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479 48A 494
Wesley, John 100, 110, U4, 861,* 866* 876

Wesley, Samuel
Wesley, jun., Samuel...
White, Henry Kirke ..
Whiting, William
Whittier, John Greenleaf


Wiglesworth, Esther . . .
Williams, Helen Maria

Williams, Isaac

Williams, Sarah

Williams, William ... ,

Wilson, Lucy

Winkworth, Catherine

Wither, George

Woodd, Basil

Woodford, Bishop

Wordsworth, Christopher..

Xavier, Frauds

Toung, Andrew


Ziniwidorf, Ooimt









... 166,879,44a




... 868,864,876
.. 94, 67, 73, 482


... 879
... 168

... 174

... 450



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Abide with me, fast falls the eventide


A Captain forth to battle went ... 438

According to ThT gradotu word ... 189

Across the sky ttie shades of night S46

Adore, my soul, that awful name . . . 182

Adoro te devote, latens Deitas ... 64

A few more years shall roll 234

A fitly spoken word 206

Again as evening's shadow falls ... 421

Again returns the day of holy rest 126

A nymn of glory let us sing 61

Alas I my Qod, that we should be ... 89

A little ship was on the sea 447

Alias God wiUs who wisely heeds... 427

All before us li«i the way 412

Alleluia I sonff of sweetness 184

All fl[lo|7, laud, and honour 184

All nail the power of Jesu's name


All nature's works His praise^dedare 407
All praise to Thee, my Qod, thisnight

All things are Thine, no gifts have


AU things bright and beautiful ...
Almigh^ Godf, Thy word is cast ...
AlwajTs with us, always with us ...
And IS there. Lord, a cross for me T
And now the wants are told, that

brought 817

Angelsnolv 815

An^ls. roU the rock awav 117

AnimnU, vagala, blandula 106

Another hand is be2koning us 426

Another six days' work is done ... 94

AnoUier year has fled, renew 161

Another year is dawning 201

A quiet heart, submissive, meek ... 280

Arm of the Lord, awake! awake! .. 188

Aroxmd a table, not a tomb 806

Around the throne of God in heaven 447
Art thou weary, art thou languid!


A safe stronghold our Gk>d is still ... 847

As helpless as !i child who clings ... 194
As now the sim's declining rays 169, 879

A ship comes sailing onwards 841

As the sun's enlivening eye 121

As Thou didst rest, O Father, o'er

nature's finished birth 814

As with gladness men of old 469

At even ere the sun %v as set 885

At Thy feet, our God and Father ... 194

Aurora lucis dimi novae 879

A voice upon the midnight air 228

Awake, and sing the song 117


Awake, my soul, in joyful lays ... 198
Awake, sweet harp of Judah, wake 148

Bear Thou my burden, Thou who
bear'strnvdn 286

Because I knew not when my life


Behold a Stranger at tiie door

Behold how ^orious is yon sky

Behold, the Bridegroom oometh in
the middle of the night

Behold, the expectBd. time draws

Behold the glories of the Lamb ...

Behold the moimtain of the Lord...

Behold the Saviour of mankind ..

Beneath the shadow of the cross ...

Be not di8ma3r*d thou little flock . . .

Beyond, beyond that boundless sea

Birds have their quiet nest

Blest be the God of love

Blest be the tie that binds

Blest be Thv love, dear Lord

Blest day of God, roost calm, most

Blest Saviour, let me be a child . . .

Bread of Heaven, on Thee we feed

Break, new-bom year, on glad eyes

Breath of the Lord, O Spirit blest...

Brief life is here our portion ... 69,

Bright as the sun's meridian blaze . .

Bright queen of heaven, God's vir-

Bnght the vision that delighted ...

By Christ redeemed, in Christ res-

Calm me, my God, and keep me cahn
Oalm on the listening ear of night
Captain and Saviour of the host ...
Captain of Thine enlisted host

Children of Jerusalem

Children of the heavenly King
C9irist in His word draws near

Christ is our Comer stone

Christ is my Ught, my Ufe, my care
Christ leads me through no darker









Christ, the Lord, is risen to-day 118,840
Christian, dost thou see them T ... 80

Christian, seek not yet repose 167

Christians, awake, salute Uie happy

mom 106

Cold and cheerless, dark and drear 811
Come, gnudous Spirit, heavenly dove 104
Come, Holy Ghost, in love 402


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Come, Holy Ghost, our hearts inspire 113

Gome, Holy Ohoet, our souIb inspire 77

Come, Holy Spirit, come 118

Come, labour on ! 241

Come, let us j[oin our dieerful aongs 102

Come, let us join our friends above 113

Come, let us to the Lord our God ... 131

Come, my soul, thou must be waking 867

Come, O come, with sacred lays ... 73
Come, O Thou TraveUer unknown,113,494

Come, pnuse vour Lord and Sayiour 461

Come, Thou fount of every blessing 127

Come to our poor nature's night .. 227

Come to the house of prayer 206

Come unto Me, ye weaiy 800

Come, ye faithful, raise the anthem 184

Come, ye saints, and raise an anthem 131

Come, ye sinners, poor and wretched 1 18

Come, ye thankful people, oome 168
Commit thou all thy griefs ... 114, 861

Creator Spirit, by whose aid 90

Crown Him with many crowns ... 216

Crown with Thy benediction 824

Curb for the stubborn steed 84

Dark is the sky that overhangs my

soul 803

Darkly rose the guilty morning ... 166

Day again is dawning 466

Day by day the manna fell ... 160
Day by day we magnify Thee... 288, 469

Day of wrath ! O day of mourning 172

Dayspring of Eternity ... 366
Dear Axigel, ever at my side ... 183,469
Dear Friend, whose presence in the

house 419

Dear Jesus, ever at my side 183

Dear Lord and Father of mankind 427

Dear Lord and Master mine 263

Deathless principle, arise 129

Descend to Thy Jerusalem, O Lord 78

Did Christ o'er sinners weep ? 121

Dismiss me not Thy service, Lord 193

Divine, crescebas, Puer S79

Bin feete burg istunserGott... 276,412

Enthroned on high, Almighty Lord 127

Ere God had built the mountains ... 126

Ere I sleep, for eveij favour 120

Ere on my bed my bmbs I lay 467

Eternal God I we look to Thee ... 121

Eternal Light, Eternal Light 166

Evening and morning 861

Every mominir the red sun 444

Exalted mistress, whose oomnumd

prevails 9

Eajth, 'tis a predons grace ... 191

Ear from these narrowscenesof night 119

Far from the world, O Lord, I flee 126

Father I beneath Thy sheltering wing 420

Father, by Thy love and power ... 1 66

Father, here we dedicate 283

Father, I know that all my life ... 807

FWther, lead me day by day 812

Father, let Thy kizigdfMn oome ... 810

Father, now the day is over 819


Father of love, our Guide and Friend ITS

Father of mercies, bow Thine ear . . . 121

Father, our children keep 239

Father I there is no chajige to live

with Thee 423

Father I Thy wonders do not singly

stand 428

Father, we humbly inray 166

Father, whate'er of earthly bliss .. 110
Fierce raged the tempest o'er the

deep 274

Fierce was the wild billow 274

Fling out the banner ! let it float ... 892
For all the saints who from their

labour rest 969

For all Thy care we bless Thee ... 468

For a season called to part 124

For ever to behold Him shine 133

Forgive me, dearest Lord, for Thy

dearSon 99

For the beauty of the earth 880

Forthedearlovethatkept us through

the night 421

For thee, O dear, dear country ... 185

For Thy dear saint. O Lord 141

Fur Thy mercy ana Thy grace ... 944

Forty days and forty nights 384

Forward DC our watchword 168

Fountain of mercy, God of love ... 188

From all evil, all temptation 169

From Greenland's icy moimtains ... 145
From north and south, and east and

west 822

From the recesses of a lowly spirit 169

Glad sight, the Holy Church 86

Gloria, latUj et honor 4S9

Glorious things of thee are spoken 194

Glory, and laud, and honour 61

Glory be to Jesus 884

Glory, glory to God in the highest. . . 994

Glory to God on high 197

Glory to Thee, my God, this night. . . 91
Glory to Thee, my God, who saie has

kept 91

Go, labour on, spend and be spent .. 9S^

Go not far from me, O my strength 809

God bless the little children 819

God draws a doud over each gleam-

ingmom 890

God from on hiffh hath heard 879

God in heaven, near our singing ... 449

God is in heaven, can he heur 488

God is in His temple 994

God is love. His mercy brightens ... 169

God is love, by Him upholden 170

God moves in a mysterious way ... 195
God of my health! I would Thy

praise proclaim 889

God of pity. God of grace 828

God of the living, in whose eyes ... 985

God sets a still small voice 445

God, who hast made the daisies .. 187
God will take careof you, all throu^

the day 449


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Golden harps are sounding SOI

Good David, wh* se psalms have so

of ten been song 488

Grace ! grace ! oh that's a joyful

sound 107

Graoe/tis a charming sound 107

Gracious Spirit, dwell with me 189, 192

Gracious Spirit, Holf Ghost 166

Great Girer of all good, to Thee

again 820

Great God, and wilt Thou con-
descend 488

Great God, as seasons disappear ... 182

Great God of wonden, all Tny waya 397

Great God, the nations of the earth 122
Great God. what do I see and hear 144, 864

Great King of nations, hear 158

Great Mover of all hearts, whose

hand 879

Great is Thy mercy. Lord 208

Great the jov when Christians meet 181
Guide me, O Thou great Jehovah

218, 387, 498

Hail I Father, whose creating call... 105

Hail, festal day, ever exalted high .. 48
Hail ! gladdening Light, of His pure

glory poured 82

Hail, sacred day of earthlv rest ... 274

Hail I Thou once despised Jesus .. 122
Hail to the brightness of Zion's glad

morning 899

Hail to the Lord's Anointed 139

Hail to the Sabbath day 414

Hand in hand with angiels 426

Happv sons of Israel 78

Hark I how all the welkin rings ... 479

Hark, my soul, how everything ... 79

Hark I my soul it is the Lord 126

Hark ! the angels bright are sinking 469
Hark I the glad sound, the Saviour

comes 107

Hark I the herald angels sing... 118, 479

Hark I the song of Jubilee 189

Hark! the sound of holy voices,

chanting at the crvstal sea 166

Hark I the voice of love and mercy 180

Hark I 'tis the watchman's cry ... 478

Hasten, O sinner, to be wise 117

Hath not thy heart within thee

burned 416

He calls us to a day of gladness ... 87

He is gone beyond the skies 178

He knelt, the Saviour knelt and

prayed 156

He sendeth sun. He sendeth shower 160
He spoke, and straight our hearts

andbnuns 101

Head of the Church, our risen Lord 160

Head of the Church triumphant ... 118

Hear my prayer, O heavenlv Father 829

Hear us. Thou that broodedst ... 276
Hear what the voice from heaven

proclaims 101,494

Heart-broken and weary, where'er

thoumay'stbe 187

Heaven and earth, and sea and air 196,868

Heavenly Father, by whose care ... 246

Heavenly Father, to whose eye . . 160
Here, Lord, we offer Thee all that is

fairest 817

Here, O my Lord, I see Thee face to

face 289

Here we suffer grief and pain 471

High in yonder realms of lig^t ... 149

Holy Bible, Book Divine 461

Holy Father, cheer our wa^ 881

Holy Father, whom we praise 156

Holy, holy, holy. Lord God Almighty 146

Holy, holy Lord 150

Holy Spint, Lord of Light 60

Holy Spirit. Truth Divine 421

Hosanna ! loud hoeanna I 458

Hosanna to the living Lord 147

How are Thy servants blest. O Lord 95

Howbeauteouswerethemarksdivine 896

How blest the righteous when he dies 180
How bright those glorious spirits

shine 181

How doth the Httle busy bee ...' ... 485
How calmly the evening once more

is descending 198

How firm a foundation, ye saints of

the Lord 140

How lovely are Thy dwellings fair. . . 78

How lovely are Thy dwellings. Lord 488

How shall I follow Him I serve ... 150

Howsweet, how heavenly is the sight 188

How sweet the name of Jesus sounds 124

How welcome was the call 187

Humblv I adore Thee, hidden Deity 54

Hush, dear child, lie still and slumbeir 484

Hushed was the evening hymn . . . 194

I am a Uttle child

I do not ask, O Lord, that life may be

I ffive my heart to Thee

I heard the voice of Jesus say

Ilay my sins on Jesus

Ilixt my heart to Thee

rU come to Thee, O Jesus Christ I .. 468
m praise my Maker with my breath

rU purge my family around
I love that holy scripture ...
I love Thv kingdom, Lord

Tm a little pilgiim

Pm but a stranger here ...
Vm kneeling at the threshold
I sing the almighty power of God...
I think when I read that sweet story

of old 455

I want to be an angel 471

I wish to have no wishes left 182

I worship Thee, sweet will of Godl81,481
I would commune wiUi Thee, my God 208
I would have gone ; God bade me

stay 882


... 441
... 809





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U God HJB voice of tempeet lean ... 102
If human kindnesB meete return ... 148
If thou but Buifer Ood to guide thee 863

^ennem Nat og Traengael 886

imo nee Sabbato 386

Immortal, inTiflible,Ood only wise .. 277
Immortal Love, within whose light-

eouflwill 291

In all things like Thy brethren, Thou 166
In my soft bed, whenquite alone ... 451

In our work, and in our plaT 466

In sleep's serene obliyion laid 119

In stature grows the Heavenly Child 879

Interval of grateful shade 106

In the dark and cloudy day ... 226, 448

In the daik and sUent night 292

In the cross of Christ I glory... 102,496

In the hour of my distress 75

In the midst of life we are in death 61
In this glad hour, when children

meet 406

In Thy service will I ever 874

In token that thou shalt not fear .. 169
Is not this our King and Prophet ... 172
Is thy cruse of comfort wasting!

rise and share it with another ... 806
It came upon the midnight clear ... 417

It is a thing most wonderful 460

It is finished I Man of Sorrows ... 412
It is not death to die 880

Jam desinant susperia 879

Jerusalem, my happy home 81,92

Jerusalem on high my joy and dty is 90

Jerusalem the golden 59,185

JesuisiLtoi 888

Jesu dulcis memoiia ... 58, 58, 174, 438
Jesu, from Thy throne on high ... 462
Jesu, great Bedeemer, source of life

divine 804

Jesu, meek and gentle 246

Jesu, the very thought of Thee ... 56

Jesus, and can it ever be 117

Jesus, at Thy command 129

Jesus came— the heavens adoring ... 276

Jesus, cast a look on me 120

Jesus Christ, my Lord and Saviour 488

Jesus, forgive us 162

Jesus, gentlest Saviour 470

Jesus, holy, undeflled 453

Jesus, I my cross have taken 156

Jesus lives, no longer now ... 871

Jesus, lover of my soul 118,494

Jesus, my all, to heaven is gone ... 120

Jesus! stand among us 206

Jesus, stilllead on 242,870

Jesus, tender Shepherd, hear me ... 447
Jesus, these eyes nave never seen 402-406
Jesus, the very thought of Thee 174, 494
Jesu, Thou ioy of loving hearts 58, 402
Jesus, Thy blood and righteousness 870
Jesus, Thy boundless love to me 114, 861
Jesus, Thy Church, with longing eyes 202

Jesus, we love to meet 442

Jesus, where'er Thy people meet ... 125


Jesus, who lived above the sky ... 488

Jordanis oras pnevia 879

Just as I am, without one plea ... 157

Kind Shepherd, see Thy little lamb 456
KingDivmel 88S

Labente jam solis rota 879

Labouring and heavy laden 170

Lamp of our feet, whereby we trace 147
Lauded be Thy name for ever .. 140
Laudes Deo condnat orbis universns 61
Lead, kindly light, amid the encir-
cling gloont 218,486,496

Lead us, heavenly Father, lead us 15t
Lead us, O Father, in the paths of

peace 420

Lead us with Thy gentle sway ... 152

Leader of faithful souls and Onide 118
Tieaning on Thee, my Guide, my

Friend 157

Leave Ood to order all thy ways ... 868

Let all men know that all men move 162

Let all men praise the Lord 868

Let all the world in every comer sing 76

Let dogs delight to bark and bite ... 4SS

Let me be witii Thee where Thou art 167

Let no tears to-day be shed 296

Let party names no more 121

Let us with a gladsome mind 78

Life is weary : Saviour take me ... 868

lift up to God the voice of praise . 148

lift up your heads, rejoice 199

lift up your heads, ye gates 183

lift your glad voices in triumph on

high 40T

light of the lonely pilgrim's heart . . 214
light of the world I for ever, ever

lihining 287

light of the world I whose kind and

gentlecare 468

Lwrht up this house with glory. Lord 157

L&e the flx?t disciples 282

Little children, wake and listen ... 467

Little Travellers Zionwards 460

Lo, Ood is here, let us adore ... 114, 869
Lo, He comes, with douds descend-
ing 120,479

Lo 1 Me Cometh, countless trumpets 121

Lo! thedayof restdedineth 418

Lo I the stonns of life are breaking 169
Long did I toil, and knew no earthly

rest 155,484

Long hath the night of sorrow

reigned 480

Long time the fallen human race ... 879
Look from Thy sphere of endless

day 400

Look, ye saints, the siffht is glorious 187

Lotd, a little band and lowly 442

Lord, as to Thy dear cross we flee... 166

Lord, at Thy feet we sinners lie ... 104

Lord, come away 78

Lord, dismiss us -With Thyblessing 181

Lord give me light to do Thy won 286


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Lord God, hy whom all change ia

wroiight 250

Lord Qod of morning and of night 964

Lord, Ood Omnipotent 278

Lord, have mercy when we pray ... Ifil
Lord, I am Thine, all glory to Thy

Lord, I was blind, I oould not see... 296

Lord, in this Thy mercy's day 158

Lord, it belongs not to my care ... 80

Lord, it is good for us to be 177

Lord, like the publican I stand ... 149

Lord, living h^ are we 78,74

Lord, my weak thought in vain

would climb 401

Lord, now my sleep does me forsake 91

Lord of all being I throned afar ... 416

Lord of mercy and of might 147

Lord of the harvest, once again ... 166

Lord of the living harvest 170

Lord of the sea I afar from land ... 322
Lord our Ood, in reverence lowly 248, 869

Lord, speak to me, that I may speak 201

Lord, that I may learn of Thee ... 120

Lord, Thou didst arise and say ... 151
Lord, Thou in all things like wert

made 166

Lord, Thy word abideth 187

Lord, we come before Thee now ... 118

Lord, when throuffh sin I wander... 838
Lord, when we bend before Thy

throne 144

Lord, Who hast made me Thy dear

difld 4N

Love and kindness we must measure 436

Love me, O Lord, forgivingly 198

Lowly and solemn be 166

Hake channels for the streams of

love 162

Master, it is good to be 177

Media in vita in morte sumus 860

Mighty Ood. while angels bless Thee 127

Millions witoin Thy courts have met 189
Mom's roseate hues have decked the

skr 879

Mortals awake, with angels join ... 128

Moses, the patriot fierce, became ... 221
Most gracious Saviour! 'twas not

Thine 414

Much in sorrow, of t in woe 148

My country I 'tis of thee 406

My fairest child, I have no song to

give you 468

My faith looks up to Thee 899

My Father, hear my praver 457

My Ood, and is Thy table spread ... 107

My Ood, how wonaerf ul Thou art. . . 180

My Ood, I love Thee for Thyself ... 206

My Ood, I love Thee, not because... 174

My GK)d, is any hour 80 sweet 157

My Ood, my Ather, while I stray. . . 167

My heart is resting, O my Ood ... 807

My inmost heart now raises 864

My life's a shade, my days 90


Mv Lord, in the anger of His heart,

has punished me 9

My sonff is love unknown 90

My soul , there is a countrie 89

My spirit longeth for Thee 105

My thoughts on awful subjects roll 102

My times are in Thy hand 204

Mysterious Spirit, unto whom 298

Nearer, my Ood, to Thee 160

Never further than Thy Gross 806

Nobis, Olympo, redditus 879

NohumaneyesThy face may see ... 424

Non jparta solo sanguine 379

Not by the MarUr's death alone ... 879

Not Lord, unto that mount of dread 194
Not now, my child, a little more

rough tossing 880

Not what I am, O Lord, but what

Thou art 235

Nothing either great or small —

nothing, sinner, no 447

Now be Uie gospel banner 899

Now from the altar of our hearts ... 87
Now Ood be with us, for the night

isdosing 868

Now have we met that we may ask 198

Now hush your cries, and shed no tear 864

Now is the accepted time 182

Now let our souls on wings sublime 122

Now on land and sea descending .. 421

Now pray we for our country 305

Now pray we for our Mother 896

Now thank we all our Ood 867

Now that the daylight fills the sky 42

Now that the sun is gleaming bright 220

Now the day is over 299,466

Now, when tiie dusky shades of night

retreating 49,498

O bread to pilgrims given 402

O Christ, our hope and heart's desire 160

O Christ, who hast prepared a place 879

O come and mourn with me awhile 183

Oday most calm, most bright .. 88

O day of rest and gladness 166

O Father, hear our longing prayer. . . 280

O for a closer walk with Ood 126

O for a thousand tongues to sing ... 113

O give thuiks to Him who made ... 160
O Qod of Bethel, by whose hand 106,

180, 479

O Ood of Ood ! O Light of Light I 826

O Ood of Hosts, the mighty Lord... 98

O Ood of life, whose power benign 161

O Ood of love, O King of peace ... 187

O Ood of truth, whose livmg word 826

O God ! Thy power is wonderful ... 180

O Ood, who Imow'st how frail we are 204

O God, who metest in Thine hand 297

O God, who. when the night was deep 467

O nant us light, that we may know 288

O happy band of pilgrims 184

Chappy land I O nappy land I ... 44S

O Haupt voll Blut una Wunden ... 807


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O Holy Jesu, Prinoe of Peace...
O Holy Saviour, Friend unf een

O Jesu, ever preaent

O Jeeu, Einff most wonderful ...
O Jesu, Lord of heavenly giaoe

O Jesu, Thou art standing

O Jeeufl, I have promised

8 Jesus, King most wonderful
Jesus, Lord of heavenly grace ...

O let us all be glad and dng

O Light of Lift, O Saviour dear ...

O Lord, another day is flown

O Lord Divine, how sweet Thou art
O Lord, how happy should we be ...

O Lord, how joyful 'tis to see

O Lord. I would delight in Thee . . .
O Lord of health and life, what

tongue can tell

O Lord of heaven and earth and sea
O Lord of hosts, whose gloiy fills ...
O Lord, Thine everlasting grace . . .
O Lord, Thou art not fickle
O Lord, Thy heavenly grace impart
O Lord, turn not Thy mce from me
O Lord, who by Thy presence hast

made light

O Lord, who, when Thy cross was


O Lord, with toil our days are filled

O Love, divine and golden

O Love Divine, how sweet thou art
O Love Divme, that stooped to share
O love of God, how strong and true

O Love that casts out fear

O Love, who f ormedst me to wear. . .

O lovely voices of the sky

O Master, it is good to be

' O mean may seem this house of clay

O Painter of the fruits and flowers 428

O Paradise I O Paradise! 182

O quam jnvat fratres, Deus 879

O quickly come, dread Judge of all 282

O Sacred Head, now wounded 897

O Sacred Head, once wounded. . . 68, 361
O saints of old I not yours alone ... 268
O Saviour, I have nought to plead 168

O Saviour, may we never rest

O Saviour jpredous Saviour

O say not Thou art left of Ood ...
O show me not mv Saviour dying . . .

O sing to the Lord

O Bon of Man— Thy name by choice
O Source of ffoodi around me spread

O Spirit of the living God

O Strength and Stay upholding all


O teach us more of Thy blest ways
O thou accomplished, great HaCk-di!
O Thou, before whose Father's face
O Thou by long experience tried 880, 488
OThoufromwhomallgoodnessflows 127

O Thou not iiade witii hands 265

O Thou, to whom in ancient time . . . 406
O Thou who earnest from above ... 112



.. 269

.. 202

.. 494

.. 159

. 440

.. 264













O Thou who dry*flt the mourner's

tear 142

O Thou who dwellest in eternity ... 820

OThouwhoee grace first found us... 378
O Thou, whose own vast temple

stands 40O

O Thou whose tender feet have trod 193

O timely happy, timely wise 153

O, what can UtUe huids do 467

O, what shall I do, my Saviour to

praise 118

O where is He that trod the sea ... 192

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