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at Nancy; in 1738 she went to Paris;
was for a time the friend of Voltaire;
afterwards engaged in literary work ; d.
in Paris.




Jackson, Andrew, LL.D. King An-

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 466.

Jackson, F. J. The British Minister.
An English diijlomatist.

Jackson, Mrs. Helen Maria (Flske
Hunt). H. H.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 466.

Jackson, Eev. John, 1686-1763.
Philocriticus Cantahrigiensis ; A Clergyman
of the Church of England.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 466.

Jackson, Rowland, M.D., -1787 or
88. A Phijsician. An Irish physician ;
M.D. at Eheiras in 1746; in 1766 went
to Calcutta, and d. there.

Jackson, Thomas. The President of
the Weslegan Conference. An English
Wesleyan clergyman.

Jacob, GUes, 1686-1744. The Scourge
of Grammar.

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 467.

Jacobi, Frledrich Heinrich, 1743-
1819. Eduard Allwill ; German Plato.
An eminent German thinker and writer ;
b. at Dusseldorf ; president of the new
Acad, of Sciences, Munich, 1807-13.

James, Mrs. Florence Alice (Price).
Florence Warden. An American novelist
of the day; wife of Mr. George E. James.

James, George Payne Rainsford,
1801-60. F. de Lunatico, K. F. M., F. S.

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 467.

James, Thomas, D.D., -1804. Henrg
Maiden, chapel clerk. An English clergy-
man ; head-master of Rugby School,

James n. of England, 1633-1701. Old

Jamieson, Gen. D. F. J. An Amer-
ican writer of the South ; contributor to
the "Southern Quarterly Ecview."

Japp, Alexander Hay, LL.D., F.K.S.,
&c. E. Conder-Graij ; Benjamin Orme,

See " L and P.," First Series, p. 467.

Jardine, Sir Henry. TIic King's Re-
membrancer. A Scottish writer.

Jarvis, Edward, M.D. E. J.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 467.

Jay, John, LL.D., 1745-1820. Helvi-

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 467.

Jay, William, LL.D., 1789-1858. Han-
cock; .1 I'rolf'siant E/iiscopulian.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 467.

Jelf, William Edward, B.D. A

High Churchman of the Old School. An
English clergyman; Christ Church, Ox-
ford, 1833 ; in 1870 et seq. resident at
Caerdeon, Dolgelly, North Wales.

Jenkins, Miss Josephine. Entre-
Nous. An American writer of the day;
correspondent of the Boston " Herald."

Jenks, Francis, A.M., -1832. .

An American lawyer ; Harv. Univ., 1817.

Jenner, Rev. Charles, M.A., 1737-
74. Lothario. An English poet, novel-
ist, and miscellaneous writer ; rector of
Cramford St. John, Northants, and vicar
of Claybrook, Leicestershire.

Jennings, Henry Constantine. H.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 468.

Jennings, Sarah, the Duchess of
of Marlborough, 1600-1744. Jennil-o ;
Mrs. Freeman. Aw English \a.Aj ; wife
of the Duke of Marlborough.

Jennison, Miss. Oa-en Timsley. An
American poet ; a niece of the late Eev.
John Weiss.

Jenyns, Soame, 1703-4-87. TT''. Bvrk;
*****. An English politician, essay-
ist, first an infidel, then a champion of
Christianity; son of Sir Roger Jenyns;
educ. at St. John's Coll., Cambridge ; for
nearly forty years an M.P. ; for twenty-five
a commissioner of the Board of Trade ;
a noted wit and conversationalist.

Jephsou, Robert, 1736-1803. Jean
Baptisie Couteau. An Irish writer ; a
captain in the army, and a member of
the Irish House of Commons ; wrote
poems and dramas.

Jerdan, AVilliam, F.S.A. An Inside
Passenger ; A Late Visitant.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 468.

Jerningham, . An Attache'. An

English diplomatist of the day.

Jerome, Jerome K. An Idle Fellow.
An English writer of tlie day.

Jerrold, Douglas William. Wrong-

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 469.

Jerrold, William Blanchard, 1826-
84. B. J. ; Fin-Bee.

See " I. and 1'.," First Series, p. 469.

Jessopp, Eev. Augustus, D.D., 1824-.
./. ,• K. An English schoolmaster; b. at
Albury Place, Chesliunt, Herts. ; head-
master, Ilelston Grammar School, 1855-
59; of Norwich School, 1859-79; and
rector of Scarning, Norfolk, 1879-87.

Jevons, M. A. M. A. J. An English
poet and editor.




Jewett, Benjamin E. G. Jonas
Simpkins. An American writer of the

Jewett, Isaac Appleton, 1808-53.
J. J. J. An American traveller; b. in
Burlington, Vt; Harv. Coll., 1830; set-
tled as a lawyer, first in Cincinnati, and
afterwards in New Orleans ; but during
the latter part of his life he resided
chiefly at the North, engaged in other
business; d. in Keene, N.H.

Jewett, Sarah Orne, 1849-. Alice
Eliot. An American writer of the day;
b. and resident in South Berwick, Me.

Johns, Tremenheere John, 1836-
55. Y. Z. An English student ; b.
at Helston, Cornwall ; drowned at

Johnson, , J., Mt. Sion, Falmouth.

An English poet ; editor of the " Selec-
tor or Cornish Magazine " ; resident some
years at Falmouth.

Johnson, E. W. II Secretario. An
American writer; a contributor to the
" American Whig Review."

Johnson, George William, 1802-86.
Wai/ne -Hove//. An English writer on
horticulture; passed several years in
India, returning to England in 1848 ; d.
at the Waldrons, Croydon.

Johnson, Richard. James Guthrie.
An English writer of the eighteenth cen-
tury ; a teacher(?) of Nottingham.

Johnson, Samuel, D.D., 1696-1772.
A. Gentleman educated at Yale College ; A
Minister of the Church of England.

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 469.

Johnson, Samuel, LL.D., 1709-84.
8. J. ; ' The Author of the " Miscel-
laneous Observations on the Tragedij of
Macbeth " ; Dr. J — ns — 7i ; T. Zachariah

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 469.

Johnson, Rev. Satnuel, 1822-82.
^S*. J. An American clergyman; b. at
Salem, Mass. ; Harv. Coll., 1842 ; pastor
at Lynn, Mass., 1853-70; d. at North
Andovei-, Mass.

Johnson, Mrs. Sophie Orne. Cousin

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 469.

Johnson, Rev. Stephen, 1724-86. A
Freeman of the Colonij of Connecticut. An
American Congregational minister; b.
in Newark, Conn. ; Yale Coll., 1743 ;
pastor at Lyme (now Old Lyme), Conn.,
1746-86, and d. there.

Johnson, W. B. Boswell. An Amer-
ican poet of the day of Virginia.

Johnson, William. Tlie Writer of
"N:;ccs" and " Lucretelis." An Eng-
lish classical scholar of the day.

Johnston, Mrs. Alma Calder. Bush


See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 470.

Johnstone, Rev. John. A71 Elder of
the Church. An English clergyman ; St.
John's Coll., Cambridge, 1837 ; vicar of
Haxey iv. Westwood R., 1861-87.

Jolin, Johan Kristofer. Jo. Jo. A
Swedish writer.

Jones, . Edward Digby. An Eng-
lish criminal.

Jones, C. A Journeyman Woolcomber.
An English writer of one hundred years

Jones, C. A. C. A. J. An English

Jones, Rev. Griflfith, 1684-1761. A
Country Clergyman. A Welsh clergyman;
b. in the county of Caermarthen ; rector
of Llanddowror in that county.

Jones, Henry, -1770. A Bricklayer.
An Irish poet. and dramatist; b. at Drog-
heda, county Meath ; was patronized by
the Earl of Cliesterfield when lord-lieu-
tenant of Ireland, in 174-3; but he had
better have stuck to bricklaying, for he
died in great want in a garret belonging
to the master of the Bedford Coffee-
house, by whom he had been assisted.

Jones, Rev. John, 1700-. A Friend to
Religious and Civil Liberty. An English
clergyman; Worcester Coll., Oxford;
rector of Boulne-Hurst, Bedfordshire,
1750- ; killed by a fall from his horse ;
not knoM^i at what date.

Jones, Rev. John. Rusticlericus. An
English wTiter in the " Gentleman's

Jones, John, 1825-87. Ich-is Vychan.
A Welsh poet ; b. at Dolgelly ; lived for
a short time in London ; spent the last
thirty years of his life at Manchester,
and d. there.

Jones, Margaret Elizabeth Mary.
M. E. M. J.

See " I. and P.," First Serie's, p. 471,
and "Notes and Queries," July, 1857, p. 71.

Jones, Paul, 1747-92. Le Prince Bur-
liabled. A Scottish naval officer; origi-
nally John Paul ; b. at Arbegland ; emi-
grated to Virginia, and entered the colo-
nial service in 1775 ; entered the Russian
naval service in 1788, but was soon
dismissed ; d. in Paris.

Jones, Samuel Huntingdon, LL.D.
The Committee. An American lawyer;
Univ. of Pennsylvania, 1857 ; LL.B.,

Jones, Sir William, 1566-1640. Jo-
nas. An eminent British jurist; b. in
Wales ; educ. at Oxford and Lincoln's
Inn; judge of King's bench, 1624-40.




Jones, William. Julius Melesigonus.

Jones, Sir William, 1746-94. A Mem-
ber of the Universitif ; A Member of the So-
cietij for Constitutional Information ; A
Member of the University of Cutnbridge.
An eminent Englisli scholar and law-
yer ; b. in London ; educ. at Harrow
and Oxford; went to India in 1783,
and d. there.

Jones, William Alfred, A.M., 1817-.
The Librarian. An American bibliogra-
pher; Columbia Coll., 1836; librarian
there, 1851-65 ; was b. in New York

Jordan, G. W., Esq. G. W. J.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 471.

Jortin, John, and others. Eruditi
Sritanni. Jortin, John, D.D., 1698-
1770. An eminent English clergyman;
\>. in the parish of St. Giles, Middlesex;
Jesus Coll., Cambridge, 1715; archdea-
con of London, 1764-70.

Judd, Eev. Sylvester, -1853. A Young

Man. An American Unitarian minister ;
Yale Coll., 1836; Harv. Coll. Divinity
School, 1840 ; was pastor at Augusta,
Me., till his death.

Judson, Edward Z. C, 1822-86.
Cupt. Cleighmore. An American writer;
wrote four hundred stories ; made a large
income, but spent it as fast as he made
it ; d. in Delaware Co., N.Y.

Judson, Mrs. Emily (Chubbuck).
Fanni/ Forrester.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 471.

Jiingst, LiUdwig Volrad. Ludwig
Rosen. A German novelist.

Jung, Johann Heinrich, 1740-1817.
Heinrich Stilling. An original German
writer ; b. at Im-Grund, in the duchy of
Nassau; was a friend of Goethe; in 1804
became professor of political economy at

Jurin, James, M.D. Philalethes Can-

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 471.


Kaler, James Otis. Walraven.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 471.

Kaye, John, D.D., 1784-1853. PTii-
lalethes Cantabrigiensis. An eminent
English clergyman ; b. at Hammer-
smith, London ; Christ's Coll., Cam-
bridge, 1804; bishop of Bristol, 1820;
of Lincoln, 1827.

Keane, John Frederick. Ilajj Mo-
hammed Amin. An English traveller in

Keary, Miss Annie. Cora.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 472.

Keate, George, F.K.S., 1729-97. Ladg
Jane Graij. An Englisli author; b. in
Wiltshire; was a correspondent of Vol-

Keate, llev. William. William Ball,
Gent. An English clergyman ; rector of
Claverton, Somersetshire, one hundred
years ago.*

Kebie, Rev. John, M.A., 1792-1806.
A MeiuJ)er of the Universilg of Oxford.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 472.

Keith, George. K . An English

publisher of Gracechurcli, London ; a son-
in-law of Dr. Gill, and his clerk ; is said
to have composed hymns founded on the
discourses of his fatlier-in-lavv while he
was prcficliing fliere.

Keith-Falfoner, Hon. Ion Grant
Nevill, 1850-87. /. G. N. K.-F. An

English Orientalist; educ. at Harrow and
Cambridge ; M.A., 1881 ; d. at Aden.

Kelley, Hall Jackson, A.M., -1874.
An Afflicted Husband. An American
gentleman ; b. in Gilmanton, N.H. ;
Middlebury Coll., 1813; in 1817 he
engaged in efforts to colonize Oregon,
and in 1834 visited that territory ; A.M.
honorary at Harv. Univ., 1820.

Kellogg, P. C. Hark Comstock.

Kelly, Mary Eva. Eva. Afterwards
Mrs. Kevin O'Dogherty ; an Irish jour-

Kelty, Mrs. Mary Anne. Marij Del-
7nond ; Af. A. K.

See " I. and P.," First Series, j). 472.

Kelynack, »Iary, 1776-1855. An Old
Cornish Woman. An aged woman of
Cornwall ; b. at Tolcarne, Madron ; d.
at Dock-lane, I'enzance.

Kemp, Francois Adriaan van de.
A. 0. F.

Ken,Thomas, D.D., 1637-1 710 or 1711.
T.K. An lOnglish divine; b. in Berkham-
stead, Herts.; educ. at Oxford ; l)ishop of
Bath ;ind Wells, 1684-1710 or 1711.

KeudiiU, David, 1708-1853. David
the Son of Jesse. An American minister;
b. in Atliol, Mass. ; Harv. Coll., 1794 ;
pastor at Hubbardston, Mass., 1802-9;
at Augusta, Oneida Co., N.Y., 1809-53,
and d. there.




Kennard, James, Jr., 1815-47. .7. K.
An American writer; b. and d. in Ports-
mouth, N.H. ; educ. at the scliools of his na-
tive town ; was for a short time a clerk in
a store, but, his health failing, he devoted
much of his leisure to literary pursuits.

Kennedy, Benjamin Hall, D.D. H.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 473.

Kennedy, John Pendleton, LL.D.
Common Sense.

See "I. and P.," Pirst Series, p. 473.

Kennedy, James, B.D. M. N. A
Scottish writer of the day.

Kenrick, Enoch B. Philo-Bereanus.
An American Restorationist.

Kenrick, William, LL.D. Margelina
Scribelindra Macular ia ; The Editor of
those "Epistles."

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 473.

Kent, Adolphus. Abieser. An Eng-
lish writer.

Kent, George. Theodore Bramwald.

Ker, Rev. William T., M.A. A Scots-
man. A Scottish minister, of the Free
Church, Deskford.

Kernan, J. Frank. Florry. An
American writer of the day, in New
York City.

Kettle, Mary Rosa Stuart. Bosa
Mackenzie Kettle.

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 473.

Keys, Adam. A Teacher and Friend
to Youth. An English arithmetician.

Key worth, Thomas, and Jones, Da-
vid. T. K. and D. J. English Hebrew
scholars of sixty years ago.

Kiellman-Goranson, Rev. Julius
Axel, 1811-1869. Nepomuk. A Swed-
ish clergyman, novelist, and poet.

Kilby, Rev. Thomas. An Amateur.
An Englishman ; Queen's Coll., Oxford,
1816; P.C. of St. John's, Wakefield,
Yorks., 1825-60 et seq.

King, Ed^vard. E. K. An Ameri-
can traveller and correspondent of the
Boston "Journal."

King George II. A Famous Balanc-
ing Captain.

King, Rev. John Myers. An English
Vicar. An English clergyman ; Ball.
Coll., Oxford, 1823 ; vicar of Cutcombe,
Dunster, Somerset, 1832-80 et seq.

King, Katharine. M. J. M***. An
English novelist of the day.

King, Richard Ashe, M.A. Basil.
An English clergyman ; Trin. Coll., Dub-
lin, 1862 ; in 1887 resident at Selwood-
Terrace, Onslow-gardens, S.W.

King, Rufus,^LL.D., 1755-1827. An
American Farmer.

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 474.

King, Thomas Starr, 1824-64. T.
S. K. An American clergyman ; pastor
of Hollis Street Church, Boston, 1848-
60 ; and at San Francisco, 1860-64.

King, William, D.D., 1650-1729. His
Grace the Archbishop of Dublin. An emi-
nent Irish divine ; educ. at Trin. Coll.,
Dublin; archbishop, 1702-29.

King, WUliam, LL.D., 1685-1763.
Frederick Scheffer ; A Master of Arts.
See " I. and P.," First Series", p. 474.
King, WUliam Rufus, 1786-1853.
Miss Nancg King. An American states-
man ; b. in North Carolina ; vice-presi-
dent of the United States ; took the oath
of office near Havana, March 4, 1853 ;
d. at his home at Catawba, Ala., April 18,

Kingman, E. Jon. An American
journalist of Baltimore.

Kingston, William. The Inventor
of the Art of Printing in Brij Colours.
An English poet of fifty years ago.

Kinlock, Francis. Her Father. An
American writer of Georgetown, S.C. ;
not a politician.

Kippis, Andrew, and others. A
Societi/ of Gentlemen.

See "i. and P.," First Series, p. 475.
Kirk, Mrs. EUen W. (Olney), 1842-.
Henrg Haijes. An American writer of
the day ; wife of John Foster Kirk, of

Kirkup, Thomas. T. K. A Scot-
tish(?) writer of the day; contributor to
the last edition of the " Encyclopaedia

Kirkus, Rev. William, LL.B. Mrs.
Florence Williamson. An English clergy-
man ; curate of St. Marks, Chatham Hill,

Kist, William. G. H. Johnson.
Kitchiner, William, M.D. A Physi-

Klencke, Friedrich Hermann. Her-
mann V. Maltitz.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 475.
Knapp, li. Le rev. P. Crispe. A Bel-
gian dramatic author early in the nine-
teentli century.

Knapp, Samuel Lorenzo, LL.D. S.
L. K. ; Theodore Tem/ile.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 475.
Knatchbnll-Hugesson, Edward
Hugcsson, Baron Brabourne, 1829-.
A Tory. An English peer; educ. at
Eton and Oxford ; assumed the name of
Hugesson by royal license in 1849; M.P.
for Sandwich, Kent, 1857-80; raised to
the peerage, 1880 ; lord of the treasury,
1859-66; under-secretary of state for
Home Department, 1866 and 1868-71,




and under-secretary for the colonies,

Knight, Charles. The English Ed-
itor ; C. K.

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 475.

Knight, Robert. A Calvinist. An
Englisli clergyman ; rector of Newton
Nottage, Glamorganshire.

Knighton, WUIiam, LL.D. A Mem-
ber of the Household of his late Majesti/,
Nussir-u-deen, King of Oude. An English
colonial writer, for many years a planter
in Ceylon.

Knipe, Delia, -1879. Cousin Daisy.

Knorring, Oscar von. 0. von K. A
Swedish author.

Konig, ETvald August, 1833-. Ernst
Kaiser. A German novelist of the day ;
b. at Barmen ; devoted himself to litera-

Korsbloinman, Mrs. Tjina Berg
(Sandell). L. S. A Swedish writer.

Kostlin, Christian Reinhold, 1813-.
C. Reinhold. A German novelist and
dramatist ; b. at Tiibingen ; studied

there, at Heidelberg, and at Berlin ; pro-
fessor of law at Tiibingen, 1840-56.

Kouns, Nathan Chapman. Nathan
Ben Nathan ; Arius the Libyqn ; A
German - American lawyer residing in

Krsemer, Liotten von. L. v. K. A
Swedish novelist.

Krinitz, Mme. de. Camille Sel-

den. A French writer of the day.

Kruse, Mathilda. Stella Kleve. A
Swedish novelist.

Kiihne, August, 1829-83. Johannes
van Dervall. A German novelist ; h. at
Herford ; served in the army, 1848-75 ;_
afterwards lived in his native state, and
d. at Wiesbaden.

Kyrle, John, 1664-1754. The Man of
Ross. An English gentleman who re-
sided in the parish of Ross, county of
Hereford, who was distinguished for his
benevolence and public spirit.

" Richer than miaer o'er his countless hoards,
Nobler than kings, or liing polluted lords,
Here dwelt the Man of Ross." — Coleridge.

Liabadie, Lavrrence. Un Am^ricain.
An American traveller and writer.

La Beaunielle, Laurent Angliviel

de, 1727-73. Krinebol le voyageur. A
French writer ; b. at Valleraugue (Gard) ;
educ. at the Catholic coll. at Alais ; he
then went to Geneva ; passed Iiis life,
however, chiefly at I'aris, engaged in
literary work, and d. there.

Laboulaye, Kdouard Lefebvre. X.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 47(i.

La Brunie, Georges, and Gautier,
Pierre Jules Theophile. G . . . Ci . . .
French journalists of the day.

Lacy, B. W. Bchicee.

La Fay<;tte, Marie Jean Paul Roch
Yves Gilbert Motier, 1757-1834. (Jran-
dison (Jroniirclt. An illustrious French
statesman; b. at Cliavagnac; served in
the American Revolution, 1777-81; re-
visited tliis country in 1824.

Laing. David, LL.D. D. L.

See " L and P.," First Scries, p. 477.

Lauib, Charles. A Water-drinker ;

See " L and P.," First Series, p. 477.

Lamb, Mrs. 3Iartha Joanna Reade
fNash), 1829-. Crisp. An American
journalist; b. at Plainfield, Mass.; resi-

dent in New York City in 1887 ; editor of
" The Magazine of American History."

Lambert, Arthur Join. G. Morel.

Lanison, Alvan, D.D.', 1792-1864.
L. ; A. L. An American clergyman; b.
in Weston, Mass. ; Harv. Univ., 1814 ;
Divinity School, 1817; for many years
pastor at Dedham, Mass., and d. there.

Lancaster, Rev. Thomas. A Clergy-
man. An Englisli clergyman of one hun-
dred years ago.

Lane, Sarah, ^fary A'ingsfon. An
American writer of the day.

Lang, Andrew, LL.D., 1844-. A.
Hugo Longicay. A Scottisii author; b.
at Selkirk; educ. at Edinburgh, St. An-
drews, and Oxford; is one of tlie most
versatile writers of the day, and is
specially known both by his light and
humorous articles and his learned

Lang, Heinrich. Eines Schlacht-
enhniiiiiilf'rs. A (ierman artist of Munich.

Lange, Martin Hugo. Martin.

Langhorne, Mrs. . A Lady lately

Deceased. An English lady of the eigh-
teenth century.

Langley, Rev. Daniel Baxter,
D.C.L. An Anxiofis Enquirer after Truth.
An English clergyman ; St. John's Coll.,




Cambridge, 1828; rector of Yardley-
Hastiiigs w. Denton R., 1856-80 et seq.

Jjaiigrishe, Sir Hercules. H s

L she, Esq. An Irisli politician

of Dublin ("?) one liundred years ago.

Lapham, William Berry, 1828-.
W- B. L. An American physician and
writer of the day ; b. in Greenwood,
Me. ; educ. at Colby Univ. ; served in the
civil war; practised at Portland, Me.(?).

Lardner, Dionysius, LL.D., 1793-
185U. A Besident of Paris. An Irish
scientific writer and editor ; b. in Dublin ;
€duc. at Trinity Coll. ; he lectured in the
principal cities of the United States, 1840-
45, and in 1845 became a resident of Paris.

Lascelles, Mrs. Anne (Catley). Miss
C*tl*i/. An English lady of one hundred
years ago; became the wife of Gen.
Francis Lascelles.

Ijaszouslci, Mrs. v. E. D. Gerard. An
American writer of the day.

Liatey, John Ijash. Codlin.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 478.

liathom, Frances. Miss Sophie L.
Francis. An, English writer of novels
and plays ; b. in Norwich.

Lathrop, Mrs. Mary Torrans. Lena.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 478.

Liatonche, James Digges. A Late
Eminent Citizen of I)ublin ; Hibernicus.
An Irish politician of the eighteenth

Latrobe, Charles Joseph. The Ram-

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 479.

Lauder, Sir Thomas Dick, 7th Bart.,
1784-1848. Charles Montague Montgomery .
A Scottish novelist ; son of Sir Andrew
Lauder, 6th Bart., of Fountainhall, Had-
dingtonshire ; succeeded his father in
1830 ; was esteemed a successful imitator
of Scott in the walks of Scottish fiction.

Lauder, William, -1771. W. L. A
Scottish writer ; educ. at Edinburgh ;
who endeavored to prove that Milton
was a plagiarist ; d. in Barbadoes.

Laughtoii, Thomas R. Ik. Wallis.

Lauren, L. L. X. L. L. A Swedish
writer of the day.

Laurence, Richard, LL.D., 1760-
1839. B. G. An English clergyman;
b. at Bath ; educ. at Oxford ; archbishop
of Cashel, 1822-39.

Laurie, Simon Somerville. Scotns
Novanticus. A Scottish scholar; pro-
fessor in the University of Edini)urgh.

Lavater, Johann Caspar, 1741-
1801. Jonathan Anaiiel. A Swiss Prot-
estant writer ; b. at Zurich, and became
pastor there ; at the capture of tliat city
by Massena, he was shot by a soldier in

the street, of which wound he died, after
suffering from it for more than a year.

Law, John, 1671-1729. Paper King.
A famous Scottish projector and finan-
cier ; b. at Edinburgh, and inlierited an
estate near Lauriston ; went to London
and the Continent; d. poor at Venice.

Law, William, A.M., 1686-1761. A
Late Eminent Divine. An English non-
juror ; b. at Kingscliffe, Northants ; educ.
at Cambridge ; of his " Serious Call," Dr.
Johnson said that it " contained the finest
hortatory theology in any language."

Lawrence, Miss Elizabeth, 1803-26.

Miss Elizabeth L ce. An English

lady ; d. in Falmouth.

Law^rence, James Henry, 1774-1841.
A Detenu. An English poet and dramatist ;
educ. at Eton and in Germany ; a knight of
Malta, known as the Chevalier de Law-
rence ; he was b. at Jamaica, and d. at

Lawrence, John, 1756-about 1836.
A Farmer and Breeder.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 479.

Law^rence, John Laird Mair, 1810-.
The Saviour of the Punjaub. An English
administrator of great ability; entered the
East India civil service about 1830; and
became chief commissioner of the Pun-
jaub, soon after the conquest of that coun-
try ; suppressed the meeting there in 1857,
and became governor-general in 1863.

Lavv'rence, Rev. Roger. R. L.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 479.

Lawrence, Miss SarahC?). A. B. C.
An English dramatist.

La-wson, J. W. ./. W. L. An Amer-
ican writer of the day.

Lawson, Rev. John. A Village Pastor.
An English poet early in the century.

Laycock, Thomas, 1812-76. L. An
English physician; b.atWitherby,Yorks.;
educ. at the Univ. Coll., London, and the
Univ. of Gottingen ; professor in the
Univ. of Edinburgh, 1855 ; physician to
the queen in Scotland, 1869.

Layton, Henry. A Lover of Truth.
An English clergyman early in the eigh-
teenth century.

Lazo, Alonzo Carillo. The Chap-
lain. An English clergyman ; chaplain
of the " Conde " of St. Malo, in the mid-
dle of the eighteenth century.

Leach, Harvey. Hervis Nano.

Leahy, David. A Barrister. An
Irish (?) lawyer.

Leake, John. A Gentleman of Ox-
ford. An English scholar early in the
eighteenth century.

Leake, Col. William 3Iartin. An
Old Brother Officer. An English sol-



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