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In a letter to a cousin, dated ov 25 1887, Miss Chapraan writes; "There are
seventeen old ^aicfe within one quarter mile of the post-office. ver since
Gov. Andrew called us 'the anxious and aialeee', (he was speaking of the
surplus of females in this stats), we have been looking about for something
worth doing, and 1 think that most of us, in this town at least, are filling
?i niche in the world's work as Important as that of our married sisters".


(15! : 1D 6 SEARL (57- Cornelius 6 , Zophar 4 , Nathaniel 3 ,

b ov8 1813 - Southampton, Mass.
d Dec 31 1886 - Southampton, Mass,
a I ov 26 1840 - Southampton. Liass.

to JULIA MARIA ' SEARL (103) of
<i»u «r (Hathaniel . 6 Searl
(Zilpah 5 > ; -earl
b "ept 14 1817 - Southampton,
d Jan 23 1890 - Southampton, ^ass

Children;- (7- KARL) b Southampton



arlando C. b

June 24 1844


i ov 20 1872 alary lllen Selden


Payaon -dward b

July 2 1846


Sept 13 1849


Harriet C. b

July 14 1849



Julia Anna b

July 2 1853


sa June 17 1879 /.bner Sugene Peck

Cornelius Edward b Searl was a farmer on the homestead which had
been hie father's.

His wife, Julia ularia 7 Searl was totally blind for many years.
she lived to be over seventy-two. She was first eoueii: once removed to her
husband, while her father, Nathaniel K. e Searl was first cousin once removed
to her mother, Zilpah 6 Searl (35).

iii Harriet Cordelia 7 Searl remained at hose unmarried, the comfort
and stay of her parents, and developed into a capable end charming woman.
After her mother's death she became housekeeper in the home of : .-r. Gunn in
Southampton village*

(152) JAI3CS CURE S 3SA.RL-I (57-Cornelius 5 , Zophar 4 , Nathaniel 3 , John 2 ,

j .y 31 1819 - Southampton, Mass.
d Apr 24 1852 - Southampton, ,!aas.
a May 8 1850 - Faraington, Conn.

to EttsuKB c. iouegs of

dau. of < Constant Young
( Cynthia Bobbins
b Aug 10 1824 - Faraington, Conn.
d May 18 1859 - ';arsaw, Illinoin

Children;- (7- SEA8&S) b Unionwllle, Conn.
291 i Kasaa J. C. b Feb 10 1852 d

a Kov 20 1872 William W. Pinney

was a graduate Of Amherst college in 1842.

I5e then studied for the ministry, two years at Princeton Theological Seminary,
and one year with a pastor in Massachusetts . After laboring a year and a
half in Unionville. Conn, he was ordained and installed as the first pastor of
the First Congregational church of the place.which he continued to serve for
about four years. Failing in health, he returned to his old home in South-
ampton where he died and was buried.

His wife was a farmers daughter. Her father was born in Faraington,
Conn, aar 20 1790, and died there Oct 29 1828. Her mother was born in Avon,
Conn. Mar 24 1787, and died at Faraington, Sept 17 1834.

Er»« Searl carried (2) In Sept 1858, William Spencer, of Warsaw, 111.
and died there aay 18 1859. Ko child by this marriage.

(153) ?K I LOME LA THUR3T0K 6 9BARL (57-Corneliue 5 , Zophar 4 , Kathaniel 3 ,

b July 18 1822 - Southampton. Mass.

d Dec 4 1867 - Unionville, Conn.

a Not 1 1844 - Southampton, Mass.


«**, «* ( Daniel Corham
eon or ) _ ,.

( Sally Stearns

b June 11 1820 - Kinesburg, Vt.

d July 5 1865 - Unionville, Conn.

Children;- (7- GORRAoi) b Hinesburg, Vt.

i Frances liarian b Oct 17 1845 d

a Apr 25 1866 James E. Woodruff
ii Daniel Searl b Oct 5 1852 d Apr 30 1860

3eneca .'uclus Gorhaa was a carpenter and joiner by trade. Re served
as private in the 52d Regiment, Connecticut iilitia, took part in the battle
of Port Hudson, La. and other engagements, and was promoted to the rank of
Second Lieutenant. Cto his return home from the war the family removed to
Unionville, Conn.

i. James Henry Woodruff Born in Southington, Conn. Jan 1 1835, was
married in Unionville in 1866, and two years later removed to ; orwich, Conn.
•here he died 'ay 29 1896. Jtb Soodruff then removed to a country home in
Korwich Town, Conn, but in 1909 she returned to Norwich, her younger daughter
being with her.

Three children, WOODRUFF:- 1. Marion Amelia, b July 17 1867, d i£ay 3 1869;
2. Annabelle, b Feb 20 1871, m Hov 7 1888, Joseph ciackenzie jr. b Glasgow,
Scotland, Aug 17 1865; 3. Agnes Emma, b Dec 6 1873 in I omich, Conn.



(207) aERRICK 7 SEA3L (103-Nathaniel 6 , ^oees 5 , .tases 4 , Nathaniel 3 , John 2 ,

b May 13 1812 - Southampton, iiass.
d Apr 1 1868 - Southampton, Maes.

(1) a Mar 19 1834 - Seat Springfield, Mass.

to LUCY B Loomis of

dau. of /

b Feb 8 1813 - ?eat Springfield, i5ass.
a Feb 20 1864 - Southampton, iess.

(2) aee below

Children}- (6- S.:ARL) b Southampton

i Lucy Jane b Oct 29 1837 d 1868

m 1856 Korace A. Hatch

ii Helen A. b Sept 26 1840 d June 2 1896

a Oct 16 1866 George P. iyman

lerrick Searl was a carpenter and joiner. He married (2) Feb 23
1865, Mary B. Aeton, of Springfield, Maes. ho child.

i. iAicy Jane Hatch died aged thirty-one, ep. Br« Hatch married (2)

Caroline Owen, and lived many years in -eetfield, Maes, where his widow
died, Feb 15 1915.

ii. George P. Lyman was born Jan 29 1843, son of Samuel & Lucetta (Burt)
lyaan. He entered the Onion army flay 1863, and served six months. After
marriage he removed to Burton, Adams co. 111. Helen fU died at Pasadena,

Cal. aged 56 years.


(208) LUCY ASK 7 3SARL (103- Kathaniel £. 6 ;.-ose»^, idoses 4 , Kathaniel 3 ,

b 'Mr 18 1820 - Southampton, Mass.

d Oct 6 1893 - Southampton, ,iaea.

a Aug 27 1845 - Southampton, ..las a.


-« „ ~*> ( Simoon Clark
son or ; ,,. .

( Rhoda

b Mar 24 1809 - Sasthampton, Mass.

d Feb 16 1866 - Fastbampton. i'.ass.


(8- CLARK) b


a farmer


Dwight Searl b

May 27 1848


Sept 28 1849


Ann Maria b

Feb 21 1850


aar 11 1859


itary H b

May 4 1853


Oct 25 1930


Lilla J. b

Feb 22 1855


rov 22 1933


Julia E. b

July 20 1859


July 27 1868

The two surviving sisters made their home with Mrs. ay ran S.Searle
of Westfield,(210); Lilla J. in 1898, and iary R. after .larch 1907


(209) JJUB3 HSRVEY 7 3SARL (103- Nathaniel L. G itsoses 5 , V.osee 4 , Nathaniel 3 ,

b 3ept 18 1822 - Southampton, Maes.

d ct 19 1906 - Northampton, idass.

$1) a Jan 28 1846 - Eorthampton, iSase.


a-, ~+ I William Conant renties
dau * of ( Asenath Sanford
b 1825 - Northampton, ilass.
d tfar 9 1849 - Northampton, Mass.
(2) m Oct 9 1855 - ^eethampton to Helen Virginia Fairman

Children:- (8- SEARLE) b Northampton

340 i Prank Prentiss b Feb 21 1847 d

m Oct 4 1870 tiller* Maria Edwards

James Bervay 3 earl was an apprentice in Northampton at the cabinet
■•« trade, and continued there as a furniture dealer and undertaker, and
at length retired from business in comfortable circumstances. Be wae assessor
for)twelve years and alderman for several years; deacon of the P'irst Congreg-
ational church; a sturdy streightforrard, honest reliable men.

Early left a widower, he married (2) in '.esthampton, Oct 9 1855, Helen
Virginia Fairaan, b there Jan 14 1832, dau. of Oren ft ! ancy (Glbbe) Fairman;
No child.

They adopted in 1863, a daughter, Kettle Grace Dearie, who married,
^ay 17 1883, obert cilery Edwards, the successor to the business of the late
Mr, Searle. They reside in Northampton where &irs. Edwards is a prominent
member of the Unitarian church and president of the omen's Alliance.

The only child. Marietta, born 1885, died in ■ orthaapton in 1901, e
bright and attractive girl. "Irs. Searle resides in Northampton, a public
spirited generous woman, member of the Congregational church.


(210) MYROS BG0LE3T0N 7 SEARLS (103- Nathaniel B. Moses , Moses 4 , Nathaniel' 5 ,

b June 27 1837 - Southampton, Mass.
d Nov 11 1905 - Westfield, iJasB.
a Oct 21 1868 - Eestfield, :.Sass.

to AUGUSTA I BLOOD of /shfleld & estfield

- _ ( Lemuel B. Blood

dftU * ot ( Luanna Allen
b .ar 13 1844 - ^estfield, tfass.

Children;- (8- SEAMS) b Westfleld

i dith Lucelia b Aug 20 1869 d Feb 23 1895 unm.

^yron irgleston 3earle after attending "illiston Seminary, sent
to Toronto, Canada, where he taught in a business college. Gn his return
home he worked as a carpenter in the '.ason shops of Springfield. He then
went to ;vestfi41d to become the passenger and freight agent of the Canal (now
New raven and Lortbampton) railroad. Later he was employed in the general
store of L. 3. Blood, his father-in-law, and became his partner in the coal
and wood business. Upon the death of Br. Blood he continued the business,
taking as a partner Lewellyn Gladwin jr. He retired from business in 1900
having been engaged in it for thirty-three years. Be was a trustee of the
'5oronoco Savings bank and member of its finance committee; pveeident of the
hurtliff Home for destitute children; treasurer and clerk for twenty-six
years of the ^estfield Power company; and member of iVoronoco lodge of Odd
Fellows end of Hampden Council, Hoyal Arcanum. Be served for thirty-five
years as deacon of the First Congregational church, and for thirty- three
years as its treasurer. Throughout his long and honored life

his upright and beautiful character gave unity to all his purposes, and
won him the widespread confidence and love of bis associates arid friends.
Of strict probity, he was also ■ man of rare gentleness, eweetness and

Augusta L. Blood attended the .'estfield Academy, Literary Institute
at 3uf field, Conn, and Oread Institute at orcester, I^aes. After her
marriage ars.Oearle let her interests center chiefly in her hoae and in the
work of her church.

i. Edith Lucelia 8 earlo, educated in .estfield High school, entered
3mith college and was graduated in 1892. During 1893 she traveled through
Europe with *er father. Literary in her tastes and devoted to her home,
she cared little for society. Member of the Congregational church,
corresponding secretory of the C. :. society, and member of the "Hopefully
ell Affected club", she served on its literary committee. A short illness
proved fatal and cut short her promising career in her twenty-sixth year.


(257) ELI I;- ARLK (126- 7enas 6 , Zenee 5 , .ophar 4 , 1 athaniel 3 , John 2 ,

b Jar; 8 1814 - Chester, IftM.
d May 11 1900 — Des Moines, Iowa
a Kov 16 1836 - Chester, Mass.


son of ! Cri9 P UB ^^
( Adah Smith
b June 14 1811 - Chester, Mass-
d Dec 4 1830 - Cincinnati, Ohio

Children;- (8- LIMA*) b Cherry Valley, Ohio
i Richard ''oisington b I^ov 21 1843 d

a ifey 23 1871 hM A. I iley

ii Ambrose Ulliara b Aug 30 1848 d Oct 3 1838

m Apr 8 1874 I lisabeth Aldrich
iii T'erbert "right b Sept 12 1852 d

m Apr 15 1879 Ada 0. Turner

Kinsman, Ohio

Aabrose rradshaw layman after his marriage, removed to Ohio and
settled in Cherry Valley, Ashtabula County, but about 1847 moved to kinsman
Ashtabula co. where he kept a etore. In 1851 he lived in erren, Ohio,
and ?as elected sheriff of Trumbull county. In 1886 he became a merchant
in Cincinnati, residing in Wyoming, a suburb, where he died, aged seventy-
nine. Ee was a Iresbyterian.

Cliza Sates 7 -earle lyaan when young was reaarkable for her beauty.
Che was a school teacher whose gentle manners and winning ways made her
popular and successful with her scholars. In 1891 she removed to Dee
Joines, Iowa.

i. Richard oisington Lyman went to Cincinnati, Ohio in 1866 and
became head bookkeeper and credit man for Slymyer, Norton 1 Co.; later he
was of the wholesale oil firm, Cochran, Lyman 1 Co. In 1831 he removed

to Des Moines, Iosa, to engage in an Insurance and eal Estate business. In
1901 he became secretary of the iaon-Flenniken Co. Importers of millinery.
He married in 1871 Fama A. Uley, Laughter of James &, Alvira (Jones,
i?iley, of ansae, and had four children born in Cincinnati;
LTaiAK;- 1. Alice Searle, b Car 6 1872, m June 25 1902. at Des ioines, Iowa
to Charles lvord Bishop, judge and afterwards chief justice of Supreme Court
of Iowa, "e died in 1908, "aged fifty-four years. 2. Laura Elizabeth b Feb
28 1874, uni.: 3. aae Josephine, b iay 7 1877, m Feb 19 1902, James

-adieon nith , credit man for the dry goods firm ems-Emery Co. Des koines;
4. Franeis iley, b July 2 1873

2 years

ii. Ambrose ail 1 jam iyaan was a student A et Jiami University, Chio, a

meraber of the '";.;..". fraternity. He was a Washington correspondent on the
staff of the Cleveland Leader, 1872-74, of the New York Tribune, 1875-77,


and of the In York Sun 1877-89. Ha then becaae editor and general
aanager of the ''elena Independent, liOnt. 1889-37, and was appointed in
1894 by president Cleveland to be Collector of Internal Revenue for the
district of ontana, Idaho and Utah. Ln 1897 he accepted the responsible
duty of directing the work of the Associated Press in Cuba during the war
with Spain, first on the despatch boat, "anda, and later at Siboney, near
Santiago. :7 ere he contracted a fever froa which he apparently recovered,
but on his return to Lew York after the surrender of Santiago, the poison
lurking in his system developed and, after several weeks of great suffering
he died at his home in SrookSyn, I.T. Hie death elicited many tributes of
the highest order to his aanliness, splendid capacity, high ideals and
fidelity in every position of great trust and responsibility, and to his
constancy and courage in the face of danger, disease and death.

Elizabeth (Aldrlch) Jjaan daughter of Jose: Li» (Page)
Aldrlch of ast Cleveland, Ohio was a graduate(1872) of teke Hrie college,
Pain^Bville, r/hio and was for several years secretary of the college and of
her class, and also secretary and treasurer of the Aluani Association. She
died in Cleveland, reb 16 1912. She had but one child, Herbert lyaan, born
in Cleveland Lee 5 1675, who resides there.

iii. Herbert "right layman born la 'vinsaan, Ohio lived in barren and
Cincinnati, Ohio; spent two years In .'.iaai Univ. Oxford, Ohioj Clerk
in Cincinnati, 1870-72; clerk in country store, : ansae 1875; fire
insurance adjuster in Oskaloosa, Iowa, 1879-99; since then in the real
estate and loan business under the title of the lyaan Land and Loan Co.

arried in Oskaloosa, 1879, 4ies Turner; two children born
there; - 1 Ruth .da, b for 14 1881, engaged 190S in kindergarten
work; 2. nayaond Ambrose, b Apr 16 1883, student in civil engineering
at the Iowa State college, /Bee, Iowa.


(258) JULIA -:?r.-:LDCr- ; 3SAEIS (126- Zenae 6 , Zenas 5 , "ophar , I athaniel 3 ,

John 2 , John*)
b June 21 18 1G - Cheater, :<!aea.
d Jen 24 1839 - Southampton, ■— ■>
m Apr 28 1836 - Cheater, :,'ass.

to of Chester

eon of ^ Col. Samuel Lyman

( KiriM Sexton linker
b Deo 24 1811 - Cheeter, laaae.
d Apr 11 1890 - Southampton, .'dase.

Children;- (8- b Cheeter

i Martha L.

ii Harriet I
iii Battle B.

iv William 3.

b Dec 8 1836 d

b Dec 14 1843
b Feb 12 1846

b Oct 10 1850

Dec 15 1364
%ept 3 1845
Sept 22 1872
June 20 1871

.• . . - " '.::-

-illiam a. Stocking

(1) a Jan 18 1882 Carrie (Hill) Lyman
(2)m Mar 11 1386 .:ila G. Smith

v Frederick 9. b Dec 31 1853 d yay 18 1878

a Dec 20 1876 Carrie L. Hill

Southampton, ^aas.

Stephen Lyman was a farmer in Cheater, but in 1842 removed to
Southampton, and a few yeare later became a station agent and merchant. He
repreaented his town in the State Legislature In 1854. From 1873 until hia
death he ns a deacon of the Congregational churah in Southampton.
(The Chester here mentioned is no* called Chester Center).

dwards and wife resided in Southampton. One child;
EDIARDSi- 1. Josephine Strong, b Sept 22 1869, d Apr 1 1870.


iii. ey. ■•.Hilar. ?.. ;tockin£

soon died at Kaesan, Turkey

missionary stationed at .viardin

yearn they returned to America and settled

died in 1890. Seven children.

was a missionary to Peraia. His wife
md he married (2) lias Isabel Baker, a
Turkey, fter living in Persia a few

in illiamatown, Maes* where she

iv. iUla3 ?. Lyman of Southampton married his brother's widow. She
died Oct 5 1883 sp. He married (2) ,,iss Bite G. Smith of Florence, Mass.
and had a daughter, "dlth Searle Lyman, b Jan 27 1887.


(259) RACHHJ: CIXYARDS 7 SEAR!., (126- Zenas 6 , "enas 5 , Zophar 4 , Kathaniel 3

John 2 , John 1 )
b Oct 19 1818 - Chester, Mase.
d r ov 17 1903 - V/illiansburg, Base*
m July 18 1843 - Charleston, est Virginia
to abrafa:.: V. RIGHT of

eon of ;

b Dec 12 1805 - Luray, Page co. Va.

d I ov 5 1859 - Charleston, West Va.

She • (2) K*r! 1871, Otis G. Hill of illiamsburg.

Children;- (8- Wright) b Charleston, f. Va.
i Julia Searle b May 4 1845 d

m June 20 1871 ugene F. Lesey

ii Chas, Sylvester b June 1848 d Feb 8 1849
iii John Abraham b Jan 30 1850 d

as Kov 16 1883 Helen Saline Field

iv aary Iliza b July 30 1853 d Sept 2 1868
v Henry F.dwards b I ov 6 1856 d

a Feb 1 1894 „:ary Annette frarner

Abrahaa '.right the oldest of eight children, left his heme a young
man to eeek his fortune. in"the far west" and located in the Great Kanawha
valley. re was engaged upon the construction of the turnpike from Lewisburg
to Charleston, and superintended the erection of the necessary bridges and
other structures , including the first sire suspension bridge over ihs I
river at .harlecton, He became a merchant at hananfca for a number of years,
and after his marriage, at Charleston, where he resided until 1857. He then
purchased a plantation near by and operated it until his death* He was a well
known and highly respected, christian aan.

Rache 1 . ( Sear le ) »T lght became a teacher at hoae, and at the age
of twenty-two she sent to Charleston, ". Va. as assistant in a high school
conducted by Rev. James a. Brown. The latter officiated at her marriage
three years later, baptized all her children, and preached her husband's
funeral sermon. Left a widow, are. Wright carried on the plantation for six
years, and then, in 1866, moved with her faally to Southampton, ass. There
she married (2), lov 1 1871, Otis 0. Hill of il liars burg, .ass, which then
became her home. T? e died Dec 27 1883, and she continued in the home for
twenty years with John ill, her youngest stepson. Twice ehe visited her
children in -est Virginia. In early youth she united with the Congregational
church, and all her life she adorned the religion ehe professed.

i. Julia Searl (..right) Dewey , grew up in Charleston, w. ! /a. moved with
her mother to Southampton, ?«asB. and there married in 1871, Eugene F. Dewey
a carpenter by trade, of Vestfield, ■■»• They removed in 1874 to ^est Va.
and settled on the plantation which had been her father's. in 1894 they
moved into Charleston to reside.
Six childrer , ;- 1. John bright b Apr 1 1873, d I ov 9 1907, ■ Feb 8 1899

Jenaette .loran , no child. At the age of seventeen he entered the employ
of a wholesale house in Charleston to which he gave most earnest and effic-
ient service up to the very day of his death. Re lost his life in a
heroic atteapt, as a volunteer, to assist the captain of the Fire Department
to carry e hose into the burning building, the upper floors of which fell
upon these two, crushing them to death, while all others escaped. The firm
published a tribute to his faithfulness and integrity through seventeen years
of service, and the City Council adopted formal resolutions of sorrow and
respect to his sensory, a copy of which was sent to the family.
2. Otis Hill Dewey b Feb 20 1875, a candy maker, living with his parents in
Charleston, Re as Apr 20 1901, Catherine Voins; two children; DBBXt-
Rothwell i-dmond b Hay 12 1903; Lugene Francis Or land, b fov 10 1905.

3. ; liza tyman Dewey, b Sept 21 1876, lives in uenver, Colo, unia,

4. Helen kdsards Dewey, b . ov 18 1879, a Sept 10 1903, Henry Rale .viartin
of Charleston, a mailcarrier there since 1895. o child.

5. Mary Searle Dewey, b Oct 5 1881, a Sept 24 1901, Howard Hamilton
Stalnaker; they lived with her parents. One child; Heber Edwards, b June 25

6. Roland Edward Dewey, b Oct 18 1883, res. in Pittsburgh, Pa. Is a
Mate on an Ohio river teamboat; una.

iii. John Abraham bright married in Charleston and lived there till
October 1905, where he moved to Cuyman, Beaver co. Oklahoma, and took up a
claim of 160 acres, on which he resides. Three children, WRIGRT:-

1. ! elen Rachel, b Oct 7 1889

2. lyaan Triplet, b Oct 22 1891, d Sept 2 1892

3. "obert Oney, b June 1 1895

iv. Mary -liza right was a lovely christian girl. -he died in
Oscaloosa, Iowa, Sept 2 1868 aged fifteen.

v. Henry Edwards Wright married in Williamsburg, ;aca. and resides
there; interested in the manufacture of button molds and wood turning;
has been a member of the firm of Hill , Brothers &, Co. since 1886.
I o child.


(260) 3TLVS3TCR J-gQ..r; 7 3LARL.: (126- Zonae , Zonae 5 , Zophar 4 , Kathaniel 3 ,

John 2 , John 1 )
b Oct 1 1826 - Chester, Mass,
d tier 10 1889 - Kankakee, 111.
m June 9 1851 - west Andover, Ohio

to SARAH CARPKKTb.R of West Andover, Ohio
dau. of *• Jahazlel Carpenter
( Damaris Houghton
b Mar 12 1827 - r.eet Andover, Ohio
d Aug 28 1907 - Omaha, l ebrask-

Children;- (8- SB&itlX) b West Andover, Ohio

377 i Sylvester A . b Aug 4 1854 d

m Apr 3 1884 Catherine .^ontgoraery

378 ii Charles Homer b Fob 16 1856 d

m Jan 4 1881 Carrie A. Ford
lii Ida Louisa b ay 10 1862 d

a 3£ay 6 1891 Frod D. Sherwin

379 iv Sanford 3 ilea b Aug 6 1865 d

■ June 4 1890 Jennie C. Smith


Sylvester l^aaons 3earle in 1847 left his home for the west, and
taught school in west Virginia and Ohio for three years. After his marriage
in 1851 he engaged in farming in est Andover, Ohio till 1873, when he moved
with his famoly to Oberlin, Ohio to promote the education of his younger
children. Ha was engaged in business there till about the time of hie
death. In expectation of moving to Nebraska he went to Kankakee on a
business trip, when he see taken with pneumonia and died there, March 10 1889,
The body was returned to Oberlin and interred in the family lot in estwood
Cemetery. All his life he was a earnest worker for the welfare of the
communities in which he lived. He was a member and officer of the First
Congregational church of Oberlin. He had an exceptionally genial disposit-
ion and was highly esteemed as a friend and beloved as a husband and father.

are. Cearle after his death lived with her oldest eon in Omaha, Neb.
and died there, but was buried beside her husband at Oberlin, Ohio. Her
father was born in eston, Mass. &ar 23 1793, and her mother in Jeffrey, fc.H.
July 18 1801.

iii. Ida Louisa ^(Searle; Sherwin attended Oberlin, Prep. dept. 1879-80,
and Oberlin Conservatory of usie, 1880-86, except one year. 3 he went with
her brother, Charles to 2dgar, leb. and there married ..ay 6 1891, Dr« Fred
D. Sherwin, a defctist of that place since 1881, member of . odern oodman
Lodge, and of Nebraska State Dental Society. They removed to Lincoln, I.eb.
members of the Presbyterian church. (to child.

(261) CHARLES FIJKY 7 3EARL (126- Zenas 6 , Zenas 5 , Zophar 4 , lathaniel 5 ,

John 2 , John 1 )
b Apr 16 1831 - Cheater, riase.
d ! ov 10 1918 - Santa Barbara, Calif.
a Apr 12 1859 - Denmark, Iowa

to BftSTBft KHWEa of Teapleton, ^'aas. & Hartford, Conn,
. _ ( Asa Turner

dau - of ( Martha Bull
b Apr 8 1837 - Quincy, 111.
d Jan 20 1920 - oekalooea, lorn

Children;- (8- 3EARLS) b Oskaloosa, Iowa.
380 i. Dora loiee b ay 28 1860 d

a Apr 20 1881 Harry 3. Howard
ii. alice b Lov 21 1866 d

ov 8 1387 Frank 3. Holmes
iii. liarriet Lyman b Feb 28 1873 d una.

Charles .liny 7 >arl reared on his father's farn end educated at
the Sheldon Academy, 'outha&pton, went west in 1851 and was a clerk at
fdnsaan, Ohio. eaoving to Oskaloosa in 1654, he continued in business

until July 1861, when he enlisted in the 8th ;egt. Iowa Vol. Infantry, fie
was made a Sergeant iajor at t'e organization, and promoted to be 1st Lieut
in fcov 1861, and Captain in 1862. His regiment formed part of Gen, Benj.
M. Prentiss' division, which was surprised and defeated at Shiloh, Xy. Apr
6 1662. Gapt. Searle was taken prisoner with many others and held until
the next October. After being exchanged he rejoined his regiment and
participated in the battle at Jackson, .diss, and the siege of Vicksburg.
He was Btationed at .emphis, Tenn. when Gen. Forrest made his famous raid
upon that olace, Aug 21 1864. Capt. 3earle at that time was quartered
across the road from hie cosmand, and in making a desperate attempt to join

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