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Biographical sketches of the state officers and members of the Legislature of the state of New York, in 1858 online

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1, William P. Raymond, Tiog^, ...... . Owego, R.

2, Taber B. Reynolds,.. Saratoga, .i.. Wilton A.

2, Ralph Richar.ls, Washington, . Hampton, ... R.

1, Alexander Robertson, Warren, Glens Falls, . . R.

1, Charles Russell, .... Franklin, .... Bombay,.... A.

3, Ciiaiincey S. Sage,. . . Oswego, Williamstown R.

1, Jolin H. Salisbury, .. . Schoharie, ... Argusville, .. D'

4, John G. Seeley, New York,. . . New York, . . D.

1, Edward W. Sentell . . . Wi'yne, Sodus, R=

3, Oscar F. Shepard, .. , St, Lawrence, Lawrenceville R.

1, Jacob L. Smith, ,.... New York,... New York, .. D.
3, Robert Staples, Monroe, ..... Brockport,. . . B.

2, Charles J. Stevenson, Orange, Middletown, . D.

2, Robert Stewart, Madison, Chittenango, . R.

1, Daniel B. Strong, Greene, ... . Ashland, D

2, E. G. Southerland,. ... Westchester, . While Plains, D^
1, Abraham B. Tappen, Westchester, . Fordham, ... D.

1, Henry Van Aernam,.. Cattarangns, . Franklinville, R.

2, Burt Van f lorn, Niagara, Newf'ane, .... R.

1, R. B.VanValkenbiirgh, Steuben, Booth, R.

1, John A. Voorhees,. ... Kings, Flatlands, ... D.

2, Ambrose Wager, .. ., Dutchess, .. Rhinebeck, .. D.
1, Thaddeus H.Walker, Washington,.. Salem, R.

3, Nathan W. Watson,.. Ulster, , Kingston,... D.

1, Wesley I. Weiant, ... Rockland,.... N.Haverstraw D.

16, George Weir, New York, . . . New York, . . D.

3, John T. Wheelock, . . Erie......... Lancaster,... D.


Die. Aesemblymen. Counties. P. O. address. Pol.

3, Richard Winiie, ..... New York,. . . New York, . . D.

2, Joliii J. Wolcott, Oswego, Fulton, R.

2, George Wolford, Albany, Albany R.

1, Augustus Wood worth, Seneca, Lodi, D.


ff^ays and Means. — Laning, Van Valkenburgh ,Hubbard,
Lord, Duryea.

Commerce and JVavigaiion. — Hanford, Sentel, Grain, Fra-
zee, Beach.

Canals. — W. Baldwin, Richards, Wheelock, Hammond,

Rail Roads. — McNett, Godard, Haggerty, Halley, Souther-

Banks. — Armstrong, Wolcott, Chauncey, C. Boughton,

Insurance. — T. Jones, Jr., W. F. Jones, Dayton, Kales,

Two-ihlrds and Three-Jifihs Bill. — Salisbury, Sage, Mills,
W. B. Jones, Delaney.

Colleges and Academies. — Cbanler, Bleecker, Edgerton,
Hutchinson, Strong.

Grievances. — Jeremiah, Bacheller, E. S. Esty, Voorhees,

Privileges and Elections. — Grain, Austin, W. Baldwin,
Watson, Mather.

Petitions of Aliens. — Lynch, Lewis, Wheelock, Green, Os-

Erection and Division of Towns and Counties. — Law, Raw-
son, J. H. Jones, Ghatfield, Robertson.

Claims. — Horton, Shepard, Engs, D. Fish, Stevenson.


Infernal JJffairs of Towns and Counties, — Lawrence, Gage,
Strong, Babbit, Staples.

Medical Societies and Colleges. — Reynolds, Hubbard, H.
Fish, Van Aernam, C. Estes.

State Charitable Institutions. — Engs, Hart, Woodworth,
Gile, Briggs.

Incorporations of Cities and Villages. — Weir, Laning, Rey-
nolds, F. Palmer, E. C. Church.

Manufacture of Salt. — Lord, Hendrickson, D. Miller, Hol-
brook, D. B. Baldwin.

Trade and Manufacture. — Laflin, Parsons. Seeley, Adams,

State Prisons, — Sutherland, Piatt, Moore, Abbott, Walker.

Engrossed Bills. — Winne, Beach, Weiant, J. S. Palmer,

Militia and Public Defense. — M. Miller, Dyckman, Law-
rence, Duryea, Raymond.

Roads and Bridges. — Childs, Tappen, Holmes, Bliss, Lamb.

Public Lands. — Hart, Haggarty, Becker, N. Bouton, Hall.

Indian JJffairs. — Parsons, T. Jones, Jr., Mills, Buffington,

Charitable and Religious Societies. — Delaney, Bleeker, Fitz-
gerald, Bell, Case.

.Agriculture. — Emans, Voorhees, Hodge, Labar, Knight.

Public Printing. — McLean, Howell, Moore, McKown,

Expenditures of the Executive Department. — Smith, Garri-
son, Dayton, Van Horn. Mcintosh.

Expenditures of the Legislative Department. — Chauncey,
Woodworth, Armstrong, Peck, Hard.

Judiciary.— Wager, Winne, Tappen, Barnes. Fullerton.

Joint Library Committee. — Law, Clianler, Plait, Woolford,


Name, Office. County.

Samuel P. Allen,. . . . Clerk Monroe,*

James Terwilleger,. . Journal Clerk, Onondaga,*

Henry J. Sickles, .... Deputy Clerk, , Orleans,*

Asahcl N. Cole, Engrossing Clerk,. .. Allegany,*

Charles N. Fairman, do do ... . Chetnung,*

Henry W. Dwight, .. Sergeant-at-Anns,. . . Cayuga,*

Simeon Dillingham, . Ass't do .... St. Lawrence,*

Richard U. Owen, . Doorkeeper, Oneida,*

Henry W. Shipman, 1st Ass't do Broome,*

Samuel TenEyck,.. 2d do do Madison,*

James C. Clark, .... 3d do do Warren,*

George R. VValdron, Librarian, Madison,*

Joseph Garlinghouse, Janitor, Cayuga,*

N. A. Finnegan, . . .. Ass't Postmaster,.... Albany,f

William Stephens,.. Bank Messenger,..,. " do f

William Quin, Page, • • dof

Dwight Reed, do Livingston,!

C.E.Whitney, do ., , Albany,t

T. Dexter, do do f

W.J.Dunn, do dof

Edwin Cooper do dof

* Republican; f No Voter.


Name. Office. County.

David Wilson, Clerk Albany,^

Edward O. Perrin, . . Ass't Clerk, Kirigs,f

J. B. Cushman, Journal Clerk, One!da,f

R. C. Bentley, Engrossing Clerk, . . Albany,^

George M. Van Nort, Senior Dep. do ..'Orange,||

J. Moreau Smith. . . . . Junior do do . . Erie,|

Geprge B. Sherrill, . . Librarian, Washington,!

Henry C. Wright, .... Ass't do Essex,f

P. H. Lasher, Sergeant-at-Arms, . . . Dutchess,f

George O. Jones, .... Ass't do .... Onondaga,§

John J. Rielly, Postmaster, New York,f

John Nugent, Ass't do Westchester,f

Peter Van Olinda, . . . Janitor, Rensselaer,!

Jonas H. Bixby,.... Keeper of Assem. Ch. Delaware,!

Peter J. Cooke, Doorkeeper, Saratoga,|

John DaviB, . 1st Ass't do Erie,t

James Swarthout, . . 2d do do Schoharie,!

William P. Hackett,. . do do Albany,!

John H. Anderson, . . do do ..... .. do J

Ephraim Stewart,. . , do ....... . do !

A. V. V. Dodge, do do t

Beter Sickles, ...... do Ulster,!

C. D. Easton, do Albany ,J

Jacob Snyder, do Columbia,!

George W. Chadsey, do Albany,|

! Democrat-, J American; $ National; H Mixed.







Having begun the practice in all the Courts of the
State of New York, will promptly attend to all busi-
ness entrusted to his care, and pay special attention
to collections in all parts of the State, at the most
liberal per centage.


Hon. Truman Smith, New York City,

Hon. Samuel Lahm, Canton, O.,

Hon. John F. McJilton, Baltimore, Md.,

Hon. O. B. Whealer, Sullivan county, N. Y.,

Hon. George Y. Johnson, Albany county, N. Y.,

Cyrus Stevens, Esq., Albany, N. Y.


< • » » > —

ۥ H, & T. J, RADCLIFF, ProprietorSi




62 and 64 STATE STRBBT,



We desire to call your attention to our Spring Stjck of
China, Glass, Earthen Ware, all kinds of Metal Ware, Lamps,
Gas Fixtures, and Fancy Goods, imported by ourselves di-
rect from Europe.

We believe the assortment we offer to b3 the largest in va-
riety and extent in the United States, and that no house in
the trade can afford to sell on better terms. We cheerfully
duplicate any bill purchased in New York or Boston, thereby
saving to Western Merchants an item of freight and break-
age, worthy attention.

::o. :jei 3m: o "^t ^a. Xj-

We desire also to call your attention to the REMOVAL
we contemplate in November next, from our present premi-
ses to the New Marble Store now being (3rected on the site
of the Mansion House, on Broadway, where with increased
facilities we shall be enabled to prosecute our business with
more pleasure, and we trust with increased success.

Thankful for the patronage extended to us during the fif-
teen years past, we trust to merit it during the years to come.

Coal Oil and Lamps.

N. B. We have the sale for this city of the best KERO-
SENE, or COAL OIL LAMPS, and also the best OILS in
use for the Lamps, at manufacturer's prices.



To the Members of tke Legislature and their
friends who insit Albany,

Proprietor of the only opposition Watch an 1 Jeweh-y
Store in Albany, will be happy to see his former patrons as
well as new, at his place, and will promise all such the best
Goods in the Market, even by the single article, at a fair
wholesale price, and positively from 10 to 33 per cent below
the ordinary prices elsewhere, and more especially on Rare
Watches of my own importation; ditto Diamonds and solid
coin Silver Ware of my own make,

N. B. As I manufacture, import and purchase wholly for
cash, together with the large amount I dispose of every year,
I can afford all goods in my line at Wholesale Rates to pri-
vate customers as well as dealers. My motto— Every man's
Money of Equal Value to me.

For References enquire of every business man in Albany.

No. 42 State Street,


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Online LibraryWilliam D MurphyBiographical sketches of the state officers and members of the Legislature of the state of New York, in 1858 → online text (page 15 of 15)