William G. (William Goodell) Frost.

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(Jarage Main-4912

Supt's officf Main-7373

Gen Agent's office Main-3446

L & N Station Main-8235

Terminal Receiving Oept Main-2717

American Shoe Shop The 510 S 20th Main-9591

•^AMER STEEL WIRE CO Frfld Ensley-961

American Steel & Wire Co B-M bl Main-4883

Amer Steel & Wire Co frt dept B-M bl. .Main-2016
Amer Tel & Tel Co

Dist Plant Supt Am Tr bl Main-9062

Dist Chief Clerk Am Tr bl Main-9063

District Inspector Am Tr bl Main-9038


1st av Main-7500

Building supt Main-7500

Siipt's ofc Main-1121

Amer Window CIng Co 170(5 3rd av n. . .Main-4S25

American Woodmen 172fiVl' 20th Ensley-1905

American Woodmen ofc Ala Pen Svg Bk. .Main-63S0

Amerine A r S29 S 22nd Main-2701-W

Ames J W r 6008 3rd av s Wdlawn-1260-W

Ames P r 316 S (iTth Wdlawn-1802-J

Amigh L Mrs r 7014 1st av Wdlawn-1070-J

Ammon Wm r 1417 N 17th Hemlock-2195

Amos Guy S r 1203 N 29th Hemlock-473-J

Amos W T r 116 N 74th Wdlawn-119g-W

Amrhein T J contr 203 N 22nd Main-2149

Anc-co Preserving Co 2211 Av K Main-S400

Anderson A E r 813 S 22nd Main-8727

Anderson B J Dr ofc Ala P S Bk Maiti-2716

Anderson B J Dr r 1012 11th av n.Hemlock-1831-W
Anderson Bama Mrs

r 1731 15th av n HemIock.l743-W

Anderson C E i 5205 1st av Wdlawn-1917

Anderson C W r 2H30 20th av n Hemlock-561-J

Anderson C W r 2409 Av G En$ley-217-W

Anderson C W r 429 E 54th Wdlawn-943

Anderson Chas F i 4131 Cns id Main-4514-W

Anderson Cera Miss r Louis Apts Main-6706

Anderson D S atty Am Tr bl Main-622

Anderson D S r 1704 Pearson av W End 1108

Anderson D S r Margaret apts Main-3463-J

Anderson David P ofc 2109 3d av n Main-380

Anderson David P r 1501 S 21st Main-1116-J

Anderson Drug Co 5:501 Valley rd Ensley-9127

Anderson Dry CI & Dyeing Co Inc

SOI inih £n$!ey-1997

Anderson E H Mrs r 1704 S 12th Main-4543-W

Anderson E M Mrs r 1005 S 14th Main-5788

Anderson Ed L r 2233 Arlington av. . .Main-4834-\W
Andersen Exa L Mrs r 2201 Larch av.Ensley-1472-W

Anderson F W r 1101 St Chas Main-7317-W

Anderson F Y Mrs r 2240 Sycamore. .Main •4966-W
Anderson Flora r tlOS 9th av n. . .Hemlock-2412-W
Anderson Frank Hartley

Archt 2112 11th ct s Main-6897

Anderson Frank Y Jr

Ittsidence 4217 Glenwood av.Main-8f726

Anderson G A r 301 13th w W End-1233-J

Anderson G L r 831 N 39th Main-882

Andewon Geo A Mrs r 1711 Av U Ensley-5t)6-W(

Anderson Geo Mrs r 3708 Park-way. . .Ensley-1463- J

Anderson H A r 21i; 12nd Ensley-1306-J

Anderson Hattie I Mrs r 1215 St Chas Main-2082-J
Anderson J C r 2823 12th av n. . .Hemlock-1306-W

Anderson J H r 2115 lllh av n Hemlock-933-J

Anderson J L r 3217 13th av n Hemlock-801-J

Anderson J M r 1523 Water Hemlock-1176-W

Anderson J M r 931 44th Main-5458-\*

Anderson J M r 1104 S 28th Main-6746-\ll

Anderson J r 610 Fulton av W End-185-J

Anderson J R r 128 Klyton W End-668-J

Anderson Jno M r 612 Parkway Ensley-947-J

Anderson L B r 3319 Bess blvd Ensley-569-W

Anderson L W r 3ll(i Hess Blvd Ensley-75-J

Anderson Lee E r 200S 15th av n. Hemlock-1790-J

Anderson Ncna Miss r 2030V2 At B Main-7191

Anderson W r Kosedale Hemlock-2512-M

Anderson Paul Mrs r 3026 Prince. . .Ensley-2146-J

Anderson Pauline Miss r 822 N 21st Main-5413

Anderson Pelham H ofc Am Tr bl Main-1504

Anderson Pelham H r 4240 ClilT rd. . .Main-3469-W

Anderson R R r 4039 5th av n Main-8306-W

Anderson R T r 1761 13th av s Main-8401-W

Anderson W E r 2922 Av G Ensley-606-J

Anderson Walter H atty Age-Herald hi. . .Main-5615

Andcrton H L atty Farley bl Main-6837

Anderton H L atty 1st N B bl Main-7394

Anderton H L r 808 Cotton av W End-492-J

AndoeA J Mrs r 2509 5th at n Main-6526

AndonTom D Pro Co 1824 4th a? n Main-916

Andress Frank S atty Title Guar bl Main-800

Anriress Frank S r 42 J5 Av E Main-1105-J

Andrew S G r 120 S Almond W End-959-W

Andrews A B r 1413 16th av s Main-8437-W

Andrews B C Mrs r 1308 N 17th. . .Hemlock -721-W
Andrews Clarence K r 1705 12th av s.Main-7968-W

Andrews E H r 9 Fairvw Cir s Main-1771

Andrews E P r 1330 N 14th Hemlock-2007-W

Andrews Ernestine Miss 1212 N 31st. . .Hemlock- 32
Andrews F Nelson Mrs r 1908 NIsn av s Main-4028-J

Andrews Harry r 1406 S 21st Main-3576

Andrews J E Mrs r 308 N Hawkins. . .W End-306-J

Andrews J F r 4117 Av C Main-7256-W

Andrews J H r 1330 4th av n Main-5452-W

Andrews J r 3500 13th av n. ., .Hemlock-2361-J

Andrews J L r 7504 Sloss av Wdlawn 1034-W

Andrews J R r 3620 13th av n Hemlock-612-W

Andrews J W r 219 41st Ensley-725-W

Andrews John F r 831 Mntgmry Main-2685

Andrews John W r 2712 Av F Main-S135-J

Andrews M L r 3525 Nwood blvd. .HemIock-1110-W

Andrews Mark r 1608 N 35th Hemlock-1300-J

Andrews Merc Co 3201 Bess Blvd Ensley-258

Andrews L r 3909 7th av s Main.l774-W

Andrews R L r 2156 Rose av Main-4053

Andruss J B r 1725 15th M s Main-8678

Angel I B M ofc VTdward bl Main-4074

AngellB M ofc Wdward bl Main-5219

Angell B M r 3621 Norwood Blvd.Hemlock-2179-J

Angell J J r lOOG S 14th Main-6511-W

Angell W T Mrs r 1607 Beech Main-7151

Angle G E r 2S0S 12th av D Hemlock-1019-W

AngwinJohn r 17th av Ensley-1132

Annesley S A Mrs r 1003 S 14tli Main-3508-J

Anniston Elec Steel Corp J C B bl Main-969

Anselmo Bros gror .330 S 12tb Main-9217

Anselmo Sam gv<c 1001 11th av d Main-9553

Ansley F H Mrs r Hill Top. En$ley.722-W

Ansley Foster r 2408 12th av n Hemlock-275-W

Ansley Hewlette r 1428 12th av n.Hemlock-1631-W
Ansley S J r 7524 luderwood av. . .Wdlawn-1842-W

AntheC Mrs r 726 S 11th Main-8142-W

Anthony C C r 531 Fulton av W End-930-J

Anthony J A Mrs r 1738 31st En$ley-2158-J

Anthony J C Dr ofc 1st N B bl Main-1608

Anthony J C Dr r 1412 S 15th Main-3408

Anti-Saloon League Age-Herald bl Main-1623

Anti-Tuberculosis Assn of Jeff Co

2019 Av F.Main-3319

Antognoli A A Mrs r 3920 Glenwood av. .Main-S751

Antonio Joe r 2024 16th av Ensley-929

Antonio Tony 1513 Av P En$ley-9177

Antes S r 2303 1^ 5th av a Main-8518

Anlram H r 1738 Wdland a? o Hemlock-1086

Antwine Edward L r 1004 N 30th.. .Hemlock-1517

AntwineJohn F r 1301 N SOtk Hemlock-171

Antwine-McGuire-DeShazo 1914 3rd av. .Main-364S

Apex Really Co 2125i/j Onj^ a? o Main-1604

AplinW J r G712 1st av Wdlawn-1146

Apperson B C ofc Uric bl Main-954

Apperson B C r 1119 S 16th Main-2137.J

Apple Esther M Miss r Hgland V Apts.Main-5535-J
Applebaum D r 2401 Av F Ensley-248-J




Fone 444 For Fords

528 No. 20th St.


Arnlmlance Service

Main 1002



Appling A L r 2011 At I) Ensley-lS6S

Aquilino Coal Yard 1230 Av E Ensley-879

Arabs Club 1921 Va At B Ensley-1874

Arant Douglas ofc J C Bk bl Main-4780

Arban L r 829 S 15th Main-7954-W

Arhaugh A M r 1400 Louise Main-3029-W

Arcade Billiard Parlor 2I614 N 20th. . .Main-9313

Arcade Market 309 19th Ensley-298

Arcade Market 2225 3rd av Main-9587

Archer Geo r 415 Princeton aT W End-609-J

Archibald H M Jr ins 2124 1st av n Main-460

Archibald H M Jr r 1005 S Eula Main-5360-W

Ard A Y Mrs T 1117 Elm Main-2205-W

Ard J C r 1600 Itith av s Main 4809-J

Ard is Dave r 109 Av C Main-3521-\N

Arg Auxiliary Spring Co Inc 3919 1st av.Main-2466

Arendale J M r 4901 6th av n VVdlawn-1961-W

Argeros & Co cnnf 1730 3rd av n Main-9463

Arges Pete r 2014 Humbolt av s Main-3462

Argo M M r Lettls Hgwy Hemlock-2511-R

Argro Frank groc 414 N 24lh Main-9354

Armbruster W E r 2408 15th av n.Hemlock-842-W

Armes Edmund C r 4357 Cliff rd Main-5179

Armfield J I r 3023 11th av n.. ..Hemlock-129S-J

Armi stead John r Roebuck Spgs Wdlawn-870-J

Armour W S Dr ofc 301 S 41st Main-5583

Armour Wm S Dr r 3910 8th ct s Main-2505-J

A-ARMOUR & CO ofc 2309 1st av Main-6915

Armstrong B M r Route 4 Juniper-2011

Armstrong C E r 1601 10th av a Main-5423-W

Armstrong Chas H r 1017 Kim Main-6484

Armstrong Dora Miss r 2120 .5th av. Hemlock 2889-J
Armstrong G W r 7131 Sloss av. . .Wdlawn-1942-J
Armstrong George r 1634 Pike av. . .En$ley-1015-W


Tutwiler Store Main-1510

Office 310 N 20th Main-4164

Armstrong Henry F r 324 7th s w...W End-1073-J
Armstrong Hollis cine & dyng 103 S 22nd.Main-5902

Armstrong Hollis r Shades Mtn W End-26-W

Armstrong Hunter r 7101 Undwd av. .Wdlawn-802-W
Armstrong Ira L r 3907 Clairmont av. .Main-8819-J

Armstrong J F r 916 W 3rd Hemlock-2326-W

Armstrong J G Mrs r 7813 Walker av.Wdlawn-242-W

Armstrong J S r 2533 20fh Ensley-1753-J

Armstrong Reliable Light Co 416 N 17th.Main-445

Armstrong Rosa r Irondale Wdlawn-1576-W

Armstrong Roy r 1212 8 16tli Main-4432

Armstrong-Smith Co

Dntl Lab lOKP/s -Mrrs av Main-4226

Laboratory Main-178

Armstrong T M r 4318 Sycamore. . .Ensley-1755-M

Armstrong W P r 813 N 41st Wdlawn-1405

Am Ferd E r 601 St Chas av W End-388-J

Arndt Martha Miss r 4929 1st av s.Wdlawn-1850-J

Amett C S, r 4119 HolUy Ensley- 1730 -W

Arnett S M r 3219 Av C Ensley-2014-W

Amett T D r 607 S 46th Wdlawn-957-J

Arnold Auto Painting Co 2302 Av F Main-6574

Arnold B H Mrs r 4220 11th av Ensley-1350-W


921 N l!>th Hemlock-1976

Arnold F G Dr r 4002 Summitt »t Main-488'")

Amold Homer S r 2511 13th av n. .Hemlock-335-W

Arnold J M r 1621 Vi 12th av s Main-2185

Arnold J S r Ann Station Ensley-852-W

Arnold J V ofc Am Tr bl Maln-2S19

Arnold J V r 1435 S 18th Main-3149-J

Arnold Jacob LeRoy r 930 Wdland av s.Main-6597-J

Arnold Jno C atty 1st N B bl Nlain-393

Arnold John C r 3201 12ih av n Hemlock-1200

Arnold-Kelly Lbr & Mfg Co 2923 Av B. .Ensley-110

Amold L M r 207 M Poplar W End-657-J

Arnold r 413 Ray Ensley-105S-W

Arnold R W r 921 8 14th Main-5456-J

Arnold T J Mrs r 910 2nd av W End-652-W

Arnold W B r 111 Green W End-427-J

Arnold W E r 2015 Pearson av W End-426-W

Arnold W M r 525 Green Main-5125-J

Amold W P r 2323 Klder av Ensley-1133-J

Arnott M G r 2222 Av F Ensley-1297

Aronson H r 504 N Main-4014-J

Arrant A J r 1034 S 42iid Main-6407-J

Arrant Herman J r Hanover Crt apts. .Main-8845-W


I'nderwriting l»ept Age-Herald bl. . .Main-2267

Manaijer Main-742

Airasmith H J r 1314 N 14th Hemlock-2007-J

Arrington J F r 107 Cedar W End-1145-W

Art Metal Const Co Age-Htrald bl Main-3474

Arthur J C r 501 S 66th Wdlawn-1630-W

Arthur R C r 7319 Georgia rd Wdlawn-1406-J

Arzinger W r 4138 Cliff rd Main-8595

Asbury J J r 3731 Cliff rd Main-2597

Ash A & A jwlrs 1921 2d av n Main-2842

Ash Aaron r 1331 8t Chas Main-3952-J

Ash Albert r 14:'.9 S 28th Main-2638-W

Ash Geo r 1828 N 14lh ct Hemlock-88

Ash Henry Mrs r .''.r^l Hi;liind av Main-1584

Ash J W Mrs r 1024 8 14th Main-549-J

Ashe Rufus R r JIOS Sycamore Ensley ■2091-J

Ashford T T ofc 2021 4th av n Main-998

Ashford T T r 1715 13th av 1 Main-2044

Ashley Ida Mrs r 18.30 FJusli av. . .Hemlock-1770-W

Ashmead E W r 2485 Bay av s Main-5345

Ashmead Henry C ofc B-M bl Main-650

Ashmead Henry C r 1846 30th Ensley •2159-W

Ashmcre E E r 1420 Av I Main-3146-J

Ashmore Vester C r 2318 Oakland av. .Eflsley-2030-J

AshtonW J r 1108 Glen Iris av Main-8485-J

Ashworth R F Dr ofc Farley bl Main-2770

Ashworth Robert F Dr r 922 S 42nd.. .Main-777-J

Askew Ed i 1932 !Uh Alley n Hemlock-626-J

Askew Nathaniel r 620 8th av n. . .Hem|ock-2737-W

Askew R E r 4109 9th aT Ensley-101-W

Askin& Marine 112 N 19th Main-7649

Asphalt Roofing Products Co UO X 22nd.Main-6274

Aspin M Mrs r 1108 N 13fli Main-4041

AssellJno R r 4717 2nd aT n Wdlawn-918-J

I Associated Industries of Ala .\m Tr Id. .Main-1344

' Assod S r 1007 Montgomery Main-4305-J

I Aston Boyd r 1109 9th pi w Hemlock-2435-R

! Aston H C V 1130 Uth av n Hemlock-1753-W

I Aston John r 1000 S 13tli Main-7943-W

1 Atcheson H P Mrs r 1315 Isl av W End-837-J

Athas Peter r 291:: 13th av o Hemlock-817-J

Atherton Co sisn painting 304 S 20th. . .Main-5133
Athertcn T E i S12 AloLs av W End.l007-J

Atkins A W r 1010 2nd av W End-525-W

Atkins B M smc 7134 1st av Wdlawn-914S

Atkins D r 3602 Cliff rd Main-6701-J

Atkins D Mrs ins B-M bl Main-3631

Atkins Robt L r 4801 Grand av Wdlawn-453-J

Atkins T W Mrs r 7419 2nd av n Wdlawn-253

Atkinson Grant H r 8102 Ala av Wdlawn-305

Atkinson I N r 1020 1st av W End-284-W

Atkinson J P r 924 S 13th Main-6902-W

Atkinson P L r 1924 12th av n. . .Hemlock-2036-J

Atkinson T A r 2408 30th ar n Hemlock-543-W

Atkinson T S r 234 N 49th Wdlawn-148-J

Atlanta Birmingham & Atlantic R R

G(«'l \ii B-M bl Main-1486

Com'l Agt B-M bl Main-8232

Inf Bureau Pass Sta Main-8100

C C to Gen Agt B-.M bl Main-8232

Ticket Agt Pass Sta Main-8100

T-ravelers Frt & Pass Agt B-M bl. .Main-8232

Frt Depot 11th Main-1524

Yd Ofc Greene Sta Elvton Main-5594

Rate & Trace Clk B-M bl Main-8232

Shop Chas St Elyton W End-129

Atlanta Life Ins Co 1630 4th av Main-3424

Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co 2125 2nd av. .Main-5400

603 N 21st Main-2690

2235 Maj,'nolia av Main-419S


H-M 1)1 Main-7472

Atlas Mach & Supply Co 1101 At B Main-560


I? M hi Main-7472

Atlas Powder Co H-M bl Main-696

Magazine Lewisburg Hemlock-2520-W

Ki> Magazine Keejier Lwsbr;. . Hcmlock-2555-R
Attaway Eugene E r 517 Miller av. .Hemlock-622-J

Attkisson Laurie nfc Age Herald bl Main-3445

Attkisson & White ofc .\^e Herald bl. . .Main-3445

Atwell J S r 1520 12tli av s Main-6194-W

Atwood A L Dr ofc Wdward bl Main-6224

AtwoodA L Dr r 919 S 13th Main-2142

Ault C D Mrs r 1026 1st av Main-6373-W

Auman H L r 1231 N 22nd Hemlock-1665-W

Ausborn C E r 1515 11th av s Main-6099

Ausman Paul W r 4321 Cherry Ensley-1750-W

Austin A E Mrs r 1319 N 26th Hemlock-632

Austin Co The ofc Am Tr bl Main-1075

Austin Edwin K r 1318 N 32nd. . . .Hemlock-182-W
Austin F R.r 1715 >rai.shall av. . .Hcmlock-1909-J

Austin J B r 4725 1st av Wdlawn-202-W

Austin J C r San .lose Apts Main-6357

Austin Mch Co of La B-M bl Main-7224

Austin P r 1710 At G Ensley-1007

Austin W B Mrs r 3806 5th av n Main-773-J

Austin W W r 1015 N 34th Hemlock-1185

Auter H B r 3100 Burgin av Ensley-1796-M

Auto Inn Inc Inncht-s Kosedale Main-S235

Auto Service Co 1701 2nd av Main-2462

Auto Stor Tire & Battry Co Inc

2205 1st av.Main-5374
Auto Supply & Battery Co 2004 At E.Ensley-1538
Automatic Elec Heater Co Age llrld bl. .Main-6339
Automatic Heating Co Inc 2705 Av G..Main-3396
Avant C A r 1207 Montgomery Main-6609-W




Birmin^Kam Electric





Main 388



<Arlnd!cate8 P. B. Exchange.

G(,EN Iris










^1 ndlcates P. B. Exchange.



Avent Annie Miss r 3218 12th av n.Hemrock-1033-W I

A»era A U r 1144 Virginia Main-1261-J t

AmettMarj Lee Mrs r 1100 S ,18th.. .Main-4962 '

Amett R H r 2305 2l8t m s Main.45l2-W

Atery J L r 2423 36th a» n Hemlock-76-J |

AVery Mildred Miss r 2100 L'-iiid av. . .Ensley-684-J

Averyt E W : ;\\-2 l-'th av n Hemlock-404 :

Averyt W R r •JH21 Av H Eiisley-2028-W !

Avondalc Bank & Sav Co 205 S Jbf . . .Main-8451
A»onria!p Baptist Church 4018 4th it *. .Main-B092
Avondale Bids & Loan Asm 205 S 41st.Main-8451
Avondate Furniture Co 4032 2nd a* n. . .Main-6302

Avondale Lumber Co 3700 5th av n Main-4407

Avondale Mills nfc 1ft »t ▲ Main-1048

Avondale Quality Bakery 312 Sprine. . . .Main-9276

Avondale Shoe Shop 220 S 41st Main-8899

Avondale Stove & Fdy Co 2.'H 27th avn.Wain-1046
Avram Bertha Miss r 1 J.MO xth av n Hemlock-2254-W

Axford John H r Miree apti Main-1523-J

Axis Club 1819 8th av n Main-4138

Axley R C r Iticlimontl Apts Main-5993

Aycock J M r ;58H> Av C Wain-2224-J

Ayrielott A Y r 2410 1.5th av s Main-4047.\W

Aydelott H T r 106 8 52nd Wdlawn-815

Aydclolte Dora r 1507i{. 14th av ^f. . .Main-4645-J

Ayer Frank r 104 N Halstead Wdlav»n-1804.J

Ayer Miss r 1034 S 20th Main-7855

Aycis H W r 4ir. \ r.3rfl WdIawn-1032-J

AymJ C r .3409 12tb av n Henilock-364

Ayers i T r 1706 Copeland a? Hemlock-1548-J

Ayers Luella Mrs r 1616 Av G Main-8421-W

Ayers R L r r.lin Av C Ensley-719-W

Ayers T M r tiTlG Kimborly av Wdlawn-1744-J

Ayrs L r 1001 Crescent av Main-7304-J

Azbik Joe r S30 S Main-6659-J

Aziz Geo Rev r 2U07 Av F Main-4723-J


Baader C W i VMVi Tii>c av W En(l-165-W

Babb H r T.w; Kfhcl av W Eiid-521-J

Babbitt Violet Elizabeth Mist

Rpgidence 7401 4th av ■.Wdlawn-1054-W

Backschies F G r 608 Cotton a» W End-613-J

Baton A H rlnthiiig ISOO Av K Ensley-876

Bacon A H r 1644 Pike »v Ensley-1443-W

Bacon H B dr>- gds 2410 2iid av Msin-4081

Badger H E r 2708 32iul av n. . . Henilock-2238-M

Badgley D H r 1404 N 26th Hemlock-199-J

Badham H L ofc Am Tr bl Main-4471

Badham H L r 1221 VThiUker Main-623

Badham H L Jr r 1223 Whltaker Main-7407

Bartliam Realty Co 1.4 N B M Main-5499

Badham Vernon C r 3023 .Mnmitain av. Henilock-2314
Badham & Co 2002 5lh av n Main-5816


litlii 4th av n Main-5264

Niuht & Sunday Calls Main-8884

Baqby Lynette Miss r 140 Davies Wdlawn-906-J

Baoett J D Scrv Sla 2031 Av C Main-5379

Bagnett M L r 1601 30th Ensley-973-W

Baogett & Johnson 8303 1st av n \Afdlawn-285

Bagley-Dill Drug Co 4130 10th av n. . .Main-7387

4430 10th a» D Wdlawn-9158

Bagley E T ofc 2028 4tli av n Main-1348

BaoleyG C r 1032 N 44th Wd!awn-244-J

Bagley J A Dr r '.)?.! N 44fh Main-7150

Bagley N L r Roebuck Spgs Wdlawn-54-J

Bagley S G Coal Co 907 N 44th Wdlawn-877

Bagley W W Mrs r 820 N Iflth Hemlock-1084

Baglry's B'ham Gas AppI Co

ISOS 4tli av n Main-5550

BairwellC A basket wis !>01 Helei W End-419

Bagwell C A r 1G22 Pearson av W End-216-W

Bagwell Catherine Miss

I t:m2 Reiney av WdlawM'744-R

Bahakle Sahid r 423 1st av Maifl-4890-J

Bailes Geo Lewis atty 1st N B bl Main-5838

Bailey A L r 8431 llillman av Wdlawn-1259-J

Bailey A M r R F !► 4 Juniper-2111

Bailey B Mrs r 4904 2nd av i Wdlawn-863-W

Bailey C L r r>.')21 4th av i Wdlawn-1309-W

Bailey Ceccil Miss r Oak (Jlen (rt Aiit.Main-7960-W
Bailey Chas G Mrs r Kll Tiisr av. . .W End-1050-W

Bailey Douglas of.- 2026 4th av n Main-3370

Bailey Douglas r <i0:'.0 1st av Wdlawn-1725-J

Bailey E r l.'.OS N Hemlock-1392-J

Bailev Gee I! r r.L'

Bailey H A i 182') Allen Hemlock-1544-J

Bailey J D i .-.104 lOth av n Wdlawn-104-J

Bailey J E SayrHon Ala Main-9220

Bailey J H r 2027 12th av n Hemlock-1703-W

Bailey J S r 615 Tnttno av W End-161-J

Bailey James Mrs r 1124 S 13th Main-1529

Bailey Jeff r 1620 N 29th Hemlock-682-J

Bailey L E r MIS 9ih av .< Main-3111-J

Bailey R A Jr r llarli Crt Apts Ma(n-2961

Bailey S C r 8325 Walker av Wdlavm-1457-W

Bailey T William r 2405 19tb av i. .Hemlock-694-J

Bailey W A r in5 « 'Ji'.ul Main-2161-J

Bailey W R r 2431 Araria av Enstey-1032\M

Bailey W T r 919 N 43d Main-8094

Bailey Wm r 1534 S 19th Main-7212-W

Bain C A r 118 N 60th Wdlawn-36-J


1704 lit a? Main-3050

Baine Tom Mrs r 1501 S 21st Main-1116-J


5500 1st av .Wdlawn-125

Bains H L ofc 2028 6fh iv a Main.3239

Bains Realty Co 2028 6th ar ■ Main-3239

Baird D J r 1116 Cotton av W End-651-J

Baird Henry G r 4!'31 1st av .s Wdlawn-438-J

Baird T Barton ofc 1921 5th av ■ Main-9G10

Baird T Barton r 1222 Maplewood av. . .Main-9078
Btird William J r 1002 N 30th. . .Hemlock-1509-W

Baker A E r Cri-stline Hts' Main-4657-R

Baker A M i 1217 15th av s Main -4977- W

Baker Alfred W r 2S2:: Av G En$ley-92G-J

Baker Annie r 714 S 17th Main-26G9-J

Baker Bros groc 1040 N 19tb Hemlock-1181


1514 S 13th Main-3468

Baker C M r :!1 1 7i!i s w W End-1153-J

Baker C W r 1609 16th av n Hemlock-1669

Baker Dyer Lumber Co Agp-IIfralrl hi. . ..Main-6326

Baker E L r S12 25th Ensley-144S-J i

Baker Ice Machine Co Inc B-M bl Main-8889 ^

Baker J r 201:'. 11th av n Hem|ock-1259-W j

Baker J W r 826 S 21st Main-4673-W i

Baker J W r Ciestline Uts Hemlock-2563-M

Baker John H r 2423 Av E Ensley-509-J

Baker L A r 1223 N 32nd Hemlock-613-W

Baker Leia Mrs r 1525 Av I Ensley-332-J

Baker N R r 2601 Ensley av Ensley-1217

Baker P P r Crestline lights Main-6743-J


Otrice 2313 Morris av Main-7539

Baker P R r 904 3i(l av n W End-1009-W

Baker Robt r 2401 Av E Ensley.l720-W

Baker T M r 1706 30th En$|ey-1292-J

Baker-Vawter Co Am Tr bl Main-6189

Baker W A r 309 N Hawkins W End-1137-W

Baker W B r It K 1> 4 Main-7S42-W

Balabanos Jno r 1721 Cotton av W End-612-W

BalbanosT N r 205 N 50th Wdlawn-466

Balabanos Tom ronf 404 N 20th Main-9487

Baldetson E L r K(1,;cvvo(m1 Hemlock-2553-M

Baldone Chas ^roc 733 X Main-629S

Baldone Joe r 4134 2Dd av a Main-3426-J

Baldone Mary r 4514 10th av n Wdlawn-404-J

Baldwin C Dr r 1'") Is! av Main-7554-J

Baldwin-Eshelman & Gaskell Inc

513 N 21st Main-6780

Baldwin Frank r !t05 8th .av w Main-3288.W

Baldwin G D r 7204 Walkrr av WdIawn-1714-J

Baldwin Henry Grady r 123 Crews Ensley-1799

Baldwin J F bid mat 2217 Morris av Main-624

Baldwin J F r 1331 Hiintwllle av. .HemIock-1877-J

Baldwin Jerry r 2215 .U M Ensley-1111-W

Baldwin John R ofc 513 N 2lst Main-6780

Baldwin John R r 2410 .Ulington av.Main-5975-W

Baldwin M M atty Ag.-lh-rald b! Main-4780

Baldwin M M r 3841 Crescent rd Main-2162

Baldwin W F r 1220 Imqnnis Main-924


117>4 N 20th Main.9542

Baientine J W r 7219 1st av Wdlawn-846-J

Bales Chas r 2221 2Sfh Ensley-2151-J

Bales J W r 521 S 66th Wdlawn-638-W

Ball Cara Mrs r 4518 Av K Main-809-J

BallD C r 4200 Av D Main-7G10-J

Ball G C Mrs r 4112 Av R Main-2008-J

Ball J H r 5523 (lih av s Wdlawn-1441-W

Bail J M r 2823 Av F En$ley-2064-J

Ball Loan Co 2VJl'j N 18th Main-515

Ball Mattie Mrs r 4209 Cheiry Ensley-759-W

Ball Sir 2105 Mth av n Hemlock-2090-J

Ballard Alice Miss r 5212 Auitio av.Wdlawn*151-W

Ballard Eiwyn Dr i 1136 S 18th Main-2804

Ballard F F* J .'.312 12th av n Hemlock-1205

Ballard J C i !I05 X 13tb Hemiock-1900-W

Ballard J M r 5301 lit av i Wdlawn-384-W

Ballard M E r 1502 N 2eth Hemlock-402-W

Ballard Maggie R Mrs i 1105 ctn a\.W End-771W

Ballard T B r 1103 St Chas Main-7952

Ballard W P & Co 1705 1st av ii Main-7586

Ballard Wiley P r 1217 S 20th Main-3168-J

Ballard & Ballard Co floiii 2409 Av A..Main-1382

Ballentine R H r 5023 2Dd av a Wdlawn-276-J

Balson Simon rlothinj Irondale Wdlawn-963-W

Baltimore & Ohio Ry Co

Dist Freight Ofc Am Tr bl Main-8610

Bancroft J D Mrs r 7922 Undwd av. . .Wdlawn-1177
Band C L r 1523 12th av a Main.3660-W




MAIN 434 TAXinAR^ I^A"^ ^^


Band M r 3800 Summit av i Main-1243-W [

Band Rosa Mrs r 1405 13th av s Main-8178-J

Bandman Chester G r 1013 Bula Main-8752

Baiulman J r 252S 10th av s MaiM-7937-W

Banister R H r Ridjely ApU Main-4319

Bank of Alabama 1724 Av E Ensley-700

*BANK OF ENSLEY 421 19th Ensley-2100

Bank of Eiisley hiiuuh Wylam Ensley-104"

Bankers Mortgage Bond Co Am Tr bl. . .Main-2892

Banks Frazer r 410 Lucy av Hemlock-2312-J

Banks M C contr 2501 1st av a Main-8513

Banks M C r 1034 S Slst Wdlawn-1216

Banks T r 350 N 54tli Wdlawn-476-J

Banner Baking Co 411 N 14lh Main-6236

Banton Howard S r 4 N Vine W End-448.W

Baramore John r 2520 2nd av n . . . Hemlock-2593-J

Barbas Vashakis r 1734»^ 1st av Main-7955

Barber Arlie atty 1st Nat Bk bl Main-772

Barber Arlie r 8806 Arola av Wdlawn-445

Barber Bros dairy 714 S ISth Main-3404

B-..»,-v n n . rf!oi nei.i.'ir ^v W(llawn-1729-J

Barber Chas r 1401 N 25th Hemlock-810

Barber Don J r 1225 N 16th Hemlock-1654-J

Barber J r 630 2nd av a Main-7536

Barber Jno L ins Ase-HtTaM bl Main-5611

Barber's Druo & Seed Str 2331 2d av n..Main-154

Barberi Joe r 2500 N 26th Hemiock-1430-W

Barbour Ben F r 1427 N 30tb Hemlock-353-J


426 « 20th Main-10

Barclay C W jwlr Am Tr bl Main-3429

Barclay H G r 1501 N 36th pi . . . . Hemlock-326.W

Barclay H J r 712 Parkway Ensley-263-J

Barclay Henry I Mrs r 1211 Pmcta av..W End-641

Barclay J P r 102S X 29th Hemlock-1102-W

Barclift Clarence Mrs r 1419 N 31»t. .Hemlock-SlO

Barclift F E r 1904 Warrior Rivd Ensley-398-W

Bjtclift Robt H r :un Av (1 Main.6402-J

Barclift S C r 1G04 34th av a Hemlock-324-W

Barclift 4 Norris Grain Co vhol

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