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it he was captured by the enemy which filled the road. Escaping presently,
he had nearly reached his conraand, and was climbing a fence, when he was
struck down by a blow on the head, and in his fall received a permanent spinal
injury. Again a prisoner, he was carri d some distance; bu two hours
later the raiders were driven off and he, having been left for dead, was
soon found by Union troops and carried into camp. Being disabled for
further military service, he resigned his commission, Jan 1865, and returned
to Oskaloosa.

In January 1867 he was made Clerk of the Courts of ..lahaska county,
and held that office eight years. He then opened an office for Insurance,
Real Estate, Abstracts and loans, continuing until 1900, when he removed to
Santa Barbara, Calif . and became resident agent for the .henlx Insurance
Co. of Brooklyn, i\.Y. and other companies. He was a member of the Cong-
regational Church,of the G.A.R. and passed all the chairs, but afterwards
withdrew from the order.

iii. Harriett Lyman 3earle after finishing her education, went to
Europe for a trip in 1896, and on her return taught for two years in the


Public schools of Oskalooea, losa 3ho was then called to Omaha, r.eb. to

ecoae a teacher in the public schools of that city, and has been retained
in that position ever since. While residing in Gnaha, she spent her
vacations in Santa Barbara, Calif, as 1 ng as her parents lived.


(289) ORlAhPO CORNELIUS 7 3EARLS (151- Cornelius B,* Cornelius 5 , Zophar 4 ,

Kathaniel 3 , John 2 , John 1 )
b Juno 24 1844 - Southampton, aiaas
a i.ov 20 1872 - East .hately, Mass.

to &ARI BUSK BELDEN of East Shately
dau. of < Stephen Belden

( Miriam Brown (1st wife)
b Aug 7 1848 - iast 3 hately







(8- 3LA3L ) b Southampton
-artha Lucas ter b Oct 14 1873
Harriett Sethoina b Apr 20 1877
Sthel Julia b hov 30 1878

iiary Belden b June 3 1882

£d«ard Cornelius
Dolly Kathrins


21 1885
21 1889

d Jan 7 1890

Oct 22 1910

Sept 9 1909 Charles Henry Dean
(son of uilliaa Henry Dean
& Eliza
Dec 17 1914 Lizelle ill
Sept 22 1911 Park *?est Allen


(290) J.Lj. .. .- ? :/^lE (151- Cornelius ?. e , Comolius 5 , ophsr 4 , Nathaniel 3 ,

John 2 , John 1 )
b July 2 1853 - Southampton, Mass.

m June 17 1879 - Southampton, Mass.
to UM ?:^ok of

t ( John Eyron r'ecJc

( Maria Elizabeth Jones
b June 17 1866 -

Children;- (S- .

i. lumen Orlando b Sept 19 1885

iil Sdlth ijtria b June 1887
a Oct 12 1911

to Charles Eds in Sherwood of

son of ( Charles B. Sheraood

( lisabetl Bartholomew
He b July 25 1888

^hild;- Dorothy

born Dec 18 1922
adopted - Oct 18 1924


( } MARY mum 8 3EARIE (289- Orlando C. 7 , Cornelius I . 6 , Cornelius 5 ,

* Zophar 4 , I athaniel 3 , John 2 , John 1 )

b June 3 1882 - Southampton, Mass.
d ?ct 22 1910 -
m ^ept 9 1909 -

to Charles 'Tenry Dean of

son of ( illiaa Tenry Dean
( :iiza

Children;- (9- MAS)


( ; ^__ >S 8 SBARL (289- Orlando C. 7 , Cornelius B,*, Cornelius 5 ,

Zophar 4 , ftathenie] 3 , John 2 , Join 1 )
b Apr 21 1335 - -outhaxpton, Mass.
m Dec 17 1914 -


dau. of < Feli * Grund y Hin
( Mary Ursula Alley
b June 4 1886 - Highlands, B, .

Children;- (3- SSARI2) b Southampton

i. Buy Elizabeth bPeb 20 1920

ii. Edward Cornelius Jr. b Oct 3 1921

iii. ^ron Bill ar 24 1923


( ) DOLUT KATHRII*A SEARLB (289- Orlando d Cornelius E. 6 Cornelius 5 ,

Zopher 4 , Nathaniel 3 , John 2 , John 1 )
b Jan 21 1889 -Southampton, Mass.
a Sept 22 1911 -

to Park '.est Allen of

son of ( 5aauel Augustus Allen
(Ella Turner
b siar 12 1889 - ?.estfield, «laeg.

Children;- (•- kUZS) b iestfield

i. ,:arfearet I^uise b Oct 26 1912

ii. Edward r.earle b Jan 26 1915

iii. Fobert Searle b Apr 3 1918


Elyria,Ohio 318 Fifth Street

Dec. 18 1916

Dear Cousin, Mary B.

Five weeks have elapsed since you wrote me a fine letter, and
I have been looking for a time when I could make a suitable reply. Not
that my time is so much occupied but that my energy was deficient. l&y
Health was a little below par all summer, and when I was a delegate to
our Association in Lorain in October the church was so illy ventilated
as to make me sick, and I was confined to the houee for a month with
general prostration. For the last few weeks I have been gaining very
gradually, so that I am very comfortable, yet I have to be careful not
to tax my strength too far, and I accomplish but little in any one day.
As I have a fair appetite and my looks do not betray any defect I hope
still to pass as a well man if not a young one.

I am glad to know of the trips that you can take in various
directions and of your attendance on the Soman's Board which was quite
a privilege. Such little changes are good for the body and mind. I
congratulate Edward on his success in farming and on his recognition
by the authorities. He will fill his father's place so well that the
latter need not mind having to retire from it. Dolly no doubt is
pleased with her husband's preferment. It will give her an opportuni-
ty to spend some time at the "Hub".

We have been »o very quiet here at home there is little to
tell you of save a three weeks visit from Mrs. Lilly Leiss, an old
School friend of Mary's, a daughter of the late senator Ross of Kansas.
She lives in Lawrence. 7;e enjoyed her visit very much; she is a
bright, intelligent woman. And then there was Sylvia Shafer of
Gasport, K.Y. visiting Helen in Lorain, who came several times with her
to see us, an amiable and charming girl who won admiration and live at
once. Otherwise we have been alone Anthe house, even the maid having
taken a notion to marry, on three day8 notice, a man she had never seen
before, fellow Hungarian. Re took her to Wadsworth, Ohio, and we have
heard nothing of her since. Mary baa recovered her usual health and
strength, but aflf€»ra from sciatisa which is quite a handicap to her
ambition. She always goes as far as it will let her, either at home
oe in social work, the church, Old Ladie's Home, Civic Club, etc. I
enclose yesterday's calendar that you may get an idea of what Mr .Grant
is doing in the church. ?/hile I decline all official duty the church
still keeps my name in print. Miss McKaughton, our soprano is an
Oberlin student, daughter of a Congregational missionary. 3he intends
to become a missionary herself and has the ability.

We are invited to the DenmanB next door for Christmas dinner
with "the children". The four dined with us on Thanksgiving day, a
pleasant reunion.

n e have had a mild, pleasant fall, until now, but the last
few days have been severely cold. A'e would not mind it at all if the
gas supply were adequate but it has been quite short of late, and as we
cook and light and heat the house with gas exclusively any lack of
pressure becomes a serious matter. V,e fear the supply of natueal gas
may fail us entirely by another year if not this. The mills are
already cut off in favor of the residences. It is a great luxury to
be independent of coal, wood, oil and candles, as we have been for a
dozen years.

with reference to preparing a partial eopy of the genealogy, I f
find that the history from the beginning down to and including
Nathaniel, then taking the Zophar line in its entirety, covers about
110 large pages (8 by 12) mostly typewritten, and consequently would
make a typewritten book about the size of that got out by Rev. V.illiam
3earles. To limit the Zophar line to the descendants of Cornelius
Edward would save about 30 pages, but would omit many interesting
people that you know and spoil the completeness of the story. The cost
would be at the rate say twenty cents a page for the single copy , or
twenty-five cents a page for two copies, the second being a carbon;
both copies bound in pasteboards. I find that two pages of my type-
written matter fills three pa ges in print like the saaple I sent you,
so you can get a pretty good idea of the amount of reading matter in
such an edition. This will give you a problem to think over.
A typewritten copy will necessarily show some blemishes after errors
are corrected, while in a printed book the errors are corrected in the
plate before printing. Let me know when you come to a decision and
I will endeavor to carry out your wishes.

The Christmas season has come again but we shall d* very
little in the way of its observance beyond thinking tenderly of all
our friends everywhere. <"ith your large (and growing) family you
may well make merry, and no doubt you will, but we are quite isolated
from our kindred, and feel the separation at such a time. 'e are
glad to have discovered you and yours and feel enriched by your
interest in us ans a regard which we heartily reciprocate.

ith our best wishes for a merry Christman and a happy New
Year, I remain always

Mott cordially yours,

Part 2

cfeahie Genealo

Rev.W Searles.DD.


*U* =

The following is not a book, but a Record in part,
only of the Sear Is 1 family. e are indebted to the

industry of the late Sardis Chapman, whose energy knew no
bounds. He devoted many years in securing data for these
records. How he could have secured so much, is more than
?e can comprehend. The work, the time, and expense was

surely a great tax. He gave many years to this work.

It is found that Andrew, Edward and John 3earle were
born in arwick, Rngland and came to Boston in 1634.

Andrew settled at first near Boston, thence his family
went north and west.

dward went south into Conn, and H.I. and thence by
his family into Pa. and thence west.

John, with a few others came to Springfield in 1635 and
made the settlement there. The lot of John, as shown by the

old maps, was where the Boston and Albany Depot now stands.
Te died in 1641. and left one son John from whom the laree
family in these records came.

e have had them printed this way, the one page blank
so that notes can be inserted as desired. e have devoted

much time in arranging them, but we had to stop.

uburn, 1.1. 1897 • earls.

ANDREW SEARLE, brother of Edward and John

Born in .'arwick England about 1610, and with his two brothers came to Bostom
in 163 4. We have been unable to follow down his family line, as they moved
north and west, some going into Canada etc.

The following furnished from records and family trees.

WILLIAM SEARLE, son of Andrew born about 1640, is mentioned as being in Ips-
wich in 1663. The Salem Registry of Deeds (Book 3 Ipswich p. 133) shows that
on May 19 1663, Shoreborn Williaon sold "For in consideration of twenty six
pounds in hand payd or secured to be payd by William dearie of Boston, in the
Courts of 3uffolk Joyner" a certain parcel of land; this same land was on
Gept. 26 1663 sold by William Searle to Thomas Dennis (Dennis afterwards
married Grace, the Aidow of William Searle).

There is no mention of William Searle among the early records of Boston
and it is assumed that he came to Boston from England.

K illiam Searl died in Ipswich Aug. 16 1667 or 8. The inventory of his
estate showed a value of about -93, and was filed Sept. 24 1667. No adminis-
tration of his estate was made until 1722, when on Feb. 23 (1722) his grandson
Vil lifts was given letters of administration Hhe estate not before having been
administered and Grace (Searle) Harris having given her quit-claim and Samuel
Searle, elder brother of 'illiam declining to act" Vide Essex Probate records
of Ipswich Book 304 p 401.

Grace the widow of William Searle on Oct. 26 1668 married ThomaB Dennis.
The gravestones of Thomas and Grace are to be seen in the old cemetery at

'illiam and Grace had three children ;-

1. Samuel Searle, date of birth unknown. He married )eborah Bragg.

Samuel died April 7 1691.

2. William, born in Ipswich Nov. 22 1665. He was unmarried.

Si died at Rowley ?ov.7 1690. His estate amounted to £8 18e clear.
Administration of his estate was on April 23 1691, granted to John
Harris, his brother-in-law, he stating in his petition "no relation
to ask and no vdfe or child". (Essex Probate records, old Ipswich
book 304 p 398)

3. Grace, date of birth unknown, probably 1666. she married Jan^ 8 1685

Sergeant John Harris. r e died Nov, 21 1732 aged 82. Grace died
June 10 1742.

They had the following children;- (HARRIS)

William born

Rebecca 9

Samuel "

Martha n

Daniel ■

Richard "



















son (William Searle

b about 1650 (date unknown) before hie father settled in Ipswich,
d Apr 7 1691 - Rowley, Mass (TR-vol.l- p25)
m (date unknown)

to Deborah Bragg of Ipswich
dau. of ( Edward Bragg
b Dec 22 1658 -
d .:ar 25 1703 - Rowley

The inventory of his estate amounted to ^44 5s and was preeented at Court
in Ipswich by his wife Deborah on I.ov. 3 1691. she being administratrix
(Essex Probate records, Ipswich book 304 p 401-2)

Samuel Searle and Deborah had the following

1 Samuel date of birth unknown. He died Mar 1 1756 aged about

72. This would make his birth in 1684. I am inclined to think
he was born four to six years earlier, say about 1679.

2 William born )ct 16 1685. Died young.

3 John born l.ov 2 1686, died June 20 1771 in his 85 year.

"He has a fall off his horse w ch tis thot accasioned his death
tho he had been in a declining state (Rowley records vol.1 p 283)

4 Williaa born 3ept 8 1690.

5 Deborah born 1691. She married Sphraim Nelson June 14 1715, and

died June 29 1720.

aILLIAm 3SARLE son of ( Samuel, William, Andrew)
( Deborah Bragg

b Sept 8 1690 - Rowley, iviaes.

d Aay 18 1778 in his 88th year (records say 80; -

m Aug 23 1723 -

to Jane kelson of

dau. of ( Jeremiah i\elson

( 1st w. Ann


d ^ar 30 1778 in her 75th year -

V.illiamSearle and hie wife Jane had several children and among
them are the following;-

Jeremiah born May 27 1725

Jane bom Oct 28 1727. She married Kov 26 1747 Jeremiah
Jewett, who was born Feb 28 1722/3 and died Dec 3 1809.
He was deacon of the FirBt Church at Rowley. His wife
Jane died July 18 1815 aged 88 years; they had 12 children,
born Apr 4 1730

born 1732/3, died in 1733 AE 7 mos.
born Kov 24 1736
born ar 16 1739
born Jan 26 1743

Jeremiah kelson was "slain by ye Indians at Dunstable 10 July 1706"
He was the son of Capt. Philip Nelson who was born in England in 1633
and was graduated at Harvard College about 1654. He married the dau.
of John Lovell in 1666. He was a justice of the peace and Captain of a
company "Under command of Sir '.illiam Phipps who is goinge against
the French at Kova Scotia". He died Aug 19 1691.

William Searle was deacon of the second church

JEREaiAH 35ARLE eon of( William Searle, Samuel, 'Villiam, Andrew )
( Jane Nelson

b May 27 1725 - Rowley, tfaBS.

d Oct 29 1799 aged 74 years - in Rowley

m 3ept 23 1756 -

to Mary Thurston of

dau. of ( Richard Thurston of Newbury, "soon of Rowley".
(Mehitable Jewett


Stophen born Oct 13 1767


Richard Thurston was deacon of the second church at Rowley.
He married May 5 1731 Mehitable Jewett, daughter of Jonathan Jewett.
i»lehitable died 'ay 18 1789 aged 78 and the grayee tones of both may be seen
at Rowley (Georgetown parish)

STEPHEN 3EARI£ (Jeremiah, .'illiam, 3amuel, William, Andrew )

son of ( Jeremiah Searle
( Mary Thurston

b Oct 13 1767 - Rowley, kM.
d Apr 11 1853 aged 86. -
m Feb 23 1793 -

to :. ; ary (or Folly) Jewett of
dau. of ( Jeremiah Jewett
( Jane Searle

(cousin of Stephen)


Jerem4ah born Feb 19 1794 died
Mary (Perkins) born July 26 1795 died

Sarah J.


Benjamin Gardner
Richard Thurston
Alonzo T
Charles P.








5 1798
8 1801
7 1803
18 1805
18 1805

Dec 29 1809

Apr 2


May 30 1861
Oct 31 1866
Nov 9 1861

died Oct 1881

died June 28 1883
1814 died June 30 1880
a well known lawyer in Pousedale,Pa.
an atty.at law in Boston

Jeremiah Jewett was the son of Aquila Jewett and Ann Tenny, daughter of
Thomas Tenny (son of Thomas who was one of the early settlers of Rowley
who came from England in 1643) Jeremiah & Jsne had 12 children.
Aqullla Jewett was born Sept 14 1684 and died Kov 24 1760. He was son of
Joseph Jewett who was born about 1655 and died 1735; He was the son of
Leacon ..iaximilian Jewett who came to Rowley with Rev. :zekiel Rogers (1639)
the founder of low ley.


EDSARD SEARLE, brother of Andrew and John.

born in Warwick, England about 1612, came to Boston about 1634
died about 1679

married the widow of John White, and sister of Edmund Caverly,
and had a son Edward Jr.


born about 1646


married Feb 21 1671 to Anne Lippet

Pad 4 sons Benjamin m Hannah Polden

Richard m widow Burton

Solomon living in Bristol,?. I. Mar 23 1723
James living in Conn. Mar 23 1723

had a son, James Jr. b about 1705

SOLOMON SEASIS * a member of Rev. Isaiah Cotton's church in Providence,

married Apr 18 1723 at Bristol, R.I. tc ,? lizabeth ^'adding
pub. Mar 23 1723 at Bristol.
Had a son JOHN, who was the father of Rev "VY.Gearle of

Curtraington, alass in 1891 a Baptist clergyman.
Also a son K A THAN IF. L


born about 1698 died

married to Elizabeth little

Had a son f> 0KSTAAT b 1723 in little Compton, R.I.

There was a I athaniel Searle, a lawyer in Providence

and one family that originated in Warwick, - HMALUEL 3 SAHIB

* Solomon Searle was living in Bristol, Rhode Island, in March 23 1723, for
on that day he was published to Elizabeth Hadding, and married April 18
1723, in Bristol, R.L. He was a member of Rev. Isaiah Cotton's church in
Providence. They had a son, John father of John the father of Rev. J. W.
Searle, in 1891 in Cummington, Mass. A Baptist clergyman.

CONSTANT 3EARLE Nathaniel, Solomon, Edward, Edward )

eon of ( Nathaniel Searle
( Elizabeth Little

1723 - Little Compton, R.I.

about 1748 -

to Hannah Holden of
dau. of (

Children :-

William b

Hannah b

Constant b

Elizabeth b

Constant b

Rev. Roger b

Ruth b

Sarah b

James b

Benoni b

Robert b



•Itonington, Conn.



ft R






n it



Little Compton, R.I



Preston, Conn.



n a



Stonington, Conn.



u h






Records to show another branch of the Searle family in the record of one
Ivathaniel Searle and his wife lizabeth of Little Compton, R.I.


80n of ( Nathaniel Searle
( Slizaheth

b June 17 1728, oe. - Little Compton, R.I.

Killed in an Indian massacre at Providence, Lucerne Co. Pennsylvania.


to Hannah Searle of

dau. of ( 31meon 3earle
( FAnnah ;*iiner

b Dec 9 1731, os. - Stonington, Ct.

d Aug 16 1813ae 81- Pittston, lucerne Co. Penn.

12 Ohildren:-

1 illia-o

2 Harnah born in Stonington, Ct. on Saturday ye 25th day of

January 1754.

3 Constant &iner born in Stonington, Sedneeday . ye 17th day of

march 1756; and died on Monday ye 5th of April

4 lizabeth born in Stonington on Friday ye 4th of March 1757.

5 Constant born in Little Compton, R.I. on a Sabbath day 1759.

6 Rev. Roger born in Preston, on ye 13th day of »ugust 1762.

7 Ruth born in Preston, on ye 1st day of ..larch 1765.

8 Sarah born in Stonington, Conn, on Monday ye 19th of

September 1768.

WILLIAM SEARLS (Constant, I athaniel,

son of

( Constant Searle
( Hannah -liner

d Jan 21 1817 - Pittston, Lucerne Co, Penn.

to <hilena of

<iau. of £

b : eb 21 17j5 - jtoningtor., flfllW

d July 11 1806 - Pittston, Lucerne Jo. enn ,

3 Children:-

1 JJiner born Apr. 18 1774 on iionday In itonington, Ct.

u e serried (About 1800/ to Satah Brown bora 17b2:
Re died July 26 1820.

2 illiaa born /ug. 21 1776 on Wednesday in Kingston, cm the east

branch of the ^uequehannah, the state of Connecticut (now

3 1 abby born June 2o 1779 on Friday la tonington, Ct.

4 VsxmBh born July 9 1762 on Tuesday in Stfl&iagtofij t.

5 Henry Juther born Apr 21 1766 on Friday in Ctonington, t.

6 oily born July 14 1789 on Tuesday in -itonington, X.

7 Lufanny born Apr 6 1732 on Friday in 3tonington, Ot.

8 Corington born Aug 3 1796 on ednesday in i itts ton, Lucerne Co. ?enn,

It ia said of hia that he was a lasyer and judge.
The father of ,'iss Alice Cearle of d&nesville, Chio.

9 Isaac "heeler born May 23 1813 on Sabbath day in ; ittet on, C lucerne

o. arm. v« sac son of illia* earle and his aecond
wife > largaret

HANK AH 3KA3L5 ( Constant, Nathaniel,
dau. of ( Constant 3earle
( '-'annah iiner

b Jan 25 1754 - 3tonington, Ct. on Oaturday,


to Henry Harding of

eon of *

(2) m to Benjamin At water of



1 Deborah


Apr 5 1777 on Saturday in h in get on, lucerne Co.


2 Susannah


Oct 15 1779 M ■


3 Ruth


Jan 22 1782


4 Rebecca


Feb 7 1784

5 Avis


Oct 28 1786

6 Penry Jr.


June 16 1789

7 Luc ret ia


June 3 1791

8 Anna


July 10 1793

jamin At'sater born \ug 23 1799 son of Hannah's 2d husband.

ELIZABETH 3EARLT- (Constant, .\athaniel,
dau. of X Constant earle
( Hannah finer

b for 4 1757 - iitonington, Ct. on Friday



to Cutlich Hewitt of

son of i

3 Children:- (HSWITT)

1 Isaac born Jen 3 1774 - Stonington, Ct. on Monday

2 uaniel born -\ar 12 1776 - on Tuesday, in ;ingston, on the east

branch of the Susquehannah river, -tate of
Connecticut (now t'enneylvania)
3Betsey born Jan 5 1939 - Stonington, Ct« on Thursday.

H1WER SEARLE ( William, Constant, Nathaniel,
son ofi C illiem Searle
- ( Philena

b Apr 18 1774 - Stonington, Ct. on Monday
d July 26 1820 -
a about 1800 -

to Harah Brown of
dau. of (

b 1782 -


They removed to Pennsylvania and about 1818 to Ohio.

7 Ohildren:-

1 Eunice b 1802

although twice married, she had no children.

2 Sliphal b 1804 married about 1845 to r.Rufus Oowles.

They removed to "isconsin, where most of their descen-
dants reside. They raised one son and five daughters.

3 Latham b 1806 married about 1853 to Margaret Dunn;

removed to Iowa, where their only surviving child,
Dr. B. W. Searle now liveB. He is a successful
physician in Attumwa. His other son, George, died in
the army during the rebellion. Sarah the only dau.
died about 1866.

4 Kancy b 1808, Married James Gaylor4; removed to Indiana

in 1844; her only son wss killed at Stone river; her
only surviving child, Mrs. Kancy Schoville, still lives
in Steuben County, Indiana.

5 Voltaire b 1810, married for first wife, Caroline Vaugh.

?or his second wife, Mary Gary. He is still living
in Lew Jersey, and has three sons, all engineers.

(1) Duane is head engineer of Colgate -lanufactury.

(2) George is an engineer on a railroad.

(3) Joseph is chief engineer of the Sloss Iron & Steel
works at Birmingham, Alabama.

6 Jane b 1816 married David ..Gaylord; they removed

to Indiana in 1852, where they still live. They have
one son, Henry I. Gaylord, wh: was a soldier all through
the war. They also hav two daughters, .'rs. Callie
Woodhull of Augola, and &rs.3arah Gilbert of Pleasant
Lake, Indiana.

7 George Dennison b Dec 1 1819; married Celinda Utley . He spent

most of his life in Delaware County, Ohio; died in

Berkshire, Delaware, Ohio, leaving two sons and three

daughters .

One son, J. 'V. Searle, lives in Otto, Cowley County,


Address— Mrs. George D. Searle, Berkshire, Delaware Co.


Also — Miss Alice Searle, Zanesville, Ohio.

J 3 EARLS ( Constant, Kathaniel, Solomon, "dward, Edward )

aon oi' ' Constant Hear la
( Hannah

b Aug 4 1769 - 3 ton in rt on, Ct.
d Apr 30 1847 -

m Aug 25 1793 - Providence, R.I.
to Abigail Thurston of

dau. of )

b Aug, 16 1775 - Newport, R.I.
d Liar 23 1833 -


1 ..'.ary -nn b Hay IS 17.1o at c3aithf ield ,

d June 28 1833

in Jan 1815 to Stephen Martin, * 2d. William Dennison

2 ^c 1 ^ b Sec 27 1796 at Smithfield, .1.1.

i .ay 7 1861

a Oct 1824 to Rufus Parks

3 Fanny b Mar 26 1799 at tendon, ..lass.

d i:ov 2 1336

ai July 16 1822 to Calvin Clark

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 11

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