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some time lived at & taken Care of the Fort) Orders to
receive them & their Families into it on Condition that they
observe during their Continuance there such Regulations as
he shall think necessary for the Preservation of the Fort & of
Order among themselves. I have also committed to his Care
about fifty Stand of Arms to be delivered on Occasion to such
Men as may repair to the Fort tho few of the Inhabitants are
without Arms of their own, & I will also by the first Oppor-
tunity send him up a Supply of Ammunition, & if the Proceed-
ings of the Indians should make it expedient for me to take
any other measures you may depend that I shall not spare any
pains myself to preserve the Frontier Inhabitants in Security
& quiet. I have heard that the Garrison of Pittsburg has been
reinforced since the Indians begun to commit hostilities in that
quarter so that unless the Garrison should want Provisions
which I presume can scarcely be the Case I suppose it would
not be in the power of all the Indians that can be brought

Correspondence of Governor Sharpe. loi

against it to attack that Fort with the least Prospect of Success ; '<■''"=' ''•'■'^
& I doubt iKJt but S' Jeffery Amherst has before this time
effectually provided for the Defence & Security of the I'orts
on the Lakes & Frontiers of New York & that he will soon
employ some of the Forces under his Command in such a way
as to recover the lost Posts & bring the Indians to Reason.
The Death of a very worthy Clergyman the Reverend M'
Richard Harrison late Rector of S' Lukes Parish in Queen
Anns County, and the Decease of the Reverend IVP Alex'
Malcolm Rector of St. Pauls in the same County who had
been some time very infirm having vacated two large Parishes
in that County where there are two others very small called
St. Johns & Christ Church, I could wish as the two last lye at
so great a Distance that they cannot be united, that il His
Lordship approves thereof the Assembly might prepare a Bill
at their next meeting for making a new Division of that
County into three Parishes (instead of four) alter such a
manner as may be most convenient for both the Parishioners
& the several Rectors. Till I can have the Satisfaction to
know His Lordship's pleasure with regard to this matter I
shall authorize the Reverend M' Barclay Rector of St Peters
in Talbot County to officiate as Curate in S' Lukes, & the
Rever"^ M"^ Keene Rector of this Parish to officiate in S' Pauls
& will get M"" Dowie Rector of S' Johns one of the small
Parishes abovementioned or some other Clergyman to officiate
here in M' Keenes stead, & when the proposed Division of
Queen Anns County into three parishes if His Ldp approves
thereof shall be made I should be glad to have his permission
to induct into one of them the ReV* M' John Barclay, into
another the Rev"^ IVF Sam' Keene who is a Native of the Pro-
vince & has several near Relations in that County, & into the
Third the Reverend M' Hugh Neal who is at present one of the
Society's Missionaries in Pennsylvania, but having some time
ago married a Daughter of Colonel Hopper (one of our
Assembly & who has in that Character behaved very well
towards me) he would be very glad to be settled in this Pro-
vince especially in Queen Anns County where all his Wife's
Relations reside. Should His Ldp approve of these Promo-
tions I would then recommend the Rev'' M' Walker at present
Rector of all Hallows in this County to the Living of S' Peters
in Talbot wherfe he has a good House & Plantation & the
Reverend M' Dowie at this time Rector of St. Johns to West-
minster Parish in this County.

I02 Correspondence of Governor Sharpe.

Original. [Egrcmont to Sharpe.]

Whitehall 9"^ July 1763

It having appeared, that the Publick Revenue has been
greatly diminished, and the fair Trader much prejudiced, by
the fraudulent Methods used to introduce into His Majesty's
Dominions, (contrary to the Act of 1 2"" Charles 2^ for encourag-
ing and encreasing Shipping and Navigation ; and that of is'""
Charles 2'^ for the Encouragement of Trade ; and the Act of
7"" and 8"" of William 3'' for preventing Frauds, & regulating
Abuses in the Plantation Trade ;) Commodities of foreign
Growth, in national, as well as foreign. Bottoms, by means of
small Vessels hovering on the Coasts ; & that this iniquitous
Practice has been carried to a great Heighth in America ; an
Act was passed the last Session of Parliament, intituled. An
Act for the further Improvement of His Majesty's Revenue of
Customs ; And for the Encouragement of Officers making
Seizures; and for the Prevention of the clandestine Running
of Goods into any Part of His Majestys Dominions ; by which
the former Laws relative to this matter, are enforced, and
extended to the British Dominions in all parts of the World ;
And the King having it extremely at heart to put an End to
all iniquitous Practices of this Nature, by a due, punctual, &
vigorous Exertion of the Laws made for this salutary purpose ;
And His Majesty having been pleased to order, that the most
effectual Steps should be taken for obtaining that End ; the
Commanders of His Majesty's Ships stationed in America will,
in consequence thereof, be vested for the future, with the
necessary & legal Powers, from the Commissioners of the
customs, for carrying into Execution the several Acts of
Parliament relative to the seizing & condemning any ships
that shall be found transgressing against the said Acts ; I am
to signify to you the King's express Pleasure, that you do, as
far as shall depend upon you, not only cooperate with and
assist the said Commanders in the due and legal Execution of
the Powers & Instructions given them by Commissioners of
the Customs; but that you do also use your utmost Endeav-
ours, by the most assiduous and impartial Exertion of the
Laws enacted for this Purpose, to put an effectual Stop to the
clandestine Running of Goods into any plqce within your
Jurisdiction ; And that you may be fully informed of every
particular in an Affair of this Importance, you will find inclosed
herewith a Copy of the Act passed last Session of Parliament,
referred to above ; together with His Majesty's Order in
Council, made agreable thereto, for the Division of the Seizures ;
to which I add a List of the Ships stationed in America, dis-

Correspondence of Governor Sharp e. 103

tinguishing such as have the Custom House Commissions,
from the few which sailed before the Resolution on that Head
was taken ; And also a Copy of the Instructions given by the
Lords of the Admiralty to the several Commanders of these

The Precautions, which, upon perusing the two last men-
tioned Papers, you will observe to have been taken here ; &
the strict Orders given on this Occasion to the Commanders
of all the Ships of War in America; will sufficiently point out
to you, how earnestly the King wishes, that all possible means
should be used to root out so iniquitous a Practice ; A Practice
carried on in contravention of many express & repeated Laws,
tending not only to the Diminution and Impoverishment of
the Publick Revenue, at a time, when this Nation is labouring
under a heavy Debt incurred by the last War for the Protec-
tion of America ; but also to expose every fair Trader to
certain Detriment, & even Danger of Ruin, by his not being
able to carry his Commodities to Market, on an equal Footing
with those who fraudulently evade the Payment of the just
Dues and Customs tor the same.

It is the Kings Pleasure, that you do, by the first Opportu-
nity, acknowledge the Receipt of this Letter, & that you do,
from time to time, transmit to me, for His Majesty's Informa-
tion, fexact Accounts of whatever shall happen, within your
Government, in an Affair which the King considers to be of
the highest Importance to the Commercial Interests of His
Subjects, & the Improvement of the Publick Revenue ; You
will likewise impart to me, for the King's Approbation such
further Hints, as may occur to you, as proper for the Subject.

I must also inform you, that His Majesty's Resolution, to
have the most implicit Obedience paid to these His Com-
mands, is so fixed ; that as on the one Hand, your particular
Diligence & Attention in the Performance of your Duty herein,
will not fail to recommend you to His Majesty's Royal Favor;
so, on the other, it is incumbent on me to acquaint you, that
the King will not pass over unnoticed any Negligence or
Relaxation on the part of any Persons employed in His
Service, in a matter, on which His Majesty lays so much
Stress & in which the fair Trade of all His Faithful Subjects
is so essentially interested.

I am, with great Truth & Regard

Your most obedient
humble Servant


Dep'y Gov-^ of Maryland.

to4 Correspofidence of Governor Sharpe.

o^g'"^'* [Thomas Cresap to Sharpe.]

Old Town July 15 1763
May it Please your Excellency

I take this opportunity in the highth of Confusion to acquaint
you with our unhappy & most wretched situation at this time
being in Hourly Expectation of being massacred by our
Barberous & Inhumane Enemy the Indians we having been
three days successively Attacked by them Viz. the 13, 14 &
this Instant on the 1 3th as 6 men were shocking some wheat
in the field 5 Indians fired on them as they came to do it &
others running to their assistance. On the 145 Indians crep
up to & fired on about 16 men who were sitting & walking
under a Tree at the Entrance of my Lane about 100 yards
from my House but on being fired at by the white men who
much wounded some of them they Immediatly Runn off &
were followed by the white men about a mile all which way
was great quantity of Blood on the Ground the white men
got 3 of their Bundles containing sundry Indian Implements
& Goods about 3 hours after several gunns were fired in the
woods on which a party went in Quest of them & found 3
Bears killd by them, the Indians wounded one man at their
first fire tho but slightly. On this Instant as Mr. Sam' Wilder
was going to a house of his about 300 yards Distant from mine
with men & several women the Indians Rushed on them
from a Rising Ground but they perceiving their coming Run
towards my House hollowing which being heard by those at
my house they Run to their assistance & met them & the
Indians at the Entrance of my lane on which the Indians Imme-
diatly fired on them to the amount of 18 or Twenty & Killd
Mr. Wilder. The party of white men returned their fire &
Killd one of them dead on the spot & wounded severall of the
others as appeared by Considerable Quantity of Blood strewed
on the Ground as they Run off which they Immediatly did &
by their leaving behind them 3 Gunns one pistole & sundry
other Emplements of warr &c. &c.

I have inclosed a List of the Desolate men women &
Children who have fled to my House which is Inclosed by a
small stockade for safety by which you see what a number of
poor Souls destitute of Every necessary of Life are here
penned up & likely to be Butchered without Immediate Relief
& Assistance & can Expect none unless from the Province to
which they Belong. I shall submitt to your wiser Judgment the
Best & most Effectual method for such Relief & shall con-
clude with hoping we shall have it in time.

I am Honnourable Sir

Your most Obed' Serv'
Tho^ Cresap

Correspondence of Governor Sharpe. 105

P. S. Those Indians who attacked
us this day are part of
that Body which went to the

southward by this way in Spring wliich is known by one of the
Guns we now got from them.

On his Lordships Service
To his Excellence Horatio Sharpe Esq
in- Annapolis.

[Sharpe to Amherst.] Letter Bk.iii

To Sir Jeffery Amherst the 18'^ of July 1763.

I return Your Excellency Thanks for the Letter by which
you were pleased the 20"" of last month to advise me of the
hostile proceedings of the Indians in the Upper Country & to
caution me to provide for the protection of the Frontiers of
this Province. Apprehending from some Reports which I had
before heard that some of the Ohio Indians might be con-
cerned in the plot I forthwith sent particular Instructions to
the Commanding Ofificer of the Militia in our Frontier County
thereby putting him on his Guard & ordering him to have
some Parties ready to act for the Defence & protection of the
Inhabitants in case the Suspicions entertained of the Indians
evil Intentions should prove well founded. I have since sent
him both Arms & Ammunition & such other Instructions as
the Behaviour of the Indians & the Condition of our Frontier
Inhabitants seemed to make necessary & in pursuance of my
orders some Parties of Militia have marched & are disposed
of & posted on our Frontier for the Protection of the Settle-
ments, the Gentlemen of our Council being of opinion with
me that this measure was the best & readiest way of Covering
or protecting them.

I am glad to find by Your Excellency's Letter that altho the
Indians had actually invested both Fort Pitt & Detroit you did
not seem to be under great pain about those Posts, but enter-
tained hopes that the Force you had collected and ordered
thither would arrive in time to check the Depredations of those
perfidious Barbarians. I am &c.

[Calvert to Sharpe.] Original.

London July 20'^ 1763

Yesterday I was at change & learning from M^ Philpot that
he had a ship at this day for Patowmack River to depart,

io6 Correspondence of Governor Sharp e.

affords me little time for particulars to you. However as I
am desirous to Acknowledge at all times to you when oppor-
tunity serves, this ownes the rec' of y" of the 29'*" of May.
By w*" you inform the " Surveyors on the East shore are again at
a stand, that the Line they have lately run passes distance 150
feet 6 inches westw'* of the Point it ought by calculation to
have run through, so that if continued, this Line wo'* Probably
run farther to the Westw'' of the Extremity of the Radius than
the Line run for a Tangent last summer did to the East of it;
how the Error is to be rejected you cannot tell," seem to be
for submitting consideration thereon to the Superiours here ;
'tis indeed vexatious as you observe to see Business go on
after such a manner." In order to help you June the 20'^ I
wrote (w^ Let"" for want of conveyance is not gone therefore
this will accompany it) In w** I informed you, that determina-
tion was had here to send mathematicians with Necessary
Inst" to facilitate the Due execution of the Boundary lines &
of w*" resolution I again confirm to you Now ; the Geometrical
Survey" are arrived in London, the Mess"^' Penns & I on his
LordP' part, attended with Mathematicians have had meetings,
at w*" times many Questions have been propounded & solved
w'' are deliv*^ to the Surveyors with sev' Mathematical Ins"
such as a fine Sector & transit Inst" &c^ thoroughly inspected
tryed & aproved by real Comiss" here, some trivial matters
here further to settle will complete their departure. Tis
Agreed to each Surveyor^: i' p"^ Diem, & when employed to
fare in comon with others, their passage paid out & on return ;
their Names Dixon & Mason, allowed by the best Judges here
as Persons intirely accomplished & of good character, these
Persons of acquired Abilities & sound sense, attended with
real materials requisit & observations & hints proper in Mixt
& practical Mathematicks, as will obviate all Doubts & settle
& Determine all matters with you Gentel" Comissioners on
Both sides so as not to intervest the Articles of Agreem' bet:
the Proprietors. I wish a right Judgem' & have been Assid-
uous for happy Issue content & to facilitate all matters for
you Gentel" & all concerned.

In my last, I wrote you of the High Honour his Majestys
Admittance of me of long Conference with him, in w*" you was
of Essential part & of his intire Approbation of you. By Lef
from his Lord^ dated from Zante Island June the 4"" in the
Levant, he says after a violent storm 48 Hours he was there
safe, from thence I believe his progression is threw the Archi-
pellego Sea to Constantinople ; his return I have no thoughts
of till Midsumer next if then? I am so far happy, I wish him
home yet am easy & content as his Affairs provincial are
Guided by y' Just Rule & Due Administration of Goverm'

Correspondence of Governor Sharpe. 107

Public & Private. I thank you for y' remittance of ^123.
By M' Dulany I sent you his Lord"" Approbation of Appointm'
of M' Kay the Elder & M'' Scott Y I->esiers. Much Discord
here among the Great, little signs at present of a Coalition of
parties, here has been Tryals for detention of Printers
Aprentices by the Sec^ of States, on w'' Ace' the Juries have
given 2 & 300 £ damages with lost of suit. Hero, M' Wilkes
member for Aylesbury his matters of Detention & Priviledges
will come on next Term. The Attor^' or .Sol""' Gen' seems as
if deficient in Crown Law. the E. of B-te Bo-peep. May all
happiness attend you Y" truly

Caicil' Calvert

Pos' 3 Dozen &. ^ oi Madeira delivered
By Capt' Craymer

Our sumer East North East Wind Now

much Rain, Hay 4^ a Load all

provision very Dear.

Price of Tobacco Low. Stocks fallen.

To His Excell"^ Gov' Sharpe, Maryland.

[Sharpe to Board of Trade.] Letter Bk. in

To the Lords of Trade. Annapolis 28 July 1763.

My Lords.

Having last Monday had the Satisfaction to receive Your
Lordships Letter dated the 29"" of April whereby you were
pleased to signify to me His Majesty's Commands concerning
the Appointment of a Day of publick Thanksgiving within
this province on Account of the happy Conclusion of the
peace I do myself the honour to congratulate Your Ldps on that
auspicious Event & to inform you that I have in Obedience to
His Majesty's pleasure issued a proclamation appointing the
23** Day of the ensuing month to be solemnly observed by all
his good Subjects within this Province, & I doubt not but
both the Ministers of the Gospel & the Laity being truly
thankful for the Blessings of Peace by his Majesty's unwearied
Endeavours restored to them will observe & celebrate the
appointed Day as far as is in their power in a manner suitable
to the great occasion. I am with the greatest Respect
Y' Ldps.

[Sharpe to Egremont.]

To The Right Honble The Earl of Egremont. Annapolis
I" Aug. 1763.
My Lord

I had last Monday the satisfaction to receive the Letter
Your Lordship was pleased to favour me with the 26''' of March

io8 Correspondence of Governor Sharp'e.

Letter Bk.iii j^gt inclosing the King's Proclamation of Peace & I now do
myself the honour to inform Your Ldp that in obedience to
His Majesty's Commands signified to me by your Ldp's
Letter I have this Day caused His Majesty's Proclamation to
be published in this City with the Solemnity & Ceremony
usual on such occasions, & I have issued orders for publishing
the same in the several Counties within this Province & for the
Militia of the respective Counties as well as the Civil Officers
to attend the agreeable Ceremony. With the greatest Resp'.

[Sharpe to Pownall.]

To John Pownall Esq' Secretary to the Board of Trade.
Annapolis 2^ of Aug" 1763.

When I wrote to you the 28'^ of January 1761 in answer to
Your Letter of the 18"" of Oct' preceeding I was in hopes that
the Acts of Assembly which have been from time to time
made in this province, & were when I wrote revising & pre-
paring for the Press would before this time have been printed
off & published, but by reason of some failure or neglect in
the merchant who was to have sent hither a sufficient quantity
of Paper for the purpose, it has not been in my power to
transmit to 1 heir Lordships a compleat printed Copy so soon
as I then expected to have done, however as the manuscript
Copy has been ready for the Press more than a Twelve
month & the whole quantity of Paper that was wanted is
now received the printer is proceeding with the work & will
not break off again till all the Acts are printed ; when that is
done I shall not fail to send Their Ldps the several Copies
required; & should They before I can transmit such Copies
want to have Recourse to the Acts of Assembly of this Pro-
vince I desire the favour of you to acquaint Their Lordships
with the Reason that makes me so backward in Complying
with their Requisition.

Original. [Halifax to Sharpe.]

S' James Aug' ii'*' 1764

The House of Commons having, in the last Session of Par-
liament, come to a Resolution by which it is declared, that
towards defraying the necessary Expences of defending, pro-
tecting and securing the British Colonies and Plantations in
America, it may be proper to charge certain Stamp Duties in
the said Colonies and Plantations, It is His Majesty's Pleasure,

Correspondence of Governor Sharpe. 109

that, you should transmit to me without delay, a List of all
Instruments made use of in publick Transactions, Law Pro-
ceedings, Grants, Conveyances, Securities of Land or Money,
within your Government with proper and sufficient Descrijj-
tions of the same, in order that if Parliament shfjuld think
proper to pursue the Intention of the aforesaid Resolution,
they may thereby be enabled to carry it into Execution, in the
most effectual and least burthensome manner

If you should be unable of Yourself to prepare a List of
this kind, with sufficient Accuracy, You will in such Case
require the Assistance of the Principal Officer of the Law
within your Government who is the proper Person to be con-
sulted, towards procuring the said Information in the manner
required. I am with great Truth and Regard


Your most obedient

humble Servant

Dunk Halifax

[Sharpe to Calvert.] Letter Bk.iv

Copy of the 122'' Letter to M' Calvert Dated Annapolis

[August 21] transmitted by & Duplicate by


Since I wrote to you the 2^ of last Month I have received
the several Letters you were pleased to send me the 27"" of
April & the 8'^ & 1 1"" of May last. As I was at Newcasde at
a Meeting of the Commissioners when the Letter which D'
Bevis had wrote to you the 28''' of April last came to my
hands I communicated the Contents of it to those of our
Commissioners that were then present who cannot help
lamenting with me that altho that able Gentleman has recom-
mended to us an Instrument for running the Divisional Lines
which he is confident & we are persuaded by his Description
of it is infinitely preferable to the means we have hitherto
been obliged to use, the Instrument is still in England & by
what you write likely to remain there owing as it should seem
by D' Bevis's Letter to an erroneous Opinion entertained by
D' Blair & by him instilled into M' Penn which as far as I can
judge has occasioned an Expence to the Proprietors of two or
three Thousand Pounds & for ought I know may before all
the Lines are run increase the Expence five times as much ;
I cannot indeed for my own part see how it will be possible to
run the Northern Boundary without the Transit Instrument &
then surely it would have been much better to have sent it to
us at first so that it might have been used in running the
Tangent. Since Doctor Bevis again recommends to us to

1 1 o Correspondence of Governor Sharpe.

Letter Bk.iv ascertain by Astronomical Observations the Point from which
the Northern Boundary or due East & West Line is to be run
we shall when we meet to consider that part of the Business
endeavour to act agreeable to his Advice & Opinion ; in the
mean time I am to inform you that as the Pennsylvania
Comm''^ when we met at Newcastle the 15'^ of last month
insisted on our setting the Surveyors to Work again in order
to describe a Tangent we agreed that they should be ordered
to proceed in the manner directed by the inclosed Instruction.
When the Surveyors have executed such our Orders we are
you will observe to represent to our Constituents what has
been done by us in pursuance of their Commissions & after
what manner it has been done so that His Ldp & the Proprie-
tors of Pennsylv^ may if they think fit in order to avoid farther
Expence settle the matter some how or other between them-
selves & not permit us to be for ever attempting to run a
Mathematically true Tangent which perhaps can hardly be

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