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gres Ame'ricain. A French writer of

Vlnell, Mrs. Sigrid (Lidberg), 1848-
1885. Valfrid Grane. A Swedisli novel-

VoUmer, W. F. A. Dr. Morvell. A
German novelist.

Voltaire, Frangois Marie Arouet
de. Docteur Good Natur'd Wetlwisher.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 579.


Wachter, Georg Phillpp Ludwig
Lieonhard, 1762-1837. Veil Weber. A
German litte'rateur ; b. at tjlzen ; studied
theology at Gottingen ; in 1792 entered
the Hannover army ; in 1798 became a
teacher at Hamburg ; his " Wilhelm
Tell " appeared in 1804, before that of

Waddell, Peter Hately, LL.D. A
Probationer of the Free Church of Scotland.

Wade, John. The Editor of " The
Cabinet Laivj/er " ; Thomas Fielding.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 580.

Wade, R. W. W. C. An English

WagstaiTe, WiUiam, M.D. A Free-

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 580.

Waibel, Aloys Adalbert. Theophilus
A^elk. A German writer.

Wainwriglit, John HoAvard. — See
" Rice, G. E., and W., J. H."

Wainwright, Jonathan Mayhew,
D.D., 1793-1854. A Presbi/ter of the
Diocese of Massachusetts. An American
Episcopal clergyman ; b. at Liverpool,
England; Harv. Univ., 1812; bishop of
New York, 1852-54; d. in New York

Wal£efield, . Alpha. An Eng-
lish poet.

Wakefield, Priscilla (Bell). C/ne

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 580.

Waldenstrom, Per Paul. P. W.

A Swedish professor and author of re-
ligious books.

Waldie, George. &. W. A Scottish

Waldmiiller, Robert. iSduard Duboc.

Waldo, Leonard. The Astronomer
in Charge of the Horological and Thermo-
metrical Beaureaus.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 580.

Walford, Cornelius, -1885. Junius.
An English lawyer and literary anti-
quary ; was called to the bar somewhat
late in life; spent much time in literary
work ; d. at his residence in South

Walford, Ed^vard. Mas Busticus.

See " L and P.," First Series, p. 580.

Walford, J. A Member of the

Bourne Family. An English biog-

Walford, J. H. "Detached Badger"
of "-The Field.'" An English writer on
angling and floating flies.

Walker, . Eubante. An Irish (?)

writer on education, of one hundred
years ago.

Walker, Rev. Edward Ashley. The
Chaplain of the Begiment. An American
clergyman ; chaplain of the First Reg-
iment Connecticut Volunteer Heavy

Walker, Miss Emmeline Lisle. Les-
ter Lisle.




Walker, Rev. George. A Clergyman.
An English divine; a writer and trans-
lator of hymns.

Walker, Henry Augustus. H. A. W.

An American writer; Harv. Coll., 1830;
d. 18.38.

Walker, James, D.D., 1794-1874.
An American ; W; J. W. An American
clergyman; b. at Burlington, Mass.,
Harv. Univ., 1814; pastor at Charles-
town, Mass., 1818-39 ; professor at Har-
vard, 18.39-53, president, 1853-60; d. at

Walker, James Barr, D.D. An
American Citizen.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 581.

Walker, Rev. John, F.T.C.D., 1758-
1823. One of their Brethren. An Irish
clergyman •, was expelled from the Univ.
of Dublin about 1800.

AValker, Richard, B.D. A Sub-
Utopian ; A Disciple of Cranmer. An
English scholar of Magdalen Coll.,

Walker, S. The " WJiistling Commer-
cial." An English writer of the day ; a
member of the rorkshire Printing, and
Publishing Company.

Walker, Thomas. Another Hand.
An American writer ; a contemporary of
Cotton Mather.

Walker, Rev. Thomas. A Member
Thereof. A Scottish minister of Dun-

AValker, Timothy, LL.D., 1802-56.
W. An eminent American lawyer; b.
at Wilmington, Mass. ; Harv. Univ.,
1826 ; went to Cincinnati in 1830 ; was
admitted to the Ohio bar in 1831, and
spent the rest of his life in that city.

Walker, William, 1824-60. The
Greii-Eijed Man of TJi:t;tini/. An Ameri-
can filibuster; b. at Nashville, Tenn. ; in
1855 he led a party of adventurers to
Nicaragua, and took the city of Granada ;
in 1860 he led another expedition against
Honduras; was taken and shot at

Wallter, William. Tom Cringle. A.
British colonial writer.

Wallace, Thomas. A Conscrr.afinc
Whi'/. An Englisii political writer.

Wallace, Thomas, LL.D. An Old
Ex- Scholar of Trin. Coll., Dublin. An
Irish writer. — See " Eraser," June, 1836.
.Wallace, William. A Laij Protes-
tant. An Irish writer (M.D.(1)) of Dublin.

Wallazz, Edmund A. E. A. W.
An American writer of the day.

Wallcut, Rev. Robert Folger, 1797-
1884. R. F. W; Philo Pacificus. An
American clergyman ; b. at Nantucket,

Mass. ; Harv. Coll., 1817 ; Divinity
School, 1820 ; d. in Boston.

Walley, Samuel Hurd. The Super-

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 681.

Wallis, Miss . Miss Opzoomer.

An English writer of the day.

Wallis, Ernst. E. W. A Swedish

Walpole, Rt. Hon. Horace, 4th Earl
of Orford, 1717-97. Ladij 31ary Wort-
le (/ Montague ; S. T.
"See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 581.

Walpole, Sir Robert, Earl of Or-
ford. Euphemius ; Grand Corrupter ;
The Persuasive Euphemius ; Sir Sobert
Brass ; Sir Robert Courtley ; Robin

See " i. and P.," First Series, p. 582.

Walsh, Miss . A Daughter of a

Captain in the Navi/, deceased.

Walsh, John Edward, LL.D., 1816-
69. IF. An Irish lawyer; educ. at
Trin. Coll., Dublin; admitted to the bar,
1839 ; Queen's counsel, 1857 ; master of
the rolls in Ireland, 1866-69.

Walsh, John Henry, F.R.C.S. Stone-
henge ; Valentine Vox.

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 582.

Walsh, William Shepard, 1854-.
William Shepard. An American writer;
b. in Paris ; recent editor of " Lippin-
cott's Magazine " ; long resident in Phil-
adelphia, as a writer for " Our Young
Folks," in 1871 et seq.

Walter, A. A. Betlaw.

Walter, J. ,/. Retlaw.

Walter, Thomas, 1696-1728. A Son
of Martin Marprelate. An American
Congregational minister ; b. in Roxbury,
Mass.; Harv. Coll., 1713; pastor (with
his father) in his native town, 1718-28,
and d. there.

Walworth, Mrs. Jeannette R. (Had-
ermann). Jeannette R. Hadermann. An
American writer of the day; wife of Mr.
Douglas Walworth.

Wansey, Henry. A Wiltshire Clothier,
F.A.S. An Englisii writer of one hun-
dred years ago who distinguished him-
self by his travels.

Warburg, Karl J. K. W—g. A
Swedish aiitlior.

Warburton, Eliot Bartholomew^
George, 1810-52. Eliot Warburton. An
Irish liiwyer ; b. near Tullamore ; educ.
at Cambridge; called to the Irish bar,
but devoted himself to the care of his
estates, foreign travel, and literature ;
was lost in the Amazon Royal steam-
packet, destroyed by fire on her passage
to the West Indies.




Warburton, WiUiam, D.D., 1698-
1779. A Hypercritic ; An Author.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 582.

Ward, Anna Lydla. A. T. An
American writer with J. K. Hoyt, the
compiler of " Cyclopcedia of Practical
Quotations," etc., in 1881.

Ward, C. A. Britumiicus.

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 582.

Ward, Eev. Edward, M.A. The
Author of the "London Spij."

See "'I. and P.," First Series, p. 582.

Ward, Rev. Henry Dana, A.M. A
Harvard Student ; A Munttr Mason.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 582.

Ward, James Harman, 1806-61. The
Commissioner. An American naval offi-
cer; b. in Hartford, Conn.; entered the
United States navy, 1823 ; commander,
1853 ; killed at Matthias Point, on the

Ward, Mrs. M. A. M. A. W. An Eng-
lish writer of the day ; wife of Humphrey
Ward, and niece of Mattliew Arnold.

Ward, Nahum. A Resident of twelve
years at Marietta in that State. An Amer-
ican settler in the West ; tlie owner of
numerous tracts of land in Ohio.

Ward, Pluiner. A Tory of the Old
School. iVn English writer of fifty years

Ward, Thomas Humphry, 1845-.
The Editor of " Men of the Reign." An
English litterateur ; b. at Hull ; educ. at
Oxford ; tutor in his college, 1870-80 ;
since 1880 engaged in literary work in

Ward, WUliam George. W. G. W. ;
Junior M. A., one of the 386.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 583.

Ware, Major . Jasper Smallshot.

An English writer of Wareliill, Herts.

Ware, Henry, Sr., D.D., 1764-1845.
^*** y****; H. W. An American
clergyman ; b. at Sherburne, Mass. ;
Harv. Coll., 1785 ; pastor at Hingham,
Mass., 1787-1805; HoUis professor at
Harvard, 1806-40 ; d. at Cambridge.

Ware, Henry, Jr., D.D. H. W., Jr. ;
Y**** ; tf t ,• An Unitarian.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 583.

Ware, John, M.D., 1795-1864. J. W.
An American physician ; b. at Hingham,
Mass. ; Harv. Coll., 1813 ; Medical School,
1816; adjunct professor, and professor
at Harvard, 1832-58; d. in Boston.

Ware, William. W. W.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 583.

Warfield, Mrs. Catharine Ann
(Ware) and Lee, Mrs. Eleanor Percy
(Ware). Tivo Sisters of the West.

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 583.

Waring, Miss Anna Laetitia. A. L.


See " 1. and P.," First Series, p. 583.

Waring, C. H., 1819-87. C. R. W.
An English humorous writer ; d. at

Waring, Jeremiah, 1757-1829. One
of the People called Christians. An Eng-
lisli frienil, of Alton, Hants.

Waring, John Burlej^. A Great Big
Fool ; The Writer of " The Universal

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 583.

Warland, John Henry, -1872. ,/.
H. W- An American writer ; son of
John H. Warland ; one of the Harv.
Coll. masons ; b. at Cambridge ; Harv.
Coll., 1827; became a journalist; mar-
ried a daughter of Mr. Carter, the gar-
dener of the Botanic Garden ; died at
Taunton, Mass.

Warland, John Henry,and another.
Bumhlerri) Buzz.

Warland, Theodore, -1864. T. W.
An American clergyman ; b. in Cam-
bridge, Mass.; Harv. Coll., 1832; Divin-
ity School, 1837.

Warne, Jonathan. A Friend of the

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 583.

Warner, . /. W. L. An Eng-
lish controversialist of the earlier part
of the eighteenth century.

Warner, Miss Eliza A. A. H. K.
An American writer of the day of North-
ampton, Mass.

Warner, Ferdinando, LL.D., 1703-
about 1767. 7'^ W. An English clergy-
man; vicar of Eonde, Wiltshire, 1730,
and rector of St. Michael Queenhithe,
London, 1746 w. Barnes R. Surrey,

Warner, John, D.D., 1736-1800. An-
glus; AnOAEI ME TO TENOS. An emi-
nent English divine ; of Trin. Coll., Cam-
bridge ; B.A., 1758; in 1771 he was pre-
sented to the united rectories of Hock-
liffe and Chalgrave ; and afterwards to
the valuable rectory of S tour ton, Wilt-
shire; d. in St. John's Square, Clerken-

Warner, Richard, 1763-1857. Us
Tu-o. An English litte'rateur of Bath(?),
England ; where for twenty-three years
he was curate of St. James's Church ;
afterwards rector of Chelwood, Somerset,
and Great Chalfield, Wiltshire ; he was
a native of Lymington, Hampshire ; and
educ. at St. Mary Hall, Oxford.

Warren, Edward, -1878. E. W. An
American physician ; Harv, Coll., 1826 ;
M.D., 1829; d. 1878.




Warren, Joseph, M.D., 1740-75. A
True Patriot. An American patriot ; b.
in Roxbury, Mass. ; Harv. Coll., 1759 ;
ma]or-generaI in the American Eevolu-
tionary Army, June 14, 1775, and killed
four days later at the battle of Bunker

Warren, Samuel. 5. W. An Eng-
lish religious writer of London.

Warren, Samuel, D.C.L. A Barrister-

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 584.

Warrington, tx. A Lai/vian of the
Church of England. An English religious

Warton, Thomas, 1728-90. Menan-
der ; John Whetham ; Verax.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 584.

Wasborough, . Montague Wil-

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 584.

Washburn, Mrs. . Table-Gossip.

An American writer for the Boston "Sun-
day Globe."

Washington, George, 1732-99. The
American. Fabius. An American states-
man ; b. in Westmoreland Co., Va. ; pres-
ident of the United States, 1789-97 ; d.
at Mount Vernon, Va.

W^ashington, John. ./. IF.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 584.

Wasson, David At^vood. JJ. A. W.
An American writer; wrote for the
" Christian Examiner," " North American
Review," etc.

Waterland, Daniel, D.D., 1683-1740.
The Doctor. An English clergyman ; b.
at Wasely, Lincolnshire ; educ. at Cam-
bridge; vicar of Twickenham and arch-
deacon of Middlesex, 1730-40.

Waterland, Rev. Joseph. A Minis-
ter of the Chtirch of England. An English
clergyman of two liundred years ago.

Waterman, Rev. Jotham, - 1836.
Aquie Homo, A. B. An American minister ;
Harv. Coll., 1799; preached at Ply-
mouth, N.C., in 1818, and in Ipswicli,
Mass. (at least on one occasion), in

Waters, E. W. An Ordnrli/ Serjeant.
An American soldier of the 22d Connec-
ticut \"oUniteers in the late civil war.

Waterston, Rev. Robert Cassie,
A.M. R. C. W.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 584.

Watkins, Tobias, M.D. yEgles ;
T. W.; Pertinax Particular.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 584.

Watre, Antony. Nemesis. An Eng-
lish writer.

Watson, George B. Lamp. An
American writer of tlie day.

Watson, Jean L., -1885. ./. L. W.
A Scottish novelist; b. at Broughton, in
Peeblesshire ; for many years resided at

Watson, John. A Free Church Lay-

See " 1. and P.," First Series, p. 585.

Watson, Richard, D.D., 1737-1816.
A Consistent Protestant ; Philohiblius.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 585.

Watts, Alaric Alexander, 1799-1864.
A Magazine Editor. An English poet,
editor, and journalist ; b. in London.

Watts, George Frederick, 1818-.
F. W. George. An eminent English
artist; b. in London, and self-taught.

Wayne, Anthony, 1745-96. Mad
Anthony. An able American soldier ; b.
in Chester Co., Penn. ; d. at Presque
Isle, on Lake Erie.

Weatherhead, George Hume, M.D.
A Pedestrian Tourist. An English phy-
sician of London.

Webb, Mrs. A. A. W. An English

Webb, Daniel. An English Woolen
Manufacturer. An English writer of one
hundred and fifty years ago.

Webb, Philip Carteret. P. G. W.;
A Member of the Society of Antiquaries of
London; A Gentleman of Lincoln s Inn.

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 586.

Webster, Benjamin Franklin. An
Officer. An American soldier of the
Army of the Cumberland.

Webster, Daniel, 1782-1852. The
Expounder of the Constitution ; Icarus ;
" The Great Expoii Jer." An eminent
American statesmr n; b. at Salisbury,
N.H.; United States secretary of state,
1850-52 ; d. at Marshfield, Mass.

Webster, George. A Displeased
Layman. A Scotti.<h writer of Newland,

Webster, John White, M.D., -1850.
J. W. W. An American chemist ; Harv.
Univ., 1811; lecturer and professor there,

Webster, Noah, LL.D. Adam ; Con-
tented Freeman.

See " I. and P.," Fir l Series, p. 586.

Webster, Pelatiah, A.M. A Citizen
of Philadelphia; A Financier.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 586.

Webster, Samuel, D.D., 1718-96. A
Minister. An American Congregational
clergyman; b. in Bradford, Mass. ; Ilarv.
Coll., 1737 ; pastor at Salisbury, Mass.,
1741-96, and d. there.

Wedderburn, Alexander, Lord
Loughborough, 1733-1805. The Great-
est Hypocrite in His 3Iajesty's Dominions.




A Scottish jurist ; b. at Chesterliall,
East Lothian; lord high chancellor,
1793-1801; Earl of Rosslyn, 1801.

Wedgewood, Julia. Florence Dawson.
An English writer.

Weise, Frau Clara (Stock). Clara
Cron. A German novelist of the day.

Weiss, John, 1818-79. J. W.; W—s;
J. W — s. An American clergyman ; b.
in Boston ; Harv. Coll., 1837 ; Divinity
School, 1843 ; pastor at Watertown, and
afterwards of New Bedford, both of
Mass. ; in 1873 he removed to Boston.

Weld, Horatio Hastings, D.D.,
1811-. W- An Episcopal clergyman ;
b. in Boston ; for some years a printer
and journalist; in 1845 he was admitted
to orders ; in 1887 was at Riverton, N.J.

Welles, Albert. A Descendant from
one of the Early Puritanic Governors. An
American writer; b. in New York City
early in the nineteenth century, and now
resident there; was a descendant of
Thomas Welles, (1598-1660), who was
lieutenant-governor of Connecticut, 1656,
and governor, 1658, and d. at Wethers-
field, Conn., 1660.

Wellington, Arthur Wellesley, 1st
Duke of, 1769-1852. The Iron Duke;
The Great Duke. A celebrated British
general ; b. in Dublin or at Dangan
Castle, in the county of Meath, Ire-
land ; educ. at Eton and in France ;
was prime minister, 1828-30; d. at
Walmer Castle.

Wells, Anna Maria, 1797-. A. M.
W. An American poet; sister of Mrs.
Frances S. Osgood ; was b. in Gloucester,
Mass., and in 1829 married Thomas
Wells, United States Revenue Service.

WeUs, David, Esq., 1733-90. D. W.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 587.

Weinyss, Francis, Lord Elcho, now
Earl of Wemyss, 1818-. Cool of the
Evening. An English peer's son; educ. at
Eton and Oxford ; a lord of the treasury,
1853-55 ; M.P., 1841-82 et seq.

Werner, Julian. Karl Dilthey.

Wesley, Rev. John. A Lover of Good
English and Common Sense ; J. W.

See " I and P.," First Series, p. 587.

West, Benjamin, LL.D., 1730-1813.
Isaac Bickcrstaff'. An American astrono-
mer and mathematician; b.at Reliobotli,
Mass. ; removed to Providence, R.I., in
1753 ; was a bookseller there till the Revo-
lution ; then manufactured clothing for
the Continental soldiers, all the while
pursuing his studies; prof essor of mathe-
matics in Brown Univ., 1786-99; post-
master of Providence, 1812-13 ; d. in

West, Rev. Edward. E. W. An

English clergyman of Nairn, Scotland.

West, Rev. John Rowland, M.A.
J. B. W.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 588.

Westeott, Charles S. Homo.

Weston, Rev. David. A Delegate.
An American clergyman.

Weston, Rt. Hon. Edward. A Coun-
trij Gentleman; A Late Second-rate Min-

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 588.

Weston, Maria D. Maria. An
American religious writer.

Weston, Nathan, LL.D. A Member.
An American jurist; chief-justice of
Maine ; residing at Augusta.

Weston, Rev. Stephen, B.D. 5. W.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 588.

Wetherfield, F. G. M., and others.
Members of the Bar. English lawyers of
the day.

Wetniore, Rev. James. A Missionary
from the Honorable Society for Propagat-
ing the Gospel, etc. An American minis-
ter ; Yale Coll., 1714 ; pastor of the First
Congregational Church at North Haven,
Conn., 1718-26; rector of the Episcopal
Church at Rye, N.Y., 1726-60.

Wetterberg, Dr. Carl Anton, 1804-.
Onkel Adam. A Swedish physician and

Whalley, George. A Well-wisher to
his King and Country. An English writer
of one hundred years ago.

Whally, John. A Trustee. An
English writer of the eighteenth cen-

Wharton, Francis, D.D., LL.D.,
1820. * *. An American jurist; b. in
Philadelphia; Yale Coll., 1839; read
law in his native city ; professor in Ken-
yon Coll., Ohio, 1856-03 ; rector of St.
Paul's Church, Brookline, Mass., and
professor in the Cambridge (Episcopal)
Theological School.

Wharton, Sir George, 1617-81. Es-
dras Philoparthen. An English poet, etc. ;
b. at Kirkby-Kendal ; was for a time a
soldier, then an author, finally a public
officer and knighted.

Wharton, Thomas. Ethel Jones. An
American writer of the day, of Phila-

Wharton, Thomas, Marquis of
Wharton. Machiavel.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 589.

Whately, Richard, D.D., 1787-1863.
A Countri/ Pastor.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 589.

Whately, Thomas, -1772. ' The Au-
thor of " Observatio?is on Modern Garden-




ing." An English writer, the earliest on
Landscape Gardening ; an uncle of Arch-
bishop Whately.

Wheatley, Richard, 1831-. Allan
Copmanthorpe ; Husiicus ; Justitia. An
English Methodist clergyman ; b. at
Copmanthorpe ; in 1886 resident in New
York City.

Wheaton, Robert, 1826-51. B. W.
An American lawyer; son of Henry
Wheaton ; b. in New York City ; spent
his life chiefly in 'Europe; studied at
Harv. Law School, 181:7-50 ; admitted to
the Boston bar in July, 1851, and d. in
October of the same year.

Wheatstone, Sir Charles, 1802-.
C. W. An English scientist; b. at
Gloucester; appointed professor of ex-
perimental philosophy in King's Coll.,
London, in 1834, and elected a Fellow of
the Royal Society in 1836.

Wheeler, Mrs. Ann. A W. An
English writer in the Westmoreland

Wheeler, Charles Stearns, about
1818-43. C. S. W. An American
scholar; Harv. Coll., 1837; tutor there,
1838-42 ; d. at Leipsic.

Wheeler, Emily Frances. June
Winter. An American writer ; North-
western Univ., 1875 ; professor of mod-
ern languages at Ohio Univ. ; in 1886
resident at Rockford, 111.

Wheeler, Ira B. The Coroner. An
American ofBcial.

Wheeler, J. Talboys. J. T. W.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 589.

Wheeler, S. S. W. An English

Wheelock, J. S. An Hospital Agent,
An American writer.

Wheelwright, Horace William. An
Old Bushman; A Naturalist.

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 589.

Wheildon, William Willder. A
Native of Boston ; The Editor. An Amer-
ican journalist; for many years of
Charlestown, Mass. ; in 1884 et seq. of
Concord, Mass.

Whelpley, James Davenport, 1817-
72. J. D. W. ; A Citizen of New York ;
Horns. An American journalist ; b. in
New York City ; Yale Coll., 1837 ; stud-
ied medicine, but liis health failing, he
became editor of the " American Whig
Review "; d. in Boston.

Whewell, William, 1795-1866. Bilhj
Whistle; A Member of Both Sjjndicates.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 589.

Whidborne, Rev. George Ferris,
M..\. A Clcrgi/man of the Diocese of Ex-
clrr. An English divine; Queen's Coll.,

Oxford, 1827 ; P.C. of Hanley, Stafford-
shire, 1849-60 et seq.

Whipple, Charles King. C. K. W.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 589.

Whipple, Edwin Percy, 1819-86.
E. P. W. An American critic ; b. in
Gloucester, Mass.; removed to Boston in
1823, and afterwards resided and d. there.

Whiston, Daniel. A Presbijter of the
Church of England. An English clergy-
man of one hundred years ago.

Whltaker, Edw^ard. Drawde Reka-

Whitaker, Joseph, 1820-. J. W.
An English literary bookseller and pub-
lisher ; b. in London ; projector of
" Whitaker's Almanac " in 1869.

WhitcombjRev. William Chalmers.

w. c. w.

See "I. and P.," First Series, p. 589.

White, . Falstaff.

White, . William Witcracker.

White, Mr. . Prince Basselas. An

American journalist; writer for the New
York "Times."

White, Benjamin Aspinwall, -1866.
B. A. W. An American physician;
Harv. Coll., 1811 ; M.D., Penn., 1815.

White, Charles, 1793-. Miss Mary
Corr. An English soldier ; b. in Shrop-
shire ; educ. at Eton ; at an early age
became attached to " The Guards."

White, Charles Albert. Will If.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 590.

White, Rev. George Savage, 1784-.
Amana. An Englisli Episcopal divine;
b. at Bath; educ. at Chestnut Coll., and
ordained at Lady Huntington's Chapel at
Brighton in 1809; came to this country
and preached for some time in Rhode

White, Miss Hannah. A Lady. An
American religious writer; published in
Boston, 1850.

White, Rev. Henry, -1836. H. W.
An English clergyman; resident at Lich-
field, and a friend of Dr. Johnson and
other celebrated writers.

White, Henry. Candidus.

White, Joseph Blanco. A Clergyman
of the Church of England ; Not by the Edi-
tor of "Captain Rock's Memoirs"; An
Irish Gentleman.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 590.

White, Richard Grant. An Ameri-
can x\nt.hor ; A Yankee.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 590.

White, Stanford. The Builder. An
American artist of the day.

White, T. Chartres. A Quelcett Club-
Man. An English writer of the day;




late president of the Quekett Microscopic

White, Rt. Rev. WUIiam, D.D., 1748-
1836. Silas. An eminent American
Episcopal clergyman ; b. in Pliiladelphia ;
graduated at the college of tliat city in
1765; was chaplain of Congress for some
years ; was bishop of Pennsylvania, and
the first American bishop consecrated in
England ; d. in his native citj'.

White, WiUiain Charles, 1777-1818.
A Republican. An American lawyer and
political writer; but previously an actor
and dramatist ; b. in Boston ; d. in Wor-

White, William F. William Grei/.
An American pioneer of California ; a
writer of the day.

Wliitefield, Rev. George. Some of
his quondam dear Friends, called Quakers ;
Dr. Squintum; Mr. W—d.

See " 1. and P.," First Series, p. 590.

Whitehead, Paul, 1709 or 1710-1774.
Paul the Aged. An English poet ; b. in
Holborn ; became " an active politician,
a poetical satirist, and one of the thrice-
infamous monks of Medmenliam Abbey ;
was deputy treasurer of the Chamber."

Whitehead, Sarah R. S. R. W.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 590.

Whiteiug, Richard. Alb.

See " I. and P.," First Series, p. 590.

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