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" Les revelations dcx aiitdtw tunmijiuex <( />HI ntVo'iiymes sont non-seulement
piquantcs pour lex yens <lu in<>n<'le, 'iraix i itmn ii.i/mrtintfi'x pour rhixt<>ri<-/i lit-
tent ire et le bioyraphe ; ce sont l<*' fl<x mt/xteres des littenttures que l<x erudites
ont toujours cherche a decouvrir." QUERAKD.


Copyright by



O 14.



THE favor accorded the First Series of " Initials and Pseudo-
nyms," both in this country, and abroad, has been very grati-
fying to the compiler.

* * * * >. * ""' > * v

It is hoped that this Supplementary volmue, which contains 6500
initials and pseudonym^'-, answering to 4500- -real names, will be
received with the same kind consideration

Such a subject,' constantly changing and growing, is practically
inexhaustible ; but strenuous care has been exercised in making the
work accurate and as complete as possible. For. the kindly assist-

-'., *-' * ; >

ance given by interested.- readers, the co'tojiilcr desires to express
his thanks and his assr.iMuc-2 .-that any oorrcciiions or supplementary
information will be gratefully received.', . .

W. C.

JANUARY, 1888.


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1 ,. '


V .'

Seconfc Series.



. Francis Jenks, in the " Christ.

Exam.," III., 379. B. 1826.

. John Edmund Reade. Cain the

wanderer ; A vision of heaven ; Darkness,
and other poems. By ... L. 1829. .

, . Edward Fitzyibbon. Mr.

Barnacles and his boat. L. n.d. . r . '

. Sir John J3en,~j/ Moore.

Poetical trifles. By ... Bat!i, 17", 8.

r-a g. Mrs. FredriKa,' Runeberg.

Fru Catharina Boije och, hennes "dottrar.
Sthlm. 1801.

" I herewith encloRe list of one hundred and
forty pseudonyms and initials; of these, you will
find thirty that have no re'fe'^i^c to work or
place where used; but these, at ie^.st the greater
number of them, represent, prominent living
authors and journalists wl.o^hay? published
works with their full name, but whu nave the
past few years contributed es3ay3, pcems. etc.,
to the more prominent periodicuja'c-t Stock,
holm over initials indicated. 1 " itlnV'^pr
" Sthlm." is a common abbreviation of "Slock-
holm, where most Swedish books are published."
From GUSTAVUS N. SWAN, of Sioux City", la.

h . F. Cronhamn. Librarian

and Stockholm correspondent of several
provincial newspapers.

k . Prof. H. Almkvist. Elena.

Novell. Fran ryskan of versatt af . Sthlm.

Lfr . AJfred Anderson. En

polismans anteckningar. Sthlm. 1867.

th . Mathilda Lonnberg. Ur

lifvct i Skogsbygden. Sthlm. 1881.

, IJady. C. Howard. The chapel
bell, and other poems. By ... A con-
vert from Anglicanism to Catholicity.
Dublin, 1824.

.... Sir Jasper Atkinson. Consider-
ations on the propriety of the Bank
of England resuming its payments in
specie ... By ... L. 1802.

.... A. T. Gregory. Practical guides
condensed. By . . . 1804.

*. John (jorlnim Palfrey. In the
"Christ. Exam.," XL, 141.

*. George Stillman Hillard. Letter
to the man in the moon. "New Eng-
land Mag.," Vol. VIII., p. 375, 1835.

*. Charles Fenno Hoffman. A winter
In the West, being a collected series of
letters which he wrote for the N.Y.
" A.nerioan^" 1833, of which he was co-
editoi witft Charles King of New York.

**/ - George Putnam, D.D., in the
"Christ Exam.," XXXIII., 228.

**. Frc-ncis Wfiarton, in the "Christ.

*#*. Rev. Theophitus Buckridge, M.A.
Burton bridge. ' " Gent. Mag.," Septem-
ber, 1751, pp\ 406, 407.

***. Joseph- B." Cobb. Longfellow's
poems. -" Araer. ' Whig Rev.," April,
1851, p. 359.

***, 'A-bTm ' L'Abbe' Deleon. Under
tlie ban. [Trans.] L. 1865.

***, 'Madame. Mad. A. L. filie de
Beaujitoni. J Lettres du Marquis de Ro-
solre, par . . . Paris, 1764.

****, M. de. Jean Baptiste Colbert,
Marquis de Torcy. Me'moires de . . . pour
servir a 1'histoire des ne'gociations depuis
le Traite de Riswick jusqu'a a la 1'aix
d'Utrecht. La Haye, 1756.

*****. Soame Jenyns. Poems. By
... L. 1752.

******. Sir Francis Grant, Lord Cul-
len. An essay for peace ... In a letter
from ... to his neighbour in the countrey.
Edinb. 1703.

*****, ***. Rev. John Newton. An
authentic narrative of some remarkable
and interesting particulars in the life of
... L. 1764. By Rev. Thomas Haweis.

*****, U. S. Army. Ethan All, n
Hitchcock. The doctrines of Swedenlwrg
and Spinoza identified. By . . . P>.

"* D.," Rose Cottage, N.J. S. A,
Defoe, M.D.


* H. Thomas Hill, D.D., in the " Christ.
Exam.," XLL, 459.

* Li. Samuel Kirkland Lothrop, in the
" Christ. Exam.," XLIL, 292.

* P. Andrew Preston Peabody, in the
" Christ. Exam.," XLII., 453.

, Dean of. Charles Leslie. Que-

rela temporum ; or, the danger of the
Church of England. In a letter from
. . to the prebend of . L. 1750.

tft. Henry Ware, Jr., in the " Christ.

$jj^. James Henry Leigh Hunt. Let-
ters and works of Mary Wortley Mon-
tague. "London and Westminster Re-
view," April, 1837, p. 130.

A. Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth Miles. Poetry
in the "Christ. Exam.," III., 466. B.
1826 ; and other places.

A. Stephen Alfeston. Sur la mort de

Miss Elizabeth L ce. A poem by

... In the " Selector or Cornish Mag.,"
1826, p. 56.

A. Francis Alger. Signature in , the
"Christ. Exam." (B.).

A. William Bounseville , Aljr>, Ri'jjna-
ture in the " Christ. Exani/; "($.').' ' ,

A. John Stuart -(-I.) ,Armand
Carrel. "London and Westminster Re-
view," October, 1837,- p. 66.' (2) Apho-
risms. Thoughts in the cloister and
the crowd. "London ard Westminster
Review," January, )837i . p 348. (3)
Bentham. " Londoi} c p.r.ii Westminster
Review," August, 1?38; ' p. 467. (4)
Civilization. " Londeii'.and 'Westmin-
ster Review," April, 1836,' >. !. (5)
Coleridge. "London ah,d .W^'s', KT ? in ' ;it ' 3r '
Review," 1829, p. 257. (6) -'Co'm'.ne/ice-
ment of the session. " Londqn /and
Westminster Review," April, 188'6 ( , p.
271. (7) De Tocqueville on democracy'
in America. "London Review," July,
1835, p. 85. (8) Fonblanque's England,
etc. " London and Westminster Review,"
April, 1837, p. 65. (9) The French
revolution. " London and Westminster
Review," July, 1837, p. 17. (10) Lord
Durham and the Canadians. " London
and Westminster Review," January,
1838, p. (11) Parties and the min-
istry. " London and Westminster Re-
view," October, 1837, p. 1. (12) Poems
and romances of Alfred de Vigny. " Lon-
don and Westminster Review," April,
1838, p. 1. (13) Political economy, etc.
" London and Westminster Review," Oc-
tober, 1836, p. 1. (14) Professor Sedg-
wick's discourse. " London Review,"
April, 1835, p. 94. (15) Rationale of
representation. " London Review," July,
1835, p. 341. ri6) Sir John

contemporary history. "London and
Westminster Review," July, 1836, p.
281. (17) State of society in America.
" London Review," January, 1836, p.
365. (18) Tennyson's poems. "London
Review," July, 1835, p. 402.

A., Viator. Anthony Aufrere. Signa-
ture to his contributions to the " Gent.

A., A. Alfred Austin (?). At Florence,
in the " Temple Bar," December, 1861.

A., A. Mrs. Anna Atkins. (1) Memoir
of J. G. Children . . . Westminster,
1853. (2) Photographs of British Algae.
By ... L. 1843.

A. A. A. Mme. Marie Paidine Rose
(Stewart") Blaze de Bury. (1) All for
greed. L. 1868. (2) Love the avenger.
By ... L. 1869.

A., A. O. A. 0. Andrews. ...The
Rev. Samuel Gilman, D.D. . . until
his death, Feb. 2, 1858.

A., Anna. Mrs. Anna (Anderson)
Vaslbqrg. Utan namn. Berattelse at',
S.hhn, 1884.

-^j. <B.' ^Alexander Hamilton, in Loudon's Ytefe f' Packet," 1781.

A.' ii!,,,^1< |D.\ E. F. Maj. Edward Moor.
Letters, o,v.' the 1 kind and economic man-
agement of the' poor . . . Woodbridge,
1825. [From the Ipswich " Journal."]

A. B. C. Miss S. Lawrence. Lausus
and Lydia; with, Madame Bonso's three
strings to, 'her bow. A comedy. L.
1806. ,/'', .

A. B\ ,C. ' ' JFVancz's Blackburne. Hard-
ships r.hcf 'olahger of subscriptions . . .

''A,, B.', Li. Mrs. B. L. Adams. A
clvuclj story. By ... L. 1876.
, A.', C., Esq. Christopher Anstey, Esq.
(1) Ad C. N. Bamfylde, Arm., epistola
poetica familiaris. L. 1777. (2) A
Pindaric epistle . . . By ... L. 1779.

A. C. Traveller. Mrs. H. K. W.
Clark. The teachings of the ages. By
. . . San Francisco, 1874.

A., C. F. Charles Francis Adams.
Moral wrongs of slavery, in the " Christ.
Exam.," 1847.

A., C. F. Cecil Frances Alexander.
Narrative hymns for village schools. By
... L. 1857.

A., C. J. Li. Carl Jonas Ludmg Alm-
quist. Grimstahamns nybygge. Sthlrn.

A. D. S. Edmond de Manne, See
" I. and P."

A., E. Ezra Abbot, in the "Christ.
Exam.," XLV., 389, etc.

A. E. I. Mrs. Isabel Burton, ne'e Count-
ess Arundell of Wardour. How to deal

with the slave scandal in Egypt.
Trieste (1), 1881(1).

A., E. S. Ernest Silvanus App/eyard.
(1) Claims of the Church of Rome con-
sidered ... L. 1848. (2) Eastern
churches ... By ... L. 1850. (3)
The fall and redemption of man . . . By
... L. 1861. (4) The Greek Church
... By ... L. 1851. With supple-
ment. L. 1852. (5) My country ; the
history of the British Isles. By ... L.
1859. (6) Principles of Protestantism
... By ... L. 1848. (7) The scriptural
faith of the young churchman . . . By

... L. 1874. (8) Welsh sketches

By... L. 1851. (9) The world in
which I live, and my place in it. By . . .
L. 1856.

A., F 1 . C. Frances Charlotte Armstrong.
(1) Looking up; or, Nanny West and
her grandam. By ... L. 1874. (2)
Phyllis Pengelly. By ... L. 1875.

A. H. K. Miss Eliza A. Warner. Our
two lives; or, Graham and I. N.Y.

A., J. John Adamson. Ballads from
the Portugueze ; translated by J. A. and
R. C. C. Newcastle, 1846.

A., J. Dr. John Aikin. Virgil vindi-
cated against Heron. In " Gent. Mag."
for 1786, pp. 1040-41.

A., J., M.D. and F.R.S. John Trus-
ler, M.D. The physical friend . . .
By ... L. 1776.

A., J. A. J. A. Auren. Bidrag tell
Svenska sprakets qvantitetslilra af . . .
Sthlm. 1874.

A., J. C. Jane Carlyle AitJcen. The
last words of Thomas Carlyle . . . Edited
by ... Edinb. 1882.

A., J. H. Joseph Henry Allen. Signa-
ture in the "Christ. Exam." (B.).

A., J. K. Joseph Kinnicut Angpll. Lit-
erary property. In the " Amer. Jurist,"
Vol. 10, pp. 62-81. B. 1833.

A., J. H. Joseph Henry Allen. Me-
moir of Hiram Withington. B. 1849.

A., J. Q. John Quincy Adams. The
character of Desdemona. " Amer.
Monthly Mag.," March, 1836, p. 210.

A.,J. T. John Turvill Adams. Knight
of the golden melice. N.Y. 1856.

A., J. Y. John Yonge Akerman. The
stone-worship of the ancients, illustrated
by their coins. L. 1838.

A., Li. Jean Louis Itodolphe Agassiz, in
the "Christ. Exam." (B.), 1850.

A., TJ. Miss Lucy Aikin. Lines on the
late Henry Moore of Liskeard. " Mon.
Mag.," XV., 147, 1803.

A. M. Oxoniensis. Nathaniel TV/son
Marsh. Ought or ought not the Church

of Rome in Ireland to be disestablished?
... By ... L. 1843.

A. M. Y. Marion Pritchard. The
prince's triumph ; or, the three riddles.
A drama ... By ... L. 1878.

A. O. B. [An Old Bachelor]. Wil-
liam Lloyd Garrison. His signature in
the Newburyport " Herald " after his
first contribution.

His mother wrote to him: "You must
write me one of your pieces, so that I can read
it, ... and 1 will give you my opinion whether
you are an old bachelor, or whether you are an
A. O. B., as A may stand for Ass, and O for Oaf,
and B for Blockhead."

A., S. T. Samuel Turell Armstrong.
" Bible News " not correct. B. 1813.

A., S. M. Mrs. Susan M. Alexander.
How to study the Old Testament . . . N.Y.

A. T. Anna Lydia Ward.

A. T. Rev. Buchanan. A letter

from a blacksmith, to the ministers and
elders of the Church of Scotland. P. 1765.

A., T. Tlwmas Alton. The original
constitution of the Christian Church . . .
By ... Edinb. 1730.

A., T. G. Thomas Gold Appleton. A
sheaf of papers. B. 1875.

A., T. H. FJ. Arthur Henry Hallam.
Remarks on Professor Rosetti's " Dis-
quisizkmi" ... L. 1832.

A., T. J. T. J. Arnold. The " Old
Corrector." In "Fraser," February,
1860, p. 176.

A., T. K. Thomas Kerchever Arnold.
The little boy's companion ... By ...
L. 1838.

A., W. William Adam, in the " Christ.

A.,W.B. W.B.Anthony. (1) Essen-
tial memoranda of arithmetic. Derby,
1881. (2) Essential memoranda of
English history. L. 1881.

A. W. H. Eose Terry Cooke.

A., W. H. D. William Henri/ Daven-
port Adams. (1) Animal life through-
out the globe . . . L. 1876. (2) Marvels
of creation; earth and sea. L. 1876.

(3) Spain and its people ... L. 1872.

(4) Triumphs of ancient architecture :
Greece and Rome. L. 1866. (5) Tri-
umphs of modern architecture ... L.
1866. (6) Truths and fancies from
fairyland ... L. 1867. (7) Wonders
of the vegetable world. L. 1867.

A., W. P. William Parsons Atkinson.
Signature in the "Christ. Exam." (B.).

A., \V. K. William Roimseville Alr/er.
Signature in the "Christ. Exam." (B.).

A., W. S. Wiltshire Wanton Anxlin, Jr.
To Thaliarch. (Ilor. lib. v. carm. ix.)
In " Temple Bar," 1860-61.


A. andL. A. and L. Shore. (1) Gemma
of the isles, a lyrical drama ; and other
poems. L. 1859. (2) War lyrics . . .
L. 1855.

A. . Stephen Alfeston. L'Angle-

terre : a poem. [The first of a series of
poems in the " Cornish Mag."] 1826-27.

A B . Jonathan

Swift, D.D. The seventh epistle of Hor-
ace, imitated ... L. 1721.

Abbie, Annt. Abby Skinner. (1)
Ed. Lee and Sailor Dick. B. 1866. (2)
Ida Wilmot. B. 1866.

Abiezer. Adolphus Kent. A letter in
reply to some remarks on " soul, spirit,
and mind," etc. By ... L. 1845.

Abracadabra. Clarence Hopper, in his
contributions to "Notes and Queries" (L.).

Absent Man, An. Edward Daniel
Clarke. Le Reveur ; or, the waking
visions of ... L. 1797.

Acadeniicus. Isaac Greenwood. A
friendly debate ; or, a dialogue between
. . . and Sawny [William Douglas] and
Munduncjus [Francis Archbald] . . . about
some late performances. B. 1722.

Academicus. John Green, D.D. The
principles and practices of the Methodists
farther considered . . . Camb. 1761.

Acharius. Prof. Fredrik Vilhelm
Scholander. Luisella, Teckningar ur
konstnarslifvet af . . . Sthlm. 1867.

Achates. Thomas Pinckney. Reflec-
tions, occasioned by the late disturbances
in Charleston. By . . . Charleston, S.C.,

Achniet. Thomas Hall. Poems. 1792.

Adair, Robin. Robert Adair. The hero
of the song "Robin Adair," set to the music
of the old Irish air of " Aileen Aroon."

Adam. Noah Webster. In " Free-
man's Journal." 1787.

Adam, Onkel. Dr. Carl Anton Wetter-
berg. Traskeden Berattelse af . . . Sthlm.

Adams, Francis. Etienne Cabet.
Voyage et aventures de Lord William
Carisdall en Icarie, trad, de 1'angl. de . . .
par M. Th. Dufruit. Paris, 1840. Repub-
lished under the title, Voyage en Icarie,
roman philosophique et social par M.
Cabet. Paris, 1842.

Adjutant-General, The. W. H. H.
Terrill. Indiana. Reports for 1861-65
. . . Indianapolis, 1865-69.

Adjutant-General of Rhode Island,
The. Edward C. Mauran. Annual re-
port of ... for the year 1861. Provi-
dence, 1862.

Admonish Crime. James Cook
Richmond. A midsummer's day-dream.
. . . Milwaukee, 1859.

Adrien, Robert. Adrien Charles
Alexandre Basset. Le nouveau roman
comique. Paris, 1845.

Adversity Hume. Joseph Hume.

Advocate, An. Henri] Good. The
law of Chili as to the marriage of non-
Catholics . . . By . . . Valparaiso,

Advocate for the Captors, The.
Francis Henry Upton. District Court
of the United States, Southern District
of New York. The United States against
the barque Empress and her cargo. In
prize. Brief of ... N.Y. 1862.

Advocate, not a Sheriff, An. George
Paterson. Sheriff Courts of Scotland.
Remarks ... By ... Edinb. 1852.

u3Sgles. Tobias Watkins. Letters of
. . . Bait. 1819.

.ZEmilia Julia. Miss Emily Clarke.
(1) Nouveaux chants d'une etrangere.
Paris, 1859. (2) Le prince du Leban :
tragedie en cinq actes. Paris, 1861.
(3) Sapho. Paris, 1857.

^Eolus. C. F. (?) Trufort. Origina-
tions of words, with a digressional trea-
tise on the scale a e i, leading to a new
view of the scale of colours. Paris,

yEsop. Mrs. Lillie Devereux Blake.
Hypocrite ; or, sketches of American
society. N.Y. 1874.

Afflicted Husband, An. Hall Jack-
son Kelley. Letters from . . . Palmer,
Mass., 1851.

Agapida, Pray Antonio. Washing-
ton Irving. Chronicle of the conquest of
Granada, from the MSS. of ... Paris,

This work is a counterfeit of Mr. Irving's
a translation of which, by Jean Cohen, was pub-
lished in Paris the same year.

Agate. Whitelaw Reid, as Washing-
ton correspondent of the Cincinnati

Agatha. Mej. Rein, de Goeje te Leiden.
Agatha's alphabet. Amst. 1868.

Aged and Retired Citizen of Bos-
ton, An. Harrison Gray Otis. Letter
from ... to [William Hayden, Esq.] a
member of the House of Representatives
of Massachusetts ... B. 1848.

Aged Clergyman of Massachu-
setts, An. Rev. Jacob Norton. A " short
and easy method " with a late writer . . .
By ... B. 1815.

Aged Person, An. Sir William Bliz-
ard. Soliloquy by ... L. 1826.

A-ywYOS- Charles William Day. Hints
on etiquette and the usages of society.
N.Y. 1843.

Agricola. James Anderson. Miscel-



laneous observations on planting and
training timber-trees . . . Edinb. 1777.

Ah-Chin-le. John B. Sivazey. Some
observations upon the civilization of the
Western barbarians ... B. 1876.

Or, Smythe, John Yester.

Ahlgreu, Krnst. Mrs. Victoria Bene-
dictsson. Frau Skane. Studieraf. Sthlm.

Aide-de-Camp, An. Sir Arthur
Augustus Thurlouo Cunynghame, An A.'s
recollections of service in China, a resi-
dence in Hong Kong, and visits to other
islands in the Chinese seas. L. 1844.

Aitiaiche. Annie T. Howells. Popular
sayings. 1877.

Akbur of Betlis. Sir Richard Joseph
Sulivan. Philosophical rhapsodies : frag-
ments of ... L. 1784-5.

Alb. Richard Whiteiny. Living Paris
and France. L. 1886.

Albano. Carl August Adlersparre.
Samlade srnarre skizzer af . . . Sthlm. 1849.

Albany (N.Y.) Chamberlain. S.
Colil>. Report to tlie common council
. . . 1840-41. Albany, 1841.

Albert. John Armstrong. The confi-
dential letters of ... L. 1790.

Albert, Kessie. Airs. Gayton.

Albert, Charles. C/tarles Albert C/tan-
monnot. Dissertation sur la goutte. Paris,

Albert, Stanislaus. Stanislaus Ste-
phan Albert Grabouski, yraf v. John Paul
Jones : biographischer roman. Hann-
over, 1860.

Albini. Johnnn Baptist Meddlham-
mer. Die gefiihrliche tante; lustspiel
. . . n.d.

Alcide, baron de 31 * * * Alfred de
Musset. Gamiani. Brussels, 1833.

Alc-iphron. Georqe Steevens, in " St.
James's Chronicle" (L.), 1783.

Alciphron. Rosina Doyle ( Wheeler)
Lytton-Bulwer, Lady Lytton. Behind
the scenes. L. 1854.

Alcij)hron. Benjamin Theophilus
Moore. Physics. L. 1858.

Alciphron, "the Modern Athe-
nian." Samuel UicL-xoii, M.D. Physic
and its phases; or, the rule of right
and wrong. By ... L. 1837.

Aldebaran. (re.orne Stcfvens. John-
son's literary club. A list of the mem-
bers. " Gent. Mag." for January, 1785,
p. 8.

Alexander of the North, The.
Charles XII. <>/' tfirct/in.

Alfred. Alfred />m//i/t, in Browning's
"Guardian Angel." "A picture at
Fano" [in " Men and Women"]. "Al-
fred, dear friend." L. 1855.

Alfred. Philip Withers. A.'s appeal
... L. 1789.

Alfred. William Baker. Peregrina-
tions of the mind ... L. 1811.

Ali-Cier-Ber, Alfaki. Baron Jean
Baptists de Clootz. La certitude des
preuves du Mahome'tisme . . . Par . . .
L. 1780.

Alic. William Alexander.

Alice, Cousin. Mrs. Alice (Bradley
Neal) Haven. Helen Morton's trial . . .
N.Y. 1852.

All Ears et All Eyes. A. T. Des-
quiron, de Saint Agnan. Tableau descrip-
tif, moral, philosophique et critique de
Londres, en 1816. Paris, 1817.

There was already a work which bore the
title, "The English Spy; or, the Correspond-
ence of My Lord All-eye and My Lord All-ear."
L. 1784.

Alland, M. Karl Marquard Sauer.
Monsu Max: roman. In " Vierteljahrl.

AUwill, Eduard. Friedrich Hein-
rich Jacobi. Briefsammlung. 1781.

Allworthy, Mr. Ralph Allen, in
Fielding's " Tom Jones."

Allworthy, Squire. Ralph Allen, in
Fielding's " Tom Jones."

Alma. Charlotte Mary Yonge.

Alinaviva. Clement Scott, in the
"Musical Critic."

Alpha. - - Wakefield. (1) Random
rhymes. 1845. (2) Tales and poetry.

Alphera. James L. Futhey. Snatches
of thought. 1850.

Alpine Traveller, An. William
Brockedon, in " Blackwood's Mag." for

Alsop, Tony, a late Editor of the
^Esopean Fables. Anthony Alsop. Thus
detractingly mentioned by Dr. Bentley.

Alton, Edmund. Bailey (I*).

Among the law-makers. N.Y. 1886.

Alumnus, An. Josiah Quincy. A plea
for Harvard ... By ... B. 1849.

Alumnus of that School, An. George
Hi />/i' //. The latest form of infidelity ex-
amined. By ... B. 1839.

Al w le. Alilicinkle. See " H s,

Amana. R?v. George Savage. Re-
marks on " American Unitarianism," by
... IS 15.

Amateur. George Wilder Fox.

Amateur, An. Antoine Augustin Rcnou-
uril. Catalogue de la bibliotheque d'un
. . . Paris, 1819.

Amateur, An. Ccm-i/r Cfrt/horn. Re-
marks on ancient and modern art . . ,
By ... Edinb. 1838.



Amateur, An. W. Pater son. Scenery
and antiquities of Mid-Lothian, drawn
and etched by ... Edinb. 1819.

Amateur, Au. William Cawdell. A
short account of the English concertina
... By ... L. 1865.

Amateur, An. Thomas Gaffield.
Something new under the sun. Leaf and
fern pictures. By ... B. 1869.

Amateur, An. Rev. Thomas Kilby.
Wakefield and its adjacent scenery, by
. . . 1843.

Amateur Angler, An. Edward
Marston. An A. A.'s days in Dovedale.
L. 188-.

Amerieain, Un. Bourgeois, de la

Rochelle. Colomb ; ou, 1'Amerique de-
couverte': poemeen vingt-quatre chants.
1'aris, 1773.

Americain, Un. De La Chaise.

Lettre d' . . . aux citoyens francais sur la
representation. 1789.

Americain, Un. De La Croix.

Memoires d' . . . with a description de la
Prusse et de 1'isle Saint-Dominique, par
. . . Lausanne, 1771.

Americain, Un. J. James Fazi/. Let-
tres d' . . . sur la situation continentale
de la France. Imp. dans le " Mercure
du XIX e Sie'cle."

Americain, Un. Lawrence Labadie.
La France, 1'Italie, et 1'Europe, impres-
sions d' . . . Bordeaux, 1859.

Americain, Un. Antoine Maillet-
Duclairon. Observations d' . . . des iles
neutres au sujet de la negociation de la
France et de 1'Angleterre. Geneve, 1761.

Americain, Ancien Membre du
Congres, Uu. Fisher Ames. De 1'influ-
ence de la de'mocratie sur la liberte' et le
bonheur de la societe', par . . . Prece'dee
(sic) d'une introduc' par Henri Ewbank,
trad, de 1'angl. par M. H . . . J . . .
[H. de Janvry]. Paris, 1835.

Americain, Residant a Vienne, Un.
P. L. Rcederer. Notes exactes sur La
Fayette et ses compagnons d'infortune,

. Imp. dans le " Journal d'econ-
omie politique," dirige par Rcederer.
16 septembre, 1796 . . .

American, An. Cotton Mather, D.D.
(1) American tears upon the ruines of
the Greek churches . . . By ... B.
1701. (2) The serious Christian; or,
three great points of practical Christian-
ity ... By ... L. 1699.

American, An. Thomas Greaves Gary.
The Americans defended by ... L. 1844.

American, An. Lewis Cass. France,
its king, court, and government. By . . .
N.Y. 1840.

American, An. John Lloyd Stephens.

Incidents of travel in Egypt, etc. By . . .
N.Y. 1838.

American, An. William Bingham.
A letter from ... in London on the re-
straining proclamation. L. 1784.

American, An. Robert Baird, D.Di,
A letter to Lord Brougham, on the sub-
ject of American slavery. By ... L.

American, An. Grenville A. Sack-
ett ('?). A plea for authors, and the
rights of literary property. By . . . N.Y.

American, An. Joseph Galloway. Po-
litical reflections on the late colonial
governments . . . By ... L. 1783.

American, An. Gideon Nye, Jr. The
rationale of the American question . . .

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