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ways were rendered obsolete not by a transportation
development of superior technology but by one that
provided only a greater mobility. As a mass trans-
portation vehicle the electric railway possessed many
of the same virtues in 1965 that it had in 1900. For
it could still transport large numbers of people far
more economically, and quite often more rapidly,
than its petroleum-fueled successors.

As America's metropolitan planners, and not a
few of the commuting public as well, were becoming
increasingly aware, the private automobile, with its
insatiable demand for highway and parking space.
was a costly and far from satisfactory way of getting
the suburban dweller between home and work. It is
not unreasonable to suppose, for example, that the
Waukesha commuter who once was whisked to


Interurban enthusiasts of the Iowa Railway Historical Museum have the 17 -mile Southern Iowa
Railway at their disposal for excursions with the group's former Waterloo, Cedar Falls & Northern
Railroad parlor-buffet-observation car. William D. MiDDLETON.




Iowa's Charles City Western Railway, which

couldn't bear to part with its inter urban after

passenger service ended in 1952, refurbished car

No. 50 with a pastel color scheme, draperies, and

lounge furniture and offered it for charter trips

over the freight-only line by trolley fans and

nostalgic local residents. William D. Middleton.

downtown Milwaukee in as little as 35 minutes by
interurban, and who must now spend considerably
more time making the same trip by bus or ma-
neuvering his automobile through congested streets,
regards the disappearance of his electric railway
with some regret.

Indeed, throughout the 50s there was a grow-
ing interest again being shown in the electric rail-
way. Toronto completed its handsome new Yonge
Street subway, Cleveland inaugurated a brand-new
rapid transit system, and Chicago was extending
its subway and elevated lines into new territory. San
Francisco, Los Angeles, Montreal, and many other
cities were making serious plans for construction of
rapid transit systems. To be sure, the new electric
railways bore little outward resemblance to the col-
orful interurbans of a half century before, but be-
neath their sleek and functional modernity the very
same principles of clean, quiet, and efficient electric
transportation were at work.

If the Buckeye Specials, Hoosierlands, and Comets
that once raced importantly through the countryside
in the glamorous days of the interurban era were
gone forever, a new and different era of electric
transportation was perhaps at hand. X


Interurban and Rural Railways

in the United States, Canada, and Mexico

1 HIS' directory is based upon a 1922 Electric Railway Census by the Depart-
ment of Commerce, with corrections, additions, and deletions by the author and
others. Companies listed operated bona fide interurbans, rural trolley lines, or
suburban electric lines with interurban characteristics. Companies which operated
street railways only are excluded.

Company names are normally those under which the railways were listed in
1922. Successor companies and previous names, when they were well known, are
shown in italics. Steam railroad control or affiliation is shoivn in parentheses.
Companies are entered under the state in which headquarters were maintained.

*Company still electrically operated for passenger service in 1965.
f Company still electrically operated for freight service only in 1965.
All companies were operated by overhead trolley exclusively except as indicated

(1) Third-rail operation.

(2) Third-rail and overhead-trolley operation.

(3) Underground-conduit and overhead-trolley operation.

(4) Gas-electric operation.



Androscoggin & Kennebec Ry. Co.,


Lewiston, Augusta & W aterville St.
Androscoggin Electric Co.

Portland-Lewiston Interurban RR
Aroostook Valley RR Co. ( CPR )
Atlantic Shore Ry. Co.
Bangor Ry. & Electric Co.
Biddeford & Saco RR, The
Cumberland County Power & Light


Portland RR
Rockland, Thomaston & Camden St.

Ry. Co., The

Berlin St. Ry.
Boston & Maine RR

Concord Electric Co.
Claremont Ry.
Dover, Somerset & Rochester St. Ry.

Exeter, Hampton & Amesbury St. Ry.
Manchester & Derry St. Ry.
Manchester & Nashua St. Ry.
Manchester St. Ry.
Nashua St. Ry.
Portsmouth Electric Ry.


Barre & Montpelier Traction &

Power Co.
Bellows Falls & Saxton River

Electric RR
Burlington Traction Co.
Mt. Mansfield Electric RR
Rutland Ry., Light & Power Co.
St. Albans & Swanton Traction Co.
Springfield Electric Ry. Co. ( B&M )

Springfield Terminal Ry.

Twin State Gas & Electric Co., The


Attleboro Branch RR Co.

Berkshire St. Ry. Co. (NH)

Blue Hill St. Ry.

Boston & Worcester St. Ry. Co.

Bristol County St. Ry. Property

Concord, Maynard & Hudson St. Ry.

Connecticut Valley St. Ry. Co.
Eastern Massachusetts St. Ry. Co.

Bay State St. Ry. Co.
Fitchburg & Leominster St. Ry. Co.
Grafton & Upton RR
Holyoke St. Ry. Co.
Interstate Consolidated St. Ry. Co.
Lowell & Fitchburg St. Ry. Co.
Massachusetts Northeastern St. Ry.

Medway & Dedham St. Ry. Co.
Middlesex & Boston St. Ry. Co.
Milford & Uxbridge St. Ry. Co.
Milford, Attleboro & Woonsocket St.

Ry. Co.
Nahant & Lynn St. Ry. Co.
New Bedford & Onset St. Ry. Co.
Northampton Street Ry. Co.
Northern Massachusetts St. Ry. Co.
Norton, Taunton & Attleboro St. Ry.

Plymouth & Brockton St. Ry. Co.
Plymouth & Sandwich St. Ry. Co.
Shelburne Falls & Colerain St. Ry. Co.
Springfield St. Ry. Co. (NH)
Union St. Ry. Co.
Ware & Brookfield St. Ry. Co.
Worcester Consolidated St. Ry. Co.



Newport & Providence Ry. Co.
Providence & Fall River St. Ry. Co.
Rhode Island Co., The (NH)
United Electric Rys. Co.


Bristol & Plainville Electric Co.
Connecticut Co., The (NH)
Danbury & Bethel St. Ry. Co.
Hartford & Springfield St. Ry. Co.
Shore Line Electric Ry. Co., The
Waterbury & Milldale Tramway Co..



Albany Southern Ry. Co. (2)
Auburn & Syracuse Electric RR Co.
Buffalo & Lake Erie Traction Co.

Buffalo & Erie Ry.
Chautauqua Traction Co.
Cortland County Traction Co.
Elmira, Corning & Waverly Ry.

Elmira Water, Light & RR Co.
Empire State RR Corp.
Erie Railroad ( Mt. Morris Div.)
Fonda, Johnstown & Gloversville RR

Geneva, Seneca Falls & Auburn RR

Hudson Valley Ry. Co. (D&H)
International Ry. Co.
Ithaca-Auburn & Lansing RR
Jamestown, Westfield & Northwest-
ern RR Co.
Kaydeross RR Corp.
Keesville, Ausable Chasm & Lake

Champlain RR ( 1 )
Lima-Honeoye Electric Light & RR

New Paltz, Highland & Poughkeepsie

Traction Co.
New York & Stamford Ry. Co.
New York State Rys. (2) (NYC)

Rochester & Sodus Bay Ry.

Rochester & Eastern Rapid Ry.

Oneida Ry.

Utica & Mohawk Valley Ry.
New York, Westchester & Boston Ry.

Co. (NH)
Niagara Gorge RR Co., The
Olean, Bradford & Salamanca Ry. Co.
Orange County Traction Co.
Paul Smith's Electric Light, Power &

RR Co.
Penn Yan & Lake Shore Ry.
Putnam & Westchester Traction Co.
Rochester & Syracuse RR Co.

Rochester, Syracuse & Eastern RR
Rochester, Lockport & Buffalo RR


Buffalo, Lockport & Rochester Ry.
Schenectady Ry. Co. (D&H-NYC)
Southern New York Power & Ry.


Southern New York Ry.
Syracuse & Suburban RR Co.
Syracuse Northern Electric Ry.
Walkill Transit Co. (Erie)


Atlantic & Suburban Ry. Co.
Atlantic City & Shore RR Co. (2)
Atlantic Coast Electric Ry. Co.
Bridgeton & Millville Traction Co.


Burlington County Transit Co.
Jersey Central Traction Co.
Millville Traction Co.
Monmouth County Electric Co.
Morris County Traction Co., The
North Jersey Rapid Transit Co.
Northampton-Easton & Washington

Traction Co.
Public Service Ry. Co.
Salem & Pennsgrove Traction Co.
Trenton & Mercer County Traction

Trenton-Princeton Traction Co.



Allegheny Valley St. Ry. Co.

West Penn Ry. Co.
Allen Street Ry. Co.
Allentown & Reading Traction Co.
Altoona & Logan Valley Electric Ry.

Bangor & Portland Traction Co.
Beaver Valley Traction Co., The
Bethlehem Transit Co.
Blue Ridge Traction Co.
Carlisle & Mount Holly Rys. Co.
Centre & Clearfield Ry. Co.
Chambersburg & Gettysburg Electric

Ry. Co. ( PRR )
Chambersburg & Shippensburg Ry.

Chambersburg, Greencastle &

Waynesboro St. Ry. Co.
Citizens Traction Co., The
Cleveland & Erie Ry. Co.
Conestoga Traction Co.
Corry & Columbus Traction Co.
Cumberland Ry.
Eastern Pennsylvania Rys. Co.
Ephrata & Lebanon Traction Co.
Fairchance & Smithfield Traction Co.
Hanover & McSherrystown St. Ry.

Harrisburg Rys. Co.
Hershey Transit Co.
Indiana County St. Ry. Co.
Jefferson Traction Co.
Jersey Shore & Antes Fort RR Co.
Johnstown & Somerset Ry. Co.
Johnstown Traction Co.
Lackawanna & Wyoming Valley RR

Co. (2)
Lancaster & Southern
Lancaster & York Furnace St. Ry. Co.
Lehigh Traction Co., The
Lehigh Valley Transit Co.
Lewisburg, Milton & Watsontown

Passenger Ry. Co.
Lewistown & Reedsville Electric Ry.

Co., The
Lykens Valley Ry. Co.
Mauch Chunk & Lehighton Transit

Montgomery Transit Co.
North Branch Transit Co.
Northampton Transit Co.
Northern Cambria Ry. Co.
Northwestern Electric Service Co. of

Pennsylvania RR ( Dillsburg branch)
Pennsylvania & Maryland St. Ry. Co.
Pennsylvania-New Jersey Ry. Co.
Philadelphia & Easton Transit Co.

* Philadelphia & West Chester

Traction Co.

Philadelphia Suburban Transporta-
tion Co.
вЩ¶Philadelphia & Western Ry. Co. ( 1 )

Philadelphia Suburban Transporta-
tion Co.
Phoenixville, Valley Forge &

Strafford Electric Ry. Co.
Pittsburgh Ry. Co.
Pittsburgh, Harmony, Butler & New

Castle Ry. Co.
Pittsburgh, Mars & Butler Ry. Co.
Pottstown & Reading St. Ry.
Reading Transit & Light Co.
Schuylkill Ry. Co.
Scranton Ry. Co.
Scranton, Montrose & Binghamton

RR Co.
Shamokin & Edgewood Electric Ry.

Shamokin & Mount Carmel Transit

Sharon & New Castle St. Ry. Co.
Slate Belt Transit Co.
Southern Cambria Ry. Co.
Southern Pennsylvania Traction Co.
Stroudsburg Traction Co., The
Sunbury & Sellinsgrove Ry. Co.
Titusville Traction Co.
Trenton, Bristol & Philadelphia St.

Ry. Co.
United Traction St. Ry. Co.
Valley Rys.

Warren & Jamestown St. Ry. Co.
Warren St. Ry. Co.
Waverly, Sayre & Athens Traction

Co. ( Erie )
West Chester, Kennett & Wilmington

Electric Ry. Co.
West Chester St. Ry. Co., The
West Penn Ry. Co.
Wilkes-Barre Ry. Co., The
Wilkes-Barre & Hazleton Ry. Co.,

The (2)
York Rys. Co.



Wilmington & Philadelphia Traction


Cumberland & Westernport Electric

Ry. Co.
Kensington Ry. Co.
Potomac Public Service Co.

Hagerstoun & Frederick Ry.
United Rys. & Electric Co. of

Washington, Baltimore & Annapolis

Electric RR Co. (3)

Baltimore & Annapolis RR Co.


Washington Ry. & Electric Co. (3)


Newport News & Hampton Ry.

Gas & Electric Co.
Norfolk Southern RR
Richmond & Chesapeake Bay Ry.

Richmond- Ashland Ry. Co.
Richmond-Fairfield Ry. Co.
Roanoke Ry. & Electric Co.
Virginia Ry. & Power Co.
Washington & Old Dominion Ry.
Washington-Virginia Ry. (3)

Arlington & Fairfax Ry.

Washington, Alexandria & Ml.
Vernon Ry.

Appalachian Power Co.

Tri-City Traction Co.
Charleston Interurban RR Co.
Kanawha Traction & Electric Co.

Monongahela West Penn Public
Service Co.
Lewisburg & Ronceverte Electric Ry.

Monongahela Power & Ry. Co.

Monongahela West Penn Public
Service Co.
Ohio Valley Electric Ry. Co.
Parkersburg & Ohio Valley Electric

Princeton Power Co.

Tri-City Traction Co.
Sistersville & New Martinsville

Traction Co.
Tyler Traction Co.
Wellsburg, Bethany & Washington

Ry. Co.
Wheeling Public Service Co.
Wheeling Traction Co.

Piedmont Ry. & Electric Co.
Tidewater Power Co.

Charleston-Isle of Palms Traction

Columbia Ry., Gas & Electric Co.
Piedmont & Northern Ry. Co.


Atlanta Northern Ry. Co.
Augusta-Aiken Ry. & Electric Corp.
Fairburn & Atlanta Ry. & Electric

Co. (4)
Georgia Ry. & Power Co.
Savannah Electric & Power Co.





Cincinnati & Columbus Traction Co.
Cincinnati & Dayton Traction Co.,


Ohio Electric Ry. Co.

Cincinnati. Hamilton & Dayton Ry.

Cincinnati & Lake Erie RR
Cincinnati, Georgetown &

Portsmouth RR Co., The
Cincinnati, Lawrenceburg & Aurora

Electric St. RR Co., The
Cincinnati, Milford & Blanchester

Traction Co., The

Cincinnati St. Ry. Co.
Cleveland, Alliance & Mahoning

Valley RR Co.


Cleveland & Chagrin Falls Ry. Co.,

Cleveland & Eastern Traction Co.,

Cleveland, Painesville & Ashtabula

RR Co., The
Cleveland, Painesville & Eastern RR

Co., The
Cleveland, Southwestern & Columbus,

Ry. Co., The
Columbus, Delaware & Marion

Electric Co., The
Columbus, Magnetic Springs &

Northern Ry.
Columbus, Marion & Bucyrus Ry.

Co., The
Columbus, New Albany & Johnstown

Traction Co., The
Columbus, Newark & Zanesville

Electric Ry. Co., The

Ohio Electric Ry.
Columbus Ry., Power & Light Co.,

Columbus, Urbana & Western

Electric Ry., The
Dayton & Troy Electric Ry. Co., The
Dayton & Western Traction Co., The

Ohio Electric Ry. Co.

Indiana RR System
Dayton, Covington & Piqua Traction

Co., The
Dayton, Springfield & Xenia

Southern Ry. Co., The
Felicity & Bethel RR Co.
Fort Wayne, Van Wert & Lima

Traction Co., The

Ohio Electric Ry. Co.

Fort Wayne-Lima RR Co.
Fostoria & Fremont Ry. Co., The
Gallipolis & Northern Traction Co.
Hocking-Sunday Creek Traction Co.,

Indiana, Columbus & Eastern

Traction Co., The

Ohio Electric Ry. Co.

Cincinnati & Lake Erie RR
Interurban Ry. & Terminal Co.
Lake Erie, Bowling Green &

Napoleon Ry.
Lake Shore Electric Ry. Co., The
Lebanon & Franklin Traction Co.
Lima-Toledo RR Co., The

Ohio Electric Ry. Co.

Cincinnati & Lake Erie RR
Lorain St. RR Co., The
Maumee Valley Ry. Co., The
Northern Ohio Traction & Light Co.
Northwestern Ohio Ry. & Power

Co., The
Norwalk & Shelby RR
Ohio & Southern Traction Co., The
Ohio Public Service Co.
Ohio River & Columbus Ry.
Ohio River Electric Ry. & Power Co.
Ohio Service Co., The
Ohio Traction Co.
Ohio Valley Electric Ry.
Pennsylvania & Ohio Ry. Co.
Pennsylvania-Ohio Electric Co., The

Mahoning & Shenango Ry. &
Light Co.
Portsmouth Public Service Co.
Scioto Valley Traction Co., The ( 2 )
Southeastern Ohio Ry. Co., The

Springfield & Washington Ry. Co.
Springfield & Xenia Ry. Co., The
Springfield Terminal Ry. & Power

Co., The
Springfield, Troy & Piqua Ry. Co.
Stark Electric RR Co., The
Steubenville, East Liverpool &

Beaver Valley Traction Co.
Tiffin, Fostoria & Eastern Electric

Ry. Co., The
Toledo & Indiana RR Co., The
Toledo & Western RR Co., The

Toledo, Bowling Green & Southern

Traction Co., The
Toledo, Fostoria & Findlay Ry. Co.,

Toledo, Ottawa Beach & Northern

Ry. Co., The
Wellston & Jackson Belt Ry. ( Hock-
ing Valley )
Western Ohio Ry. Co., The
Youngstown & Ohio River RR Co.,

Youngstown & Suburban Ry. Co.,

The ( Montour )


Beech Grove Traction Co.

Bluffton, Geneva & Celina Traction

* Chicago, Lake Shore & South Bend

Ry. Co.

Chicago South Shore & South
Bend RR
Chicago, South Bend & Northern

Indiana Ry. Co.

Northern Indiana Ry.. Inc.
Evansville & Ohio Valley Ry. Co.
Evansville Suburban & Newburgh

Ry. Co.
Fort Wayne & Decatur Traction Co.
Fort Wayne & Northwestern Ry. Co.

Indiana RR System
Gary & Southern Traction Co.
Gary & Valparaiso Ry. Co.

Gary Rys. Co.
Gary St. Ry. Co.

Gary Rys. Co.
Goshen, South Bend & Chicago RR

Indiana Service Corp.

Indiana RR System
Indianapolis & Cincinnati Traction


Indianapolis & Southeastern RR
Interstate Public Service Co.

Indiana RR System
Lafayette St. Ry. Co.
Lebanon-Thorntown Traction Co.
Marion & Bluffton Traction Co.

Indiana Service Corp.

Indiana RR System
Northern Indiana Power Co.

Indiana RR System
St. Joseph Valley Traction Co.
Southern Indiana Gas & Electric Co.
Terre Haute, Indianapolis & Eastern

Traction Co.

Indiana RR
Union Traction Co. of Indiana

Indiana RR
Winona Interurban Ry. Co.


Benton Harbor-St. Joe Ry. & Light

Detroit, Jackson & Chicago Ry.

Detroit United Ry.

Michigan Electric Ry.
Detroit, Monroe & Toledo Short Line

Detroit United Ry.

Eastern Michigan-Toledo Ry.
Detroit United Ry.

Eastern Michigan Rys.
Escanaba Power & Traction Co.
Grand Rapids, Grand Haven &

Muskegon Ry. Co. ( 2 )
Houghton County Traction Co.
Lake Superior District Power Co.
Michigan Ry. (2)

Michigan RR

Michigan United Ry.

Michigan Electric Ry.

Grand Rapids, Holland & Chicago
Southern Michigan Ry. Co.

Northern Indiana Ry., Inc.


Alton, Granite & St. Louis Traction


Illinois Terminal RR
Alton, Jacksonville & Peoria Ry. Co.
Aurora, Elgin & Fox River Electric

Aurora, Plainfield & Joliet RR Co.
Bloomington, Pontiac & Joliet

Electric Ry. Co.
Cairo & St. Louis Ry. Co.
Central Illinois Traction Co.
Chicago & Interurban Traction Co.
Chicago & Joliet Electric Ry. Co.
Chicago, Aurora & De Kalb RR Co.
Chicago Aurora & Elgin Ry. Co. (2)
Chicago North Shore & Milwaukee

RR (2)
Chicago, Ottawa & Peoria Ry. Co.
Coal Belt Electric Ry. Co. (MP)
De Kalb, Sycamore & Interurban

Traction Co.
East St. Louis & Suburban Ry. Co.
East St. Louis, Columbia & Waterloo

Ry. Co.
Elgin & Belvidere Electric Co.
Fox & Illinois Union Ry. Co.
Galesburg & Kewanee Electric Ry.

Galesburg Ry. Lighting & Power Co.
Illinois Central Electric Ry., The
Illinois Traction System

Illinois Terminal RR
Joliet & Eastern Traction Co.
Kankakee & Urbana Traction Co.
Lee County Central Electric Ry. Co.
Murphysboro & Southern Illinois Ry.

Peoples' Traction Co.
Peoria Ry. Terminal Co. (CRI&P)
Rock Island Southern RR Co.
Rock Island Southern Ry. Co.
Rockford & Interurban Ry. Co.
St. Louis & Belleville Electric Ry. Co.
Southern Illinois Ry. & Power Co.
Springfield, Clear Lake & Rochester

Interurban Ry.
Sterling, Dixon & Eastern Electric

Ry. Co.


Woodstock & Sycamore Traction Co.



Chicago, Harvard & Geneva Lake Ry.

Eastern Wisconsin Electric Co.
Milwaukee Electric Ry. & Light Co.,


Milwaukee Rapid Transit & Speed-
rail Co.
Milwaukee Northern Ry. Co.

Milwaukee Electric Ry. & Light
Co.. The
Wisconsin-Minnesota Electric Light &

Power Co.
Wisconsin Power & Light Co.
Wisconsin Public Service Corp.
Wisconsin Traction, Light, Heat &

Power Co.
Wisconsin Valley Electric Co.


Electric Short Line Ry. (4)

Mesaba Ry. Co.

Minneapolis, Anoka & Cuyuna Range

Ry. Co.
Minneapolis, St. Paul, Rochester &

Dubuque Electric Traction Co.
Minnesota Northwestern Electric Ry.

Co. (4)
St. Paul Southern Electric Ry.

Twin City Rapid Transit Co.


Albia Light & Ry. Co.

Cedar Rapids & Marion City Ry. Co.

tCharles City Western Ry. Co.

Clinton, Davenport & Muscatine Ry.

Des Moines & Central Iowa RR
Fort Dodge, Des Moines & Southern

RR Co.
Iowa Ry. & Light Co.

Cedar Rapids & Iowa City Ry. Co.
+Iowa Southern Utilities Co.

Southern Iowa Ry. Co.
Keokuk Electric Co.
tMason City & Clear Lake RR Co.
Oskaloosa Traction & Light Co.
Waterloo, Cedar Falls & Northern

Ry. Co.


Jefferson City Bridge & Transit Co.

Kansas City, Clay County & St.

Joseph Ry. Co.
Kansas City Power & Light Co.
Mexico, Santa Fe & Perry Traction

Missouri Electric RR Co.
St. Francois County RR Co.
St. Joseph & Savannah Interurban

Southwest Missouri RR Co., The
Union Depot Bridge & Terminal RR

United Rys. Co. of St. Louis


Valley City St. & Interurban Ry. Co.


Chicago, Burlington & Quincy RR
( 3-foot-gauge interurban at Dead-
wood, Lead, and Pluma)


Omaha & Lincoln Ry. & Light Co.
Omaha & Southern Interurban Ry.

Omaha, Lincoln & Beatrice Ry. Co.


Arkansas Valley Interurban Ry. Co.
Iola Electric Ry.
Joplin & Pittsburg Ry. Co.
Junction City & Fort Riley Ry.
Kansas City, Kaw Valley & Western

Ry. Co., The
Kansas City, Lawrence & Topeka

Electric RR Co.
Kansas City, Leavenworth & Western

Ry. Co.
Manhattan City & Interurban Ry. Co.
Missouri & Kansas Ry. Co.
Southwestern Interurban Ry. Co.
Union Traction Co., The

Union Electric Ry.



Kentucky Traction & Terminal Co.
Louisville & Interurban RR Co.

Bristol Traction Co.
Chattanooga Traction Co.
Memphis & Lake View Ry. Co.
Nashville Interurban Ry.

Nashville-Franklin Ry.
Union Traction Co. of Tennessee

Nashtille-Gallatin Interurban Ry.


Alabama Power Co.

Birmingham Ry., Light & Power Co.

Mobile Light & RR Co.


Gulfport & Mississippi Coast Traction

Laurel Light & Ry. Co.


Central Power & Light Co.
Fort Smith Light & Traction Co.
West Helena Consolidated Co., The
Interurban Traction Co.


Orleans-Kenner Traction Co.
St. Tammany Ry. & Power Co.
Southwestern Traction & Power Co.

Ardmori- Ry.

Bartlesville Interurban Ry.
Chickasha St. Ry. Co.
Muskogee Electric Traction Co.
Northeast Oklahoma RR Co.
Oklahoma Ry. Co.
Oklahoma Union Ry. Co.

lulsa-Sapulpa Union Ry. Co.

Pittsburg County Ry. Co.
Sand Springs Ry.
Sapulpa & Interurban Ry.
Shawnee-Tecumseh Traction Co.


Brownsville St. & Interurban RR Co.

Bryan & College Interurban RR Co.

Eastern Texas Electric Co.

Galveston-Houston Electric Ry. Co.

Greenville Ry. & Light Co.

Houston North Shore Ry. (MP)

Northern Texas Traction Co.

Rio Grande Valley Traction Co.

Roby & Northern RR Co.

Southwestern Traction Co.

Tarrant County Traction Co.

Texas Electric Ry.

Texas Interurban Ry.

Uvalde & Leona Valley Interurban

Wichita Falls Traction Co.



Anaconda Copper Mining Co.

Gallatin Valley Electric Ry. (MILW)


Boise Valley Traction Co.
Caldwell Traction Co.
Sandpoint & Interurban Ry.


Sheridan Ry. & Light Co.


Colorado Springs & Cripple Creek

District Ry. Co. (C&S)
Colorado Springs & Interurban Ry.

Co.. The
Denver & Intermountain RR Co., The
Denver & Interurban RR Co. (C&S)
Denver & South Platte Ry. Co., The
Grand River Valley Ry. Co., The

(Colorado Midland)
Trinidad Electric Transmission Ry. &

Gas Co., The




Bamberger Electric RR Co.

Emigration Canyon Ry. Co.

Salt Lake & Utah RR Co.

Salt Lake, Garfield & Western Ry. Co.

Utah Idaho Central RR Co.

Utah Light & Traction Co.


Douglas St. Ry.

Phoenix Ry. Co. of Arizona

Warren Co.

II arren-Bisbee Ry.





Grays Harbor Ry. & Light Co.


Inland Empire RR Co.

Spokane, Coeur d'Alene & Palotue
Ry. (GS)
Lew iston-CIarkson Transit Co.
North Coast Power Co.
Olympia Light & Power Co.
Pacific Northwest Traction Co.
Pacific Traction Co.
Puget Sound Electric Ry. ( 2 )
Puget Sound International Ry. &

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