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A Text=Book of the Practice of Medicine. By James M. Anders,
M. D., Ph. D., LL. D., Professor of the Practice of Medicine and of
Clinical Medicine, Medico-Chirurgical College, Philadelphia. Hand-
some octavo, 1326 pages, fully illustrated. Cloth, $5.50 net; Half
Morocco, $7.00 net.


The success of this work is no doubt due to the extensive consideration given
to Diagnosis and Treatment, under Differential Diagnosis the points of distinction
of simulating diseases being presented in tabular form. In this new edition
Dr. Anders has included all the most important advances in medicine, keeping
the book within bounds by a judicious elimination of obsolete matter. A great
many articles have also been rewritten.

Wm. E. Qtrine, M. D.,

Professor of Medicine and Clinical Medicine, College of Physicians and Surgeons, Chicago.
" I consider Anders' Practice one of the best single-volume works before the profession at
this time, and one of the best text-books for medical students."

DaCosta's Physical Diagnosis

Physical Diagnosis. By John C. DaCosta, Jr., M. D., Associate
in Clinical Medicine, Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia. Octavo
°f 557 P a g es > w i tn 2I2 original illustrations. Cloth, $3.50 net.

Dr. DaCosta's work is a thoroughly new and original one. Every method
given has been carefully tested and proved of value by the author himself.
Normal physical signs are explained in detail in order to aid the diagnostician in
determining the abnormal. Both direct and differential diagnosis are emphasized.
The cardinal methods of examination are supplemented by full descriptions of
technic and the clinical utility of certain instrumental means of research.

Dr. Henry L. Eisner, Professor of Medicine at Syracuse University.

" I have reviewed this book, and am thoroughly convinced that it is one of the best ever
written on this subject. In every way I find it a superior production."



Medical Electricity and X-Rays

Medical Electricity and the X=Rays. By Sinclair Tousey, M. D.,
Consulting Surgeon to St. Bartholomew's Hospital, New York. Octavo
of 1 1 16 pages, with 750 practical illustrations, 16 in colors.

Cloth, $7.00 net ; Half Morocco, $8.50 net.


This new work by such an eminent authority is destined to take a leading
place among books on this subject. Written primarily for the general prac-
titioner, it gives him just the information he wishes to have regarding the use of
medical electricity, the therapeutic results obtained, etc. At the same time it
tells the specialist how the most eminent electrotherapeutists are securing results,
the latest authorities in every country having been consulted for details of prac-
tical value. The work gives explicit directions for the care and regulation of
static machines, x-ray tubes, and all apparatus. Recognizing that the production
of a good radiograph every time, without risk to patient or apparatus, is of the
utmost importance, the author tells how to make x-ray, pictures by a practical
technic easily followed, even though the operator be inexperienced in this field.
Dental radiography the author has made his own. X-ray dosage is fully con-

McKenzie on Exercise in
Education and Medicine

Exercise in Education and Medicine. By R. Tait McKenzie, B. A.,
M. D., Professor of Physical Education and Director of the Department,
University of Pennsylvania. Octavo of 393 pages, with 346 original
illustrations. Cloth, $3.50 net.


This work is a full and detailed treatise on the application of systematized
exercise in the development of the normal body and in the correction of certain
diseased conditions in which gymnastics have proved of value.

D. A. Sarg'eant, M. D., Director of Hemenway Gymnasium, Harvard University.

" It cannot fail to be helpful to practitioners in medicine. The classification of athletic
games and exercises in tabular form for different ages, sexes, and occupations is the work of an
expert. It should be in the hands of every physical educator and medical practitioner."


Oertel on Bright's Disease

The Anatomical and Histological Processes of Bright's Disease. —

By Horst Oertel, M. D., Director of the Russell Sage Institute of

Pathology, New York. Octavo of 300 pages, with 50 illustrations and

6 colored plates.


These lectures deal with the anatomic and histologic processes of Bright's
disease, and in a somewhat different way from the usual manner. Everywhere
relations are emphasized and an endeavor made to reconstruct the whole as a
unit of interwoven processes. In the preparation of his lectures the author had in
mind a twofold aim : To present the visual picture of nephritis and to prepare the
proper way for the understanding of the genesis of the disease.

Fenwick on Dyspepsia

Dyspepsia By William Soltau Fenwick, M. D., of London,

England. Octavo volume of 400 pages, illustrated.


Dr. Fenwick takes up this important disease in a thoroughly systematic way.
He discusses the causes, pathology, symptoms, diagnosis, prognosis, and treat-
ment with a clearness, a definiteness, and, withal, a conciseness that makes his
work the most practical and useful on this subject. Dyspepsia is a condition so
frequently met with by every practitioner that this work will undoubtedly appeal
most strongly as supplying a need long felt. The text is illustrated.

Slade's Physical Examination and
Diagnostic Anatomy READY ,NJULY

Physical Examination and Diagnostic Anatomy.— By Charles B.
Slade, M. D., Chief of Clinic in General Medicine, University and
Bellevue Hospital Medical College. 1 2mo of 200 pages, illustrated.

This work is intended to serve as a text-book on the technic and fundamental
methods and principles of Physical Examination. The subject matter is arranged
to accord with the natural course the average student pursues in acquiring knowl-
edge of this subject. The first thought in the preparation of the book was to
make it practical. Exhaustive discussion and problems of diagnosis have been
avoided, rather holding the attention of the student to the essential principles of
the subject. The illustrations, too, have been drawn with the practical in mind.


Sahli's Diagnostic Methods

Editors : Francis P.Kinnicutt, M.D., and Nath'l Bowditch Potter, M.D.

A Treatise on Diagnostic Methods of Examination. By Prof.
Dr. H. Sahli, of Bern. Edited, with additions, by Francis P. Kinni-
cutt, M. D., Professor of Clinical Medicine, Columbia University, N. Y. ;
and Nath'l Bowditch Potter, M. D., Associate in Clinical Medicine,
Columbia University. Octavo of 1008 pages, profusely illustrated.
Cloth, $6.50 net; Half Morocco, $8.00 net.


Dr. Sahli's great work, upon its publication in German, was immediately-
recognized as the most important work in its field. Not only are all methods
of examination for the purpose of diagnosis exhaustively considered, but the ex-
planation of clinical phenomena is given and discussed from physiologic as well
as pathologic points of view. In the chemical examination methods are described
so exactly that it is possible for the clinician to work according to these directions.

Lewellys F. Barker, M. D.

Professor of the Principles and Practice of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University
" I am delighted with it, and it will be a pleasure to recommend it to our students in the
Johns Hopkins Medical School."

Friedenwald and Ruhrah
on Diet

Diet in Health and Disease. By Julius Friedenwald, M. D.,
Professor of Diseases of the Stomach, and John Ruhrah, M. D., Pro-
fessor of Diseases of Children, College of Physicians and Surgeons,
Baltimore. Octavo of 764 pages. Cloth, $4.00 net.


This new edition has been carefully revised, making it still more useful than the two
editions previously exhausted. The articles on milk and alcohol have been rewritten, additions
made to those on tuberculosis, the salt-free diet, and rectal feeding, and several tables added,
including Winton's, showing the composition of diabetic foods.

George Dock, M. D.

Professor of Theory and Practice and of Clinical Medicine, Tulane University.
" It seems to me that you have prepared the most valuable work of the kind now available.
I am especially glad to see the long list of analyses of different kinds of foods."


Hinsdale's Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy : A Treatise on Hydrotherapy in General ; Its
Application to Special Affections ; the Technic or Processes Employed,
and a Brief Chapter on the Use of Waters Internally. By Guy Hins-
dale, M.D., Lecturer on Climatology at the Medico-Chirurgical College
of Philadelphia. Octavo of 500 pages, illustrated.


The treatment of disease by hydrotherapeutic measures has assumed such an.
important place in medical practice that a good, practical work on the subject
is an essential in every practitioner's armamentarium. This new work supplies
all needs. It describes fully the various kinds of baths, douches, sprays ; the
application of heat and cold ; the internal use of mineral waters and all ot'her
procedures included under hydrotherapeutic measures. Then the use of hydro-
therapy in the various diseases is detailed concisely, yet explicitly and adequately.
Illustrations have been freely used throughout the text. As a practical work on
this important subject, Dr. Hinsdale's book will be found to take first place.

Swan's Prescription-writing
and Formulary ju ST ready

Prescription-writing and Formulary. By John M. Swan, M. D.,
Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine in the Medico-Chirurgical
College of Philadelphia. i2mo of 185 pages. Flexible leather, $1.25 net.

This work contains nearly 1050 prescriptions, selected because of their proved
value. There is also other information often needed by the practitioner, such as
prescription Latin, a chapter on the United States Pharmacopeia and its official
preparations, tables of weights and measures, doses, incompatibility and number
of ingredients, abbreviations, and miscellaneous considerations.

Stewart's Pocket Therapeu-
tics and Dose-book NEW gffusss;

Pocket Therapeutics and Dose=book. By Morse Stewart, Jr.,
M. D. 32mo of 263 pages. Cloth, $1.00 net.

This little book is a complete therapeutics as well as a dose-book, and it is
so arranged that the information sought can be obtained at a glance. The work
for this edition has been practically rewritten and entirely reset. It fits the pocket.






Professor of Clinical Medicine in the University of Pennsylvania

Typhoid and Typhus Fevers

By Dr. H. Curschmann, of Leipsic. Edited, with additions, by William
Osler, M. D., F. R. C. P., Regius Professor of Medicine, Oxford University,
Oxford, England. Octavo of 646 pages, illustrated.

Smallpox (including Vaccination), Varicella, Cholera Asiatica,
Cholera Nostras, Erysipelas, Erysipeloid, Pertussis, and
Hay Fever

By Dr. H. Immermann, of Basle ; Dr. Th. von Jurgensen, of Tubingen ;
Dr. C. Liebermeister, of Tubingen ; Dr. H. Lenhartz, of Hamburg ;
and Dr. G. Sticker, of Giessen. The entire volume edited, with additions,
by Sir J. W. Moore, M. D., F. R. C. P. I., Professor of Practice, Royal Col-
lege of Surgeons, Ireland. Octavo of 682 pages, illustrated.

Diphtheria, Measles, Scarlet Fever, and Rotheln

By William P. Northrup, M. D., of New York, and Dr. Th. von Jur-
gensen, of Tubingen. The entire volume edited, with additions, by William
P. Northrup, M. D., Professor of Pediatrics, University and Bellevue Hos-
pital Medical College, New York. Octavo of 672 pages, illustrated, including
24 full-page plates, 3 in colors.

Diseases of the Bronchi, Diseases of the Pleura, and Inflam-
mations of the Lungs

By Dr. F. A. Hoffmann, of Leipsic ; Dr. O. Rosenbach, of Berlin ; and
Dr. F. Aufrecht, of Magdeburg. The entire volume edited, with additions,
by John H. Musser, M. D., Professor of Clinical Medicine, University of
Pennsylvania. Octavo of 1029 pages, illustrated, including 7 full-page colored
lithographic plates.

Diseases of the Pancreas, Suprarenals, and Liver

By Dr. L. Oser, of Vienna ; Dr. E. Neusser, of Vienna ; and Drs. H.
Ouincke and G. Hoppe-Seyler, of Kiel. The entire volume edited, with
additions, by Reginald H. Fritz, A. M., M. D., Hersey Professor of the
Theory and Practice of Physic, Harvard University ; and Frederick A.
Packard, M. D., Late Physician to the Pennsylvania and Children's Hos-
pitals, Philadelphia. Octavo of 918 pages, illustrated.





Diseases of the Stomach

By Dr. F. Riegel, of Giessen. Edited, with additions, by Charles G.
Stockton, M. D. , Professor of Medicine, University of Buffalo. Octavo of
835 pages, with 29 text-cuts and 6 full-page plates.

Diseases of the Intestines and Peritoneum Second Edition

By Dr. Hermann Nothnagel, of Vienna. Edited, with additions, by
H. D. Rolleston, M. D., F. R. C. P., Physician to St. George's Hospital,
London. Octavo of 1 100 pages, illustrated.

Tuberculosis and Acute General Miliary Tuberculosis

By Dr. G. Cornet, of Berlin. Edited, with additions, by Walter B.
James, M. D., Professor of the Practice of Medicine, Columbia University,
New York. Octavo of 806 pages.

Diseases Of the Blood [Anemia, Chlorosis, Leukemia, and Pseudoleukemia)

By Dr. P. Ehrlich, of Frankfort-on-the-Main ; Dr. A. Lazarus, of Char-
lottenburg ; Dr. K. von Xoorden, of Frankfort-on-the-Main ; and Dr.
Felix Pinkus, of Berlin. The entire volume edited, with additions, by Alfred
Stengel, M. D., Professor of Clinical Medicine, L T niversity of Pennsylvania.
Octavo of 714 pages, with text-cuts and 13 full-page plates, 5 in colors.

Malarial Diseases, Influenza, and Dengue

By Dr. J. Mannaberg, of Vienna, and Dr. O. Leichtenstern, of Cologne.
The entire volume edited, with additions, by Ronald Ross, F. R. C. S. (Eng.),
F. R. S., Professor of Tropical Medicine, University of Liverpool ; J. W. W.
Stephens, M. D., D. P. H., Walter Myers Lecturer on Tropical Medicine,
University of Liverpool ; and Albert S. Grunbaum, F. R. C. P., Professor
of Experimental Medicine, University of Liverpool. Octavo of 769 pages,

Diseases of Kidneys and Spleen, and Hemorrhagic Diatheses

By Dr. H. Senator, of Berlin, and Dr. M. Litten, of Berlin. The entire
volume edited, with additions, by James B. Herrick, M. D., Professor of the
Practice of Medicine, Rush Medical College. Octavo of 815 pages, illust.

Diseases of the Heart

By Prof. Dr. Th. von Jurgense.x, of Tubingen ; Prof. Dr. L. Krehl,
of Greifswald ; and Prof. Dr. L. von Schrotter, of Vienna. The entire
volume edited, with additions, by George Dock, M. D., Professor of Theory
and Practice of Medicine and Clinical Medicine, Tulane University of
Louisiana. Octavo of 848 pages, fully illustrated.


Goepp's State Board Questions

State Board Questions and Answers. — By R. Max Goepp, M. D.,

Professor of Clinical Medicine, Philadelphia Polyclinic. Octavo of 684

pages. Cloth, S4.00 net; Half Morocco, $5.50 net.

Pennsylvania Medical Journal

" Nothing has been printed which is so admirably adapted as a guide and self-quiz for those
intending to take State Board Examinations."


Principles qf Pharmacy

Principles of Pharmacy. By Henry V. Arny, Ph. G., Ph. D.,

Professor of Pharmacy at the Cleveland School of Pharmacy. Octavo
of 1 175 pages, with 246 illustrations. Cloth, $5.00 net.


Professor Arny divides his subject into seven parts : The first part deals with
pharmaceutic processes, a striking feature being the clear discussion of the arith-
metic of pharmacy ; the second part deals with galenic preparations of the Phar-
macopeia and those unofficial preparations of proved value ; the third part deals
with the inorganic chemicals ; the fourth part discusses the organic chemicals ; the
fifth part is devoted to chemical testing, presenting a systematic grouping of all
the tests of the Pharmacopeia — a feature not found in any other book ; the sixth
part discusses the prescription ; the seventh part is devoted to laboratory work.

George Reimann, Ph. G., Secretary of the New York State Board of Pharmacy.

" I would say that the book is certainly a great help to the student, and I think it ought to
be in the hands of every person who is contemplating the study of pharmacy."

Stevens' Therapeutics
and Materia Medica

A Text=Book of Modern Materia Medica and Therapeutics. By

A. A. Stevens, A. M., M. D., Lecturer on Physical Diagnosis in the
University of Pennsylvania. Octavo of 675 pages. Cloth, $3.50 net.


Dr. Stevens' Therapeutics is one of the most successful works on the subject
ever published. In this new edition the work has undergone a very thorough
revision, and now represents the very latest advances in therapeutics and materia

The Medical Record, New York

"Among the numerous treatises on this most important branch of medical practice, this by
Dr. Stevens has ranked with the best, and the new edition preserves its reputation as one of the
most authoritative works on therapeutics and materia medica."


Sollmann's Pharmacology

Including Therapeutics, Materia Medica. Pharmacy,
Prescription-writing', Toxicology, etc.

A Text=Book of Pharmacology. By Torald Sollmann, M. D.,
Professor of Pharmacology and Materia Medica, Medical Department
of Western Reserve University, Clevjland, Ohio. Handsome octavo
volume of 1070 pages, fully illustrated. Cloth, $4.00 net.


Because of the radical alterations which have been made in the new (1905)
Pharmacopeia, it was found necessary to reset this book entirely. The author
bases the study of therapeutics on a systematic knowledge of the nature and
properties of drugs, and thus brings out forcibly the intimate relation between
pharmacology and practical medicine.

J. F. Fotheringham c M. D.

Prof, of Therapeutics and Theory and Practice of Prescribing Trinity Med. College, Toronto.
"The work certainly occupies ground not covered in so concise, useful, and scientific a
manner by any other text I have read on the subjects embraced."

Butler's Materia Medica

Therapeutics, and Pharmacology

A Text-Book of Materia Medica, Therapeutics, and Pharmacology.

By George F. Butler, Ph. G., M. D., Professor and Head of the
Department of Therapeutics and Professor of Preventive and Clinical
Medicine, Chicago College of Medicine and Surgery, Medical Depart-
ment Valparaiso University. Octavo of 702 pages, illustrated. Cloth,
#4.00 net ; Half Morocco, $5.50 net.


For this sixth edition Dr. Butler has entirely remodeled his work, a great part
having been rewritten. All obsolete matter has been eliminated, and special atten-
tion has been given to the toxicologic and therapeutic effects of the newer com-
pounds. The classification adopted is a practical one, aiding the student in grasp-
ing the subject, and the practitioner in finding the information sought.

Medical Record, New York

" Nothing has been omitted by the author which, in his judgment, would add to the com-
pleteness of the text, and the student or general reader is given the benefit of latest advices
bearing upon the value of drugs and remedies considered."



THE BEST i\ 111 S F 1 C Ct 11 STANDARD

Illustrated Dictionary

Recently Issued — The New (5th) Edition

The American Illustrated Medical Dictionary — By W. A. New-
man Dorland, M. D., Editor of "The American Pocket Medical Dic-
tionary." Large octavo of 876 pages, bound in full flexible leather.
Price, $4.50 net; with thumb index, £5.00 net.


Howard A. Kelly.M.D ., Professor of Gynecologic Surgery, fohns Hopkins University.

" Dr. Dorland's dictionary is admirable. It is so well gotten up and of such convenient
size. No errors have been found in my use of it."

Thornton's Dose=Book. Ne^uthf Edition

Dose-Book and Manual of Prescription-Writing. ByE. Q. Thornton, M.D.,
Assistant Professor of Materia Medica, Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia. Post-
octavo, 410 pages, illustrated. Flexible leather, $2.00 net.

" I will be able to make considerable use of that part of its contents relating to the correct
terminology as used in prescription-writing, and it will afford me much pleasure to recom-
mend the book to my classes, who often fail to find this information in their other text-
books." — C. H. MILLER, M.D., Professor of Pharmacology, Northwestern University Medi-
cal School.

. . Just Ready

Lusk OII Nutrition New ^2d) Edition

Elements of the Science of Nutrition. By Graham Lusk, Ph. D., Professor
of Physiology in Cornell University Medical School. Octavo of 402 pages. Cloth,
$3.00 net.

" I shall recommend it highly. It is a comfort to have such a discussion of the subject."
— LEWELLYS F. Barker, M. D., fohns Hopkins University.

Camac's "Epoch-making Contributions"

Epoch-making Contributions in Medicine and Surgery. Collected and
arranged by C. N. B. Camac, M. D., of New York City. Octavo of 450 pages, illus-
trated. Artistically bound, $4.00 net.

" Dr. Camac has provided us with a most interesting aggregation of classical essays #
We hope that members of the profession will show their appreciation of his endeavors." —
Therapeutic Gazette.


The American Pocket Medical Dictionary New (6th) Edition

The American Pocket Medical Dictionary. Edited by W. A. Newman Dor-
LAND, M. D., Assistant Obstetrician to the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.
598 pages. Flexible leather, with gold edges, $1.00 net ; with thumb index, $1.25 net".

Pusey and Caldwell on X-Rays Second Edition

The Practical Application of the Rontgen Rays in Therapeutics and
Diagnosis. By William Allen Pusey, A. M., M. D., Professor of Dermatology in
the University of Illinois ; and Eugene W. Caldwell, B. S., Director of the Edward
N. Gibbs X-Ray Memorial Laboratory of the University and Bellevue Hospital Medical
College, New York. Octavo of 625 pages, with 200 illustrations. Cloth, #5.00 net;
Half Morocco, #6.50 net.

Cohen and Eshner's Diagnosis. Second Revised Edition

Essentials of Diagnosis. By S. Solis-Cohen, M. D., Senior Assistant Professor
in Clinical Medicine, Jefferson Medical College, Phila. ; and A. A. Eshner, M. D.,
Professor of Clinical Medicine, Philadelphia Polyclinic. Post-octavo, 3S2 pages ; 55
illustrations. Cloth, $1. 00 net. In Saunders' Question- Compend Series.

Morris' Materia Medica and Therapeutics. New (7th) Edition

Essentials of Materia Medica, Therapeutics, and Prescription-Writing.
By Henry Morris, M. D., late Demonstrator of Therapeutics, Jefferson Medical
College, Phila. Revised by W. A. Bastedo, M. D., Instructor in Materia Medica and
Pharmacology at Columbia University. 1 2mo, 300 pages. Cloth, $1.00 net. In Saunders'

Question- Compend Series.

Williams' Practice of Medicine

Essentials of the Practice of Medicine. By W. R. Williams, M.D.,
formerly Instructor in Medicine and Lecturer on Hygiene, Cornell University ; and
Tutor in Therapeutics, Columbia University, N. Y. l2mo of 456 pages, illustrated.
In Saunders^ Question- Compend Series. Double number, $1.75 net.

Todd's Clinical Diagnosis

A Manual of Clinical Diagnosis. By James Campbell Todd, M. D., Associate
Professor of Pathology, Denver and Gross' College of Medicine. i2moof3l9 pages,
with 131 text-illustrations and 10 colored plates. Flexible leather, $2.00 net.

Bridge on Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis. By Norman Bridge, A. M., M. D., Emeritus Professor of Medicine
in Rush Medical College. i2mo of 302 pages, illustrated. Cloth, $1.50 net.

Boston's Clinical Diagnosis Second Edition

Clinical Diagnosis. By L. Napoleon Boston, M. D., Adjunct Professor of Medi-
cine and Director of the Clinical Laboratories, Medico-Chirurgical College, Philadel-
phia. Octavo of 563 pages, with 330 illustrations, many in colors. Cloth, $4.00 net.

Arnold's Medical Diet Charts

Medical Diet Charts. Prepared by H. D. Arnold, M.D., Professor of Clinical

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