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Mr. Charles, letters have been received, which your Sub*-
Committee submit to your consideration.

^< ' And your Sub-Committee would recommend the a{>-^
pointment of Granville Sharp, Esq. and the three Secretaries,
tQ apply to the Bishop of St. David's, with a list, of sueh cor-
rections, and to confer with him upon the subject ; and that
they be directed to request Mr. Charles to come immediately
to town (if necessary), as he has kindly o0ered to do/

** Resolved, That the said Report be received.

<' Read two letters from the Rev. Thomas Charles, of Bala,
in reply to the communications of the Sub-Committee.

** Read a letter from the Rev. J. Roberts, of Dymerchion,
dated March ISth, in reply to the inquiries of this Committee,
respecting the two small editions of the Welsh BiUe men-
tioned in his letter, which was read at the last meeting.

•^ Resolved, That the Welsh Bible to be printed by this
Society shall be conformable to the edition printed in the^
yegr I74is.

Digitized by


Appendix C. xxxy

^ That the above Resolution be communicated to Mr*
Charles^ and that be be requesied to point out any typogra-
phical errors in the edition of 1746; transmitting a list of
them from time to time to the Committee^ as may best suit
bis convenienee.'*

** 1805. April 5.— Read a Report from the Welsh Sub-
Committee^ as follows :

^* f Your Sub-Committee, in compliance with the resolu-
tion of the General Committee on the 1st inst. requested Mr.
Wilson to attend them ; and they now submit to you the
result of their conference with him,

^^ * Mr, Wilson, in answer to the inquiries of the Sub-
Committee, stated that he would undertake to complete the
stereotype plates for a nonpareil pocket edition of the New
Testament in the Welsh langu^, in four months, and those
of the Old Testament in eight months afterwards, provided a
person were appointed to correct the press, who should be
always at hand, so as to occasion no delay/ ^'

^^ At a Meeting of the Committee of the British and Fo-
feign Bible Society, December 9th, ld05 j

*^ The Minutes of the Printing Sub-Committee, held on
tlbe4th inst. (uiider whose direction the present meeting was
4;onvened) were read, and severally taken into consideration,
together with the letter from the Right Rev. the Bishop of St.
David's, V. P. relating to the Welsh Bible, referred to in
such Minutes ; when, after mature deliberation, it was

^^ Resolved Unanimously,

*^ To adopt the edition of 1752, with the orthography of

Dr. Davies in proper names, as the copy for the edition of the

Bible to b^ printed for this Society in the Welsh language,

correcting typographical errors, and collating the text with

' former authorised versions.**

<^ That it be referred to the Printing Sub-Committee to
irarry the above Resolution into efect/*

« %

Digitized by


xxxvi Vindication of the Bible! Society.


From the Records of the British and Foreign Plbto


A Statement of the Rules observed in preparing a correct
Copy oftlie IVehh Bible, at the Request oftke British and
Foreign Bible Society *^

In preparing an editiob for the pres$^ the copy of the last
octavo edition, printied at Oxford in 179flb was that taken.
In this copy many words and sentencesy which suuid in former
editions, were feond to be omitted ; others, to bns cbai^d,
•o as to alter the meaning, or to ejcpress no idea at ail.
The edition of 1799 followed thsft of 1759> aild copies m^j
of its errors. — In correcting the^e omissions and alteratiousi^
reference was constantly made to former editions, as well as
to -the original Hebrew, which in eveiy instance has been
consulted, ah4 the copy corrected in the following instances.


The Copy of 1799.

Corrections made by Mr.
Charles, on the authority
of the former Impressions,

peoesis il. lO. ...

Bedair cain^c,
fourb ranches. $

four heads.

xiy. 17....




the thigh.

Morddwyd Jacob,
Ji^:ob's thigh.

xliii 28:

Yno tyngasant,
there they swore.

Y fnostyngasane,
hiade obeisance.

%\\y. 25..



to you.

to us.

^ A A'aluablc paper h^s recently been transmitted to me, entitled
^* Hints for the Improvement of the Editions of the Wehh Bible.** It
comeS; I understand^ from the pen of Mr. Charles. Thg length of
my pamphlet prevents the insertion of this paper entire; but I shall,
in the Notes, make a few extracts, which seem more immediately to
py present purpose.

Digitized by'


Appendix D.



Copy of 1799.

Former Impressions.

Lev. iv. 30

Waed yr allor.

Waelhdyr alhr.

the blood of the altat*.

the bottom of the altar.

Numb, xiii. 2. ...




every one.



Am ddyfodiad.


from the coming.

of the coming. *

Deut. xxix. 4. ...

Y4ydd hvmxv,


that day.

this day.

— 22 ,

Yrhai a radiant.

Y rhai a godatii.

who shall walk.

who shall rise up.

xxix. 26. .,

Dduwin dieitkr.

Dduwiau dieithrg

strange conjarer.

strange gods.

Josh. fi. H. f

AH gwyr.

A'r gwyr.

and her men.

and the men.

ill. 4. ••••••

Nesewch aiti.

Na nesetceh atti.

come near unto it.

come not near unto it.

xs 34, ......



they fought.

they encamped.

xviii. 15...

Yn disgyn.




XIX. 51. ...





xxii. 22. ...




white aspect.


Jodg, Vii. 25. ....

Tu allan i'r lorddonen,


the outside Jordan.

the other side Jordan.

ix. 39

Ac Ahimelech,

Ag Abimelech,

and Abimelecb. *

with Abimelech.

1 Sam. i. 26. ....


Fy Arglwydd,


my Lord.


A ytnwregysontf

A ymturcgysasant.

shall gird themselves.

are girt. .

xxiii. 26.

Difa hwynt.

Dala htvynt.

destroy them.

take them.

xxix. 2—



(Letters transposed, and

passed on.

express no sense).

2 Sam.viii. 2. ...





xii. 30. ...





Digitized by


.xxxviii Vindication of the Bible Society.

BOOKS. Copjofl799. * Former Ijipt^ilkni.

9 Still. ZXt. 17...

1 Kin. ix.7

2 Kin. nr. 3d. ...

XTl. 3. •••
xviii. 31..

XX. II....

I ChroD. ix. 8....
xii. 7.,.

xvi. 33.

xxvi. 4.


2Chr. vi'u 17. ...

ix. 12


Ezra W. 23

vi. 3

Nehem. vii. 69...

Job XXTli. 23r ....

xli. Jl

the Philistines.

AW hwn^
and this.

A'u bwriodd,
threw them.

(No sense).

(Words omitted)*

At yr Arghoydd^
to the Lord.


A Credor,
and Gedor.

Pamau'r coed,

the tops of the trees,



(Words omitted).

Brenin Seba,
the king of Seba.


(No word).

Yn dri infyii ugmn.
(Words trs^nsposed).

Ar asynod,
on asses.


ymiistiad, .
the Philistine.

A'r ty hwrn,
and this house.

A^u briwioddp
shred them.

through the fire.

Wimpy dden a hm, c

phob un o*i,
his own yine, and erery

one of his.

Ar yr Arglxvydd^
upon the Lord.


from Gedor.

Prennau V coed,

the trees of the wood*



Fd y rkodiodd Dqfydd
dy dad a gwneutkur,

as David thy father
walked and do.

Brenhines Seba,
the queen of Seba.



Yn dri ugain ct{fydd,
sixty cubits.

Yr asynod,
the asses.


Ac mi a dalqf,

1 should repay.
(These words are omit-^

ted in all the imprea^t


Digitized by


Pial. TiL 6

xL 3...

— 4. .......

xiii. 5. •••••

xif, K

— 5.

x?i*L 3.

xxii* 16..

xxvi. 3.

XXXI V. 12..

xxxym. 1 1.

xlii. title.,

^\\y. 8.

Appendix D*

Copy of 1799.


for 118.


gweled y tlawd,
bis eyes behold the

ie, canmolaf enw V Ar-
glwydd goruchqf,

yea, I will praise the
name of the Lord most

Nag oes un,
no, not one.

(Between the 3d and 4th
Terses three verses are
added, not in the other
copies, but taken from
Bom. iii*}
ie, Ik nid oedd ojn,
yea, where no fear was.

Ac ni chei ddim am»U

redd ynqf,
and thou shalt find no

iniquity in me.

CoMfs cvm latoer,
for many dogs.

Canjfs . dy drugaredd

aydd yn w^tad ojlaen

fy llygaid,
for thy loving-kindness

is before mine eyes


A chennychf
who have.

Am cyfneseifiaidt
for kinsmen.

Meibion ConaL

Drwy V dydd,
all the- day.


TdmcT ImpsMucaif .

Drosqf, -


Y mae d hfgaid.rf yn

his eyes behold.

(Not in the other cp-
pies). •

(Not in- the other co*

(Not in the other co-

Ac ni chei ddim,
and thou shalt find qo-^

Canys cvm,
for dogs.

Canys dy drugaredd
sydd ojlaen fy llygaid,

for thy loving-kindness
is before mine eyes.

A ckwennych,
who desire.

A'm cyfneseifiaid,
and my kinsmen.

Meibion Corah,

Bob dydd,
^fBry day.

Digitized by


VindicatioH of the BiUe Socieijf.


Ixix. 35

ljLxiT.21. •••


IszziT. 10«...

CIS. 16. •

cxl'ii. is. ••••••

' f • ••••••••••

Prov. XX. 5

Rom. xiii. il.«..

Col. i. 21

2Chro.xxxii. 17.

Copy of ir99.

Par di,
intke thou.

Meddiannont rfp

have him in possession.

poor needy.

Vn diwmod,
one day.


into bis country.

Truan iawnytfyw,

he is brought very low.

Fel y moliannqf dy enw,
as I will praise thy

Pyfiroedd dynioH,
men's waters.

Gan wybod y ^wir,
knowing the truth.

A gymmcrodd rfc,
he took.


Former loipresttOQi.


MeddiarmofU ki,
have her in possession.

TVuan aV m^ghemiSp
poor and needy.

Er tmpyn dy emv,
for thy name's sake.

a day.

to slay him.

TruoM town ydwyf,

I am brought rery low.

Fei y moUoMfHwyf dy

that I may praise thy


Dyfroedd dyfnian,
deep waters.

Gran xoyhod yr amser,
knowing the time.

A gymmododd efe,'
lie reconciled.

Gwlcdydd, '

[When this paper was transmitted to the Committee^ Mr.
Charles had not proceeded beyond this point : the variations
which follow have been noticed since that time.]

Ps. Ixxxi. 1..

Ixxxli. 4

Copy of 1799.

Camchyn ll^far % dduw

sing with the voice to

the God of Jacob.

Gwrandewch y tlawd a'r

hear the poor and the


Former Irapresnout.

Ccwwch yn Uaxoen i dduw

make joyful noise unto

the God of Jacob.

Gwaredwck y tlawd a^r

deliver the poor and


Digitized by


Appendix D.



Copy of 1799.-

Former Impreasions.

Ps. Ixxxviii. 12I.

.% lyfeddodm,
thy wonders.

% ryfeddod,

thy wonder.(So in Heb.)


Dy ryfeddodau,
thy woaders.

J)y ryfeddod,
thy wonder.

xci. 14

Derchafaf tf, '
I will exalt him.

(These two words are
omitted in all the im-
pressions of the au-
thorised Welsh Bible;
but are inserted in Dr.
Morgan's translation.)

cix. 16. .......

Vm) wtad,

to his country.

I'w ladd,

that he might slay.

cxxxyii. 7....

Y rhdi a ddywedasant,
who had said.

Yrhai a ddyx/oedent,
who said.

cxlvi. 4.

Fy anadl, \
my breath.

Ei anadl,
his breath*

cxlviii. 3. ....

Yrkoll sir a goleuni,
all the stars and light.

Yr hoU ser goleuni,
all the stars of light.

Cant, iv, 8

lochesau y Hew,
from the lion's deii.

lochesau y llewod,
from the lions' denS.

Isa. ix. 12

xlix. 8

Ivii. 6.

A hwy a yfant Israel,
and they shall drink

A mi a'th gadwafyn gy^
fammody bobl,

I will preserve thee a
covenant of the people.

Yn llyfnionfeini^r afon,

among the smooth

stones of the streSun.


(Thus the words ought
to be, in the plural
number : but are
printed wrong, in the
singular, in every im-
pression of the Welsh

A hwy a ysant Israel,
and they shall devour

A mi a'tkgadwdf^c a'th
roddaf ^ gyfammod y

I will preserve thee, and
will give tkefifbr a co-
venant of the people*

(The word^markedwerd
omitted in every \m*
pression, as well as

Ynghabol feiniW (tfon^

among the polished

stones of the stream^

Digitized by


slii Vindication of thi BiUe Society.

aOOtt Copjoiifffe. I Former Inprei^Qte.

Jer. sxii. 26. ••••

. xxxi. 10* •••

li. 56. ••.....

— 58

tarn. ti. HK

£zek» S* !• •••••••

til. IS

Xi. 15; ....
xii. 5. »«..

xvi. 3. «.«•

— m.

sx. 9.

and thy judgmeai Ibai
bare thee.

Jti cMsgl hi,
will gather her.

A iosgir a thath

shall be burnt with fire.

Oiny9 yr anrheiikt^,
because the spoilers.

J^i ^uchel/urictti,
and her high waJtsi

A ostyngi M t ht eupenau i

haag down tbeir head*.

Ar y dratd^
on the feet.

/ idynion,

O amgylchg

Vw holl elynion,
to all their enemies.

Trwy\ gwekdyddj,
among the seers.

Cloddia i mi,
dig to rae.

Wrth Israel,
to Israel.

and thy judgment.

Mediyr Arglvydd,
saith the Lord.

Ynghanol y cenedloedd,
in the midst of the hea-

A'tk/am ath agmrodd,
aad thy mother that
bare thee.

A'i c^gl ef,
wiU gather him.

A hsgi d than,
thou «halt burn with

Canysyr amrheithiwr,
because the spoiler.

J^i huehelbyrth,
and her high gates.

A OBtyngasantettpefnau.
i lawr ary ddaear,

haog down Ihflir beads
to the ground.

(The words Qiarked are
omitted in e?ery im-

Ar dy draed,
on tby feet.

I ddrygioni,
to wickedness.

O'ch mmgylch,
round about you.

Vw holl eilunod,

to all their idols. ^

; Tnvy'r gwledydd,
among the countries.

Cloddia i ti, '

dig to thee.

(Tnis is wrong in all

former impressions.)

Wrth lamsaletfi,
to Jerusalem.

A'th enedigaeth,
and thy nativity.

Medd yr Arglwydd

saith the Lord* God.

Yngolwg y cenedloedd,
before the heathen.

Digitized by


Ezek. xxjLSL ••«•
xxxi.J. .«•



— 8.

>11« 7«*«»

flxxiii. IS.
xlvi. H.***

Dan. ill. 2. «••••«•

vii. 13. ....•

nos. ill. !• ••••*•••

iv. H. •

X. 14

Amos ii. 8:

iii. 6. ••••••

V, 1.....,..;

""•• 23» •••••

Appendix D.


^Choanant ysgelerder^
pKTce widredness.

Meid^r Arghvyddf
ssdth the Lord.

be in«de her.

A i^ioed MdoMf

wkh the trees oTBdom.

A thywalUaf eu sir


poMT Qot thestanth^sre-

Ei hMgfffimamder,
all hii righteousness.

Tmvff dded4fdragywyd'
by a perp^^ual ordi-

4 g^ifoda^ai N^uchoA-

which Nebuchadnezzar

had set up.

Mewn gwelcdigaeth nos,
in the night vision.

Dos aliarh


Gifda phuteindra,
with whoredom.

Ym n^sgy hobl,
amonf^ the people.

Ar bob allor,
upon levery altar.

in the earth.

A roadafi'ch erl^,
whick I gi?e against

Dy ^riadau,
thy Torers.

f 2


Fanner ImpienioBs.

Gfumaru ysgekrder,
commit wickedness.

Medd yr Arglwydd

fitith the Lord God.

I made her.

A chocd Eden,

with the trees of Eden.

A tJiywylUtf €U sir

and make Ae sttn

thereof dark.

Ei koU gyfiawnderattg
all his righteousnesses.

Trwy dds^^fim iragy*

by perpetual ordi-

A gyfodasai Nehuchod'

onosory brjenin^
which Ncfbuchadnezzar

the king had set up.

Mcwn gweledigaetkau
in the night visions,

Dos etto,
do yet.

G^da phtueiniaid,
with whores..

Ym mysg dy bobl,
among thy people.

Wrili bob allor,
by every altar.

Yny ddinasp
in the city.

A godaftch erbyn,
whicb I Uke up a|pinsi

Dy ganiadau,
thy songs.

Digitized by


xliv Vindicaiion of the Bible Society^

BOOKS. V Copy of 1799. | Fonncr Imprassk^

Zecb. ii. 7

Mark X. 25

John ▼. <?7..

Acts i. 3. •

Till. 27. — ..
Roro.xiul M

1 Cor. T. 11 M

iiv. 4. ....

2 Cor. ii. 1. .„.,,

iv. l^. .•••

Gal. iii. H. •«••••
Phil. iij.lG. ,.....
Col 1.4.

— 23

— ?8

Heb. iv. S


the daughter of Sion.

/ deyrnas nrfoedd,
to the kingdom of hea*

Yn Fab y dyn,
the Son of man.

f^i$ bwrir efallan ddim,
shall in no wise be cast


Arwyddion vm mhlith y

signs among the pedple.


Er trugaredd Duw,
by the mercy 'of God.

Neu yn gribddeilwyr,
or extortioners.

Adeilddu ei hunmn,
edify themselves.

Woim tristwch.
(No word).

Yn llygru,

(No sense).

Hua reoL
(No sense).

Ymy cariad.
(No sense).


we may fulfil.

Vw orphwytfa,
to his rest.

Merck Babilan,

the daughterof Babilon«

I deyrnas Duw,

to the kingdom of God.

Yn Fab dyn,
a Son of man.

Nisbtoriaf efallan ddim,
I will in no wise cast


Ativyddion maxvrUm,
great signs.

(This word is left out
in all the impressions).


Er trugareddau Dvno,
by the mercies of God.

Neu yn gribddeiliwr,
or an extortioner.

Adeiladu ei hunan,
ediBeth himself.

Mexvfi tristwch,
in heaviness.

Er Uygru,

though our outwardman

by faith.

Un reol,
one rule.

Am y cariad,
of the love.



we may present.

iV wpkwyrfa,
tp the resu

Digitized by


Heb.viii. 1...

1 John V. 10.,

Jk6V* it, 5« «••••

Appendix D.

C<^y of 1799.

Y mae gennym y fath

we have such high


Yrhwn nidywyn credu

yn NuWy
he that believetfi not in


Yn eistedd,

Former Imprassions.

Y mac genym y fath

we have such an higb


Yr hvm nidyw yn credu

i Dduw,
he that believeth not


Yn llosgi,
burning. -

Sdly. Eight different impressions * were consulted : upon
comparison^ they were found in the spelling to vary so
widely, that no two copies exactly corresponded. In this
case, the etymology of each word was invariably adopted^
as the only fixed and safe rule to proceed by. In adhering
to this rule in all cases, a few mutations and omissioni^ of
letters were necessary to be made, in words where the etymo-
logy required them. But it is to be observed, that these
mutations and omissions alter not the meaning of the words in

♦ " TheHon.Society for propagating Christian Knowledge, in the course
of the last century, caused to be printed five editions in octavo. The
first impression was printed in 1717, by John Basket, the King*s
Printer, under the inspection of a respectable Welsh clergyman, the Rev.
Moses \yilliani8, Vicar of Difynog, in Brecknockshire. The second
edition was^printed at Cambridge, in 1746, by John Bentham, Printer to
the University. The third edition was printed in Loudon, in 1752, by
Thomas Basket, the King's Printer. The fourth edition was printed in
London, in 1769, by Mark Basket, the King's Printer. This edition
is printed with a larger letter than the preceding ones, and the scripture
references are inserted at the bottom of the page, instead of in the
margin. The fifth and last edition was printed at Oxford, in 1799. I
have taken some pains in collating these several impressions, together
with the folio of 16W and 1699, and the duodecimo of 1630. Occa-
siopally also I have consulted the first impression that ever was printed
of the wAafe Bible in the Welsh language, in 1588, under the inspection
of the pious William Morgan, D. D., Bishop of St. Asaph. These are
^e most authentic editions of the Welsh Bible that ever were edited.*'

Digitized by


xM . Vindicati&u (^tke B^e Society.

the snaHtft degree; for the werdf are generally nndersiood
according to their etyinology, and not according to Ihe mode
of spelling which has been adopted. It has no other effect
bat that of marking the import of the word with ^ore facility
and precision. It is to be observed also, that most, if not all,
the alterations made, occur in one or the other jbf the pre-
ceding impressions of the hiiM.

For instance ; where two tees or two arts bccar, and the
etymology reqoifts Only one, the Mtperfluous <one hae been
omitted ; as in t4ie words bivytta, parottoiy carreg, one /
and y has been expunged ; which accords with the edition of
17 17) as may be seen in Gen. u. 16, 17; iii^l^ 3, ^; xxiv.31;
Kxod. xii. 39; xxiii. 20. But the two tees are preserved in
tlettyy attaly tSe. because the etymology requires it. The
copy of 1 799 is not uniform throughout in inserting the two
tees \xi the same word : the word parotai, for instance^ is
spelt with one t in Gen. xxiv. 31, and with two in Exod.
xii. 39; xxiii. 20.

Where two isms or two ens occur, one is frequently ex-
punged, for the same reason. This alteration has been made
in many instances in the copy subject to correction $ as in
the words yma^ dytoa, yito^ d-c. which woisds are spelt
yrnma^ iymma^ funo, &c. ia tl)e editions ^ d^ao, ITi?^
17^; as may be seen in Gen. ii. 4; xix. id; jocidi. 99;
x!ix. 31. The word gorckymtftt, in the edition of 1746, is spdt
^mh two ems; but in those of 1717 anil 1799 it has only
one m» Many other instances of a similar nature might be
mentioned ; but wherever the etymology does not r^quiee a
double ktter, one is every^wfaoreexpxmged, astonlyan^inoum*'
brance to the language.

Where the privative particle 31^^ m compound words, has

* " Di is a privative prefix, and has the forcerof ^.in * dismember;*
in in .* indelicate/ ' Di, partifula,privativa,Xat* w;,Or. <h w. «»iw, sine.*
J)r. DavUs, Xjy, when prefixed to words, gives them a frequentative or
iterative force. ' Djf, pr^positio in con^po|itione aifgrnentans et intea-
dens sign^cationem.' In the application of these ,partides,^no attempt
at uniformity ha? been. observed *'-^via. in tjie foj^to editions of the
Welsh Bible.)

Digitized by


Apptndix D. xlvii

^e(» -InlertQcl itisteird ef rtie ^oskive cfy, the etynoology and
tile import of the ^rd dcouaded eorrectioa kit re^toriog U^
pikitiche ^ to its proper pkce» Thi«^ hfts been done iiOL the
^dkioo of 1 799» in soioe iii^^tattbes^, but ii i^ not cooaisleni with
itself where the mutations are made. la the weed dytifeijkisf
we ftad the proper oHh^d^a^^y of (be wqikI nesteped^ aonord-
i»g to it^ etymology, W'hkfef i© the ediiion* of 1630, IJlfi
and 174^ » dinoetii; as may I>e saen in Iier. xviii. ^> ?> 8 1
PsucMxvU, 7* But there ia equally and exactly the same
. i^ion for tfik i»i»toliMi in^ dyt9sg'» d^(^Mefp d^^ha, dj/ftriif,
dyddanu, dj/dAcm^ iygwydd^ dyeithrj and kt inmimeraUe
other instancesg, m\i\ch woirds $i»e Sfptlt usually with.»the
particle di prefixed, cootmry to the etyiiiology o€ the woKfaf,
and^ Ibw geaenal im{>ort Thia tndi^tably proves a great
lAeonveniaeucy, and rendisra the ceadtng often, to ttiy certain
knowledge, unintelligible to the cf^mmon people. Ja thQ
kat word, dpHtkr^. tbia ioaceuracy of misplacing the par-
%kte$ it parteularly mooavenlent, aa there is another word
apdll in the «aitte masmuBer^ which has a very difierent meaxt -
ing : JSieiMr means ^^ without exeepition }" but Dyeitfmy as It
ought to be spelt, means^ '^ a stranger,*' and should not be
written Dieithr.

In like nai^mer am *, which in composition answers to
(irciiTn, has often been put instead ef the negative particle

"•^ " "Am, pro, propter, quia, €o quod, fcircum : Or, «/«ts in composi-
tien&vieitatupin sigiiifieatiene Or. voch ttji^t^ fttpt.* JDr. Barnes.^

*^ ' J^est pattiddai ptivatitrai ufc Orcein a^ iw, «vu;» «t Lat hC^^Jh'.

' ** Hiese^ particles liavt been indificniiiiQately u»ed as preSxes in the
^ifferenfe iiaprcaskHis of the Wcksh Bible.'*

^ The particles ym and yn, by beiag us«d indiscrimkiat^ly, cause a
oonsiderabfe variation. Ym, prefiiiad U^ verbs and verbal nouns, makesf
a flection oi the aetion on tiieagent. ^ Ym, partieiila verbis in eompo-
ahione prsfixa, ipsa verba tnuU^ens. i& signi&catioaem HebrsKomm i»
HithpaeL' - -*X>f^ Dorok^

** Yn sigoifies, i«, at, in the way of, for, ptr ike use if, into. * Yn, m
Gr. •».'— IV* Dsoiet. Though the import of the tvro particles is very

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