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Perry John Wade Thompson Ln 232-6567

Perry Robert East Limestone Rd 232-7776


Nick Davis Rd 232-6683

Perry Roy E Contractor Nick Davis Rd 232-6683

Perry William Dewey 1402 W Washington 232-8654

Persall Carol C 1603 FIrnc 232-0233

Persell Bobby Joe Airport Sub-Division 232-5%7

Persell Eugene Hwy 72 W 729-6580


Ardmore Rd 232-7905


1309 Lisa Ln 232-3197


116 N Marion 232-3060

Peter R M Mrs Limestn Rd 232-7559

Petersen Bendt P Jr 505 Sanrs 232-0260

Peterson D R 700 Hereford Dr 232-0840


401 S Jeffrsn 232-3306

Parker— Pitis 35


Plant Pleasant Valley Church Rd 232-3950

Ofc Hwv 31 N O'M.'K.Qcn

PETTIE See Also Petty

Pettie R A Nick Davis Rd 232-2476

Pettus Annie Pleasant Valley Community 729-6053

Pettus C S Sandifer Rd 232-7878

Pettus Hershel Hickory Hill Sub-Division 232-5750

PETTY See Also Pettie

Petty Annie Faye Highway 72 W 729-6603

Petty Charlie James Ripley Community 729-6695

Petty Ella B 208 Bailey 232-4421

Petty H T 1509 Washington W 232-7820

Petty Micheal Highway 72 W 729-6603

Petty Wallace C-IO Higgins Ct 232-7981

Pevahouse A L 1400 Eikton 232-6164

Pever Ray Mooresvi Rd 232-4473

Phelps Herman 504 Acron HI 232-6666

Phillips A D FIrnc Hwy 729-6434

Phillips A L 430 E Pryor 232-2580

Phillips Alice Mrs Powers Apts 232-7459

Phillips Allen R Mooresville Rd 232-8856

Phillips Auto Seat Covers lOl S Clintn 232-6042

Phillips Bertha S Mrs 131 Christopher Cir 232-1464

Phillips Billy Joe East Limestone Rd 232-%28

Phillips Chas T Carey Rd 232-5206

Phillips Charlie E New Cut Rd 232-2272

Phillips Clyde Mrs 511 Clinton S 232-3580

Phillips Dean Section Line Rd 232-5748

Phillips Fannie Huntsville- Browns Ferry Rd - -232-8897

Phillips Gladys Fort Hampton Rd 232-1576

Phillips Howard Old Hwy 31 N 232-2034

Phillips J C Hwy 72 W 232-05%

Phillips J D Proctor Rd 232-88%

Phillips J Henry Lecroix Rd 232-5721

Phillips J L Carey Rd 232-2880

Phillips James Cross Key Rd 232-9208

Phillips James C Townsend Ford Rd 232-6730

Phillips John 1409 W nth 232-8837

Phillips Juanita 806 Jackson Dr 232-6982

Phillips L R 605 W Pryor 232-1954

Phillips Lee W Mrs Nick Davis Rd 232-2083

Phillips Marvin Salem 232-1734

Phillips Mary Moore 202 N Beaty 232-0848

Phillips Mildred Mrs Stewart Rd 232-6063

Phillips Minnie 210 E Hobbs 232-7392

Phillips Peggy Gean Higgins Court 232-5897

Phillips R E Proctr Rd 232-5457

Phillips Richard P Nick Davis Rd 232-6027

Phillips Roger 204 Sherril Dr 232-5084

Phillips Ronald E 38 Sandra Lane 232-9207

Phillips Rowe Holt Rd 232-1331

Phillips Roy Mrs Nick Davis Rx 232-6090

Phillips Roy C 326 Shaw 232-0639

Phillips Travis R Po^ctr Rd 232-1074


101 S Clintn 232-6042

Phillips Walter 913 N Jeffrsn 232-35%

Philpot Andrew 909 N Hine 232-2518

Philpot Garage Ardmore Rd 232-4154

Philpot John A New Cut Rd 232-0803

PHONE COMPANY - -See South Central Bell Telephone Co

Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity Athens College 232-9869

Pickett Ivary Lmdsey Ln 232-5003

Pickett Katie Nick-Davis Rd 232-1198

Pickett W L Mrs 120^ Astor 232-3944


119 Monroe 232-8554

Pierce Jackson Lester 232-8040

Pierce Louis L nil E Pryor 232-9595

Pike J H Capshaw 232-7162

Pike J L Huntsvl Rd 232-1739

Pike John R Capshaw 232-6441

Pike Thomas Nick Davis Rd 232-3465

Pike's Store grocr Nick Davis Rd 232-3453

Piney Chapel School Eikton Rd 232-7601

Pioneer American Insurance Co 603 Shilling S -232-5028

Pirtle David Christopher Dr 232-0480

Pirtle Henry M Cactus 232-0438

Pirtle J C 702 Sandrs 232-4002

Pisgah Grocery Ardmore Rd 232-9298


Hwy 72 W- - 232-9853

Pitman Edw Nick Davis Rd 232-5285

Pitman Philip Airport Sub-Division 232-7190

Pitman Robert C Washington 232-7076

Pitman Robt Jackson 15 5th Av 232-2724

Pitman Turner L 1301 Aster 232-2483

Pitner F 1502 Lavert Av 232-8027

Pitt Sharon Highway 31 S 232-7788

Pittman David B Riverview Acres 729-6251

Pittman B Hwy 72 E 232-1438

Pittman R J 6th Av E 232-7876

Pittman Tee B 803 W Bryan 232-3416

Pitts Billy Harris Rd 232-9295

Pitts Charles W 31 Hwy S 232-6627

Pitts Harvey Upper Eikton Rd 232-7930

Pitts J D Ripley Rd 232-1146

Pitts Jimmy 1210 Washington W 232-8562

Pitts John Hwy 72 W 729-6253

Pitts Leamon Cross Key Rd 232-6987

Pitts Linda Cross Key Rd 232-6987

Pitts Lizzie Lucas Ferry Rd 232-0697

36 Pitt's— Reed

Hwy 31 S 232-0484

nils uicii laimci ^'- iZao

Pitts Pauline Beauty Shop 606 Sanders 232-lbOV

Pitts Reba Buck Island Rd ?H"J2^S

Pitts Rufus Lucas Fy Rd 232-6068

Pitts Wm Ashford 105 Coffman Dr 232-4568


1002 E Pryor oS'ZS?

Pleasant Grove School Pleasant Grove 729-6917

Plunk Leonard B Dr vet S Jefferson ^H'^ilt

Res 1207 S Houston 232-1458

Plunkett Kenneth E Nick Davis Rd 232-6192

Poer Martha Y Mrs402 WPryor 232-1168

Poff A E Edgewd Rd lll'ixl^

Poff Louise 309 Strange ?lo S??I

Pogue Ivor 317 Thomas 232-7374


Municipal BIdg ?|?'??35

Poole C A Housm Ct Apts 232-2673

Poole Chas C Va Dr ?H"xSiz

Poole Clifton M lOO Crutcher 232-2956

Poole H L Huntsvl-Browns Ferry Rd 232-2651

Poole Mildred Seegar Lane ^lo"7i^

Pope Alta Elkmont Rd ?lo S/??

Pope Claude East Limestone Road 232-3643

Pope Grady ofc Hwy 31 N lli'alli

Pope Grady Lee Jr Ferguson Apts 232-9381

Pope H L Buck Island Rd Hi'lliz

Pope Jessie 401 Chestnut ?^2"°Xort

Pope M L Buck Isind Rd S3?";§Sz

Pope Martha M 204 1st Av iii'iJSo

Pope Otis L Leggtwn X^i'rjll

Pope Robert Paul Nick Davis Rd 232-6548

Pope Terry 1516 Pine lit'riU,

Pope W B Mrs Buck Island Orad 232-6427


Hwy 31 N iii'Hxi

Pope's Electric Service Hwy 31 N 232-6722

Pope's Plumbing Service Hwy 31 N 232-6722

Popular Creek Baptist Church Snake Rd 729-6995

Porter Donald 307 Schilling 232-8379

Porter Geo M Mrs 802 Hereford Dr 232-3706.

Porter M T 122 Christopher Cir 232-5908

Porter William D 409 Marion N 232-1911

Posey Erbie 903 N Beaty 232-0802

Posey Herschel H Crosskey Rd lll'li^

Posey Johnny Salem Community 232-5390

Posey Otis 203 Sanders SS'?l?o

Posey Price Snake Rd ZI?'?o^o

Posey Robert E Goodsprings Community 232-7868

Posey Roy H Goodsprings Community 232-5533

Posey's Riverside Bar-B-Q Hwy 72 W 729-6470

Poss Donnie Ray 1210 N Jefferson ^^I"?55^

Poss J W Carriger Community 729-6906


301 W Washington 232-1100

Poteete J H 1311 W Market 232-8280

Poteete M D 1309 W Mkt 232-1482

Poteete Wilna 414 S Houstn 232-3762

Potter Richard 112 Christopher Cir 232-4676

Powell C B Powell Rd 232-2908

Powell David 1517 W Washngtn 232-4358

Powell Douglas Cole Road 232-2592

Powell L E Sr Powell Rd 232-2%3

Powell Lawrence E Jr Powell Rd 232-7726

Powell Robert S Elk River Mill Road 729-6635

Powell William H Cambridge Rd 232-1975

Power Jas E Beat Line Rd 232-4736

Powers A D Mrs 501 N Jeffrsn 232-0374

Powers Albert Concord Community 232-8165

Powers Almon 1004 Jackson Dr 232-3575

Powers Alton Ardmre Rd 232-2275

Powers Bob Lee 904 Masn 232-5270

Powers Bobby LJr 1301 S Jeffrsn 232-3277

Powers Cecil E Concord Rd 232-4070

Powers Curtis 304 Shaw 232-4884

Powers E R Ardmore Rd 232-5647

Powers Harold Concord Rd 232-6085

Powers Jas C 408 N Beaty 232-3265

Powers Jimmy H Upper Elktn Rd 232-6871

Powers Nina Mrs 608 N Beaty 232-2208

Powers Produce 708 N Jefferson 232-7509

Powers R M Mrs 1005 Masn 232-6066

Powers Robert L 1305 7th Av 232-5375

Powers Shirley Lmdsey Ln 232-2337

Powers Thomas C Old Ardmore Hwy - - 232-9402


Ardmre Rd -232-4625

Powers Wendell E Buck Island Rd 232-1928

Prater Bernard Lucas Fy Rd 232-4084

Prater J C Mooresvl Rd 232-4086

Prater Jas Ruben 113 Hammond 232-0898

Prater Jewel A Nick Davis Rd 232-5214

Prater Kenneth East Limestone Rd 232-1541

Prater William J Barksdale Rd 232-5852

Pratt E E Elktn Rd 232-0740

Pratt R C Old Ardmre Rd 232-4170

Pratt Velma Buck island Rd 232-9193

Pratt W D Mrs Carriger Community 729-6902

Pratt W M Carriger 729-6933

Prescott Cecil Poplar Creek 729-6740

Presley D Clyde Rev ofc Capshaw 232-6420

ResCapshaw 232-3088

Presnell Billy East Limestone Road 232-8947

Presnell Clarence Holt Rd 232-1534


Presnell Leo Holt Rd 232-9366


« J . nj /■S/-/VUD

Pressnell A M Conn Rd Hi''^iln

Pressnell Carl E Beat Line Rd lil'V^A^

Pressnell Chas Buck IsInd Rd lll'llVi

Pressnell Clyde FIrnc Rd liA'^ill

Pressnell D C Looney Rd i<i^ri?J^

Pressnell David A Ripley Rd ZIS'SIzS

Pressnell Dewey F 1410 Coffman Dr o?o ooSX

Pressnell Don R Ferguson Apts S?"?oSJ

Pressnell Donald W Nick Davis Rd 232-1825

Pressnell Eddie Proctr Rd iil'iiil

Pressnell Elmer L Wells Rd ?lo ?is6

Pressnell Ernest Ardmore Hwy 232-1B99

Pressnell Eugene Elkton Rd Xxi'lliZ

Pressnell G A Lucas Ferry Rd iiX'lt^l^

Pressnell G T Holt Rd S?'?!?^

Pressnell Geo E Holt Rd ~~i^i'iili

Pressnell Glen Edgewd Rd iiX'llo^

Pressnell Huston Nick Davis Rd Xi^'l^i

Pressnell J G Looney Rd 232-0536

Pressnell Jas East Limestne Rd iii'illi

Pressnell Jas Old Ardmre Rd 232-3943

Pressnell Jas A Lewis Rd S?"tx4?

Pressnell James T 1207 Grace Av S 232-5073

Pressnell John Johnsn Rd 232-2179

Pressnell Kenneth Proctor Rd 232-5884

Pressnell Monroe S 1104 Jackson iii'xSo

Pressnell Odie Lee lOl Christopher Cir 232-3568

Pressnell Paul 1414 Coffman Dr 232-3641

Pressnell Phebe Nick Davis Rd 232-0543

Pressnell Stacey Buck IsInd Rd 232-3170

Pressnell W T Black Rd ???"J2ii

Preston Carl E Limestone Rd 232-5278

Preston Douglas E Limestone Rd 232-5272

Price Fred 508 9th 232-2324

Price Ralph B 510 9th S?"2Ji5

Prichard Bryson L Capshaw Rd S?"?!??

Prickett Hattie 904 W Bryan 232-1506

Pride George T K O'ran Apartments 232-8939

Priest Billy L Tanner ???"Zi?5

Prince Annie Ruth Athens Collge 232-7754

Prince Carl 1107 S Jeffrsn rh2-W22

Prince Jeanette Mooresville Rd zyi-Wio

Prince Jerry L Shaws Trailer Ct 729-6651

Prince John E Oakdie Acres Sub-Div ni-lj^

Pritchett Luther J 112 W Pryor 232-8921

Privett Chas Hwy 72 E ril-ll^

Privett Geo E Lucas Fy Rd ???"&7|r

Privett LS Lucas Fy Rd 232-0656

Privett L S Lucas Fy Rd ???'K5?

Pryor Aaron J Swan Bluff Comm 232-6276

Pryor Ashford Nick Davis Rd ?H"i?^2

Pryor Billy Ray Lindsey Lane 232-5165

Pryor Edna 7009 Pat Ingram Cir 232-3024

Pryor Erie Mrs Little Zion Community 232-9481

Pryor Jas H Ft Hamptn Rd S?'?5Z?

Pryor Johnnie L Browns Fy Rd 232-6005

Pryor Minnie B714I2 Hardy 232-9108

Pryor Roosevelt 1410 12th 232-8226

Pryor Willie Mae 906 Browns Ferry 232-1838

Puckett G L Lucas Fy Rd iH'iJo?

Puckett Sidney Thomas Nick Davis Rd 232-8322

Pugh Beatrice Taylor Rd "^SS'olio

Pugh Bessie M Qumn Rd 232-8578

Pugh David Cairo ZS'^55

Pugh Delia Cairo Community 729-6624

Pugh Earl 44 N Marion 232-5048

Pugh Ethel Mrs Salem Community 232-2979

Pugh Grady G New Cut Rd ???n?cS

Pugh Herbert Salem Community 232-0557

Pugh J H Hwy 72 E i|?"I?^?

Pugh James L 400 Shaw o'S2I

Pugh Jimmie M Vestavia Estates 232-9056

Pugh Joe Taylor Rd Z?2"&?i5

Pugh Joel N 302 Clovrleaf Dr - 232-0350

Pugh L A Somers Rd ™"?^§

Pugh Paulette Cairo Community 729-6907

Pugh Teryll Allen Greenhill Sub-Div 232-4071

Pullen Robert L Hobbs Rd 232-5368

Pulley Roland A 409 Hine S 232-9161

Pullum Gracie 401 Chestnut E 232-0643

Pullum Margaret 1100 N Houston 232-9092

Pure Oil Products distrbr S Clinton 232-3500

Puryear Thomas N 302 E Bryan 232-0858

Puryear Vernie Miss 406 E Mkt 232-0368

Putman Billy W 303 Shaw 232-5678

Putman Carl D East Limestone Road 232-6382

Putman Carl R Coffee Pot Community 232-4150

Putman D L Lakeview Est 729-6375

Putman Elmer Elkton Rd 232-8829

Putman J A Florence Hwy 232-3378

Putman James A Jr

Pleasant Grove Community- -729-6891

Putman James Thomas 409 7th Av North 232-8397

Putman Jesse 313 W Elm 232-7010

Putman Junior Florence Rd 729-6766

Putman Rudy 808 Washington E 232-3321

Putman Tommy Hwy 72 232-6082

Putman Winford 808 Washington E 232-3321


1316 N Jefferson 232-4161

Puttman Jas E Leggtwn Rd 232-7333

Pyland Douglas McClung Ln 232-9053

Pylant David 601 9th Av 232-6958

01118 (e) South Central Be ll Telephone Company 1971

Pylant John E 118 Edinburgh Dr 232-6950

Pyron John 302 Hoffmn t5?"Z7°§

Pvron Morris Buck Island Rd 232-7383

Kyron uiis r >ui noTrmn cji.—tyj^i


Tj'Jflt""""" 232-0940

Quality Discount Store llO S Jefferson 232-5870

Quails Allan M 31 Sandra Lane ^H'zS^I

Quillen K Jr 1201 Iris 232-6415


R & R Grocery Elkton Rd ?l?"Sii

Raby Grady Centr HI Rd iH"K?4

Raby R E Goodsprings Rd ;l4"?5rl

Raby Tommy Pisgah Rd ?5?'?1?3

Rachel's Beauty Shop Tanner i%i'kL'>a

Ragan P A 608 W Pryor iii'^li

Rager Jas F Browns Fy Rd 232-5183

Ragles A John 210 Madison 232-1266

Raines Walter llOl Robrts 232-3608

RAINEV See Also Raney

Rainey B L Elktn Rd lll'llVt

Rainey Curtis 305 Walnut E lii'lVri

Rainey Nell Gladys 305 Walnut E ili'llrZ

Rainey Samuel Oak Dale Rd i??'?!??

Rainey Sara Miss 612 1/2 E Pryor 232-8851

Raley Joe 203 Crutcher ???" KJz

Raley Joyce Kpleasant Valley Community 729-6046

RAMSAY See Also Ramsey

Ramsden J W 601 Sudie 232-5381

RAMSEY See Also Ramsay

Ramsey Carlos Mrs Elkmont ?H'?iJi

Ramsey Glenn New Cut Rd l^'Y'M

Ramsey Harlon Hwy 72 729-6427


New Cut Rd Z?4"?JSS

Ramsey James F 208 Cloverleaf Dr 232-7639

Ramsey P L 916 N Beaty 232-7807

Ramsey Septic Tank Service New Cut Rd ^29-6704

Ramsey W L Section Rd 232-4753


210 S Jeffrsn 232-1950

RANEY See Also Rainey

Raney Cleo 102 N Clinton ???'1§§Z

Raney Douglas Hwy 31 S lli'lllo

Raney Fred 411 Elktn ?S'Kc§

Raney J H Cherry Grove Community AI^'zZo^

Raney J W New Cut Rd ???'SSi3

Raney James L Barksdale Rd ???"2I5«

Raney John Holt Rd lll'l^t

Raney Oscar Mrs 418 Elkton ??o'?oJ?

Raney Pauline Brookwd Forst Sub-Div tii'Tiitk

Raney Roy E Elktn Rd i?l'9x^?

Raney Travis Brookwd Forst Sub-Div ol? 7z54

Raney Wayne Reid Community ?,?";?Si

Raney William Dave Goodsprings Community - -232-1307

1501 Elkton i??'l???

Ratliff Charlie Levert Av- lii'iiii

Ratliff Jim 903 W 13th S?"2?1?

Rawls A J Mrs 406 Rogers ^32-4132

Rawls R M Mrs 503 S Clinton ?|?'S11z

Ray Alice 708 Lucas ilollit

Ray Betty Elkmnt Rd i??"^t

Ray Dicy Lee Sunset Dr il?'?2S

Ray Edd Barksdie Rd ?l?'???2

Ray Floyd J 104 Va Dr lll'^yo

Ray Howard Capshaw iil'llli

Ray Jim Elkmnt Rd —232-6845

Ray Julius E Hwy 72 E "'ill'lxR

Ray Julius E Jr Hwy 72 E ?I?'S55

Ray Nolan Copeland Community ^'Tn^

Ray Richard 1505 S Houston 232-1996

Ray W D 516 Browns Fy - -232-4991

Ray W F 708 Lucas -232-3326

Reaves Clara Mrs 401 East ^il'lix?

Reb Jan Merchandise Highway 72 E 232-2415

RED HAT POULTRY ^^o&"qo^^q

Redus A V Tanner Community ^'1,^ZL

Redus Cora Mrs Lindsey Ln iii'ihil

Redus John Lindsey Ln 232-3766

Redus Lillie Mae Lindsay Ln iii'lili

Redus Mattie Bell Somers Rd "2^?'2xJ?

Redus Mealie W Hobbs - ?o?'So2

Redus Percy Mae Tanner Community 232-9239

Reece Buddy 402 S Clinton ^ll'ixik

Reece C Jerry Carters Trailer Ct ^^'91?^

Reece Cecil Lucas Ferry Rd 'Xii'V^A^

Reece Estella 501 8th Av 232-6294

Reece Frank Kingswood Drive 232-9074

Reece H Floyd Oakland Comm 729-6754

Reece J D Taylor Rd 729-6871

REECE M D grocr

Buck Island Rd 232-3946

Reece Vernon Lindsey Ln 232-7403

Reece W B Browns Fy Rd -232-4217

Reed Blanche 201 7th Av 232-5737

Reed Dillard E 410 Coman 232-4541

Reed George Jr Capshaw 232-6550

1118 ® South Central Bell T elephone Company 1971

Reed J L Buchanan 232-5984

Reed Jas H 327 Shaw 232-2159

Reed Marvin ?0i 7th Av N ?'^?-S7'^7

Keea Uiear 72 Hwy W 232-2270

Reedus Matt 307 Colbert 232-1902

Reedus Walter 815 Westmoreland 232-2602

Reese Bobby 1407 W Market 232-5729

Reeves Ann 132 Coffman Cir 232-8250

Reeves Leia 1007 N Jefferson 232-6047

Reeves Linda Buck Island Rd 232-9123

Reeves Sara Mrs 309 Elm W 232-7622

Reid Elementary School Browns Ferry Rd 232-9946

Reid Ronald N Jefferson 232-1768

Reid Ules G Jr 303 N Houston 232-2211

Reiff Robert V Paradise Shores 729-6264

Reinhold William R Forrest Heights Apts 232-9383


3713 Governors Dr W Huntsville Ala 534-]654

Remine F L Jr Balli Hi Trailer 232-5644


South Jerferson Shopping Center 232-2900

Reyer Albert H Cross Key Rd 232-0709

Reyer George R Sharp Road 232-4778

Reyer Grady Rev Bean Road 232-4716

Reyer H M 407 7th Av 232-5790

Reyer Jessie Mrs 808 N Beaty 232-6411

Reyer Orville Sharp Road 232-4778

Reyer Viola Mrs Swinney Sub-Div 232-3252

Reyer Wayne Crosskey Rd 232-6770

Reynolds Betty 303 Thomas 232-9675

Reynolds & Co

Huntsville Ala Ask Operator
For WX 6000 (No Charge)

Reynolds Henry A Cairo Community 729-6912

Reynolds Lena 512 N Jefferson 232-8555


L & S Shopping Ctr 232-6731

Reynolds Russell L Browns Ferry Road 232-7054

Reynolds Wesley Oakland Community 232-1493

Rhodes J R Powers Apts 232-7329

Rice David LJr Somers Rd 232-1498

Rice Dennison N Lucas Fy Rd 232-2574

Rice Donnie Hines 232-5840

Rice H A Mrs Elkmont Rd 232-1959

Rice Helen 1400 Grace Av 232-0623

Rice Joe 1104 Lucas N 232-7234

Rice Robert Nick Davis Rd 232-5184

Rice Roger C Sewell Rd 232-6789

Rice W B 806 N Madison 232-1154


1420 N Jefferson 232-8177

Rich B L Nick Davis Rd 232-3471

Rich Billy Joe Hwy 72 E 232-6028

Rich Frank Jr Browns Fy Rd 232-4699

Rich Jas E Nick Davis Rd 232-3731

Rich Lester 809 Brahma 232-3371

Rich Lillie Mae Browns Ferry Rd 232-0631

Richard Stephen 1398 Elm NE 232-9283

Richards Joe E Airport Sub-Division 232-8399

Richardson Bessie Black Comm 232-2597

Richardson Bobby 903 1st Av 232-4596

Richardson Chas Annie Ray Sub-Div 232-5413

Richardson Dennis Union Hill Rd 232-7958

Richardson Earline 501 S Hine 232-2747

Richardson J E Nick Davis Rd 232-0517

Richardson J Tom Jr Firnc Hwy W 729-6546

Richardson J Tom Jr FIrnc Hwy W 729-6546

Richardson Jack FIrnc Hwy 729-6583

Richardson John B Copeind Rd 232-4342

Richardson John S ins

304 W Hobbs 232-3310

Res 1100 E Pryor 232-4012

Richardson Melba Union Hill Rd 232-7958

Richardson Montene Copeland Rd 232-9109

Richardson R H Mrs 1112 E Pryor 232-0152

Richardson Roy H Rogersville 729-6930

Richardson T E Copeland Rd 232-4308

Richardson Wm D Copeind Rd 232-2199

Richardson Wm H Black Comm 232-2597

Richter Carl Shoemaker Springs Rd 729-6849

Richter Frederick K 405 Hoffman 232-6070

Richter Harry E 301 N Madisn 232-0724

Richter Robert C Elkton Rd 232-4888

Rickets J R Sloan Rd 232-4951

Ricketts J B East Limestone Rd 232-5289

Ricketts Jas Copeind Rd 232-2883

Ricks Gordon S Hightower Hts 232-1409

Ricks William Larry 609 9th 232-0785

Riddle F J 1422 N Houstn 232-5625

Rider Frank Oakwood Trailer Ct 232-4194

Ridgeway Annie Lou Mrs Goodsprings Rd 729-6847

Ridgeway C L Cherry Grove 729-6083

Ridgeway F W Good Springs 729-6867

Ridgeway James R Cherry Grove Community - -729-6509

Ridgeway Paul 1306 Aston NW 232-3319

Ridgeway Wayne Cairo Community 729-6896

Ridinger Jessie Houston Court Apts 232-5700

Ridinger Nellie Greenhill Sub-Division 232-9275

Ridinger Tommy Airprt Sub-Div 232-2553

Ridinger Willard Sir Port Sub Division 232-5103

Riggs Gertie Mrs Pepper Rd 232-8126

Riggs Raymond Campbell Sub Division 232-1941

Riordan Frank Elktn Rd 232-5584

Rithmire Jas A406 N Madisn 232-4467

Ritterbush Robert Nick Davis Rd 232-6277

Rivers H A 1709 N Monroe 232-7674


Rivers Luvina 1709 N Monroe 232-7674

Robbins W W Cox Rd 729-6618

Pnhprcnn Rillv \f\o U\nu it \hl TOO ^/io»l

Roberson Charles D Dr

Doctors BIdg 232-2565

Res Ridqedale 232-2544

Roberts Clay 410 S Houston 232-1780

Roberts D G N Hine 232-1359

Roberts Donald Buck Island Rd 232-5499

Roberts Donald C Pisgah Rd 232-9663

Roberts Earl 910 1st Av 232-1880

Roberts Ernest 9io 1st Av W 232-23]7

Roberts Geo H 1503 S Madisn 232-2477

Roberts Henry C Airprt Rd 232-6436

Roberts Herman L Airport Rd 232-3804

Roberts Hernan Airport Rd 232-6050

Roberts J A Buck Island Rd 232-0203

Roberts J C 1301 Malone 232-2302

Roberts J F Somers Rd 232-2969

Roberts James Dogwood Flats 232-8238

Roberts Larry Suffid 232-7413

Roberts Lawrence R Forrest Heights Apts 232-8139

Roberts Lillian Copeino Rd 232-1590

Roberts M W Browns Fy Rd 232-5743

Roberts M W Jr Hwy 72 W 232-2650

Roberts Mae Etta 819 Wmmorelnd 232-1596

Roberts Mavine Burgreen Road 232-8083

Roberts Melvin D 804 Peachtree 232-5348

Roberts Mose I4ii I2th 232-6219

Roberts Nella Garris Florence Hwy 232-3763

Roberts Oilie M Mrs Buck IsInd Rd 232-0138

Roberts Raymond Newby Rd 232-1214

Roberts Ruby Mrs Elkton Rd 232-8155


Huntsville Hwy 232-3057

Roberts W C Elkton Rd 232-8155

Roberts W G Reid Community 232-8501

Roberts Walter Dogwood Flats 232-8238

Roberts Wayne C Airport Rd 232-9335

Roberts William A Jr 1604 Florence 232-7027

Roberts William F Sandifer Rd 232-8178

Roberts Willie Jones Cross Rds 232-3963

Robertson Casey Barkley Rd 729-6898

Robertson Ernest E 100 Schilling 232-4588

Robertson Fred Jr Hobbs Rd 232-7266

Robertson Fred Grocery Mt Ro/ell 232-1381

Robertson Lewis E lOl Edinburgh Dr 232-0706

Robertson Monte Browns Ferry Rd 232-9270

Robertson Redie Barker Rd -729-6504

Robertson Villard Hwy 72 W 232-3978

Robinson Beulah Jefferson 232-3515

Robinson Carnell N Jeffrsn 232-0473

Robinson Charlie W 908 Ist Av 232-1690

Robinson Daniel M Elkton Rd 232-8949

Robinson E D 704 West Washington 232-8248

Robinson E H Ripley Rd 232-3708

Robinson Emma Lee Tanner 232-3698

Robinson Erie R Mrs Houston Court Apts 232-5878

Robinson Fannie Tanner 232-3698

Robinson Harry Hayes Mill Community - 232-1455

Robinson Hubert B Upper Elkton Rd 232-7195

Robinson Ike 910 Lucas 232-4825

Robinson James J Capshaw Rd 232-3103

Robinson Jas K 304 Hoffmn S 232-6351

Robinson Jas R Portr Gin Rd 232-1976

Robinson John R Jr Elkton Rd 232-9367

Robinson John W Proctor Road 232-9646

Robinson Johnnie R Upper Elkmnt Rd 232-0070

Robinson Lee M Tanner 232-6660

Robinson Martha Tanner 232-6660

Robinson Melvin 804 Irvin 232-0369

Robinson Noah Buck IsInd Rd 232-2795

Robinson Razzie Doming Road 232-8262

Robinson Robt E 302 Christopher Dr 232-0181

Robinson Sammie Delia Mrs Cambridge Ln 232-4982

Robinson Sara Nick Davis Rd 232-6925

Robinson Tom 2 5th Av 232-1841

Robinson Velpo 108 W Lee 232-4208

Robinson Willie Louis Cambridge Ln 232-4982

Robison A L Nick Davis Rd 232-6840

Robison Alton E Linestn Rd 232-4365

Robison Bobby J Lindsay Ln 232-8293

Robison Frank L Christopher Sub-Division 232-6026

Robison J Weldon Elktn Rd 232-5764

Robison Leroy Tanner 232-2307

Robison Omega Nick Davis Rd 232-7081

Robison Robert W Old Ardmore Rd 232-3282

Robison W G Mrs Elkton Rd 232-3085


Elkton Rd 232-5764

Rocnell Eldon Carey Cross Rds 232-2531

Rochell George G Elkmont Rd 232-5065

Rochell Jack Taylor Rd 729-6536

Rochell Winston Athens Trailer Ct 232-6139

Rochelle Bruce Carey Rd 232-1872

Rochester Coy A 508 Wilburn 232-7051


Huntsville Hwy 232-3057


Huntsville Hwy 232-7297

Rodgers A L Dr dntst Jeffrsn 232-5540

Res S Beaty 232-0721

Rodgers J M Yarborough Rd 232-3667

Rodgers Richard N 605 Sudie 232-5705

Reed— Ruff 37

Beaty 232-1802

Rogers A M Elktn Rd 232-3036

Rogers Bessie Mrs Elk River Mill Rd 232-6196

Rogers Billy J Buck Island Rd 232-4851

Rogers Bonnie Miss 705 S Clinton 232-0311

Rogers Don C Gordon Dr 232-3508

Rogers Edw Capshaw Rd 232-7385

Rogers Elizabeth Mrs Holt Rd 232-2798

Rogers Horace J New Cut Rd 232-1105

Rogers Jack Ardmre Hwy 232-1718

Rogers Jackie Capshaw Rd 232-4209

Rogers Jerry Marion 1411 7th Av W 232-6528

Rogers Jimmie 710 N Irvin 232-9443

Rogers Lorene Mrs 511 Irvin 232-2784

Rogers Louise Capshaw Rd 232-7385

Rogers Mary Lee 1503 5th Av W 232-9551

Rogers Melvin C New Cut Rd 729-6324

Rogers Richard Browns Ferry Rd 232-8509

Rogers Ruth 802 Sandrs 232-2439

Rogers Virgil Elktn Rd 232-2905

Rogers Wayne Yarbrough Road 232-6237

Rogers Willie New Cut Rd 232-7748

Rogers Willie G Browns Fy Rd 232-4704

Roig Vincent 202 N Beaty 232-0278

Rollings A J Nick Davis Rd 232-3114

Rollins Don M Paradise Shores 729-6851

Online LibraryWilliam G. (William Goodell) FrostU.S. Telephone Directory Collection (Volume Alabama - White Pages - Athens - October 1968 thru October 1974) → online text (page 61 of 121)