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Monti, Liuigi. The Young Sicilian.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 503.

Moon, Mrs. Eleanor, 1808-80. E. M.
An English religious writer ; b. at Ply-
mouth ; d. at Liskeard.

Moor, Maj. Edward. A. B., C. D.,
E. F. An English Orientalist ; an offi-
cer in the Bombay establishment.

Moore, Benjamin Theophilus, M.A.
Alciphron. An English mathematician ;
Pembroke Coll., Cambridge, 1856.

Moore, George W. Wide Awake.
An English humorist of the day.

Moore, James J. The Editor of the
"Historical Handbook to Oxford," Sfc.
An English writer of the day.

Moore, Sir John Henry, -1780.

. An English poet aiid baronet; as

he died unmarried, the baronetage became

Moore, Rev. AVilliam, 1782-1848.
W. M., of Mevagissey. An English In-
dependent minister ; b. at Bristol ; min-
ister of Bethesda Chapel, Truro, 1814-
48, and d. in that town.

Moorhead, Scipio. <S. M. An Afri-
can servant of the Rev. John Moorhead,
of Boston, 1730-73.

Morel, Henri. Eusebe Martin. A
French writer of the day.

Morell, Thomas, D.D., 1703-84. T.
M. ; Morellus. An English scholar and
divine ; fellow of King's Coll., Cam-
bridge ; b. at Eton, in Buckinghamshire ;
rector of Buckland, Herts.

Morellet, Andre, 1727-1819. Benja-
min Franklin. A French author and
philosopher; b. at Lyons; educ. at
Lyons and Paris ; d. in Paris.

Morford, Henry. An Editor.

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 504.

Morgan, Mrs. Ann Jane. Ann Jane.

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 504.

Morgan, Gen. Daniel, 1737-1802. The
Hero of Coivpens. An American soldier;
b. in New Jersey ; a brigadier-general in
the Revolutionary war.

Morgan, Rev. Edward, M.A. Her
Husband. An English clergyman ; vic-
ar of Syston, near Leicester, 1814-60
et seq.

Morgan, Henry James. A British
Canadian. A Canadian bibliographer;
at Ottawa(?) ; Fellow of the Royal So-
ciety of Northern Antiquaries.

Morgan, Tjewis Henry. SkenandoaJi.

See " I. and V." First Series, p. 504.

Morgan, Thomas, -1743. The Moral

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 504.




Morison, John. Hoin Sirmoon. An
English writer.

Morison, John Hopkins, D.D. J.
H. M. An American clergyman; Harv.
Coll., 1831 ; pastor and resident at Mil-
ton, Mass., for many years.

Morris, George P., 1802-64. G. P.
M. An American poet and journalist;
1). in Philadelphia; joint founder and
editor of the "Home Journal," N.Y., in

Morris, Rear Admiral Henry Gage.
An officer of the Roi/al lYafy.

Morris, Lewis, M.A. A New Writer.
An English poet; b. at CarmarthenC?) ;
Jesus Coll., (Jxford, 1855 ; in 1880 a jus-
tice of the peace for Carmarthenshire, in
which county, at Penbryn House, he re-

Morrison, Colonel . A Layman.

A Scottish writer.

3Iorrison, E. Tlie Worthy Patriarch
«/" Howard Division. A British colonial
writer of the day.

Morrison, llev. James. Philanthropos.
An Englisli religious writer.

Morrison, Mary J. Jenny Wallace.
An American writer of the day for the

Morthland, Charles. C. M. A
Scottish writer of the first part of the
eighteenth century.

Mortimer, John. A Sincere Lover of
Truth and Union.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 505.

Morton, Henry, Ph.D. The Com-
mittee. An American scientist ; Univ. of
Pennsylvania, 1857 ; professor of me-
chanics and chemistry, 1809-70; presi-
dent Stevens Polyteclinic Institute, Ho-
boken, iS'.J.; mendjer of the United
States Coast Survey, 1878-87.

Moses, W. S. M.A., Oxon.

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 505.

Moss, Charles, D.D.;-1802. C. J/.;
The Clearer. An English clergyman ;
bishop of St. David's, 1766 ; of Batli and
Wells, 1774; B.A. Bene't Coll., 1731.

Mossman, Kev. John Tiniberley. A
Discijile of Bishop Bullcr. An Englisli
clergyman ; St. Edmund's Hall, Oxford,
1849; rector of East Torrington (Wrag-
by), and West Torrington; vicar, 1859-
80 et sec/.

Motte, Mellish Irving, -1881. M. L
M. ./Vn American clergyman ; Harv.
Coll., 1821; for many years pastor and
resident at Boston.

Motteux, Peter Anthony, 1660-
1718. Thomas Clayton. An English
mercliant and writer of London ; b. at
Rouen in Normandy ; d. in London.

Moulson, Capt. W. H. Baliol. A

Guernsey Alilitia Officer. An English
writer of the day.

Moulton, Ellen Liouise Chandler.
Ellen L<niise Pomfret.

See " 1. and P.," First Series, p. 505.

Mountford, WUIiam. W. M. An
English clei'gyman ; came to this co^mtry
some years ago ; afterwards resided in
Boston, chiefly without charge.

Mouravline, D. Prince Dmitry Ga-
litzine. A Russian author.

Mowat, Magnus. Lochnagar. A
Scottish author of the day.

Moyle, John. A Member of the Col-
lege of Physicians. An English physi-
cian of the seventeenth and eighteenth

Moyle, Walter, 1672-1721. W. M.,
Esq. An English lawyer ; b. and d. at
Bake, in Cornwall ; educ. at Oxford, and
studied law at the Temple ; M.P. for
Saltash, 1095-98; vice-warden of the

Mozley, Anne. His Sister. An Eng-
lish lady ; sister of James B. Mozley.

Mudd, Alice F. Peach Bloom.

Mudtbrd, William. Geoffrey Old-
castle., Gent.

See " 1. and P.," First Series, p. 506.

Mudge, Rev. William, B.A. A Coun-
try Clergyman. An English divine;
Queen's Coll., Cambridge, 1823 ; rector
of Pertenhall, Kimbolton, 1842-80 et seq.

3Iudie, Charles Edward. C E. M.
An English writer of the day.

MiUler, Adolf. Adolf Palm. A Ger-
man novelist.

Miiller, Karl, 1819-. Otfried Mylius;
Fran: r. Elling. A German novelist ; b.
at Stuttgart ; educ. at Tiibingen, and
became a journalist; wrote and pub-
lished novels, etc., at Berlin, Stuttgart,
etc., 1855-75.

MiiUer, Wilhelni, 1794-1827. Prater
Jocundiis. A German poet; b. and d.
in Dessau ; educ. at the Univ. of Berlin ;
was professor of Greek and Latin in his
native city, 1817-27.

Mutzelburg, Adolf. Justus Severin;
Karl Weber. A Gernum novelist of the

Muhlenberg, William Augustus,
D.D. Catholicns.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 506.

3Iuir, John, D.C.L., 1810-. ./. M.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 506.

aiuir, Thomas S. T. S. M.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 506.

Muloclc, . Satan. An Eng-
lish writer ; gave lectures on English
literature at Geneva and in London.




Miirlin, Rev. John, 1722-99. .7. M.
An English Wesleyan minister; b. at St.
Stephen, Bramwell ; d. at High Wy-

Murphy, J, M. Mortimer.

Murray, Gen. . An Officer in the

Army. An English writer one hundred
3'ears ago.

Murray, Bromley, M.D. Landseer.
An American writer of the day.

Murray, Charles T. Samuel Wright.

Murray, Eustace Clare Grenvllle.
Silly Billy ; Mark Hope.

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 507.

Murray, Rev. James. An Ayrshire
Minister. A Scottisli clergyman of Old
Cumnock, Ayrshire.

Murray, John, 1778-1843. Emperor
of the West. An English publisher of
London ; b. in that city ; started the
" Quarterly Review " in 1807 ; was a
generous friend of Byron and other
eminent authors.

Murray, Sir John Archibald, Lord
Murray. Bottom.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 507.

Murray, William, Earl of Mansfield,
1704-93. A Modern English .Journalist.
A Scottish jurist; b. at Perth; educ. at
Christ Church, Oxford ; called to the
bar, 1731 ; chief-justice of the King's
Bench and created a peer, 1756.

Murrish, John, 1818-61. The Miner
of Perranzabuloe. An English miner ; b.
and d. at Perranzabuloe, Cornwall.

Musgrave, . An Eminent Collector.

An English writer.

Musset, L/Ouis Charles Alfred de,
1810-57. Mile. Athe'nais Dupuis, Jilleule
de M. Cotonet ; Alcide, baron de M***

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 507.

Musset, Paul de. Lui. — See " EUe
et Lui."

Muzzey, Rev. Artemas Boivers. A.
B. M. ; A Glerg ymari .

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 507.

Muzzy, Li. R. Aunt Prudence.

Mylne, William. One of the Suffer-
ing Clergy of the Church of Scotland. A
Scottish clergyman of the first part of
the eighteenth century.


Nares, Robert, D.D., 1753-1829. In-
vestigator; Mnemonicus; N.; A. N.; H.N.;
An Oxonian Graduate ; Pericranium ; Wi-
cliffe ; Wolscianus. An English clergy-
man ; b. at York ; educ. at Westminster
School, and at Oxford ; archdeacon of
Stafford, 1800-29; d. at his house in
Hart-street, Bloomsbury, London.

Nary, Cornelius. N. Colson.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 508.

Nash, Rev. Daniel, 1763-1836. Parson
Grant. An American Episcopal clergy-
man; b. at Great Barrington, Mass.; Yale
Coll., 1785; was for some years a teacher;
a missionary in Otsego Co., N.Y., 1797-
1811 ; rector of Christ Church, Coopers-
town, 1811-36 ; and d. at Burlington.

Nash, Richard, 1674-1761. The King
of Bath. Beau Nash, or the master of
the ceremonies at Bath, was b. at Swan-
sea, of Glamorganshire ; educ. at Oxford ;
studied law at the Middle Temple.

Nash, Thomas. Pierce Penniless;
Plaine Percevall.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 508.

Nathan, Albert. Albert Palmer.

Nation, William. A Lover of Truth
and Peace. An English clergyman
early in the eighteenth century.

Naylor, Rev. William, Castigator.
An English clergyinan seventy years ago.

Neal, John. J. N. ; X. Y. Z.

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 508.

Neale, Rev. Erskine, M.A. A Country

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 508.

Neale, Rev. G. P. ^1 Country Curate.
An Enalish clergyman.

Neale, John Mason, D.D. J. M. N.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 508.

Neaves, Charles, Lord Neaves, 1800-
76. An Old Contributor to Maga. A
Scottish poet ; b. and educ. at Edin-
burgh ; called to the Scotch bar in 1822 ;
lord of session, 1854-68; rector of the
Univ. of St. Andrews, 1872, 1873.

Nelson, Horatio, Lord, 1758-1805.
The Hero of the Nile. An eminent Eng-
lish hero ; b. at Burnhara Thorpe, in
Norfolk ; killed in the naval battle near

Nelson, Mrs. Theophila. A Young
Gentlen'oman. An English lady ; wife of
Robert Nelson, Esq. ; a writer of the
first part of the eighteenth century.

Nerval, Gerard de and Houssaye,
Arsene. Lord Pilgrim. French journal-




Nesbit, Miss E. C. Brooke ; Caris-
brooke. An English writer of tlie day.

Nesniith, Henry E. Sidartha. An
American poet of the day.

Nettle, G. A Seven Years' Besident.

See " I. and P.," First Series, j). 509.

Neve, Philip, Esq. One of the Magis-
trates of the Public Office in Great Marl-
borough Street. An Englisli lawyer of
Eurnivall's Inn, of the last century.

Nevins, WiUiam, D.D., 1797-1835.
M. S. An American Presbyterian cler-
gyman; b. in Norwich, Conn.; Yale
Coll., 1816 ; pastor of the 1st Presby-
terian Church at Baltimore, 1820-35,
where he died.

Newbattle, Lord, son of Lord An-
cram. A Young Nobleman.

Newbery, Francis. F. N. ; A Com-
missioner of Taxes. An English classical
scholar and writer on political economy,
of one hundred years ago.

Newbery, John. The Whirler.

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 509.

Nevecomb, Sinion, 1835-. Sirnon
Tarr. An American astronomer at
Washington ; b. in Nova Scotia.

Newell, William, D.D., 1804-81.
W. N.; The Pastor. An American
clergyman; b. in Littleton, Mass.; Harv.
Coll., 1824 ; Divinity School, 1829 ; pa.s-
tor at Cambridge, Mass., 1830-68, and
d. there.

Newhall, Lieut. Col. Frederick C.
A Staff Officer. An American soldier ;
a major in the late civil war, 1864-65 ;
appointed from Pennsj'lvania.

Newington, Sanuiel, M.l). Sigma.

See " I. ;md P.," First Series, p. 509.

NeAviiian, John Henry, D.D. ./. H.
N. ; Catholicus.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 509.

Newte, Thomas. An English Gentle-
man. An Engh'sh author and traveller
of one hundred years ago.

Newton, Alonzo E. and Mrs. Sarah
J. Two Meiiihers of that Church. Amer-
ican Spiritualists of the day.

Newton, Pev. John. *** *****

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 509.

Newton, Richard, D.l)., 1676-1753.
A Tresbgter vf the Church of England.
An English clergyman ; b. in Bucking-
hamshire ; educ. at Westminster School
and at Christ Cliurch, Oxf()r<l ; founder
and principal of Hertford Coll., Oxford;
canon of Christ Cliurch, 1752; d. at
Lavendon Grange.

Newton, Pev. Williani, a]>out 1684-
1744. A Curate of the Diocese of Canter-
bury. An English clergyman ; rector of
Wingham and Stodmarsh, Kent.

Niblock, Joseph White, D.D. The

Editor of the " Textuarg and Ritualist " ;
A Clergyman. An English clergyman of
fifty years ago.

Nicholas, Dr. . Monadnock.

NichoUs, Sir George, K.C.B., 1781-
1865. An Overseer. An English writer ;
b. at St. Keverne ; entered the East India
Company maritime service in 1796, and
quitted it in 1815; then settled at South-
well, Notts.; superintended the branch
bank of England at Birmingham, 1827-
34; secretary of the new Poor Law Com-
mission, 1847-51 ; d. at Hyde Park.

Nichols, Anne Susanna. A Very
Young Ladg. An English lady of eighty
years ago.

Nichols, Catherine. An Old Prairie
Hen. An American poet of the day.

Nichols, John, Esq., F.S.A. ,/. N. ;
Sylvunus ' Silvanus Urban ; N. S. ; My
Octogenarian Friend.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 509.

Nichols, John Gough, F.S.A ., 1806-
73. ,/. G. N. An English journalist
and bibliographer ; son of John Bowyer
Nichols ; b. and d. in London.

Nichols, Mrs. Rebecca S. (Reed).

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 509.

Nicklin, Philip Houlbrooke, A.M.
Peregrine Prolix.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 510.

Nicolas, Sir Nicholas Harris. N. ;
N. H. N. ; The Editor of the " Synopsis
of the Peerage."

See " I. and P.." First Series, p. 510.

Nicollet, Jean Nicolas, 1786-1843.
Sir John Hersrhel. A French astronomer;
b. at Cluses (Savoie) ; going to Paris he
was appointed, in 1817, Sec. Libr. to
the observatory ; in 1830 he came to
the United States, and d. at Wash-

Niembsch v. Strehlenau, Nikolaus
Franz, 1802-50. Nikolaus Lenan. A
German poet ; b. at Esatad in Ungarn ;
educ. at Vienna ; in 1832 travelled in
North America ; resided chiefly at Vi-
enna, and d. there.

Nietschmann, Hermann. Arviin
Stein. A German novelist of the day.

Nitsch, Mrs. Catherine Owen. Cath-
erine Owen. An American writer of the
day on cookery.

Nordensvan, Georg. G — g N. A
Swedish author.

Nordling, Johan. Halvor Grip. A
Swedish author of the day.

Norman, John James Charles. One
of the Masters. An English educator of
the Forest School, Walthamstow.




North, Maj. Charles Napier. An

English officer in India. An English sol-
dier; entered the army in 1836; brevet-
lieutenant-colonel 60th Eifles, 1858 ;
served in India, 1849-57.

Northcote, Sir Staflfbrd Henry, 1st
Earl of Iddlesleigh, 1818-87. A Bar-
rister. An English statesman ; b. in Lon-
don ; created earl of Iddlesleigh in 1885 ;
d. suddenly.

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 511.

Norton, . Argus. An American


Norton, Andrews, 1786-1853. A.N.;
One lately a member of the immediate gov-
ernment of the college. An American tlieo-
logian ; b. at Hingham, Mass. ; Harv.
Coll., 1804 ; professor in the Cambridge
Divinity School, 1819-30 ; d. at New-
port, 11. 1.

Norton, Hon. Mrs. Caroline Eliza-
beth Sarah (Sheridan). Pierce Ste-

%'enson; Hi-Ski-Hi ; C Client; Count

Horloge de Tic-tic.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 511.

Norton, Charles Eliot. N.

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 511.

Norton, Charles Ledyard, 1837-.
P. d'Estrian ; B. T. Sienna : E. Cogswell.
An American author; b. at Farmington,
Conn.; Yale Coll., 1859 > resident in
New York City.

Norton, Rev. Jacob, 1764-1858. An
Aqed Clergyman of Massachusetts ; An
Orthodox Clergyman of Massachusetts ; A
Serious Inquirer. An American Con-
gregational minister; b. in Abington,
JVIass. ; Harv. Coll., 1786; pastor at
Weymouth, Mass., 1787-1824 ; removed
to Billerica, Mass., and spent the rest of
his life, and d. there.

Norton, Rev. Robert. A Clergyman.

An English clergyman ; minister of St.
Matthew's, Holbeck, Leeds.

Nott, George Frederic, D.D., 1769-
1842. The Translator of" Catullus." An
English divine and scliolar; educ. at
Christ Church, Oxford; rector of Har-
rietsham, 1812-42, and d. there.

Nott, John, D.D. J. N.

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 511.

Nott, Josiah Clark, M.l)., 1804 -.
N. An American ethnologist; b. at
Columbia, S.C. ; South Carolina Coll.,
1824 ; since 1836 a physician in Mobile,

Nottage, Alderman . Persius, Jr.

Nowers, Rev. James Henry. A Late
Baihvay Chaplain. An English clergy-
man ; chaplain on the Great Northern
Railway, 1845-49; rector of Yelling, St.
Neots, 1875-80 et seq.

Noyes, George Kapall, D.D., 1798-
1868. iV. ; G. i?. N. An American
biblical scholar; b. at Newburvport,
Mass.; Harv. Coll., 1818; Divinity
School, 1822 ; professor in the Divinity
School at Cambridge, 1840-68; d. there.

Nuttall, P. Austin, LL.D. P. A. N.
An English classical scholar and lexi-
cographer of the day.

Nyberg, Mrs. Julia Christina
(Svardstrom) , 1785-1854; Euphrosyne.
A Swedish poetess.

Nyblaus, Gustaf. G. N. A Swedish

Nyblom, Prof. Carl Rupert, 1832-.
Carlino ; C. B. N. A Swedish poet, art
critic, and translator.

Nj^bloin, Mrs. Helene. H. A Swed-
ish poetess and novelist.

Nye, Gideon, Jr. Cosmo ; An Ameri-
can ; E Pluribus Ununi. An American
diplomatist, of Canton, China.


Oakes, Abraham. A. C, LL.D.
An English clergyman of the eighteenth

Oakes, James. Old Oak.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 512.

Ober, Fredericlc A. ^4 Naturalist.
An American writer of the day.

O'Brien, Moy. Melusine.

O'Connell, Daniel, 1775-1847. The
Irish Agitator. A famous Irish orator
and politician ; b. near Caliirciveen,
Kerry; M.P., 18.32-.35 and 1837-41; d.
at Genoa, on liis way to Rome.

O'Connell, William. Lord Kilmal-

lock (or " A7/ ").

" An Irish gentleman — cousin of the Liberator
— of the old tighting, drinking, creditor-defying
school, who, in his impoverished days lived here
in London, no one knew exactly how. He was
a very handsome old man, with a red face and
white hair."

O'Dogherty, Mrs. Mary (Kelly).
Eva. i\n Irish writer of Queensland.

O'Donnell, C. J. A Bengal Civilian.
An English colonial writer of the day.

Odmann, Mrs. Jenny (Braun). J—y
Brn. A Swedish novelist.




Oertel, Philipp Friedrich Wilhelm.

Friedrich Wilhelm Lips.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 512.

Oeser, Kudolpli Ludwig. Otto

GInubrecht. A Gernmn novelist.

Ostergren, Carl Ludvig, 1842-81.
Fjalar. A Swedish poet.

Offord, John. .1 Dissenter. An Eng-
lisli clergyman ; minister of Palace Gar-
dens Chapel, Kensington, London.

Ogden, James C*). A Native of the
Town. An English writer of Manchester,
of one hundred vears ago.

Ogden, Uzal,b.D., about 1744-1822. A
Citizen of the United States. An American
clergyman ; b. and d. at Newark, N.J. ;
was ordained a Protestant-Episcopalian
in 1778; in 1805 became a Presbyterian.

Ogilby, Rev. Frederick, -1878. A
Citizen of Neiv York. An American
Episcopal clergyman; Eutgers Coll.,
1833; General Theological Seminary,
1837; assistant-rector Trinity Church,
New York City, 1855-78.

O'Grady, Standish. Arthur Clive.
An Irish writer of the day in the "Gen-
tleman's Magazine."

O'Hea, Miss , -1880. Miss Elena

Norton. An English composer; d. at Bor-
nemouth. — See "Athenaeum," 1880, p.

O'Kelly, Le Comte Charles Denis
William. Charles 0***. Says of him-
self '• enfant de la mer, naturalise Irlan-

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 513.

Olcott, Henry S., 1832-. A Pew
Holder. An American writer of the day ;
h. at Orange, N.J.

Oldisworth, William, -1734. A
Tippling Phiiosojiher of the Roj/al Societi/ ;

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 513.

Oldmixon, John. The Author of the
First (Part).

See "1. and P.," First Series, p. 513.

Oldys, William, 1096-17(51. Thomas
Haj/vHiril ; W. 0., Esq. ; G. ; E. Cooper.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 513.

Oliphant, R., &c. Timothii Tourltstone
of Saint Peter's Coll., West)ni)isler. Mem-
bers of Saint Peter's Coll., Westminster;
afterwards Oliphant and Allan were of
Trin. Coll., Cambridge, and Aston and
'J'aunton of Christ Church.

Oliver, Peter, Esq., 1741-1822. Ca-
ractacus. An American Englisliman ;
son of the Hon. Peter Oliver, LL.l).,
chief-justice of the province of Massa-
chusetts, North America, wlio removed
to England in 1770; the son d. at

Olmsted, George La Moille. Dr.

Tom G. La Moille. An American jour-
nalist of the day of Shabbona's Grove,

Omond, Thomas Stewart. Thomas
White, Jr. An English poet; fellow of St.
John's, Oxford; in 1872 principal bursar.

Onley, W. An Ingenious Antiquary.
An English writer of sixty years ago.

Opiz, Georg Emanuel. Bohemus.
A German novelist.

Orleans, Frangois Ferdinand Phi-
lippe Louis 3Iarie d'. Prince de Join-
ville, 1818-. Victor de Mars. A French
prince; third son of King Louis Philippe.

Orliac, Mme. . J. M. S. Daurig-


Oscar II., King of Sweden, 1829-.
0****. ; Oscar Fredrih. Author of some

Osgood, Mrs. Frances Sargent
(Locke). Florence; F. S. 0.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 514.

Osgood, Samuel, D.D., 1812-80.
0.; S. 0. An American clergy m au ;
b. at Charlestown, Mass. ; Harv. Coll.,
1832; Divinity School, 1835; pastor at
Nasliua, N.H., Providence, R.I., and in
New York City, where he died.

Otis, Harrison Gray, LL.D. Anti-
quary ; An Aged and Retired. Citizen, of

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 514.

Otway, Kev. Caesar, -1842. Clericus

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 514.

Oulton, Walley Chamberlaine.
George Home, D.D. An Irish drama-
tist ; b. in Dublin, and educ. there ;
having produced several successful
pieces in that city, he went to Lon-
don, and was there encouraged by the
younger Colman, though he had of-
fended tlie other managers.

Ouseley, Sir William Gore, K.C.B.,
1799-. An Englishnidn. iVn English
diplomatist ; attache' at Washington,
1825; in 1858 he was travelling in
the United States.

Oviatt, Rev. George Alexander,
A.M., and others. A Committee of
Pastors. An American Congregational
minister; b. in 1811 at Bridgeport,
Conn.; Yale Coll., 1835; Yale Divinity
School, 1838 ; pastor at Chicopee, Mass.,

Owen, Charles, D.D. An Anonymous
Clergyman. An English Dissenter of the
first part of the eighteenth century.

Owen, Mrs. Ellen Culiey. Ellen
C . An English poet.

Owen, Josiah. xi Friend to Truth




and Liberty. An English minister of
the first part of the eighteentli century.

Owen, Robert. Celatus.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 515.

Owenson, Sydney, Lady Sydney Mor-
gan. S. 0.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 504.

Oxenham, Henry Nutconibe, M.A.,
1829-. An Ex-Puseyite. An English

clergj'^man ; b. at Harrow ; educ. at Har-
row and at Baliol Coll., Oxford; joined
the Roman Catholics in 1857, and was
afterwards successively professor at St.
Edmund's Coll., Ware, and master at
the Oratory School, Birmingham.

Oxford, Robert Harley, Earl of.
Ox .

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 449.

Packard, Frederick Adolphus,
LL.D., 1794-1867. A Citizen of Penn-
sylvania ; A Member of the Board of
Directors of Girard Col lege.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 515.

Pae, David. A Student of Humanity.

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 515.

Page, R. Channing ai. One of the
Company. An American soldier, of Vir-
ginia, in the late civil war.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 515.

Paget, W. A Gentleman of the College.
An English poet of one hundred years

Paine, Thomas. Common Sense ; A
Layman; Tommy Pain.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 515.

Palfrey, Cazneau, D.D. P. An
American clergyman ; Harv. Coll., 182G ;
Divinity School, 1829; in 1887 resident
at Cambridge, Mass.

Palfrey, John Gorhani, D.D., LL.D.
J. G. P. : *.

See " I. and P.," Fii'st Series, p. 516.

Palmar, H. B. P. A Swedish

Palmer, Miss Charlotte. A Pre-
ceptress. An English novelist and
teacher of eighty years ago.

Palmer, Edwin P. A Volunteer.
An American soldier, of Vermont, in
the late civil war.

Palmer, Francis Paul. A Pen.

See " Pen and Pencil, A."

Palmer, J. P. Slotfved. 1801.

Palmer, John Williamson, M.D.,
1825-. John Coventry. An American
physician ; b. in Baltimore, Md. ; city
physician of San Francisco, 1849; sur-
geon on board of the East India Com-
pany's steamer through the Burmese
campaigns, 1852-53 ; after his return,
in 1853, contributed largely to Ameri-
can journals and periodicals.

Palmer, Loomis T. L. T. Bemlap.
An American writer of the day.

Palmer, M. Varick.

Palmer, Sir Roundell, 1812-. The
Solicitor-General. An eminent English

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