinck, Kvcrt Augustus. D.;
E. A. ]).; A Coiilribulor.

Sec "I. and P.," First Series, ]). 418.




Dwight, John Sullivan, 1813-. ,7.
S. Z>. An American writer ; b. in Bos-
ton ; Flarv. Coll., 1832 ; in 1887 resident
in Boston.

D Wight, Theodore, 1764-1846. The
" Hartford Wits." An American poet
and journalist ; b. in Northampton,
Mass. ; studied law in New Haven, and
began to practise at Haddam, Conn. ;
but in 1791 removed to Hartford; M.C.,
1806-7 ; after spending two years at
Albany, he founded at New York City

the " Daily Advertiser," of which he
was editor, 1817-36 ; then he lived re-
tired at Hartford, 1836-43 ; when he
retired to New York City, and d. there.

Dykes, Thomas. Rockirood. A Seot-
tisli writer of the day.

Dyson, Rev. Charles. C. D.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 418.

Dyson, Et. Hon. Jeremiah. A
Right Hon. Gentleman. An English
writer ; friend and pastor of Mark Aken-


Eames, Mrs. Jane (Anthony), 1816-.

A Layman. An American writer ; b. at
Wellington (now Dighton), Mass. ; educ.
in Providence, R.I. ; in 1839 married the
Rev. James H. Eames, for many years
rector at Concord, N.H. ; has travelled
extensively in Europe and the East.

Earle, Giles. G . . . s E . . . e. An
English writer of the eighteenth century.
Earle, James. J. E. Falmouth. An
English writer of Falmouth.

Eassie, William. Rattlebrain. An
English physician of the day.

Eastburn, James Wallis, 1797-
1819. E — n. An English-American
poet ; b. in London ; educ. at Columbia
Coll., New York, 1816 ; was a colleague
with Robert C. Sands in the composition
of " Yamoyden," N.Y., 1820 ; d. at sea.

Easton, Rev. Thomas. Menippus.
A Scottish (?) clergyman; published at
Glasgow, 1818.

Eaton, Mrs. Charlotte Ann (Wal-
die). An Englishwoman.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 418.
Eaton, David H. T. Umbellus.
Eaton, John. 1829-. General Super-
intendent of Freed men, Dept. of the Tennes-
see. An American educator; b. in Sutton,
N.H.; Dart. Coll., 1854; Andover Theol.
Sem., 1881 ; general superintendent of
freedinen, 1862-66; United States com-
missioners of education, 1870-86 ; presi-
dent of Marietta, Ohio, Coll., 1886.
Eccles, Isaac Ambrose. The Editor.
See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 419.
Echard, Laurence, 1671-1730. Phi-
lalethes. An English clergyman; b. in
the county of Suffolk ; educ. at Christ's
Coll., Cambridge ; about 1722 was pre-
sented by George II. to the livings of
Rendlesham, Sudborne, and Alford, Suf-

Eckley, Joseph, D.D., 1750-1811. A

Friend to Truth. An American Congi'e-
gational clergyman; b. in London ; New
Jersey Coll., 1772 ; ordained as the pastor
of the Old South Cliurch, Boston, at
King's Chapel in 1779; and occupied his
own church, 1783-1811; d. in BostonC?).

Edan, B. Montreal.

Eddowes, Rev. Ralph. R. E. ; R.E.,.
a Member of the Society. An English
clergyman ; came to this country, and
was the minister of the first society of
Unitarian Christians of Philadelphia,,
about 1813-1817.

Eddy, Daniel Clarke, S.T.D. Rupert
Van Wert.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 419.

Eden, Rev. Charles Page. Clerlcus..
An English clergyman ; Oriel Coll., Ox-
ford, 1830 ; vicar of Aberford, South
Milford, Yorks., 1850-70 et seq.

Eden, Hon. EmUy. E.E. An English
author; daughter of the 1st Baron Auck-
land, and aunt of the Hon. Eleanor Eden ;
b. near the close of the eighteenth century.

Eden, Rt. Hon. William, -1st Baron,.

-1814. Bight Honourable W—^ E .

An English diplomatist ; distinguished
for his services in America, France,.
Spain, and Holland; was the father of
the Hon. Emily Eden.

Edgcumbe, Hon. Richard, 2d EarL
Hon. R E .

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 419.

Edge, Frederick Milnes. An Eng-
lishman ; F. iJ . E. An English writer
of the day, chiefly on American affairs.

Edge, Rev. William John. ..1 Clergy-
man. An English divine ; Emanuel
Coll., Cambridge, 1834; vicar of H.
Trin., Upper Tootina', 1877-82.

Edgell, Rev. Edgell Wyatt. A Prot-
estant Clergyman. An English clergy-




man; Oriel Coll., Oxford, 1823; rector
of N. Cray, Kent, 1834-51 ; in 1887 resi-
dent at Stanford Park, Rugby, and
Lower Grosvenor Street, Grosvenor
Square, London.

Edgren, Mrs. Anne Charlotte (Lef-
fler). A. C.E.; A. C. E—n. A Swe-
dish authoress.

Edinboroiigh. E h.

Edinburgh. Auld Reikie.
Edmonds, Frederic, M.D., 1810-.
The Defendant. An English physician ;
M.D. of Univ. of Heidelberg, 1839 ; resi-
dent, 1879, at Parkvillas, Lower Addis-
combe, Croydon.

tednionds, Richard, Jr., 1802-86.
A Member of his Flock ; Redruth, E. An
English writer ; b. at Penzance ; d. at

Edouart, Rev. Augvistia Gaspard.
Their Vicar. An Englisli clergy-
man ; St. John's Coll., Cambridge, 1840 ;
vicar of Leominster, Hereford, 1862-87.
Edward, Andre^v. A. E. A Scot-
tish (?) writer.

Ed-ward, Daniel. Ithiel. A German

Edwards, Miss . A Ladij. An

Englisli writer of one Imndred years ago.
Edw^ards, Mrs. Catharine M.
Cousin Kate. An English writer for
the young.

Edwards, David. D. E. An Eng-
lish writer of the day.

Edwards, Rev. Edw^ard. Eresbijter.
An English clergyman ; rector of Pene-
goes, Wales, 1849-()0 et seq.

Edwards, Edward, 1822-86. The
Editor of " Tlie Napoleon Medals." An
English bibliograplior ; assistant in the
British Museum in 1839 ; d. at Niton,
Isle of AViglit.

Edwards, George, M.D., 1694-1773.
Father of Ornj I liol ovists. An eminent
English naturalist; b. at Westham or
Strafford, Essex, and travelled exten-
sively in pursuit of his favorite studies ;
librarian to the Royal Coll. of Physi-
cians till 1773.

Edwards, Harry Stillwell, 1854-.
XIE ; Somers. An American jour-
nalist ; b. at Macon, Ga. ; in 1886 resi-
dent in his native town.

Edwards, Henry Sutherland, 1828-.
//. 'S. E. An English author and jour-
nalist ; cduc. at King's Coll., London, and
in France, where he lived many years ;
correspondent of the " Times," 1862-63,
1867 and 1870 rt seq.

Edwards, Jonathan, D.D., 1745-
1801. /. and 0. An American Congre-
gational clcrgynuin ; b. in Northampton,

Mass. ; New Jersey Coll., 1765 ; presi-
dent of Union Coll., Schenectady, N.Y.,
1799-1801, and d. in that town.

Edwards, Mary EUen. M. E. E.
An English artist of the day ; illustrator
of a large number of . books, 1864-85
et seq.

Edw^ards, Sutherland. S. E. An
English writer in "Temple Bar." — See
" Edwards, Henry Sutherland."

Edwards, Thomas, 1699-1757. L.

U. P , A.M. An English barrister

of Lincoln's Inn ; a critic and political

Eells, Rev. Nathaniel, about 1677-
1750. Their Rev. Pastor. An American
clergyman ; Harv. Coll., 1699 ; minister
of Scituate, Mass., 1704-50.

Egan, Pierce. One of the Fancy.
See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 420.
Egerton, C C. E. An English sur-

Egerton, Francis, 3d Duke of Bridge-
water, 1736-1803. Tlie Father of British
Inland Navigation. An English peer;
a younger son of Scroop, the 1st Duke
of Bridgewater ; succeeded to the duke-
dom in 1748 ; he projected a canal from
Worsley to Bridgewater, wliich was com-
pleted at his expense in 1761.

Egerton, Mrs. Sarah (Fyge Field).
Mrs. S. F. An English poet early in the
eighteenth century ; in 1703 resided at
Adstock, near Winslow, in the county of
Bucks. — See " Gentleman's Magazine,"
L., p. 562 ; LI., p. 121.

Eggleston, John. The Callico Quaker,
An English JM.P. early in the eighteenth

Egleton, John. A Citizen. An Eng-
lish political writer early in tlie eigh-
teenth century.

Ekstriiin, Karl. Gnhhen Noack. A
Swedisli writer of the day.
Eldridge, R. Rvdcjirdle.
Elie de Beaumont, Mmc. Annie
Ljouise 3Iorin Dumesnil, 1729-83.
Mad. E. D. B. ; Madame *** ; Marquis
de Roselle. A witty and learned French
lady ; b. at Caen ; wrote several excel-
lent works.

Eliot, Edward Granville, 3d Earl
of St. Germans, 1798-1877. The Earl of
St. (Jcrmans ; An Educational Advocate.
An English nobleman ; b. and d. at Port
Eliot; lord-lieutenant of Ireland, 1852-
55; lord steward of the Household, 1857—
68 and 1859-60.

Eliot, Rev. Joseph, about 1634-94.
Rev. Mr. J. E. An American clergy-
man ; Harv. Coll., 1653; minister at
Guilford, Conn., about 1660-94^




Eliot, Samuel Atkins, LL.D. S.
A. E.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 420.

Elkin, Benjamin. Tlie Writer of the
" Preface to the lateli/ published dlishna."
An English clergyman.

Ellet, Mrs. Elizabeth Fries (I/um-
mis), 1818-77. E.F.E. An American
authoress ; b. at Sodus Point, N.Y. ;
daughter of William A. Lummis, M.D.,
and wife of William H. Ellet, professor
at Columbia Coll., New York City, and
at College at Columbia, S.C.

EUicott, Charles John, and Palmer,
Ed\vin. Two Members of the New Testa-
ment Company.

The former. An English clergy-
man; St. John's Coll., Cambridge, 1841;
lord bishop of Gloucester and Bristol,

Tlie latter. An English clergyman ;
Ball. Coll., Oxford, 1845 ; archdeacon of
Oxford and canon of Christ Church,

Elliot-3Iurray-Kynynmound, Em-
ma Eleanor (Hislop), Countess of
Minto. N'ina Minto. An English lady ;
heiress of the late Gen. Sir Tliomas His-
lop, Bart., and wife of William Hugh
Elliot-Murray -Kynynmound Elliot, 3d
Earl of Minto ; married in 1844.

Ellis, Alexander John, 1814-. A.
J. E. An English philologist ; former
name Sharpe ; b. at Hoxton; educ. at
Shrewsbury, Eton, and Cambridge ; pres-
ident of the Philological Society, 1872-
74, and 1880-82 ; and now (1887) vice-
president ; is also a member of the
Mathematical Society of London, of the
Royal Institution of the Society of Arts,
and honorary member of the Tonic Sol-.
Fa College.

Ellis, Mrs. Anne, M.D. Max Eliot.
An American writer of the day ; in 1887
resident in Boston, Mass.

EUis, Daniel, F.R.S.E. One of Them-
selves. A Scottish writer.

Ellis, George. G. E.

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 421.

Ellis, George Edward, D.D., 1814-.
E.; LisleC^). An American scholar; b.
in Boston ; Harv. Coll., 1833 ; Divinity
School, 1836 ; pastor at Charlcstown,
Mass., 1840-69 ; resident in Boston,

Ellis, Phillis Marion. P. M. E. An
English writer of the day.

Ellis, Riifus, D.D., 1819-85. B. E.
An American clergyman ; b. in Boston ;
Harv. Coll., 1838 ; Divinity School, 1841 ;
pastor in Boston, 1853-85 ; d. in Liver-
pool, Eng.

Ellis, William. Florio. An Eng-
lish scholar; A.B. at Christ Church,
Oxford, 1751. — See Nichols' "Literary
Anecdotes," Vol. III., 147.

Ellis, William, 1800-. A Laijman;
A London Merchant. An English writer;
b. near London ; an eminent writer on
social science.

Ellison, Henry. Henri/ Browne.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 421.

Ellison, John, D.D. Q. Z., Late
Commoner of Oxon.

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 421.

EUwood, Thomas, about 1639-1 7 13._
T. E. An English Friend, of Hunger-'
Hill, in the parish of Amersham, Bucks. ;
he was a friend and pupil of Milton, and
was distinguished "both in a literary and
moral point of view."

Elmblad, Magnus. M. E — d. A
Swedish journalist and miscellaneous

Elrington, Rt. Rev. Thomas, D.D,
S. iV.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 421.

Elstob, Rev. William, 1673-1714. A
Clergyman of the Church of England. An
English clergyman; b. at Newcastle;
educ. at Eton, Cambridge, and Oxford;
rector of St. Swithin and St. Mary
Bothaw, London, 1702-14.

Elwes, Mrs. Alfred W. A Lady, a
Native of Virginia. An American poet.

Elworthy, Albert Henry. Professor
Wilde. An English solicitor of the day,
of London.

Ely, Alfred, 1815-. A Prisoner of
War. An American lawyer ; b. at
Lyme, New London Co., Conn. ; removed
to Rochester, N.Y. , in 1835; studied law,
was admitted to the bar, and began to
practise in that town ; M.C., 1859-63 ;
went to the battle-field of Bull Run as a
spectator; was taken prisoner, and re-
tained in captivity nearly six months.

Embury, Mrs. Emma Catharine
(Manley). lantlie ; Rudolph Hertz man.

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 421.

Emerson, George Barrell, LL.D.
G. B. E.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 421.

Emerson, Rev. Joseph, 1700-67.
The Pastor at j\TaJden. An American
clergyman ; b. at Chelmsford, Mass. ;
Harv. Coll., 1717 ; minister at Maiden,
Mass., 1721-67, and d. there.

Emerson, William, 1701-82. W. E.
An eminent English mathematician ; b.
at Hurwortli, near Darlington ; taught a
school for some time, but afterwards re-
tired to his paternal estate, where he spent
his whole time in literary pursuits.




Ernes, Thomas, -1707. T. E. An
English writer of the seventeenth and
eighteenth centuries.

Eminson, E. A. E. A. E. An Eng-
lish woman(?); a religious writer of the

Emmet, Robert, 1780-1803. Trebor.
An eloquent Irish enthusiast ; b. in Cork;
a brother of Thomas Addis Emmet ; was
cue of the chiefs of the " United Irish-
men " ; in 1803 he put himself at the
head of the rabble who murdered the
chief-justice. Lord Kilwarden, for which
offence he suffered a felon's death, and
is commemorated by the poet Moore in
two of his Irish melodies.

Emmons, Nathanael, D.D., 1745-
1840. A New England Pastor. An
American clergyman; b. at East Had-
dam. Conn. ; Yale Coll., 1767 ; pastor at
Wrentham (now Franklin), Mass., 1773-
1840, where he died.

Emory, John, D.D., 1789-1835. A71
Observer. An American Methodist di-
vine ; b. at Spaniard's Neck, Queen
Anne's Co., eastern shore of Maryland ;
graduated at Washington Coll., 1805 ;
served as a Methodist preacher in sev-
eral places, 1810-35; in 1832 was elected
bishop ; d. by an accident in Reister-
town, near Baltimore, Md.

Enander, Johan Alfred. Jofi. A.
Edr. A Swedish journalist and author;
editor-in-chief of " Hemlandet," pub-
lished at Chicago, 111.

Enault, Louis. L. de Virmond.

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 421.

Endean, James Russell. Dr. Free-
man. An English political writer of the

Endicott, William, Jr. W. E. An
American financial writer and banker of

Ensberg, A. G. A. G. E. A Swed-
ish writer.

Engelen, A. W. Herman van Appel-
tern. A Swedish novelist.

England. Ileptarchus ; Lord Hep-

English, Thomas Dunn, 18 19-
John Donkeij. An American writer ; b.
in Philadelphia ; M.D. Univ. of Penn-
sylvania, 1839 ; then studied law, and
was admitted to the bar in 1842 ; since
1859 he has practised medicine in New
Jersey ; has devoted much time to liter-
ary pursuits.

Epps, Ellen. E. Elliott. An English

Ericsson, O. R. Reinhold Winter. A
Swedish journalist and novelist.

Erie, Sir William (1793-1880), and

Lady Amelia. W. Sj- A. E. An Eng-
lish jurist ; b. at Fifehead Magdalen,
county Dorset ; educ. at Winchester
School and New Coll., Oxford ; called to
the bar in 1819; M.P. for the city of
Oxford, 1837-41 ; chief justice of the
Court of Common Pleas, 1859-66; in
1834 he married Amelia, eldest daughter
of the liev. Dr. Williams, warden of New

Ernst, H., Jr. Serius.

Erskine, Hon. Andrew. A*** E***.

Erskine, CM. A Prisoner of War.
An American soldier in the late civil

Erskine, John, 11th Earl of Marr,
1675-1732. Bobbirig John. A Scottish
nobleman; b. at Alloa; took an active
part in the events of the period ; in 1720
went to Aix-la-Chapelle to reside for his
health, and d. there.

Erskine, Rev. Ralph. A Minister of
the Church of Scotland.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 422.

Erskine, Walter Coningsby, 12th
Earl of Kellie, 1810-72. One icho was
there in 1857-8. A Scottish peer ; son
of Hon. Henry David Erskine ; succeeded
his cousin in 1866 ; educ. at Durham
School and at the Univ. of Edinburgh ;
entered the Bengal army, 1828, and re-
tired as lieutenant-colonel, 1861 ; vice-
lieutenant of Clackmannanshire.

Escott, Thomas Hay Sweet, 1844-.
A Foreign Resident. An English journal-
ist; b. at Taunton; educ. at Oxford;
adopted journalism as a profession when
he went to London from Oxford in 1865,
and has closely pursued it ever since ;
editor of the " Fortnightly Review,"

Essex, Catherine Capell- Conings-
by, Countess of, 1704-1882. Kittu Ste-
phens. An English actress ; daughter
of Edward Stephens, Esq., of Leadwell,
Oxon. ; in 1838 married the 5th earl of
Essex; b. and d. in London.

Este, Rev. Charles, 1753-1829. Moro-
soph Este. An English clergyman; chap-
lain at the Chapel Royal, Whitehall;
principal editor of "The World."

Etches, James M. Asli Wood.

Etheridge, Samuel. A Gentleman
of Massachits'dts. An American ; per-
haps for a short time a bookseller of

Eusden, Rev. Law^rence. Mr.
En n.

See " I. and V.," First Series, p. 422.

Eustaphieve, Alexis. Author of" the
Pesonrres of Russia."

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 422.




Evans, Miss . A Lady. An

American novelist.

Evans, B.R. A Citizen of Pittsburgh.

Evans, Mrs. Elizabeth Edson (Gib-
son Du Bois), 1833-. Haphael. An
American writer for periodical literature ;
b. at Newport, N.H. ; resident in 1884 at
Munich, Germany.

Evans, Estwick. Aristides.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 422.

Evans, F. J. O. F. J. E. An Eng-
lish writer of the day.

Evans, Frederick White. A Shaker.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 423.

Evans, Hovrard. Noblesse Oblige.
An English writer of the day.

Evans, James, A.B. /. E. An Eng-
lish sclioiar ; was first of Trinity Coll.,
Cambridge, where he was sizar to Dr.
Ricliard Bentley, the master ; he then
mov^ed to Canterbury, and became as-
sistant to the head master of the King's
School, and afterwards second master,
and d. there.

Evans, Thomas. An American Citizen.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 423.

Also ascribed to Linus Plerpont Brockett,
which see, " I. and P."

Evans, William. Philanthropist. An
American writer, of Syracuse, N.Y.C?).

Eve, Paul Fitzsimons, 1806-77. The
Assistant Editor of the "Nashville Medical
and Surgical Journal." An American
physician ; b. near Augusta, Ga. ;
Franklin Coll., Ga., 1826; M.D. in the
Univ. of Penn., 1828 ; studied in London
and Paris ; professor in Georgia in 1832-
49 ; in Nashville, 1850-87.

Evelyn, John, 1620-1705-6. J. E.,
F.R.S. An English writer; b. at Wot-
ton, county of Surrey ; educ. at Balliol
Coll., Oxford ; resided many years on
the Continent ; in 1651-52 settled at Say's
Court, near Deptford ; d. and was in-
terred at his native place.

Everett, Edward, LL.D., 1794-1865.
E. E — t. An American scholar and
statesman ; b. in Dorchester, Mass. ;
Harv. Univ., 1811 ; M.C., 1825-35 ; gov-
ernor of Massachusetts, 1835 ; minister to
England, 1841-45 ; president of Harv.
Univ., 1846-49 ; United States secretary
of state, 1852; United States senator,.
1853-59 ; d. in Boston.

Everett, James. Coleman Collier;
William Cowper ; Criticus ; Joseph Hall;
A Disciple of the Old School; An
Observer. An English miscellaneous

Everette, Samuel, H.N.B., 1820-43.
Rug Emperor. An American journalist ;
b. and d. in Newport, N.H. ; he wrote
tales and brief romances for " Gleason's
Magazine," and was editor of " The Iris
and Literary Repository," at Concord, in
1842, and afterwards of the " Literary
Souvenir," at Manchester, both in New

Evitt, Miss S. W. S. W. E. An
English writer on cookery.

ETving, Mrs. Juliana Horatia (Gat-
ty), -1885. Aunt Judy. An English
writer; b. and passed her early life at
Ecclesfield, in Yorkshire ; in 1866 she
married Maj. Alexander Ewing, A.P.D.,
and sailed with him to New Brunswick,
where they lived the next two years ;
returning to England in 1869, they re-
sided in various places, till she d. at
Bath, and was buried at Trull, in Somer-

Ewing, Samuel. Jacques. An Amer-
ican journalist; son of John Ewing, D.D,
(1732-1802) ; provost of the Univ. of
Penn., 1779-1802.

Eyre, Mary. A Lady. An English

Eytinge, Mrs. Margaret. Madge
Eliot. An American magazine writer;
wife of Mr. Sol Eytinge, the artist.


Faber, Frederick William, D.D.
F. W. F.; A Parish Priest.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 424.
Fagan, Fanny, -1878. F. and F. F.

An American poet.

Fagge, Sir Robert, 3d Bart., -1736.
A Certain Famous Sussex Baronet. An
Ensjlisb baronet ; succeeded his father in

Faggot, G. Trofast.

Fairchild, Thomas, and others. A

Society of Gardeners. English gardeners
of one hundred and fifty years ago.

Fairfax, Lavinia. Una Signora In-
glese. An En<>'lish poet.

Falcon, William Harris. W. H. F.
An Irish lawyer

Falconer, Thomas. T. F. An Eng-
lish author of Bath; a county court




Fa? !v. Thomas, 1771-1839.

F. ; ' ; Editor of the " Voijage of

Hann English scholar and di-

vine; son of Dr. William Falconer; b.
and d. at Bath ; Corpus Cliristi Coll.,
Oxford, 1791 ; devoted his life to classi-
cal and literary pursuits.

Falconer, William, M.D., 1743-1824.
W. F.; ALaijmcm. An English physician;
Tj. at Chester; father of the Rev. Thomas
Ealconer; was physician to the General
Hospital at Bath, and d. iu that city.

Falk, Johann Daniel, called
Johannes, 1768-1826. Johannes von der
Ostsee. A German satirical poet; b. at
Dantzig ; studied theology at Halle and
at Weimar; and in 1806 became secre-
tary of a French commission of contri-
butions ; he founded the Institut de Falk.

Falkener, Edward. F. F. An Eng-
lish editor of the day.

Fallow, Mrs. (T. M.)('?). A Clergy-
man's Wife. An English poet.

Fane, Robert George Cecil. C. F.
An English lawj^er.

Fanton, A. A. F. A French writer
of the day.

Farington, . A Lover of Truth

and Godliness. An English clergyman
of the first part of the eighteenth cen-

Farley, Frederick Augustus, D.D.
F. A. F. An American clergyman ;
Harv. Coll., 1818 ; for many years pastor
at Brooklyn, N.Y., and in 1887 resident

Farley, Rev. Stephen. S. F. An
American clergyman of liberal views ;
father of Miss Harriet Farley, editor of
the "Lowell Offering."

Farlin, J. Warren. A Common
Sense Man. An American writer.

Farmer, J. B. J. B. F. An Eng-
lish i)oet.

Farnham, John Hervey. John Ccelion.

FarcjKhar, Barbara H. A Labourer's
Dauglili r. An English poet and religious

Farrar, Mrs. Fliza Ware (Rotch).
A Ladij.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 424.

Farrell, R. F. A Consxd. An Ameri-
can diplomatist.

Farrington, Rev. Richard, A.M.
R. F., A.M. An English clergyman
■early in the eigiiteenth century.

Faulkner, George, -1775. Alticus ;
Peter Paragraph. An Irish printer and
bookseller; in 1726 was at London, un-
der the teaching of the celebrated J5ow-
ycr; soon after, settled in Dublin, where
he was the printer of the Dublin " Jour-

nal " ; brought an action against Samuel
Foote for libel, and recovered damages;
d. an alderman of Dublin. — See " Gen-
tleman's Magazine," 1763, p. 39.

Faussett, Godfrey, D.D., 1780-1853.
Quinquagenarius. An English clergyman ;
canon of Christ Church ; Margaret Pro-
fessor of Divinity, Oxford ; vicar of Crop-
thorn, Worcestershire.

Fawcett, Miss Sophia Alice. George
Faivcett. An English writer of the day.

Faxon, Henry W., about 1830-64.
A. P. L. Parin. An American journal-
ist ; b. in Bulfalo, N.Y. ; entered the
navy, but soon left it, and, after two
other changes, became an editor of the
Buffalo "Republic" in 1855; was after-
wards on the staff of the Buffalo
" Times " ; in 1861 became war corre-
spondent of the New York City papers ;
d. in Washington, D.C.

Fazy, Jean Jacques {_dit James],
1794-1878. Un Ame'ricain. A Swiss
economist and statesman ; b. at Geneva ;
educ. in France ; he settled in Paris, took

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