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hibitory Liquor Law; was married in 1838, to Miss
Elizabeth Wilbur; is a member of the Congregational
church; and an intelligent, honest, straight-forward,
Independent and capable legislator.



Mr. Smitli is a native of Germany, and was born in
1826. He came with his parents to America when
about three j^ears of age, and settled in the city of
New York, where he has always since resided. He
was educated in the city schools; has been engaged in
the mercantile business; and is a pretty shrewd busi-
ness man. He has been a member of the common
council; always a Democrat and an active politician;
is still single, and attends the Dutch Reformed church.
Every member will recollect Jake Smith long after
the Legislature shall have adjourned.


Mr. Staples represents the third district of Monroe
county, and is sixty-four years of age. He has been a
Justice of the Peace and Supervisor, and was a mem-
ber of the Assemby in 1857. He is a staunch, un-
wavering Republican, and is probably the strongest
and most earnest advocate of temperance in the House.
He is a man of family and attends the Methodist
church. None are more quiet and faithful in the dis-
charge of their legislative duties than Mr. Staples,
Pie is a very useful man both in public and private



Mr. Stevenson was born in 1814, in Wallkill, Orange
county, N. Y., and is of Irish descent. His father
was a native of Ireland, and his mother was born in
Orange county. Mr. S, never attended school after
he was twelve years of age, and is greatly indebted to
his own exertions for what education he now possesses.
At the age of fifteen he went to the wheelwright trade,
at which he worked some five years after the expira-
tion of his apprenticeship. He was then chiefly en-
gaged in the forwarding business till 1850, when he
sailed for California, where he remained in the mines
till 1854, when he returned to Orange county. He
never held any public position save that of Town
Clerk till his election to the present legislature; has
always been a National Democrat; was married in
1836 to Miss Elizabeth M. Middlebrook, a native of
Connecticut, and is a very quiet, industrious and
gentlemanly member of the House.


Mr. Stewart is a native of Fenner, Madison county,
N. Y., and was born in 1815. His parents, who are now
dead, came from Scotland about the year 1800, and set-
tled in Montgomery co. Mr. Stewart received a com-
mon school education; was reared on a farm, and has
always been a merchant, engaged in the manufacture
of woolen goods and high wines. He has filled several


town offices, and has thus far proven himself a capable
and efficient member of the House. He was always a
Whig till the organization of the Republican party,
which he immediately joined; is married; attends the
Dutch Reformed church, and is probably the most
quiet and attentive man in the Assembly.


Mr. Strong is forty-five years of age, and was
born in Windham, now Ashland, Greene county, N. Y.,
where he still resides. His parents were natives
of Connecticut, and settled in Greene county toward
the close of the last century. Mr. S. received an
academical education; clerked in his father's store
about ten years; and then carried on the establish-
ment himself, in connection with a farm and tannery.
He followed tanning about six years when the estab-
lishment was burnt out, and he kept the store about
ten years. He then embarked extensively in the
manufacture of wool hats, but was again burnt out
in the spring of 1857, and is now wholly occupied in
farming his father's old place. He has held the office
of Supervisor three terms; was two years Colonel
and one year Lieut. Colonel of the ll6th Regiment;
has always been an unfaltering Democrat; married
Miss Mary A. Peck, in 1836; attends the Presby-
terian church; and is an exceedingly fine man.



Mr. Sutherland was born in 1815, in Plymouth,
Chenango county, N. Y., and is of Scotch and English
descent. His father was a native of Vermont, and
his mother of Connecticut. Both his parents are
now dead. Mr. S. received a common school and
academical education; learnt the printing business
in Troy, previous to which he lived in Sullivan,
Monroe, and Madison counties, and subsequent to
which he worked at his trade in New Orleans and
elsewhere, finally in 1845, establishing hhnself at
White Plains, Westchester county, where he is now
editor of the "Eastern State Journal'' which he has
published about thirteen 3'ears. He is a National
Democrat; was a member of the Assembly in 1857;
married his present wife, Miss Elizabeth Peck, in
1850; and attends the Presbyterian church. He is
always at his post in the House, and is an intelligent
and faithful public servant.


Mr. Tappen was born in 1823, in Dutchess county,
N. Y. His father, Archibald Tappen, was a native
of the soil, and died in 1856. He was liberally edu-
cated in the city of New York, and after leaving
school studied law and was admitted to the bar. He
now resides'in Westchester, and follows his profession
in that county and New York. He has held the
office of Justice of the Peace and Supervisor in West-


farms, where he has resided about seven years, taking
a prominent part in all the affairs of the town and
county. He has always been a Democrat; was
married in 1851 to Miss Susan, daughter of Lewis B.
Butler; and attends the Dutch Reformed church. He
does ample justice to the responsibility of his present
position, and effectually serves the interests of the
people and the county so intimately associated and
identified with the great Metropolis.


Dr. Van Aernam was born in 1820, in Marcellus,
Onondaga county, N. Y., and is of Dutch descent.
His father, who died in 1841, was a native of the
city of Albany, from whence he went into Onondaga
county, and finally to Cattaraugus, where the subject
of this sketch now resides. Dr. Van Aernam received
an academical education, and studied medicine in the
Geneva and Willoughby medical colleges, at the latter
of which he finally graduated. He immediately
turned his attention to the practice, and has been
eminently successful in it. He was twelve years
Superintendent of schools, discharging his duties with
credit to himself and fidelity to those whom he repre-
sented; and is now one of the most useful and efficient
men in the legislature. He was originally a Henry
Clay Whig, adhering to that party till she disbanded,
when he joined the Americrn party, which he left in
1856, on account of its being, in his judgment, too


pro-slavery. In 1845 he married Miss A. M. Ethe-
ridge; is a believer in the Universalist doctrine; a
pungent, forcible writer; and a popular representative.


Mr. Van Horn was born on the southern borders of
Lake Ontario, in Newfane, Niagara county, N. Y.; is
of English descent, and about thirty-five years of age.
He was educated at the Yates academy, preparatory
to entering college, and in the winter of 1845 and '46,
became a student at Madison university. He re-
mained there a short time, when his health failing, he
was compelled to abandon his course and go South for
his health. He is now extensively engaged in farming
and the manufacture of woolen cloths in his native
town, where he has always resided. He never occu-
pied any public official position till he became a mem-
ber of the present Assembly, but has proven himself
fully adequate to a faithful discharge of the duties
devolving upon him. He was a Whig till 1848,
when he acted with the Free Soil party, which he
soon abandoned, and again joined the Whig ranks,
where he remained till the organization of the Repub-
lican enterprise. In 1851 he married Miss Charlotte
S. Goodell, and is a member of the Baptist church.



Col. Van Valkenburgh was born in 1821 in Steuben
county, N. Y. In 1836 he attended school at Auburn,
and subsequently studied law in the office of Messrs.
Kogers & Hasten, in the city of Buffalo. He was a
resident of that place during the " Patriot " excite-
ment, and was a member of the City Guard, enjoying
intimate personal relations with Gen. Sutherland, of
the Patriot forces. Returning to Steuben county in
1838, he completed his studies, and was admitted to
the bar in 1843, since which time he has been prose-
cuting a large and lucrative practice.- He was a
member of the Assembly in 1852, and in the same
year was appointed Colonel of the 60th Regiment.
He was again a member of the House in 1857, and is
now the leader of the Republican party in that body.
He was formerly an enthusiastic Whig, and during
the stormy political contest of 1840 was editor of the
Constitutionalist, the Whig organ in Steuben county.
He stands high in the present House as a legislator,
and a man ; is an elaborate and forcible debater ; and
is fully able to vindicate any position he may assume
on any question. He is personally very popular, and
well deserves all the kindness and confidence he has
received at the hands of his constituents and his
friends. He is the proper man in the proper place.



Mr. Voorhees was born in 1798, where he now
resides, in King?? county, and where his father and
grand-father lived before him. He still retains in his
possession the old family Bible which has been hand-
ed down through successive generations from the
year 1645. Mr. V. received a common school educa-
tion, and was engaged in the mercantile business from
1812 till 1833, when he turned his attention to farm-
ing. He has held several town offices, including that
of Supervisor, which he filled nine consecutive years,
and was a member of the legislature of 1846. He
has always been a Democrat of the Hard Shell
school ; and has occupied an influential position in
his party. In 1823 he married Miss Phoeba Ryder,
and belongs to the Dutch Reformed church. He
stands high in the section of the state in which he


Mr. Wager was born in Hillsdale, Columbia county,
N. Y., and is about forty years of age. His great-
grand-parents on his father's side were Germans. His
grand-father was a Revolutionary soldier, and was at
the surrender of Gen. Burgoyne at Saratoga. His
grand-mother was a resident of Danbury, Conn., at
the time it was burnt, and prepared the meals for
Gen.' Washington during his temporary sojourn at her
father's house. His father served in the war of 1812,


and died in 1845. Mr. Wager graduated at Union
college in 1839; studied law; and is now doing an
extensive practice in Rhinebeck, where he resides.
In 1850 he married a daughter of the Hon. Marshal
P. Wilder, of Boston, who died in 1852, and in 1856
was married to a daughter of Capt. Thomas Far-
less, of Salem, Mass. He has held the office of
Supervisor; was a member of the House in 1855; has
always been a Democrat, from his earliest youth up,
as were also his father and grand-father before him ;
attends the Episcopal church; and is now one of the
leading men in the legislature.


Mr. Walker is a native of Manchester, Vt., and
was born in 1831. He is of English descent, and his
father, Hiram Walker, is still living in Washington
county, N. Y., where he settled in 1836. Mr. W.
received an academical education; studied law; was
admitted to the bar, but has not practiced any during
the past three years, having engaged in the banking
and real estate business under the firm name of S, H.
Walker & Co., at Salem, where he now resides, and
at St. Paul, Minnesota. His present position is his
first adventr into public life, but he has thus far dis-
charged his duties with great credit to himself and
doubtless the most unlimited satisfaction to his con-
stituents. In 1837 he was married to Miss Jennie
M. McNett, of White Creek, and attends the Presby-


terian church. He is a shrewd, active business man;
a fluent and forcible debater; and possesses qualifica-
tions that make him troops of warm-hearted personal
friends wherever he goes.


Mr. Watson was born in 1818, in Canaan, Litch-
field county. Conn., and is of Scotch and Dutch
descent. His ancestors were among the earliest
settlers of that state. His paternal grand-father was
a soldier in the Revolution, and received a wound at
Ticonderoga, which finally caused his death, Mr.
Watson received a limited common school education,
having been one of eleven children, with poor parents,
and at the age of fourteen worked out among neigh-
boring farmers at stipulated wages. At the. age of
seventeen he went to Berkshire county, Mass., to
learn tanning; remained there three years; returned
to Connecticut, and engaged in the business on his
own responsibility some three years. In consequence
of the scarcity of bark, &c., he then abandoned the
business; went to Greene county to superintend a
tanning establishment for some parties in New York,
and since 1850 hag been extensively engaged in the
manufacture of sole leather, in Ulster county, where
he now resides. In 1839 he married Miss Jane E. Ear-
ner, of Berkshire county, Mass., and although not a
member of any church, attends regularly, and con-
tributes liberally to benevolent and religious objects


in his county. He was formerly a Whig, but in 1840
joined the Democratic ranks, where he has always
since remained. He is a very quiet, unassuming and
sensible man ; has a sound judgment, which qualifies
him admirably for a legislative position; is a man of
high standing and respectability wherever he is known ;
and is a very useful and reliable member of the House.


Mr. Weiant is one of the most quiet men in the
House. The author has not the pleasure of his
acquaintance, but judges him to be a man every way
qualified for the position he now occupies. He never
troubles the House with long-winded speeches or use-
less talk, but discharges his duties in a manner that
can not fail to secure the approbation of his con-


Mr. Weir was born in 1813, in Providence, R. I.
His parents both came from Ireland, about the close
of the last century. He is indebted to his own indi-
'vidual exertions for whatever educa^tion he may have,
having been left alone, at the age of twelve, by the
death of both his parents. He then served his time
at the saddler's trade, and worked at it a short time
after he was twenty-one years old, after which he
connected himself with the Sunday press, and has


since then been chiefly so occupied. He was four
years School Commissioner in the city of New
York; was a member of the Assembly in 1840, '41
and '42, and as chairman of the standing committee
on State Prisons in '42, made one of the most able
reports on the subject of convict labor that was ever
presented to a legislative body. He has always been
a Democrat and a pretty active politician; is mar-
ried; and by persuasion an Episcopalian. He is a
shrewd man, and an excellent representative.


Mr. Wheelock was born in 1824, in Bethlehem,
Rensselaer county, N. Y., and is of Yankee and Scotch
descent. His father, who is now dead, was a native
of Mass., and his mother was born in the city of Al-
bany. He received an academical education; studied
law in BufFab, and was admitted to practice. He
has never pursued his profession, however, mostly in
consequence of ill health ; and now resides on a farm
near the village of Lancaster, in Erie county. He
has always been a sterling, uncompromising Demo-
crat; married Miss Mary Powers, in 1842; usually
attends the Presbyterian church, and is a capital
man in eyery relation of life.



Mr. Winne is a lawyer, residing in the city of New
York, and was elected to the present Assembly by
upwards of seven hundred majority. He has always
been a straight-forward and consistent Democrat, and
is the most quiet, inoffensive and good-natured man
in the New York delegation. He has held several
official positions in that city; stands well in the House,
and is a man of good judgment and excellent charac-
ter. вЦ† His constituents may well congratulate them-
selves upon the faithfulness and efficiency of their
representative at Albany.


Mr. Wolcott was born in 1810, at Wenton, Oneida
county, N. Y. His father, Samuel Wolcott, who was
of English descent, emigrated from Weathersfield,
Conn,, in 1800, and settled on Holland Patent, in the
town of Wenton. He was consequently one of the
pioneer settlers in that section of the state. He died
on the 1st of January, 1857, at the age of eighty-two,
universally respected by all who knew him, for his
honesty and integrity as a man, his uprightness as a
magistrate, his enterprise and benevolence as a citi-
zen, and his sincerity as a Christian. Mr. Wolcott
was reared on a farm ; was liberally educated in a
common school, and since the age of twenty- one has
been engaged in the mercantile trade. In 1834 he


removed to Fulton, Oswego county, where he now
resides. In 1844 he was appointed Loan Commis-
sioner; held the position three years; was subse-
quently Supervisor four years; was Chairman of the
Board in 1854; in 1855 was elected President of the
Oswego River bank, and v/as also President of the
village of Fulton two years, resigning the office upon
his election to the legislature. He was formerly a
Radical Democrat, but now acts with the Republicans.
He was married in 1835 to Miss Sarah, daughter of
Ansel Fox, and attends the Presbyterian church. He
was elected to his present position by nearly one
thousand majority; is a most capable, industrious and
efficient legislator; an active Temperance man, and is
distinguished throughout the section of the state where
he resides, for his enterprise, industry and benevolence.


Mr. Wolford is a successful practicing lawyer in
the city of Albany, where he has always resided since
arriving at manhood. He held the office of Clerk of
the Board of Supervisors in 1856, and was elected to
his present position by a union of Americans and
Republicans, having upwards of five hundred majority
over his Democratic competitor. He was formerly a
Whig, but was among the first to enlist in the organi-
zation of the Republican movement. He is some-
what above thirty years of age; makes a good repre-
sentative ; and attends church.




Mr. Woodvrorth is about fifty-five years of age,
and represents Seneca county in the Assembly. He
held various town offices previous to his election to
the seat he now fills, and has always been zealously
attached to the Democratic party. He is a merchant
residing in Lodi, and is a very worthy and exemplary
man. He performs his duties faithfully in the House;
is very kind, courteous, and unostentatious in his
manners ; and is a professor of religion.


With the Districts and Counties they represent, Post
Office Address, and Politics.

Hon. THOS. G. ALVORD, Speaker, Salina, Onon. co., Dem.

Dis. Assemblymen. Counties. P. O. address. Pol.

2, Chauncey M. Abbott, . Cayuga, Niles, R.

4, Charles H. Adams,. .. Albany, Cohoes, A.

3, C.W. Armstrong,.. .. Albany, Albany, D.

3, Robert F. Austin, Jefferson, .... 3 Mile Bay,., R.

4, Amos Avery, ........ Erie, , Evans, R.

1, George Babbitt, Jefferson, .... Smithville, . . R.

1, Dwight Bacheller, . . . Albany, Albany, A.

1, Hezekiah Baker, Montgomery,. St. Johnsville, R.

1, D. B. Baldwin, Cayuga, Weedsport, . . R.

1, William Baldwin, .... Oswego,...*. Oswego, .... D.

2, Washington Barnes,.. Steuben, Painted Post, R.

2, Moses S. Beach, Kings,. .. .^. . Brooklyn .... D.

2, Isaac Becker, Ulster, Arnoldston,. . A.

2, Alfred Bell, Livingston, . . . Nunda, R.

7, George W. Bleecker,. Kings, Brooklyn .... D.

1, Henry Bliss, Chautauque, . . Sherman, .... R.

1, Chauncey Boughton,. Saratoga, Half-Moon,.. A.

1, N. Bouton,.. Cortland, .... Virgil, R.

2, William Briggs, St. Lawrence, Ogdensburgh, R.

2, Wm. Buffington, Jr., . Cattaraugus,.. Cattaraugus,. R.

1, Lester M. Case, Madison...... Cazenovia, .. R.


Die. Aescmblyraen. ' Counties. P. O. address. Pol.

10, John W. Chanler,.... New York,... New York, .. D.

13, Davidl. ChatfieW,... New York,... New York, .. D.

4, David M. Cbauncey, . . Kings, Brooklyn, . . . D.

11, Noah A. Childs New York,. . . New York, . . D.

2, Elihu C. Church, .. ., Jefferson, . .*. . Theresa, .... R.

1, Homer Collins,. ,.... Lewis, Collinsville,.. R.

1, Wilham Coppernoll,. . Herkimer,.... Ohio, R.

14, Dunham J. Grain,.... New York,.,. New York, . . D.

5, John A. Dayton, Kings, Brooklyn, . . . D.

5, Arthur J. Delaney,... New York,... New York, .. D.

3, H. B. Duryea, Kings, Brooklyn .... R.

17, Garritt Dyckman, New York,... Harlem, D.

1, Volney Edgerton,.... Ontario, Orleans, R.

1, Albert I'^.mans, Dutchess, .... A^-thursburgh D.

7, Philip W. Engs, New York,. . . New York, . . D.

2, Charles Estes, Wayne, Macedon Gen. R.

1, E. S. Esty, Tompkins, . . . Ithaca, , R.

2, Daniel Fish, Rensselaer,... Valley Falls,. R.

1, Henry Fish, Schuyler, .... Mecklenburg, D.

2, Michael Fiizgerald, .. New York,.... New York, .. D.

1, James Frnzee, Onondaga, . , . Baldwinsville, R.

1, Stephen W. Fullerton, Orange, Newburgh, .. R,

12, William Gage, New York,... New York, .. D.

1, John Garrison, Putnam, Garrisons, . . . D.

. 2, Lorenzo Gile, Columbia,.... Can'n 4 Cor's, R.

1, Harlow Godard, St. Lawrence, Richville,. . .. D

2, Charles B.Green,... Chautauque,. . Ellington,... R.
1, John Haggerty...... Chemung..... Big Flats,. . .. D.

1, Monro;3 Hall, Essex, ....... Jay, R.

3, Thomas G. Halley,. . . Oneida, New London, R.

1, John M. Hammond,.. Allegany,.... Fillmore,.... R.
6, John Hanford, Kings, Williamsburg D.

2, David M. Hard, Otsego, New Lisbon,. R.

1, Henry R.Hart, Oneida, Whitestown,. D.


Die. Assemblj'raen. Counties. P. O. address. Pol.

1, John S. Hendrickson, Queens. Busliville, . . . D.

1, Asa Hodge, Sullivan, Giahainsvill^, A.

3, Levi S. llolbrook, . .. Onondaga, . .. Pompey Cen., R.

1, John C. Holmes, Ful. and Ham., Gloversville, . D.

3, Frost Horton, Westchester,. Peekskill . . . . A.

1, George Howell, Suffolk, Riverhead,.. . D.

1, Eber W. Hubbar 1, . .. Richmond, . . . Bentley, D.

1, Almanzor Hutchinson Orleans, Gaines, R.

6, George A. Jeremiah, . New York, .. New York, .. D.

1, J. \i Jones, Livingston,... M.oscovv, .... D.

9, Thomas Jones, Jr.,. . . New York,... New York, .. D.

3, VV. B. Jones, Steuben, Canisteo, . . . . R.

2, W.F.Jones, Allegany, Wellsville,. . . R.

2, William Kales, Chenango, ... Coventry..,. R.

1, Franklin B. Kingman, Genesee, Bergen, R.

4, Reuben Knight, Oneida, Boonville, . . . R.

], John W. LaBar, Niagara, Lockport, ... R.

1, Fordyce L. Laflin, . . . Ulster, Saugerties, . . D.

1, Truxton G. Lamb,... Chenango, ... Columbus,... R.

1, Albert P. Laning, Erie,,,, Buffalo, D.

2, Samuel A. Lav/, Delaware, Meredith, A.

1, Edward A. Lawrence, Queens, Flushing,. . . . D.

2, Harris Lewis, Herkimer, .... Frankfort, . . . R.

1, Jarvis Lord, Monroe, Rochester,... D.

8, James H. Lynch, New York,... New York, .. D.

1, Angus Mcintosh, Schenectady,. Duancsburgh, R.

2, William J. McKown, Oneida, Waterville, . . R.

1, Charles McLean, .... Ot&ego, Cherry Valley D.

2, Andrew J. McNett, . . Erie, Buffalo, D.

1, John Mather, ,... Yates, Middlesex, .. R.

1, David Miller,.... Colundjia,.... Livingston,.. A.

3, Martin Miller, Hensselaer,. . . Greenbush, . , D.

2, GeorgoP.Mills, Suffolk, Bellport, .... D.

L5, Edward A. Moore,. .. New Y^ork,.. . New York, .. D.

21 ?c


Dis. Assemblymen. Counties. P. O. address. Pol.

1, Jasou C. Osgood, .... Rensselaer,. . . Troy, , D.

1, Fletcher Palmer, Delaware,.... Deposit, H.

1, John S. Palmer, Broome, Deposit, R.

2, Thomas Parsons, .... Monroe, Rochester,. . . D.

2, Ira R. Peck,. Ontario, E. Bloomfield R.

1, Zephaniah B. Piatt,.. Clinton,.,.... Fallsburgh, . . D.

1, Cyril Rawson, Wyoming, . . . Eagle, , R.

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