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clergyman ; b. at Cambridge, Mass. ;
Harv. Coll., 1820 ; pastor at Boston,
1824-71 ; d. near Boston.

Gardera, F. B. F. B. G. A French
teaclier in England.

Gardiner, Frederic, D.D., 1822-. A
Clergyman. An American Episcopal
clergyman ; b. in Gardiner, Me. ; Bow-
doin Coll., 1842; General Theological
Seminary, but did not graduate ; pro-
fessor in the Berkelev Theological School,
Middleton, Conn., 1869-87.

Gardiner, John. 1731-93. Barebones.
An American lawyer; b. at Boston;
studied law in England ; in 1786 settled
in Pownalboro', Me.; was drowned on his
jjassage to the General Court of Massa-
chusetts, in a storm off Cape Ann.

Gardiner, Richard. A Gentleman.
An English poet of one hundred years

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 435.

Gardner, Alexander. A. G.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 435.

Gardner, Augustus Kingsley, M.D.,
1812-70. ^4 Student in Paris. An Amer-
ican physician of New York City ; son of
Samuel Jackson Gardner ; b. in Rox-
bury, Mass. ; Harv. Medical School,
1844 ; practised his profession in New
York City, and d. there.

Garnett, John. John G. An Amer-
ican writer of New Brunswick, N.J.(?).

Garnham, Rev. Robert Edward,
1753-1802. Ereunetes ; Idiota; Synergus.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 435.

Garrett, Annie and Ellen Amelia.
Annie and Ellen Ami'lia. English poets.

Garrett, Rev. John. The Vicar. An
English clergyman ; vicar of St. Paul,
1857-64, and commissary to the bishop
of Columbia.

Garrick, David, 1716-79. The Eng-
lish Roscius ; W. C. ; Roscius ; Sir Nicho-
las Nipclose, Baronet.

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 435.

Garrison, William Liloyd, 1805-79.
A. 0. B. ; An Old Bachelor. An Amer-
ican journalist ; b. at Newburyport,
Mass. ; for many )'ears resided in Boston ;
d. in New York City.

Gastrell, Francis, D.D., 1662-1725.
The Right Reverend Father in God, Fran-
cis, Late Lord Bishop of Chester. An Eng-
lish clergyman ; b. at Slapton, in North-
arnptonsiiire ; educ. at Westminster
School and Christ Church, Oxford;
bishop of Chester, 1714-25.




GatcheU, Charles, M.D. Thorold
King. An American writer of Chicago,
1886 (?).

Gathercole, Michael Augustus. L.

S. E. An English clergyman ; vicar of
Chatteris, Cambs., 1845-77 ; since resided
at the Manor House, Chatteris, 1877-87.

Gatty, Alfred, D.D., 1813-. A

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 435.

Gavit, Daniel E. Tivag.

Gay, Horace. Un Parisien devenu
Muscovite. An English traveller.

Gay, John, 1688-1732. J. G. ; W. B.
An English poet ; b. near Barnstaple, in
Devonshire ; at an early age apprenticed
to a silk-mercer of London ; but soon
devoted himself to poetry and the drama.

Gayton, Mrs. . Bessie Albert.

Geddes, Rev. Dr. Alexander, 1737-
1802. Jodocus Cocaius.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 436.

Geering, Thomas. One icho has never
lived out of it. An English writer of
Hailsham, count}"- of Sussex.

Geijerstani, Gustaf af. G. of G. A
Swedish author and miscellaneous writer.

Gellerstedt, Albert T. A. T. G. A
Swedish poet and miscellaneous writer.

Gellie, Mrs. Mary E. M. E. B.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 436.

George, Henry, 1839-. The Prophet
of San Francisco. An American political
economist; b. in Philadelphia; went to
sea at an early age, and, reaching Cali-
fornia, remained there as a journalist ;
in 1880 he removed to New York City,
and in 1886 received a large vote for
mayor of the city.

George III., King of England. Geor-
die, Emperor of Gotham.

George IV., 1762-1830. First Gentle-
man of Europe.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 436.

Gerard, James Watson, 1794-1874.
A Pelican.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 436.

Gerard, Trophime, Marquis de Lally
Tollendal, 1751-1830. An Englishman.
A French jurist; b. in Paris; deputy of
the nobility of Paris to the Constituent
Assembly, 1789; in 1792 retired to Eng-
land, where he wrote to the Convention,
offering to defend Louis XVI. ; became
a pee-r of France under the Restoration.

Gerhardt, Dagobert von, 1831-.
Gerhard von Ami/ntor. A German novel-
ist of the day; b. at Liegnitz; since
1872 he has devoted himself at Pots-
dam to literary pursuits.

Gerrans, Rev. Benjamin. A Teacher
of the Persic, etc., languages. An Eng-

lish educator ; b. at Truro ; usher of St.
Olave's Grammar School, Southwark,
1775-84 ; master of the academy, 62
Fenchurch Street, 1797.

Gestrin, Charles Edward H. C. E.
H. G. An American essayist; a writer
of the day.

Gibb, Sir George Duncan, Bart.,
M.D. Carribber. An English physi-
cian ; a writer of the day.

Gibbon, Edward, 1737-94. The
Author. An eminent English historian;
b. at Putney ; educ. at Westminster
School, and at Oxford; d. in London.

Gibbon, J. H. J. H. G. An Ameri-
can writer.

Gibbons, M. S. " Volo non Valeo."
An English writer of the day.

Gibbons, William, M.D., 1781-1845.
Vindex. An American physician; b. in
Philadelphia, Penn. ; M.D. at the Univ.
of Penn., 1805, and practised in Wilming-
ton, Del. ; he was a Friend, and took an
active part in the religious controversy
that divided that sect; d. in Wilmington.

Gibbs, Oliver. Oliver.

Giberne, Agues. A. G.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 437,

Gibson, Edmund, D.D. ^4 Minister ;
The Bishoj) of London.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 437.

Gibson, William, 1720-91. IVillij o'
the Ilollins. An English self-taught
mathematician ; b. at Boulton, near
Appleby, in Westmoreland; was for a
time a farmer at Hollins, in Cartmell
Fell ; afterwards a teacher at Tarngreen,
and at Cartmell, and previously ; in all
for forty years ; d. near Cartmell.

Gibson, William 31., -1887. Doctor.
An American physician ; d. at James-
town, Penn.

Giddy, Edward Collins, 1775-1833.
G. An English poet and meteorologist;
b. and d. at Penzance, Cornwall.

Gilford, F. O. Hartlei/ Wintley.

Gifford, James. A Unitarian. An
English writer; captain in the Royal

Giflfbrd, Robert Swain, 1840-. The
Griffin. An American artist; b. in
Naushon, Mass. ; passed his early life in
New Bedford, Mass., and was educated
there ; opened a studio in Boston in
1864, but removed to New York City in
1866 ; has spent some years in forejgn

Gifford, William. Georgius Guliel-
mus Rossaiis ; J. Wright.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 437.

Gilbert, Charles Sandoe, -1831. The
Historian of Cornwall. An English chem-




ist and druggist at Devenport ; b. in that
town; afterwards in London, where he

Gilbert, Davies, D.C.L., 1767-1839.
Davies Giddy. An English writer ;
original name Giddy; b. at St. Erth;
Pemberton Coll., Oxford, 1785 ; M.P. for
Helston, 1804-06 ; for Bodmin, 1806-32 ;
president of the Royal Society, 1827-30 ;
d. at Eastbourne.

Gilbert, G. Omega.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 437.

Gilbert, Sir Geoffry, 1074-1726. A
Late Learned Judge.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 437.

Gilbert, Capt. Thomas. The Editor.
An English writer of one hundred years
ago ; commander of the " Charlotte."

Gilchrist, O. G. A Friend to Can-
dour and Truth. An English writer.

Gilder, Jeannette liBonard and Jo-
seph B. The Lounger. [In " I. and P.,"
p. 437.]

Miss J. L. Gilder's name is Jeannette (" Bruns-
wick" and "Erasmus"). "The Lounger" is
totli Jeannette L. and Josepli B. Gilder (not J.
B. 6. alone). J. L. and J. B. G. are both edi-
tors of the " Critic" (not J. L. G. alone).
Very truly yours,
(Signed) J. L. & J. B. Gildeb.

Gildon, Charles, 1665-1723-24. JJn-
damour. An English dramatist ; b. at Gil-
lingham, near Shaftesburj', in Dorset-
shire ; edtic. at the English college at
Douay ; was embalmed by Pope in the
" Dnnciad."

Giles, Henry, 1809-82. H. G. An
American clergyman ; b. at Crokford,
county Wexford, Ireland ; came to this
country in 1840; latter part of his life
lived near Boston, and d. there.

Giles, John Allen, D.C.L., -1884. A
Protestant Member of the University of Ox-
ford. An Englisii clergyman; Christ
Church Coll., Oxford, 1828; rector of
Sutton, Surrey, 1807-84.

Gill, Rev. Thomas Howard. One
of His Sons. An Enghsh clergyman;
Trin. Coll., Cambridge, 1859 ; chaplain
of tiie English Church, Rue d'Aguesseau,
Paris, 1883-87.

Gillies, Robert Pearce. A Literanj
Veteran ; S- K. C ; A Voi/ager.

See " I. and P.," First Scries, p. 438.

Gillmor, Captain . A Retired

Naval Commander. An English poet ;
an officer in the Royal Navy.

Gillmor, Rev. William. A Clergyman.
An Englisii divine; Trin. Coll., Dublin,
1820 ; vicar of lliingworth, 1836-70 et scq.

Gilman, George H. An Old Pioneer.
An American writer of the day, of Houl-
ton, Me.

Gilman, Samuel, D.D. G.; S. G.

See " I. and P., First Series, p. 438.

Gilman, William E. Noah Count.
An American writer of Chelsea, Mass.

Girardin, Mme. Delphine (Gay) de.
Leo Lesies.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 438,

Girdlestone, Rev. Charles, M.A.
The Creation of an Hour. An English
clergyman; Wadham Coll., Oxford, 1818;
rector of Kingsvvinford, Stourbridge,
Staffordshire, 1847-70 et seq.

Gladstone, Mrs. Jemima Compton.
Jemima Compton. An English novelist;
wife of George Gladstone.

Gladstone, AVilliam E., D.C.L. Glad-
dg ; Mr. Merrypebble.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 438.

Glanville, John T. One of their own
Class. An English servant.

Glascock, Capt. William Nugent.
The Authors of the " Naval Sketch Book " ;
A Tar.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 438.

Glaser, Adolf, 1829-. Eeinald Beimar.
A German author ; b. at Wiesbaden; has
devoted his life chiefly to literary pursuits.

Gleig, Rt. Rev. George, LL.D., 1753-

1839. B G . A Scottish bishop

of the Episcopal Cliurch ; bish.op of Bre-
chin, 1810; primus, 1816; he was the
father of George Robert Gleig.

Gleig, Rev. George Robert. A71

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 438.

Glenie, James, Esq., F.R.S., M.A.,
1750-1817. An Officer. A Scottish
mathematician ; b. in Aberdeen ; was
early sent a cadet to Woolwich ; he rose
to be major of engineers, and was chiefly
employed in Canada ; in 1806 and 1807
lie was api)ointed to important posts
which he soon lost ; d. at Chelsea.

Glennie, Rev. John David, M.A.
An Inspector of Schools. An English
clergyman ; Clirist Coll., Cambridge,
1848; vicar of Croxton, Eccleshall, 1869-
80 et seq. ; London Dioc. Inspector of
Schools, 1853-57 ; Her Majesty's Inspec-
tor of Schools, London and Middlesex,
1857-58; Norfolk, Suffolk, and Essex,

Glover, Richard. An Old Member of

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 439.
Gliick, Barbe Elisabeth, 1814-.
Bettg Paoli. A German poet; b. at Vi-
enna ; was for a long time a teacher in
Russia, then companion of Princess
Schwarzenberg, and settled in her na-
tive city, devoting herself to literary




Goddard, Eev. Charles, D.D. The

Vicar of that Parish [Bexley]. An Eng-
lish clergyman ; archdeacon of Lincoln.

Godfrey, Col. John A. "■Gov." An
American poet of the day.

Godolphin, Sidney, 1st Earl of Go-
dolphin, 1645-1712. Fiscario. An emi-
nent English statesman ; b. in Cornwall ;
lord high treasurer, 1702-11 ; d. at St.

Godson, Rev. John. A Vicar. An
English clergyman ; St. Catherine Coll.,
Cambridge, 1859 ; vicar of Ashby Fol-
ville, Melton-Mowbray, 1869-80 et seq.

Godwin, E. C. Caleb iStarhuck. An
American novelist.

Godecke, Peter August, 1840-. Finn.
A Swedish journalist and author.

Godsche, Hermann Ottoinar Fried-
rich. Sir .John Batcllffe. A German
novelist of the day.

Gorling, Adolph. A. v. Colenfeld.
A German novelist.

Gotberg, R. Reinhold. A Swedish

Gothe, Georg. G. G. A Swedish

Goflfe, Joseph. A Member of the
Council. An American minister of Wor-
cester Co., Mass., seventy years ago.

Goldsmith, Lieut. Hugh Colvill,
ll.N., 1789-1841. An Officer of the Eo;/al
Navy. An English naval officer ; b. at
St. Andrews, New Brunswick; d. at sea,
off St. Thomas, West Indies.

Goldsmith, Liewis, 1763-1846. A
Gentleman resident at Paris; A Gentle-
man at Paris. An English Jew ; at one
time he edited the Paris " Argus," and
was interested in French politics.

Goldsmith, Oliver, 1728-74. Goldy ;
Tom Telescope, xl.i1/. ,• The Inspired Idiot.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 439.

Golightly, Charles Portales, M.A.
A Member of the University of Oxford ; A
Senior Resident Member of the University
of Oxford. An English clergyman ;
Oriel Coll., Oxford, 1828; in 1880 resi-
dent in Holywell Street, Oxford.

Gomersall, Mrs. A. A Female In-
habitant of Leeds, in Yor!:shire. An Eng-
lisli novelist of one hundred years ago.

Good, Henry. An Advocate. An
American law writer of the day, at Chili.
South America.

Good, Rev. Philip Henry, M.A. An
Englishman. An English clergyman ;
Trin. Coll., Dublin, 1863; curate of
Woking, Surrey, 1879-80 et seq.

Goodloe, Daniel R. A Carolinian.
An American statesman, of North ('Q

Goodluck, W. R. The Master of a
Grammar School. An English teacher
sixty years ago.

Goodspeed, Rev. Edgar J. A Chi-
cago Clergyman. An American writer of
the day.

Goodwin, Ezra Shaw, A.M., 1787-
1833. G — 11. An American minister ;
Harv. Coll., 1807 ; pastor at Sandwich,
Mass., 1813-33.

Goose, Mrs. Elizabeth Foster, 1635-.
Mother Goose. An American woman; b.
in Charlestown, Mass. ; in 1693 married
Isaac Goose, of Boston, where she re-
mained many years. One of her daugh-
ters was the wife of Thomas Fleet, a
printer of Pudding-lane, Boston ; Mrs.
Goose lived with Mrs. Fleet as a nurse
to the children, and there she sang from
morning till night : —

"Up stairs and down stairs.
And in my lady's chamber."

Mr. Thomas Fleet carefully wrote down
her rhymes as they fell from her lips,
and printed and sold them for " two

Gordon, Mrs. George W. A Mother.
An American writer; wife of a former
postmaster of Boston.

Gordon, or Gordone, Kev. James. A
Minister of that Church. A Scottish di-
vine ; minister of Alford, early in the
eighteenth century.

Gordon, Joseph. An Obscure and
Nameless Bard in the Braes of Angus. A-
Scottish poet of sixty years ago.

Gordon, Mrs. Mary (Wilson). His
Daugliter. A Scottish lady ; daughter of
John Wilson (Christopher Noi-th).

Gordon, Thomas, 16B4(?)-1750.
An Iiidependent Whig ; Cato the Jour-
nalist ; A Member of the House of

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 440.

Gordon, William. Parthenopcens

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 440.

Gore, Mrs. Catherine Frances
Grace (Moody). C. F. G.

See " 1. and P.," First Series, p. 440.

Gorham, George Cornelius, B.D.
Candichis. An English clergyman ;
Queen's Coll., Cambridge, 1809; vicar of
Brampford-Speke, Devon.

Gossip, Robert. ^4 Layman. An
English journalist, late of the " Daily

Gostling, William, M.A., 1695-1777.
One ivell acquainted ivith some of the Trav-
ellers. An English antiquary; b. and d,
in Canterbury ; minor canon of the




Gough, Richard, i?. G. ; li. G., Jun-
ior ; R. S. ; H. D. ; Q. ; J. A. ; Another
Cantab; Pro me, si merear, in me.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 440.

Croulburn, Very Rev. Edward Bley-
rick, D.D. A Pastor. Au Englisli di-
vine ; Balliol Coll., Oxford, 1839 ; dean of
Norwich, 1866-80 et seq.

Gould, Benjamin Aptliorp, 1824-.
B. A. G.; N. P. D. An American as-
tronomer ; b. in Boston, Mass. ; Harv.
Coll., 1844; astronomer at Cordoba, Ar-
gentine Republic, 1868-85 ; has since re-
sided at Cambridge, Miiss.

Gould, Miss Hannah Plagg, 1789-
1865. H. F. G. An American poet; b.
in Lancaster, Mass. , removed in early
life to Newburyport, Mass., where she
afterwards resided.

Govenius, Rev. J. Lars Johan. A
Swedish clergyman and novelist.

Govett, Rev. Thomas Romaine. An
Eije.-Witness. An English clergyman; rec-
tor of Alby, Hanworth, Norfolk, 1853-68;
vicar of All Saints, Newmarket, 1868-80
et seq.

Gower, Richard Hall. An Officer in
the Service of the East India Conipani/. An
English seaman ; inventor of the Transit
four-masted vessel.

Grabouski, Stanislaus Stephan Al-
toerc graf v., 1828-74. Stanislaus Albert.
A German novelist; b. at Berlin; became
an officer in the Prussian army ; from
1866 h-e devoted himself to literary pur-
suits at Dresden and at Berg (near Stutt-
gart) ; d. at Lungenschlag.

Gradwell, Robert, D.D., 1777-1833.
J. Hardman. An English Catliolic cler-
gyman ; b. at Clifton, in the Fylde, Lan-
cashire; educ.at Douay ; assistant bishop
of London, 1828-33 ; d. at Golden Square,

Graff, Mrs. . Maud Grafton.

Grafton, Augustus Henry Fitzroy,
3d Duke of, 173U-1811. .1 Lai/nian. A
British statesman ; was a meudjer of the
aduiinistration most of the time from 1765
to 1775.

Graham, George J. Launcelot Lang-

Grahame, James. A Member of the
iSrolish Jj(ir. A Scottish lawyer; nephew
of James Graiiame the poet.

Granger, Rev. Arturus, A.M., 1803-
'45. Paul. An American Congregational
minister; b. in SufReld, Conn.; educ. at
the Princeton Theol. S"m., 1828; served
as a pastor in Medfield (Mass.), Wil-
mington (Del.), Meridcn and Middleton
(Conn.), and at Providence (R.L), 1844-
45, and d. there.

Granie, Pierre, 1755-1819. Un Cito-
i/en des Etats-Unis. A Prench jurist and
historian; b. at Beziers; in 1819 became
vice-president of the tribunal of the first
instance of Bordeaux, and d. there.

Grant, Colesworthy. An Artist in
India. An English artist fifty years ago.

Grant, Sir Francis, Lord Cullen, about
1660-1726. ****** ; A Member oj Parlia-

See " I. and P.,"" First Series, p. 441.

Grant, Rev. Robert, B.C.L. A Cler-
gyman. An English divine ; New Coll.,
Oxford, 1822 ; vicar of Bradford-Abbas
w. Clifton-Maybank, 1828-80 et seq.

Grant, Thomas. His Uncle. A Scot-
tish bookseller.

Granville, Dr. Augustus Bozzi. One
of the 6S7 F.B.S. sss.

See '• I. and P.," First Series, p. 441.

Granville, George, Lord Lansdowne,
1667-1735. Lord L — ne.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 441.

Grasse-Tilly.Comte Francois Joseph
Paul de, 1723-88. Un Ojficier de I'urmee
navale en Amenque en 1 781-82. A French
naval oflicer ; b. at Valette ; served in the
American War, 1781-82 ; d. in France.

Graves, Rev. Richard, 1715-1804.
Christopher Collop, Curate of Cotswold ;
A Young Man in Town.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 441.

Gray, . A Country Gentleman. A

Scottish -writer of seventy years ago.

Gray, Rev. Andre^v. The Minister of
a Chapel of Ease.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 441.

Gray, Asa, and another. Two Readers
of . . . Daruun's Treatise.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 441.

Gray, Rev. Frederick Turell, -1855.
F. T. G. An American clergyman; min-
ister at large in Boston, 1833-39 ; pastor
at the Bulfinch Street Church, 1839-55;
d. in Boston.

Gray, James. J — s G — y. An Eng-
lish writer early in the eigliteenth century.

Gray, John Henry, A.M., -1850. A
Bostonian. An American writer; Harv,
Univ., 1824.

Gray, Jonathan, Esq. Her Father.
An English writer of York.

Gray, Thomas, 1716-71. The Bard.
An English poet; b. in London; educ. at
Eton and at Peter-house, Cambridge ; trav-
elled with Horace Walpole in Italy, 1739-
41 ; resided at Peter-house for many years,
till 1756, when he removed to Pembroke-
hall; professor of modern liistory at Cam-
bridge, 1768-71 ; and d. there.

Greeley, Horace, 1811-7'^. Godek
Gooduuill. An American journalist; b.




at Amherst, N.H. ; learned the art of
printing at East Poultney, A'^t. ; removed
to New York City in 1831; established
the New York "Tribune" in 1841 ; d. in
Pleasantville, near New York City.

Green, Evelyn Everett. H. F. E.
An English writer of the day.

Green, Frederick. ^1 Barrister. An
English lawyer of the daj'.

Green, Henry WoodliiiU, 1802-76.
The Chancellor. An Aiueriean jurist;
b. at Lawrenceville, N.J. ; New Jersey
Coll., 1820; admitted to the bar of
Trenton, N.J., in 1825 ; chancellor,
1860-66 ; president of the board of
trustees of Princeton Theol. Sem.,
1860-76, and d. at Trenton.

Green, John, D.D. Thomas Astley ;

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 442.

Green, John Henry, Esq., F.E.S.,
1791-1863. The President of the Royal
College of Surgeons of England. An
English surgeon ; b. in London ; educ.
professionally at St. Thomas's Hospital ;
in 1820 he became surgeon to the hospi-
tal; in 1830 professor in King's Coll.;
president of the Royal Coll. of Surgeons,
1849 and 1858 ; d. at the Mount, Hadley.

Greena^vay, Rev. Stephen, 1713-95.
An Honest Coantri/man. A clergyman of
the Church of England; b. at Salisbury;
educ. at Oxford ; but M.A. at Cambridge,
1772; he held the living of Dalby on the
Woulds, county Leicester, from 1737 ; of
Nether, Broughton, from 1740; and that
of Cropwell Bishop from 1771; d. at Dalby
on the Woulds.

Greene, Edward Burnaby. E. B. G-.

See " I. and P.," Eirst Series, p. 442.

Greene, George Washington, 1811-
83. G. W. G. An American scholar and
writer; b. at East Greenwich, Kent Co.,
R.I. ; entered Brown Univ., but did not
graduate; United States consul at Home,
1837-45 ; in 1852 removed to New York
City ; professor at Brown Univ., 1848-52 ;
professor at Cornell, 1872 ; d. at his na-
tive place.

Greene, R. H. Claes Martenze. An
American writer of the day.

Greene, Robert. Cuthhert Conny-
catcher ; AjiotJi E. Car if.

Greene, Robert w! P. C. Centz.

Greene, W. W. G. An American
writer in the "American Whig Review."

Greene, William. W. G. An Eng-
lish poet of Newcastle(?) sixty years ago.

Greenleaf, Simon, LL.D., Esq. A
Member of the American Bar.

See " i. and P.," First Series, p. 442.

Greenough, Alfred, 1844-84. A. G.

An American arcliitect ; b. in Boston ;
Harv. Univ., 1885; studied his profession
in Europe ; travelled in Japan and South-
ern India, 1882-84; d. at Rangoon.

Greenough, James Bradstreet. ./.
B. G. An American scholar ; Harv.
Univ., 1856; Cambridge Law School;
settled as a lawyer at Marshall, Mich.,
1858 ; tutor of Latin in Harv. Univ.,
1865-73 ; professor and assistant pro-
fessor, 1873-87.

Greeii\yood, Francis William Pitt,
1797-1843. A Seeker. An American cler-
gjmian ; b. in Boston ; Harv. Coll., 1814 ;
pastor at Boston, 1818-20 and 1824-43 ;
d. in Dorchester, Mass.

Greenwood, Isaac, 1702-45. Aca-
demicus. An American mathematician;
Harv. Coll., 1721 ; professor of mathe-
matics, 1728-38 ; d. in Charlestown,

Greg, William Rathbone. W. R. G.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 443.

Gregor, Francis, 1760-1815. A Free-
holder of Cornwall. An English writer ;
M.P. for Cornwall, 1790-1806 ; d. at Tre-

Gregory, Alexander Tighe ;

An Enqlishman Abroad.

See '' I. and P.," First Series, p. 443.

Gregory, Rev. Francis, D.D. A Di-
vine of the Church of England. An Eng-
lish clergyman ; rector of Hambledon,
Bucks., in the first part of the eighteenth,

Gregory, Henry, D.D. H. G.; The Rec-
tor. An American Episcopal clergyman ;
in 1850-51 rector of St. James's Church,
New York City ; in 1858 president of De
Veaux Coll., near Niagara Falls.

Gregory, James, 1639-75. Patrick
Alatliers, arch-bedel to the Univ. of St.
Andrews. An eminent Scottisli matlie-
matician ; b. in the county of Aberdeen ;
professor at St. Andrews, and afterwards
at Edinburgh.

Gregory, William, 1803-58. W. G.
A Scottisli cliemist ; b. and d. in Edin-
burgh ; was the favorite pupil of Liebig ;
after having taught at Glasgow and iVber-
deen,lie was professor at Edinburgh, 1843—

Grenville, George, 1712-70. Gentle

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 443.

Grenville, Richard, 1st Earl Temple,
1711-77. Lord Gaivkey ; Tiddy-doll ; A
Son of Candor. An English statesman ;
brother-in-law of Lord Chatham.

Grey, Francis. A Person who re-
nounced Deism. An American writer of
eighty years ago.




Grey, Sir George, K.C.B. His Excel-
lency the Governur in Cliief of New Zea-
land. An English civilian ; lieutenant-
governor of South Australia, 1841 ;
governor of New Zealand, 1846 ; gov-
ernor, etc., of the Cape of Good Hope,

Grey-Egerton, Sir Philip de Mal-
pas. P. de M. G. E.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 443.

Gridley, Wayne. W.G. AnAmeri-
caa political writer of Charleston, S.C.C?).

Griffis, William Elliot, D.D. Curio.
An American Congregational clergyman ;
Rutgers Coll., 1869; pastor in Boston,

Griffith, Richard. Antomathes; Henry;
Tria Juncta in Uno, M.N.A., or. Master of
No Arts.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 443.

Grimstone, Mrs. Leman. Oscar.

See '■ 1. and P.," First Series, p. 444.

Grindle, Wesley. A Universalist. An

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