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See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 491.

Maclaurin, CoUn, 1698-1746. C

M. A Scottish mathematician and
philosopher; b. at Kilmoden, near In-
verary ; educ. at the Univ. of Glasgow,
1709-14; in 1719 went to London; pro-
fessor at Aberdeen, 1717-25; at Edin-
burgh, 1725-46; where(?) he died.

Maclaurin, John, M.A., 1693-1754.
X. Y., Tallow Chandler. A Scottish
clergyman ; b. in Argyleshire ; brother
of Colin the mathematician-; M'as one of
the ministers of Glasgow.

Maclean, Sir John,Knt.,F.S.A.,1811-.
A Churchman; M. An English writer;
b. at Trehudreth, Cornwall ; entered the
ordnance department, 1837 ; deputy chief
auditor of the army, 1865-71 ; in 1880
resident at Bicknor Court, Coleford,

McLiellan, Isaac, 1806-. /. M. An
American poet and journalist; b. in
Portland, Me. ; Bowdoin Coll , 1820 ; has
been editor and assistant-editor of several
journals ; of late years has resided' at
Greenport, R.I.

Maclennan, J. C. Iconoclast. A
Scottish writer on art.




Maclicod, Mevrouwr Sophia. Me-

vronw Sophia. A Scottish (?) writer of
the day.

Macleod, Norman, D.D., 1812-72.
The Editor of " Good Words." A Scot-
tish clergyman ; b. at Campbelltown,
Argylesliire ; educ. at Glasgow and P^din-
burgh ; minister to the Barony Church
at Glasgow, 1851-72, where (?) he died.

Macleod, William. The Curator. An
American artist; curator of the Corcoran
Gallery, at Washington.

Macmahon, Joseph Parkyns. The
English Limner. An English artist of
one hundred years ago.

McMullen, Thomas. A Lay Member
of the Protestant Episcopal Church. An
American religious editor.

M'Naughton, James. J. M'N.

See '' I. and P.," First Series, p. 491.

Macnish, Dr. Robert, M.D., LL.D.
A Modern Pi/thagorean.

See "I and P.," First Series, p 491.

McPherson, John, and Schacht,
F. W. Clansmen J. M. P. and F. W. *S'.
Scottish writers of the day.

Macready, William. W. M., the
Younger. An English boy ; son of Wil-
liam Charles Macready; d. at Ceylon a
few years ago.' — See "Browning BiVj-
liog.," Xote, p. 45.

McSparran, James, D.D., -1757.- A
Reverend Divine of the Church of England,
^c. An Irish clergyman ; educ. at the
Univ. of Glasgow; in 1720 was sent to
this country as a missionary to the Narra-
gansett parish ; d. in Soutli Kingstown,
R.I., having been minister of St. Paul's,
in Karragansett, thirty-seven years.

Madan, Martin, 1726-90, Mr. M—n ;
A Sincere Well-wisher to the Public ; Anti-
Profanus. An English clergyman ; b.
near Hertford ; chaplain to the Lock
Hospital, London.

Madden, Rev. Sir Frederick, F.R.S.
F. M.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 492.

Madden, J. P. A. Un Bibliographe .
An English(?) bibliogra))her of the day.

Madden, Richard Robert, about
1799-1880. Iler Phf/sician. An Irish
physician ; an author and traveller ; b.
in Dublin ; visited the United States in
1835 and 183G-39; filled the office of
superintendent of liberated Africans,
and commissioner in the Mixed Court of
Justice at Havana; d. at Bosterdown,
near Dublin.

Mafflt, John Newland, 1794-1850.
,/. N. M. A Methodist preaclier; b. in
Dublin, Ireland ;. long poj)ular in the
United States ; d. at Mobile, Ala.

Magee, Dr. William, Archbishop of
Dublin, and Dr. Elrington, Bishop of

Ferns. Dr. M , ^1 of D , and

Dr. E , B of F . Two emi-
nent Irish clergymen.

Magill, R., A.M. ^4 Student. A Scot-
tish poet of Glasgow Coll.

3Iaginn, William. The Dromedary ;
Euhulus ; John Howleij, Esq.; Mordecai
Mullion ; Mummius : Christopher North ;
Bryan 0' Toole, Esq., of Gray's Inn ; Palce-
mon ; Pandemiis Polyglott, LL.D. ; Phil-
ips Potts, Esq. ; R. D. R. ; Jasper Sussex ;
T. C. ; Titus ; Susanna Trollope ; Bom-
bar dinio.

vSee " I. and P.," First Series, p. 492.

Mahon, James Patrick O'Gorman.
Ogermari Mahon . — See "Eraser's Maga-
zine." Vol. I., p. 752.

Mahony, Francis Sylvester. Pierce

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 492.

3Iaillet-Duclairon, Antoine, 1721-
1809. Ln Ame'ricain. A French writer ;
b. at Hurigny, near Macon ; he was com-
missary of the marine and commerce of
France and Holland till 1777, then was
royal censor; d. in Paris.

Main, or Mayne, John(?). A Gentle-
man of Stirling. A Scottish poet from
Bo'ness, who in Stirling assumed the
name of Paget ; d. abroad.

Mainteuon, Mme. Frangoise (d'Au-
bigne), 1035-1719. Scaronia. A French
lady ; b. in the prison of Niost ; married
in 1652 Scarron, the burlesque poet ; was
secretly married to Louis XIV. in 1685.

Mair, E. H. E. II. M. A Scottish
vvrif^r of the day.

Mairobert, Mathieu - Frangois de
Pidansart, et autres, 1707-79. Milord
AWEye et Mdord All'Ear. A French
litterateur; b. in Champagne ; d. in Paris.

Maitland, Edward. E. M.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 492.

3Iajor, Henry. Augustin Bede. An
American religious writer.

3Ialan, C One of his Sons. An Eng-
lish writer; son of Cesar Malan, pastor
at Geneva.

Malcolm, Rev. David. C. A Scot-
tish antiquary; minister of Duddington.

Malcolm, Sir John, G.C.B. A Trav-
eller in the East.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 493.

Malleson, Lieut.-Col. George Bruce.
One who has served under Sir Charles Na-
pier. An English soldier; entered the
army in 1842; lieutenant-colonel, 1868;
brevet-colonel, 1873; Bengal Staff Corps.

Maltby, Edward, D.D., 1770-1859.
Ilellenophiius. An English divine ; b. at




Norwich; Pembroke Coll.. Oxford; bishop
of Chichester, 1831 ; transferred to Dur-
ham, 1836 ; d. in London.

Manach, or Maynard, The Abbe'.
A French Missionary. A French wTiter
of the eighteenth century.

Mancinelli, Filippo. An Italian Gen-
tleman. An Italian teacher at Philadelphia.

MaagLa, Kev. Edward, A.M. A
Friend ; E. M .

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 493.

Manley, Mrs. N. De La Kiviere.
Eginhardus : RiveJla : ./. B.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 493.

Manu, Alexander. Adolf Werden.

Mann, Mrs. D. H. Bosalie Graij. An
American writer of the day for children.

Manne, Edmond de. A. D. S. ; D.
S. Armnnd ; E. de M., eleve au college
royal d' Henri IV.

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 493.

Manning, Miss Anne, 1812-. Nicho-
las Moldicarp, B.A. An English novelist
of the day.

Manning, Most Rev. Henry Edward,
D.D. Catholirus ; H. E. M.

See " I. and P.," First Sei'ies, p. 493.

Mansel, Henry Longueville, D.D.,
1820-71. The Lecturer. An English
clergyman ; b. at Cosgrove, Northants ;
educ. at Merchant Taylors' School and
at St. John's Coll., Oxford ; dean of St.
Paul's, 1868-71.

Mant, Miss Alicia Catherine. A
Young Lady. An English novelist ;
daughter of Richard Mant, D.D. ; rector
of All Saints, Southampton, and sister
of Rev. Richard Mant, A.M., vicar of
Great Coggeshall, in Essex.

Mant, Richard, D.D., 1776-1848. A
Curate ; One ivho is also an Elder.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 494.

Manypenny, George W. The Com-
missioner of Indian Affairs. An Ameri-
can writer ; b. in Pennsylvania ; com-
missioner, 1853-57.

Marcovitch, M. A. Marc Vovchok. A
Russian (?) writer of the day.

aiaretzek. Max. An Opera. Alanager.

3Iarriott, George Wharton, Esq.,
B.C.L. A Barrister of the Temple.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 494.

Marriott, Sir James, Knt., LL.D.,
1731-1803. A Candid Man.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 494.

Marsden, Rev. John HoTt^ard, B.D.
A Member of the Senate.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 494.

Marsh, George Perkins, LL.D.,
1801-82. P. An American jjiulologist
and diplomatist; b. at Woodstock, Ver-
mont; Dart. Coll., 1820; settled as a

lawyer at Burlington, Vt. ; M.C., 1843-
49 ; minister to Italy from 1861.

3Iarsh, The Rt. Rev. Herbert, D.D.,
1757-1839. The Translator of Michaelis.
An English clergjnnan ; b. in London;
St. John's Coll., Cambridge, 1780 ; bishop
of Llandaff, 1816 ; of Peterborough, 1819-
39; d. at the palace, Peterborough.

Marsh, Leonard, M.D., 1800-71. One
of them. An American phj'sician ; b. at
Hartford, Vt. ; Dartmouth Coll., 1827 ;
M.D., 1832 ; then began to practise his
profession at Burlington, Vt. ; professor
in the Univ. of Vermont.

Marsh, Nathaniel Tilson. ^1. M.
Oxoniensis. An English controversial

Blarsh, Rev. William, D.D. A Cler-
gyman. An English clergyman ; incum-
bent of St. Mary Leamington, 1843.

Marshall, Nathaniel, D.D., -1729. A
Presbyter of the Church of England. An Eng-
lish clergyman; canon of Windsor; educ.
atCambridge; rector at London from 1717.

Marshall, Rev. Thomas William.
Herr Frolich.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 495.

Marston, Edward. E. M. ; An Ama-
teur Angler. An English publisher and
bookseller, of the London firm of Samp-
son Low, Marston & Co.

Marston, James Edward. Peregri-
nus Pedestris. An English writei'.

Martel-Mirabeau, La Comtesse de.
Gyp. A French writer of the day.

aiartin, Mrs. Helen Faucit, 1817-.
Helen Faucit ; One u:ho has impersonated
them. An English lady ; b. in London ;
was an actress ; in 1851 married Mr.
Theodore Martin, but still appeared on
the stage till 1876.

Martin, Henri Marie, and Fisquet,
Honore. Darcy. French writers of the

Martin, Henry. The Author of " Helen
of Glenross." An English critic of early
in the nineteenth century.

Martin, Rev. John, 1741-. Eidndus.
An Englisli minister; b. at Spalding,
Lincolnshire ; pastor of a Baptist con-
gregation in London.

Martin, Rev. Samuel, 1801-77. S.
31., Flushing. An English hymn-writer;
b. at Nantwich ; d. at Trowbridge.

Martin, Miss Selina. S. 31.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 495.

3Iartin, Sir Theodore. T. M.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 495.

Martin, William. Peter Parley.

See " I. and P.," First Scries, p. 495.

Martineau, Harriet. H. M.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 495.




Martyn, Rer. Henry, B.D., 1781-
1811. Francis Crwijnne. An English
missionan^ ; b. at Truro ; educ. at Cam-
bridge ; chaplain to the East India Com-
pany, 1805 ; d. at Tocat, Persia.

Martyn, John, M.D., 1699-1768. B.

See " 1. and P.," First Series, p. 495.

Mason, Mrs. Caroline A. B. Caro-
line A. Briggs.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 496.

Mason, Charles. C. M. An Amer-
ican lawyer; Harv. Coll., 1834; has for
many years practised his profession at
Fitchburg, Mass.

Mason, Et. Hon. John Monok, 1727-
1809. A Gentleman of Ireland. An Irish
Shakespearian writer; a privy counsellor
in Ireland, and commissioner of that

Mason, William, D.D., 1725-97. Mal-
colm Macgregor.

See "I. .and P.," First Series, p. 496.

Mason, Pev. William. A Christian
Minister. An English clergyman.

Massey, Mrs. Lucy (Fletcher) . The
Same Compiler. An English hymn-writer
of the day.

Masson, Edward. A Scottish Philhel-
len. A Scottish jurist; one of the judges
in the Supreme Court of Areopagus, and
formerly attorney-general for the Morea.

Mather, Cotton, D.D. C. M. ; N. R.; A
Gentleman latelg Restored from threatening
Sickness ; One infimatehj acquainted ivitli
him; A Native of Boston ; An American ;
An English Minister; A Christian in a
Cold Season, sitting before it ; One that was
once a scholar to him ; One of the Hearers;
A Lover of his Coiintn/; Her Father; A
Fellow of the Roijal Sorietg ; One of the
Ministers in Boston ; One of the Ministers
in the North-part of Boston ; One icho, as a
Son with a Father, served with him in the
Gospel; One that has had Experience of
them; A Clrristian.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 496.

Mather, Increase, D.I)., 1639-1723.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 496.

Mather, Samuel, D.l)., 1706-85. One
of the Readers.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 496.

Matheson, Mrs. J. J. (E^ving). His
Daughter. An English writer ; daughter
of Greville P^wuig.

Mathias, Thomas James. Kien
Long, Empieror of China ; The Translator.

See "I. and P.," First Scries, p. 496-97.

Mathic.son, James E. An Elder.
An English religious writer of the day.

Matson, Sarah Anne. B. B. An
English religious writer and compiler.

Matthews, . Anthropos. An

Englisli writer of fifty years ago.
Matthews, Rev. Isaac Constantine.

A Pastor. An English clergyman ; Trin.
Coll., Dublin, 1852; senior curate of

Maude, Thomas. Traveller Maude.
An English author of continental

Maule, Thomas. Theodorus Philale-
ihes; Philalethes or Lover of Truth, T. M.
An American writer ; a shop-keeper of
Salem, Mass. ; was called before the
council, in 1695, for pixblishing a pam-
phlet of two hundred and sixtj' pages. —
See " Essex Institute," Vol. III., p. 238.

Maunsell, Miss . A Young Lady.

An English lady of early in the nineteenth

Mauran, Edward C. Tlie Adjutant-
General of Rhode Island.

Maurice, Rev. John Frederick Dcni-
son, B.A. A Clergyman ; Nobody {the
Writer^ ; Rusticus.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 497.

Mavor, Rev. William, LL.D., 1758-
1837. A Father.

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 497.

Maw, Mrs. Ijucy. L.M.; His Widow.

An English writer :
Maw, of York.

Maxwell, Mrs.
(Braddon), 1837-.

widow of Thomas

Mary Elizabeth

M. E. B.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 497.

3Iaxwell, Mrs. Mary H. Cousin
Mary. An American writer for the

May, Samuel, Jr. M. An American
clergyman ; Harv. Coll., 1829 ; Divinity
School, 1833; for many years resident at
Leicester, Mass.

MayhcAv, Henry and Augustus. One
ivho has been. " almost worried to death " ;
A Lady. Augustus, 1826-75; d. rather
suddenly on Christmas night, at the
Richmond Infirmary, where he had teen
taken for an operation. — Henry, 1812-
87 ; b. and d. in London.

Maynard, George W. The Eagle.
An American artist ; b. in Washington,
D.C. ; was a pupil of Edwin White in
Florence; studying also in Rome and at
Antwcrj) ; in 1878 he had a studio in

Mayo, Henry, M.D. Candidus.

See "J. and P.," First Series, p. 498.

Mazzei, Filippo, 1730-1816. (7n
Citoyen de ]'irginie. An Italian historian ;
b. in Tuscany ; was a merchant in Lon-
don, but removed to Virginia; was sent
by that State on a secret mission to Eu-
rope, from which he returned in 1785 ;




afterwards lived in Poland, in the ser-
vice of the king; d. at Tisa.

Mead, Edwin Doak, 1849-. An Inde-
pendent. An American writer ; b. in Ches-
terfield, N.H. ; in 1887 resident in Boston.

Meade, William, D.D., 1789-1862.
The Bishop of Virginia ; The Assistant
Bishop of Virginia. An American clergy-
man ; b. in Clarke Co., Va.; assistant-
bishop and bishop of Virginia, 1829-62 ;
d. at Richmond, Va.

Means, David BlacGregor, 1847-.
McGee. An American lawyer; b. in
Groton, Mass.; Yale Coll., 1868; in 1886
resident in New York City.

Medcalf, William. A Member of the
Manchester Corporation. An English
writer of Manchester.

Meddlliammer, Joliann Baptist.
Albini. A German dramatist.

Medhurst, Walter Henry, D.D.,
1796-1857. Philosinensis. An English
clergyman ; b. in London ; spent nearly
forty years in tlie East as a Christian

Meen, Rev. Henry. E. ; R.

See "I. and 1*.," First ISeries, p. 498.

Megee, John Ij. " Nemo," of Louisi-
An American poet.

Meggison, Holkar.


A Barrister of
Ensrlish writer

B. 31. A Swed-

the Middle Temple
of London.

Meijer, Bernhard

ish author.

Mellen, Grenville. G. M.

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 499.

Melmoth, William, 1710-99. A Late
Eminent Advocate. An English writer ;
son of William Melmoth (1666-1743), of
Lincoln's Lin ; commissioner of bank-
rupts, 1756, but passed his life chiefly in

Melville, Herman, 1819-. The Au-
thor of " Typee." An American writer; b.
in New York City; in 1842 he deserted
from a whaling ship, at one of the Mar-
quesas islands, and was for four months
a prisoner ; escaping, he arrived in Bos-
ton in 1844; in 1859 removed to Pitts-
field, Mass. ; in 1860 again sailed on a
wlialing voyage.

Menamin, R. S. R. 8. M. An Eng-
lish printer.

Mendliam, Rev. Joseph. Catholicus
protest cms ; Eniancipatns ; A Plain Man.

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 499.

Menetrier, Charles, 1804-. Richard
Listener. A Frencli author ; commenced
writing in several journals dramatic /e?;-
illetons ; has since 1852 been attached to
tlie " Revue et Gazette des The'atres " as
literary critic.

Mengel, Paul Fritz, 1810-. Go-
ran ; Irar Bid. A Swedish autlior and

3Iengersen auf Rheder, Joseph
Bruno graf von. J. Bruno. A Ger-
man novelist.

Mercer, Maj. James, 1734 - 1804.
Peter the Plowman. A Scottish poet and
scholar ; b. in Aberdeenshire.

Mercier, Henry James, and Gallop,
William. A Fore-top-man. American

Meredith, Stanley. Sabina.

MercTveather, Rev. John Davies.
A Working Clergyman. An English di-
vine ; at one time government chaplain in
New South Wales; in 1880 chaplain at

Merimee, Prosper, 1803-70. Un des
Quarante ; Hyacinthe Maglanowich ; Joseph

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 499.

Merivale, John Herman, Esq., 1779-
1844. Un Membre du Parlement.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 499.

Merrick, John Mudge, A.M. M.;
J. 31. M. An American clergyman ;
Hon. A.M. at Bowdoin Coll., 1837; pas-
tor at Walpole, Mass., 1840-58.

Merritt, Henry. A Connoisseur. An
English writer of the day.

Merz, Karl. K. Z. A musician of
New York Cit3^

Messenhauser, Ctisar Wenzel, 1813-
Wenzeslaus March. A German novelist ;
b. at Prossnitz ; served for some years in
the Austrian army; published plays,
novels, etc., at Vienna, 1847-50.

Meston, William, about 1688-1745.
Quidani ; Jodocus Grimmus, etc. An in-
genious Scottish burlesque poet; b. in
the parish of Midmar, in Aberdeenshire ;
educ. at Aberdeen ; passed rather a
wandering and unsuccessful life ; passed
the last of his life at Aberdeen, and d.

Metcalf, John. Blind Jack, of Knares-

Meyer, Bertha Antoinette Henri-
ette. Bertha v. Werder. A German

Meyer, Sophie Frederike Eliza-
beth. Sophie May.

Meyzieu, J. B. Paris de. A Gentle-
man in Prance ; P****.

Miall, Edv^^ard, 1809-. An Editor off
the Line. An English Non-Conformist ;
b. at Portsmoutli ; at one time an Inde-
pendent minister at Ware and Leicester ;
M.P. for Rochdale, 1852; editor and
proprietor of the Non-Conformist news-




Michell, Thomas, 1836-. T. M., St.
Petersburg. An English gentleman; b.
at St. Petersburg ; English consul at St.
Petersburg, and 2d secretary to the Le-

Michiels, Alfred Joseph Xavier,
1813-. Jules Perrier. A Erench writer ;
b. at Rome ; went to France in 1817, and
studied at the college of Saint Louis ; in
IBS-l he studied law at Strasburg ; then
settled in Paris and devoted himself to

Mickle, AVilliam Julius, 1734-88.
William More. An ingenious Scottish
poet ; b. at Langholm, in the county of
Dumfries ; educ. at the high school in
Edinburgh ; passed much of his life in
Oxford, engaged in literary work ; d. at

Middleton, Conyers, D.D. A Mevi-
ber of the Universiti/ of Cambridge.

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 500.

Miles, Heury Adolphus, D.D. i7.
A. M. An American clergyman ; Brown
Univ., 1829 ; Harv. Divinity School, 1832 ;
was for some years pastor at Lowell, Mass.,
then at Hingham, Mass., where in 1887 he

Miles, Prof. James Wa^le5^ about
1819-, ,/. W. M.; M. An American
scholar ; b. at Charleston, S.C. ; educ. at
South Carolina Coll. ; was for a time
missionary to the East ; the assistant-
rector at St. Michael's, Charleston ; still
later professor of Greek and history in
the Charleston Coll., afterwards librarian ;
in 1874 still at Charleston.

Miles, Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth (Ap-
pleton), 1807-. A. An American poet ;
b. in Boston ; in 1833 married Solomon P.
Miles ; in 1875 resided at Brattleboro, Vt.

Mill, John Stuart. A.

See " 1. and V.," First Series, p. 500.

3Iillaud, A. P. D. A. Labrnye're. A
French writer.

Millenkovics, Stephan v. Stephan
V. Miloir. A German writer.

Miller, Lady Anna (Riggs), 1740-81.
An English Wonuni. An Irish (?) writer;
daughter of Edward Riggs, Esq.; in 17G5
married Capt. John Miller, of Bellecasey,
county Clare, Ireland.

See "N. and Q.," September, 1865, p.

Miller, Charles H. Carl de Muldro.

Miller, Mrs. Harriet (Mann), 1831-.
Olive Thome. An American author; b.
at Auburn, N.Y. ; resident in Brooklyn,

Miller, J. Aunt Carrie.

Miller, James, 1703-44. An English-
man ; Harlequin-Horace. An English

dramatist and political writer; b. in
Dorsetshire ; educ. at Wadham Coll.,
Oxford ; took holy orders, and was
appointed lecturer at Trinity Chapel,
Conduit Street, London; he was after-
wards presented to the living of Up-
cerne, Dorsetshire ; d. in Cheyne Walk,

Miller, Joseph, 1684-1738. Father
of Jests. An English comic actor who
was particularly dull, it becoming a
standing joke to father all the smart
sayings upon him.

aiiller, Olive Thorne. Gwynfryn.
An English (?) writer of the day.

Miller, Thomas, 1809-. The. Basket-
Maker Poet. An English poet ; b. at
Gainsborough, Lincolnshire ; was self-
educated, and a basket-maker ; wrote
poems and novels.

Miller, William. Lord Albemarle.
An English publisher ; predecessor of
John Murray, Albemarle Street, Lon-

3Iillet, Francis D., 1846-. The Bul-
garian. An American artist ; b. in Mat-
tapoisett, Mass.; studied at Antwerp,
and has "practised his art in this coun-
try and in Europe.

MUlington, Philip. Cinto.

amis. Rev. Alfred Wilson, M.A.,

1832-. A. W. M. An English clergy-

I man; b. at Harrow-on-the-liiil ; Lincoln

i Coll., Oxford, 1857 ; vicar of St. Erth,

Hayle, Cornwall, 1864-80 et seq.
i MUls, Charles K. C. M. K. An
j American writer of the day.

Milner, . Merlin.

Milton, Rev. Willians. W. M. An
English clergyman ; Worcester Coll., Ox-
ford, 1839 ; vicar of St. Mark, Broom-
hall, Sheffield, 1867-80 et seq.

Mines, Rev. Flavel S. One of the
Three Hundred. An American clergy-
man ; first of the Presbyterian, after-
wards of the Protestant Episcopal

Minot, . Tonini.

Minot, Mrs. Ij. L. M. An .American

Mitchel, Ormsby MacKnight, 1810-
62. The JJireclor. An eminent American
astronomer; b. in Union Co., Ky.; griulu-
ated at West Point in 1829; professor at
Cincinnati Coll., O., 1834-59; director of
the Dudley Observatory, at Albany, N.Y.,
1859-61 ; brigadier-general in the Union
army, 1861-62; d. at Beaufort, S.C.

Mitchell, Donald Grant. Gains.

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 501.

Mitchell, Mrs. Klizabeth Harcourt,
E. H. R. An English poet and novelist.




Mitchell, L. A Forty Years' Cultivator
of the Earth, etc.; Hi/patia, Amanuensis
for the Spinsters. An English writei".

Mitchell, Liangdon El^vyn. John
Philip Varley. An American poet; son
of Dr. S. Weir Mitchell.

Mitchell, Miss Maria, 1818-. M. M.
An American astronomer ; b. at Nan-
tucket; professor at Vassar Coll., 1865-

Mitchell, Robert. D. H. Bonnaire.

Mitchell, Robert Creighton. Bobert

Mitchell, WiUiam, -1869. W. M.
An American gentleman of Nantucket,
Mass.; Hon. A.M. at Brown and Har-
vard Univs.

Moffet, William. ,/. A'. An Irish poet
of the middle of the eighteenth century.

Moile, N. T. Henrij Bliss. An Eng-
lish poet of fifty years ago.

Moir, David aiacbeth, M.D. A; Delta.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 502.

Moncrieff, Rev. Alexander, 1695-
1761. A Minister of the Church of Scot-
land. A Scottish clergyman of the
eighteentii century; minister of Aber-

Moncrieff, W. Thomas, -1857.
Thomas Shuffleton. An English poet
of London ; was blind in his old age,
and resided among the Poor Brethren
of the Charter-house.

Monk, James Henry, D.D., 1784-
1856. J. H. M.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 502.

Monro, Rev, Thomas, M.A. Hip-

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 502.

Montagu, Basil, Esq. A Lover of
Order ; A Chancery Barrister.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 502.

Montagu, Charles, Earl of Halifax,
1661-1715. Bays, the Noble Celsus. An
English statesman ; b. at Horton ; first
lord of the treasury, 1697-1715.

Montagu, Mrs. Elizabeth (Robin-
son). A Lady of the last Century.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 502.

Montagu, Matthew, Esq. M. M.
An English poet ; nephew and executor
to Mrs. Elizabeth Montagu.

Montague, Lady Mary Wortley,
about 1690-1762. Sappho ; Artemisia ;
Bt. Hon. L. M. W. M.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 502.

Montgomery, Florence. F. C. An
English novelist of the di\y.

Montgomery, George Edgar, 1856-.
Clague ; Vixen. An American journal-
ist; b. in New York City; in 1886 resi-
dent there.

Montgomery, James. A Poet.

See " 1. and P.," First Series, p. 508.

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