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Catalogue of a private collection of ancient coins : and at the close a few modern coins, with an addenda : to be sold by auction at Clinton Hall, Astor Place on the afternoons of Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, October 6th, 7t online

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^ OCTOBER at three o'clock.




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Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday,

OCTOBER 6tli, Tth, 8th and 9th, 1 V/f-


The Messrs. LEAVITT, Auctioneers.



Although this collection of ancient coins deserves a better fate than
to be broken up, there is still much to reconcile us to its destiny, in the
consideration that its materials will greatly promote the growth of other
collections, and thereby advance the interests of numismatic science
amongst us.

It is by studying such a collection as this that the importance of this
kind of learning is understood ; for it is almost alone in such a field
that any satisfactory information concerning the religion, the civiliza-
tion, and social life of ancient races can be acquired.

Count Scipio Maffei, of Verona, during the early part of the last cen-
tury, in " A Comparison of the Use of Inscriptions and Medals," calls
these two sorts of monuments " the eyes of learning ; " certain it is
that it is through these eyes we must look if we would see the buried
nations as they appeared when acting their proper parts on the stage of

Vanity or prejudice may have influenced the historian, and given a
false coloring to his pages, but the record that we find inscribed upon a
coin may be safely taken for a fact. In this I do not include symbolical
representations, which are almost as common among the moderns as the
ancients. We miss the majestic form of Jupiter Aetophorus on modern
coins, but the Olympian bird, holding the thunder in his talons, haa
been retained. Not in Jupiter, but " in God we trust." Some of the
cumbrous machinery of paganism has been abolished, but the goddess
of Liberty still holds her place ; and Fame sounds her trumpet, and Vic-
tory twines her wreath, as in the conquering days of Alexander and

But the great value of ancient coins is in the pictures which they give
us of ancient life, and in the number of facts which they contain.

It is from them that we learn how the great men and women of an-
tiquity looked ; and, if we would see true and undoubted representa-
tions of their altars and temples, their bridges and ships, their galleys
with tier upon tier of oars, their gladiators and the vast amphitheatres in
which they fought, the courses on which their chariot races were won,
with the frightened horses dashing madly past the Image of Taxaxip-
pus — in short, if we would see illustrations of public and private life, as


it existed in the distant past, we can look for them nowhere but on

In making up this catalogue, I have occasionally introduced such notes
as occurred to me at the time of writing, believing that I would be
thanked by some, and pardoned by the rest, of my readers for so doing.
And I hope that its reception will be such as to encourage others, with
more leisure and greater ability, to indulge in similar but more exten-
sive illustrations.

It remains for me only to add to what I have advanced concerning
the study of ancient coins, a few words of hearty and richly-merited
commendation of this particular collection.

It has been formed with enthusiasm, as well as with learning and
judgment, and I am sensible that it would be difficult to speak the full
truth in its favor, and at the same time preserve the appearance of can-
dor and moderation.

It will perhaps be sufficient for me to say that a large proportion of
the coins are exceptionally fine, and that many of them are so rare, that,
in despair of originals, we have Jieretofore been satisfied to possess
British Museum copies.

Purchasers at this sale may rest assured of the genuineness of their
coins, and no reasonable pains have been spared to make the attribution
and description accurate.

A few good modern coins and medals will be found at the close of the
catalogue, and in the addenda.


Clihton Hall, Sept. 15, 1874.



-SiQiNA, Attica. First coinage. A sea tortoise in high relief;

rev. four deep punch marks. Didrachm.
Another with ornamented border on shell, back smooth ;

rev. punch mark in Jive compartments.

Didrachm of improved design ; shell covered with

knobs ; rev. as before, distinguished as the land tortoise.

4 Diobolus (with AIA), obolus, and half obolus ; very rare.

3 pieces

5 Ubolus, ridge dividing shell, sunk ; rev. incusum in the

form of an Egyptian cross.

6 Aegos, Argolis. Three dolphins A., rev. hollow with five com-

partments. C. size 8.

7 Two dolphins A., rev. like last. C. size 8

8 Two dolphins and tripod ; rev. head, A. C. size 10

9 — — Head of Juno with crown, APT inscribed thereon ;

rev. Pallas striking 1. with lance. Ex. fine and rare (sage

green). C. size 12

10 Atheks, Attica. Helmeted head of Minerva to r.; rev. owl

in hollow square, spray of olive above, A6E., Tet. Size 13

[This and the following tetradrachms, to Nos. 16 aud 17, were
prior to the time of Phidias and Pericles. The Abbe Barthel-
eniy says that the Griffon which appears on the casque of Min-
erva at a later period, was copied from the- one on the celebrated
statue of this goddess by Phidias. Nos. 16 and 17 are examples.
So perfect is the preservation of these coins, that it is doubtful
if the seven tetradrachma in this collection have lost as many
grains in weight.]

S Greek Coins.

11 Athens, ^^^ica. Head of Minerva to r.^ olive branch on helmet ;

rev. as before. Deeper indentation. Tet. Size 14

12 Another tetradrachm of the clump form, high relief on

both sides, no indentation. Size 12

1 3 Tetradrachm with the owl much smaller than on other

examples ; altogether very rude.

14 Another, owl very large.

15 Drachma, half do. (triobolus) ; third do. (diobolus),

obelus and half obolus ; all of the early form, with indent-
ed reverses. 5 pieces

16 Helmeted bead of Pallas, in beaded circle ; rev. owl on

diota ; to 1. grasshopper : AeE AT2AN-rAAT-K0S-AeHN-
BI-2S, tetradrachm of the age of Pericles and Pbidias,
(the 5th Cent, before our era). Size 19

17 Helmeted bead of Pallas r., earrings and necklace ;

rev. owl on diota AeE AHIE* MHPS MH, all within olive
wreath. Tet. Size 21

18 Helmeted head. 8 pointed star' on casque ; rev. owl

with raised wings on olive branch, ABHNA above, and
KHPAM below. Similar obv. ; rev. Jupiter launching
thunderbolt, to r. owl. Similar obv. ; rev. Jupiter as be-
fore, to 1. olive tree, A9E ; obv. as before, rev. two owls
face to face, A0E ; obv. bust of Pallas to the waist, rev.
owl. C. size 7 to 12, in fair condition. Very rare lot.

5 pieces

19 EiiEUSis, Attica. Female seated on shield ; rev. Sow to r. ;

above, two ears of wheat. Well preserved and very rare.

C. size 10

20 CoKiNTH, Adhaia. Helmeted head of Pallas to 1. ; to r., cui-

rass, AA ; rev. Pegasus to 1., below the Phoenician
Koph. (See Humphrey, p. 24.) Didrachm oblong in
shape and of remarkable breadth. 14x17. Extremely

21 Helmeted head of Pallas, 1. to r. torch ; rev. as before.


22 Helmeted head of Pallas to r. above A ; rev. Pegasus

to r. Didrachm.

23 Head of Pallas, full face ; rev. Pegasus. Very rare.

S. obolus.

Greek Coins. y

24 CoEiNTH. Head filleted to 1. ; rev Jupiter hurling thunderbolt, to

r. Cornucopise, below K ; obv. Pegasus, rev. trident ; obv.
Pegasus, rev. horseman. C, well preserved and rare.

3 pieces

25 SiCYON, Achiae. Bird flying to 1., 2E ; rev. bird flying, in

olive wreath. Drachma.

26 Pegasus (walking) to 1., 21; rev. Pegasus flying. S.

diobolus. Rare.

27 Bird flying to r. above 21; rev. tripod in a wreath ;

obv. female^head to r., rev. bird with raised wings, 21. C.
Fair preservation. 2 pieces

28 Elis. Eagle with hare in his talons flying to r. ; rev, winged

thunderbolt in sunken square FA. Extremely fine. Drach-

Note. — This coin, according to Humphrey, was formerly attributed
to Faleria in Etruria. See this author on coins of Elis.

29 Thebes, Boeotia. Buckler ; rev. Diota 9E8, oval incusum : of

beautiful work, as it came from the die. Tridrachm.

30 Boeotian Shield ; rev. vase, above, club, 6 ; Hemi-


31 JsMENE, Boeotia. Veiled head of Ceres to 1., rev. goat stand-

ing to 1., I2MHN. Beautiful and rare. Tridrachm.

Size 18

32 Boeotia. Buckler ; rev. Diota ATAA, Tridrachm, pierced.

33 Full face of Minerva ; rev. Neptune standing, resting on

bis trident, BOI ; Turreted bead, full face ; rev. Eagle
with spread wings. Buckler; rev. Trident and others, C.
In ordinary condition. 5 pieces

34 HisTiAEA, Euhoea. Woman's head crowned with grapes and

vines; earrings and necklace; rev. Draped female figure on
prow, I2TIAIESN. Drachma.

35 Same ; rev. Naked female on prow. Drachm.

36 Eretria (or Erythrae), Euhoea. Head of a bacchante ; rev.

Bull about to lie down. C. Ordinary. Rare.

37 Chalcis, Euhoea. Female head to r. ; rev. Eagle devouring

a serpent. Fair condition. Drachma.

38 Phocis. Head of a young man, in beaded circle, ^£1 ; rev.

Bull's head, front view, in laurel wreath. Drachma.

39 Bull's head, front view, in high relief, $£1 ; rev. Boar's

head in a hollow square. S. (Diobolus.)

8 Greek Coins.

40 Phocis. Head of Ceres ; rev. Fore part of a boar. Fine.

C. Size 6

41 Delphi, Phocis. Veiled head of Apollo, or according to

Eckhel, of the S^bil Herophila to 1. ; rev. Apollo h(>lding
a branch of laurel, sitting on the cortina before a tripod,
his left arm resting on his lyre, AM<I>IKTIO. In surprising
preservation and very rare. Tetradrachm.

42 LocRis, Opuntii. Head of Proserpine, with earrings and neck-

lace of pearls; rev. Ajax charging, to r. OnONTI£2N, in the
field a bunch of grapes. Equal to last. Tetradrachm.

43 Another of the same type. Drachma, pierced.

44 Lete, Macedonia. Pan carrying off a nymph ; rev. Square

punch-mark in four divisions. Pierced, large tridrachm.

Size 18

45 Drachma of the same type, aE (from right to left), as

rudely formed.

46 Another of the rudest possible work. Very rare.

47 Neapolis, Macedonia. Mask front ; rev. Punch-mark, ancient

counterfeit. Didrachm, Very rare.
48 "Woman's head to r. ; rev. Mask. Pierced, drachm.

49 Amphipolis, Macedonia. Nearly full face of Apollo in high

relief; rev. Torch and tripod in a sunken square, around,
AM^inOAITE£2N in a second square. Tet. of extreme
beauty and rarity.

50 Macedonia, \st Province. Head of Diana with bow and

quiver, in a beaded circle, embossed Macedonian shield ;
rev. MAEEAONi^N NPQTH2, three monograms and
club, all within wreath of oak leaves ; in exergue thunder-
bolt. Pierced, yet a very beautiful tetradrachm. Size 19

51 A variation of same type, different ornaments on shield,

and without mongrams on rev. Size 20

52 Bare head of female, with flowing hair ; rev. Club be-
tween altar and tripod, AESILLAS (Latin letters) ; all
, within laurel wreath. Tet. Size 20

53 Lamia, Tiiessaly. Laureated head of Apollo ; rev. Punch-
marks in 4 compartments. Small thick coin (half aureus).
Gold. Extremely fine and rare.

Greek Coins. 9

54 Larissa, Thessaly. In a circle of dots, female head with
earrings to 1. ; rev. Bridled horse galloping to r., AAPISA.

55 Full face of Medusa, or (following Pembroke) of the

fountain Hyperia personified ; rev. Horse about to lie down.
AAPI2AinN. Didrachm.

56 Man holding a bull by the horns, both running to 1. ;

rev. Bridled horse gallopinif tu r., AAPI2AIA ; all in
hollow. Didrachm.

57 Same type. Man and bull running to r. and horse to 1.


Note. — These coins of Thessaly are highly illustrative of the
allusions to be found in Homer to the horsemanship of Achilles,
who was lord of this country, and renowned beyond the rest of
the Greeks of his time for horse and chariot racing. They are
of most excellent workmanship, and in superb preservation.

58 CossEA, Thrace. Figure in the Roman habit, accompanied

by lictors carrying rods, the three walking to 1.. in exergue
K02£1N; rev. Eagle holding in right talons a laurel crown.
A coin of Marcus Junius Brutus. Very beautiful and rare.
Gold. Size 13

59 Maronea, Thrace. (Founded by Maron, son of Bacchus.)

Female head crowned with a vine ; rev. Nude figure stand-
ing, holding a bunch of grapes, AI0NT:E0:2 :SnTHP02
MAPflNimN. As it came from the die. C. Size 17

60 A variation of the same tye, and nearly a duplicate.

61 Bunch of grapes; rev. Punch-mark, small billon.

62 Sestus, Chersonesus Thracia. Female head to 1. ; rev. Nude

female seated, 1. :SH:STINaN. C. Ex. rare. Size 14

63 Abdera, Thrace. Head of Apollo in a square, name of tha

city around; rev. Griffon lying down, to 1. Drachm. Ex-
tremely rare. In fair preservation.

64 Cardia, Chersonesus Thracia. Lion's head, open mouth to 1.;

rev. in hollow, flower of the pomegranate. Drachma.

65 Obv. as before ; rev. (in a square) a vase. Drachma.

^6 Figure standing ; rev. Lion looking back. Perfectly pati-

nated. Dark green , rare. C Size 10

67 IsTRUS, Moesia. Double head, two female faces nearly full, up
and down; rev. eagle with a fish in his tallons I2TP1H ; be-
low, A. Extremely rare. Drachma.

lo Greek Coins.

68 Olbiopolis, Sarmatia. Bearded head of Pan ; rev. boW

quiver and axe. OaBIO, Very rare. C. Size 14

69 Pajstticapaeum, Chersonesus-Tauricus. Bearded head of Pan ;

rev. cornucopia between the caps and stars of the Dioscuri.
NANTI. Very rare. C. Size 10

70 Dyerachium, lllyricum. Cow suckling calf to r., head turned

to left ; rev. plan of the garden of Alcinous, around ATP and
club; large didrachm. Very rare. Size 14

71 Cow suckling calf to 1., head to r.; rev. as before.


72 Cow suckling calf, above MENI2K02 ; rev. garden of

Alcinous, around ^TP .AT.I2.K0T. Drachm.

73 Thasus, Island. Female ? head crowned with ivy; rev. Her-

cules standing to L,HPAKAE2 :SnTHPOa, &A:SinN.-
Tet. Size 20

74 Head to 1. ; rev. club, 0A21flN within wreath of

laurel. Pierced, drachma. Very rare.

75 Pan on one knee to r. ; rev. punch marks. Drachma.

76 Lythus, Crete. Eagle flying to 1. ; rev. boar's head in a hol-

low square, TTTE&N. Didrachm. Large size.

77 PoLTRHENiuM, Crete. Woman's head, earrings, to 1. ; rev.

bull's head, front face, in hollow. Drachm. Rare.

78 GoRTYNA, Crete. Ox standing to 1., head to r. ; rev. Polypus

in a hollow square. Pierced, drachma.

79 Chios, Island. Sphinx to 1., in the field diota and cluster of

grapes; rev. open cross, four squares grained, lAAMPNO^

80 Spinx seated, to 1. vase; rev. hollow in four compart-
ments. Drachm.

81 Two small coins in copper and lead. Rare.

82 Calymna, Island. Head of a warrior to right, with helmet pro-

tecting the face j rev. five stringed lyre and KAATMNION
in a beaded square. Extremely rare, large didrachm.

Size 14

83 Samos. Lion's head, front faoe, 2 A; rev. young Hercules on

his knees strangling serpents, 2TN. Fine and rare.

84 Laureated head of Apollo to r. ; rev. lion's face. Pierced,

but well patinated and fine. C.

Greek Coins. 1 1

86 Cos, Island. Laureated head of Apollo; rev. lyre KflHlN
ErdMEN within wreath. Very fine and rare. C. Size 16

86 Khodes, Island. Full face of Apollo, radiated head; rev.

flower and bud of the rose, below Po, to 1. woman stand-
ing, MNA2IMAX 02, all in beaded circle. Large di-

87 Nearly full face of Apollo; rev. rose, below PO, above

PI2T0BI0:2 in hollow. Didrachm.

88 Radiated head of Apollo r. ; rev. rose in a sunken

square P O., above TANH2. Very sharp, rare variety.
S. ' Size 10

89 Head radiated, full face; rev. rose and thunderbolt in

incusum. Hemi-drachm.

90 Head of Apollo on full-blown rose ; rev. full length fig-
ure of Victory, with different inscriptions. C. Size 12.

3 pieces

91 Radiated head of Apollo, full face ; rev. Lily and others.

C 3 pieces

Note. — The head of Apollo, on the coin of Rhodes, is acknowl-
edged to be among the finest examples of Greek genius. Certainly
nothing can be more superb than the didrachms in this series.

92 Seriphus (perhaps Sicyone in Achaia). Chimera to 1., 21;

rev. bird flying. Drachma.

93 Same type. Half drachma.

94 SiPHNus. Bird flying; rev. ^/ in wreath. C. 3 varieties,

95 Eeesus, Lesbos. Beautiful female head (Sappho?) to 1.; rev.

E club P, within wreath formed of stalks of wheat. Exces-
sively rare. C. Size 10

96 Saedis, Lydia. Head of Hercules r, ; rev. club, 24P/1IA-

NON and monogram within wreath. C. Size 10

97 Cnidus, Boris. Star of 16 points; rev. diota, KPO. S.


98 Lion's head, front face; rev. star of 16 points. S.


99 Cyrene, Gyrenaica. Headof Jupiter Ammon in beaded circle

within hollow square, KTPA (for Cyrene) in corners; rev.
the sacred silphium plant. Beautiful and rare. Drachm.
100 Baece, Cyrenaica. Obv. Head of Jupiter Ammon ; rev. the
silphium plant. Drachm.

12 Greek Coins.

101 Aradus, Phoenicm. Turreted head of Cybele to r. ; rev.

Victory walking 1., APAAIflN - FMPA within laurel
wreath. Tetradrachm. Extremely fine and rare.

102 Bee within beaded circle ; rev. standing before a palm

tree, a stag, APAAI£1N. Beautiiful work. Drachm.

103 Radiated head of Apollo to r. ; rev. two ears of barley

and branch of grape vine, APAAIfLN. Fair preservation. C,

Size 12

104 Ephesus, lopia. Bee, E^', rev. fore part of stag, to 1. palm

tree, OPXAMENIO:S. Fine and rare. Tetradrachm.

105 Diademed head of woman to r. ; rev. bee, E^. Thick

copper coin, very fine and rare. Size 12

Note. — ^It is related that when the founders of Ephesus set out on
their expedition, the muses, in the form of bees, flew before them,
directing iheir course.

106 Eeythkea, ionia. Head of Hercules in lion-skin coif; rev.

bow, quiver and club, to r. Cithera, to 1. owl, EPT -
ANEAAAE. As it came from the die. Drachm.

107 Smykna, Ionia. Laureated female head in beaded circle ; rev.

woman seated, in the field a star of eight points, 2MTPN-
AinN. Rare. Thick. C. size 15

108 Teos, Jonia. Griffon and dolphin ; rev. punch marks in four

compartments. Small silver coin. Rare.
(Similar to coins of Abdera.)

109 Head of Pallas to 1.; rev. Griffon to 1. Copper. Rare

110 Side, Paraphilia. Hel meted head of Mars to r. ; rev. Victory,

holding a wreath in right hand, passing to 1., AE, and fruit
of the pomegranate pierced by arrow in field. Tetradrachm.

111 , Head of Mars counter-marked with a full face of Apollo

on neck ; Irev. Victory and pomegranate, 2IAH. Light

green patination. C. Fine and rare.

Note. — Side was intimately connected with Aradus in Phoe-
nicies, of which, perhaps this counter-mark -was a token, ApoUo
being much patronized at Aradus.

112 Selge, Pisidia. Within a beaded circle two athletes, wrest-

ling; rev. a slinger hurling a stone; in the field, triguetra,
E2TFEA 1 VS, all in hollow square. Very interesting and
rare. Large tridrachm. Size 16

Greek Coins. 13

113 Selge, Piddia. Two wrestlers as before, E between; rev.

slinger throwing a stone, between his legs Q, to r. trique-
tra and club, legend as before, Fine and rare.

Di drachm.

114 SiNOPE, Paphalonia. Within beaded circle female head, with

. necklace and earrings, front face; rev. eagle, wings spread,
21Ni2. Extremely fine and rare. S- size 8

115 Woman's head, front ; rev. quiver and bow — N12II.

C. size 10

116 xIpaMea, Phrygia. Serpents entwined, between them star of 8

points and other mystic symbols, to r. thyrsus wtth serpent
twining, All ; rev. within a ring formed of clusters of
grapes, the mystic chest consecrated to the worship of
Bacchus. Tetradrachm.

117 Ancfra, Phrygia. Woman's head, front face (peihaps mask) ;

rev. anchor, to r. beetle, to 1. AN£2. Hemidrachm. Bare.

118 Abydos, Troas. Front face or mask ; rev. punch mark in 10

compartments. Very early coin, nearly as old as those of
.Sjgina. Rare. Drachm.

119 Mask, Gorgon face; rev. anchor. Drachm.

120 Ilium, Troas. Man's head bare to r.; rev. Pallas standing,

lAl. A beautiful little coin, perfectly patinated. C.

121 Laureated head to r. ; rev. half-length figure of Pallas to

1. Beautiful and rare. • C. size 10

122 Helraeted head of Pallas to r.; rev. Pallas standing 1.

And another. 2 pieces

123 Alexandria, Troas. Turretcd head of Cybele to r., in Latin

letters COL TRO ; rev. Roman eagle, on standard CO.V
TRO. Patinated. C. size 14

124 SiGEUM, Troas. Head of Pallas, nearly full face; rev, owl.

Small coppers, Patinated. 3 pieces

125 Caethea, Cea. Laureated head of Apollo to r.; rev. bunch of

grapes ; to 1. star of 8 points, KAP6. Patinated. Fine and
rare. C. Size 12

126 Obv. as above ; rev. bunch of grapes and bee ; another,

similar obv.; rev. fore part of an animal surrounded by
rays; one with head and rays on both sides, and one with
woman's head ; rev. bee in wreath. Rare lot. C. 4 pieces

14 Greek Coins.

127 Dakdanus. Head to r. \ rev. fore part of a sheep or goat sur-

rounded by rays. Small copper.

128 JuLis (or Coresia), Cea. Head of Jupiter to r. ; rev. bee -^

rev. star of 5 points, uncertain letters between the points.
Rare copper coins. Well patinated. 2 pieces

129 Massilia. Head of Bacchus; rev. lion with open mouth

walking to r., MASH. Drachm. 2 pieces

130 Head of Venus to 1. ; rev. bull, MAS2. Fine. C.

131 Phcenicia. Head of Jupiter; rev. bow, arrow and club,

and line of Phoenieiaa characters; and another; drichm and
smaller. Very fine coins. 2 pieces

132 Incerta. Head to r. ; rev. in hollow square two ranis' beads.

Small coin, in fine condition. Gold.

133 Head laureatedof a woman; rev. harp. 3 drachma

134 Ram standing, below Janus head = head, rev. two

Goats butting = head, rev. boar's head = head, rev, bull's
head, front face = head ; rev. fore part of a boar. C. 5 pieces

135 Another lot, equally uncertain. C. 7 pieces

136 Peksia. Struck by Darius, son of Hystaspes, abont 520

years b.c. Man on one knee discharging an arrow from
bow, quiver at his back ; rev. deep punch mark. An excel-
lent examjjle. S. Drachma.

187 Similar. Showing the figure more nearly at full length,

also with a spear slung across his shouliler. In equally good
preservaticm. Drachm.

[These coins are better known as " darics," altliougli that term is
also applied to the gold coins of Darius.]


138 Sybaris, Lucania (destroyed B.C., Anno 510). Bull looking

back, in exergue 2"lyl — the first two letters of the name of
the city if read from r. to 1. the 2 being placed face down-
wards. Fine and extremely rare. Drachma.

139 Ceotona, 5ru^^m?n. A tripod; rev. tripod incusi d (a varia-

tion of obverse). Remarkable and fine didrachm.

Greek Coins. 15

140 Metapontum, Lucania. Ear of wheat or barley, META

within a beaded circle, also two plain rings within and
without the same ; rev. incused, the ring, a circle of short
rays. Very fine and rare didrachm.

141 Of the same age and type, MET. Drachma. Extremely


142 Caulonia, Briittium (500 years before our era). A naked

figure holding a branch in one hand, and in the other a
small figure with two branches, to r. a stag, OATAK, which
read from r. to 1. is Kaulo ; rev. incused. Large didraohm.

Size 17

143 PosiDONiA (the modern Psestum). Neptune striking r., in the

field a stag, legend to 1. (faint); rev. incused. Very early.
Didrachm. Rare.



144 Neapolis. Head of Parthenopeia (ancient home of the city)

with necklace and earrings to r. ; APTEQN and Victory in
the field; rev. Victory crownirg bull with a human face,
(Bacchus represented in this form), NEAIIOAITSN in
exergue. Rare variety. Didrachm.

145 Head of Parthenopeia to 1., earrings and necklace, hair

in a net, behind head diota ; rev. as before. Didrachm.

146 Head to 1., behind, elephant ; rev. as before, BI under

the bull; in hollow. Didrachm.

Note. — Parthenopeia was a Siren famed for her beauty, whose
singinj?, if Ovid tells the truth :

" Oft had drowned among the neighb'ring seas,
The list'ning wreath and made destruction please."

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