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the proclamation of peace, etc. Tot-
tenham, 1814. — (2) Serious reflections
on the death of Johannes . . . By . . .
L. 1789.

Elle et Liui. Mad. A. L. A. Dudevant
and Paul de Musset. L'amour et I'hon-
neur. Par . . . Paris, 1862.

Ellen. Mrs. Rebecca S. Heed Nichols.
Editress and journalist, frequently con-
tributing to periodicals, also using nom
de plume " Kate Cleveland." Bernice ;
or, the curse of Merina: a romance
in three cantos. — See " Kate Cleve-

EUersberg, Edward. iSduard Au-
gust Philipp Ziehen. Geschichten und
bilder aus dem wendischen volksleben.
Hannover, 1864.

Ellery. Rev. Edward Abbott.

Elling, Franz von. Karl Miiller.
Ein ni-eteor der borse. Leipzig, 1872.

Elliott, Arthur H. William Henry
Davenport Adams. The witty and hu-
morous side of the English poets . . .
L. 1879.

Elliott, E. Ellen Epps. Blenham;
or, what came of troubling the waters
... L. 1855.

Ellis, Rush. Mrs. Alma Calder John-
ston. Miriam's heritage : a storj^ of
Delaware River. N.Y. 1878.

Elohta, Ttenrub. Athole Burnett.
The Vade Mecum, or ABC guide to
Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. By. . .
L. 1875.

Eloquent Hortensius, The. Lord
William Coa-per.

Eniancipatus. Rev. Joseph Mendham.
The spiritual venality of Rome . . . By
... L. 18.36.

Emilia. Penelope Viscountess Ligonier.
The generous husband ; or, the history
of Lord Lelius and the fair Emilia, etc.
L. 1771.

Emilie. Emily Julia Black. Chants
d'une e'trangere. Par . . . 1853.

Eminent Collector, An. Mus-

grave. Catalogue of a genuine and ex-
tensive collection of English portraits.
By . . . L. 18—.

Eminent Painter, An. George Rom-
ney. A poetical epistle to . . . By Wil-
liam Hayley, of Eastham. L. 1778.

Eminent Physician, A. Peter Shaw,
M.D. A philosophical and chymical
analysis of antimony . . . By ... L.

Eminent Practical Teacher, An.
David Bates Tower. The progressive
speaker and common school reader . . .
By . .. B. 1858.

Emperor of the West. John Murray,
who moved his business from "the City"
to the West End.

Engineer, The. Alexander Catlin
Twining. E.'s report on the survey
from New Haven City ... to Plain-
ville, and thence to Collinsville, in
the Eramington Valley. New Haven,

Engineer, The. T. Willis Pratt. E.'s
report upon the location and probable
income of the New York and Boston
railroad. B. 1854.

Engineer. Bryant P. Tilden. Re-
port of the preliminary survey of the
Sacket's Harbor and Saratoga Rail-Road.
B. 1851.

Engineer Officer, An. Henry W.
Benham. Recollections of Mexico and
Buena Vista.-^y ... In " Old and New "
(B.), 1871.

Engineer in Chief of the United
States Navy. Charles H. Haswell. On
instruments adapted for the expansion of
steam . . . Bait. 1848.

England, S. Richard Parson.

"In the 'Morning Chronicle' he published at
different tiraes a variety of spirited articles of a
temporary nature. One of the most amusing was
the nursery song [' Sing a song of sixpence '], in
Grreek iambics, April 13, 1796, called a ' Fragment
of Sophocles,' and signed ' S. England,' in ridi-
cule of Ireland's pretended discoveries." — See
Dr. Aikin's "Athenffium," January, 1809.

England's Pride and Westmin-
ster's Glory. Sir Francis Burdett, the
most popular politician of his time, and
especially the idol of Westminster, for
which he was an M.P, for nearly thirty

English Aristophanes, Tl^e. Samuel

English Artist, An. Hon. Eleanor
Vere (Gordon) Boyle. Child's play.
Seventeen drawings. L. n.d.

English Catholic, An. John Rich-
ard Best. Transalpine memoirs; or,
anecdotes and observations . . . By . . .
Batli, 1826.

English Editor, The. Charles
Knight. Mind among the spindles :
a selection from the " Lowell Offer-
ing." With introduction by . . . L.

English Farmer in America, An..




Joseph Pickering. Emigration. L.

£nglisb Freeholder, An. Edmund
Burke. Sentiments of . . . L. 1769.

English Freeholder, An. Messrs.
Downley and Dunning. The sentiments
of ... on the late decision of the Middle-
sex, election. L. 1769.

English Gentleman, An. Philip
Dormer Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield.
An apology for a late resignation : in a
letter from ... to his friend at the Hague.

English Gentleman, An. Thomas
Newte. England and Scotland in 1785.
By . . . L. 1788. «

English Gentleman, An. Charles
Cochrane. Journal of a tour made by
Senor Juan de Vega, the Spanish min-
strel of 1828-29, through Great Britain
and Ireland : a character assumed by . . .
L. 1830.

English Lady, An. Helen Maria
Williams. Residence in France during
years 1792-95 . . . Letters from . . .
Elizabeth-Town, 1798.

English Ijando\vner, An. Sir Henrij
Pollard Willouyhbii, ?A Bart, of Baldon.
The apology of . . . addressed to tlie
landed proprietors of the county of Ox-
ford. Oxf. 1827.

English Jjimner, The. Joseph Par-
ky ns Mncmuhon. Paris in miniature . . .
By . . . L. 1782.

English Minister, An. Cotton Mather.
An epistle to the Christian Indians . . .
Written by . . . B. 1700.

English Missionary, An. ^ev.
Thomas Tlwvipson. Memoirs of . . , to
the coast of Guinea ... L. 1788.

English Oflicer in India, An.

Maj. North. Journal of . . . L.


English Prisoner in Russia, A.
William Burrkhardt Barker. Odessa
and its inhabitants. By ... L.

F^nglish Rabelais. Thomas Amorij.

English Rabelais. Lawrence Sterne.

English Rabelais. Jonathan Swift.

English Roscius, The. David Gar-

English Shoeing Smith, An. Brncij
Clark. liernarks on French shoeing.
By ... — See " Mennlcas."

English Traveller, An. Pev. Thomas
Campl)ell, LL.D. An account of tiie south
of Ireland in a scries of letters . . .

English Traveller, An. Marianne
Younq. Persecution in Tuscany . . .
L. 18'53.

English Traveller in Spain, An.

<S;V .John Talbot Dillon. Letters from . . .
in 1778. L. 1781.

English Vicar, An. Bev. John Myers
Kinq. The parson's home : a poem. By
. . .' L. 1849.

English Woman, An. Lady Anna
Riggs Miller. Letters from Italy, 1770-
71. By . . . L. 1776.

English Woolen Manufacturer, An.
Daniel Webb. Essay (An) presented ;
or, a method humbly proposed ... by
... to pay the national debts ... L.

Englishman, An. Bev. Philip Henry
Good. An E.'s plea for the United
Church. L. 1869.

Englishman, An. James Miller. Are
these things so ") The previous question
from ... in his grotto to a great man at
court. L. 1740.

Englishman, An. Trophime Gerard,
Marquis de Lally-ToUendal. The dream
of . . . faithful to his king and his coun-
try. L. 1793. — See Nichols' "Literary
Anecdotes," IX., 136.

Englishman, An. Simeon De Witt
Bloodyood. An E.'s sketch-book; or.
Letters from New York. N.Y. 1828.

Englishman, An. William Dodd.
The laboring classes of England . . . By
... B. 1847.

Englishman, An. Charles Blake.
Liglitliouse management . . . By . . .
L. 1861.

Englishman, An. Frederick Milnes
Edge. Paul Morphy, the chess cliam-
pion ... By . . . L. 1859.

Englishman, An. Sir William Gore
Ouseley. Reply to an "American's Ex-
amination " of the " Right of Search "
[by Lewis Cass] ... L. 1842.

Englishman, An. D. J'aseley. The
rise and progress of Australia, Tasma-
nia, and New Zealand . . . Bv ... L.

Englishman, An. Jolin Hervey Ash-
ivorth. Tlie Saxon in Ireland; or, the
rambles of ... in search of a settlement
in Ireland. L. 1851.

Englishman, An. Philip Burton.
Speculum Britannicum . . . By ... L.

Englishman, An. Francis Basset,
Lord De Dunstanville. Thoughts on
the theory and practice of the French
constitution. L. 1794.

Englishman, An. TJaniel Puseley.
New jilays by an old author. L. 1876.

Englishman Abroad, An. Alex-
ander Tighe Gregorij. Practical time
tables ... By . . . L. 1860.




Englishman Resident in Germany,

An. Capt. Edmund Spencer. Sketches
of Germany and the Germans ... By
... L. 1836.

Englishwoman, An. Mrs. Charlotte
Ann ( Waldie) Eaton. The days of bat-
tle ; or, Quatre Bras and Waterloo. By
... L. 1853.

Ennery, Adolphe d'. Eugene Phi-

Enos. Cecil Percival Stone. Philoso-
phy of the rifle ... By . . . L. 1858.

Enquirer, An. W. Cuniiighame.

Twelve letters on the evidences of the
Christian religion. By . . . Serampore,

Enquirer, An. John Perkins. The
true nature of the tails of comets. Elu-
cidated ... By . . . B. 1772.

Entre-nous. Miss Josephine Jenkins,
in the Boston " Herald."

Episcopal Clergyman, An. Bev.
Caleb Sprague Henry. Politics and the
pulpit : a tract for the times. By . . .
N.y. 1860.

Episcopalian, An. Lucius Manlius
Sargent. Letters to John H. Hopkins,
D.D ... By . . . Windsor, Vt., 1836.

Erato. William Davis Gallagher.
*' Erato," Nos. 1,2,3 [poems]. Cincin-
nati, 1853-57.

Ereunetes. Bev. Robert Edward
Garnham. Papers in "The Theological
Repository." L. 1786-87. — See " Gent.
Mag.," p. 1221, and "I and P."

Ernditis Britannis. John Jortin and
others. Miscellaneai observationes cri-
ticse in auctores veteres et recentiores ab
. . . Amst. 1732-39.
- Esek, Uncle. Henry W. Shaw, in the
" Century's " Bric-a-brac.

Espartero, Baldomero. William
Makepeace Thackeray. Singular letter
from the Regent of Spain. " Punch,"
December, 1843.

Essayist, An. William Brighty Bands.
An E.'s holiday.

Este, 3Iorosoph. Bev. Charles Este.
So called by Gilford.

Estelle. Miss Elizabeth Bogart. The
effect of a single folly. The forged note.
Prize stories published about 1825 in
*' New York Mirror."

Esther. A. W. Buchan.

Estibius Psychalethes. William
Coward. Second thoughts concerning
the human soul. L. 1704.

•Estrian, P. d'. Charles Ledyard
Norton .

Etchell, Mabel. Charlotte Bhillips.
Ten years in a lunatic asylum. By . . .
L. n.d.

Etcher, An. Philip Gilbert Hamerton,
An unknown river ; or ... 's voyage of
discovery. Ij. 1874.

Eton Boy, An. George Nugent Banks.
(1) About some fellows. By ... L.
1886. — (2) A day of my life ; or, every




. . Oxf.

day experiences at Eton

Etonensis. Hon. William
Musse Etonenses ... L. 1795.

Etonensis. George Booth
canorte, quas . . . imprimi fecit .

Etonian, An. Helps. The salt-
bearer : a periodical work. By ... L.

Eu n, Mr. Lawrence Eusden. An

heroic poem occasioned by the Dunciad.
Together with a critique on that poem

address'dtoMr.T d,. . .Mr.Eu n,

etc. (Gentlemen scandalized in the
Dunciad.) L. 1728.

Eubante. Walker. Hints for

a system of education for a female orphan-
house. In a letter . . . By . . . Dublin,

Eubulu^i John Martin. A letter to
a young gentleman in prison. By . . ,
L. 1791.

Eubulus. William Maginn. Three
goblets of wine. "Black. Mag.," May,

Eugenius. John Hall Stevenson. The
Eugeniiis of Mr. Sterne.

Eugenius Philalethes, F. R. S.
Tliomas Vaughan. Long livers : a curi-
ous history of such persons of both
sexes, who have lived several ages,
and grown young again . . . By . . .
L. 1722.

Eumenes. Charles Wildbore, in " Gen-
tleman's Diary."

Euphemius. Sir Robert Walpole.

Euphrosyne. Mrs. Julia Christina
(Svardstrom) Nyberg. Samlade dikter
af . . . 1832.

Eupistinus, Theophilus. Prich-

ard. Remarks on the four^volumes of
the lives of saints, published 1729 . . .
By . . . L. 1732.

European and Colonial Sugar
Manufacturer, An. John A. Leon. On
sugar cultivation in Louisiana, Cuba, etc.,
and the British possessions. By ... L.

Euryalus. John Carleton.

Eusebes. Stephen Addington. 1761,

Eusebius. Vicar of Lilliput. Joseph.
Robertson. Observations on t'ne late act
for augmenting the salaries of curates . . .
By . . . L. 1797.



Eusebins Devoniensis. Rev. Richard
Polivhele, in the " Classical Journal." 1820.

Eva. Fanny Tuxen. 1866, 1868, 1883,

Eva. Miss Mary Kelly, afterwards
Mrs. Kevin O'Dogherty, a writer in the
" Irish Nation."

Evangelus Pacificus. JRev. Hubbard
Winslow. An evangelical view of the
nature and means of regeneration . . .
By . . . B. 1830.

Evans, Augusta J. 3Irs. Augusta J.
{Evans) Wilson: Beulah. N.Y. 1883.

Evans, Mark. Paid Tidman. A
book of common prayer and worship for
household use. Compiled by . . . from
the Holy Scriptures. L. 1876.

Ever-Green Votary of Venus. Wil-
liam Douglas, 4th Duke of Queensberry.
The Piccadilly Ambulater; or, old Q.
Containing memoirs of the private life
of that . . . 1808.

Ewing lecturer on aiusic, Ander-
sonian University, Glasgow, The.
Colin Brown. Music in common things . . .
Glasgow, 1869.

Ex-Army Officer, An. W. W. Mc-
Kim. A brief dissertation on military
titles and brevet-rank. By ... B. 1880.

Ex-Boy, An. R. W. Figg. Where
men only dare to go; or, the story of a
boy company, C. S. A., by . . . Rich-
mond, Va., 1885.

Ex-Editor, An. Cyrus Redding.
Essays by ... in " Douglas Jerrold's
Weekly Newspaper." L. 1847.

Ex-bfficer of the British Com-
missariat, An. Arthur Louis Dvnatt.i.
The orphan of Novgorod : an lUyrian
tale. By . . . L. 1841.

Ex-Puseyite, An. Charles Maurice
Davies. Philip Paternoster; a tracta-
rian love story. By ... L. 18-58.

Also ascribed to Rev. Henry Nutcomhe Ox-

Ex-Tramp, An. Frank Bellew. The
tramp : his tricks . . . and villanies ex-
posed. By . . . Edited by F. B. 1878.

Examinator. Lyman Cobb. A criti-
cal review of Webster's spelling-book.
By . . . n.p. 1828.

Examiner of Needlework to the
School Board of London, The.
3Irs. L. 8. Flayer. Plain cutting out
for standards IV., V., and VI. . . . By
... L. 1877.

Exile from America, An. Myles
Cooper, D.D. A poem in the " Gent.
Mag.," July, 1776.

Expelled Correspondent, An.

Boyle. Diary of . . . L. 188-.

Explorer, An. Francis Galton. Nar-
rative of ... in tropical Africa. N.Y.

Expounder of the Constitution,
The. Daniel Webster.

Eye-Witness, An. Jean Sylvain
Bailly. Memoirs of ... of the Revolu-
tion. 1808.

Eye-Witness, An. Rev. Thomas Ro-
maine Oovett. Illustrations of Scripture.
By . . . L. 185-.

Eye-Witness, An. E. J. Dalton. A
portrait of what are called "New Meas-
ures," as they appeared in the county
of Berkshire (Mass.), in the years 1833-4.
By . . . Troy, N.Y., 1835.

Eye-Witness, An. Rev. Charles
Cameron. The tyranny of Popery. By
... L. 1852.


, F. John Fessenden, in the "Christ.

P. Nathaniel Langdon Frothingham, in
the " Christ. Exam."'

P. William Henni Furness, in the
"Christ. Exam.," I., 433, 1824.

P. Thomas Falconer. On the act . . .
affirming the validity of certain mar-
riages . . . Swansea, 1867.

F. and P., P. Fanny Fagan, who
wrote under these signatures.

P. and I. Forster and Ingle. What
is wine: an interesting dialogue on
wines ... L. 1850.

P., A. Mrs. Annie (Adams) Fields.

Signature for many years in the " Atlan-
tic Monthly."

P. A. [Frater Anselm]. Anselm
Baker. Signature to coats-of-arms in
" Foster's Peerage."

F'.,A. Anne Fry. An affectionate ad-
dress to the working classes. By a friend
who is lately deceased. Bristol, 1829.

P., A. A. Forbes. Perspective made
easie . . . Translated . . . by . . . L. 1710.

P., A. A. Fanton. Nubar Pacha. Par
... L. 1870.

P., A. O. Francois Adriaan van der
Kemp. A wreath for Rev. Daniel Dow,
etc. 1806.



F., A. P. Alexander Penrose Forbes.

(1) A commentary on the seven pene-
tential psalms, etc. By ... L. 1847. —

(2) The duties of society. L. 1853.—

(3) The holiness of the human body.
L. 1853. — (4) Meditations on the suf-
fering life on earth of our Lord . . .
Edited by . . . L. 1850. — (5) The mir-
ror of young Christians . . . Edited by
... L. 1853. — (6) Narrative of the
last sickness and death of Dame C.
Forbes, etc. Edited by . . . L. 1875. —
(7) The Scottish communion office done
into Greek by . . . L. 1865.

F., B. BarziUai Frost, in the " Christ.

F., B. B. Fowler. The philosophical
principles of heat as applied to domestic
purposes . . . Harlow, 1812.

F., B. Mrs. B. Finch. Sonnets, and
other poems : to which are added tales
in prose. L. 1805.

F., B. M. B. M. Forster. An intro-
duction to the knowledge of funguses.
L. 1820.

F., C. Charles Theodore Christian Fal-
len, in the " Christ. Exam."

F., C. Robert George Cecil Fane.
Sketch of an act to establish tenant
right ... L. 1849.

F. C. Florence Montgomerif. Wild
Mike and his victim. By ... L. 1875.

F., C, and G.,. W. Charles Forrest
and W. Grange. A ramble on Rumbald's
moor, among the dwellings, cairns, and
circles of the ancient Britons . . . By . . .
Wakefield, 1868.

F., C. C. Cornelius Coniuay Felton, in
the " Christ. Exam." (B.), ISoO.

F., D. David Fosdick, in the " Christ.

F., E. Edward Fitzgerald. The Al-
bany lumber trade ; its history and ex-
tent. Albany, 1872.

F., E. Edward Falkener. The book
of Psalms . . . disposed according to the
rhythmical structure of the original . . .
By . . . L. 1875.

F., E. Edivard Feile. Daily read-
ings ... L. 1847.

F., E. Rev. Edmund Field. A manual
of devotions for seafaring men. L. 1854.

F., E. Edward Fisher. The second
part of the "Marrow of modern divinity
..." By ... , author of the first part. 1722.

F., E. D. Mrs. E. D. Franchett. In-
fant morality displayed in Miss Rose's
address to the impartial admirers of
theatrical merit. L. 1774.

F., E. F. K. Edward Francis Knottes-
ford Fortescue. (1) Anthem book . . . L.
1875. — (2) The service for certain holy-

days, being a supplement to " The day-
hours of the Church of England." [Com-
piled by . . .] L. 1873.

F., E. G. F. G. Fox. Poems original
and translated . . . by S. H. F. \_i.e. S. H.
Fox]. With illustrations by . . . L. 1863.

F., E. T. Eteazar Thompson Fitch.
The alumni of Yale to their Alma Mater
. . . hymn. New Haven, 1846.

F., F. [Fanny Fern]. Mrs. Sara
Pay son (^Willis Farrington Eldredge~) Par-
ton. A fable from the Burmese. By . . .
B. 1850.

F., F. A. Frederick Augustus Farley,.
D.D., in the "Christ. Exam."

F., F. W. Frederick William Faber.
Hymns for the use of the schools and his
congregations of St. Wilfred's, Stafford-
shire. By . . . L. 1849.

F., G. H. R. G. H. R. Fletcher.
Famil}' prayers for church people.
Adapted . . . from Dean Goulburn's man-
ual. By a parish priest. L. 1879.

F., G. J. George James Foster. (1)
Tlie interrupted story ; or, the boy and his
pony. L. 1871.— (2) The life of Jesus,
written for the young. By . . . King-
land, 1866. — (3) A little book for young
persons ... By . . . L. 1883-84. — (4)
Little Tom; or, the boy that "fought a
good fight." L. 1871.

F., G. T. George Thomas Fisher. Re-
searches on magnetism. " Westm. Rev."
June, 1846, p. 281.

F, G. W. George Wilder Fox.

F., H. Henry Formhy{1). (1) The
duties and happiness of domestic service
. . . L. 1851. — (2) Pictorial Bible stories-
for the young . . . B}' the editor of the
series of hymns and songs for Catliolic
families and schools. L. 1856. — (3) The-
village carol singers . . . By ... L.

F., H, [Harry Franco]. Charles F.
Brigqs. Terrestrial pleasures. "Amer.
Wliig Rev.," June, 1846, p. 625.

F., H. li. Henrietta Louisa Farrer
Lear. (1) Baby's baptism./ L. 1848. —
(2) Carry and Milly. L. 1848. — (3)
Charles's sum. L. 1849. — (4) Harriet
and Mary Bond. L. 1849. — (5) Tlie
little traveller. L. 1849.— (6) The wet
Sunday evening. L. 1849.

F., J. James Flint, in the " Christ.

F., J. Josiah Forster. Extracts from
my note-book from 1831 to 1854 (from.
1855 to 1856). L. 1865.

F., J. John Fleming. A general cor-
responding, circulating, and friendly let-
ter, with particular addresses . . . Glas-
gow, 1771.




F., J. John Folton. Friendly hints to
young gentlemen who are or intend to
be bound by articles to attornies or solic-
itors. L. 1751.

F., J. John Femcick. Letters to the
people of Great Britain . . . (Letter I.),
[signed J. F.]. L. 1795.

F., J. James Ford. A memoir of T.
Green ... of Ipswich ; with a critique on
his writings . . . Ipswich, 1825.

F., J. Joh7i Flint. Notes, questions,
and answers on the Gospels for the
Christian year. L. 1863.

F., J. A. James Anthony Froude. (1)
Tales from the "Phantasus" [of TieckJ,
etc. [with preface by...]. L. 1845. —
(2) Tales of fairy land [by Tieck, with
preface by . . .]. L. 1879.

F., J. B. J. B. Farmer. An essay on
liberty, and other poems. By ... L.

F., J. P. John P. Firmin. A digest
of the laws of Moses ... L. 1851.

F., J. S. J. Smith Futhey. Author
•of works on local history and genealogy.

F., J. T. James Thomas Fields. (1)
In tlie "Christ. Exam." — (2) Songs
and sketches. B. 1838.

F., M. Mathilda Foy. Den oljade
fjadern, etc.

F., M. A. M. A. Fisher. A spin-
ster's story. By . . . N.Y. 1866.

F., M. J. M. J. Fox. Warfare and
victory : a record of Bible-class work.
By . . . L. 1878.

F., N. Li. Nathaniel Langdon Frothing-
.harn, D.D., in the " Christ. Exam." (B.),

F., N. S. Nathaniel Smith Folsom, in
the " Christ. Exam." (B.), 1857.

F., O. B. Octavius Brooks Frothing-
.ham, in the "Christ. Exam." (B.), 1851.

F., P. Philip Freeman. Thoughts on
the proposed dissolution of the Cam-
bridge Camden Society . . . By a mem-
ber of the committee. L. 1845.

F., R., A.3I. Richard Farrington,
A.M. Twenty sermons . . . By ... L.

F., R. B. Robert Barclay Fox. His
signature in the "Herald of Peace,"

F., S. Stephen Farley, in the " Christ.

F., S. Samuel Furley. Letter to the
monthly reviewers, dated Roche [Corn-
wall], and signed " S. F." in the
"Monthly Rev.," 1783, p. 88.

F., Mrs. S. Mrs. Sarah (Fyge Field)
Egerton. Poems on several occasions,
together with a pastoral. By ... L.

F., S. A. Miss Sarah A. Flint. Great
success. B. 1871.

F., S. J. J. S. J. J. Fox. A letter
to the female members of our soci-
ety. From one of themselves (. . .).

F., S. M. Sarah Margaret Fitton. My
pretty puss. By . . . L. 1866.

F., S. S. Mrs. Susanna Sarah (3Ic-
Kean) Folsom. Poetry, in the " Christ.
Exam." (B.), November, 1854.

F.,T. R.ev. Thomas Falconer, of C. C.
C, Oxford. (1) A letter to the Rev. R.
Warner, Bath, 1804. — (2) The resurrec-
tion of our Saviour asserted ... in a let-
ter to the Rev. L. R. [Legh Richmond].
Bath, 1798.

F., T. Thomas Falconer, County
Court Judge. (1) An appeal to the
good sense of the people of Bath.
Bath, 1834. — (2) List of the county
court judges ... L. 1865. — (3) On
surnames and the rules of law affect-
ing their change. Cardiff, 1862. — (4)
Supplement to an essay on surnames,
and the rules of law affecting their
change. With comments on the speeches
delivered in the House of Commons by
Sir G. Grey and the Solicitor-General
[Sir Roundell Palmer], By . . . L.

F., T. Thomas Ford. The composi-
tor's hand-book ... _L. 1854.

F., T., one of the Bereaved Sons.
Rev. Thomas Foxcroft. Sermon . . . after
the funeral of Mrs. Elizabeth Foxcroft
... B. 1721.

F., T. B. Tliomas Bayley Fox, in the
"Christ. Exam."

F., T. G., Esqre. T. G. Fonnereau.
Mems. of a tour in Italy, from sketches
by..., etc. L. 1840(?).

F., W. W. Falconer. Dr. Percival.
Bath(?), 1804.

F., W. W. Fearnley. The simple ail-
ments of horses ; their nature and treat-
ment. By . . . L. 1802.

F., W. W. Flint. A treatise on the
breeding, training, and management of
horses . . . Hull, 1815.

F., W. William Field. (1) An intro-
duction to the use of the globes . . . War-
wick, 1798. — (2) A series of questions
comprising the liistory of the four Gospels,
and the Acts of the Apostles . . . War-
wick, 1816.

F., W. Willard Fiske. Icelandic
notes. Berlin, 1880.

F., W., Esq. William Freke. Lingua
Tersancta ; or, a . . . compleat allegorick
dictionary to the holy language of the
Spirit ... By . . . L. 1703.




F., W., Master in the Holy Lan-
guage. William Freke. The divine
grammar . . . By ... L. 1703.

F., W. B. William Balmbro' Floiver.
A revival of old Church of England
principles no new faith . . . By the Cu-
rate of Stoke Damerel. L. 1849.

F., W. H. William Henry Furness,
D.I)., in the " Christ. Exam."

F., W. H. William Harris Falcon.
Irish common law reports . . . By . . .
1852, etc.

^ , F , Mr. Charles James Fox. Mr.

E[dmund] B[urke]'s answer to his
own speech . . . 1780. With Mr. F's ani-
madversions thereon, etc. L. 1780.

F , , Esq. Fitzgerald.

The Chester race ball; an heroic poem
... By . . . 1825.

ir»**<j^ H***y, Esq. Henri/ Flood.
Two translations from the Greek. Ad-
dressed to . . . Dublin, 1774.

Fagerman. Annie E. Bartholomew.

Fair Maid of Kent, The. Joan
Plantagenet. The . . . An historical and
biographical sketch. Margate, 1877 (?).

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