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1 bur. at Drax, 30 May 1700. They had issue—
Christopher (VII).

^ r Named in their grandfather's will.

VII. CHRISTOPHER ADAJVIS, Esq., of Camblesforth, crt. 9 annor.
7' Apr. 1666 ; bur. at Drax 26 July 1703. Admon. 17 Sept.
1703. Mar. EUzabeth . . . ., bur. at Drax 23 Nov. 1721
(reg.). Will, 3 Jan. 1718-9, pr. at York 10 Feb. 1721-2
(vol. Ixxvi, p. 152). They had issue —

John Adams, Esq., of Camblesforth, bur. at Drax
21 Feb. 1748-9, »t. 63 (reg.). WiU, 10 Apr. 1745,
pr. 26 Apr. 1749 (vol. xciii, p. 94). Mar. Elizabeth
Boynton, bur. at Drax 20 Feb. 1755-6 (reg.).
Will, 10 May 1750, pr. at York 3 Mar. 1755-6 (vol.
xcix, p. 77).
Christopher (VIII).

Frances, mar. Dr. Goodwin, Eector of Tankersley ;
bur. at Drax 7 May 1754 (reg.).

VIII. CHRISTOPHER ADAMS, Esq., of Camblesforth, heir to his
brother John, but died before him and bur. at Drax 1 Feb.
1747-8, set. 59 (reg.). WiU, 11 Oct. 1745, pr. at York 29 Mar.
1748 (vol. lx\'iii, p. 450). Mar. Hannah, dau. of Sir Duke
GifEord. They had issue —

1. John Bopiton (IX).

2. Duke, died intest. Admon. at York 23 Nov. 1776.

3. Thomas, died an infant.

Elizabeth, died unmar., bur. at Drax 19 Sept. 1759.

Hannah, ? bur. at Drax 10 Mar. 1749.

Frances Mary, mar. Joceljii Price, Esq. They had

Clare, mar. Rev. Francis Leighton.

IX. JOHN BOYNTON ADAMS, Esq., of Camblesforth, a lunatic,
died unmar. intest. 7 Jan. 1791, aet. 63, bur. at Drax, when
the estates descended to his sister Frances.

DUGUALE's visitation of YORKSHIRE. 455

Lanqbaboh Wapentake. Stokesley, 25° Aug. 1665.



!E niton upon ,^toah.

componee Argent and Azure between three eaglea'
heads erased of the last, a canton Gules (Wright).
2. — Azure, three crescents Or (Ryther).

3. — Gules, a lion rampant Argent, charged with an annulet (Aldburgh).
Crest : — A unicorn passant regardant Argent, armed Or, imguled Azure.

I. WILUM WRIGHT, of Ploivland in co. Ebor. (son of Eobert
Wright, Esq., of Plowland, and Anne, dau. of Thomas Grim-
ston, of Grimston), died 23 Aug. 1621, bur. at Wehvick. M.I.
(Poulson). Will 25 Feb. 1620-1, pr. 2 Oct. 1621 (vol. xxxvi,
p. 543). Mar. Ann, daughter of Robert Thorneton, of Newton,
died 28 Dec. 1618, bur. at Welwick (Poulson). They had
issue —

Robert Wright, of Foston. (A quo Wright of Plowland,
see Glover's Visitation, Foster's Ed., 143).

Francis (II).

Other children. (See Glover's Visitation.)

II. FRANCIS WRIGHT, of Soioerby, in com. Ebor. ; mar. . . .
They had issue —
Francis (III).

Christopher Wright, of Sowerby, in co. Ebor. He
had issue.

III. FRANCIS WRIGHT, of Bolton super Swale, in co. Ebor. ;
died in a" 1651 or thereabouts ; mar. Grace, daughter of Roger
Beckwith, of Aldbrough, in com. Ebor. They had issue —
Francis (IV).

1. Elizabeth, wife of Trinian, alias Ninian Anderson, of

Gales in com. Ebor.

2. Jane, wife of John Palleser, of Kirby Wishe, in com.

Ebor., lie. 1630.

3. Grace, wife of Thomas Meryton, of Castle Levinton, in

com. Eborum.



IV. FRANCIS WRIGHT, of Bolton, died o" 1665; mar. Anne,
daugh. of George Meryton, Deane of Yorke, lie. 1626. They
had issue —

1. Francis, ohijt sine prole ; adm. St. John's, Camb.

14 May 1647.

2. George (V).

3. Thomas.

4. Richard.

5. Christoph''.

6. WiWm.

1. Anne, wife of Thomas Hewardin, of Maltby in co. Ebor.

2. Grace, wife of John Blakeston, of Old Malton in co. Ebor.

V. GEORGE WRIGHT, of Bolton in co. Ebor., cet. 36 an. 25" Aug.
a' 1665. Adm. to St. John's, Camb., 14 May 1647, set. 15.
Mar. Beatrice, da. of James Maleverer, of Arndiffe, in co.
Ebor., Esq., born 13 Oct. 1624 (Brown's "Arnchffe"). They
had issue —

1. Francis, cct. 7 ann. 25 Aug. 1665.

2. George, cet. 3 ann. (VI).

3. Richard, cet. 1 ann.

1. Anne, cet. 9 ann.

2. Beatrice, est. 6 ann.

VI. ? GEORGE WRIGHT, gent., of Bolton and Swale, died
13 Ma. 1722, set. 58 ; bur. at St. John's, York (Radclifie MS.,
Leeds Library) ; mar. Ehzabeth Hawley, \vid., lie. 1684,
at All Saints', Pavement, or St. Crux, York.

Ktdall Wapentake.

Yorke, 13 Aug. 1666.

<Apkton in tl]£ ^trMc.

Arms : — Azure, a chevron engrailed between three cranes' heads erased Argent,
each holding in the beak an oak-branch, leaves Vert, eicoms Or.
No proofe made of these Armes.

DUGDALe's visitation of YORKSHIRE. 457

JAMES RAYNES, of Apleton in the Streete, in com. Ehor.
Will, 20 Nov. 1643, pr. at York (unregistered), where his wife
is called Marie ; to be bur. in Appleton churchyard ; mar.
Margaret, daughter to . . . Atkinson, of Thusk (? Thirsk), in
CO. Ebor. They had issue —

1. James (II).

2. William Raynes, of Apleton in ye Street, in co. Ebor. ;

mar. Elizabeth, daughter to Thomas Cooper. His
children are mentioned in their grandfather's wiU.

3. Peter Raynes, of Apleton in the Street, in com. Ebor.

Named in his father's will. Mar. Anne, daughter
to Robert Tratle, of Apleton in the Street, in co. Ebor.

1. Frances, ivife to Thomas Tratle, of Apleton in ye Street,

in CO. Ebor. Named in her father's will.

2. Seazy (Cezie), ivife to John Story, of Apleton in the

Street, in co. Ebor., Clarke. Named in her father's

3. Elizabeth, wife to James Storr, of Hutton-Bushdl, in

com. Ebor. Named in her father's wiU.

4. Ursula, wife to Ambrose Clarke, of Ryton, afterwards

to James Deane, of Thome in co. Ebor.

II. JAMES RAYNES, of Apleton in the Street, in com. Ebor.,

ohijt 1642. Will, Nov. 20, 1643, pr (unregistered).

Mar. Sarah, 3rd daughter to Richard Letby, of Skirterbeck, in
com. Ebor. They had issue —

1. John (III).

2. William Raynes, of the Citty of London, wt. 28 ann.

1666 ; mar. Alice, daugh. to ... . Ipswich. They
had issue —

1. Alice.

2. Sarah.

3. Thomas Raynes, of the Citty of Yorke, Attorney of the

Court of Common Pleas of Westminst., at. 25 ann.
1666 ; Lord Mayor of York, displaced by the King
Oct. 1688 ; removed to Easingwold ; died s.p.
8 Mar. 1713-4 a?t. 73, bur. at Easingwold (C.B.N.) ;
mar., lie. 1668, at Malham or Spurriergate, Mary,
daughter of Nich. Conyers, of Boleby, in co. Ebor.
Esgr., died 20, bur. 21 Dec. 1689 in York Minster.

James, 7 , -,
Thom^, [died young.

Sarah, ohijt cetatis sum 2
Mary, dyed young.



III. JOHN RAYNES, of Apleton, in the Street, a Cap' of Foot in
y' King's Service, at. 25 ann. 1666 ; marr. Dorothy, daughter
to ... . Layth, of Dalehead in co. Cumbrice. They had
issue —

James, newly borne.
Sarah, wt. 2 annor.

Anne, heiress to her uncle Thomas Rapies ; mar. 1702,
WiUiam Salvin, Esq., of Newbiggin, bui. at Easing-
wold (Skaife's York Minster Registers).

Bakkeston Ashe Wapentake.

Bamesley, 15 Sept. 1665.




-Quarterly of six —

1. — Sable, on a chevron between three griffins' heads erased Or, as

many mullets of the field, a crescent for difference (Beale).
2. — Argent, on a mound Vert, a bull passant Gules, homs Or.
3. — Gules, a chevron Argent between three falcons of the second,

beaked Or.
4. — Sable, a bend between six crosses pattee-fusilly fitchee Argent.
5. — Quarterly, Argent and Sable, on a bend Gules three mullets of the

first, a martlet for difference.
6.— As the first.
—A unicorn's head erased Or, orined Sable.

OLIVER BEALE, of Woodhouse in the parish of Drax, in com.
Ebor., living in a" 1612; bur. at Belfreys, York, 22 Sept.
1613 (reg.). Admou. 27 Sept. 1613. Mar. Anne, daughter
and sole heire of Tho. Lake, of Barley, in co. Ebor. They had.
issue —

1. George (II).

2. Paul Beale, an Alderman of Yorke, bur. at Belfreys

17 Dec. 165-1. Will, 15 Dec. 1654, pr. at London,
2 Oct. 1655 (Aylett, 85) ; mar. at Belfreys, Dorcas

DUGDALE's visitation of YORKSHIRE. 459

Bowes, 14 June 1630 (reg.), bur. there 11 July 1649.

They had issue —

Paul, bp. at St. Crux, York, 10 July 1635.

Dorcas, mar. Heiiry DicMnson.


3. John, died without issue.

4. Amid Beale, of Hurst Courtney.

5. Thomas, died without issue.

6. Joseph, named in his brother Paul's will.

7. Edward, had issue.

1. Anne (? Mary), wife of ... . Squire, clerke.

2. Mary (? Anne), the wife of George (? Thomas) Hewley,

Citizen of YorJce.

II. GEORGE BEALE, of Woodhouse, died a 1643 vel circa ; mar.
Ellen, da. of MarmaduJce Constable, son of Constable, of y'
house of Everinghd, 1st wife, lie. 1624 at Everingham. They
had issue —

1. Henry (III).

2. John Beale, of Monke Fryston, in com. Ebor., mar.

Frances, da. of .... Ickringall, widd. of Will.
Louther, of Monkefryston there, 27 Aug. 1664, bur.
there 27 Dec. 1667 (reg.). They had issue —

Elizabeth, bp. 9 Aug. 1665 ; bur. 19 Jan.
1667-8 at Monk Fryston (reg.).
Everild, died unmarried.
Mar. Alice, daugh. of ... . Haslewood, of Maydwell in co.
North'"", ividow of Christoph'' Twysleton, of Barley in co.
Ebor., 2 wife.

III. HENRY BEALE, of Woodhouses, died 15" Feb'' a" 1664,

?bur. at Pontefract 17 Feb. 1664-5. WiU, 1 Feb. 1664-5,
not proved till 1687. Mar. Eliz., 4th daugh. of Randolfe
Carleile, of Sowerby, in co. Ebor., Esq'', widd. of Samuell
Heron, Clerke, at Belfreys, York, 28 Nov. 1658. They had
issue —

1. George (IV).

2. Henry, cet. unius anni.

1. Elizabeth.

2. Helen, mar. Buckley Wilsford of Pontefract ; died

1746, aged 82 (Hunter's "Min. Gent.," 998).

IV. GEORGE BEALE, at. 3 ann. 15 Sept. 1665, ? bp. at Ponte-

fract, 17 Feb. 1660-1 ; mar. Elizabeth, dau. of . . . Lawson, of
..... lie. 1683. They had issue—

? Henry, bp. 15 Ap. 1686, at Darrington.

4 GO DUGDALE's visitation of YORKSHIRE.


Pontfract, 7° Aug. 1665.


Akms : — Argent, on a saltire Gules five acorns slipped Or, on a chief of the second
three mullets of the first.
Qu. for proofe of these armes ?

I STABLES. He had issu^-

William (II).


s, Mayor of Pomfret in a" 1606.

II. WILLIAiM STABLES, Mayor of y' bmrough of Pomfret
a" 1593. WiU, 18 Jan. 1616-7, pr. 8 May 1617 (vol. xxxiv,
p. 458). Mar They had issue —

III. WILLIAM STABLES, of Pomfret, mar. Elizabeth, daughter
of ... . Copeland. Thev had issue —

1. Richard (IV).

2. Nicholas Stables, of Pontefract, Mayor 1636-7 and

1661-2, a Royalist and Churchman ; at the siege
of the Castle" ; bp. at Pontefract 23 Nov. 1600,
bur. there 28 Mar. 1676. WiU, 29 Dec. 1671, pr.
at York ; mar. Elizabeth, daughter of Williatn
Wilkinson, of Pomfret, there 7 May 1622.

IV. RICHARD STABLES, of Tanshelfe juxia Pomfret, died circa

ann. 1656, a tanner ; bp. at Pontefract 9 Nov. 1596. bur.

there 19 Nov. 1658. "Will, 7 Nov. 1658, pr. at London 29 Jan.

1658-9 (Pell, 17) ; mar. Isabell. daughter of William Bytvater,

Alderman of Pomfret, there 24 Nov. 1618. They had issue—

1. William Stables, of Tanshelfe, wt. 44 an. 7 Aug. a" 1665,

Lieutenant of horse in the army of King Charles

y' First ; bp. at Pontefract, 27 June 1620, bur.

there 19 Feb. 1666-7 ; mar. Jane, daughter and

coheir to Gervase Hamerton, of Auhborow in co. Line,

gent., of the house of Monherode, died 25 Sept. 1662.

DUGDALE's visitation of YORKSHIRE. 46 1

2. Richard, died unmarried.

3. John, died unmarried.

4. Leonard (V).

1. Thomasin, wife unto George Shillito, of Pomfret, in co.

Ehorum. Named in her father's will.

2. Elizabeth, wife unto Edward Atkinson, Alderman of

Leedes. Named in her father's wiU.

3. Susan. Had £200 in her father's will.

4. Isahdl, the wife of Richard Austwicke, now mayor of

Pomfret, a" 1665. Named in her father's wiU ;
mar. at Kippax 9 Nov. 1656.

LEONARD STABLES, Alderman of Pomfret, bp. at Pontefract
10 Mar. 1632-3 ; mar. Dorothy, daughter to John Stevenson,
of Swynfieet, in co. Line, heire to . . . Stevenson, her brother,
bur. at Pontefract 11 Dec. 1682. They had issue —

1. ]ViUiam (VI).

2. Richard, bp. at Pontefract, 31 July 1665.
John, bp. at Pontefract 24 Juiie 1667.

Leonard, of Pontefract, gent., bp. there 26 Oct. 1674 ;

mar. Grace .... They had issue —
Sarah, bp. at Pontefract, 21 May 1661, bur. there

2 Dec. 1664.
Dorothy, bp. 21 Dec. 1668.
Elizabeth, bp. 16 Jan. 1670-1. Will, 19 Sept., pr.

20 Nov. 1714 (vol. Ixix, p. 314).
Sarah, bp. 25 Apr. 1672.

Martha, bp. 12 June 1673, bur. there Nov. 1673.
Sarah, bp. 9 July 1677.

WILLIAM STABLES, of Pontefract, Mayor 1691-2 and 1701-2,
heir to his great-uncle Nicholas, 1676 ; bp. 26 Mar. 1662, bur.
22 Nov. 1705. WiU pr. 25 Jan. 1705-6; mar. IsabeUa
. . . . , bur. 10 Apr. 1702. They had issue-
Mary, bur. at Pontefract, 27 Sept. 1685.
Susannah, bp. at Pontefract 17 May 1687, bur. there
10 Oct. 1688.

Note. — Both families of Stable and Stables were wide spreading in
Pontefract and the neighbourhood (the registers being full of them), and
there being so many Williams and Leonards it is difficult to continue the
pedigree further. There were branches at a later date at Hemsworth and
Huddersfield who claim to descend from that at Pontefract, but where they
are likely to have joined it is not e.^sv to determine.

462 dugdalb's visitation of Yorkshire.

Dickering Wapentake. Kilham, 1° Sept. 1665.


bend cotised between six fleurs-de-lis Argent.

THOMAS HELLARD, of Ruslon parva in co. Ebor. ; mar.
Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Bateson, of Thorneholme, in co.
Ebor. Thev had issue —
Thomas (II).

1. Elizabeth, tvife of ... . Langton, a Merchant in Hull.

2. Frances, wife of Marmaduhe Tenison, of Long-Ruston,

in com. Ebor.

3. Dorothy, wife unto Henry Snell, of Garton, in com.


4. Sarah, wife of John Ellerton, of Boythorpe, in com.


II. THOMAS HELLARD, of Ruston parva, died a" 1665, vd
circa ; mar. Alice, daughter of John Cliff e, of Burweston in
com. Staff., lie. 1601, at Burton Agnes. They had issue —

1. Henry (III).

2. St. Quintin Hellard, of Ruston, in co. Ebor. Will,

4 Jan. 1655-6, pr. at London 29 Apr. 1657 (Ruthin,
112) ; to be bur. at Little Euston. Mar. Sarah . . .,
exix. They had issue —

Wilham. > Named in their father's will.
Matthew. )

3. Thomas Hellard, of Harpham, in co. Ebor.

4. Samuell Hellard, of Langtoft, in co. Ebor.

5. John Hellard, died without issue.

III. HENRY HELLARD, of Kilham, in co. Ebor., cet. 63 ann.
1 Sept. a" 1665 : mar. Mary, daughter of Thomas Wayte. of
Elarid in com. Staff., lie. 1640 at Rudstone. ? bur. there


BULMER Wapentake. Yorke, 13 Sept. 1665.


jRttDton upon (Bnst.

-Quarterly —

1. — Sable, a leopard's face jessant-de-Iis Argent (Morley).

2. — Gules, a fess between three Katherine wheels Argent.

3. — Argent, on a bend Gules three garbs Or (Maltby).

4, — Gules, two wings conjoined and inverted Or, in chief a fleur-de-lis
—On a chapeau Gules, turned up Ermine, a leopard's face Argent iessant-

de-lis Or.

CUTBERT MORLEY, of Normanby in co. Ebor. (probably
son of Robert Morley and Elizabeth Symon — see Glover's
Visitation, 194), will 6 Nov. 1598, pr. 10 Dec. 1599 (vol.
xxvii, p. 284) ; mar. Anne, daughter of Christopher Thorndby,
of Thornaby, first wife. They had issue —

1. Jatnes Morley, of Normanby in Cleveland ; mar. . . .

They had issue —

Cuthbert, ? mar. Jane, dau. of Thomas,
1st Viscount Fairfax of Elmley 18 Sept.
1634 at Sheriff Hutton.
Mar. Isabell, daughter of ... . Wilson, of .... in Northam-
berland, second wife. They had issue —

2. Robert (II).

Eleanor, wife of ... of ... in com. . . .

William, 'i


Thomas. • Named in their father's will.


Margery, j

II. ROBERT MORLEY, of y' Citty of Yorke, an Utter Barrister
of the Inner Temple, died in a" 1651 ; mar. Elizabeth, daughter
of S'' John Scorey, of . . . in com. Hereford, Kn', 15 Dec,
1621 at St. Giles in the Fields, London. They had issue—

464 dugdale's visitation of Yorkshire.

1. Cuikbert Morley.

2. James (III).

1. Isabell, mar. 1st Philip Wheath, of HinderweU ; mar.

secondly, Ralph Lutton, of Knapton (C.B.N. ).

2. Anne.

III. JAMES MORLEY, of Newton upon Ouse in com. Ebor., cet.
38 an. 14 Sept. a° 1665 ; mar. Cordelia, daughter of Thomas
Dodstvorth, of . . . .in co. Ebor., widow of . . . Higginbotham.

Statnbcliffe Wapentake. Skipton, 17 Aug. 1665.

^Hngar of Catloln.

Respit given for entring the amies.

I. HENRY SLING AR, of Little Hutlon, in com. Ebor., mar.
.... daughter of ... . Wrangham, of Wrangham, in com.
Palat. Dunelm. They had issue —

i. Henry Slingar, of Little Button in com, Eborum ; m/ir.
Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Parker, of Brousholme
in com. Ebor., Esq' .

2. Tempest (II).

3. Frances Slingar, of Little Hutton, in com. Ebor.

4. Peter, died unmarried.

1. Isabell, ye wife of Marmaduke Watcne, of Alborough, in

com. Ebor.

2. Margaret, wife of ... .

3. Catherine, icife of ... . Lightfoot, of Gilling, in com.


4. Elizabeth.

n. TEMPEST SLINGAR, of Catlow in co. Ebor., died a" 1661 ;

will 13 Mar. 1660-1, no date of proof (vol. xlv, p. 280) ; to

be bur. at St. Andrew's, Slaidburn ; mar. Isabell, da. of

Abraham Coulthurst, of Burneley, in co. Lane. They had issue —

1. Tempest (III).

-ri^ —2. Nicholas, died unmarried; exor. in his father's will.

3. Henry Slingar, exor. in his father's will ; mar. Jane,
da. of Rich. Ratcliffe, of Berks in com. Ebor., widow
of William Baynes, of Mewyth, co. Ebor.
1. Margaret, lie. 1638, at Slaidburn, first married unto
Robert Fotkergill, of Ireby, in com. Lane., afterward
to Robert Glover, of Haughton East, in com. Eborum.

DUGDALE'S visitation of YORKSHIRE. 465

2. Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Myton, of Sledburne, in com.


3. Alice, wife of Edward Hophinson, of Boseden, in com. — /-*»j7.


4. Anne, wife of Williafn Foster, of BarleybanJce, in co.


5. Isabell, toife of John Hide, of Sledburne, in com. Ebor.

6. Mary, wife of Thomas Coze, of Grange in co. Ebor.

III. TEMPEST SLINGAR, of Catlow, in co. Ebor., now one of
ye justices of y' peace, wt. 42 an. 17 Aug. 1665 ; exor. of his
father ; mar. Milicent, daughter of John Bradhill, of Portfidd,
in CO. Lane, Esq'', named in her father-in-law's will. They
had issue —

1. Nicholas, wt. 13 ann. 17 Aug. 1665. Named in his grand-

father's wiU.

2. Tempest, est. 12 ann. 17 Aug. 1665. Named in his —/>^^j

grandfather's will.

3. John, (Tt. 10 ann. 17 Aug. 1665. Named in his grand-

father's will.

4. Roger, cet. 7 ann. 1665. Named in his grandfather's


1. Isabell, cet. 2 ann. 1665.

2. Margaret, died young. Named in her grandfather's


OsooDCROSSE Wapentake. Pomfret, 7° Apr. 1666.


Arms : — Argent, a chevron engrailed between three boars' heads couped Sable.

466 dugdale's visitation of Yorkshire.

I. JOHN OGLETHORPE, of Oglethorpe, m com. Ebor., mar.
.... They had issue —

1. Richard Oglethorpe, of Oglethorpe.

2. Thomas (11).

II. THOMAS OGLETHORPE, of Beall ; mar. Jane, daughter
of Henry Vavasour, of Haselwood, in co. Ebor. Her will, 4 Oct.,
pr. 4 Nov. 1569 (vol. xvi.i, p. 121) ; to be bur. in Kellington
church. They had issue —

1. Henry Oglethorpe, of Beall, living 1585 ; mar. . . .

They had issue —

1. Richard Oglethorpe (Glover's Visitation, p.


2. Thomas Oglethorpe (Glover's Visitation, p.


2. William (III).

Mark, named in his mother's wiU, died s.p. (Glover).

III. WILLIAM OGLETHORPE, Rector of Kellington, in co.
Ebor. ; mar They had issue —

1. Gervase Oglethorpe, of Kellington, in co. Ebor. ; mar.

Margaret, daughter of . . . Sainter, of West Haddlesey,
in com. Ebor., lie. 9 Oct. 1605 (Transcript, York).
They had issue —

Alice, sole daughter and heire, wife of Thomas

Style, of Sutton neer Ouston, in com. Ebor. ;

they had Thomas Style, of Kellington, in co.

Ebor., who mar. Susan, da. of . . . Welburn,

of Kingston upon Hull.

2. Stephen (IV).

3. John Oglethorpe, a Fellow of Trinity College in Cam-

bridge, died unmarried. Will 28 July 1613, pr.
4 Jan. 1614-5 (vol. xxxii) ; to be bur. in quire of
Kellington Church.

IV. STEPHEN OGLETHORPE, of Kellington, in co. Ebor. ;
? Admon. 4 July 1636 ; mar. Eliz., daughter of ... . Dew-
hurst, of Wadworth, in com. Ebor. They had issue —

1. William (V).

2. John Oglethorpe, mar They had issue —

1. Gervase.

2. Stephen.

3. Wiirm.



1. . . ., wife of . . . Wichham, of Kdlington, in com.


2. Katherine, wife of Will'm Bywater, of Water-Fryston, in

com. Ebor.

3. Margt., wife of Henry Verdon, of Beale.

WILLIAM OGLETHORPE, cetatis 47 annor. 7" Apr. a' 1666 ;
mar. Joane, daughter of John Walton, of Kdlington, in com.
Ehor. They had issue —
John (VI).

1. Jane, ivife of William Thorpe, of Beall, in com. Ebor.

2. Anne, ivife of Tho. Dickon, of Water-Fryston, in com.


VI. JOHN OGLETHORPE, Rector of Bransby, in com. Ebor., est.
28 an. 7 Apr. 1666; mar. Elizabeth, daughter of William
Lete (Leeke), of Newarke super Trent, in com. Nott., Esq'',
20 Feb. 1665-6, at St. Sampson's, York. (C.B.N.)

Pocklington, 7° Sept. 1665.


Aems : — Argent, an eagle displayed Sable, beaked and membered Gules.

I. CHRISTOPHER WILBERFOSS, of Wilberfoss, gent., wiU,
12 Feb. 1533-4, pr. 18 July 153-t ; to be bur. there (Test.
Ebor. vi, 40) ; mar, Anne, dau. of Robert Browne, of Nether-
dall (Glover's Visitation). Will, 16 Sept., pr. 25 Nov. 1558,
of Catton ; to be bur. there (vol. xv, pp. 3, 123). They
had issue —

468 dugdale's visitation of Yorkshire.

William (II).

Roger. Named in his father's will.
Edward. Named in his father's will.
Thomas. Named in his father's will.
John. Named in his father's will.
Robert. Named in his father's will.
Henry. Named in his father's will.
Elizabeth. Named in her father's will.
Dorothy. Named in her father's will.

-WILLIAM WILBERFOSS, of Wilberfoss, gent. WiU, 3 Aug.,
pr. at York, 1 Sept. 1557 ; to be bur. there (vol. xv, i,
237) ; I.P.M. 8 Mar. 1558-9 ; mar. Margaret, dau. of George
Overend, of Kexby. They had issue —

Roger (III).

Thomas, of Wigton.




Elizabeth, mar. . . .

Agnes, mar. firstly, Thomas Burdon, secondly Henry

Ann, mar. Roger Grayborne, of Beverley.

III. ROGER WILBERFOSSE, of Wilberfosse, gent., at. 14 years

at his father's Inq. P.M. Will, 15 Nov. 1584, pr. at York
10 Feb. 1584-5 (vol. xxii, p. 631) ; to be bur. in Wilberfoss
church ; mar. Margaret, dau. of Antony Waggett, of Bishop
Wilton. Will, 12 Feb. 1588-9, pr. at York 5 June 1589
(vol. xxiv, 76) ; to be bur. in Wilberfoss church. They had
issue- —

Edward, eldest son, aet. 18 an. 1584, exor. of his mother ;
? d. s.p.

Robert (IV).





IV. ROBERT WILBERFOSSE. of Wilberfosse in com. Ebor.,

died in n" 1640. vel circa. ; bur. there 31 Mar. 1638 (C.B.N.) ;
will 20 Mar. 1637-8, pr. at York 7 Apr. 1638 (unregistered) ;
7nar. Anne, daughter of Thomas Burland, of Stockton, in com.
Ebor. Thev had issue —


Roger (V.).

Thomas. Named in his father's will.
?. Dorothy, wife of . . . Cob, of Full-Sutton, in com. Ebor.
They had issue. She mar. secondly, Richard
2. Elizabeth, wife of William Williamson, of Newton, in

com. Ebor.
J. Anne, wife of Thomas Cooper, of Barnby, in com. Ebor. ;
mar. 14 June 1631 at Trinity, Goodramgate, York

V. ROGER WILBERFOSSE, of Wilberfosse, died a" 1662, set.
16 in 1612 ; bui. 8 May 1662 at Wilberfosse ; mar. 9 Dec.
1623 at Howden (reg.), Margt., daugh. of . . . Eathrope
(Athorpe), of Kilpin, in co. Ebor., ob. s. prole, 1st ivife, bur.
30 Mar. 1626 at Wilberfosse ; mar. secondly, Margaret,
daughter of John Agard, of Stockton, in com. Eborum, 2 wife,
lie. 1630. They had issue—

1. Roger (VI).

2. Robert Wilberfosse, bp. 28 Nov. 1636 at Wilberfosa ;

married Emmot, daugh. of Simon Newlove, of Wetwang,
in com. Ebor., 21 Aug. 1662.

3. William, bp. 5 April 1641 at Wilberfosa.

4. Thomas, bp. 31 May 1647 at Wilberfoss.

1. Anne, bp. 5 Oct. 1634 at Wilberfoss, wife of Will'm

Horseiey, of Beck-house, in Pickering Lythe.

2. Margaret.

3. Mary, bp. 2 Oct. 1645 at Wilberfoss.

VI. ROGER WILBERFOSSE, of Wilberfosse, at. 31 ann. 7 Sept.
1665 ; bp. 12 Dec. 1632 at Wilberfoss ; mar. Anne, daughter
of WilVm Plaxton, of Pocklington, in com. Ebor. They had
issue —

Roger (VII).

Anne, bp. 4 Mar, 1661-2 at Wilberfoss,

VII. ROGER WILBERFOSSE, cet. 8 ann. 7 Sept. 1665; bp.
23 Feb. 1656-7 at Wilberfoss ; mar. 24 Nov. 1681, Elizabeth


470 dugdale's visitation of Yorkshire.

HOLDEENESSE NoRTH Baylywick. Hull, 2o Sep. 1665.

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