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* Private Branch Exchange.


Wei— Woo 27


Weisenstein R G Lt r 2016 Noble 1669-W

Welch T H r 518 Palmetto Av 2294-R

Weldon's Auto Serv 6 E 6th 611

Wellborn Arthur ofc 1130 Noble 1107

Res 408 E 10th 903

Wellborn M B r 1230 Leighton Av 1182

Wellborn Walter H r Maxwellborn Call Long Distance

Wells C T r 113 E 21st 749-M

Wells S W Lt r 1227 Leighton Av 963-W

Welsh Laura J r 1501 Mulberry Av 984-J

Wesley Pauline Mrs r 120 E 10th 1587-W

Wessinger Louis A r 924 Isbell Av 2919-W

Wessler Adrian L Lt r lOl W 22nd 2521-M

Wesson Owen r l Chestnut Av 3097-W

West Anniston Drug Co 2102 W lOth 872

West B L r 1831 Moore Av 2305

West End Beauty Shop 2001 West 10th 9234

Westbrook H H r 1915 Noble 2159-M

Western Auto Associate Store 11 E 11th 1399

Western Union Telegraph Co .Call Western Union

Weston R N r 1304 Christine Av 2726-J

Wheeler Felix r 1725 Rocky Hollow Rd 1539-W

Wheeler J C Ins 18 W nth 51

Res 1029 Glenwood ter 2483

Wheeless J C r RFD 1 Eastaboga 5914

Wheeler John W r 12 W 29th 1394

Wheeler Raymond P r Sunset dr 373

Whelchel Joe W r 2012 Gurnee Av 2698

Whelchel Myrtice Davis Mrs r 305 E 10th 703-W

Wheyland Frank r 218 E 12th 1130

Whisenant H C r 2127 Oakmont Av 2556-W

Whisenant J D r 2025 Walnut Av 3166-W

White Charles W r 722 Park Av 2252-W

White E E r 1822 Gurnee Av 404

White G W r 709 E 9th 883-J

White Gordon r 2322 Moore Av 670

White Hughey S r 415 E nth 672-R

White Irene Mrs r 1830 Quintard Av 1220

White J C Dr dent 527 W 16th 1763

White J E r RFD 2 Oxford 7111

White Luther r 219 E 15th 1132

White P M r 402 S Leighton Av 222-J

White Pat M r 408 S Quintard Av 2286-M

White R J Rev r 1130 W 14th 1078

White Rosa G Mrs r 1218 Quintard Av 2366-J

White Service SU 531 Noble 833

531 Noble 9347

White W A r 1130 Woodstock Av 625

Whitehurst W Q r 121 Choccolocco 1603-J

White's Grocery 402 E Leighton Av 9122

Whiteside Glover r 627 Sidney cir 2433-J

Whiteside Hemphill G r 201 Snow 2120

Whiteside J P atty ComI Natl Bk bl 20

Res DeArmanville Ala 5521

Whiteside W Cooper Mrs r 317 Choccolocco . .1478-R

Whitfield Fred S Lt r 502 E 6th 1054-R

Whitley Heck H r Ft McClellan Pk 1181-M

Whitlock Geo W r 220 E 20th 809-W

Whitten Harry r 703 Keith Av 3197 -J

Whitten W L r 1830 Rocky Hollow Rd 1949-W

Why Not Eat Here Cafe 1125 Noble 1723

Wiegand J A Jr r 926 Blue Ridge Dr 2033-J

Wiegand Jno A r 917 E 21st 1467-R

Wiegand John A Electric Shop 14 East 14th.. 271

Wierman P H r 209 E 22nd 2394-J

Wiesendanger Wm E r 2008 Woodland Hgts . . 1060

Wigley Anna Mrs r 421 Leighton Av 2070

Wigley P 'C r 1312 E 10th 2370-J

Wikle Drug Co 1010 Noble

Sundry Dept 6

Prescription Dept 5

Wilbanks J L Mrs r 920 Lockwood 2958-M

Wilbanks N C r 2030 Woodland Hgts 1335

Wilkerson C Whit r 212 S Wilmer Av 982-J

Wilkerson Deula Miss r 320 S Wilmer Av. . . . 1708

Wilkins A V r 315 Herron 2610-J

Wilkins C P Store Alexandria 4204

Wilkins H F Mrs r 1200 Quintard Av 1295-J

Wilkins W B r 820 Leighton Av 2439-W

Wilkinson Bert T r 1401 Christine Av 537-M

Wilkinson Bette Miss r 1115 Leighton Av 786-J

Wilkinson D P Lt r 103 E 22nd 766-R

Wilkinson Lucia Mrs r 1115 Leighton Av 786-J

Wilkinson T C Capt r 423 Quintard Av 2712-R

Wilkinson W r 611 Goodwin Av 2446-J

Wilkinson W & Co accnts Wilson bl 1626

Willett J J r 1325 Woodstock Av 11

Willett & Willett attys Security Bk bl 144

Williams Agee r 3300 Cobb Av 1544-J

Williams Alvis r 1829 Quintard Av 710

Williams C F r Bham Hwy 5722

Williams C H r 326 E 7th 3139-J

Williams Carl W r 410 Palmetto Av 1487-R

Williams E B Mrs r 710 Goodwin Av 1372-M

Williams E J r 411 S Leighton Av 2161-R

Williams Earnest W r 429 Goodwin Av 1714-W

Williams Felix N r 507 Goodwin Av 2985-M

Williams Fred r 318 E 7th 1366

Williams Fred Oil Co 830 Noble 9349

Williams Fred W r 1031 Forest In 398-J

Williams Garvis r RFD 1 1761-M

Williams Grocery Company 1431 Noble 1580

Williams H G Mrs r 400 Constantine 2513-J

Williams H H r 1120 Forest In 570-R

Williams James H r 18 S Quintard Av 2619

Williams John F r Weaver rd 869-W

Williams John W r 1620 Rocky Hollow Rd 956-W

Williams Lorene Miss r RFD 1 3165-R

Williams M J Mrs r 28 Snow 2115-W

Williams Mark J Jr r 1015 E 9th 2445-M

Williams Nat r 200 S Quintard Av 2360

Williams Neal F Sr r RFD 3 5721

Williams R Clarence atty Ann Natl Bk bl 461

Res 105 E 5th 822

Williams Roy r 721 E 10th 2936

Williams Sam Mrs r 826 Leighton Av 1717-M

Williams W F Maj r 1014V2 E 9th 2008-R

Williams Walter Mrs r 1715 Gurnee Av 2719-M

Williams Walter Service Sta 530 W 15th 9270

Williamson Furniture Co 103 West 10th 1276

Williamson Grace Miss r 328 Munger 2489-W

Williamson H F r 2127 Quintard Av 758

Williamson H P Mrs r 1200 Quintard Av 656

Williamson P C r 1929 Wilmer Av 2210-M

Williamson R L r 315 E 16th 552

Williamson Shoe Co 1007 Noble 198

Willis Lois Miss r 214 E 9th 1167

Wilmer Ave School 1430 Wilmer Av 210

Wilmer Infirmary 1124 Wilmer Av 397

Wilson Annie M Mrs r 930 Leighton Av 9266

Wilson BIdg ofc Wilson bl 2020

Wilson BIdg Barber Shop 4 E 10th 9336

Wilson C Eugene r Snow 2122

Wilson C Y r 421 Lapsley Av 2795-R

Wilson Charles Mrs r 1213 Leighton Av 2572

Wilson E r 1721 Rcky Hollow rd 2190

Wilson E G r 131 E Oak 2106

Wilson G F r 1213 Leighton Av 545

Wilson George A r 327 E 16th 2723-W

Wilson Gerald W r 2030 Leighton Av 527

Wilson Hugh I r RFD 1 .*• . .497-W

Wilson J W r 701 East 7th 1931

Wilson Josephine Miss r 1203 Leighton Av 279

Wilson Lena Miss r 2031 Quintard Av 2114

Wilson P W r 29 W 29th 1337-R

Wilson W C r 1604 Quintard Av 681

Winfield A J r 719 Blue Ridge Dr 1076

Wingard J T r 2308 Noble 2686

Wingard N G r 1905 Davis 471

Wingate Henry T Lt r 1736 Rocky Hollow Rd. 2219-W

Wingert W E Capt r 902 Highland Av 3159-J

Winkle Robt P r 28 W 14th 1018-J

Winstead M B Capt r 315 E 17th 3079-W

Wise Mike r 214 S Wilmer Av 755-W

Witherspoon J H r 913 Quintard Av 1717-J

Witt Dorothea Bern Mrs r 1213 Christine Av 1039-J

Wilt H H r 620 Park Av 1461

Woco Service Station 1101 Wilmer Av 832

1101 Wilmer Av 9250

Wofford Oil Co 701 Glenn Addie Av 189

Wolfe Festus N Rev r 1321 Leighton Av 1666-J

Wood Durro E Rev r 906 Pipe 1944-W

Wood Geo M r 1926 Leighton Av 1178

Wood C r 719 Wilmer Av 1966-R

Wood W D r 1330 Quintard Av 2166

Wood W r RFD 1 2456-J

Woodham J D r 1512 E 10th 3068-J

Woodruff C D Mrs r Marvin Hill 369

Woodruff C M r 201 E 22nd 414

Woodruff Charlie r 1529 Leighton Av 601-J

28 Woo— Zuc


■{-Subscribers Reached TlH-ough Farmers Ex.

Woodruff Govan Mrs r 310 E 7th 874

Woodruff Howard N r 906 Isbell Av 1186-W

Woodruff J B Mrs r RFD 3 5003

Woodruff J M . 1807 Rocky Hollow Rd 1431-W

Woodruff Joe W r 215 E 19th 2389-M

Woodruff M rVI - Alexandria 6603

Woodruff's Sfioe Store 1025 Noble 2715

Woods M F r Morrisville rd 1194-W

Woods W T r 319 W 20th 342-M

Woodstock Ave School 415 E loth 1751

Woodstock Land & Mineral Co Wilson Bl 148

Woodstock Spinning Corp 7th 64

Woodward Funeral Home 730 W I5th 2041

Woolf John L Jr r 1520 Quintard Av 1959-M

Woolf R M attw Comi Natl Bk Bl 2335

Res 1403 Leighton Av 1058

Woolworth F W Co 1024 Noble 634

Woolen D Preston r 1720 Christine Av 3174-M

Worley H r 2001 LaGrande Av 2468-J

Worsham Clarence r 1700 Christine Av 2316

Worsharn Cliff auto wrecker serv 930 V/ lO'th 929

Worsham Floyd r 707 E 9th 658-J

Worsham J r 1933 Rocky Hollow rd 1340-M

Worsham J J r 1921 Quintard Av 1376

Worsham J J & Son Ibr 27 W 9th 190

Wright A A r 826 Highland Av 658-M

Wright A D r 1308 Wi'mer Av 764-W

Wright C C Lt Col r 412 E 7th 22G6-J

Wright Clara Miss r 614 McPherson 1842

Wright Frank J r 510 Keith Av 2863

Wright French r 904 Keith Av . 1988-R

Wright Horace r 1025 Leighton Av . 1524-W

Wright Horace Mrs ofc High School 1304

Wright J W r 612 Highland Av 2208-J

Wright John M r 520 Blue Ridge Dr 783-W

Wright L A r 2000 Gurnee Av 2789-W

Wright Lacy S r 2019 Gurnee Av 841-J

Wright M Mrs r 1923 Moore Av 2499

Wright T F Mrs r 222 E 9th 1784-J

Wright W E r RFD 2 Oxford 7013

Wycoff F L r 700 Quintard Av 2947-J

Wylie Co of Anniston Inc

No 1 901 Noble 961

No 2 17 E 12th 973

No 3 1623 Noble 3087

No 3 1623 Noble 9294

Warehouse 19 W 9th 2949

Y W C A— U S Grace Church Parish House 543

Yalovitz J r 623 Quintard Av 692-J

Yeatman J H r 19 W 18th 2719-R

Yellow Cab Co 1227 Noble 1775

Yellow Cab Co 13 W I3th 2085

Young C H atty 1st Natl Bk bl 31

Res 501 Quintard Av 285

Young China Restaurant 10 W 10th 9136

Young H A ofc 1st Natl Bk 838

Res 1100 Leighton Av 123

Young H A & Co ins 18 W 11th 51

Young John E r 1808 Quintard Av . . 3129-J

Young Paul M Rev ofc 1022 Noble 9299

Res 1620 Christine Dr 3174-W

Young Service Sta Brick pk 9246

Young W J r 1130 Leighton Av 1412-W

Youngblood P S Mrs r 1010 Pipe 1974

Zanders Nona T r 200 W 2nd 2251

Zaner C E Mrs r 405 Choccolocco 1250-J

Zafier Ivy L r 608 Goodwin Av 2530-J

Zavelo M army gds 116 W 10th 2235

Res 529 Quintard Av 1648

Zimmerman Jas A Lt r 1024 Quintard Av 3114-R

Zuckerman L It r 704 E 9th 2531-J

Page 29

ow to Use the
Dial Telephone

in Jacksonville and Piedmont, Ala

On all calls, remove the receiver carefully from the hook and listeyi for the
dial tone before ^tarthuj to dial a number. The dial tone in a steady hum-
ming sioimd heard in the telephone receiver indicating that the line is ready
for you to dial.

VVhon you hear the dial tone, keep the receiver off the hook
and dial each figure of the telephone number. For example,
if you are callino- 2341, proceed as follows:

1. Place your finger in the opening- over the figure "2."

2. Turn the dial around until your finger strikes finger

8. Remove your finger and without touching the dial allow
it to return to its normal position.

4. Proceed in the same way to dial the other figures.

It yniir fintfer slips, or yon make a mistake in dialiriK,
hatiir up the receiver a: once, wait a f«'w seconds and
dial a^iiin.

Hrfon- ^itarting to d>'aJ. a second rail, alwtiyn havy up
your )>■<■€>' rer for a few seconds in order to clear the
pnri'nii!^ c^ynnection.

Ringing and Busy Signals

Within a tVw seconds after you have completed dialin<r
you should hear either the rintrin^ siKnal. an intermit-
tent burr-rr-inpT sound, indioatint: that the hell of the
called line is ringini?. or the busy sixnal, a rapid
bu/.z-buzz-buzz, indicatinv: that the called line is busy.
If you do rot hoar either of these signals within half
a minute, hangr up the receiver, wait a few seconds and
mal.»' another attempt.

Obtaining the ''Operator''

You can ^er, the operator by placinp your finger in
the op»iiinar in the dial throujjh which the word
"Operator" is seen, an.i turninir the dial once only to
the rtniie- stop. In a ft-w seconds the operator will
answer you. .

Coin Box Telephones,
or Pay Stations

Inst iiict ions covering operation of coin box telephones
are m<unte<i on each coin box station.

Calls from a Party Line or from a Line
With an Extension Telephone

Always make sure that the liru' is not in use. If you
do not h. ur the dial totie, ask if th.- line is being held
l)y someor! ' else on thr» lint'. If no response is received,
hanu' un the receiver iir a few sccund> and make an-
•thiT .-ittempt.

However, should you hear successive clicks indicating
that .^tjmeone on your line is dialing, wait until the
dialing stops and then inform him that you have
interfered with his call and that it will be necessary
for him to hang up and dial the complete number
again. Then replace your receiver on the hook.
If, during or after your dialing, you hear another parly
on your line, tell him that the line is in use and reciuest
him to hang up his receiver. If you have not finished
dialing your number when the other party comes in
on the line, after he hangs up, you should hang up
your own receiver for a few seconds, then remove it,
listen for the dial tone and, when it is heard, dial the
complete number again.

To Call Another Party
on Your Line

If you are on a party line and wish to call another
party on your line, it will be necessary to dial a special
code number instead of the regular number of the
subscril)er as listed in the directory. All telephone
numbers have four figures. The first three figures are
alike for all parties on the same line. In order to
call another party on your line the code number to
be dia'ed is the figure "9" followed by the last figure
in your telephone number and then the last figure in
the numlier you are calling — for example, if your
telephone is 2214 and you are calling the subscriber
whose number is 2213, you should dial the code num-
ber '"94;'.." After you have finished dialing the code
number, hang up your receiver. Your bell, as well as
the bell of the party you are calling, will tht-n ring at
biief intervals. W'hen the called party answers, your
bell will stop ringing. You should then lift your
receiver and talk to the parly an.swering.

If your bell does not stop ringing in from one to two
minutes, it indicates that there is no one within hear-
ing distance 1o an.swer the culled teleph«)ne. You
should then stop your bell f r )m ringing and free the
line from the connection by removing your recniver
fron» the hook for a few seconds and thf-n replacing it.

30 Abb— Hoi

JACKSONVILLE tSu'K«'<lws Reached Through Farmeri Ex.



Long Distance "]

Information — Numbers Not Listed in Directory rDial Operator

Repair Service — Reporting a Telephone Out of Order ... J
Business Transactions With the Company —

For information regarding accounts, applications for and changes in service, call our Contract Collection
Agent at 3611. If no answer and for all other business transactions dial Operator and ask for
Business Office. *^

To Report a Fire Djaj 2911

For Police Di^j 2911

For the Telephone Number or Address of the Nearest

Federal Bureau of Investigation Office Dial Operator

For Instructions on "How to Use the Dial Telephone'' See Preceding Page

Abbott Wade r 506 E Ladiga 2351

Acme Stores Co 11 E Side Public sq 2881

Ala Power Co 106 Pelham rd 3401

Allison L W r 500 S Pelham rd 2511

Angel T F r RFD 1 3136

Arnold Paul J r 501 Gale 3361

Ashmore Hugh r 205 W Ladiga 2661

Ashmore Mabel Mrs r 207 W Ladiga 3601

Baptist Pastorlum r 411 N Church 2781

Barrow W r 414 Spring 3461

Battle W W Mrs r 110 S Thomas ...'.'.'.'.'.'.'. 3871

Beard Mary Julia Miss r 301 College 2792

Bolton Eldon L Lt Col r N Pelham Rd 3086

Bolton Ferrell Miss r 401 Gale 3891

Bondurant C E r 405 S Pelham rd 2451

Boozer Ernest T r RFD 2 2109

Boozer H E Rev r RFD 2 " 2104

Boozer Lloyd r 600 2nd N 3451

Bouknight Jacob A Lt r 412 N Spring . . . 3316

Bradley Frances Miss r RFD l 3135

Brown F F r 602 W Francis " " 3211

Browning J B r RFD 2 2105

Bryant T R r RFD 1 " 3133

Burton Lee r 205 Church 2711

Byrd Wm M r Four Mile [ .][ 3129

Calvert W J Jr r 615 N Pelham rd 3901

Carpenter F W r 601 W Frances 3276

Casey Frank r 707 E Francis 2347

Cayley Chas E r 622 S Church 2891

Chapman C W Capt r 515 N Pelham Rd 4112

Chief of Police r 619 S Pelham rd ... 2641

City of Jacksonville See Jacksonville City of

City Marshal r E Ladiga ,.. . 2911

City Pressing Shop 110 Pelham rd 2701

Clark E J Rev r Wellington Rt 1 3131

Clark John D r 509 N Church ... 2751

Clark L B r RFD 1 3132

Co-ed Beauty Shoppe 106 E Clinton 3881

Coffee R K r Daugette Hall 3331

Cole Houston r Apt Dormitory . 3091

Collier Louis A Lt r 412 N Spring . 3316

Conner David H r 509 S Pelham Rd . 2432

Crow Drug Co Public sq 2931

Crow Ralph L r Mountain 2411

Currier Grover C r 133 Eighty Oaks. '...'.'.'.'.'..'. 2951

Daugette C W Mrs r 603 N Pelham Rd 2061

Davis Warren P Lt r 204 W Mountain Av . . . 3586

Deason George r Alexandria rd 3051

Deason J C r 7 A 386I

Dillon C C r Weatherly Hall 3271

Douthit Myrtle Mrs r 416 Pelham Rd 2811

Eatman P B r 307 Nisbet 2596

Edwards A D r 742 N Pelham rd 2581

Edwards Dean r Nisbet Lake rd 3841

England W H Mrs r 730 N Pelham rd 3221

Fair A H r Bonny Brook 3125

Felgar R P r 300 N Pelham rd 3771

Ferguson R P r 711 W Francis 2671

Ferguson Sallie Mrs r 200 W College 3491

Figary W H r 202 Church 3381

First National Bank 100 N Pelham rd 2011

Fitz Alice Miss r 705 N Pelham rd 2696

FItz H B Mrs r 107 Mountain 2856

Fitzgibbons J J Lt Col r 402 Pelham Rd 4151

Ford Annie r 53 B 3831

Forney Emma R Miss r 117 W Mountain 3681

Foster C r E Mountain 3242

Foster G D r E Mountain Av 3246

Fryar J H geni mdse 105 SE Public sq 3201

Res 111 Eighty Oaks 2871

Fuqua W E r 715 N Pelham Rd 2802

Garren Kenneth H r 401 Gale 2551

Gidley J F r 202 Carroll 3176

Gidley's J F Mkt 104 SW Public Sq 2841

Gilbert Robert B r Shelton apts 3591

Gilbert T C r 603 W Mountain Av 3391

Glazner J F r 511 N Pelham Rd 3161

Goodlett D Z r 113 W Mountain 2391

Gray D W r 419 N Main 3551

Gray Grocery Co E llth Pub Sq 3521

Gray M L r 405 N Church 2851

Green E L store RFD 2 2102

Green E P Or r 518 2nd 3851

Green Earnest L r RFD 2 2107

Green Howard Sgt r 406 Mountain Av 3922

Green M E r RFD 2 2108

Greenleaf Stephen E r S Pelham 2771

Greenleaf W I r S Pelham rd 2071

Hadsell Wm Lt r 410 N Spring . 3311

Hames Exa Mrs r 508 N Pelham rd 2691

Harper C T r 410 N Church 2731

Hatcher W J r S Pelham Rd . . 2901

Hawkins J W r 310 E Clinton 3046

Haywood W L r RFD 1 Anniston 3122

Henderson J R r 116 W Ladiga 3191
Henderson's Barber & Beauty Shop

103 SE Public sq 2681

Hendrix L J r 808 N Pelham rd 2151

Hill A B Chapin r 800 N Pelham Rd 4116

Hill Grocery Co Public sq 3022

Holbrook Gilert A r 706 W Frances ..'. .3941

Holden J A r 415 Forney 2616

Holden Service Sta 100 S Pelham rd " ^2241

• Private Branch Exchange.


Holley Eloise H Mrs r 600 N Pelham Rd. . 3066

Horton B T Lt r 517 2nd " ' 3427

U''^ber P T Lt r 200 E Mountain Av . .' 3062

Huber Henry S Capt r 210 W Mountain Av 2407

Ingram L F r 421 IM Pelham rd . 3351

Ingram Robert J r 504 N Pelham Rd " ' 3371

Irby W C r Monte Casa '.'..'.'.'..'.. .3781

Jacksonville City of

Supt of Water Works r 205 Church 2711

City Clerk ofc City Hall ... 2911

Chief of Police r 619 S Pelham rd ." ' .' 2641

Police Dept City Hall 2911

Supt of Streets r 610 E Frances 2301

Fire Department City Hall 2911

Fire Chief r 207 S Pelham 36O6

Jacksonville Lumber Co E Francis . 2862

Jacksonville News 19 E Clinton 3321

Jacksonville Public Serv Corp 21 W Public sq 2971
Johnson E L groc 830 Gadsden rd 2191

Johnson Frank J Mrs r S Pelham 3721

Johnston A P r 515 2nd 2621

Johnston Furniture Co Public sq 2041

Johnston J L r 405 E Mt 2I6I

Johnston T G r 205 Mountain ." " ' ' .348I

Keith Russell T Lt r 201 Murphy . 4131

Kitchens A J Jr drugs E Public so 2Sm

Res 301 Ladiga .'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. ^Ssi

Lakeview Nursery RFD 1 Anniston. 3127

Landers E J r 612 2nd 2021

Lawrence F M Dr dentist 105 W Clinton 2441

Res 411 N Pelham rd 2601

Ledford M serv sta Bonny Brook 3124

Lemmon F M Lt r 223 E Carroll. 3173

Lester Forney M r 305 N Church 3261

Lester H E r 401 5th ^Spi

Lewis Wiley D Capt r lOO Murphy Av 4137

Little Leonard r 804 Francis oiqf,

L''ttle's Service Sta S Pelham rd. ! ! ." 2472

Luttrell Maude Miss r 415 N Pelham. .!.'!!!' 3931

Martin Harry F r 212 W Mountain Av 4161

Martin J Thomas r 747 N Pelham 3511

Massingale Harold E Lt r 204 Mountain Av 3336

McCluer Leon r loo Nisbet 3fli?

McCormick W L r 300 S Murphy 2961

McLean Frank r rj Pelham ^nfli

Mercantile Co The 13 E Side Sq 4121

Methodist Parsonage r Gale 3251

Mitchell D B r 201 E Mountain Av 3651

Mitchell R L r 606 E Francis Av 2342

Mock H B r 206 W Mountain . 3691

Moody Claude E r 205 S Church 3301

Morgan FB Mrs r 232 W Mountain Av 2086

Morris G S Rev r RFD 1 Wellington 3133

Morton W T Mrs r 510 N Pelham rd! .' .' ." ! " ' ' 2926
Mullino Felix r RFD 1 ; ; ; " 3J34

Nance Will W r Alexandria rd 3911

National Youth Administration S Pelham rd 2121

Nisbet Jno B r 310 Ladiga . 2631

Nixon W D store Merrellton

Call Long Distance (Dial Operator)

Hoi— Wes 31

Princess Theatre W Public sq 2491

Profile Cotton Mills ofc 1st 2031

Pruett L M r S Pelham rd. ...'.'.'. 2181

Pruett Ross r S Pelham rd '.'.'.'.'.'.[['.. ;2541

Ragland Harry L r S Pelham rd 3801

Rayfield J D Dr ofc Public sq " ' 3431

Res 517 N Pelham rd . . . 2821

Reaves W r RFD 1 . . 3123

Reed Q M restrnt 505 E Vann 3291

Rogers J B serv sta Square " 2291

Rowan H A r 717 N Pelham rd 3656

Ryan J B r 323 5th Av " ' ; 3531

Sargent W C Mrs r 508 N Pelham Rd 3672

Seaboard Air Line Ry Co ofc N Pelham Rd 2832

Self Reuben r Mountain 3411

Severance W S Lt r 308 Nesbit 2592

Sewell Dan Mrs r 510 E Francis. . 3536

Sewell M B r 416 N Pelham Rd. . . . 4171

Sewell Paul G r 107 N Church . 2721

Shell Oil Co Inc 602 W Mtn ' ' 3111

Shelton A C r 304 S Pelham rd 2571

Shipman R A r N Pelham rd 3151

Sibert Ray S Lt r 2201/2 Washington 3561

Smart Donald V Capt r 610 W Francis. . . . 3096
Snead Bros store 721 W Mnt 2%i

Sou Bell Tel & Tel Co Inc

For Information regarding accounts, applications
for and changes in service call our Contract
Collection Agent at 36II

If no answer and for all other business trans-

e« D 1 °'^' OP^''ator and ask for Business Office
Sou Railway Co depot W Mtn . 2171

Stanton K J Capt r 308 Goodlett 2403

State Teachers College

Apartment Dormitory 2211

Bibb Graves' Hall 2281

Daugette Hall '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. 2251

Forney Hall Boys Dormitory 2221

Weatherly Hall Girls Dormitory ...'..'.'.'..'.. 2261

Main Ofc


President's Ofc 3621

President's Home . . 2O6I

Steinberg Joe r W Clinton ....*.' 3041

Stephens Chas A r 501 5th . . . 2i5l

Stephens Hardware Co 2 SW Public sq 3231

Stephens Ralph r N Church 3421

Stephenson J W r 114 W Mountain 2921

Stevenson Eloise Miss r 208 W Mtn av " ' 3031

Stewart C R r 409 N Church . 2521

Summers A C Rev r 400 E Ladiga ..] 3541

Taylor Roy r 800 W Francis . 2761

Taylor Roy C r 409 5th Av . . . 3076

Texaco Service Sta 312 N Pelham rd 2461

Thompson Samuel r 514 N Pelham rd 3571

Townley John L r 615 N 2nd 3711

Tranquada Ernest A Lt r 416 Spring 3568

Traylor Leo C r 510 2nd Av 3676

Treadaway F S Mrs r 517 N Pelham 2821

Trost Louis R r 2101,2 W Mountain Av ", 4I66

U S Govt

Selective Service System

Local Board No 1 21 W Public sq . 3661

U S Post Office N Pelham ....!.; '2331

Ochs Edwin r 202 Church ^-^oi better! Frank r Bonny Brook 3121

O'Donnell F r Bonny Brook ofoZ

5onny Brook ' ^3126

Parish J M r RFD 1 3139

Parker Harry S r 607 S Pelham Rd ' ! .' ." 2436

Parrish J R r RFD 2 ' 3137

Police Department City Hall 2911

Posey Ethel W Mrs r 1I6 W Mountain 3341

Postal Telegraph-Cable Co

To send a telegram, cablegram or radiogram

Dial Operator and ask for Postal Telegraph

Walker W D r 401 N Pelham Rd 2081

Warlick Fannie Miss r 615 S Pelham rd 2111

Weaver Bros Store 7 E Public sq 2361

Weaver H V r 119 Eighty Oak 2741

Weaver R V r E Ladiga 2421

Weaver T J r 125 Eighty Oak 2561

Weir Ada Miss r 200 W Mountain.. 3471

Wellborn Walter H r Maxwellborn

U/-C. c . u ^^" '-^"S Distance (Dial Operator)
West Ernest H r 401 N 2nd 2941

32 We$— Wri

JACKSONVILLE t^"'*^*^'^''''^* JUnchtA Throuoh FvMn Ex.

* Private Branch Exchange.


West Ernest H Garage 105 S Pelham rd 3761

West Seymore r E Mountain Av 4101

West Side Drug Co 21 W Public sq 2971

Western Union Telegraph Co 14 W Public Sq 3611

Whatley J W Jr r RFD 2 2101

White Cecil R r RFD 1 3746

Wilkins J W r 207 W Francis Av 3608

Willard W H r 501 N Pelham Rd 3141

Williams A A r RFD 2 2106

Williams James Dr ofc E Public Sq 3441

Res 206 W College 3641

Wilson A A r 418 N Church 2531

Wise Richard A Lt r 507 N Church 2756

Wood C R r E Mtn 2131

Wood J M r 401 S Pelham rd 3281

Wood John F Mrs r 402 N Spring 3751

Woody Frank S Lt r 106 W Mountain Av 4141

Wright John H Lt r 204 W Mountain Av 3581

Aar — Log 33



Long Distance "1

Information — Numbers Not Listed in Directory > D"! Operator

Repair Service — Reporting: a Telephone Out of Order ... J
Business Transactions With the Company —

For information regarding accounts, applications for and changes in service, call our Contract Collection

Online LibraryWilliam G. (William Goodell) FrostU.S. Telephone Directory Collection (Volume Alabama - White Pages - Anniston - November 1936 thru October 1946) → online text (page 53 of 91)