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Prkfatory Note

TaKLE of CnAPTEUi, JJkani'iies. .t.

Ll?T OF It-Lt:?TRAT10N? .

Editor's 1'kkkack ...
Abstract of Charters
Abstract of Lktters

"A. it




Introdcction" — Okigiv or the Stirlincs

CHAPTER I. — The early Generations of the Stirhnijs. from W^i.tfr nr l\ lloO, TO "William de Strhtelt.n-o v.iio dikd in ir.f';"i

I. Walter de Striueljng. llSO-1] 60

II. Peter dc Striuekng of Ciuubusbarron, 1150-1 ISO

III. Sir Alexander de St; iuoliug of Cawder, llS0-i24.'i

IV. John de Striueiing of OAiltrce, 1241-1170

1. Sir Alexander de Striuelinc; of Cawder, Koight, 1272-130U

2. John de Strivclint^, l."00-i;;'r>;>

o. Sir Johu of .Strivelyne of Cawder and R<.'iT;ijrtc';i, lliOS-lli.i?

4. AViUiam of Striveiynn of Cawdcr and ili.;.;t>r:on, Il05>-14u2

.}. Sir WiUiam Striveling of Cawder and Rigorton, ]4.'32-14S7

6. William Striveling of Cawdor, 14r7-l."50i<

7- William Striveling of Cawdor, l.X'.'»-lo]7

5. Andrew Strivelii;g of CawdtT, 15] 7-1. ">22

9. Janet Strivelijig, Heiress of Cawder, 1")22

V. Sir William de Striveling, Knight, 1270-129.')

VI. John dc Striweline cf Rathoran in Lorno. 12IJ.5-13;>9

VH. Williani of strivelvn of Rathm-aii, IGolMo'.t.'l


1 2

CHAPTER II. — From Lckas of Tin; tuMT <>f Krin. to .Sir .'.vmcs
Stbtvelujo, who Married the Heiress of Cv^vuku ijj 1.731. anp tjh*
RE-oiTED the Families of Keir A^D Ca>vo-:ii, i;i7'''-15.SS .

VHI. Lukas of Strivcliiig, the first of Koir, 137U- !4!!>
IX Sir AX'ilHaui of .Striveline of Ratlicrm; and K^ir, K

.'!.:. U20-]!ri


r.vuLi; i.a-' cuAPfKUH. ^;HA^•^JJI£^*. xc. cun'ti.vued. y

\. !?Lr NVilliaui of fc^trivoliiig of Kere, KiiigK;, 1471-l-"00 22

•Xl. Sir John Striveling of Keir, Knight, lJ03-ir)G!) 2U

Mil. i>ir James StrivLlins; of Koir ami Cawder, Knight, 15o!)-l J-^S .').";

Mil. John Stirling of Dankeir, 1^3.5-1.597 41

< il.M'TEU HI. — Frum ?ik Ar.ciim.\.Ln Stiuuxg. So.\ of Sik J.\xies, to J.vmks

Stirlino or Krin, l.>5S-iri>3 J5

XIII. Sir Archibald Stirling of Keir and Cawdor, Knight, 1^ S-1600 i-J

.\JV. Sir James Stirling, Fiar of Keir, Knight 17

XV. Sir George Stirling of Keir and Cawder, Kidght, 1600-I(JG7 -13

XIV. Sir John Silrliiig uf Garden, Knight, 15!)j-lGi3 oS

XV. Sir Archibald Stirling of Garden, Knight (Lord Garden), 1G17-16>J3 ... 62

.XVI. Sir John Stirling of Keir and Cawder, Knight, IGG^-IGS-I G6

.XVII. 1. John Stirling of Keir and Cawder. IGi-l-lGOS 60

S.\ll.'J. James Stirling of Keir and Cawder, 1()9I3-1713 G9

V'H.M'TKR IV. — Fr.oM John Stirling, Son or James, to ^^'l^LIAM Stirling,

NOW I'F Keir. \sn Cawdek, 172^-3Sj7 74

XVill. 1. John Stirling of Keir and Cawder, 172?-17J7 T4

XVIH. 2. Archibald Stirling of Keir and Cawder, 17i»7-17?i5 7">

\ VIII. 3. ■\Villiaui Stirling of Keii- and Cawdor, 17^3-1793 77

XIX. 1. James Stirling of Keir and Caw'Ier, 1793-lSGl SO

.XIX.2. Archibald Stirling of Keir and Cawder, 1>.31-1S47 -I

.Xy. "William Stirling, now of Keir avA Cawdor ">2

IJI:.v^'c^E? of thi; Family of Stirltkg.

I. The Stirlings of Garden ^-^

Janics Stirling the Mathematician 91

-. The Stirlings of Kippendavie ^'^•^

'•'•■ Tlie Stirlings of Ardoch H'*

»• The Stirlings of Craigbarnet ^'-^

•'• The Stirlings of Glorat ^•^I'

'•• Tlie Stirlings of Law ^<''^

Sirllobert Sterling — 1G4'J '"'^

~. T'.e Stirlings of B.iUagan l*j^

■■ 'Ihe Stirlings of Aurhyll 1*^^

■•• 'l he Stirlings of Ilorbertshi.v '"■''

'. The Stirlings of Dnunpelllor 1""*

' T!,v Stirllng.s of Fa>L.intf 1 "^



12. The Stirliugs of Mati-ficli 1S5

13. 'i^c Stirling^ of Glenosk LSS

U. The Stirling^ of Easter Braiky 190

15. The Stirlings of Tvilyduvy 11)4

16. Notices of Sir John do Striveling — 1?>42-70 195

Chartkrs, Letters, itc.

Ctarters, &c. Csee Abstract, p. xvii) 107

Letters (see Abstract, p. bcii) 47!)

Verses by Lord Gray, d;p 546

Examples of Sixty-four various modes of spelling the Surname of Stirling 548

Catalogue of Portraits of the Stirling? of Kcir, d:c 549

Seals of the Stlrlijigs (see Illustrations below) 556

Fac-Siiaile Signatures (see Illustrations, p. vii.) 5.58

Portraits (see Illustrations, p. viii.) 571

Index 509


Title page, the dc5i?n slightly altered from
that of a Doorvay at Toledo. Draxvn
hy John I^eighton, junior (Luke Lim-
ner), lithographed by F. G. Xctlicrclift.

LiTHOGP.NPnrn Akmouiat. BiTAntNos o"
The Stirling? of ivc-ir ('".••l- of Tit!e-i-vje)

Ktir and Ca'vr(h^r .lud of

that Ilk, from Lindsay
^ and Font's Heraldic MS. 12

- Garden W

Kippcndavii; 114

Ardoch 1-30

Craigban:et, I3f>

Glorat I'll

Law and Edcnbamet ... l-Vi

— Auchyll 174

Herbertshiri' 1/7

Drnmpcllier 115-'

Faskine liU

Manstiild IU7

Anns of Sir IJobert Sterling, i.iovernor of

Cork, HMO liM

Tlio above \^rrK dn.wn by ,li.M-p";i Eedo-,

.nnd litho-raplifd by I". G. Xttherclift.

Avn'oi-ial Stone at \\'rij:lit's Houses, near

EdiilbuT^fb ... ..11


W'ooDCLT Sn.iLS ov Arms, &c. of

Thonia.s Bishop, IWl x

John de Striueling, 1292 7

VVillia?!! Strivolin-.; of Cawdcr, I i'J2 1 1

William Strivelinc, IJM 14

Jehan Strivdino, 1"J!»2 14

Lnkas Strivplyng, first of Kcir, 1 Jlf! 17

Sir John Strive] in;,' of Koir, I.">u2 20

Sir James Striveling of Kcir, l.v''l-l.'i7t> ...315,43

Sir Aniiibald Stirling of Ktir, ICo; 47

Sir Archibald .Stirling (Lord G.irden), lf,(;i, 1,11

Janirs Stirling of K'ir. 1700 7-1

John Stirling of Kcir, 1747 75

Arrliibald Stirling of Kcir, c. 1750 /•^

Charles Stirling, IsOO 77

James Stirling of Kcir, iSOO m

Archibald Stirling of Kcir. 1S40 Bl

V.'illiam Stirling, now of Keir 82

Sir Henry Stirling of Ardoch, lifiC 110

Geor:.;e Stirliug younger of Craigbarnard,

ir.02 ... '..'. l-'9

Walter Stirling of tJailagane, Ijjj Hi"'

William fttirliug of Horbertshirc, 174i» ... 17tJ

James \'., l-VJt; 327

Oljv. 1- ('roni\^-^'|l. l»..'>:i •"»!


.t anil's, !ii>t Marcpii* ot Montrose, i<y7 ■ IWJ
Col!ioto<l Seals of the Stirliiigs of Keir. &.C.

with li-tt"rpro=s descriptions .".O. 5"i7

X/}. — All the .'^e.■ll.s viiirli occur in tlio

ti;\t are inciudoJ here, v,'itli four adJi-

tionril Seals of —
Ilobfrt StirIin;jof Ba'^\-','lass in l'(V>,
Sir J.-iiiK's Siirliii;^ in l.'4l and loJO; and
<.Jeors;o Stirliii!!, ir.72.

(Nos. (i. y. 11 & 17, p. i-oti.)

Woodcut Fac-Simile Sigxati.TvE* of the
Stikli-vos and OriiEUS.

'I'lioina* Bishop, U"41 x

William Stirling of Herbtrcshire, 1740 ... 176

.'indrow Stirlin;:; of Law, ic, 1.164 1''3

I'atrick Lord Graiiani, 14-12 "217

James IL, Ui'.l S.'.j

.Tohn Styrlin^ of Cragbernard. l-XiJ 270

Itobert (Biacadcr), Archbishop of Glas-
gow, i:>0-. 2"2

Matthew Earl of Lennox, 1.VJ8 2f;0

.Vl- xander Lord Hume. l.JlO ilXi

John Earl of Lennox, l.il4 3'.>'2

Jani.s (Cetl'.ui.o), Archbishop of Glasgow,

l.V2i :V2i)

Tiavin (Dunbar). Arclibisliop of Glasgow,

1.V21 ^ ... 3-21

James v., l.-)?." 327

.\rchibald Earl of .in;^ii> — Mr.lhow Earl
of Fjcveuax — Archibald E.irl ofErpvlo
— James Archbishop of St. Andrews

- .Jam- ;;, Ri-hop of l)unblane, 1V26... 327

Sir James Hamilton of Eynnart, 1.V27 ... o.'')
Alexander (.Stewart), Bishop of Murray.

I5;!i 3:51;

Matthew Earl of Leuno.x, l.'>o2 344

Wiliiiim Stirling of Glorat, l.>32 344 v., l.-.3.-> r 34.5

Alexander Master of Home, l.'i41 3ii7

'ii-T'^e Lord Honi", l.')4l 'M7

•'amt-j Foulis of Colinton, K'>4i 3ii7

Abraham Creciitoun, Provost of Dau:.:;lu.s

IMl 3i;7

Ji'hu Earl of Mciiteitii, 1j41 3o2

Mol-rt Stewart, Ei-iiop of Caithness, l'>44 3i;3

•'-inc., Earlof Arrano, l.")47 31)11

\\ illiani C'hisliolme, Bishop of Dunblane,

l.'.l 404

'••■III liellenden of Auclinoule, Justice-

C'l. rk, l.Vhi 4iii;


•Ma the w Earl of Lennox, I. j/O 42<l

Oliver Cromwell, 10.33 401

General Georjie Monck, ItLVj 404

James Duke of DuccleuRli, it;7'J 471

Jane Chisholmo, Lady Kyr, l.j.ji) 47'.>

Sir .Vrchibald Stirling of Keir, lt;02 400

Grissel Jioss, Ijady Keir, 1012 4Cl

Sir Thomas Hamilton, 1C13 431

General Thomas Dalzcll of Binns. 164.3, ... 403

Alexander ]-Jarl of Lovcn. il."4(> 4l!4

Sir Archibald Stirling of Garden, 1647 ... 41i5

John Lord Erskino, 1047 4!J»i

The Uov. Dr. George ^\■ishari. UAO 4ti.3

John Earl of ilar, 1<;.30 488

Archibald ^Marquis of Arprle, ]0.>l 489

Alexander, sixth Earl of Edinton, lO-il ... 4t)<l

James Earl of Callander, Ki.ji 4'Jl

Jean Hay, Countess of Mar, 1052 4!t2

Jolin Earl of Wii^conne, l(i.'>4 4U3

John, ninth Earl of Cassillis, lOoO 404

William, ninth Earl of Glen.T.irn, 1C.">6 ... 4'J.>

James, .second Marquis of Montrose, 16<i2, 4'.)7

George, fMurtU Earl of \V'iuton, 1004 ... 500

Archibald, ninth Earl of A raryle, 1(;64 ... 5<r2

John, niutli Earl of ifar, 1006 504

Robert Leightou, Bishop of E'unbLane,

nCOO?) ' ... .504

Alexander, Earl of Linlithgow, 1173 5»C>

Lord Almond, 1074 nij/

Joiin, .sixth Earl of Rothes, 11.77 511

William, last Earl of Meiiteith. 1078 51.'>

William, tirst Earl of Dundonald, 107'J ... 516

Alexandur, si cond Earl of Callander, 167'.). SliI

Arthur Ross, Arciibishop of Glasgow, lOo", 517

Janic;, third Marquis of Montrose, 1681 ... 518

•lanvjs Stirling of Keir, 1 708 528

Ale.Nander Ro-^e, Bishop of Edini.urgii,

1714 ... r.:$i

.lames Stirling uiie Venetian), 173-'> oM

John Stirling <jf Keir, 1740-0 541

George, sixth Lord Elibank, 1757 544

Francis, lifth Lord Napier, 17-"'7 545

John, twellth Lord Gray, 1757 545

Collected Signatures of tiie Stirlings and
others, from Keir Chart': rs. Letters, ic.
with letterpress deseripcion.-i on each

page .5.VJ-5J/0

y.B.— A\[ the above, e.veepting Thomas
Bisiiop. are inclnded iu this Collec-
tion, witli the additi-^n of the follow-
ing names —


Sir Ji.!in Stirliii!^ ol' Kfir, l:i:V2

Sir •Hitncs StiiliiiL,' of K'ir, l."4l

Sir James Siirliiic,' ol:' Koir, 1('>"(;

Sir Guorgo Stirliii;; of Ivcir, li;04

Jauft .Stirling. La. ly Caw.l.T. l.'.ll

EIi/.:ibeth Stirling. Laily Mcroliistosi, l.VJ,

Margaret Naiiier, l-ady Kcir, 1<U.">

Aim;i llorao, ■^^ite of .S'r John Stiriiiig,

younger of Ivoir. Id ;()

Lilias Colqulioxin. wife of Sir Joiin Stirlinp;

of Keir, li'-7^

Koman Stoue, Cawtier House



570 I


CLarter, No. 1. ...

17. ...

•21. ...

Letter, No. 207. ...

2tl. ...

•24:5. ...

bcitwepn I'.W; and l'.)7

■2i-i ,, 21:5

2-20 „ 221

4C0 ,, 4Ul

„ -184 „ «.-.

1S(J „ 4a7

Vmws OF

Ivtnmure ainl Cawder lIou.-!(.s. IS.'!]. From ,
drawings by C. Wooli'.oth. b^tw. rn 7'' & 71'

Kcir; Ea-t .lU'l ;-^oiir:i Fi'^ii-.t-, i:.:'7. Fnmi
a drawing' by JI. Buriu.

Keir; East and South Frotit.>, lo-'!!. Drawn
l»y \Vm. Walton, and lithographed Ly
M. & X. Ilanhart from a photo>,-rap'i
by J. Eadie.

Keir; from tlie We.-t, iVjoii. From a photo-
graph by J. i-^ailio.

Keir: Entrance, liViG. From a pliotograpli
by J. KmVw.

Keir; Librriry, lU.'O. From a drawing by
IJ. Frier.

Lccropt Old Cliurc'.i Yard, with Tower of
the present Chureh, Ifi.'iit. From a
drawing by II. Frii r.

Keir Vault, Lecrupt Chiircli. From n.
drawing by K. Frier.

TwoMnnorial L'nssoi in the Old Chrreli.
Yard. Frorii a photograph.

liotwcea pages o2 and J*;;.

Pom I! VIT.< OF

Jolm Nnpii r of Moroliistun Facing 42

From the original picture in tlie pos-
session of Lord N'apier, engraved bv
\V. Oeikie.
ElL^abcth Stirling Facing 4:i

Etched by W. < Jeikie from the original
pictnn- formerly in the po.s.?ession of
Lord Napi..r, but now lo«t.

Sir Ocorge Stirling of Keir Facing Ifi

Margaret Napier Facing I'.t

Those two were engraved by K. C. Bell

from the originals at Keir, in IJU.'J.
Ornamental Title Vortrait.*.

John Napier of Mercliiston ."^i

Elizabeth .Stirling iiis wife '>~i

Sir George Stirling of Keir 574

The Hon. Margaret Napier his second wifo bj.'t

Major .Jolni Stirling 570

Sir John Stirling of Kiir ij77

Lady Margaret Livingitou hi.s first wife ... 578
Lilias Cohiulioun lii.s .second wife, and her

grand-daughter Lilias Stirling .170

Eliz:ibccli Stirling, fourth daughter of Sir

Archibald Stirling of Keir SCO

Archibald Stirling of Garden ,"i81

James Stirling of Keir 5r.2

The Hon. M;irion Stu;irc his wife i'lfXH

Ijilia.s Stirling, their daughter 304

John Stirling of Keir 585

Archibald Stirling of Keir .",8<)

-Margarit Erskine his 'wifi: ."".7

Anne Hay his second wife 588

Margant Stirling. L.idy iLiniiltonof l{ose-

hall 589

James Stirling of Kiir .VJO

Robert Stirling o<J\

Marion Stirling .5'.)2

Jane Stirling 593

Charles Stirling o!)4

Christim FrsLine his widow jOJ

Eli/al eth Maxwell, wife of Archibald Stir-

lii'gofKeir o'X,

n:ii!r.:!li Ann Stirling 5U7

fleku Stirling .MWt

All liiliographed from the original pic-
tnr< s ;u Keir, by Messrs. .Schenck i
Macfarlane, Edinburgh, 18.')0.



Lv oxamiiiing the charter-chests of Scottish famUies. Antiquaries have fre-
quently lind to regret the loss of aucieiit iiiuuiments Ijy fii'e. The Stirliiigs
of IvL'ir. like too mauy others, ^ulfereil froiij tliis cause at an early period.
Diu-ing the war between King James III. ami his son the Prince of Scot-
l:ini-l, in the year 1-4SS. >Sir William ^f tilling, Kniglit of Keir. joined the
I'rince and his party : and on one occasion, tlie Prince liaving taken shelter
in the tower of the Keir. the King besieged it, succeeded in dri\nng out
the Prince, and lau-ned the tower to the ground. The iamily charter.s were
burned at the same time, as appears frum a giant by King James IV. soon
.after his succession to the thnjue. in tavour of his adherent, Sir William
Stirling, which, though ii .supplied the loss of the writs, and gave him a
good feudal title to the barony of Keir, does not furnish the infonnation
which would have been atfonkd by the earlier fomily iniuu'rnents.

The Stirling family have continued in posscssiiMi of the barony of Keir
ever since, and have also acqiured many other properties, each acquisition
bringing with it the usual feudal progi-ess of title-deeds, including those
of their earliest inheritance of Cawtler ; there is thus in the united reposi-
tories of Keir and Cawder. a well stored chartei'-chest, from wliich tliis
collection is chiefly compiled.

The present vohime has been arranged in four divisions : The first
contains an account of the Slirlings of Keir and Cawder : The second, an
account of the branches of the Stirling family, and of several famiUes con-
ncotcd u-ith the SLirliugS; at least by naine : Tliu third contains the Charters
and other Family Papers : and the fomth, the Letters.




Aj^ account of the origiu of the 8tirlings, and of each successive genera-
tion, being fuUy given iu the first divi^sion of tin's vohune, it is uaneccpf^ary
here to enter upon their general history : a few of the more remarkable in-
cidents connected T^ith the tamily may 1>e glanced at. The Stirlings first
appear as ovmers of land iu the twelfth century. After possessing lands
in difterent counties, they acquired, in the reign of "William th.e Lion, the
estate of Cawder, which has continued in the family, without interruption.
to the present time — a period of nearly seven centui-ies. Few families can
boast of an inheritance wliicli has descended tlu-ough so long a line of an-

After continuing for ten generations in the ilircct male line, the Cawder
estate, in the sixteenth century, descended to an heiress, who married her
kinsman, 8ii- James Stirling of Keir ; and thus the Cawder and Keir
families became united ; the two estates have ever shice been held by the
same proprietor. Xot the least interesting part of the fulli>wing narrative,
is the story of the ill-fated heiress of Cawder.'

Keir was first aociuired by the Stirling family in the year 144S. Lukas
Stirling, who had jn-eviously po->cssed lands iu Fife and Strathern, pur-
chased Keir from Ci-eovge Leslie of that ilk, ancestor of the Earls of Rothes.
Sir WiUiam, the grandson of Lukas, got Keu erected into a barony by
King James IIL who aflervrards burned the tower. Sir AX'illiam has been
accused of being a party to the assassination of Jaraes 111. at the battle of

' While these sheets were pasiiug through tlie
pres.=, tho Editor f.>unj at Tynningliamc, a iircc«.;>t
granted at F.i.Uiibur5;h on 2:Jd Jlarch 1^1, by .Janet
Stirling and her second husband, Tliomas Bisliop,

to wliieli the jcals of bot!t hu^ban^l- are appenrk-d.
This seal of Sir James Stirliiijr will be found on
tlic sheet of family scal.s. The seal ftnd si;j:natnre
of Thomas Bishop are as under:



S;iu(^icl)uni. IjiU withour .sullicicut evidouco. as is fully i.v:[>laiuod iu tlu>

Sir John, the fourth Laird of Keir, added greatly to the family estates
Iictweeu the years 1.517 and 1.53.3. lie took a prominent part in the public
events of his time, and held the oflBce of Shcritl' of Perth in 151G. After
the death of Kiug James IV. at Flodden, the cuslmly of the young King's
jierson was ommitted to him. He was foi-lcited for uppeai-iug at the battle
• if Linlithgow against the King's aiithority in 152(), but was restored in the
f.iUowing year. He founded a chaplaimy hi the Cathedral church of Dun-
blane in IjO'J. Sir John's adventure with Squire Meldrum was less in keep-
ing -with the spirit of this pious foundation than with the lawless character
of tht' age, which is f irther shown in the .subse(.;[ueut cruel slaughter of the
knight liimself

His son, Sir James, was the husband of the heiress of Cawder. He
divorced his wife, but retained her estate, and thus added considerably to
the wealth of the family. He was appointed by Ivuig James VI. one of
the judges who tried Moiton for the murder of Darnley, and pronomiced
sentence of death on the Eegent.

Sir Ge<.nge Stirling, great grandson of Sir James, was intimately con-
nected with his kinsman, the first Marquis of Montrose, and was prosecuted,
in ICi^l, by the Committee of Estates, as one of the ' Plottere.' Sk George
was with ]\Ioutrose at the rout of Pliiliphaugh, the only occasion on which
• this quiet knight was found associated in arms with his great cavalier chief
After the death of Sir George without siu^-iving issue, the estates of Keir
and Cawder were inherited by his cousin ^Vichibald Stirhug, Lord Garden,
a Lord of Session of some distinction in the reign of Charks II.

James Stirling, gianclson of Lord Garden, was a keen Jacobite, and
was tried for an alleged c :>nspiracy in favour of the Stuart family in ITOS.
but acquiiteil In the Tales of a Grandfather, vol. ii. p. 208, Sir Walter
Sentt has pri}served the fjlli 'wing anecdote in regard to his trial — ' The

■ Laird of Keu- was riding j<.\-fully home, with his butler in attend.mce.
' who had been one of the endence pn-ihiced against hun on the trial.

■ but wh.o had. ui-on CM'.minatiou. forgot every word c-mcerning the matter

■ whiih c<-'uld possibly prejudice his master. Keir could not help express-


■ vag •Miie surprise to the niAn at tte extraonlinaiy shortness of mozMrv
• which, he had <bown <ja particular qnestioi^ bemsj^ pat to him. * I un-
' • derrtriaJ v oOy :

■ ' bur Kiv 171- _ .u.ercy
' - of Heaven than yonr hoooor s hotly to the tender comptb^^Qii of the

' • wtigs '" Jame"? Srirlin-z ^ ' ' ' ' "- ' " ' ",

estates, vrhich were attervrarxb ;■ ^

swi, frc«i whom they have descemkd to the prtaen!: rL-prer-ontitive of the

In the oiorse of the Ions: descent of the Keir and Cawdcr iam flies, tfcere
lave been no less than foartt-en knights, ten of whom were in immediate soc-
ccs-jion to e:' :' ' — • ' ' '

has thus the _ - -^

the Keir family. Several branches of the Stirtinssw sneh as Ar^loch. Gk-rat.

the : _ - -

barcns of Cawder and Keir-'

THE The second division of this voltune is the accoont of the ^ffenait

:iRA5CHEs. p^^^jj^^^ From the^ have ^>rTmsr several remarkable men. snrfi as James

Stirling the r:, V " ' ^ ■' ' "' '"•^ ' ' ""' "' '^ writers.

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James IV. , William and Ge-rge >driin2: ot < - -

barton Ca.~tle : the Litter galLmth- dcft-nd'jd i'.^- ; ..-. . . ^ .. ._ -1 - ..;
Sir Robert Sterling, govemcnr of Cork under Charies L : the late Edward

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Slcrliuc^ (he iainous • Tlmmk-rei' oi' ■ Tke Times :" and hi^; suii, tlic lale
John Sterling. An accouur of these disiinguislied Stirliugs. ami of many
others of less note, will l>e found in the ' Branclie-s.'

The third division consists of the Charters and other Family Papers.
They extend from the raiddle of the thirteenth cenliiry to the close of the
seventeenth, later tlian which it has been deemed unnecessary to continue
them. ]Most of the original writs are at Keir ; where this is not the case,
the place of deposit is noted iu the Abstract. The whole of th.c charters
have been arranged iu chronological order, exce[)t where the terms vt' the
>vrits required a ditierent arrangement. Tiie t'ormal passages of many of the
charters have beon abridged, to prevent useless repetition, which is indicated
by marks of omission. Words contracted in the original writs have been
printed in txtruso, although the retaining or discharging of contractions is
a (piestion ou wliich editors have diliercil — the same editor occasionally dis-
charging and retaining the contractions — and, it may not be considered a
matter of much conscijuenco. But the preference has been given to print-
ing the words in e.ctentv. even where tliey are contracted in the nriginal

A full Al)stract of all the Charters being given, it is imnecessary to de-
scribe tlicm pariicularly here. A few uf the writs may be briefly noticetl.

The contract of marriage in 1501 shows how matrimonial alliances were
occasionally arranged at that date: Sir Patrick Ilimie of Polwarth, and Sir
William Stirling of Keir, agree that John of Stirling, son of Sir William,
should marry Margaret, daughter of Sir Patrick, and failing her, Sibbale her
sister, and so forth, as long as Sir Patrick had a la«iul ilaughter, until the
maniago shoidd be completed, which should be • ut the lauchful age of the
■ said baruis. the maill being of fourteen years and the female twelve years.'
The contract does not show the ages of the respective • barnis,' when they
were thus bound for better and worse by their parents ; but they Tm\< have
been of very tender years, being under fourteen and twi.-lvc. It cannot be
matter of wonder, that such prematiue alliances, arranged with«/.it rtgard
to the feelings of the parties most interested, otbn proved unhappy, an.l led
to separations and divorces.


T\)§ contract between tb.e Guvernors of l.)uniV>artou Castle iu 1510. gives
a minute detail of the furniture of tlie castle and chaiiel, as it was handed
over by the old Governor to th.e new. There is notice of " Wallas-tour,' ' and
' Sauct Patrikis Chapell situat within the Castale, mth anc auld ]\[es.s hiik
' of jierchcmcnt,' and many other ' furnishing^.'

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