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A bibliography of Justin Winsor, superintendent of the Boston public library, 1868-1877, librarian of Harvard university, 1877-1897 online

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Already issued or in preparation:

[Some of these Contributions are out of print.] *

VOLUME I Nos. i TO 20.

VOLUME II Nos. 21 TO 37.

VOLUME III Nos. 38 TO 51.


52. ALFRED C. POTTER and CHARLES K. BOLTON. The Librarians of

Harvard College. 1667-1877.

53. WILLIAM GARROTT BROWN. A List of Portraits in the Various

Buildings of Harvard University.

54. WILLIAM F. YUST. A Bibliography of Justin Winsor.


TN resuming, after an interval of four years, the series of Bibliographical
* Contributions the first fifty-three numbers of which were prepared under
the direction of Justin Winsor, the Library is glad to make this its first issue
a record of the extent and variety of Mr. Winsor's literary activity and a
mark of the esteem in which his work is held by critics, historians, and

The chronological sequence of titles in the following list furnishes an
interesting clue by which to follow the course of Mr. Winsor's life and the
successive fields in which he worked. His History of Duxbury was published
before he entered College, and two contributions . of an historical character
were printed in the New England historical and genealogical register while
he was an undergraduate. For the next sixteen years, 1852 to 1868, his
printed work consisted entirely of literary articles, book reviews, original verse,
and metrical translations from the German, an interval of four years, 1859
to 1863, in the midst of this period being largely occupied with work on a
life of Garrick which remains unpublished. With Mr. Winsor's appointment
on the Visiting Committee of the Boston Public Library in 1867 and as
Superintendent in 1868, his attention was turned to library matters, and the
substance of the Bibliography for the next ten years (1867 to 1877) is made
up of discussions of problems of library administration in the Reports of the
Public Library, in the pages of the Library Journal, and occasionally in other
journals, of bibliographical notes in catalogues and reading lists in the com-
pilation of which Mr. Winsor showed a remarkable grasp and facility, and of
a few larger independent bibliographical publications.

The next period (1878 to 1889) is marked by the production of two
great historical works, the Memorial History of Boston and the Narrative and
Critical History of America, for which Mr. Winsor secured the cooperation of
a large number of historical scholars, but to which he contributed many
chapters by his own hand, and added throughout elaborate bibliographical
and historical notes and many essays on the sources of information. At the


same time he began to be a frequent contributor to the Proceedings of the
Massachusetts Historical Society and of the American Antiquarian Society,
and so continued to the end.

The last seven years of his life (1891 to 1897) are characterized by the
publication of four volumes of original historical narrative, tracing the progress
of American exploration from Columbus through the "Westward movement"
that marked the last quarter of the eighteenth century. Historical addresses,
contributions to the Proceedings of historical societies, some of which take
the form of bibliographical surveys of historical sources, and occasional articles
in the Atlantic Monthly or elsewhere, make up a surprising total of literary
activity, but articles on library themes, except the remarks in his annual
Reports, cease almost entirely.

The Bibliography here printed, though compiled with great labor and care, is
doubtless still incomplete, especially in the earlier years. Mr. Yust's work was
done in the first place while he was a student in the New York State Library
School ; he increased his material by further investigation in Boston and
Cambridge with the help of Mr. A. C. Potter of the Harvard Library, while
a later examination by myself of journals and scrap-books remaining in Mrs.
Winsor's hands brought to light many additional titles in the years from 1855
to 1866. A blank book labelled "Poems of art and nature" is composed of
poems, original and translated, arranged by subjects as if for publication.
Many of these are recorded under the earlier years of this list, but the first
publication of a number of others has not been traced. It is known that
some were printed in the Boston Post over the signature " Boscawen."

The list of book notices and reviews is confessedly incomplete. From
March 1856 to December 1858 short paragraphs on a variety of subjects were
contributed to the Crayon and printed under the caption " Studies among the
leaves." Mr. Winsor was also writing frequently for the Boston Post, and
from 1860 to 1862, years in which the Bibliography shows almost nothing, he
was the regular Boston literary correspondent of the New York World. From
1887 to 1897 he was American editor of the English Historical Review, but
does not seem to have taken any active part in the conduct of the periodical.









A history of the town of Duxbury,, Massa-
chusetts, with genealogical registers. Boston :
Crosby & Nicholls. 1849. 8. pp. 360.

Reviewed in New Eng. hist, and gen. reg.
1850, iv. 98.


Abstract of the first wills in the Probate
office, Plymouth. (New Eng. hist, and gen.
reg. 1850, iv. 33-36, 173-174, 281-284,
319-320; 1851, v. 259-262,335-338,385-
388; 1852, vi. 93-96, 185-188; 1853, vii.
177-180, 235-236.)


An ode for the Sophomore class supper
[Harvard], July nth, 1851. N.P. N. D. 8.
pp. 4.

Air: " Auld Lang Syne."


Journal of an expedition against Quebec
in 1775, under Colonel Arnold by Joseph
Ware, of Needham, Mass., to which is
appended notes (by Justin Winsor) and a
genealogy of the Ware family. Prepared for
the New England historical and genealogical
register. Boston. 1852. 8. pp. 24.

Also in New Eng. hist, and gen. reg. 1852,
vi. 129-150.


Poems printed in the Christian register,
vol. xxxiv.

The poems are signed " Heidelberg."
Dream-land. (21 Apr. p. 64. 20 lines.)

Also in the Crayon, 16 May, 1855, i. 316.

On the death of a country clergyman.

From the German of Uhland. (5 May.

p. 70. 10 lines.)
Household rites. From the German of

Uhland. (5 May. p. 72. 16 lines.)
The gates. From the German of Ruckert.

(12 May. p. 74. 12 lines.)
The pilgrim. [From Uhland.] (19 May.

p. 77. col.)
The crossways. From the German of

Kinkel. (26 May. p. 84. 12 lines.)
The holy family. (2 June. p. 85. 12

The dew-drop. From the German of

Mueller. (2 June. p. 86. 8 lines.)
Count Eberhard's hawthorn. From Uh-
land. (16 June. p. 96. 28 lines.)
The sunken crown. From Uhland. (23

June. p. 97. 16 lines.)
Self-command. From Goethe. (30 June.

p. 101. 8 lines.)

The mother and child. From the Ger-
man of Chamisso. (30 June. p. 104.

64 lines.)
Souvenir. From Lamartine. (7 July.

p. 108. 28 lines.)
The poet and the cloud. Hungarian.

(28 July. p. 117. 16 lines.)
The stars. [From the] German of Geibel.

(4 Aug. p. 124. 1 6 lines.)
The glad to-day. [From the] German of

Wackernagel. (n Aug. p. 128. 12

An intimation. (25 Aug. p. 136. 14

Good night. From the German of Koer-

ner. (22 Sept. p. 152. 24 lines.)
Life's autumn song. From the German

of Fouque\ (29 Sept. p. 153. 16

The tree. From the German of Beck.

(6 Oct. p. 157. 20 lines.)
Evening. From the German of Matthis-

son. (13 Oct. p. 161. 20 lines.)


Without a trace. From the German of
Baron von Gaudy. (20 Oct. p. 165.
32 lines.)

The infant's grave. From the Hungarian.
(27 Oct. p. 169. 24 lines.)

Between heaven and earth. From the
German of Rueckert. (3 Nov. p. 173.
14 lines.)

The shepherd's Sabbath song. [From]
Uhland. (17 Nov. p. 180. 12 lines.)

The nun. From the German of Uhland.
(8 Dec. p. 193. 20 lines.)

The lake. From the German of Gunther
Nicol. (15 Dec. p. 197. 16 lines.)

The steed without a rider. A Polish
' balkd. (22 Dec. p. 201. 36 lines.)

Death music. From the German of Uh-
land. (29 Dec. p. 205. 36 lines.)

Other contributions to the Christian regis-
ter, vol. xxxiv.

Ludwig Uhland. (23 June. p. 97.)

A biographical and critical article with trans-
lations from his poems.

Ferdinand Freiligrath [with translation of
two selections from his poems]. (14
July, p. 109; 21 July, p. 113.)

Friedrich Rueckert [with translations from
his poems]. (25 Aug. p. 133.)

Poems contributed to the Crayon, vols.
i., ii.

The shrine of the beautiful. (14 Feb. i.
p. 105. 24 lines.)

Also in the Christian register, 10 Mar. 1855,
xxxiv. 40.

The orison of night. (nApr. i. p. 233.)

Signed " Heidelberg."
The artist and his public. (From Der

Kiinstler and sein Publikum of Ruckert.)

(16 May. i. p. 316. 32 lines.)
Winter night. From the German of Vogt.

(30 May. i. p. 345. 6 lines.)
Great thoughts. (30 May. i. p. 345

14 lines.)

The art-seer. (21 June. i. p. 393.)
An art-portraiture, (njuly. ii. p. 23.)
To the artist. From the German of King

Ludwig, of Bavaria. (8 Aug. ii. p. 87.

12 lines.)

The sibyls of nature. (22 Aug. ii. p. 119.)
Rogers. (5 Sept. ii. p. 153. 30 lines.)
The voice of the rain. From the German

of Lenau. (26 Sept. ii. p. 199. 14

The cupid of the field. (17 Oct. ii.

p. 247. 14 lines.)

The ways to art. (17 Oct. ii. p. 247.)
The water- rose. From Geibel. (24 Oct.

ii. p. 263. 1 6 lines.)
The orphan. Free, after Beck, in his

"Wandering poet." (24 Oct. ii.

p. 263. 24 lines.)
The fountain. From Schiicking. (14

Nov. ii. p. 311. 20 lines.)
Longing. From Julius Mosen. (5 Dec.

" P- 359- 1 5 Hnes.)

Other contributions to the Crayon, vols.
i., ii.

Influence of love in the fine arts. (21

June. i. pp. 386-387.)
Natural and artistic sympathy. (1825

July. ii. pp. 32-33, 47-49-)
Man and nature. (15 Aug. ii. pp. 96-97.)
The humanity of nature. (22 Aug., 24

Oct. ii. pp. IH-II2, 255-256.)
The influences of nature. (14 Nov. ii.

PP- 303-305-)

The Cologne cathedral. Translated from
the German of Roderick Benedix. (5,
12 Dec. ii. pp, 35 1-353, 369-371-)

Poems contributed to the Knickerbocker,
vols. xlv. and xlvi.

Home-sickness. (May. xlv. p. 493.

14 lines.)

Signed " Schwarzstein."
Departed day in the Alps. (May. xlv.

p. 503. 14 lines.)
Dust. By Schwarzstein. (June. xlv.

p. 597. 36 lines.)
The empty church. (Aug. xlvi. pp.


Poems contributed to Dwighfs journal
of music, vol. viii.

The ancient gondolier. From the German

of Graf von Platen. (20 Oct. p. 20.

72 lines.)
The bridge. From Graf von Auersperg.

(27 Oct. p. 27. 24 lines.)

Review of Justinus Kerner's Lyrische
gedichte, with translations. (The criterion,
15 Dec. 1855, i. pp. 99-101.)


Poems printed in the Crayon, vol. iii.
A kind of dream. (Jan. p. 5. 14 lines.)
The castle of art. (Jan. p. ii. 14 lines.)
The poet's fate. From Dingelstedt. (Jan.
p. 24. 1 6 lines.)


The lowly worth. (Jan. p. 26. 14 lines.)
Origin of the rose. From the German of

Rueckert. (Mar. p. 70. 20 lines.)
The pearl-fisher. From the German of

Otto Roquette. (Mar. p. 72. 8 lines.)
Reverence for age. (Mar. p. 81. 14

The snow-shower in spring. From the

German of Heine. (Mar. p. 88. 20


The ranger. (Apr. p. in. 24 lines.)
The minstrel's passage. From Uhland.

(May. p. 135. 12 lines.)
The art and heart. (June. p. 170. 14

The model and the mould. (July. p. 205.

24 lines.)
The noblest of his kind. (Aug. p. 240.

14 lines.)
The perfect artist. (Sept. p. 278. 14

Beauty [three sonnets]. (Nov. p. 331.)

Articles contributed to the Crayon, vol. iii.
The trammels of art. " Graf von Platen."

(Jan. pp. 11-14.)
Original and national poets. [Review of

Longfellow's Hiawatha.] (Mar. pp. 81-

Autographs as types of character. (Apr.

pp. 123-124.)
The Heidelberg brotherhood. By Gustav

Leston. No. 1-4. (May-Sept, pp.

I 35- I 3 8 > i95- 200 > 22 9- 2 33> 263-266.)
Poetic episodes in nature. [Review of

Schele De Vere's "Stray leaves from

the book of nature," and Kingsley's

"Glaucus."] (May. pp. 138-141.)
What makes an artist? (July. pp. 218

Country correspondence. (July-Dec, pp.

220-221, 251-253, 281-282, 314-316,

346-347, 378-379-)

Letters on a variety of subjects, written from

X , and signed W. J.

Sister arts. (Oct. pp. 297-298.)

The phrenological gauge. (Oct. pp. 298-

Painting and poetry. (Dec. pp. 361-


The told and the telling of it. [Review of
Matthew Arnold's "Poems."] (Dec.
PP- 365-367.)

Review of Ludwig Bechstein's Deutsches
sagenbuch and Ignaz Hub's Deutschlands
balladen- und romanzen-dichter, with transla-

tions. (The criterion, 2 Feb. 1856, i. 211-

Review of Ferd. Freiligrath's Dichtung und
dichtcr, with translations. (The criterion,
19, 26 April, 1856, i. 388-390, 404-406.)


Poems printed in the Crayon, vol. iv.
Delaroche. (Jan. p. 9. 14 lines.)
Within doors. (Feb. p. 41.)
The homage of science to art. (March.

P- 73-)
Chaumont. (Sept. p. 261.)

Articles contributed to the Crayon, vol. iv.
Dr. Johnson's ideas of art. (Jan. pp.

Country correspondence. (Feb.-Oct. pp.

57-58, 125-126, 284-285, 317-318.)
In continuation of the letters published in

The last two letters of the series are headed

" Stockbridge, Aug. 1857" and " Oxbow -

Mead, Aug. 1857."
Goethe's Faust. [A review of Charles T.

Brooks's translation.) [Mar. pp. 75-


Art impressions abroad. [Review of Wal-
ter Channing's " A physician's vaca-
tion."] (April, pp. 110-112.)
Garrickiana in art. (May. pp. 141

[Letter from Fort W , May, 1857,

including two poems, " The arctic

ravens," and "The fort."] (June.

pp. 191-192.)
The theme of woman. [Review of Mrs.

Jameson's " Characteristics of women."]

(Aug. pp. 238-244.)
The thraldom of school. [Review of

" School days at Rugby."] (Oct. pp.

The thraldom of school again. (Dec.

PP- 363-366.)

Signed Q and written as if in answer to the

former article.

Poems contributed to the Spectator (Bos-
ton), vol. i.

The toilet chamber. A paraphrase from

Riickert's " Die gottin im putzzimmer."

(3 Jan. p. 32. 56 lines.)
A judgment. After Simrock's " Aus der

registratur des liebeshofes." (17 Jan.

P. 64.)


Hid treasure. From the Hungarian. (17

Jan. p. 64. 4 lines.)
The better wooer. (24 Jan. p. 80. 32



Reverend writers. Review of F. W. Robert-
son, Sermons preached at Trinity Chapel,
Brighton, 3d series, and C. Kingsley, Sir
Walter Raleigh and other papers. (The
crayon, Dec. 1858, v. 343-344.)


Songs of the Unity. A selection of lyrics
for public worship, with tunes for congrega-
tional use. Boston. Shepard, Clark & Brown.
1859. 8. pp. xvi. 271.

256 hymns and 36 tunes prepared for the use
of the Church of the Unity in Boston by George
H. Hepworth and Justin Winsor.

The lady of the harp. A version for the
Crayon of the Traum-novelle in the Wander-
buch of Franz Dingelstedt. (The crayon,
June, 1859, vi. 170-174.)

International monuments. (The crayon,
July, 1859, vi. 219-220.)


The trooper's vision. Read at the anni-
versary of the Laurel Hill Association at
Stockbridge, August 13, 1862.

Newspaper clipping preserved in a scrap-
book in Mrs. Winsor's possession.

In memoriam. W. D. [Wilder Dwight]
obiit xvii. Sept. MDCCCLXII.

Newspaper clipping preserved in a scrap-
book in Mrs. Winsor's possession.


The sergeant's cot. [Read at the Laurel
Hill celebration in Stockbridge, Mass., Aug.
1863.] 39 lines. N. P. N. D. Folded 8


Letters headed " Boston," contributed to
the Round table, 19 Dec. 1863 Sept. 1867.
These are mostly notes on current publica-
tions appearing under the general heading
"Literary notes correspondence." They
appeared weekly at first, then at irregular


Contributions to the Round table, vol. i.
A word about the Heimskringla. (9 Jan.

P- 63-)
Three centuries of Shakespeare. (20 Feb.

p. 147 ; 27 Feb. p. 163.)
The Lowell institute [and Dr. Rimmer as

its professor of art-anatomy]. (5 Mar.

pp. 184-185.)
Shakespeare's fame in the last century.

(5 Mar. pp. 180-181 ; 19 Mar. pp.

Mr. Ball's Coriolanus. (19 Mar. p. 216.)
Garrick's personations of Shakespeare.

(2 Apr. p. 243.)
Shakespeare's fame in Garrick's day. (9

Apr. pp. 259-260.)
Garrick's career as a manager. (23 Apr.

pp. 292-293.)
Garrick's art and Shakespeare's fame.

(u June. pp. 404-405.)

Most of the above articles are mounted in a

folio scrap-book in the Harvard College Library.

Book reviews in the Round table, vol. i.

Winthrop, the Puritan governor. Re-
view of Robert C. Winthrop, Life and
letters of John Winthrop. Boston.
1864. (13 Feb. pp. i35- T 36.)

Life and character of Prescott. Review
of George Ticknor, The life of William
Hickling Prescott. Boston. 1864.
(5 Mar. pp. 182-183.)

A new history of the English stage. Review
of Doran, Their majesties' servants :
annals of the English stage. 2 vol.
London. 1864. (5 Mar. pp. 183

The homestead of the nations. Review of
E. L. Clark, Daleth. Boston. 1864.
(19 Mar. p. 215.)

Shakespeare in the flesh. Review of
J. H. Friswell, Life portraits of William
Shakespeare. London. 1864. (26 Mar.
p. 231.)

Industrial biography. Review of Samuel
Smiles, Industrial biography. 4 vol.
Boston. Lives of engineers. 3 vol.
London. (9 Apr. pp. 263-264.)

The physiognomy of writing. Review of
Autograph leaves of our country's
author's. Baltimore. 1864. (30 Apr.

PP- 309-3 10.)

Myths and legends. Review of T. Bui-
finch, The age of fable, and other
volumes. (14 May. pp. 341-342.)


Shandy redivivus. Review of Percy Fitz-
gerald, Life of Laurence Sterne. 2 vol.
London. 1864. (4 June. p. 390.)

Bohn, bibliopole, bibliographer. Review
of W. T. Lowndes, Bibliographer's man-
ual of English literature rev. & enl. by
Henry G. Bohn. 5 vol. London.
1857-64. (n June. p. 406.)

Hudson's Shakespeare. Review of H. N.
Hudson, Works of Shakespeare. 1 1
vol. Boston. 1863-64. (9 July,
pp. 51-52.)


Book reviews and other contributions in
the Round table, vol. ii.

New France and New England. Review
of Francis Parkman, France and Eng-
land in North America. Pt. i. Bos-
ton. 1865. (16 Sept. pp. 18-19.)

White's Shakespeare. Review of R. G.
White, Works of William Shakespeare.
12 vol. Boston. 1858-65. Memoirs
of the life of William Shakespeare. Bos-
ton. 1865. (23 Sept. pp. 35-36.)

Jean Paul's Hesperus. Review of J. P. F.
Richter, Hesperus translated by C. T.
Brooks. 2 vol. Boston. 1865. (7 Oct.
p. 68.)

The drift abroad. (14 Oct. pp. 82-83.)

Michael Angelo. Review of Herman
Grimm, Life of Michael Angelo trans-
lated by F. E. Bunnett. 2 vol. Bos-
ton. 1865. (14 Oct. pp. 83-84.)

Review of Eliza Meteyard, Life of Josiah
Wedgwood, vol. i. London. 1865.
(28 Oct. pp. 116-117.)

Alfred Tennyson, poet-laureate. [A sketch
of the progress of Tennyson's fame, with
some bibliographical items.] (18 Nov.
pp. 169-171.)

Noted names of fiction. Review of W. A.
Wheeler, Explanatory and pronouncing
dictionary of the noted names of fiction.
Boston. 1865. (16 Dec. pp. 234-



Articles in the Round table, vols. iii., iv.

The Boston press. (13 Jan. pp. 17-18.)

Sketches of the publishers. Ticknor and

Fields. (20 Jan. pp. 42-43; 27 Jan.

PP- 58-59 ; 3 Feb. pp. 74-75.) Walker,

Fuller and co. (31 Mar. pp. 202-203.)

Riverside press. (5 May. pp. 281

283.) Gould & Lincoln. (26 May.

PP- 3 2 9-33o.)
The puritan city. (3 Mar. p. 129.)

The coming translation of Dante [Long-
fellow's]. (19 May. pp. 305-306.)

Catarrhal miseries. (26 May. pp. 321-

A new Faust [Bayard Taylor's], (9 June.
PP- 355-356.)

Vers de socie'te'. (9 June. pp. 356 357.)

Can we be decent? (17 Nov. p. 254.)

A social favorite [the wife of David Gar-
rick], (i Dec. pp. 285-286.)

Pushing a book. (15 Dec. p. 321.)

The literary recluse. (29 Dec. pp. 358-

Book reviews in the Round table, vols.
iii., iv.

Character of Samuel Adams. Review of
W. V. Wells, Life and public services of
Samuel Adams. 3 vol. Boston. 1865.
(27 Jan. pp. 50-51.)

Fame of Burke. Review of Works of
Edmund Burke, vol. 1-4. Boston.
1865. (17 Feb. pp. 98-99.)

Rives's Madison. Review of W. C. Rives,
History of the life and times of James
Madison. 2 vol. Boston. 1859-66.
(24 Mar. pp. 179-180.)

Dean Alford's Queen's English. Review
of H. Alford, Plea for the Queen's
English. (7 Apr. pp. 210-211.)

Publishing in the past. Review of Charles
Knight, Shadows of the old booksellers.
London. 1865. (28 Apr. pp. 258-


Dictionaries. Review of Noah Webster,
American dictionary of the Eng. lan-
guage. Springfield, Mass. 1866. (5
May. pp. 275-276.)

Review of Charles Hole, A brief biographi-
cal' dictionary. N. Y. 1866. (12 May.
p. 291.)

Caricature. Review of Thomas Wright,
History of caricature. London. 1865.
(9 June. pp. 357-358.)

Review of C. C. Coffin, Four years of fight-
ing. Boston. 1866. (7 July. pp.

New life of Reynolds. Review of C. R.
Leslie & Tom Taylor, Life and times of
Sir Joshua Reynolds. 2 vol. London.
1865. (i Sept. pp. 73-74.)

Venetian life. Review of W. D. Howells,
Venetian life. N. Y. 1866. (8 Sept.
p. 90.)

Friedrich Riickert. Translated from the
Revue moderne. (Every Saturday, 2 1 April,
1866, i. 427-431.)




Articles in the Round table, vols. v., vi.
The scholar on his legs. (16 Feb. pp.


Lost labors. (6 Apr. pp. 211-212.)
Histrionic transformation. (30 Nov. -pp.

Experiment of free libraries. (14 Dec.

pp. 39 2 -393-)

Book reviews in the Round table, vols.
v., vi.

Sonnets and sonneteers. Review of The
seven great hymns of the mediaeval
church, N. Y., and L. Hunt and S. A.
Lee, The book of the sonnet. Boston.
1867. 2 vols. (5 Jan. pp. 9-10.)

Primary phonics. Review of Soule and
Wheeler, First lessons in reading, Bos-
ton, 1866; and other books. (19 Jan.

PP- 43-44-)

Waltonian hobbies. Review of Izaak Wal-
ton, Complete angler. Boston. 1867.
26 Jan. pp. 58-59.)

Arctic controversies. Review of I. I.
Hayes, Open polar sea. New York.
1867. (9 Mar. pp. 152-153.)

Swedenborg. Review of Emanuel Sweden-
borg, Heaven and its wonders. Phila.
1867. (13 Apr. pp. 233-234.)

Longfellow's Dante. Review of H. W.
Longfellow, Divine comedy of Dante.
Boston. 1867. (13 July. p. 25.)

Modern enquiries. Review of Jacob
Bigelow, Modern enquiries. Boston.
1867. (13 July. pp. 25-26.)

Popular life of Whitefield. Review of J. R.
Andrews, George Whitefield. London.
1866. (28 Sept. pp. 212-213.)

Linguistic science. Review of W. D.
Whitney, Language and the study of
language. New York. 1867. (2 Nov.
pp. 292-293.)

Prayers of the ages. Review of C. S.
Whitmarsh, Prayers of the ages. Bos-
ton. 1868 ; and H. W. Beecher, Prayers
from Plymouth pulpit. N. Y. 1867.
(14 Dec. pp. 394-395-)

Report on additional appropriations for the
Public Library. [Boston. 1867.] 8. pp.8.
(City document no. 97.)

The report of the finance committee of the
board of trustees, included in the above, is
signed "Justin Winsor, Chairman." It re-
commends that " the City council be petitioned
for a further sum of $4,000."

Report of the examining committee [of
the Public Library for the year 1867.
Signed by Justin Winsor and five others.]
(Fifteenth annual report of the trustees
of the Public Library, Boston, 1867, pp.


Boston Public Library. Sixteenth
twenty-fifth annual report of the trustees of
the Public Library. 1868-1877. [Boston.
1868-77.] 8.

Each report contains the separate reports of
the trustees, the examining committee, and the
superintendent ( JustinWinsor) , with appendices.
The reports of the superintendent are from
50 to 125 pages in length, including the statis-
tical appendices. They treat systematically and

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