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F., M. A. M. A. Fisher. A spinster's
story. By . . . L. 1866.

F»**g****d, W. T. William Thomas
Fitzgerald. The sturdy reformer : a new
song . . . by . . . L. 1792.

Fermoy, Philip Roche. Robert John-
son, Judge of the Court of Common
Pleas, Ireland. A commentary on the
memoirs of T. Wolfe Tone . . . Paris,

Ff., E. S. Rev. Edmund Salusbury
Ffoulkes. St. Peter in Romel etc. L.

Fielding. Joanidion. E. Parker.
Philomath. Mr. J. F. his . . . account
of the . . . comet Avhich was seen . . .
at Constantinople, etc. [A satire.] L.

Finola. Elizabeth Willour/hbij Varian.
Poems. By . . . Belfast, 1851.

Fisher, A., of Ne^vcastle. Mrs. •

Slack. A new English exercise book . . .
Newcastle, 1770.

Fisher, George [accontptant]. Mrs.
Slack. Cocker's arithmetic . . . cor-
rected . . . by . . . L. 1725.

Fitz-Adam, Adam. Edicard Moore.
The World, by . . . L. 1753, etc.

Flagellus. William Plowman. Con-
cise remarks on game mania . . . By . . .
L. 1819.

Fortesque. William Sampson, in the
"Press" (Dublin), 1797-98.

Francis. Marie Francois Denis The-
resa Leroy, Baron d' Allarde. Arlequin
tyran domestique, enfantillage . . . par
. . . Paris, 1805.

The titles of more than ninety books are given
in the British Museum Catalogue, of which he
was the author alone or with others.

Fridolin, F. Gr. Count F. Schirnd-
ling. Spiegelbilder aus dem weiblichen
Kunst- und Berufsleben der modernen
welt. Leipzig, 1839.

Friend, A. John Dennis. A letter
to the Rev. H. Budd ... By . . . L. 1828.

Frip. Jean Paul Friedrich Richier, in
the Heidelbergh " Jahrbiicher " in 1815. -^

G , W. T. F. William Thomas

Fitzgerald. The Republican's picture,
etc. L. 1792.

Grand Chaplain of the Grand
Lodge of New Hampshire. Rev.
George Richards. Masonic and social
address, as pronounced . . . [on] laying
the corner stone of the St. John's Epis-
coi)al Church . . . Portsmouth, N.H.,

II., J. John Hunter. Outlines of Eng-
lish history. By . . . L. 1860.



His Son. William Entwisle. Memoirs
of the Rev. J. Entwisle, fifty-four years
a Wesleyan minister. By . . . Bristol,

His Widow. Mrs. Harriet Finleij. A
short memoir of Rev. J. Finley . . . by . . .
L. 1856.

Inhabitant, An. S.Richards. Sketches
of Farniington, Connecticut . . . By . . .
Windsor, Vt., 1832.

Inquirer, An. H. P. Happer. Part
I. Is the Shang-Ti of the Chinese Classics
the same being as the Jehovah of the Sa-
cred Scriptures ? Part II. What being
is designated by Shang-Ti in the Chi-
nese Classics, etc. ? By . . . Shanghai,

John the Dipper. Benjamin Francis,
of Bristol. The Salopian zealot ; or, the
good vicar in a bad mood. By ... L.

Judkins, Julte, Esq. Charles Lamb.
Reminiscences of Juke Judkins, Esq., of
Birmingham. In the " New Monthly
Mag.," 1826.

Julian. Augustine Joseph Hichey. —
See "Publius."

Junclter, E. Else Schmieden. Mar-
garethe ; or, life's problems. P. 1878.

Li., C Capel Lofft, in the "Morning
Chronicle." By signing these initials, as
he had a right to do, he sometimes half-
vexed Charles Lamb.

L., C. Mrs. Frederick E^ Pirlcis, an
English novelist.

li., J. John Leyden, who contributed
a series of pieces in verse, — chiefly
translations froin the Greek, Latin, and
Northern languages, — to the " Edin-
burgh Mag."

Lady, A. Anne Steele Pobinson. Poetic
reveries. By . . . Bait. 1848.

Late Right Honourable Com-
moner, A. William Pitt, Earl of
Chatham. An inquiry into the con-
duct of . . . By H. Cotes. L. 177G.

Louisa. Miss Louisa Beckwith. — See
f M. R. Joseph Henri Flacon. Les

fureurs de 1 'Amour . . . par . . . Paris,

Other pseudouyras of Flacon are: " Phili-
dor," " K. Philidor," " R***," " Philidor
R...," "Philidor R ," "Philidor

M., T. Thomas Morell. Exempla
Minora ; or, new English etiquette, to
be rendered into Latin . . . revised by
. . . Eton, 1705.

Member of Lincoln's Inn, A. Sir
William Fitzherbert, Burt. Three letters
to Dr. Price ... By . . . L. 1776.

Member of the Dakota Mission, A.

Mrs. Mary Ann G. Riggs. An English
and Dakota Vocabulary, by . . . N.Y.

Member of the Society of Uni-
versal Goodwill, in London and

NorTvich. Murray. An inquiry

into the origin, progress, and present
state of slavery ... By . . . L.

Member of the Unitas Fratrum, A.
J. F. Fridlezius. The touchstone applied
to the age ... By . . . Dublin, 1854.

Montanus. Tliomas Addis Emmet, in
the "Press" (Dublin), 1797-98.

Munden, Joseph. Charles Lamb.
Autobiography of Mr. Munden. In the
" London Mag.," February, 1825.

Officer of the Porpoise, An.

Fitz-Daniel. Interesting narrative of the
loss of the Porpoise and Cato . . . upon
Wreck Reef . . . by . . . L. 1808.

One of the Members of the Col-
lege. Charles Coote. Sketches of the
lives and characters of eminent English
civilians ... By . . . L. 1804.

One of themselves. Salmond.

Glimpses of evangelical Europe ; or,
notes for Christian laymen, compiled
by . . . Edinb. 1879.

P., F. E. Mrs. Frederick E. Perkis,
an English novelist.

Peaehum, Polly, or the Irish Polly.
Lavinia Fenton-Paulet, Duchess of Bolton.
An excellent new ballad inscribed to . . .
L. 1728.

Pensilis. Charles Lamb. On the in-
conveniencesresultingfrom being hanged.
In the "Reflector."

President of the Branch of the
Bank of the State of Alabama at
Decatur, The. James Fennel. Re-
port of . . . Tuscaloosa, 1841.

Publius. Henrtj C. Whitman, in the
Fitchburg (Mass.) '" Sentinel," 1838, etc.

" During the first two or three years the col-
umns of. the ' Sentinel ' were enlivened hy fre-
quent contributions, both of prose and poetry,
from a coterie of local contributors, some of
whom developed decided literary talent. Among
the more prominent of these writers were :
Henry C. Whitman, then a law student with
Torrey & Wood, afterwards judge of the Su-
preme Court of Ohio, who wrote a series of arti-
<^ag fin education, over the nom dc pitime of
ipiiblius ' ; Franklin Heed, a brother of the
editor, who wrote on moral, historical, and soci-
ety matters, over the initials ' Y. K. T.'; Miss
Louisa neckioith, later Mrs. Leander P. Co-
mee, whose poetical contributions were signed
' Louisa ' ; William C Etlerk, a harness
maker, later editor of Jie 'Cold Water Cup,'
who wrote under the nom de plume of ' Con-
rad ' ; one Patterson, an operative at the Fitch-
burg woollen mill, whose articles, both poetry
and prose, were over the signature of ' Sy-
phax ' ; and a young man by the name of



Augustine Joseph Hichey, then about sixteen
years of age, — an apprentice in the 'Sentinel'
office, — whose contributions bore the pseudo-
nym of ' Julian.' After leaving Fitchburg,
Ilickey assumed the name of ' Duganne,' and
became well known in literary circles as an
author, and poet." — " Journalism in Fitch-

Retired Judge, A. W. W. Follett
Sipiqe. Bumblebee Bogo's budget. L.

Mr. Synge was H. M.'s Commissary Judge in

S. F. Startled Falcon. 1844; or,
the power of the " S. F." : a tale, devel-
oping the secret action of parties during
the presidential campaign of 1844. N.Y.
1847. By Thomas Dunn English.

Saint Caroline. Caroline Amelia
Elizabeth, Queen Consort of George
IV., etc. Extracts from the pilgrim-
age of . . . with notes by an English-
woman. L. 1821.

Soldier, A. ■ Matthews, an artil-
lery man of Woolwich. A word for the
unwary . . .; or, letters from ... L. 1825.

Syphax. Fatterson. — See"Pub-


Tallyho, Ben. Henri/ Aiken, drafts-
man and engraver. His earliest produc-
tions were published anonymously imder
the signature " Ben Tallyho."

Two Philosophers, The. Sir Wil-
liam Hamilton and John Stuart Mill.
The battle of . . . By an inquirer. L.

Ultra Octogenarian, An. Judge John
Robertson, of Virginia. Opuscula. Seria
ac Jocosa. Found in the Scrutoir of . . .
n.p. 1870.

Unknown Admirer of Genius, An.
Sir Walter Scott, in his dedication of
Waverley ; the volumes being respect-
fully inscribed to our Scottish Addison,
Henry Mackenzie, by . . .

Wonder, Jak. Peter K. Ferguson.
Ugliness and its uses : a lecture ... by
. . . N.Y. 1852.

Y. N. T. Franklin Reed. — See " Pub-

Z., Z. William Boioyer, in the " St.
James's Chronicle," April 24 and 26, 1766,
used these initials to two letters during
the Bentley controversy.




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