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Apr 25 1883. ^fter his wife"s death Saerson removed to orcester, and
later, to Pennington, Veraont.

xi. Alain I-'. aartlett prepared for college at fillips Acadeoy, took the
classical course at Yale and Oberlin, and was graduated fron the latter in
1582. r a taught in public and private schools in Sass. I .Y. Wis. and
So. Dakota: was principal of Stanford Seminary,; .Y. 1878-80; instructor
la Prep. dept. Oberlin college. 1830-32: aupt.of city schools in So. Dak.
1882-87; prof, of atheaatioe and sciences in Yankton college, So. Dakota,
1887-90; since 1896 owner of orange groves, and active grower and shipper
of citrus fruits at St. Petersburg, '.'la.; chaiman of school trustees of
that city several years, and in 1913 chairman of inoll' a county Board of
Public Instruction. Pe a in 1876, Alice A.Ford, den. of bar lea ... &
Caroline • »(8reea] ford, b 8m Haven, Conn. June 7 IS.jS. Pour children,
aARTLETT: I. Charles A. b Feb 25 1830, d l.:ar 13 1881; 2. Itelph A. b I.ov-
17 1882; 3. Irene, b July 19 1886. a July 19 1909, John .Park, lawyer,
residence, Palatka. »1». ftwo childre rgaret. b ov 3 1910, and

Frances C. b Apr 12 1913 j; 4. Ruth Lord, b Mar 10 1896.

(144) LUCETTA 6 3S4BL (55-3c1b 5 , Zophar 4 , rathaniel 3 , John 2 , John 1 ,)

b ^ept 23 1805 - Huntington, Mass.
d Tune 11 18f ; f ; - States Island, * .Y.
~i ft* 29 1827 - "untinpton, Mase.

eon of f

b Oct 4 1810 - ^untin^ton, 'I&sn,
d 1851 - <"toton Island r.Y.

Children;- (7-HALL) b "?eet IM Brighton, ' .Y.

t ar eeoas b Fob 22 1830 d :iar 23 1835

ii Peninnah b **io 9 1832 d Aug 28 1876

iii Duane C. b Hay 5 1834 d Aug 8 1842

John Bradford Hall soon after his marriare removed to est J'ew
Brighton, Staten Island to reside. "e established hlsself there with Jasper
G. Cadmus in the coal business under the fira name of "all ft Cadnus until his

ii Peninnah 'fall was lame and confined to the house in consequence, but
made herself useful in various ways. She survived her widowed aother ten


(145) THAKKFUL 6 3EARL ( 55-Bela J , Zophar 4 . Hethaniel 3 , John 2 , John 1 ,)

b Aug IS 1808 - Huntington, Mass .
d Dec 31 1852 - Upton, Mass.
■ Hay 17 1829 - Huntington, Mass.

son of

Upton, Idas s.

Children;- (7- CHAM8ERIAIS ) b Huntington, Mass.

i Lorenso Searle b Apr 30 1833 d Apr 4 1864

".7»rd Whitney b Jan 24 1835

iii BannaH Pariah b Jan 28 1838

iv Nancy Ann b Sept 16 1843

v Henry Augustus b Jan 11 1949

m Jan 3 1860 ~usan Augusta "arner

d Dec 14 1852 unm.

d Dec 22 1855 una.

d ,iar 22 1884

a .Sylvanus Chamberlain


i. Lorenzo 3earle Chamberlain born at ;;orsich Hill, Huntington, when
nine years old sent to live with his uncle Oela P. Searle, in Florence, Mass.
At the age of fourteen he returned home and becatae a striker in a boot shop
in Upton and continued in that occupation until August 1862. Ho then
enlisted in the 36t v . "tegt, J&bb. Vols, end sent to the front. He died of
typhoid pneumonia at /.noxvi lie, Term. Apr 4 1864, and was buried in the
soldiers cemetery at that place.

His wife, Susan Augusta, was the youngest daughter of Silliam Sarner
of South Deerfield, I'ass. and sister of Juliette, the wife of his uncle,
3ela P. Searle. She aarried (2) Dea. Charles Sashburn of Belchertown, Mass.
and after his death she resided there with Anna Juliette 7 Searle. (146) viii.

(146) BEIA PCtEBOl 6 SEARLE (55- Belo 5 , Zophar 4 , Mathaniel 3 , John 2 , John 1 )


b July 12 1812 - Norwich, Uass.

d June 10 1887 - oelchertowi., i.iass.

m ov 13 1839 - Northampton, ..lass.

to JULIETTE WARNER of South Deerfield
( William Warner
( Julio tta dridgman
b Oct 7 1820 - Korthaiapton, Mass.
d Apr 1 1895 - Belchertown, &Jaas.

dau. of




b Lortbampton


Harriet Taylor

b „ar

9 1841



19 1841


t'dwin Warner

b Oct

12 1842



23 1865



iaria Isabella

b Feb

1 1845



8 1894



lary » ; omeroy

b Apr

14 1847



29 1889

John B. Searle



4 1870


Charles Be la

b May

18 1860



14 1881

Genevieve Wolcott


Lorenzo .hitney

b Oct

5 1852




Susan Thankful

b Jan

12 1856



5 1910


12 1875

John Foster .ierrill



b ..iar

2 1858



28 1907


Polyoke, Mass.

Be la .'oaeroy^ Searle was

a prosperous farmer, highly respected for

his sobriety, integrity and good judgaent. is wife was a woman of intell-

igence and strong family affection. They were members of the Congregational
church. After marriage they resided in Northampton until 1847, then in
Southampton till 1850, then in Holyoke till 1362, and finally in Belchertown.
After his death in 1887 the farm was sold and the family moved into the village
and lived on en street, in the house afterward o«ned and occupied by the
youngest daughter till her death.

iii. .siaria Isabella' Searle became entirely deaf after scarlet fever, but
could read the lips of others and continued to speak. .he was intelligent

and interesting, fond of musio, and could sing same familiar songe. She
became the dress-maker for the family end showed much skill in that line,
duplicating Paris gowns after inspection. She was a lovely and winning
character, and a christian of great hopefulness.

vi. Lorenzo hitney " Searle was graduated from Amherst college (B.A.)

inl878, and three yeers later received the degree of i.A. fle prepared for
college in the high schools of Belchertown and Greenfield. While in college
he supported himself by teaching a district school on Belchertown one year.
snd having in cherg© for one year the Franklinville (now Jaurel) Academy,
Long Island. .fter graduation he continued to teach, one year at Bethlehem,

Conn, one yea- as assistant in the Greenfield Academy, onn. and one year in
charge of the Boy's Grammar school at ~tonington, Conn. 'e resigned this
position in the spring of 1881 to become Assistant in :t. Johns school at Sing
Sing, N.Y. where he remained five years.


Meantime he reed law privately, and in Hay 1885 he ire© admitted to the t ew
York Bar. He practised las for two years in fling Sing* and since 1888
has had an office in Rot York City, giving his attention to investments for
clients, and certain other branches of law. In 1909 he visited the
principal citie of the Pacific coast, and in 1914 made a tour of Lurope,
lasting three months. He is not a member of any church or secret order.

vii. luean Thankful "earle Merrill second wife of John Foster Merrill,
was married in Belchertotm, and resided thereafter in Athol, Mass. She was
a prominent member of t^e Matrons of the "epublic, and of the Congregational

John Poster Merrill was born in Greenfield, ass?. * ov 22 1839, son
of James Lloyd t Tryphena (Stearns) Merrill. Be enlisted from Shelburne
falls, Mass. /pr 15 1861 as private in the 10th Regt. Mass. Vols. was
wounded in an engagement at Fair Oaks, Va. May 31 1862. and was discharged
Sept 15 1862, and returned home. '!e was a stone mason by trade and overseer
in many places. TT e superintended the construction of the Talcott Library
building at EM* orthfield, Mass. He died at Athol, July 27 1908, leaving
a son, Frank ?.. by his first wife, and a nephew, Herbert J. Merrill, of
'Minneapolis, adopted in infancy upon the death of the mother. His widow
survived him nearly two years, and died in Athol.

3he had but one son, James Edwin Merrill, b Feb 14 1885. R«
graduatedet Athol ' 7 igb School, went to New York City in 1904, and whils in
the employ of the -tiller Construction Company attended tie Cooper Union
night schools*, twoo close application to study brought on an attack of
cerebro-spinal meningitis, of which he died in Bellevue Toepltal, B.I. Apr
6 1905, aged twenty years.

viii. Anna Juliette ' learle remained at home with her parents all their
lives. After the death of her sister, Marin in 1894, and of her mother the
next year, she lived alone in the old home except as relatives cane to visit
her at times. Though handicapped by an impediment in her speech and
partial deafness, she was ever cheerful and sunny in disposition, showing a
helpful and generous sympthy which won her a large circle of friends,
an eameet christion she was a faithful member of the ongregstional church.
The last year of her life waa one of great suffering which she bore most
patiently. Mftor her deat^ the old home was broken up and the property
sold and distributed.

e i

(147) IILLIAH MDWARD 6 3EARL (55- Sola 5 , Zophar 4 , lathnniel 3 , Johr. 2 , John 1 )

b Feb 17 2815 - Huntington, Mass.

f 16 1908 - Westfield, Mass.
ra r ov 27 1845 - Chicopee, Mass.

To LUCY HILXElt fffiO of
( Samuel Wing
( Lucinda George
b Feb 15 1825 - Paliayra, Elaine
d Dec 24 1879 - "estfield, Mass.

dau. of

Childrcnn- (7- S'ARL) b Huntington

286 i Lucinda Lucetta b Kov 21 1846 d Oct 15 1910

ai i ov 24 1375 Franklin P.Bennett

b /pr 28 18-48 d Apr 30 1878 una. at Lowell

b Oct 15 1849 d Aug 27 1875 uaa.
b June 27 1853 d

ov 27 1873 Ceorge fe.3arr.uo
v Same Jane b Oct 25 1855 d

m Feb 11 1834 Horatio H.mburn

287 vi Slllla-a Reuben b Itey 11 1857 d Jan 2 1892

a June 8 1886 Alice May .'.aetman
vii ugenia V. b July 7 1859 urea.

ii Mirxetta T.
iii Alice F.
iv Julina Augusta

11 Has dward Sear I grew up on his father's farm and after marriage

settled in 'untington. In 1865 he sold hie farm and *?as employed on a farm

in Southampton. In 1869 he bought the farm in ' estfield which has been the

family home ever since. He unit d with no church, though a regular
attendant for cany years; a man highly respected.


at the age of twenty-elx while visiting at "oaereet,


accidentally drowned by the sinking of a row-boat.

iv. George "/ill lam Barnua a mechanic, son of lillifta Orson & Effir Maria
(Snyder) ?araic, eas bom in Canaan, Cam. liar 27 1851. ife enlisted in the

avy, July 1869, and was honorably discharged Apr 10 1870, epe^t^hree
years in Sheffield, Mass. then went to "-estfield where he married^ save that
for eight years he lived on the farm in Southampton. : o child. After falling
health he died in estfield, Aug 9 1908. Ie was a member of the First
Congregational church, and of v?oronoco lodge, I.O.O.F. r.0,74.

v. Horatio Jarrlson Kilburn born in Vermont, Aug 1 1837, eon of Koswell
A. & Lucy (Howard) Kilburn, was a miller at Chicopee, and died there without
child, Dec 28 1902. He was a Methodist. Bi» widow moved to Springfield.

vii. j ugeni?. /. Jearle remained as housekeeper for her father as long as
he lived. After hie death she removed to Southampton and was a housekeeper

(148) APQUaK DICKSON 6 SSARL (55-iiela^, Zophar'% I athaniel 3 , JohnS John 1 )

b ar 22 1818 - Norwich, aaee.
d ay 30 1896 -Wiew Brighton, H.I.
a ^ar 1 1845 - Tompkineville, K.Y.
to ttA;lAK JANE DILK3 of

dau. of < J«wph Dilto
( Anna Pierce
b Apr 22 1824 - Woodbury, U.J.
d Oct 10 1897 - eat Hem Brighton,

Children;- (7- Saarl) b v,eat Kew Brighton, I .Y.
i Silliem Kdward b Feb 8 1847 d soon
288 ii John Bradford b Uay 18 1849 d

ra Oct 4 1870 sry ?omeroy 7 :'3earle
iii Charles Uickinson , b Apr 14 1854 d Jan 23 1873

A polios Dickinson Pearl soon after coming of age pecked hie belongings
into a little green trunk and aade hie say by stage and boat from his birth-
place to Nee York, and thence to Stater. Island, to meet hie brother- in- lee, John
8. Fall, with whom he found employment ae a driver in the delivery of coal. At
the house to which he brought the first load, the family being abeent, he had
a dispute with a young woman in charge as to where the coal should be dumped,
in which of course she had her way. This chance acquaintance resulted later
in their Marriage, and it is said she continued to have her own way. raving
great vitality end good health, he was a hard and cheerful worker, with a moat
equable temper, and was never worried. Ha soon engaged with the Statei; laland
i^eing and Printing orks and continued tn their employ for about forty years,
retiring from work about ten years before his death. y& was aa inveterate
reader and delighted hie family by reading aloud evenings.

Sarah Jane („ilks) Gearl wa8 the eleventh of thirteen children, and she
wae but three years old when her father wae killed by a lightning stroke. In
the deeperation of the family the little girl was paeaed from one family to
another, and at last forgot her birthplace and relatives. After her sons
were big boys she had a dream in which the name of ,; ncle • oseph Budd , of
voodbury, i».J. : ??as impressed on her mind. On writine- to him she found him
to be the postmaster, and lie was able to give her a history of her parents and
relatives. ;'er mother had then been dead only three years. rs. Searl had
greet decision of character, she wae a fine housekeeper and wrote a beautiful
hand. Though she had little schooling hereelf she was able to teach her
aone well until they were eight years old. She made the Bible her
univereal textbook.

7 :


EH G SEAR1 (57- Cornelius 5 , Zophar 4 ,

.athaniel^, JohnS John*)

b ay 13 1805 - Southampton, Mass.
d Dec 20 1860 - Springfield, Mass.
m o» 6 1827 - Southampton, Mass.

( Stephen 7?urlburt
( Eunice flap
b Sept 22 1801 - "est Springfield, .ass.
d Apr 28 1367 - Springfield, Mass.

son of

Children;- (7- HURLBUT) b West Springfield, Mass.


Milton Clark

b Aov

20 1829

d Oct

18 lesi



Cornelius Searle

b War

18 1832

d Jan

m Oct

6 1901

20 1858

Mary Wait A His


Sarah Jane

b ;>ov

22 1834

d Jan
a Dec

18 1898
7 1853

Daniel Wait Allis


Edward Asaph

b Apr

10 1840

d i;ov

27 1862


Jairue Searle

b Jan

5 1842

d Kov
m Oct

9 1902
15 1868

Julia Ann Sampson


Louis Seneca

b July

7 1844

d June

21 1865


Asaph Hurl but was a wheelwright and a machinist, a descendant of
Thomas IHirlbut, who ma a soldier in the Pequot war of 1637. Three of his
•one died just as they attained their majority.

ii. Dr.Cornalius dearie Hurlbut took up dentistry as a profession at an
early age and becaiie very prominent in it. "e trained two of his brothers
in his office in Springfield. A member of the Memorial church, he served
as deacon many years, and was greatly beloved for his kind and gentle spirit,
his happy disposition and helpful sympathy. In 1870 he built a large granite
business block at the corner of f.iain and Bridge streets, which however was
destroyed by fire five years later. He died in his sixty-ninth year.

Mary "felt (Allis) Hurlbut his wife, was born In "atfield, Mass. Oct.
9 1833, dau. of Dnctsr h Mary (">ait) Allin, and died at the home of her son in
ast Longraeadow, Mass. Dec 7 1916, ago J 83 years, after a life of great use-
fulness and beauty. To the last she was free from either spiritual or
physical feebleness, and her sympathies were alive to every call made upon
them. She was closely associated for many years f r Msy years with the act-
ivities and interests of the Memorial church in Springfield; her home life
was like a benediction to that favored circle. ( m . Nov 27 1901 Springfield
Children;- BUHLBUT:- 1. Mary Allis b Apr 26 1860, ( to Joseph Searle Gaylord
3. Martha Assnath, b Jan 6 1865; una.; 2. Dexter A Ilia, b Sept 22 1862,
d Dec 23 1863; 4. clarion Elizabeth, b Dec 10 1866, d Peb 3 1913, una.;
5. Mabel Qrace, b Feb 23 1869, d Dec 5 1900; 6. Cornelius Soarle jr.
b June 1 1871, m Oct 4 1899, Marion Clark Adams.


1. Joseph 3earle Gay lord b 1860, son of Sullivan Searle & i,lary E.
(Dorsey) Gaylord, becezae professor In the State Kormal School at Winona,
Minn. Dept. of Psychology, Philosophy of Education and I thics. His
father's aunt, ; lvirah Gaylord, married Sullivan Seal, of Plymouth, 111.
and the latter, being childless, and having survived his nephew and name-
sake, adopted his two sons, gave them a liberal education, and also by will
left thea a large share of hia property. i'rof Gaylord was one of these


Mary Ills (Hurlbut) Gaylord his wife, developed a decided taste
and tclent for the fine art, and was a teacher of Art in i'ratt Institute,
Brooklyn, 8*T« from its inception until her marriage, a term of twelve years.
She continued to paint, and made frequent excursions in order to sketch from
Mature. In 1912, with a party of friends, she took a trip around the woild
and improved the opportunity to make many sketches.

3 & 4 Martha Aeenath Hurlbut gave instruction in Art for fifteen years in
the public schools of East Orange, r;.J. and her sister, Marlon Elizabeth,
was similarly engaged in the schools of westfield, Mass. and Flushing, li.Y.
But afterward accepted positions as teacher of Art in the Girls' echnical
High School of New York, but at length resigned and returned to Springfield.
After the death of Marion E. the sister and her mother retired to the Rest
Cure at Hawleyville, Conn.

6 Dr. Cornelius Searle Hurlbut .jr. after graduating from Springfield
High School in 1890, and attending Amherst college one year, entered the
Dental college, Univ. of Penn. and was graduated (D.D.S.) in 1895. He
practised dentistry with his father while the latter lived, and afterwards
conducted the office alone for a time. He was superintendent of the Faith
Church Sunday School in Springfield. He married tfsrioa Clark Adams, b Spring-
field, Aug 21 1875, dau. of Eugene & Harriet (Clark) Adams.
Children; HURLBUT:- 1. Charlotte Hollister, b July 12 1304;
2. Cornelius Searle III, b June 30 1906

iii. Daniel Valt Allls bom at Hatfield, Mass. Aug 9 1828, son of Dexter
& Mary Wait .'His, died Dec 28 1873. He married Sarah Jane Hurlbut and
had five children, ALUS:- 1. Josephine Sophia, b Jan 31 1855, d Sov 22
1873; 2, Jairus Hurlbut, b July 9 1862, d July 9 1863; 3. ^ary Wait,
b May 5 1865, a June 22 1904, Edward Holman Wilkinson; 4. Dexter Hurlbut
b Aug 10 1867, d Feb 21 1916, m Kov 24 1904 Flora May Castle; 5. Edward
Milton, b Dec 9 1870, m Oct 16 1901, Florence a. Wightman.

3. clary »alt (Allls; ilkinson was for twenty years a teacher in the
public schools of Springfield, and for some time prior to her morriage
Principal of the School street school. She resides in Springfield, with
a summer home at Silver Lake, Chesham, Eew Hampshire.


4. Dr. Dexter Hurlbut Allis was graduated froa the ihiiadelphia Dental
College In 1888, and succeeding to the firm of Hurlbut ft Allia of Spring-
field, became a leading dental practitioner. A daughter Catherine rurlbut
Allis, b 3ept 21 1905.

5. ..dward Hilton Allia, graduate of High School in 1889, resides in
Springfield, employed in the kiass. Mutual Life Insurance Co. He a at Mohawk,

.Y. Florence Uabel, b Foreatport, I'.Y. Feb 16 1874, dau. of Hev. Olin Cyrus
& Anna (ilcCassaon) ightman.

Children, ALUS:- 1. Hilton v/ighfcman, b July 8 1902, d Hay 7 1906
2. Jairua Searle Rurlbut, b July 22 1905

v. Or. Jairus Searle 1T urlbut came to Springfield at the age of ten,
and was graduated from the High School in 1860. The next five years were
spent in the dental office of his elder brother, after which he attended the
Ffeila. Dental college, and received his diploma. After spending a winter
in St. Paul, 'inn. for his health he returned to Springfield and took up his
life work of dentistry. Re was a member of the Conn. Valley Dental Society,
Mass. Dental Society, Qdontological Society of lew York; was president of
the first two and served on executive committees; member of lew Englsnd
Dental Society, American Academy of Dental Science, and was delegate to the
International Dental Congress. He was active in the movement requiring
all dentists to register, was appointed by Gov. Ames to serve on the rk>ard
of Registration, and was its president for a number of years. He *as also
president of the American Asaociation of Dental It— Iwttt ■ He was a director
from its organization of the Springfield Dafe Deposit fc Trust Co. a generous
contributor to the Science Uuseum, a Republican in politics, and a member of
the South Church. He belonged to the Winthrop Club and the fayasset Club and
enjoyed the companionships which they afforded.

Though a man of fine physique he had delicate health, and found it
necessary in late years to spend his winters south. Thus he visited Florida
many timea, also Mexico, California and Nassau. He was very fond of the
latter place, finding its climate most congenial. He traveled extensively
in Europe as well, and made collections of birds, flowers and other specimens.
He was of philosophic mind and fond of nature; of upright life enjoying
the confidence of the community and exerting a beneficent influence; kindly,
agreeablV^ln personal intercourse. In his work he was progressive, keeping
up with the latest improvements and maintaining a high standard for his
chosen profession. He died in his sixtieth year, without child.

Julia Ann furlbut his widow, was a daughter of Ira B. Sampson of
Springfield, and sister of Senator Henry r '. Sampson, of .V>rs. John A.Wurphy
and irs. Frank '. Hurlbut, of iorristown, Lew Jersey.


(150) 330LU 6 SSARL (57-Comelius 5 , Zophar 4 , Nathaniel 3 , John 2 , John 1 )

b .jay 2 1807 - Southampton, iiasa.
d June 6 1844 - Southampton, iviass.
ai : ov 22 1827 - Southampton, iiasa.

to SARDIS CHAPMAN of Southampton
««■, «*» ( ?aul Chapman
son of ( Ruth Pomeroy
b June 15 1803 - Southampton, Mass-
d Jan 30 1892 - Southampton, l.foss.

He m (2) Feb 17 1846 to Sarah M. Morgan of

dau. of i

He m (3) liay 14 1866 at Hartford, Conn.
to Hannah P. 3. liix of

dau. of ;

He divorced her in 1873

Children;- (7- CHAPMAN)
i Char lee Henry
ii Harriet BUM

iii liary Jane
iv Sarah .•'aria
v Frank Herbert

b Southampton
b June 21 1828
b June 10 1830
b Aug 3 1834
b Aug 21 1836
b June 12 1856





same day

Mar 26 1896

June 28 1850


Sept 29 1856

Sard is Chapman a

boot and shoe maker

by trade, was

life- long
resident of Southampton. He took the greatest interest in the history of
the Sear! family, and by diligent research, extended through a number of
years, succeeded in compiling "The 3ardis Chapman Record", at its time the
most complete record of the Searl family, and the foundation of all other
Searl genealogies since compiled. As a citizen he always took an active
part in the affairs of the town. "is remarks in town meeting commanded
attention, and his opinion was always respected. He often served upon
committees and proved a valuable member. For many years he was the "Sealer
of Leather" for the town. A man of strong convictions, he yet expreesed
himself mildly, and was never aggressive. His pleasant smile and cheerful
words are still well remembered.

Sard is Chapman married (2) Feb 17 1846, Sarah H. Morgan. They had
one son, Frank Herbert b June 12 1856, d Sept 29 1858. He married (3)
at Hartford, Conn. May 14 1866, Hannah F. 3. 4ix, b Aug 15, 1815 from whom a
divorce was granted in 1873.

ii Harriet .,liza Chaoaan , the only one of six children to reach
mature years, remained unmarried and was the life-long companion of her
father, and assisted him not a little in his writings. Though an


invelid, living retired from society, ehe was for many years more actively
interested in caring for the poor of Southampton than any other person in
the town. ith her father in his later years she frequently drove from
door to door seeking the destitute and supplying their wants. 3he was
sole heir to the few thousands which her father had accumulated in a life-
time of industry and economy. .'surviving him but four years, she made a
bequest of one thousand dollars for the benefit of the worthy poor of the
town, and left nearly as much more to individuals who had special claims on
her sympathy or regard. 'he left a legacy to the town to provide for the
care of her burial lot, and of the three other family lots in the cemetery
to the end of time. She also provided for a handsone iron fence for the
cemetery along its entire street front.

An early friend and schoolmate of hers said "I cannot recall an
unpleasant thing about her' 1 , and her pastor said "She was one of the noblest
women God ever aade n . The place that she has left there is none to fill.

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