William Gedney Wallbridge.

Descendants of Henry Wallbridge, who married Ann Amos, December 25th, 1688, at Preston, Conn, with some notes on the allied families of Brush, Fassett, Dewey, Fobes, Gager, Lehman, Meech, Stafford. Scott online

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Online LibraryWilliam Gedney WallbridgeDescendants of Henry Wallbridge, who married Ann Amos, December 25th, 1688, at Preston, Conn, with some notes on the allied families of Brush, Fassett, Dewey, Fobes, Gager, Lehman, Meech, Stafford. Scott → online text (page 1 of 32)
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December 25TH, 1688, at Preston, Conn.


Brush, Fassett, Dewey, Fobes, Gager,
Lehman, Meech, Safford, Scott





Copyright, 1898, by William Gedney Wallbridge.

f/pUeuC LIBnARV'j

\\AltOr, Lenox and riidcn i
^^ Fourdations

13b 6-1


Franklin Printing Company,


Litchfield, Conn. Ma y /, iSgS.



Frontispiece, 2

Title page, 3

Dedication, 5

Contents, 7

List of illustrations, 9

Preface 1 1

Indices and abbreviations, 12

Spelling of the name, 13

Coat of Arms, description, etc 13

War record tabulated, 16

Origin of the family, 19

Descendants of Henry Wallbridge, 21

First Generation, 29

Second Generation, 31

Third Generation 39

Fourth Generation 73

Fifth Generation 100

Sixth Generation, 164

Seventh Generation, 238

Eighth Generation, 259




Miscellaneous, 260

English Wallbridges, 273

Allied families, 278

Brush, 278

Dewey, 279

Fassett, 286

Fobes, 289

Gager, 290

Lehman, 291

Meech, 296

Safford, 307

Scott, 321

Wallbridge index, 325

General index, 342



Vicinity map of Norwich, Conn., Frontispiece

Headstones in Bennington Centre churchyard, Nos. 37-107 16

Two famous Norwich elms, 21

Shop and school-house at Norwich Town, erected 1770-1775, 29

Meeting-house at Norwich Town 35

View from meeting-house ledge at Norwich Town, 39

Henry Walbridge homestead at Bennington, Vermont No. 24 51

"Church of Christ" at Bennington Centre, Vermont, 53

Headstone of General Ebenezer Walbridge, No. 35 61

Ticonderoga pay-roll, dated May 6, 1777, 65

Bennington battle monument (courtesy of M. E. Watson), 70

Residence of W. G. Wallbridge at Litchfield. Conn., after ice storm of

Feb. 26, 1898 No. 598 73

Ames Walbridge, M. D No. 153 80

Subscription for a minister, Jan. 7, 1784, 85

Henry W^albridge homestead at Bennington, Vermont No. 24 88

Ebenezer William Walbridge and wife, No. 103 95

Signatures of three generations, 97

Henry Sanford Walbridge and wife, No. 1 12 98

Henry Danville Walbridge No. 317 103

Nelson Walbridge, No. 344 106

Asa E. Wallbridge No. 143 1 10

Henry Walbridge, No. 155 1 14

John Gillett Walbridge, No. 186 118

Levi Walbridge No. 188 1 19

Headstones in Bennington Centre churchyard, 131

Alonzo Walbridge and wife, No. 227 134

George Brush Walbridge, No. 241 138

Chester Walbridge No. 255 142




Henry Walbridge No. 256 143

Mary (Walbridge) Bulkley, No. 269 149

A centenarian, Sophia (Walbridge) Winne, No. 273 151

Coat of Arms, 152

Family group, Bennington Falls homestead, July zy, 1797, 153

Stebbins Denio Walbridge, No. 275 155

Henry Thomas Walbridge and wife, No. 282 157

Esther Margaret (Knickerbacker) Walbridge, No. 282 159

Henry Thomas Walbridge, family, and homestead at 109 Lake Avenue,

Saratoga Springs, N. Y., No. 282 161

Frederick Green Walbridge, No. 286 162

John Selah Walbridge, No. 318 169

Scene on ranch of L. C. Walbridge, near Russell, Kansas, . . No. 600 179

Charles Follett Walbridge, No. 457 196

Mrs. Frank Edward Kidder, No. 461-iii 199

Silas Dewey Walbridge, No. 475 206

Charles Eliphalet Walbridge No. 526 216

Hiram Walbridge, No. 548 221

Horace S. Walbridge, No. 549 223

Ebenezer Walbridge homestead at Bennington Falls, Vt., . . . No. 35 232

Olin George Walbridge No. 589 233

John Henry Walbridge, No. 595 234

Thomas Chester Walbridge, No. 596 235

Sons of T. C. W. and his residence, No. 596 235

WilHam Gedney Wallbridge, No. 598 236

Louie C. Walbridge, No. 600 237

Carl Henry Walbridge, No. 640 244

Frank Delos Walbridge and sons No. 643 245

Jefferson D. Walbridge, No. 1033 246

Alfred Perry Walbridge, No. 827 253

Edward Newton Walbridge, No. 847 254

Cyrus Packard Walbridge, wife, and son No. 859 255

Thomas Horace Walbridge, No. 919 256

South Street elms, Litchfield, Conn., 259

The Dairyman's Cottage, Isle of Wight, England 273

James Wallbridge, 274

Monument Avenue at Bennington Centre, Vt. 282

Old cemetery at Preston, Conn., 296

Residence of W. G. Wallbridge, Litchfield, Conn., Sept. 21, 1893, 325


In collecting and arranging these records of the Wallbridge family, care
has been taken to verify as far as possible the dates of birth, marriage and
death, and other statements.

In many cases, several dates for one or more of the events above men-
tioned have been received from as many descendants, and errors will doubt-
less be found. From those who have wrestled with similar work I shall have
appreciative sympathy; as for others, let them try it, and they will not
murmur at an occasional misstatement. Especial efforts have been made to
trace each dead or living descendant, and many a letter, unreturned and un-
answered, testifies to the carelessness or indifTerence of those who will prob-
ably be the first to find fault with their omission.

I wish to express to the members of the family who have aided in pre-
paring this record, my appreciation of their courtesy, and doubt not they will
find their reward in seeing their line of descent clearly traced and preserved
for coming generations.

Many of the items relating to the English branches are taken from notes
left by T. C. Wallbridge, Esq., of Belleville, Canada, and kindly loaned me
by his widow. He began prior to 1868 to collect data for family history,
and made some inquiries while in England about that time. Nearly all of
the name that he came across were farmers or men of low estate, and the
American branch seems to have developed to a greater degree than the

W. G. Wallbridge.

Litchfield, Conn., May i, 1898.



Two indices are given, the first showing those of the family name, with
date of birth and a number for each person.

The second index contains all surnames other than Wallbridge, and the
reference is by page.

To use the first index, note the number before the desired name, look
for same on the centre of page, and if not there, find it by running back on
the marginal numbers.

The figure at the upper right hand of the name denotes the generation,
and the names in the parentheses give the line of descent.

Any two of these lines written one above the other, give the relation-
ship at a glance, as for instance :
589. OLIN GEORGE* (George:' Stebbins* Ebenezer,^ Ebenezer,^ Henry^).

549. HORACE S. " (Chester.'' Henry* Ebenezer,^ Ebenezer,"^ Heiiry^).

showing second cousinship between those first named, with Ebenezer of the
third generation as their first common ancestor.

The usual abbreviations are used : b. for birth, m. for marriage, d. for
death,- T. R. and C. R. for town and church records, B., Bennington; C.,
Coventry; F., Franklin; L., Lisbon; N., Norwich; P., Preston; S., Stafford;
Sh., Sharon; T., Tolland; W., Westfield.



In 1884, town and church records, letters and other sources of informa-
tion were searched to ascertain the proper orthography, and subsequent
work in the same Hne has confirmed the conclusion then arrived at that
although one 1 is now commonly used by the family in the United States,
the original and correct spelling of the name was Wallbridge.

The English records and branches so spell it. Both the church and
town records of Norwich, Conn., the home of our first American ancestor,
so spell it during a period extending from 1680 to 1790, as do the records of
the neighboring towns of Lisbon. Franklin, Preston, and Canterbury. The
town records of Coventry, Conn., having entries from 1767 to 1773, so spell
it. as do the town and church records of Stafford, Conn., between 1735 and
1800; and only on the records of Xorthfield, Mass., and Bennington, Vt.,
do we find the name spelled Walbridge. The Canadian branches, with one
exception, use the double 1. A grandson of Zebulon said that Zebulon (born
1718, died 1809) dropped one 1, saying that one was enough for any man's
name, while another descendant wrote that his father told his sons to use the
double 1, as that was the old and correct way, which they have since done.

A dau. of Jewett Wallbridge. who was born in 1791. at Randolph, Vt.,
wrote that her father used and approved the English spelling of the name.
Carelessness or laziness was the probable cause of the change, and there
seems little doubt that the name should be written Wallbridge.


In 1883 Mr. Paul Dewey Walbridge, of Boston, Mass.. sent me a letter,
relating how he obtained the coat of arms that is regarded by many of the
family as authentic, and also a description of the same.



Since that time I have consulted all the books on heraldry attainable
in the libraries of New York, Boston, and Philadelphia, without finding
aught corroborative of the ancient glory, warlike deeds, or even existence
of our mythical ancestor, "Sir William de Wallbridge."

Recently, with the intention of producing the coat of arms, properly
designed and colored, as a frontispiece to this book, and also as a check upon
my own research, I sought the aid of an heraldic expert, who after looking
thoroughly into the matter, wrote as follows :

Philadelphia, Pa., April 4, 1898.
W. G. Wallbridge, Esq.

Dear Sir: — After spending considerable time in trying to get some
data concerning the arms, etc., as portrayed by the enclosed photograph, I
beg to say that my efforts were unsuccessful, inasmuch as the name Wall-
bridge or its synonyms do not appear in any form in any authorized publica-
tion of Heraldry.

I therefore return, as requested, the photo, and the description thereof,
with assurance of my regrets at not being able to enlighten you more fully.
I am,

Very truly yours,

Victor J. Petry.

As the authenticity of the coat of arms has not been established, it was
decided not to represent it otherwise than by the small cut shown under No.
273, and to give the letter and description above referred to, which now
follow :

Boston, December 18, 1883.
Mr. W. G. Wallbridge.

Dear Sir : — In reply to your letter of December 6, I have to say that
the coat of arms of the Walbridge family was painted for me by an English
gentleman (I do not remember his name) in the winter of 1858.

It came about in this way : Quite a number of Knights Templar of Bos
ton had their family coat of arms painted, framed, and hung up over their
stalls in the armory of the Commandery to which they belonged. Accord-
ingly I inquired of him if he knew of any crest or coat of arms belonging to
the Walbridge family. He informed me that he knew a great deal about it,
as he made the acquaintance of a Mr. William Walbridge, of Canada, who
called upon him in London, and they went together to the "Heraldry Col-
lege" and looked the matter up. I think he made a specialty of looking up


such matters, and he kindly wrote me a description of the Walbridge coat of
arms, etc., a copy of which I sent you. I saw him but a few times, as he was
in Boston but two or three months, and then went to Canada to visit Mr.
William Walbridge before mentioned. * * *

Hastily yours, etc.,

P. D. Walbridge.


Furnished by Paul D. Walbridge, of Boston, December 18, 1883.

The family of Walbridge is of Saxon origin, and of great antiquity in
the counties of Suffolk and Cambridge in England.

Sir William de Walbridge accompanied King Richard Coeur de Lion to
the Holy Land in the fourth Crusade or Holy War, and there greatly dis-
tinguished himself. The arms borne by the Suffolk family of Walbridge
have a reference to the above-named fact.

The armorial bearings of Walbridge of Suffolk are : Or (gold) a cross
quarter pierced sable (black) between four crescents gules (red), above all, a
chief, thereon the cross pattee red, upon a white ground as a Knight of the
Holy Temple, and upon the body of the arms the cross of Constantine as a
Knight of the Red Cross.

The arms are placed upon the Cross of the Knights of Malta, sur-
rounded with the "Pater Noster," over all a coronet of Malta below the
helmet of a Knight Templar, with the full mountings of that order of red
doubled on lined white. Crest, out of a ducal coronet gold, a fawn's head
argent (white).

The black cross in the arms was given to those who participated in the
fourth crusade; the crescents indicate that the ancestor to whom the arms
were granted had fought against the Saracens. In the crest the ducal coro-
net shows that an ancestor had served meritoriously under one of the con-
federated ducal sovereigns of France, such as the Duke of Burgundy, etc.
Motto : Fidei coticula crux (the cross is the test of faith).



No. Name. Rank. Residence.

3 Ames Wallbridge, Ensign, Stafford, Conn.

29 Thomas Wallbridge, Private, Stafford, Conn.

90 Samuel Bishop, Lieutenani, New London, Conn.


16 Ames Walbridge, Major, Stafford, Conn.

35 Ebenezer Walbridge, Brig.-Genl Bennington, Vt.

78 Eleazer Walbridge, Corporal Stafford, Conn.

31 Elijah Walbridge, Private, Norwich, Conn.

42 Gustavus Walbridge, Private Norwich, Conn.

24 Henry Walbridge, Private Bennington, Vt.

ly Henry Walbridge, Sergeant, Bennington, Vt.

48 Henry Walbridge, Private, Andover, Conn.

46 Isaac Walbridge, Sergeant, Lebanon, N. H.

1254 Joshua Walbridge, Corporal, Western, Mass.

44 John Walbridge, Private Coventry, Conn.

49 Lemuel Walbridge, Private, Bridgewater, Pa.

58 Porter Walbridge, Musician, Stafford, Conn.

116 Rufus Walbridge Private, Hartford, Conn.

83 Silas Walbridge, Private, Bennington, Vt.

81 Solomon Walbridge, Private Bennington. Vt.

90 Samuel Bishop Lieutenant, New London, Conn.

18 James Blodgett Lieutenant Stafford, Conn.

31 WilHani Orcutt Sergeant, Stafford, Conn,







i^ ^

o 2


i "










WAR OF 1812.

No. Name. Rank. Residence.

85 Asa Walbridge, Private, Cambridge, \'t.

224 Benjamin F. Walbridge, Private, Burlington, Vt.

93 James Walbridge Private, Stafford, Conn.

203 Jewett Walbridge, Private, Randolph, Vt.

92 Joseph Walbridge, Private, Concord. X. H.

122 Porter Walbridge, Private, Sharon, Vt.

1 15 Roger Walbridge Private, Sharon. Vt.

213 Solomon Walbridge Private, Cambridge, Vt.

136 Thomas T. Walbridge, Private, Tolland, Conn.

210 William Walbridge Private Cambridge, Vt.

299 George D. Blanchard Private, Sharon, Vt.

212 Riley Burnham, Private Cambridge, Vt.

465 Orion Crocker, Private, , N. Y.

206 John Wires, General, Cambridge, Vt.


384 Adolphus B. Walbridge, .... .Musician, Pottsville, Pa.

383 Amos F. Walbridge, Musician Pottsville, Pa.

345 Calvin Clarke Walbridge, . . . .Sergeant, Leeds, Mass.

640 ■ Carl Henry Walbridge, Private Erie, Pa.

803 Charles Edwin Walbridge, . . . Private, Avoca, Wis.

526 Charles Eliphalet Walbridge, . . Lt.-Col. & Omr., . Buffalo, N. Y.

538 Charles Preston Walbridge, . . Private Erie, Pa.

563 Chester Walbridge, Private Toledo, Ohio.

506 Clarke Walbridge Private Madrid, N. Y.

500 Darius Walbridge, Private Riley, Kan.

767 Don Carlos Walliridge Private Cabot, Vt.

928 Dudley Heber Walbridge, . . . Private Toledo, Ohio.

1 146 Dunstan S. Walbridge, Lieutenant Peachem, Vt.

443 Elisha Lillie Walbridge Lieutenant La Crosse, Wis.

779 Everett Lorenzo Walbridge,. . Private, Bangor, Me.

523 Frank Eliphalet Walbridge, . . Captain Kalamazoo, Mich.

622 George Alonzo Walbridge, . . Private, Randolph, Vt.

1 181 George Bigelow Walbridge, . . Private Manchester, Conn.


No. Name. Rank. Residence.

285 George Russell Walbridge, . . .Captain, Lansingburg, N. Y.

181 Henry Walbridge, Captain, St. Johns, Mich.

1223 Henry Walbridge, Private, , N. J.

386 Henry C. Walbridge, Musician, Pottsville, Pa.

640 Henry Carlton Walbridge, . . . Private, Erie, Pa.

382 Horace Greeley Walbridge, . .Musician Pottsville. Pa.

580 James Hicks Walbridge, .... Colonel, Bennington, Vt.

507 Jehiel Walbridge, Captain Madrid, N. Y.

502 Jerome Walbridge, Private, Riley, Kan.

381 John Walbridge, Lieutenant, , Pa.

1 177 King Walbridge, Corporal, New Haven, Conn.

770 Lysander E. Walbridge Private South Cabot, Vt.

346 Milton T. Walbridge, Sergeant Shelby, Minn.

533 Nelson Horace Walbridge, . . Major Grand Rapids, Mich.

512 Ora Delorma Walbridge, .... Private Marseilles, 111.

540 Orange Scott Walbridge, . . . .Corporal Stafford, Conn.

1222 Peter D. Walbridge, Sergeant , Pa.

747 Rodney W. Walbridge, Sergeant Brookfield, Vt.

584 Warren S. Walbridge, Private Greenfield, la.

927 Washington Hunt Walbridge, . Private, Toledo, Ohio.

749 William Henry Walbridge, . . . Private, Peterboro, N. H.

468 William Perry Walbridge, . . . Private Berlin, Wis.

470 Charles J. Allen, General U. S. A., St. Louis, Mo.

543 Henry M. Benton Private, Stafford, Conn.

605 Francis G. Drew, Private, Enlisted in N. Y.

1 188 Samuel J. Flight, Private, New Haven, Conn.

458 Birney S. Fullington, Private, Cambridge, Vt.

320 Henry G. Harvey, Private, Springfield, Pa.

274 George Hicks, Private, Bennington, Vt.

1 184 W. H. Mallard, Private Brooklyn, N. Y.

167 F. A. Olmstead, Private, Hardwick, Vt.

240 David W. Perkins, Private, Chicago, 111.

441 John F. Pearson, Private, Randolph. Vt.

261 James H. Stokes General U. S. A., New York City.

1 173 Darwin P. Thompson Private Manchester, Conn.

1 173 Elihu A. Thompson Musician Manchester. Conn.

252 Sanford P. Weaver, Private Coventry, Conn.

246 Henry Whitman, Private, Chicago, 111.

1 173 Francis H. Wright, Private, Hartford, Conn.


In the County of Dorset, or Dorsetshire, as it is better known in Eng-
land, there live to-day several branches of the Wallbridge family, and sum-
ming up all the theories and traditions I have been able to gather, I am
inclined to ascribe to Dorsetshire the origin of the thousands of Wallbridge
descent that have ever been or are upon this western continent.

Near the village of Piddleton, twelve miles from Wareham, and about
six miles from Dorchester, the capital city of Dorset, is a gate known as the
"Wallbridge Gate," the rendezvous and starting point for the Fox Hounds

Piddleton is a small village with a population of some four hundred
people, mainly dependent on agriculture: the thatched cottages with their
little gardens, surrounded by hedges and overhung with trees, are pic-
turesque, and through the town flows the small river Trent or Piddle. The
church of St. Mary's is very ancient, and a search of its records would
probably throw light upon the older generations of the family.

At Frome Station, Somersetshire, on the Great Western Railway, there
is a place called Wallbridge.

The Genealogist, New Series, Vol. I, 1884. p. gi, says: "In an old quarto
Bible, printed by Robert Barker in 1614, there is written on the fly leaves
the following record: Anthony Noble died 10 March, 1616, married Ursula

, who died 6 Sept., 1635. Their sonne Nathaniel was baptized ye 12

Nov., A. D. 1578, m. with Mary Wallbridge the 24 July, 1619, he died June 6,
1654, she d. Feb. 10, 1627, had dau. Mary, b 19 Sept., 1621. Tilsworth,
Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, Eng."

On p. 175 of Young s Chronicles of Mass., in part of the Company's 2d
general letter of instructions to Gov. Endicott and his Council, under date
of 28 May, 1629, we find the following:

"We send you also herewith a particular of all the goods and cattle sent
in these forenamed ships, as also of what goods, cattle or other provisions



we now send upon these three ships, viz., The Mayflower of Yarmouth, Wil-
liam Peirse, master. The Four Sisters of London, Roger Harmon, master.
The Pilgrim of London, WiUiam WoHridge, master." The first mentioned
is the renowned vessel that brought the Pilgrim Fathers to Plj'mouth in
1620, and there has been some speculation as to whether the master of the
third vessel was a Wallbridge. The earliest mention I have found of a Wall-
bridge in this country is Sept. i, 1655, on which date James W. signed as
witness to a deed conveying shares in the iron works at Taunton, Mass. I
have endeavored to trace this person, but without success, as the Taunton
records were burned in 1842, and I have found nothing elsewhere. In the
A'^. E. Gen. and Hist. Reg., Vol. XLI, p. 85, may be seen a fac simile of his
signature written Wabridge. In old London, running from Mansion House
to West Cannon Street, is a street now called Wallbrook or Wallburg Street,
which on the city maps of 18 10- 15 was Wallbridge Street, and is still so
known by many; a further account of this will be found under William Hol-
loway Wallbridge, Jr. (683).

At Arreton, Isle of Wight, the parish records under date of Oct. 19,
1762, show the marriage of Joseph Wallbridge and Elizabeth Elfe. These
were the parents of Elizabeth W^allbridge, who, as "The Dairyman's Daugh-
ter," became widely known through the tract written by the Rev. Leigh
Richmond and translated into many languages. The thatched cottage in
which they lived still stands on the right of the road leading from Newport
to Sandown, and in the cemetery may be seen a stone commemorating at
length the virtues of the Dairyman's daughter. (See English notes.)

The following shows how Uttle tradition can be relied upon unless sup-
ported by records :

One of the family wrote in 1869 in response to some inquiry: "From
this maiden aunt (born in 1768) I learned that my grandfather came from
Wales, and settled first in Norwich, Conn., and moved thence to Bennington,
where he raised his family and died in 181 1."

Records show that the said grandfather was born in Norwich, Conn.,
was himself the grandson of Henry Wallbridge, our first American ancestor,
and died in 1809 instead of 181 1. See also No. 224.

Many statements like the above have been carefully studied and com-
pared with authentic records, and the time and labor needed have been con-

TK¥ >''«;% - >-»' n






Norwich, Conn., was originally a tract nine niiles square, bought by the
proprietors from the Indians June 6, 1659. At the town-plot centered for
many years the religious and social life of the settlement, and there the first
meeting-house in Norwich was built in 1660, upon the southeast corner of
the green. In 1673 another was erected upon the rocky ledge shown at the
left of the church, a location doubtless chosen for the opportunity it afforded
of keeping a lookout for the savages during divine service. From this site
was taken the view looking toward the Norwich of to-day, which follows
that of the church and ledge. 17 12 and 1752 saw the erection of succeeding
houses of worship, the last of which was burned in 1801, and replaced by
the one shown in the cut.

The two elms reproduced stand in front of the house built in 1785 by
Daniel Lothrop Coit. Miss Caulkins, in her Hist, of Norzvicli, tells of Jabez
Perkins bringing them home on his shoulders from the forest about 1755,
while O. W. Holmes, at the close of his charming talk on trees in the Autocrat
of the Breakfast Table, speaks of them (p. 333, Ed. of 1859), and Mrs. Sigour-
ney wrote of them :

"I do remember me
Of two old elm trees' sliade.
With mosses sprinkled at their feet,
Where my young childhood played."

Henry Wallbridge, of Norwich, Conn., who on Christmas Day, 1688,
m. at Preston, Conn., Anna Amos of that place, was the common ancestor
of the American and Canadian branches of the family. His wife's family




name was sometimes written Ames, and occasionally so used by his de-
scendants as a Christian name. Concerning his own ancestry little has been
learned, but by traditions received from his direct descendants, he came from
Wales, Ireland, Scotland, and some five different counties in England. Mr.
Asa Fobes Wallbridge, of Canada, wrote about 1868: "My father took a

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