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By . . . Rochester, N.Y., 1875.

C, J. ./. Cundall. Songs, madrigals,
and sonnets ... L. 1849.

C, J. Joseph Cundall. A treasury of
pleasant books for young people. Edited
... L. 1855.

C, J. John Crakanthorp. Poems, para-
phrases, and translations. By . . . L. 1736.

C, J. John Cennick. Sacred hymns
for the children of God in the days of
their pilgrimage. By ... L. 1742.

C, J. Bev. John Campbell. A scrip-
ture catechism for the instruction of
youth. Glasgow, 1801.

C, J. B. Joseph B. Cobb. Review of
the life and times of William H. Craw-
ford. " Amer. Whig Rev.," March, 1851,
p. 193; June, 1881, p. 475.

C., J. F. James Freeman Clarice, D.D.
(1) In the "Christ. Exam."— (2) The
doctrine of the Trinity defended against
the attacks of . . . B. 1861. [By John
H. Eagar.]

C, J. G. James Galloicatf Cowan.
Prayers for Sunday-schools. By . . . and
another. L. 1863.

C, J. G. Johan Gabriel Carlen. Krist-
offer Polhem och bans verk. Sthlm.

C, J. H. J. H. Crosse. Historical
tales for young Protestants. L. 1857.

C, J. P. Joh7i Payne Collier. Fools
and jesters : with a reprint of Robert
Armin's nest of ninnes. L. 1842.

C, J. P. John Peele Clapham. Hymns
selected and original . . . Compiled by
... L. 1833.

C, J. K. Joseph R. Chandler. A
touching incident. By ... B. 1850. —
See " Greenwood, Grace."

C, J. W. James W. Colbi/. Nourum-
bega. Waltham, 1886.

C, li. Lemuel Capen, in the "Christ.
Exam." (B.), 1855.

C, li. li. Louisa Lane Clark. The
country parson's wife . . . By ... L.

C, L. M. Mrs. Lijdia Maria Child.
Letter from New York. By ... B.
1850. — See " Greenwood, Grace."

C, li. S. Lttther Steai'ns Cushing.
[Renouard's.] Theory of the rights of
authors; trans, by . . . B. 1839.

C, M. Mary Carpenter, in the " Christ.

C, M. Miss Mabel Collins. (1) The
idyl of the white lotos. L. 188-. — (2)
Light on the path. L. 188-.

C, M. Lady Maria Callcott. Lit-
tle Arthur's history of England. L. -^

C, M. Lady Mary Chudleigh. The
ladies' defence [a poem]. L. 1701.

" Corina " (Mrs. Eliz. Tliomas) and she
corresponded, her own poetical name being
" Marissa."

C, M. Matthew Coolie. A new ar-
rangement of the entered apprentices'
song ... L. 1874.

C, 31. E. Maria E. Catlow, Popu-
lar geography of plants. By ... L.

C, M. F. Mary Frances Cusack. An
illustrated history of Ireland from the
earliest period. By ... L. 1868.

C, M. K. Charles K. Mills. The
Schuylkill. 1876.

C, M. K., a Presbyter of the Suffer-
ing Churcii of Scotland. Robert Cal-
der. The second part of the succes-
sion of the priesthood in the Old and
New Testament ... By . . . Edinb.

C, N. H. Nathan Henry Chamberlain,
Poetry in the " Christ. Exam." (B.), July,

C, R. Robert Carter. The Hunga-
rian controversy ... B. 1852.




C, R. Richard Challoner, D.D. (1)
A manual of prayers, etc. L. 1758. — (2)
A pastoral iustruction for the apostolic
fast of Lent. By ... L. n.d.

C, K. Robert Chambers. Memoirs of
a banking house [of Sir VV. Forbes].
Edinb. 1860.

C.,R., M.A. Robert Calder, M.A. The
priesthood of the Old and New Testa-
ment by succession . . . By . . . Edinb.

C, R. C. Richard Charles Coxe. The
snow sliroud ; or, the lost baron o' Bid-
dleston Edge. Newcastle, 1845.

C, R. E. Mrs. Rachel E. Cresswell.
Space for every man ... L. 1849.

C, R. N. Robert Needham Ciist. (1)
Life of Rama, the son of Dasaratha,
king of Ajodya . . . Completed . . .
L. 1854. — (2) Some account of the
church of Cockayne Hatley, Bedford-
shire. 1851.

C, R. O. Rose Owen Cole. The offi-
cial handbook for the National Training
School for Cookery . . . Compiled. L.

C, R. T. Roselle Theodore Cross.
Manual for rhetorical classes. 1873.

C, S. S. Clarke. Signature in the
*' Hellston Grammar School Mag.,"

C, S. Samuel Carter. Legal provis-
ions for the poor ... L. 1710.

C, S. Samuel Colvill. Whigg's sup-
plication. By ... L. 1702.

C, S. E. Samuel Elliott Coues, in the
" Clirist. Exam."

C, S. F. i)/;-s. S. F. Clapp. Infancy.
In the "Christ. Exam." (B.), Januarj"^,

C, T. Thomas Crowleij. Disserta-
tions on the pecuniary testimonies of
the Quakers relative to their refusing to
pay titlies, etc. L. 1773.

C, T. Rev. Thomas Curf.eis. The
dying Christian's gain : a sermon
preached in the parish cliurch of Wro-
tham, Kent, Nov. 17, 1723 ... By . . .
L. 1723.

C, T. Thomas Chamberlain. Memoir
of I lie cliurch of S. Tliomas tlie Martyr
in Oxford. Oxf. 1871.

C, T. C. Thomas Curtis Clarke, in the
"Chri.st. Plxam."

C, T. C. T. Golden Cooper. (1)
Shirley, Jane Eyre, and Wuthering
Heights. "Amcr. Whig Kev.," Marcli,
1850. — (2) Sydney Smitli's sketches of
moral philosophy. " Amer. Wliig Rev.,"
October, 1850, p. 388. — (.3) Western
prairies. "Araer. Whig Rev.," May,
1850, p. 623.

C, T. H. T. H. Carter. (1) A few
remarks on currency and finance, n. p.
187-. — (2) Inflation : an argument in
its favor. By . . . n.p. 187-. — (3) In-
ternational copyright with Great Brit-
ain. B. 187-.

C, T. Li. Rev. Theodore Ledyard
Cuyler. His signature in the news-
papers ; some of his contributions were
collected into a small volume entitled
" Stray Arrows," published in New

C, T. Q., Polperro. Thomas Quiller
Couch. Myself. In " Notes and Que-
ries," IX. (1854), p. 430.

C, W. William Coivard(1). (1)
Hydro-sidereon ; or, a treatise on ferru-
ginous waters, especially the Ipswich
Spaw, etc. L. 1717.

C, W. Walter Channing, M.D. Notice
of John Revere, M.D. B. 1847.

C, W. William Cotton. The river
Mole, or Eralyn stream : a poem with
notes. 1839.

C, W. William Chambers. Truth
and trust. 1848.

C, W., M.D., C.M.Ii.C. William
Coward, M.D. The first scrutiny ; or,
a serious enquiry into the modern
notions of the soul . . . By ... L.

C, W. & R. William and Robert
Chambers. (1) Tales for home read-
ing. Edited by . . . 1865. — (2) Tales
for young and old. Edited by . . .

C, W. A. William Andreiu Chatto.
The Fisher's Garland for 1835; 1836;
1837. L. 1842.

C, W. A. W. A. Copinger. A pre-
monitory cry ... L. 1878.

C, W. B. W. B. Cooke. Colonial
policy . . . 1835.

C, W. G. William George Clark. An-
dromache. " Macmillan's Mag.," April,

C, W. H. W. IT. Charlton. Letters.
. . . [edited by . . . ]. 1850.

C, W. H. William Henri/ Channing.
(1) In tlie "Christ. Exam."'— (2) Me-
moir of William EUery Channing, etc.
By . . . B. 1870.

C, W. L. William Lucas Collins. (1)
Etoiiiana, ancient and modern ... L.
1805. — (2) The public schools ... By
. . . L. 1867.

C, W. R. W. B. Cotton. The Cot-
tons of Fowey. "Notes and Queries,"
1853, p. 317.

C, The Rev. W. Rev. William Cole.
A key to the Psalms ... By . . . Carab.




C***** H****, Esq. [Carew, Hugh].
Pierre des Maiseaux. The survey of
Cornwall , . . By R. Carew, with the
life of the author. By , . . 1723.

C*****, Sir W******. Sir William
Curtis, Bart. The recantation : a poem,
inscribed to . . . L. 1818.

C*tl*y, Miss. Anne Catley. A brief
narrative of the life of . . . [afterward
wife of General F. Lascelles] ... L.
1780 (?).

C F D, E of. Philip

Dormer Stanhope, Earl of Chesterfield.
The . . . 's speech in the H[ou]se of
L[or]ds, against the bill for licencing
all dramatic performance . . . Dublin,

C H, Lord. Lord Castle-

reagh. The botanical basket ; or, satiri-
cal seedlings for political plants; sup-
posed to be the purport of a letter written
by ... to the Right Honourable G.
C g [Canning], while on the con-
tinent. [In verse.] L. 1820.

C g, Right Honourable

G. Rt. Hon. George Canning. — See
"C H, Lord."

C , Commodore Alderman.

Sir William Gurfis, Bart. Dispatches
from ... L. 1809.
_ C ..,.., Sir W Sir Wil-
liam Cuifis. Munchausen at Walcheren
. ...and the particulars of a wonderful
turtle-feast with ... L. 1811.

C 1, C s. Charles

Churchill. An epistle to the Irreverend
Mr. ... in his own style and manner.
L. 1764.

C n, Sir N 1. Sir

Nathaniel Cttrzon. A summary view of
ecclesiastical jurisdiction . . . Writ for
the perusal of . . . 1737.

C - - 1, Mr. Ed d. Edmund

Curll. Hereditary right exemplified ;
or, a letter of condolence from ... L.

C T Ballad. Cabinet Ballad.

A new . . . [on J. Carteret, Earl Gran-
ville, and the change of ministry in
January, 1742. By Lord Hervey]. Dub-
lin, 1742.

C , Ellen. Mrs. Ellen Culleg Owen.

Poems. By . . . L. 1855.

C , Kev. W. Pier. William Cole. A

key to the Psalms, etc. L. 1788.

C— d, Mr. William Coward {!). A
Lenten litany, by . . . L. 1698.

C— ffe, C— s. Charles Coffey. The
history of Martin ... to which is added,
a dialogue between A P — e [Alex-
ander Pope] . . . and . . . poets, in St.
James's Park. L. 1735.

C — ks, Sir R — d. Sir Bichard Cocks,
Sir . . . his farewell sermon ... L.

C — ly, Mrs. Mrs. Jane Cholmondeley.
— See " C— ly, E., Esq."

C — ly, E., Esq. Edicard Cholmondeley.
The adventuress [/.e. Mrs. Jane Cholmon-
deley (^Mrs. C — /(/)] ; or, the lady's
flight from Scotland Yard, etc. 1725.

C— t, H. W., D.D. He7iry Williain
Coulthurst. A sermon preached before
the University of Cambridge, by . . .
translated into English metre by H. W.
Hopkins. L. 1796.

Cabin Passenger, A. Robert Whyte{l).
Voyage to Quebec in an Irish emigrant
vessel. B. 1848.

Cabriolo. Arind A.relsson. Svarta
och hvita streck. Sthlm. 1884.

Cactus. Mary F. Foster.

Cadmus. .John C. Zachos.

Cadwalader, George, Gent. George
Bubb iJodinqton. The remembrancer. Bv
... L. 1748.

Cajlion, John. John Hervey Farnham.

Caesar, Cajus Julius. Joseph Linck.
A Swedish journalist.

Caius. William Pinhiey. A few
remarks on Mr. Hamilton's last letter . . .
By . . . Bait. 1800.

Caius. Donald Grant Mitchell . Notes .'
by the road. "Amer. Whig Rev.,"

Calcraft, John William. John
William Cole. The bride of Lammer-
moor: a drama in five acts. Edinb.

Ca-lix-tus. C. Ludvig Tomberg. A
Swedish author.

Callieo Quaker, The. .John Eggles-
ton. — See "The Norwich Quaker."

Calvinist, A. Robert Knight. The
meeting of truth and error ... L.

Cambridge Master of Arts, A. Ed-
icard Feilde. The Psalm?; of David,
metricallj' paraphrased . . . By ... L.

Cameron, Kate. Kate D. W. Barnes.

Camp, Phineas. W. N. Duane.
Poems of the Mohawk Valley, etc. Uti-
ca, N.Y., 1859.

Campagiuator. Dr. Bush. Priest-
hood and clergy unknown to Christianity ;
or, the church a community of co-equal
brethren. P. 1857.

Campana. Frederick Richard Chi-
chester, Earl of Belfast. A spirit's wander- ^
ings : a tale, December, 1852; and
Twelfth Day at Cannes, February, 1853;
in the " Northern Magazine."




Candid Enquirer after Truth, A.

Hopton Haynes. The Scripture account
of the attributes and worship of God,
and the character and offices of Jesus
Christ, by . . . L. 1749.

Candid Man, A. Sir James Marriott.
Political considerations : being a few
thoughts of . . . L. 1762.

Candidus. Henry White{l). A des-
ultory conversation between two young
aristocratic Ceylonese. ColomboC?), 1853.

Candidus. George Cornelius Gorham.
Errors respecting Cranmer's Greek Bible,
1540. L. 1826.

Candidus. Henry Mayo. [Gill's]
infant baptism, a part ... of popery . . .
To which is added [an] answer to six
letters of Candidus on . . . baptism, etc.
L. 1766.

Candidus. Dr. William Smith. Plain
truth addressed to tlie people of America
[against Thomas Paine]. 1776.

Cannibal Jack. Mayne Reiil.

Canterbury, Folkstone. William
Makepfiace Thackeray. — See "An Old
Paris Man."

Canynges, William. T'homas Chatter-
ton. An examination of the poems attrib-
uted to T. Rowley and W. Canynge,
etc. L. 1783.

Capability Brown. Launcelot Brown.

Capricoi'nus. Tho.nns Froijnall Dib-
din. — See " Sylvanus.

Caractacus. Peter Oliver, Esq. His
signature to articles in the "Gent. Mag.,"
Vol. LXVIL, pp. 369 and 457.

Carbasius, Quintinus. Bemhard von
IJpskow. Papperskrakorna. Strengnils,

Carion, Franz. Franz Lnhojatzky.
l^er altc Dessauer ; historische roman.
Leipzig, 1807.

Carisbroolte. Miss E. Nesbit. Sig-
nature in " Good Words," " Sunday
Mag.," etc.

Carl. Rev. Charles Hanbury Wil-

Carlcton, Cousin May. Mrs. May
Aynes Flcminij. Stories in the " Mer-
cury " and "Metropolitan Record." —
See " American Bookseller and Liter-
ary News," and " Literary World " for
April, 1880.

Carlino. Prof. Carl Rupert Nyhlom.
BiUior fr°in Italien af . . .

Carlisle, The late Earl of. George
William Frederick Howard. Lines on
Yorksliiro. By . . . L. 1865.

Carlisle, The Right Honorable the
Earl of. deorrje William Frederick
Howard. Diary in Turkish and Greek
waters. Bv • . . L. 1855.

Carlos, Bey. Charles Doyle. A
non-military journal; or, observations,
made in Egypt, by an officer, etc. L.

Carlton, Carrie. Mrs. M. H. Cham-
berlain. AVayside flowers. Milwaukee,.

Carlton, Ethel. Helen E. Smith.

Carlylian, A. James Hannay. Black-
wood V. Carlyle : a vindication. L.

Carinichael, Miss Sarah E. Mrs.
S. E. (C.) Williamson. Poems... San
Francisco, 1866.

Carolina. Miss Macintosh.

Carolinian, A. Daniel R. Goodloe.
Inquiry into the causes which have re-
tarded . . . the Southern States . . . By
... W. 1846.

Carolinian, A. Edward J. Pringle.
Slavery in the Southern States. By . . .
Camb. 1853.

Carpenter, John. Samuel Hook. The
life and death of . . . alias Hell Fire Jack
. . . who was executed April 5, 1805 . . .
L. 1805.

Carr, Beryl. L. Ella Hyrd. Mar-
ston Hall : story of Southern life. N.Y.

Carribber. Sir George Duncan Gibb,
Bart. Odd showers ; or, an explanation
of the rain of insects, fishes, and Ijzards,
etc. By . . . L. 1870.

Carrie, Aunt. Mrs. Caroline L. Smith.
American home, book of games.

Carrie, Aunt. ,J. Miller. Rhymes
for children. 1855.

Carroll, Susanna. Susannah Free-
man. Centlirre. The beau's duel: a
comedy. L. 1702.

Cary, Apoth. E. Robert Greene.

Cashier, The. Henry P. Shed. Bank
of Mutual Redemption. Statement of.
... B. 1802.

Cassius. Theodoric Bland. Signature
to a series of indignant letters published
against the governor, Lord Dinsmore, of

Cassius. yEdanus Burke. Consid-
erations on the society or order of Cin-
cinnati. Charleston, S.C., 1783.

Castigator. William Naylor. — See
" Criticos."

Castine. Noah Brooks.

Catch, Jack. Richard Arnett. A rea-
sonable hue and cry after the Pretender.
By . . . L. 1719.

Catholic Apostolic Church, The.
Trvingism. The ... its pretensions and
claims, considered in connection with the
facts of its history ... By a late member,
etc. L. 1872.




Catholic Layman, A. Cole. A

letter to Professor Edwards A. Park . . .
B. 1844.

Catholic Priest, A. Peter Gan-
dolpliy. Letters addressed to the Arch-
bishop of Canterbury ... L. 1813.

Catholic Priest, A. Joseph Beritigton.
Protestantism and popery illustrated.
Two letters from ... to the author, etc.
L. 1812.

Catholicus. William Augustus Muhlen-
berg. Catholic union defended . . . By
. . . Jamaica, L.I., 1836.

Catholicus. John Henry Newman.
Tainworth reading room. Letters on an
address ... by Sir Robert Peel, Bart.
... By . . . L. 1841.

Catholicus. Henry Edward Manning.
Dr. Nicholson's accusation of the Arch-
bishop of Westminster. By ... L.

Catholicus protestans. Rev. Joseph
Mendham. On the proposed papal cathe-
dral in Birmingham. Three letters be-
tween . . . and a Birmingham Catholic.
Birmingham, 1834.

Catiliue the Second. Charles James
Fox. Letters from Cicero to . . . n.p.,

Catius junior. Elizabeth R. Torrey.
Theognis : a laugh in the cavern of evil.
B. 1856.

Cato. Rev. George Burges. Cato to
Lord Byron on the immorality of his
■writings. L. 1824.

Not George Burges, Esq.

Cato. Robert B. Livingston. Exami-
nation of the treaty of amity, etc., be-
tween the United States and Great
Britain ... By . . . N.Y. 1795.

Not by Hamilton.

Cato the Jovirnalist. Thomas Gor-
don. Cato's letters. L. 1724.

In coDj unction with John Treiicliard.

Caustic, Mrs. Mrs. Anna T. J. Bul-
lard. Matrimony ; or, love affairs in
our village twenty years ago. By . . .
N. Y. 1853.

Cave, Edward, Jun. Edward Cave.

" Some of the early numbers of the ' Gent.
Mag.' were ' said to be printed by Edioard Cave,
t/M?i.,' an imaginary nephew; others printed for
' R. Newton,' and sometimes he falsely described
himself as ' Sylvanus Urban of Aldermanbury,

Cecil. Cornelius Tongue. (1) Hints
on agriculture ... L. 1858. — (2) Hunt-
ing tours ... By . . . L. 1864. — (3) Stable
practice ... L. 1852. — (4) Stud farm
... By . . . L. 1851.— (5) [Youatt's]
The horse . . . re-edited and revised by
... L. 1855.

Cecil. Sidney George Fisher. Kan-
sas and the constitution. B. 1856.

This is right, as the son of Mr. Fisher writes
me. — W. C.

Cecil, Ijady Frances H. Frances H.
Sa tjers. Paradise found, and other poems.
L. 1882.

Celatus. Robert Owen. The public
pearl; or, education the people's right,
etc. L. 1854.

Celebrated Author in Ireland, A.
Jonathan Swift, D.D. A serious and use-
ful scheme to make a hospital for incur-
ables ... By . . . L. 1733.

Celebrated Personage, A. John
Quincy Adams{^). Personations of the
characters of Shakespeare. "Amer.
Monthly Mag.," January, 1836, p. 38.

Celoiza. Mather Byles, D.D. Essays
published in the "New England Weekly
Journal," marked by one of the letters
that compose this word.

Celticus. Andrew Claiborne. A tale
of encumbered estates. 1851.

Censor. William Cooke Taylor, LL.D.
The Quarterly reviewer reviewed; or,
notices of an article entitled "Anti-corn-
law agitation." By ... L. 1842.

Cento. Philip Millington. 1877.

Centz, P. C. Robert W. Greene.

This is according to the Congressional Library
catalogue, 1880.

Cephas. Rev. Leonard Worcestepf
Inquiries occasioned by the address, etc.

Cergiel. Rev. Charles Valentine Le
Grice{1). The pauper's funeral . . .
Penzance, 1842.

Certain Eminent British Sailor, A.
Vice- Admiral Edward Vernon. A letter
to . . ., occasioned by his specimen of
naked truth. L. 1746.

Certain Famous Sussex Baronet,
A. Sir Robert Fagge, Bart. Agg him
Sally . . . Being the case of . . ., etc.
L. 1720(?).

Certificated Teacher, A. D. C. Mac-
carlhy. A physical and ^listorical geog-
raphy of the British Empire. By , . .
L. 1858.

Cervantes. Samuel William Henry
L-eland(J). The death of Bonaparte; or.
One pound one. A poem . . . York,

Ch«*«****. Mrs. Charlotta (Cron-
hjelm) Berger. A Swedish novelist.

Ch— d, W. R. William Rufus Chet-
ivood. The dramatic congress; etc. L.

Ch — s, Colonel. Colonel Fran-
cis Charteris. Menioirs of the life of . . .
L. 1732.




Ch — rtr — s. Colonel Francis Char-
teris. The history of Colonel F. . . .
L. 1730.

Chad. Henri/ Ghadwick. Base ball
player's book of reference. By . . .
N.Y. 1866.

Chairman of the Commissioners,
The. Lemuel Shattack. Sanitary survey
of the town of Lawrence [Mass.] . . .
B. 1850.

Chairman of the Kent Natural
History Society, The. Robert Pocock.
Hasted's history, defended by . . . " Gent.
Mag.," November, 1812.

Challice, Dr. Mrs. Annie Emma
ChatUce, The secret history of the court
of France under Louis XV. Edited by
... L. 1861.

Chancellor, The. Lord Chancellor
Lyndhurst. — See " Fraser's Mag.," I.,

Chancellor, The. Henry Woodhull
Green. Opinion of . . . in the New Jer-
sey zinc and franklinite case. Trenton,
N.J., 1862.

Chancery Barrister, A. Basil Mon-
tagu. Thoughts on laughter. By . . .
L. 1830.

Chandler, JBessie. Mrs. Elizabeth
(^Chandler) Parker.

Channing. Liev. Edioard Abbott.

Chapel Minister, A. John M'Gill.
Dr. Jainieson weighed in his own scales
... By . . . Glasgow, 1866.

Chaplain. Bev. John Edward Whar-
ton Rotton. C.'s narrative of the siege of
Dellii. L.'l858.

Chaplain, The. Rev. Edward Brine.
The danger of not being prepared. A
sermon ... in the English church at
the Hague. By . . . Tlie Hague,

Chaplain, The. Rev. Alonzo Carillo
Luzo. Voyage to Peru, by the Conde
of St. Malo, in 1745-49 . . . by . . . L.

Chaplain of the County Gaol,
Northampton, The. William Drake.
A dissuasion from crimes, comprised in
two sermons . . . By . . . Northampton,

Chaplain of the Regiment, The.

Rev. Edward A. Walker. Our first year of

^ army life . . . First reg't of Connecticut

vol. lieavy artillery . . . by . . . New

Haven, 1862.

Chariklos. Aristarrhi Be;/. Tiir-
kiaclie skizzen in brlc^fen an eine freun-
•din, 1876. BerHn, 1883-84.

Charles Albert, le doct. Charles
Albert Chaninonunt. Observations . . .
relatives aux lois . . . Paris, 1826.

Charles, Jean. Karl Johann Braun,
ritter von Braunthal. Realisten und
idealisten ; socialer roman. Leipzig,

Charlotte Elizabeth. Mrs. Charlotte
Elizabeth (^Browne Phelan) Tonna. The
perils of the nation. L. 1843.

"Wrongly ascribed to Robert Benton Seeley.
— See "N. and Q.," July, 1886, p. 86.

Chat-Huant. Edivard F. Smythe
Pigott, in his journal, the "London

Cheapside Knight, The. Sir Rich-
ard Blackmore.

Chester, Adam. Charles Rothwell,
Th' tay and rum ditty.

Chestnut, The. Edivin A. Abbey. —
See "Puritan, The."

Chicago IBlble Class Teacher, A.
Robert A. Camjibell. The four gospels in
one. By . . . Chicago, 1871.

Chicago Clergyman, A. Rev. Edgar
J. Goods/jeed. The great fires in Chicago
and the West ... By . . . Chicago,

Chief Engineer, The. H. M. Fos-
dick. Report of ... on tlie survey of a
line for the Quebec and Saguenay rail-
way . . . Quebec, 1854.

Chief of the Bureau of Medicine
and Surgery, The. William Maxwell
Wood. Special report of . . . W. 1869.

Chief of the Bureau of Ordnance,
The. Henry Augustus Wise. Report of
. . ., Navy Department, Oct. 20, 1863.
W. 1863.

Chief of the Galenists. John Wil-
liams, D.D. — See " The High German-

Chief-Justice, The. Anthony Stokes.
Directions for the officers of his Majesty's
General Court, etc., of the province of
Georgia. Compiled by . . . Savannah,

Chief Superintendent of Schools,
The. Adolphus Egerton Ryerson. Pro-
ceeding at the . . . laying the chief corner-
stone of the normal and model schools,
etc., for Upper Canada . . . Toronto,

Chief's Daughter, The. Pocahontas.
The ... or the settlers in Virginia. L.

Chil«**s^ Mr. Right-Hon. Hugh Cul-
linq Eardlei/ Childers. Our nautical
school, Wh*****ll, London . . . With a
brief allusion to the . . . resignation of
... L. 1871.

Child of the Temple, The. Louis
XVIL, King of France. [Account of,
reprinted from the " Penny Post."] L.




Chordal. James W. See. Extracts
from . . .'s letters . . . N.Y. 1881.

Chownitz, Julian. Joseph Cliowanetz.
Geld und herz. Leipzig, 1842.

Christian, A. Gerard Legk. (1) The
case of an erroneous conscience repre-
sented in a new light . . . By ... L.
1719. — (2) A letter to . . . Mr. Stebbing
... By . . . L. 1718.

Christian, A. James Patriot Wilson,'"
D.D. (1) Moral agency ; or, natural
ability consistent with moral inability . . .
By . . . P. 1819. — (2) Sin destitute of the
apology of inability . . . By ... P.

Christian, A. Benjamin Hoadly.
Queries recommended to the authors of
a discourse of free-thinking [by Anthony
Collins]. By . . . L. 1713.

Christian, A. Micaiah Towgood. Se-
rious and free thoughts on the present
state of the church and religion ... L.

Christian in a cold Season, sit-
ting before it, A. Cotton Mather.
Christianus per ignem . . . By ... B.

Christian, lately departed, A. Am-
brose Serle. Secret thoughts of . . . L.

Christian Freethinker, A. Joseph
Highmore. Observations on a pamphlet
[by Dodwell] entitled " Christianity not
founded on argument." By ... L.

Christian Layman, A. Benjamin
Parsons. The Christian layman; or, the
doctrine of the Trinity fully considered
. . . by . . . Mobile, 1840.

Christian Minister, The. Rev. James
Bean. The C. M.'s affectionate advice
to a new married couple. L. 1793.

Christian Slinister, A. William
Mason. Christian union and how to get
it. By . . . L. 1858.

Christian Observer, A. George Gallo-
waij. The errors of modern theology,
more especially of the Morrisonian sys-
tem ... By . . . Glasgow, 1845.

Christianus. Thomas Frognall Dib-
din. A letter to the editor of the Times
... By . . . L. 1830.

Chrysale. A. Blanouet. Les femmes.

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