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I have had playmates, I have had companions,
In my days of childhood, in my joyful school-days,
All, all are gone, the old familiar faces.

How some they have died, and some they have left me,

And some are taken from me ; all are departed ;

All, all are gone, the old familiar faces. LAMB.

ARLY last year it was casually mentioned at a meet-
ing of Stirling gentlemen, where conversation was
taking place regarding the sites of new buildings
which had been erected within the memory of those
present, that it would be an undoubted service to the com-
munity if some record were prepared of the old houses and
places of business in Stirling which have now disappeared, so
that the present generation of " Sons of the Rock," and those
which might follow, could have some realisation of what their
native place was like in by-gone times.

Being asked if I could do anything in the direction indi-
cated, I began to take interest in the subject, and on recall-
ing the old buildings and places, old faces began to crop up,
and then old anecdotes and stories connected with these
citizens naturally recurred to memory, so that instead of prov-
ing a task the effort came to be one of genuine pleasure, and
I lived over again amid old companionships and schoolboy
days. Enjoyable was it to again people Cowane's Yard with
classmates, and fight anew our " Scotch and English " battles
beneath the grand old trees; play "rounders" in the square,
or handball against the Flesh Market wall. It looks but
yesterday since then : but, alas, how few of those old play-
mates are now alive ; still, how sweet it is to recall them on
the mirror of memory.

Like feelings were occasioned in connection with the old
buildings of the town. These have well-nigh all disappeared,
and the very few still remaining as of yore will, with the march
of improvement, speedily go the way of their fellows, but the
old places will carry fonder recollections than they do now,
though covered with handsome buildings.



Looking back at old faces, it became pleasing to people again
the shops of those who did business in earlier days in their
quiet way. No bustling, go-a-head folks then ; but men and
women who knew how to earn a sixpence and how to spend it.
Jokes were rife in those days, and if a trick was played by
Bailie " Tarn " Steel in his shop at The Bow, or anything
" by or'nar " was done by Andrew " Karr " at his public-house
in The Port, the town was soon ringing with it. The town
officers went about their duties in an easy, sleepy fashion, and
it was " let-a-lane " for " let-a-lane " with them : Tarn Burd,

the sweep, and Jamie C (still alive) might fight for an hour

at the top of Baker Street without let or hindrance. But other,
and what was thought better, days came, and put an end to
such free and easy doings.

If what I have endeavoured to place before my fellow-towns-
men be of any special interest, or afford them delight in peru-
sal, I shall feel amply rewarded for any trouble I have had in
the compilation.

I have received every kindness, assistance, and encourage-
ment from parties of whom I made enquiries as to the verifica-
tion of facts, and books, pamphlets, newspapers, and every
other source of information have been willingly placed at my
disposal. I have made several extracts from the files of the
" Stirling Observer," from works by Mr W. B. Cook, the late
Mr James Shirra, and others, and I am also greatly in-
debted to Mr Archibald Duncan, who has taken what I
may term " a loving interest " in the preparation of the volume.
Bailie Ronald, Mr William Harvey, and other friends have
also afforded me their valuable aid. I have also to thank those
ladies and gentlemen who so kindly placed the portraits of
their deceased relatives at my service, and these I feel sure
will greatly enhance the value of the work, more particularly
to " Sons of the Rock " in other quarters of the globe. Mr
Rodgers (of Messrs Crowe & Rodgers), photographer, has made
the preparation of his section of the work, with the accom-
panying appropriate sketches, "a labour of love," and produced
portraits which I have no doubt will be cherished by those
connected with, and all who may take interest in, Stirling's
by-gone citizens.



Adam, Robert, Royal Gardens.

Aitken, James, Whins of Milton.

Aitken, John, Rockvale Mills.

Alexander, William, 15 Park Place.

Allan, William, 1 James Street.

Anderson, George, Beechgrove, Bridge of Allan.

Anderson, Mrs, 11 Princes Street.

Andrew, Dr, Doune.

Bain, William, 30 Barnton Street.

Bald, William, Edinburgh.

Barker, Daniel, Craigview.

Barrett, F. T., for Mitchell Library, Glasgow.

Baxendine, Andrew, Bookseller, Edinburgh.

Begbie, George, 26 Port Street.

Beith, Gilbert, 15 Belhaven Terrace, Glasgow.

Beith, Robert D., 32 Hartington Place, Edinburgh.

Bennie, Andrew, District Bank, Manchester.

Borland, Mrs, 82 Baker Street.

Boss, W. G., Edinburgh.

Boswell, William, Albert Place.

Bowie, Thomas, Broom Cottage, Alloa.

Bowie, William, 17 Cowane Street.

Bridges, James, Registrar, Perth.

Brown, A. Harvie, Larbert.

Brown, Andrew, Dollar.

Brown, James, Windsor Place.

Brown, John, Murray Place.

Brown, J. T., Gibraltar House, Edinburgh.

Brown, William, 2 Arcade.

Buchanan, Andrew C., Whitehouse.

Buchanan, John, 7 Broad Street.

Buchanan, Treasurer Andrew, 9 Baker Street.

Burden, John, Troy, U.S.A.

Cairns, Robert, Union Bank.


Callander, Walter, Providence, Rhode Island, U.S.A.

Cameron, Miss, 43 Murray Place.

Campbell, John, Royal Bank.

Campbell, John, 3 Bute Gardens, Glasgow.

Campbell, J. W., Bank of Scotland.

Campbell, Rev. John Kerr, D.D., F.E.I.S.

Cherry, Miss, Lower Craigs.

Chisholm, George, jr., 47 Port Street.

Christie, Ex-Provost George, Southfield.

Christie, James, Coxithill, St. Ninians.

Christie, John, Cowden, Dollar.

Christie, Miss L., Culloden Villa, Portobello.

Coldwell, Rev. Clement L., The Parsonage.

Cook, W. B., Editor, "Sentinel."

Copland, W. Robertson, 146 West Regent Street, Glasgow.

Cowan, Donald, Sheriff Clerk Depute.

Cowan, Mrs, Birkhill, Dumfries.

Craig, John H., 38 Queen Street.

Cramb, John, Bridge of Allan.

Crawford, Councillor John, 18 High Street, Alloa.

Crawford & Co., Booksellers, King Street.

Crocket, Mrs James, 71 King Street.

Cullens, James, Park Place.

Cullens, John, Birkhill Road, Stirling.

Cullens, William, 18 Albert Place.

Currie, James, 22 Dumbarton Road.

Davidson, Mrs John, Liscard, near Liverpool.

Dick, David, 2 Forth Crescent.

Dick, John, of Craigengelt, J.P.

Donaldson, James, LL.D., Scores Park, St. Andrews.

Donaldson, William, Park Terrace.

Dowell, John, 4 Port Street.

Drew, Dr John, Rudecroft, Dumbarton Road.

Drummond, Gregor T., 3 Melville Terrace.

Drummond, James W., 10 Park Terrace.

Drummond, Miss, Clarendon Place.

Drysdale, Alexander, Douglas Place, Bridge of Allan.

Drysdale, Duncan S., 2 Kennyhill Gardens, Glasgow.


Drysdale, Ex-Provost James, Bridge of Allan.
Duff, James, 36 Upper Craigs.
Duff, John, 28 Upper Bridge Street.
Dun, John, 77 Port Street.
Duncan, Archd., " Stirling Observer."
Duncan, James Y., 46 Baker Street.
Duncan, John U., Stationer, Hamilton.
Dunn, William, Aberfeldy.
Dunsmore, Alexander, 56 Port Street.

Easson, Councillor William, Princes Street.
Elliot, George B., 38 Dumbarton Road.

Ferguson, Councillor Hugh, 5 Albert Place.

Ferguson, Daniel, National Bank.

Ferguson, Duncan, 4 Baker Street.

Ferguson, Thomas, Chief-Constable, Stirling.

Findlay, William Frederick, Gogar House.

Finlayson, George, Glasgow.

Finlayson, Inspector, County Constabulary, Union Street.

Forrester, David, Broad Street.

Forrester, William, St. Ninians.

Forgan, David, Murray Place.

Forgan, R. R., 25 Forth Place.

Forrest, Miss, St. Margaret's Drive, Dunblane.

Forrest, Provost Archibald, Snowdon Place.

Forrest, William, St. John Street.

Forsyth, George, 25 King Street.

Forsyth, H. C., 43 King Street.

Fowler, Major, Randolph Road.

France, Charles, 145 West George Street, Glasgow.

Frater, Robert, 73 Port Street.

Galbraith, Alexander, 5 Newhouse.

Galbraith, Dr George, Gladstone Place.

Galbraith, Misses, 28 India Street, Edinburgh.

Galbraith, T. L., Town Clerk.

Gardner, John, 24 Bannockburn Road, St. Ninians.

Gardner, Major Alexander, 3 Allan Park.

Gavin, Hugh, 11 Pitt Terrace.


Gavin, Rev. John H., Swindon.

Gentleman, Ebenezer, Murray Place.

Gentles, Ex-Bailie Thomas, Nelson Place.

Gibson, James A., 12 Port Street.

Gillespie, John, Port Street.

Gordon, Alex., Barnton Street.

Graham, John, Inverness.

Grant, Drummond, Coleraine.

Grant, Gordon, Supt., Stirlingshire Constabulary.

Gray, George, Clerk of the Peace, Glasgow.

Gray, James, 15 Melville Terrace.

Gray, John, 4 Gladstone Place.

Greenhorn, James, Bridge of Allan.

Greenhorn, John, Pendleton, Manchester.

Greenhorn, Robert, Bridge of Allan.

Gourlay, Ex-Bailie William, Forth Crescent.

Hardie, A. R., Putney, Surrey.

Harvey, William, 5 Bruce Street.

Hay, Councillor James, St. Ninians.

Headridge, D., Causewayhead.

Henderson, A. W., Bridge of Allan.

Henderson, H. G., Allan Park.

Henderson, Miss, 86 Cowane Street.

Henderson, M., 48 Abbotsford Place, .Glasgow.

Henderson, William, Bridge of Allan.

Hendry, Ebenezer, Glasgow.

Hepting, Lambert, Queen Street.

Hetherington, Robert, Viewfield House.

Hetherington, William, Port Street.

Hogg, Mrs James, Proprietrix, " Stirling Journal."

Holmes, Messrs W. & R., Glasgow.

Howard, J. W., Allan Park.

Hunter, Lawrence, Cambuskenneth.

Inglis, W. A., 43 King Street.

Jamieson, John, Proprietor, "Stirling Observer."
Jenkins, Alexander, St. Ninians.
Jenkins, Archibald F., Whins of Milton.


Jenkins, John, Clifford Road.

Jenkins, Robert, Union Bank, Bridge of Allan.

Johnstone, George P., Bookseller, Edinburgh.

Johnstone, John, 114 Baker Street.

Johnstone, Miss J., 52 Port Street.

Johnston, James, 13 Melville Terrace.

Johnston, Rev. J. 3., The Manse, Port of Monteith.

Johnston, William, M.D., Pitt Terrace.

Kane, Frank, Broad Street.
Kidston, Adrian, M. M. G., Helensburgh.
Kidston, R., 12 Clarendon Place.
King, Councillor John, Snowdon Place.
King, James A., Lennoxtown.
King, Thomas M., Coatbridge.
-Kinross, Ex-Provost George, Victoria Square.
Kinross, James, 11 Allan Park.
Kyle, John, 19 Kelvinside Gardens, Glasgow.

Lang, Rev. J. P., The Manse, Park Avenue.

Leathley, Herbert, 108 Baker Street.

Lees, Archibald, 94 Baker Street.

Lees, Thomas, Esplanade.

Leitch, Alexander W., 6 Park Terrace.

Leitch, M., London.

Lennox, James, Station Hotel.

Lewis, C. J., M.D., F.R.C.P., Sutherland House.

Liddell, Robert, Queen's Road.

Liddell, William, Nelson Place.

Logie, D. W., Dumbarton Road.

Lorrimer, John B., 63 Cowane Street.

Lowson, Geo., M.A., B.Sc., F.E.I.S., High School/

Low, Mrs Thomas, 21 Abercromby Place.

Low, Thomas, Randolph Road.

Low, William, Glasgow.

Lupton, A. M., Murray Place.

Mackie, James F., Randolph Road.
Mackie, Peter Jeffrey, Auchlochan, Lesmahagow.


Mailer, James, 1 Randolph Terrace.

Mailer, William, 72 Baker Street.

Malcolm, Robert M., 3 Whitesands, Dumfries.

Marshall, David, Snowdon Place.

Marshall, James, 18 Arcade.

Maxton, James, jr., R.N., 8 Bruce Street.

Meiklejohn, James, 55 Wallace Street.

Meiklejohn, Robert, 55 Wallace Street.

Melville, William, 76 Baker Street.

Menzies, Peter Comrie, 40 Queen Street.

Menzies, Robert, 22 Bow Street.

Merrilees, John, Friars Street.

Millar, Dean of Guild, Abercromby Place.

Millar, Miss M. M., 24 Baker Street.

Minnoch, W. H., Park Terrace.

Moore, W. F., Victoria Square.

Moore, W. J., 24 Murray Place.

Morris, David B., Snowdon Place.

Morrison, William, Abercromby Place.

Morton, Major Robert, 17 Victoria Place.

Mowat, Thomas, 77 Baker Street.

Mouat, Miss M. G., Edinburgh.

Moyes, David, Nelson Place.

Muirhead, Thomas, Wolf Craig.

Muir, Peter, 8 Viewfield Place.

Muir, Thomas, 1 Randolph Road.

Munro, John J., Proprietor, "Stirling Observer."

Murdoch, John, 24 Bow Street.

Murray, Colonel, Polmaise Castle.

Murray, Dr, Viewfield Place.

Murrie, Stuart, National Bank.

MacBryde, Alexander, Shiskine, Arran.
MacCaul, Peter, Knockhill, Bridge of Allan.
Macfarlane, Bailie John, 5 Victoria Place.
Macfarlane, Councillor Parlane, 46 Port Street.
Macewen, Bailie Robert, 2 Albert Place.
MacEwen, Ex-Provost Daniel, Callander.
MacEwen, John, South Lodge.


MacEwen, R. M., 5 Glebe Crescent.

MacGregor, Alexander, West Lea, Bridge of Allan.

MacGregor, Ex-Provost, Crieff.

MacGregor, Rev. A. Oram, Denny.

Macintosh, Daniel, 146 Main Street, St. Ninians.

MacKay, Donald, Inverness.

MacKay, James, Stillwell, North Dakota.

MacKay, William, Inverness.

MacKay, William, Journalist, Salisbury, B.S.A.

MacKenzie, Mrs, Dunblane.

MacKinlay, David, 6 Great Western Terrace, Glasgow.

MacKinlay, George, Park Villa.

MacKinlay, Rev. Robert, M.A., Pitsligo.

MacLachlan, Andrew, Snowdon Place.

MacLaren, Duncan, Sauchie Home Farm.

MacLay, Bailie, Glasgow.

MacLuckie, Robert, Carbrook Lodge.

MacNab, Peter, Craigs.

MacPherson, James, " People's Journal " Office.

MacPherson, Miss, The Towers, Saltburn-by-Sea.

MacPherson, William, Rosebery Place.

MacPherson, William, County Buildings.

M'Alpiue, Peter, 4 Murray Place.

M'Aree, David, Upper Bridge Street.

M'Aree, John, 2 Balmoral Place.

M'Aree, Robert, 24 James Street.

M'Culloch, Rev. J. H., B.D., North Leith.

M'Culloch, M., 1 Baker Street.

M'Dermont, A. J., 11 Millar Place.

M'Donald, Duncan, Windsor Place.

M'Elfrish, Andrew, 7 Viewfield Place.

M'Eweii, James, 8 Allan Park.

M'Guffie, Rev. George, Ochildean, Bridge of Earn.

M'Kinlay, James, jun., 3 Queen's Road.

M'Lellan, Archibald, 77 Port Street.

M'Leod, M. C., Dundee.

M'Lintock, John C., 60 Murray Place.

M'Nab, James, 633 Duke Street, Glasgow.


M'Nab, Thomas, 6 Queen's Road.
M' Vicar, Neil, Oxton, Birkenhead.

Nicol, James S., "Observer" Office.

Nicol, Joseph, 14 Albert Place.

Nicol, William, 148 Church Road, Islington, London.

Noble, Roderick, Inverness.

Ormond, Rev. D. D., F.S.A. (Scot.), Princes Street.

Oswald, Miss, Spittal Street.

Owen, George, Sen., Wallace Street.

Page, James, 2 Baker Street.
Paterson, John, 1 Victoria Place.
Paterson, Robert, Hill of Drip.
Paton, John, Viewforth.
Peebles, Alexander, 41 Baker Street.
Philp, Provost Robert, Bridge of Allan.
Platt, L. J., Murray Place.
Plenderleith, George, 1 Allan Park.
Pullar, Mrs, The Lea, Bridge of Allan.

Ralston, J. S., Albert Place.

Rankin, J. D., Rockburn, Hamilton.

Rankin, William, Elmbank, Hamilton.

Reid, Robert, C.A., 40 St. Vincent Place, Glasgow.

Reid, William, 11 Baker Street.

Reoch, Andrew, Oakwood, Buchlyvie.

Richardson, David, 9 Forth Crescent.

Robb, Henry, Princes Street.

Robertson, Dr James, Bannockburn.

Robertson, John, 68 St. John Street, Perth.

Robertson, L., Park Place.

Robertson, Rev. J. W., 10 Summerside Street, Leith.

Robertson, S., Princes Street.

Robertson & Co., James, 16 Murray Place.

Robson, Hugh S., Commercial Bank.

Rodgers, William, Victoria Square.

Ronald, Ex-Bailie James, 20 James Street.

Ross, William, 337 Crocker Street, Los Angeles.


Saudeman, Ridley, 22 Forth Crescent.

Saunders, Lau. J., 8 Forth Crescent.

Sconce, Captain G. C., 35 Fitz- William Square, Dublin.

Sconce, Colonel James, 18 Belgrave Crescent, Edinburgh.

Sconce, Gideon C., West Kensington, London.

Scott, Rev. Walter, Princes Street.

Sempill, John, Chief-Constable, Stirlingshire.

Shearer, John E., Bookseller, King Street.

Shirra, James, 28 Keir Street, Pollokshields.

Shirra, Walter, 6 Winchel Place.

Shirra, Wm. L., Bookseller, Port Street.

Simpson, Andrew, Murray Place.

Simpson, Ebenezer, Abercromby Place.

Simpson, William, 32 Bow Street.

Sinclair, John, 49 King Street.

Sinclair, William, M.D., Barrow-in-Furness.

Small, J. W T ., Inverness.

Smith, James B., Clifford Park.

Smith, John Rae, Aberdeen.

Smith, Lieut. Kemp, Forth Crescent.

Somerville, William, 11 Melville Terrace.

Sorley, Bailie Robert, 1 Buchanan Street, Glasgow.

Steedman, Rev. William, U.P. Manse, Eaglesham.

Steel, Councillor John, Wellwood, Albert Place.

Steven, Henry, 22 King Street.

Stevenson, Archibald, Golden Lion Hotel.

Stewart, Daniel, 22 Port Street.

Stewart, The Hon. W. D., Dunedin, New Zealand.

Stirling, Colonel J. S., Gargimnock House.

Stirling, John, Ingleton, Hamilton.

Stirling, William, 61 Cowane Street.

Stoddart, David, Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester.

Stuart, W. G., Elgin.

Symon, J. H., Q.C., Adelaide, South Australia.

Taylor, F. S., Briar Cottage, Broughty-Ferry.
Taylor, John Byers, Crofthead, Castlehill.
Thompson, Sir James, Inverardoch, Doune.
Thomson, Councillor James, 20 Park Crescent.


Thomson, David, 59 Wallace Street.

Thomson, John, Valparaiso, Chili.

Thomson, M. O., Murray Place.

Thomson, Robert, Viewforth, Bannockburn.

Thunnan, John E., Old Bridge.

Todd, James, F.E.I.S., 6 Victoria Place.

Towers, John, 108 Upper Craigs.

Ure, George, Wheatlands, Bonnybridge.
Valentine, James, 9 King Street.

Walker, Ronald, Randolph Terrace.
Walls, Robert, Kersemill.
Walters, William, 7 High Street, Alloa,
Watson, Mrs Archibald, 5 Westbourne Terrace, Glasgow.
Watt, George, 75 King Street.
Watt, Robert, 53 Murray Place.
Watt, Thomas, Irvine Place.
Waugh, Robert J., 7 Albert Place.
Whyte, Robert, Drummond Place.
Williams, Rev. George, Norrieston.
Wilson, Andrew, Dean Crescent.

^ Wilson, Andrew Fairlie, L.F.P.S.G., 1 Viewfield Place.
Wilson, Charles, Queensgate.

Wilson, Colonel Alexander, Bannockburn House.
Wilson, Major Edward L., Hillpark, Bannockburn.
Wordie, John, 45 West Nile Street, Glasgow.
Wordie, Miss, 11 Newton Place, Glasgow.
Wordie, Peter, 45 West Nile Street, Glasgow.
Wright, Peter, Headmaster, School of Art, Falkirk.

Yellowlees, Dr David, pro Ex-Provost Yellowlees.
Yellowlees, Ex-Provost Robert, 6 Victoria Square.
Yellowlees, Rev. John, Broomagebank, Larbert.
Young, Alexander, 54 Baker Street.
Young, Robert, 30 Nelson Place.



Buildings and their Occupants, 17

Crafts of Stirling, The, 294

Barbers, The, 296

Maltmen, The 296

Mechanics, The, 296

Crime and Criminals, 182

Allan Mair, Execution of, 194

A Magistrate in a Fix, 185

Baird and Hardie, Execution of, 186

Incident at the Trial of, 192

"Drumming Out" of Women, 185

Last Public Whipping in Stirling, The, 183

"Scatters," Execution of, 193

"The Good Old Times," 183

Entertainments, 48

Fairs, 36

Funerals, 47

Jacobitical, 215

Blowing up of St. Ninians Church, 227

False Testimony, The, 217

Incident of Sheriffmuir, An, 216

Jacobite Ladies of Murrayshall, The, 235

Mrs Leckie : A Stirling Story of the '45, 229


Jacobitical (continued) PAGK.

"Preein"' His Royal Highness' Mou', 220

Prince at Leckie House, The, 221

Prince Charles' Summons for the Surrender

of the Town, 223

Rising in '45, The, 218

Stirling and the '45, 223

St. Ninians and the Rebels, 226

Tradition of the '45, A, 227

Jug, The Stirling, 289

Markets, 34

Melville Terrace Trees, 56

Merchant Guild of Stirling, The, 292

Military, 167

A Brave Fellow, 179

Apprehended Fenian Disturbance in Stirling, 175

Declaration of War, 172

Douglas Room Fire, The, 177

Fall of Sebastopol, 172

Peace of 1856, 174

Stirling Claims Garibaldi, 180

"The Roosh," 180

Volunteers, The, 176

75th (Stirlingshire) Regiment, 168

79th, or Cameron Highlanders, 171

Modes of Transit-
Coaches, 44

Steamboats, 45


A "Backstairs" Councillor, 154

Anecdote of Pre-Refonn Times, 155

Burgh Buildings, The, 156


Municipal (continued) PAGE.

Burgherism, 153

Dean of Guild's Chain, The, 160

Friday Cattle Market, The, 165

High Constables and Town Guard, 162

Locking the Burgh Gates, 165

Names of Streets, 157

Old Style of Celebrating the King's Birthday, 164

Origin of the Ten o'clock Bell, 165

Proclamation on Sunday Observance, 166

Provost's Dress, The, 159

Shops of Last Century, 158

Town Council Politics, 154

Town Guard and the Lady, The, 162

Town Guard in an Awkward Predicament, 163

Town Officers' Uniform or Livery, The, 160

Trades' " Blue Blanket," The, 161

Walking the Marches, 163

Wolf Crag: The Burgh Arms, 159

Newspapers, 43

Newsvending, 43

Notable Citizens-
Anderson, Provost Robert, 65

Anderson, Provost William, 58

Beath, Dr Andrew, 95

Beith, Rev. Dr, 87

Christie, Bailie John, 66

Davidson, Mr John, 72

Dawson, "Willie," 103

Dick, Provost, 62

Doig, Dr David, 101

Drummond, Bailie Andrew, 67

Drummond, Mr Henry, 119

Drummond, Mr Peter, 115

Drummond, Mr William, 108

Ferguson, "Danny," 120


Notable Citizens (continued) PACE.

Findlay, Dr David, 92

Findlay, Eev. William, 83

Forrest, Dr William H., 94

Galbraith, Provost, 61

Galbraith, William, 76

Gray, Bailie, 71

Harvey, Dr Robert, 92

Harvey, Sir George, 113

Hay, Bart., Sir John, 73

Henderson, Rev. Robert, 83

Hogg, Mr James, 113

Jaffray, "Citizen," 95

Johnston, Dr Alexander, 91

Johnstone, Ebenezer, 105

Leitch, Rev. Alexander, 82

Logan, Sheriff, 77

Low, Bailie, 70

MacEwen, Bailie John, 68

Mathie, Mr James, 79

Mathie, Mr John D., 80

Meffen, Chief-Constable, 107

Millar, Bailie, 70

Milligan, Mr Samuel, 104

Mouat, Mr George, 72

Murrie, Provost, 63

M'Lachlan, Rev. Dr Paul, 84

Rankin, Provost, 64

Robertson, Mr George, 102

Rogers, Rev. Dr, 85

Shearer, Bailie, 69

Smart, Rev. Dr John, 81

Smith, Mr Thomas Stuart, 110

Sconce, Sheriff-Substitute, 78

Steedman, Rev. John, 85

Wilson, Mr Andrew, 121

Wordie, Mr William, 112

Yellowlees, Bailie, 67


Notable Events PAGE.

Corn Exchange, Laying of Foundation Stone

of, 200

Forth and Clyde Railway, 212

National Wallace Monument : Laying the

Foundation-Stone, 212

New Bridge, The, 200

Queen's Coronation Festivities, 200

Queen's Visit in 1842, 201

"Notables," A Few of Stirling's, 146

"Blind Tom," 151

" Bummin' Jamie," 152

"Deil" Roy, 149

Donald Dow, 151

Jock Macewen, 150

John Brooks, "The Hangman," 148

"Humphy Geordie," 150

"London John," or "Coal John," 149

Lowrie Millar, 147

"MaikeyToy," 148

"Stulty Andrew," 149

"Tammy" Forfar, 148

"Tippling Act" Jock "Kawr," 147

"Wee Towan," 147

Willie Orr, 148

Omnium Gatherum, The Ancient Society of, 297
Ord, the Equestrian, 49

"Orra" Folk, Some

" Blind Alick," 140

"Cocky" Riddell, 136

Danny M'Vean, 138

Isaac Spyron, 137

Johnny Buchaii and Others, 135

"Ponte," 134

"Tammy" Chalmers, 143

"Tickler" Lyou, 139


Poets, A Few Local PAGE.

Graham, Dougal, 131

Sinclair, William, 122

Stupart, R. M., 126

Taylor, David, 129

Races, The Stirling, 50

Burke's Racing Fiasco, 54

Meek, Miss, 53

Ramsay of Barnton, 53

Schools, Schoolmasters, &c.

Adventure and Other Schools, 42

Allan's School, 41

Caledonian Society, The, 42

Doig, Dr David, 101

Dunlop's Academy, 42

M'Dougall, Duncan, 39

M'Dougall, "Patie," 38

The Grammar School, 41

Stirling and Round About

Abbey Fair, The, 262

Abbey, Neighbourly Feeling at the, 263

Abbey Tower, The: Mr Anderson's Cow, 262

An Excellent Answer,- 269

A "Tip" to the Forth Navigation Com-
missioners, 261

A Would-be Hangman, 279

Blair Drummond Family, A Story of the, 276

Blair Drummond Moss, Reclaiming, 277

Blythe Meat, Blythe Cake, Christening Cake, 244

Clever Lassie, A, 279

Curious Letter from the Raploch, 287

Demyat, 266

Discovery of Roman Remains in Spittal

Street, 255

Discrimination in Health Drinking, 249

Dry Crack, A, 245


Stirling and Round About (continued) PAGE.

Earl of Menteith and the Town Clerk, The, ... 247

Effigy Burning at Cambusbarron, 270

Election Manifesto, An, 250

Elizabeth Willcox and the Russian Emperor, 270

Forth Salmon, The, 259

Haldanes of Airthrey, The/ 283

His Twopence- Worth, 244

How Mr Hamilton '' Boxed " Himself to the

Pulpit, 257

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