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4. Philip Ayscough (Askwith), of Yorke ; mar. first . . .
Had issue —
Mar. secondly Julian Briggs, widow of his cousin
Christopher Askwith.

106 DUGDALE's visitation of YORKSHIRE.

1. Eliz., wife of Richard Hodgson, of Cherry Burton, in

York, CO. Ebor., named iu her father's will.

2. Catherine, ivife of Robert, Meares (Miers), of Yorke,

named in her father's will.

IX. GEORGE ASCOUGH (ASKWITH), of Yorke, died a' 1626;
mar. Sarah, daughter or Leonard Belt, of the Citly of Yorke,
at St. Crux, 5 June 1599 (?reraar. Rev. Roger Belwood,
minister of St. Crux). They had issue —

1. Robert (X).

2. William Ascough, died unmarried.

1. Mary, wife of Josias Bellwood, Gierke, of Leathley,

lie. at' Trinity Goodramgate, York, 1637. They
had issue —

Roger Bellwood, Serjeant at Law.

2. Elizabeth, bp at St. Crux 1611, wife of Christopher

Geldart, a merchant in Yorke, after of Abraham

Bynns, m,erchant in Yorke.
S. Frances, bp. at St. Crux 1616, wife of John Morret,

Citizen of Londov.
Jf.. Anne, bp. at St. Crux 1618, ivife of Anth. Plaice,

of Yorke.

X. ROBERT AYSGOUGH (ASKWITH), of the Citty of Yorke,
ait. 59 an. 13 Sept. a" 1665. Admon. at Gray's Inn
1 Nov. 1627 ; mar. Elizabeth, da. and heire of Thomas
Peake, of Toynton, in co. Line. They had issue —

1. William (XI).

2. Robert Ayscough (Askwith). Admon. at Gray's Inn

2 Feb. 1660-1.

1. Elizabeth.

2. Martha.

3. Mary.

XI. WILL'M A YSCOVGH (ASKWITH), D'- of Phisick, at. 29
an. 13 Sept. a" 1665, admitted to St. John's College,
Cambridge, 7 June 16.55 as William Askwith, bur. at St.
Cuthbert's, York, 5 Apr. 1688.

DUGDALE's visitation of YORKSHIRE. 107

Stkaffoed and Tickhill Wapentake. Doncaster, 9» Apr. 1666.



fess Gules, in chief three mullets

I. THOMAS BOSVILE, of Conisborough. Will 1 Dec. 1473,
pr. at York 3 May 1474 (vol. iv, 12), to be bur. at Conis-
borough ; mar. Johanna, whose name is said to have been
Wortley. They had issue —

1. Richard Bos vile, of Conisborough. Will 30 Apr.,

pr. 5 Oct. 1484 (vol. v, 239), to be bur. there ;

mar. Alice, dau. of ... . Vavasour, of Denaby.

Will 7 Apr., pr. at York 12 Sept. 1502, to be

bur. at Conisborough. They had i.ssue —

Richard, of Conisborough, father of Thomas
Bosvile, of Conisborough, who by Eliza-
beth Fitzwilliam had a dau. Jane, who
marrying John Waterhouse, of Halifax,
carried the estates into that family.

2. Thomas (TI).

II. THOMAS BOSVILE, of Doncaster. Will 20 May, pr.

8 Aug. 1480, to be bur. there (vol. v, 183); mar. Isabella,

(1)dau. and h. of William St. Paul. They had issue-
Ill. THOMAS BOSVILE. He had issue—

IV. THOMAS BOSVILE, of Doncaster and Stainton ; mar.
Ann, dau. of . . . Freshville, of Oldcotes. They had
issue —

John (V).

Thomas, of Edlington. Will 20 Sept. 1551, pr. at
York 6 May 1552 (xiii, 846); mar. Johanna . . .
They had issue —

108 DUG dale's visitation of YORKSHIRE.


Jasper (a quo Bosvile, of Braithwell).
Hush, of Stainton. Will 7 June 1581, pr. at York
17 Aug. 15S2 (vol. xvii, 337), bur. at Stainton

5 Jan. 1581-2 ; mar. first Elizabeth . . . (?) bur. at
Stainton 25 Mar. 1570. They had issue-
Joan, mar. at Stainton 20 Jan. 1575-6 George

French, of Tickhill.
C?) Mar. secondly Margaret Anderton, at Stainton,

6 Feb. 1570-1, and had issue.

Helen, mar. Thomas Bosvile, of Rotherliam.




V. JOHN B0S7ILE, of Warm.sworth ; mar. Alice West, of
Wath. Thej' had issue —
Thomas (VI).
Ann, mar. Lawrence Harrison, of London.

VI. THOMAS BOSVILE, of Warmsworth, bur. at Conisborough
9 Sept. 1596. Will 23 Aug. 1596, pr. at York 7 Dec.
1598 (xxvii, 441) ; mar. first Jane, dau. of Nicholas
Cressy, of Holme.

Mar. secondly Alice, dau. of Thomas Vicars, of Scawsby,
bur. 29 Aug. 1592 at Conisborough. They had issue —
John, bur. at Conisborough 10 Dec. 1571.
Philip, bp. at Conisborough 14 Nov. 1574, bur. there

15' Sept. 1577.
Gervase (VII).

Gertrude, mar. Philip Adams, Esq., of Owston, lie.
1600, bur. at Owston 25 June 1612.

VII. GERVASE BO SEVILLE, of Warmsworth, in com. Ebor.,
died in a" 1621, ret. eight 1585, living at 1612 Visitation, bp.
at Conisborough 2 Oct. 1577, bur. there 12 Sept. 1621. Will
20 Dec. 1620, pr. at York 19 Dec. 1621 (vol. xxxvi, 593);
mar. Susan, daughter and coheir of Tho. Wormeley, of
Hatfield, in com. Ebor., bp. at Thorne 9 Oct. 1586; mar.
there 13 July 1601 (remar. Thomas Vincent, Esq., of Barn-
borough, lie. 1622), bur. at Conisborough 10 Dec. 1652.
They had issue —
1. Thomas (VIII).
f. Edward, died unmarried, bp. at Conisborough Oct.

S. Godfrey, died unmarried, bp. at Conisborough 4 Feb.

i615-6, bur. there 14 May 1644.
4. Gervase (see below).

Nicolas, bur. at Conisborough 25 Oct. 1603.
1. Jane, wife of Thomas Atkinson, of Barton upon
Humber, in com. Line, bp. at Conisborough
25 Feb. 1603-4.

DUGDALE's visitation of YORKSHIRE. 10^

a. Gartrude, dyed yomig, bp. at Conisborough, 24 Aug.

S. Susa7i, wife of Alexander Rokeby, of Skyres, in comi-

tatu Eborum, bp. at Conisborougli, 24 June, 1605.
^. Elisabeth, y' ivife of Christoph'' Copley, of Wadivorth^

in comitatu Eborum, d. 16 Aug. 1644, bur. at


5. Mary, wife of Robert Sanderson, of Blythe, in comi-

tatn Ebornm, bp. at Conisborough, 8 Nov. 1610.

6. Margaret, died unmarried.

VIII. THOMAS BOSVILE, of Warmsivorth, in co. Ebor., died in
a" 1659, purchased the manor (Hunter), bp. at Conis-
borough Oct. 1607, bur. there 17 Feb. 1658-9 ; mar.
Barbara, da. and coh. of S'' Franc. Babinyton, of Rampton,
in com. Nott., Kn'., first wife. They had issue —

1. Stisan, wife of 'Thomas Ashurst, of Ashursf, in com.

Lane, Esq''.

2. Mary, wife of Fnljambe Blythem,an, of Newlathes, in

com. Ebor., aftertvards of George Nevill, of Thorney,
in com. Nott, Esq''.
S. Elizabeth, wife of S'' Edward Stanley, of Bicker staff,
in com. Lane., Esq''.
Mar. Isahell, daughter of John Bullock, of Norton, in co.
Derb., Esq''., second wife. They had issue —

Thomas, bur. at Conisborougli 17 June 1653.
Gervase, bur. at Conisborough 29 June 1658.

Warmsworth descended to these three coheiresses, who sold it
14 Apr. 1668 to John Battie, Esq. (Hunter's South Yorkshire).


GERVASE BOSVILE [fourth son of Gervase Bosvile,
Esq. (VII), of Warmsworth, and Susan Wormeley], of
Warmsworth in com. Ebor., at. jp ann. 9 Apr. a" D'ni
1666, of Bariiby Don, bp. at Conisborough 2 May 1619,
(1. 27 Oct. 1670, bur. at Barnby Don; mar. at Wath
1 Sept. 1646, Mary, daughter of Francis Stringer, of
Whiston, in co. Ebor., 1 wife, d. 10 Apr. 1651, bur. at
Barnby Don (Hunter). They had issue —
J. Thomas, a-tatis 15 annor. 9 April 1666.

1. Susan, died young.

2. Sarah, died young.
S. Mary, died young.

Mar. Jane, daughter of Marmaduke Wilson, of Kirk-
Dighton, in co. Eborum,, Esq'', second wife, d. 13 Jan.
1671, bur. at Barnby Don (Hunter). They had issue —

2. Gervase (II).

3. Marmaduke, bp. at Arksey 5 Oct. 1656, d. s.p.



4- Godfrey, of York, d. s.p.

4- Jane, bp. at Aiksey -0 Nn'

Gervase Gill, of Edliiigloii.
6. Elizabeth, dyed youmj.
6. Anne, mar. John Nash, of P.ot'

:im (Hunter).

GERVASE BOSVILLE, of Micklebring, in parish of Braith-
well, (etatls 10 annor. y Apr. 1606, bp. at Arksey 23 Dec.
1654, d. 1688, bur. at Braitliwell ; mar. Ann, ilau. of . . .
Hunt, d. 1717, bur. at Rotiierliain. Tliey had issue—

Gervase, d. 1 Oct. 1697, bur. at Kotherliam, M.I.

John, of Barnslev.


Godfrey, of Rotherham, attorney, d. 25 Jan. 1748,
bur. at Rotherham.

Abraham, of London.




>i) TiCKHiLi, Wapentake.

Doncaster, 9" Apr. 1066.


of IranluHl


riullets Sable,

ith a bendlet Gules

-Quarterly of six : —

1. Argent, five fusils iu fess Gules, in

a mullet for difference.

2. Or, a saltire vair (Darfield).

3. Arpent, a lion rampant Azure debru


4. Argent, a lion rampant Gules, dncally crowned Or, charged on

the breast with a mullet Azure (St. Paull).

5. Argent, a saltire between four butterflies volant Sable (Travers).

6. ... a chevron between three round buckles . . . (Barber).


JASPER BOSVILE, of Stainton, one of the younger sons
of Thomas Bosvile, of Doncaster and Stainton, bur. at
Stainton 7 Jan. 1557. Will 6 Jan. 1557, pr. at York;
mar. Elizabeth, dan. of . . . Chaloner. They had issue —

Thomas (II).

Nicholas, d. in London 1610 (Hunter).



Margaret, mar. Roger Fretwell, of Hellaby, and
Richard Cosin, of Laughton.




THOMAS BOSVILE, of Braithwell, geut., bur. at Braith-
well 16 Apr. 1631. Will U May 1629, pr. at York

12 Jan. 1631-2 (vol. xli, 585) ; mar. first, Ann, dau. of . . .
Hunt, of Biamley Grange, 1 Aug. 1570, bur. at Braithwell

13 Apr. 1597. They had i.ssue —

Samuel, bp. 20 Aug. 1579 (Hunter).

Thomas (III).



Anne, named in her fathers will.


Margaret, named in her father's will, ? mar

Mar. secondly, 3 Oct. 1609, Dorothy, dau. of . . . Jennings,
of Arksey, widow. Will 27 Oct. 1631, pr. at York 12 Jan.
1631-2 (vol. xli, 582).

THOMAS BOSSEVILE, of BrayweU, in co. Ebor., gent.,
bp. 10 Dec. 1587, bur. at Braithwell 6 Feb. 1665; mar.
Alice, dauyhter of Rcvphe, Fretwell, of Hellaby, in co.
Ebor., 29 Jan. 1610-1, bur. 23 July 1644. They had


Thomax (IV).

Nicholas Bossevile, of Doncaster, in co. Ebor., inn-
holder, bur. at Doncaster 4 Jan. 1691-2; mar.
first Gertrude, dau. of John Paget, of Doncaster,
23 May 1648, bur. at Doncaster 6 Aug. 1660.
Tliey had issue —

John, of Doncaster, innholder, bur. at
Doncaster 9 Apr. 1702; mar. Ann
Lock wood.
Nicholas, M.A., Fellow of Clare Hall, d.
20 Sept. 1687, bur. in Doncaster Church.
Married seconrllv P.arbara . . .


S. Jasper, of Wardsend, d. 15 Feb. 1648, bur. iii Eccle.s-
field Church ; mar. Mary, dau. of John Kawson, of
Walkley. They had issue-
Mary, mar. Tliomas Parkin of Slieffield.
4- John, of Wardsend, a tanner, d. unni., bur. at
Ecclesfield 16 Mar. 169.3. M.I.
Dorothy, wile of John Blithe, of NortiDi, in com.


IV. THOMAS HOSSEVILK, .!/'• of Arts ,(- Vicar of Braywdl,
in coin. Ebor., eel. 50 annor. U Apr. a" D. ItiGti, instituted
23 July 1638, b. 5 Apr. 1612, bur. 27 Feb. 1674; mar. first,
Mary, daiiyhter ot John Richardsoii, of JSlackwell, hi com.
Derb., bur. May 1647. Tliev had issue —
Thomas (V).

1. Alice, mar. James Ludlam, of Chesterfield.

2. Mary, mar. Thomas Waterhuuse, gent., of Braithwell.
Mar. secondly Alice, dau. of Robert Tinley, D.D.,
Archdeacon of Colchester, relict of tlie Kev. Alexander
Hatfield, at Braithwell 16 June 1657, bur. 15 Nov.

THOMAS BOSVILE, M.A., Rector of Sandal Pa'rva, Vicar
of Braithwell, instituted 24 Sept. 1664, bp. 1644, d. 24 May
1711, bur. at Braithwell. Will 22 May 1711; mar.
Elizabeth, dau. and heiress of Rev. Alexander Hatfield,
by Alice Tinley, 13 July 1669, bur. 15 Aug. 1719. They
had issue —

1. Thomas Bosvile, B.D., Fellow of St. John's,

Cambridge, Rector of Ufford, co. Northampton,
bp. 22 Apr. 1670, d. 28 Oct. 1718; mar.
Elizabeth, dau. of John Bolle, Esq Tiiey had
issue —

1. Margaret, mar. James liirch, Esq.

2. Elizabeth, mar. first Alexander Einmerson,

Esq., secondly Stephen Ashton.

3. Bridget, mar. her cousin Thomas Bosvile,

Esq. (See below.)

2. Alexander, of London, Printer and Bookseller "at the

Dial and Bible," Fleet Street, b. at Sandal, bp.
26 Mar. 1672, bur. at St. Margaret's, Westminster,
30 Sept. 1717. Will 9 Nov. 1708, pr. 24 Oct.
1717 (Chester); mar. Ann Grove, widow, and
dau. of Richard Griffin, at Westminster Abbey,
25 May 1697, bur. at St. Margaret's 7 Feb.
1717-8 (Chester). They had issue-

3. Jasper, bp. 1674, d. s.p. at Tetuan.

4. John (VI).

DUGDALE's visitation of YORKSHIRE 113

5. Hugh, of York, gent., d. 18 Mar. 1739. Will 1740,

pr. at York 9 Nov 1741 ; mar. fii'st 8usaii, dau.

and h. of Sir John AValker, Bart.

Mar. secondly Bridget, dau. of John Wheatley, of

Royston, widow of William Bosvile, Esq., of

Gunthwaite. They had issue —

Mary, mar. Thomas Place, Esij., of Green
Margaret, mar. James Greenhaugh, Rector of Hooton

Elizabeth, mar. John Penn, Vicar of Edwinstow,

Rector of Emley.
Anthonina, mar. Rev. John Holmes, Rector of

Alice, mar. Rev. Edw. Jackson, U.D., Vicar of


VI. JOHN BOSVILE, merchant of London, bp. 13 Aug. 1678;
mar. Mary, dau. of Henry Robins, of London, lie. 24 Oct.
1704. They had Issue —
Thomas (VII).

VII. THOMAS BOSVILE, of Braithwell and of Ulverscroft Abbey,
CO. Leicester, d. 30 July 1771; M.I. at Ravenfield ; mar.
his cou.sin Bridget, dau. and coh. of Thomas Bosvile, she
d. 31 Oct. 1793, bur. at Stainton. M.I. They had
issue —

William Parkin Bosvile, Esq., of Ravenfield, d. s.p.
4 Aug. 1811, set. sixty -se ven ; mar. Frances, dau.
of Thomas Hedges, Esq., of Tudeley, co. Kent, d.
19 July 1829, bur. at Ravenfield.
Rev. Thomas Bosvile, Clerk, of Ravenfield, d. unmar.
1824, leaving his estates to descendants of his
aunt Margaret Greenhaugh.

Authorities — Hunter's South Yorkshire — York Wills.

114 DUODALE's visitation of YORKSHIRE.

Strafford and TKKiur.r. Wafkntakk. Yorke, 16 Martij


Arms :— Quarterly : —

1 and 4. Arnrent, a wolf's head erased between three bufrle horns


2 and 3. Argent, on a bend ootised Sable three roses of the field.
Crest : — A peacock's head proper, in the beak and entwined round the neck

a serpent Argent.

I. BRIAN BRADFORD, of Stanley, near Wakefield. Had
lands there from his father. He had issue —

II. GEORGE BRADFORD, of Stanley; mar. . . . Mauleverer,
of Wothersome (Glover). They liad issue —

III. BRIAN BRADFORD, of Stanley. AVill 20 Nov. 155S, pp.

at York 6 Feb. 1558-9 (xv, 3, 2.o"7), to be bur. at Wakefield.
Iiiq. RM. ; mar. Alice, dau. and coh. of . . . Amyas, of
Horbur}'. Thev had issue —

1. Bryan.

2. Thomas.

3. Robert (IV).

4. W^illiam.

Isabel, named in her father's will, mar. . . .

Elizabeth, mar. Michael Carr, of Horburv.
Grace, mar. Alverav Copley, of Batlev Hall, at

Dewsburv 19 Jan. 1556.'
Alice, mar. "Nicholas Peck, of TopcliiTe.

IV. ROBERT BRADFORD, of Stainley, Esf., living in a' 1585,

entered his pedigree at the Visitation of 1584, J.P.,
Treasurer for Lame Soldiers, d. circ. 1599. (?) Will 10 Apr.,
pr. at York 24 June 1599 (.x-vvii, 604); mar. first, Elizabeth,
daughter of Anthony Thorney, of . . . in co. JVolt. They
had issue —

1. Robert (V).

2. John, named in his father's will.

DUCJUALE's visitation ok YORKSHIRE. 115

Anne, sans issue (Glover).

Frances, mar. Giles Williamson, of Markliam, near
Mar. secondlv Dorotliy, dau. of Jolin Blewett, of co. Lincoln


V. ROBERT BRADFORD, son and heire, wt. 2!> annor. a" 1685,
of Arksev, yeoman. Will 30 Apr., pr. 2 Oct. 1616 (vol.
xxxiv, 193) ; mar. Ann, daru/hter of William Fletcher, (?) lie.
1599 at Hooton Pagnell. Thev had issue —

1. William (YI).

2. Thomas Bradford, of Doncaster, in com. Ebovum.
Katharine, \ .^^^.^^^ ;„ ^^eir father's will

Alice, j

VI. WILLI A M BRADFORD, of Arksey, cet. 58 annorum «" 1658,
being the yeare of hix death ; mar. Elizabeth, daughter
of Hector Cooper, of Walkinyton, in Holdernesse. They
had issue —

1. John (VII).

2. Robert Bradford.

1. Jane.

2. Dorothy, wife of Thomas Bui-don, of Burdon, in com.

Palat., Dunelm.

3. Elizabeth.

VII. JOHN BRADFORD, of Arksey, near Doncaster, in com.

Ehor., (H. SO annor. 22 Martij a" 1605, bur. at Arksey
16 Mar. 1690 ; mar. first, Isabell, eldest daughter of Lancelot
Roper, Alderman of Kingston-upoii-Hull, in com,. Eborum,
bur. at Arksey 2 Mar. 1670 (n670-l).
Mar. secondly ... He had issue —

Roper,! ijp a,nd bur. 2 Apr. 1671 at Arksey.

Orlando, bp. 4 Feb., bur. 17 Mar. 1672-3.

Gustavus (VIII).

Rosamond, bp. at Arksey 25 May 1675 ; mar. there
9 July 1700 John Seaton, of Felkirk.

VIII. GUSTAVUS BRADFORD, of Ark.sey and the Isle of

Man, bp. at Arksey 27 Dec. 1673; mar. (?) Margaret
Taylor, of Worsborough, lie. 23 Apr. 1703. They had
i.ssue —

John, bp. at Arksey 20 Mar. 17034.

Robert, bp. at Arksey 8 Dec. 1709.

William, bur. at Arksey Sept. 1731.

Gustavus (IX).


Jane, bp. at Arksey 8 Apr. 1706.

' It is difficult to discover from the Registers which wife was the mother of
this son Roper Bradford.



IX. GUSTAVUS BRADFORD, of Arksev, bur. at Arksey
28 June 1757. Will 25 June, pr. at' York 7 Dec. 1757
(ci, 2.32) ; mar. Eleanor . . . , executrix to her husband.
They had issue —

Gu.stavus, bp. at Arksey 19 Sept. 1749, named in

his father's will.
John, bp. at Arksey 6 Jan. 1751, bur. there 1753.
Eleanor, named in her fatlier's will, bp. at Arksey
1 Sept. 1747; mar. there 31 Oct. 1762 Thomas
Aked, of Bradford.

Authorities. — Arksey Registers — York Wills.


Doncaster, 9° Apr. 1666.



nipant double-queued Sable,
pant vair
in chief

IS : —Quarterly : —

1 and 4. Arfjent, a li

•2. Gules, a 1

3. Or, a fess Azure, in chief a label of three points Gules.

Au escutcheon of pretence . . . three calves passant in pale, a
mullet for difference (Metcalfe).
;sr : — A stag's head erased . . .

I. CHRISTOPHER CRESSY, of Firbeek, temp. Hen. III.

He had issue—

II. WILLIAM CRESSY, of Holme, co. Notts, d. at Blyth

1.551. Will 7 Feb. 1.550-1, pr. at York 9 Oct. 1551;
mar. Jane, dau. of . . . Hansard, bur. at Blyth 17 Feb.
1569. They liad issue-
Hugh (III).

Robert, of Wilford, co. Notts, M.A., Yicar of Blyth.
Nicliolas, of Holme, bur. at Blvth. Will 25 Feb.
1568-9, pr. at York 28 Oct." 1569 (xviii, 113);
mar. . . . They had issue —

Francis, of Holme ; mar. and had issue.

DUGDALe's visitation of YORKSHIRE. 117



Peter. Will 31 Jan. 1593-4, pr. at York
28 Aug. 1595 (XX vi, 161.)

Jane, mar. Thomas Bosvile, of Warmsworth.
(1.) Mar. secondly Jennett, widow of . . . Grene.
Will 28 Sept., pr. 6 Oct. 1575, to be bur. in
Barnby Church.

III. HUGH CRESSY, of Letwell and Barnby Don; mar.
Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas Portington, of Barnby Don
(widow of Nicholas Mauleverer, of Letwell, who d. 1533).
They had issue —

1. William of Holme, aged 34, 1575; mar. . . . dau.

of Thomas Hutchinson, of Owthorp. They had


Hugh,' of Lincoln's Inn, Governor of Wake-
field School, one of the Judges of the
King's Bench in Ireland, (]) adm. Line.
Inn, 1 Aug. 1 590 ; mar. Margaret, dau. of
Thomas D'Oyley, of London, M.D. They
had issue —

1. Hugh Paulinus, of Merton Coll.,

Oxford, Canon of Windsor, after
became a Benedictine monk, b.
circa. 1605 at Wakefield, d. at
East Grinstead 10 Aug. 1674, bur.
in the church there (see Athense,
1011, and Diet. Nat. Biog.).

2. John, bp. at Wakefield 20 Oct.


3. William, specially admitted at

Line. Inn 10 Nov. 1634, d. 9
Mar. 1645, bur. at St. Peter's,
Nottingham, M.I. (Thoroton) ;
mar. Elizabeth, dau. of George
Jessop, of Branclifie, Esq.

Catherine, bp. at Wakefield 27 Mar.

Margaret, bp at Wakefield 23 Dec.

2. Gervase (IV).

George, of Lincoln's Inn, admitted 1 Mar. 1.j73-4

(Visitation of Notts).
Francis, in Glover's Visitation.
Susan, mar. first James Rolston, of Tanshelf ; mar.

secondly Christopher Copley, of Wadworth, bur. at

Wad worth 23 Sept. 1612.

' There is a little difference of opinion who this Hugh was. He is some-
times called brother of William, but by the dates it seems more probable that
he was his son, which Glover's Visitation declares him to liave been.


Mary, mar. Hugh Rogers, of co. Lincoln.
Margaret, mar. llobert or Roger Bradsliaw (Visitation
of Notts).

GERVASE CRESSY, of Birkin ; mar. Elinor, dau. and
sole heiress of Sir Henry Everingham, Knt. (relict of
Francis Wilsthorpe). They had issue —
Evtrinyhavi (V).

Sara, mar. first Bryan Hamond, of Scarthingwell,
lie. 1591 at Birkin; secondly Thomas Anlaby, of
Etton, lie. 1601.
Ellen, mar. Edward Thimbleby, of Birkin.
Ann, mar. first Lionel Rolston, of Gunthwaite ;
secondly Willi ;m Coplej', of Wadwortli, d. 26 Jan.
1645, bur. at Wadworth. M.I.
Mar}', mar. Thomas Dyraoke.

EVERINGHAM CRESSY, of Birkin, in com. Ebor., Esq".,
died in a" 164-4, or thereabouts, bur. at St. Saviour's, York,
20 May 1644 (C.B.N.), admon. May 1645 (^); mar. Mary,
eldest davyhier to S" Will'm Fairfax, of Steeton, in com.
Ebor., K'. They had issue —

1. Gervaae Cressy, died in his father's lifetime ; set. three
1612 ; mar. Elizabeth, daughter to S'' Anthony
Chester, of ... , in the County of Lincolne, Knt.
(remar. . . . Wingate, of Hartington, Beds. ; . . .
Duncombe, of Claydon, Bucks ; Sir Charles Bolle,
of Haugh, CO. Line. ; Francis Layre, of Hanning-
liani, Norfolk — Lincolnshire Pedigrees, Harl. Soc,
152). They had issue—

Everinijham Cressy, of Cambridge, died un-
married at York ; adraon. 1654 to his
mother Elizabeth Cress)' alias Duncombe.
i2. Everinijham (VI).

1. Mabel I, rvife of Marmaduke Constable, of Kexby, in

CO. Ebor., Esq"., (1) bp. at Monk Fryston 25 Sept.

2. Mary, died unmarried.

3. Anne, died unmarried.

Jf. Eliz., wife or Edw. Wim/afe, of . . . in com. Ebor.
and .secondly of . . .Harrison (H.M.G.).
Henry (H.M.G.).

EVERINGHAM CRESSY, of Birkin, Esq':, cut. oi annoriim
9 Apr. a" D. 1666. Will 26 May 1671, pr. at York, to be
bur. at Birkin (vol. Ivii, 563); mar. Sarah, daughter and
sole heire of Marke Metcalfe, of the Citty of Yorke, Esqr.,
at Belfreys, York, 25 Nov. 1638, bp. 1 Sept. 1616, executrix
of her husband. They had issue—

1. Everingham Cressy, son and heire, cet. So annorum
9" Apr. a" D. 1666, of Birkin, admon. 8 Oct. 1679
to Gervase, his brother ; mar. first, Anne, dau. of

DUGDALE's visitation of YORKSHIRE. 11^

Sandfoi-d Nevile, Esq., of Chevet, lie. 10 Sept.
1670, at St. Andrew's, Holboi-n, or Kensington.
Tliey had issue —

Dorothv, mar. Archibald Primrose, first Earl

of kosebery, lie. 3 Feb. 1690-1, St.

James', Westminster.
Mar. secondly Elizabeth Shipman, of St Martin's-
in-the-Field, lie. 20 May 1676.

2. Gervase Cressij, of Birkin, (?) bur. 21 Sept. 1682

at St. Mary Castlegate, York, a prisoner in the
Castle ; mar. Frances, dau. of Calisthenes Brooke,
of Gateford. They had issue —

Everingliam, (?) bur. at Coney Street, York,
10 June 1671.

3. Nathaniell, had £20 per annum in his father's will.

4. Joseph (VII).

1. Sarah, named in her father's will ; (1) mar. John

Burton, D.D

2. Mary, bp. at Belfreys 2 Cet. 1642 ; mar. John

Harland, of Sutton (H.M.G.).

3. Alice.

4. Anne, mar. Henry Trotter (H.M.G.) ; named in her

father's will.
0. Elizabeth, mar. Roger Beckwith (H.M.G.) ; named in
her father's will.

VII. JOSEPH CRESSY, Vicar of Sheriff Hutton and Church
Fenton, Rector of Birkin, educated at Pocklington and St.
John's Coll., Cambridge, a non-Juror, bp. 30 June 1654, bur.
at Birkin 5 Nov. 1719; mar. first, Martha, dau. of Toby
Thurscross, at York Mir.ster, 18 Oct. 1686, ('?) bur. at
Belfreys 4 Apr. 1708. They had issue —

William, bp. at Belfreys, York, 18 Oct. 1687, bur.
there S Jan. 1689-90.

Everingham, bur. at Belfreys 14 Dec. 1688.

Sling.sby, Curate of Leeds, bp. at St. Olave's, York,
28 Mar. 1691.

Elizabeth, bp. at Belfrevs 18 Nov. 169.5.

Martha, (?) bur. at Belfreys 18 Aug. 1756.
Mar. secondly Dorothy, dau. of John Catelin, Rector of
Burstwick (H M.G.).

Mar. thirdly Ann, dau. of Hugh Trotter, of Skelton

Mar. fourthly Dinah, dau. of Robert Staveley, gent., of
Pontefract (H.M.G.).

Authorities — Hunter's " Minorum Gentium " (H.M.G.) — Visitation
of Notts.

N.B. — The information about this family is very scanty.


Strafford and Tickiull WiPKNTAKh-. Vm-kc, ]»' At


MS : — Or, a fess between two chevrons Gules, each clievron between three
bugle horns Sable, stringed Azure.

I. RICHARD HORNE, of Havercroft. Will 14 Nov. 1536,
pr. at York 29 Jan. 1537-8, to be bur. at Felkirk (vol. xi,
226) ; mar. Janet . . . They had is.sue —

II. WILLIAM HORNE, of Haveicroft, husbandman. Will
1 Mar. 1578-9, pr. at York 25 Aujj. 1579, to be bur. at
Felkirk (vol. .xxi, 323) ; mar. ... He had i.ssue—

n. RICHARD HORNE, executor of hi.s father ; mar. ... He

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