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French author.

Herring, . Touchstone. An Ameri-
can political writer.

Herschel, Sir WUliaun, 1738-1822.
Peter Puzzlevi. An eminent German-
English astronomer ; b. in Hanover ;
went to England in 1759, and there
became distinguished as an astronomer.

Hervey, John, Lord Hervey, 1696-
1743. Lord Panru/ ; Sporus ; A. Person
of Qualitjj.

See " I. and P.," Eirst Series, p. 455.

Hervey, Thomas Kihble. The Edi-
tor of the "Court Journal."

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 455.

Hesslein, Bernhard. Bernhard Hess.
A German writer.

Hetzel, Pierre Jules, 1814-86. Un

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 455.

Heugh, Hugh, D.D. The Dissenting
Minister. A Scottish clergyman ; b. in

HeAverdine, Eev. Thomas, M.A. A

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 455.

Hewes, F. W. F. W. H. An Amer-
ican soldier of the 10th Michigan infantry
in tlie late civil war.

Hewett, Rev. John William, M.A.
A Countrij Curate. An English clergy-
man ; Trin. Coll., Cambridge, 1849;
curate of St. George, Whitwick, 1857-66 ;
master of the North London Coll. School,
1874-80 et seq.

Hext, Francis, 1666-1729. A Laimjer.
An English writer ; friend of Addison and
Steele ; buried at St. Austell, Cornwall.

Heyne, Carl Traugott. Heinrich Bour-
din ; Louis Bonrdin. A German novelist.

Hibbs, Richard, M.A. Clericus, M.A.
An Englisli clergyman ; St. John's Coll.,
Cambridge, 1841 ; chaplain at Rotter-
dam, 1876-78 ; in 1880 resident at Argyle
Square, London.

Hickes, Rev. George, D.D., 1642-
1715. A Minister of London.

See " I. and P.," Fir.st Series, p. 455.

Hickey, Rev. William. A Citizen.
An American writer.

Hicits, William Robert, 1808-68.
An Illustrious Obscure. An English wit
and humorist; b. at Bodmin; d. at West-
heath, Bodmin.

Hickson, Samuel. S. H. An Eng-
lish writer; contributor to the "West-
minster Review."

Higginson, Stephen. Laco.

Si'c " I. jind P.," I'lrst Series, p. 456.

Higginson, Thoinas Wentworth,
IH-/;',-. //. .- T. W. H. An American

author; b. at Cambridge, Mass.; Harv.
Coll., 1841 ; in 1887 resided at Cambridge,
Mass. ; devoted to literary work.

Highmore, Joseph, 1692-1780. A
Christian Freetldnker.
See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 456.
Hilaire, ]&mile M. Marco de Saint
Hilaire. A German novelist.

Hildesley, Mark, D.D., 1698-1772.
A Resident Cleri///mun. An English
divine ; b. at Murston, near Sitting-
bourne, in Kent; educ. at the Charter-
house and at Cambridge ; bishop of Sodor
and Man, 1755-72; master of Sherburn
Hospital, 1767-72.

Hildreth, Samuel Preseott, M.I).,
1783-1863. A Naturalist. An American
histoi'ian and physicist; b. at Methuen,
Mass. ; studied medicine at Andover,
Mass. ; in 1808 settled as a physician in
Oliio, and d. there.

Hildrop, John, D.D. Phileleufherus

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 456.

Hill, A. F. A Soldier. An American
soldier of the Army of the Potomac, in
the hite civil war.

HiU, Aaron, 1685-1750. Gamaliel
Gunson. An English poet, dramatist,
and miscellaneous writer; b. in London;
educ. at Westminster School ; visited
Egypt, Palestine, and the greater part of
the East; in 1709 he commenced author-
ship; and after spending several years in
various projects, till about 1738, he re-
tired to Plaistow in Essex, and devoted
himself chiefly to study.

Hill, Alexander. Gaffer Grindstone,
Esq., of Hunc/er-him-out. A Scottish poet ;
a saddler of Montrose.

Hill, Alonzo, D.D., -1871. H. An
American minister; Harv. Univ., 1822;
Divinity School, 1826 ; pastor at Wor-
cester, Mass., for many years.

Hill, Sir John, M.D. The Hon. Juli-
ana Susannah Se/jmour; Joseph Marshall :
Thomas Perfect ; Wedale.

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 456.

Hill, Sir Richard. A Master of Arts
of the Universitij of Oxford.

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 456.

Hill, Rowland, 1744-1833. An Old
Observer. An eminent English Calvinist
Methodist preaclicr; educ. at Cambridge
and in the Churcli of England ; in 1783
he built Surrey Chapel, London, and
preaclied there during tlie winter months,
acting as an itinerant in the summer,
imtil his deatli, a period of fifty years.

Hill, Thomas, D.D., 1818-. T. H.;
*1I. An American clergyman ; b. at
New Brunswick, N.J. ; Harv. Coll., 1843;




Divinity School, 1845; president of
Harv. Univ., 1862-68; pastor at Port-
land, Me., 1873-87.

Hillard, George Stillman, LL.D. G.
8. 11.; ».

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 456.

HUler, Rev. Thomas Oliver Pres-
cott. Thomas 0. Prescott.

See « I. and P.," First Series, p. 456.

Hingeston-Randolph, Kev. Francis
Charles. His So7i.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 457.

Kingston, Francis, 1796-1841. C.
An Englislr poet; -fatlier of the preced-
ing; b. and d. at St. Ives ; Her Majesty's
comptroller of the customs at Truro,

Hinrich, Albertine (Roslein). Paul
Stein. A German writer.

Hitchcock, Ethan Allen. *****
U. S.Arw^.; E. A. H.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 457.

Hitchcock, J. R. W. J. R. W. H.
An American artist of the day.

Hitchens, James. Their Father. An
English tinner of Cornwall.

Hoadly, Benjamin, D.D., 1676-1757.
The Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Win-
chester ; A Christian ; A True Church-
man : An Honest Tori/. An eminent
Englisli divine ; ^b. at Westerham, Kent ;
educ. at Cambridge ; bishop of Winches-
ter, 1734-57.

Hoadly, Charles Jeremiah, A.M.,
The State Librarian of Connecticut. ~ An
American statesman; Trin. Coll., Hart-
ford, 1851 ; secretary of state of Con-
necticut, 1865-76.

Hoadly, David. The President of
the Panama Pailroad Company. An
American business man, of New York

Hoare, William, R.A., 1706-92. W.
H. An English portrait and historical
painter ; b. at Eye, in Suffolk ; studied
art under Grisoni, an Italian of London ;
after spending nine years at Rome and
on the continent, he settled at Bath,
practising his art there, and d. there.

Hodge, William Li. A Resident of
Washington. An American political

Hodgson, Mary, xhmt Man/. An
American writer of Philadelphia('?).

HoflFman, Charles Fenno. *; C.
F. H.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 458.

Hoffman, Rev. Eugene Angustus,
D.D. The Rector [of Elizabeth, New Jer-
sey]. An eminent Protestant Episco-
pal clergyman ; dean of the General
Theol. Sem., New York City, 1879-87.

Hofmeister, Adolf. Wladimir. A
German novelist.

Hofstein, J. C. von. ./. C. A Swed-
ish novelist.

Hogarth, William. »SV. Guzzledown

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 458.

Hogg, James. A Gentleman. A
Scottisli religious writer of the first part
of the eighteenth century.

Holtorook, Silas Pinckney. A Cos-

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 458.

Holden, J. G. P. Nonpareil Quadrat,
X. P. D.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 458.

Holdsworth, T. W. E. An Officer
of the Bombay Division. An English
colonial writer.

Holland, Elihu G., 1817-. E. G. H.
An American writer; b. at Solon, Cort-
landt Co., N.Y.

Holland, Rev. Frederic West. F.
W. H. ; H—d.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 458.

HoUins, W. A Citizen of Baltimore.
An American writer on railroads.

Hollo Avay, Mrs. Anna. Teresa A.
Thornet. An American novelist of the
day, of Indiana(?).

Holmes, . Semloh.

Holmes, Abiel, D.D., 1764-1837. A
Member of the Massachusetts Bible Society.
An American clergyman ; b. in Wood-
stock, Conn.; Yale Coll., 1783; pastor
at Cambridge, Mass., 1792-1832; and d.

Holmes, Prof. George Frederick.
G. F. H. An American writer in the
" Southern Quarterly Review."

Holmes, Isaac Edward, 1796-1867.
George Telltale. An American politician ;
b., lived, and d. in Charleston, S.C. ;
Yale Coll., 1815; M.C., 1839-51.

Holmes, Oliver Wendell. -The Pro-
fessor of Dead and Living Languages
(P. B. A'., Cambridge, 1867) ; 0. W. H.;
Autocrat of the Breakfast Table.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 459.
Holmes, Sylvester, -1866. Timothy.
An American writer ; Hon. A.M. at
Brown Univ., 1823 ; d. 1866.

Holmes, Rev. William. The Country
Parson. An English clergyman of the
eighteenth century ; dean of Exeter.

Holstein, IMrs. Anna M. (Ellis).
]\frs. H. An American writer ; a nurse
in the civil war.

Holt, Joseph, about 1807-. A Judge
Advocate General. An American lawyer
and statesman ; b. in Breckinridge Co.,
Ky. ; practised law at Louisville ; post-




master-general, 1859; secretary of war,
1860 ; colonel judge-advocate general,
1862 ; brigadier-general judge-advocate,
1864; brevet major-general, 1865; re-
tired, 1875.

Holyoke, Edward Augustus, M.D.,
1796-1855. The Superintendent. An Amer-
ican physician ; b. in Boston ; his name
origiually was E. A. H. Turner, but he
assumed the name of his maternal grand-
father, of Salem, Mass. ; Harv. Univ.,
1817; studied medicine in Boston; prac-
tised as a physician in Salem till 1853,
except 1840-42, when he was at Fra-
mingham, Mass. ; in 1853 he removed
to Syracuse, N.Y., and d. there.

Home, Henry, Lord Kames, 1696-
1782. A Blacksmith; Sopho. An emi-
nent Scottish lawyer, critic, and philoso-
pher ; b. at Kames ; called to the bar at
Edinburgh, 1724 ; one of the judges of
the Court of Sessions, as Lord Kames,
1752; one of the lords justiciary, 1763.

Homer, James Lloyd. The Shade-
of Alden.

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 459.

Hone, William. Poor Htimphrei/.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 459.

Hood, Thomas, Jr., 1835-74. His Son.
An English writer; son of Tliomas Hood;
b. at Lake House, Wanstead, Essex; en-
tered Pembroke Coll., Oxford, in 1853, but
did not graduate ; editor of " Fun " till
1865 ; wrote many popular works, and
contributed to many magazines and peri-

Hook, Samuel. John Carpenter. An
English criminal.

Hook, Theodore Edward, Esq.,
F.S.A., 1788-1841. Stariis/as Hoax.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 460.

Hooke, Nathanael, -1763. A Gen-
tleman ; Herself. An Englisli historian ;
was a Mystic, a Quietist, and a warm dis-
ciple of Fenelon; he was a Roman Catho-
lic, and it was he wlio brouglit a Catholic
to take Pope's confession on his death-bed.

Hooker, Fanny. Ernest Hoven.

Hooker, Henry Brown, D.D., 1802-
81. Simon. An American clergyman ;
b. at Rutland, Vt. ; Middlebury Coll.,
1822; Andover Theol. Sem., 1825; sec-
retary of the Massacliusetts Home Mis-
sionary Society, Boston, 1858-73; waiting
orders, till he d. tlicre.

Hooper, Rev. Francis John Bod-
field. A Presbi/ler. An Englisli cler-
gyman ; Christ Coll., Cambridge, 1834 ;
rector of Upton Warren, Broorasgrove,

Hooper, Miss Lucy. L. H.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 460.

Hooper, Rev. Richard. A Priest of
the Church of England. An English cler-
gyman ; Trin. Coll., Cambridge, 1844 ;
vicar of Upton and Aston-Upthorne, Dio.
Oxford, 1862-87.

Hope, John. ^4 Man in Business. An
English poet of the eighteenth century.

Hopkins, Alonzo A. A. H. Linton.

Hopkins, John Henry, LL.D., 1792—
1868. The Bishop of Vermont. An Irish-
American clergyman; b. in Dublin, Ire-
land; came to this country in 1800; was
admitted to the Pittsburgh (Penn.) bar,
1818; entered the ministrv, 1823; bishop
of Vermont, 1832-68 ; d. at Rock Point,

Hopkins, Joseph R. A Young Gen-
tleman of Philadelphia. An American
lawyer and poet.

Hopkins, Lemuel, M.D., 1750-1801.
A Gentleman of Connecticut ; The Hart-
ford Wits. An American poet; b. at
Waterbury, Conn. ; Hon. A.M. at Yale,
1784; spent his life at Hartford, 1784-
1801, and d. there.

Hopkinson, Francis^ LL.D. James

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 460.

Hopkinson, Joseph, LL.D. Peter
Grievous, .Tunr.{^.).

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 460.

Hopley, Catherine Cooper, 18 .

Sarah T. Jones. An English writer; in
1886 resident in London.

Hopper, Clarence. Abracadabra.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 460.

Horatius Flaccus, Quintus. The
Poet- Philosopher of Venusia.

Horler, F. Philaleihes AnticJaibbius.
An English writer of the middle of the
eighteenth century.

Home, . A Bard of the Wrekin.

An Englisli writer ; brother of a Shrop-
shire clergyman ; he was the author of
"A History ... of Burghley House . . .,"

Home, Thomas, D.D. A Clergyman
of the Established Church. An English
clergyman ; master of Chiswick School
and vicar of Wilkington, Herefordshire ;
he was of Trin. Coll., Oxford, M.A., 1762.

Horneck, Anthony, D.D., 1641-96.
A. H. An English clergyman; b. at
Bucciiarack, a town in the Lower Pa-
latinate; ednc. at Heidelberg and Ox-
ford; was preacher in the Savoy, 1671.

Horneck, Pliilip. Jlermodact/jl. An
Englisli writer of London, early in the
eighteenth century.

Horry, I*inkney. P. H. An Ameri-
can Revolutionary soldier ; brigadier-
general in Marion's brigade.




F. H. An
'• American


Horsburgh, Matilda. M. H.

See "1. and P.," First Series, p. 461.

Horsley, Bisliop Samuel, D.C.L. A
Clerqi/man ; Perhaps.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 461.

Horton, Mrs. E. N. A Teacher. An
American writer.

Horton, Sanford Jackson, D.D.
Pastor. An American Episcopal cler-
gyman ; Trin. Coll., Hartford, 1843 ;
vice-president and principal of the
Episcopal Acad, of Connecticut, Che-
shire, Conn.

Horwell, T. E. A Wesleijan. An
English writer.

Hosmer, Rev. James Kendall. A
Corporal. An American clergyman; b.
at Buffalo, N.Y.; Harv. Univ., 1855; in
1886 professor in Washington Univ., St.
Louis, Mo.

Houghton, J. F. J.
American writer in the
Whig Review."

Houghton, Richard
Milnes, Lord, 1809-85. B. m\1. M.

See " 1. and P.," First Series, p. 461.

Houghton, Rev. William, M.A. A
Naturalist. An English clergyman ;
Brasenose Coll., Oxford, 1850 ; rector
of Preston-upon-the-Wild-Moors, Wel-
lington, Salop, 1860-80 et seq.

Houssaye, Arsene. Comte d'O .

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 461.

Houston, E. Alexander, M.D. Ipe-
cac Useless, APD.

Houston, Thonvas. C. C; Guth-
bert Cudgel, Esq. An English poet and
dramatist of Newcastle, early in the

Howard, Mrs. A. W. M. Von Vohning.

Howard, C. Ladi] . An Eng-
lish poet; a convert to Catholicism.

How^ard, George William Freder-
ick, the 7th Earl of Carlisle, 1802-64.
The Right Honourable the Earl of Car-
lisle ; The Late Earl of Carlisle. An
English peer ; b. in Hill Street, Berkeley
Square, London ; succeeded his father in
1848; educ. at Oxford; M.P., 1826-48;
lord lieutenant of Ireland, 1855-58 and

Howard, George Edmund, -1786.

G E .// rd. An English

poet, architect, and dramatic, legal and
political writer; d. in London.

How^ard, Henry, Earl of Surrey(?),
1518(?)-47. Harr,/ H—d.

HoAvard, Joseph, Jr. Monsieur X.

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 461.

Howard, T. H. T. H. H. An Amer-
ican poet; contributed to the " American
Monthly Magazine," 1830-37.

HoTve, James. A Civilian. An Eng-
lish writer.

Howe, Rev. John, 1630-1705. Pla-
tonic Puritan. An English Dissenter ; b.
at Loughborough; educ. at Cambridge;
domestic chaplain to Oliver and Richard
Cromwell; minister at London, 1675-1705.

Howe, Mark Anthony De Wolfe,.
LL.D., D.D. The Scholiast. An Amer-
ican Episcopal clergyman ; Brown Univ.,
1828 ; bishop of Central Pennsylvania,.

HoTve, R. H. A Countryman. An
American political writer.

Howe, Samuel Gridley, M.D., 1801-
76. S. G. H. An American philanthro-
pist ; b. and d. in Boston.

Howe, William W. Mohammed
Pasha. An American writer.

Ho%velI, Richard. Curio.

Ho wells, Annie T. Aitiaiche.

Hubbard, L.. M. L. M. H. An Eng-
lish lady writer of the day.

Hubbell, Mrs. Martha (Stone),
1814-56. Her Mother.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 462.

Hubert, L. Stretcher.

Huddesford, Dr. George. The Vice-
Chancellor [of Exeter Coll., Oxford].

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 462.

Huddesford, William, 1732-72. H
An English antiquary ; son of Rev.
George Huddesford, D.D. ; educ. at Ox-
ford ; keeper of the Ashmolean Museum,

Hudson, . A Dissenter. An Eng-
lish writer of one hundred years ago.

Hudson, Charles, A.M., 1795-1881.
A Restorationist Clerg/pnan ; C. H. An
American minister and statesman ; b. in
Marlborough, Mass. ; was for some years-
a Universalist preacher; M.C., 1841-49;
United States naval officer for Boston,
1849-53 ; d. at Lexington, Mass.

Hudson, James, and Cater, Wil-
liam. The Churchivardens erf Ware.
English gentlemen of fifty years ago.

Hughes, Rev. Thomas Patrick.
Elhui Stanton. An English clergyman;
Church Missionary Coll., Islington, 1862 ;
fellow of the Punjab Univ., 1882 ; C. M.
S. missionary at Peshawur, 1864-87.

Hughes, Thomas. A London Clerk.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 462.

Hughes, William Little. William
0^ Gorman.

Hughs, Mrs. Mary. Aunt Mari/. An
English lady ; b. at Newcastle-upon-
Tyne ; came to Philadelphia in 1818, and
opened an academy for young ladies,
which she conducted for twenty-one




Hugo, Mme. Marie. Marie. A French
writer ; wife of Victor Marie Hugo.

Hugo, Victor Marie, 1802-85. Paul

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 462.

Hulett, T. G. A Besident at the
Falls. An American writer, of Niagara

Hull, James. Jimmy Restless.

Hullett, Rev. John, B.A. A Country
Parson. An English clergyman; St.
Catherine Hall, Cambridge, 1838; P.C.
of Allestree, near Derby, 1849-60
et seq.

Humble, Henry, M.A. H. H. An
English clergyman ; Univ. Coll., Dur-
ham, 18.37 ; domestic chaplain to Lord
Forbes, 1844 ; canon and precentor of
St. Ninian's, Perth.

Hume, Abraham, LL.D., about 1815-
85. A Clergyman. An English archae-
ologist and traveller ; for six years presi-
dent of the Historical Society of Lanca-
shire and Cheshire ; d. at Liverpool.

Hume, David, 1711-76. Hannah
Waitford. A Scottish philosopher ; b. at
Edinburgh ; in 1737 he went to London,
but returned to his native city, 1769, and
spent the rest of his life there, and d.

Hume, Joseph, 1777-1855. Adver-
sity Hume. A British statesman ; b. at
Montrose, Scotland ; was a surgeon in
the East India service, 1797-1808 ; M.P.,
1812 and 1818-55.

, Hume, Patrick. P. //. ^lAoTroirjTrjs.
An English schoolmaster of London; an-
notator of Milton.

Humerus, Lars Johanson. Lucidor
den Olycklifje. An early S\vedish(?)

Humfrey, John, 1621-. ,/. //. ; A
Friend Unknown ; One that holds Com-
munion with the Church.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 463.

Humphreys, Rev. Asher. A Dis-
senfinf/ Teacher. An English minister of
the first part of the eighteenth century.

Hungerford, Mrs. Margaret Argles.
The Duchess.

Hunt, Brian. A Presbyter of the
Church of England. An Englisli clergy-
man early in the eighteenth century.

Hunt, Lieut. Edward B. E. B.
H — I. An American soldier; b. in New
York ; entered the United States army
from tliat State in 1845 ; became major
in 1863; d. in 1866.

Hunt, Ezra Mundy, M.D., 18.30-. A
Plain Hand. An American pliysician ;
b. at Metuchen, N.J. ; New Jersey Coll.,
1819; M.D., 1862; in the same year

established himself in his native town ;
assistant-surgeon of the 29th New Jersey
regulars, 1862 ; and surgeon in charge of
the Calvert Street Hospital, Baltimore,
in 1863.

Hunt, James Henrj'^ Lieigh. The Au-
thor of " Theatrical Criticisms"inthe Week-
ly Paper called " The News " ; The Editor
of the " Examiner" ; ^^^.

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 463.

Hunt, John, D.D. J. H. An Eng-
lish clergyman; D.D., Univ. of St. An-
drews ; vicar of Otford, Sevenoaks, Kent,

Hunt, 3Iargaret (Raine), 1831-.
Averil Beaumont. An English writer ;
b. at Durham ; in 1886 resident in Lon-

Hunter, Alexander, M.D., 1729-
1809. Ignotus. A Scottish physician ;
b. in Edinburgh ; settled as a physi-
cian at Gainsborough, at Beverly, and
finally at York, England, where he

Hunter, Henry. Harry Hudson.

Hunter, Rev. James. A Quinque-
genarian. An English clergyman ; rector
of Banff Academy.

Huntington, Rev. David, A.M., 1745-
1812. The Apologist. An American
Congregational minister; b. at Lebanon,
Conn. ; Dartmouth Coll., 1773 ; pastor
at North Lyme, Conn., 1803-12, and d.

Huntington, Frederic Dan, D.D.
H. ; F. D. H.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 464.

Huntor, Samuel. S. H., Senior.

Hurd, Eliza Gilbert. Scotch Squid.

Hurd, Richard, D.D., 1720-1808.
The Editor of " Moral and Political Dia-
logues " ; The Editor ; A Fellow of a Col-

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 464.

Hurlbut, Martin Luther. M. L. H.
An American writer.

Hurlbut, Sidney S. An Outsider.
An American writer of the West.

Hurlbut, Stephen A., about 1815-,
S. A. H. An American writer; b. at
Charleston, S.C. ; commanded a division
of General Grant's army at Shiloh, 1862 ;
in 1864 was a major-general in General
Siierman's army.

Hurlbut, WiUiam Henry. W. H.
H.; H—t.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 464.
Husk, William H. W. H. H. An

American writer ; librarian to the Long
Island Sound Historical Society(?).

Husson-FIeury, ^ftdoiiard. Edouard
Fleury. A French printer at La on ; old-




est brother of the litterateur known under
the name of " Champfleury."

Hustler, John. A Manufacturer. An
English writer of the eighteenth century.

Huston, Mai-y E. Cousin Mary.

Hutcheson, Archibald, Esq. A Mem-
ber of the Souse of Commons.

See " I. and P.," Eirst Series, p. 464.

Hutchins, John, 1698-1773. J. H.
An English topographical historian; b.
at Bradford Peverel ; rector of the church
of Holy Trinity, in Wareham, and of
Swyre, in the county of Dorset.

Hutchinson, John, Esq., 1674-1737.
J. H.

See " I. and P.," Eirst Series, p. 464.

Hutchinson, Joshua. Jcshua. An
American musician ; one of the famous
" Hutchinson family"; resident at Mil-
ford, N.H.

Hutchinson, WUliam, Esq., 1732-
1814. A Freeholder North of Trent. An
English antiquary; was a solicitor at
Barnard-Castle, in the county of Dur-

Hutton, Iiawrence, 1843-. Young

Veteran. An American journalist ; b.
and resident in New York City.

Hutton, Richard Holt. R. H. H.
An English journalist; editor of the
London "Spectator."

Huxley, Thomas Henry, LL.D., etc.,
1825-. Storks. An eminent English
scientist ; b. at Ealing, Middlesex ; M.B.
at the Univ. of London, 1845 ; has held
a large number of important positions,
and is the author of many valuable

Hvostchinsky, Nadejda. Krestovsky
Usevold. An excellent female novelist
of Russia.

Hyde, Catherine, Marchioness Go-
vion Broglio Solari. A Ladij of Rank.
An English lady and writer.

Hyde, Eev. Charles. A Father. An
American clergj^man and religious writer.

Hyde, Ebenezer. A Teacher. An
American compiler and teacher of music.

Hyde, Rev. John. A Bible Student.

See "I. and P.," Eirst Series, p. 464.

Hyde, Julia. Theta. An English

Ide, A. M. /. An American poet;
contributor to the " American Whig Re-

Ince, William, D.D. The Regius
Professor of Divinity. An English clergy-
man ; Lincoln Coll., Oxford, 1846 ; chap-
lain to the bishop of Oxford, 1871 ; canon
of Christ Church and Regius Professor
of Divinity, 1878-87.

IngersoU, Ebon C, 1831-. A Friend
in the North. An American political
writer ; b. in Oneida Co., N.Y. ; re-
moved to Peoria, 111., in 1843; studied
law and came to the bar in 1854; M.C.,

Ingraham, Mrs. Ellen M. Grace
Lintner. An American writer of the
day, of Indianapolis, Ind-C?).

Ingraham, Prentis. Leon Lafitte.

Ingram, James, D.D. A Senior Mem-
ber of the University of Oxford ; J. I.

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 465.

Ingram, John H., 1849-. Don Felix
de Salamanca. An English writer; b. in
London; held an appointment in the
Civil Service.

Innes, Alexander Taylor. Duthus.
A Scottish advocate of Edinburgh; of
the Univ of Edinburgh, 1852.

Ireland, Samuel William Henry.

S. C, Esq.; Cervantes.

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 465.

Irons, Rev. William Josiah, D.D. The
Vicar of Brompton.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 465.

Irving, Rev. Edward, 1792-1834.
Doctor Squintum. A celebrated and elo-
quent Scottish pulpit orator ; b. at An-
nan; educ. at the Univ. of Edinburgh;
minister of the Scottish Church, London,
from 1822.

Irving, Washington, LL.D. Fray An-
tonio Agapida ; A Gentleman of New York.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 466.

Irvingism. The Catholic Apostolic

Irwin, Eyles, 1748-1817. A Gentle-
man in India. An English colonial officer
of the East India civil establishment of
Madras ; d. at Clifton, Eng.

Issembourg d'Happoncourt, Fran-
Qoise d', Dame de Graffigny, 1695-
1758. A Peruvian Princess. A celebrat-
ed woman of the eighteenth century ; b.

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