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these Advances to the Continent Pray dispatch Col° Hyde &
M"^ Howard with as much of the Money as can be got, less
than 200,000/ will do nothing

Delegates from Maryland
in Congress.

We are ^^

[Council to Hemsley.]

In Council Annapolis 21" April 1779.

We yesterday rec'' your letters of the 12"' & 17"' Ins'. We
have sent to Philadelphia for Money and now inclose you an
Order on the Eastern Shore Treasury for loooo/. as much as

360 journal and Correspondence

c. c. our Circumstances can bear, 'til we are supplied by Congress.
If you can get good Wheat at ^5 . . 10 .. or so much in
Weight as will be equivalent to that by the Bushel and not
inconvenient to Mills, high as it is, we believe you will do as
well as the other Purchasers. The Quantity expected from us
is 1 0000 Barr'^ By the Accounts we have from Kent & Balti-
more, about the Value of 3000 is already secured there. What
Wheat you purchase, we wish you to have ground up at your
own or any other Mills convenient, and forwarded with all
despatch to Col° Hollingsworth at the Head of Elk, that it may
be sent on ; we imagine that the Bran & Shorts only need be
taken out and that, unless the Bran & Shorts can be disposed
of otherwise to Advantage they had best be sent to Col° Hol-
lingsworth, to be consumed by the Continental Draft Horses
kept there. We expect hourly to see M' Robert Buchanan
from Baltimore to confer about the Purchase of Flour; there's
a good Deal in Baltimore & probably there may be no Occa-
sion to use the extraordinary Power which the Assembly will
not have exercised but on the most absolute Necessity.

We are &"
Wm Hemsley Esq'

[Council to Dickinson.]

In Council Annapolis 21^' April 1779

We shall be obliged to you to send hither all the Continen-
tal Bills in your Office, belonging to the Public, of the Emis-
sions of May 1777 ^ April 1778 that they may be put into the
Continental Treasury and draw Interest from the Continent
as soon as may be ; and be pleased also to advise us of the
sum of circulating Money now, to an exactness, in the Eastern
Shore Treasury, as we may know how to draw occasionally

We are &"
Henry Dickinson Esq' )

Treasurer of the Eastern Shore. \

c. B. Thursday 22"^ April 1779.

Present as on yesterday

Ordered that the Commissary of Stores deliver to Thomas
Horney a 9 M° Sold' in the 5"" Reg' Discharged Twenty seven
Pounds, ten shillings in Cloathing, John Horney a 9 M° Sold'
in the 5 Regim' Disch'' Twenty seven Pounds in Cloathing,
Thomas Lewis a 9 M° Sold' in the 3'' Reg' reinlisted Two
Pounds Fourteen shillings & four Pence in Cloathing and also

of the Council of Maryland, 177H-1779. 361

to Thomas Bird a 9 M" Sold' in the 3' Rej^' reinhsted Eleven c. h.
Pounds, four shillings & ten Pence in Cloathing due them by
an Act of Assembly to procure Troops for the American Army

That the western shore Treasurer pay to Joseph Ashmead
Nine thousand, three hundred and ninty nine pounds, fifteen
shillings & eleven Pence for the use of and to be delivered
over to Margaret Cummins Executrix of the Testamentary &
last Will of Robert Cummins late of Baltimore County
Deceased (Certificate of Letters Testamentary granted being

That the said Treasurer pay to Lieut Bagness Twelve
Pounds, five shillings due him per Account passed by the
Uepy Aud^

That the said Treasurer pay to Thomas Beatty the following
sums of Money for the use of the several Persons hereafter
mentioned per Ace' passed by the Dep^ Aud'

One Pound seventeen shillings & six pence for the use of
Guy Elder

Thirty Pounds for Nicholas Hissler Five Pounds for Henry

Eleven Pounds, fourteen shillings for Lodowick Kemp

Two Pounds Ten shillings for Jacob Hoof

One hundred and Fifty six Pounds, three shillings & nine
Pence for William Beatty

Sixty Two Pounds, Five shillings for John Ransburg

Ninteen Pounds, seven shillings and six pence for Elizabeth

Thirty Eight Pounds, thirteen shillings & four Pence for
Capt Geo Beckwith & his Comp^

Twenty Eight Pounds, five shillings and ten pence for Capt
Isaac Barr & his Comp^

Ninty one Pounds, ten shillings and Eight Pence & Fifteen
Pounds, five shillings for Richard Hoff

Forty five Pounds, thirteen shillings and Thirty one Pounds,
ten shillings for 1 homas Beatty

[Council to Naval Officers in Baltimore.]

In Council 22^ April 1779

Inclosed you have a Copy of a Resolution of Congress of
the 14"' Ins' rec'' this Morning accompanied with a Letter from
the Massachusetts Delegates in Congress, requesting in parti-
cular, Permission for loading the Schooner Bonner, Cap'
Richard Stiles. Cap' Stiles has also produced us his Address
from the Board of War in Boston to Mess" Hoofman and May

c. c.

362 Journal and Correspondence

c.c. of Balt°who appear to beAgents for that Board in conducting
the Purchase and shipping off Flour & Grain to them.

We therefore desire that the said Schooner Bonner may be
permitted to load with Grain & Flour or either of those Articles
and afterwards cleared out in your Office for Boston, but pre-
vious to the Vessel's being cleared out the Persons who ship
the Grain or Flour, as well as the Captain, make Oath or
Affirmation, if a Quaker and indorsed on the Back of the
Manifest of the Lading " that the Grain or Flour therein men-
tioned was shipped and received on board the within men-
tioned Vessel in Pursuance of the Orders of the Board of War
. of the State of Massachussetts and for the Sole Purpose and
Intent of transporting the same to the State of Massachusetts
to be there delivered according to the Order and Desire of the
said Board of War." If, as probable, Mess" Hoofman and
May should want Permits for other Vessels, advise them that
we think it necessary they should write to us on the Subject.
You'll give a Certificate to Cap' Stiles of the Oath being taken
on his clearing out &, for his Safety, we intend to add an In-
dorsement on his Papers, on his way down, which may satisfy
any Body into whose Hands he may happen to fall, of the
Exception in Favor of his being loaded with Articles generally

We are &"
The Naval Officer at )
Bait" Town )

Friday 23^^ April 1779

Present as on yesterday

Ordered that the western shore Treasurer pay to Lieut
Jacob Norris of the 6"' Regim' Three thousand Dollars to be
expended in the recruiting Service.

Commission of Letter of Marque & Reprisal issued to
Nicholas Martin Commander of the Sloop Porpus mounting
6 Carriage Guns 4 Howitz &8 small Arms belonging to John
Davidson & Comp^ Annapolis

Commission issued to Aquila Paca, John Love Thomas
Johnson, William Smithson, John Archer, William Bond,
Abraham Whitacre Ignatius Wheeler, James McComas, Sam'
Groome Osborne John Rumsay Mordecai Amos, Robert Amos,
John Patrick, James Giles, James Philips, John Hall, Jon
Craub, Aquila Paca jun'^app'' Justices of the Peace for Harford
County also to Aquila Paca, John Love, John Rumsay, John
Archer and Thomas Johnson appointed Judges of the Orphans
Court for Harford County.

of the Council of Maryland, 177H-1770. 363

[Council to Sheriff of Ann Arundel Co.] c. c.

In Council Annapolis 23' April 1779

It is represented by M' Riji^ley that a Writ of Nc exeat is
issued and served against William Noke and that you have let
him go at Large without any Security, alledging that a
Certificate granted to him by this Board, purporting that the
Government had no Objection to his going to Europe by way
of the West Indies, was a Supersedeas of the Ne exeat. You
certainly cannot discharge any Man from Legal Process in a
Civil Matter on the Order of this Board, was such Order to
issue; but, to prevent Mistakes or Misapprehensions, this is to
inform you that the Certificate granted to M' Noke, is no
Discharge or Supersedeas of any Kind of Process, nor was it
so intended.

We are &'°

Sheriff of Ann Arundel County.

[Council to D. Hughes.] p. 239

In Council Annapolis 23'' April 1779

Inclosed you have a Letter directed to you from the Board
of War & a Copy of one just received by the Post. We wish
Col° Rawlings's Idea of placing the Prisoners out to work
with good Whigs, may take Place; the Security you take, we
do not expect, will be very high, but sufficient to make those
who have the Prisoners attentive & vigilant. The Plan of
keeping up a small Guard at Fort Frederick to receive back
such of the Prisoners as may misbehave, will be a prudent and,
we hope an effectual Check on the Conduct of those who are
let out and we much wish that a sufficient Number of Men may
be engaged, on a Bounty as formerly proposed to do that Ser-
vice, so that the Militia may be left to prosecute their private
Affairs and when the Militia see that every Step is taken for
their Ease, which can, with Safety, we flatter ourselves, they
will generally cooperate with you to effect our Views.

Dan' Hughes Esq' ) We are &"

L' of Washington County j

[The Chevalier d'Anmours to Gov. Johnson.] Original.


I have the honour to Recommend to your Protection, the
Bearer of this Monsieur A, Sigonier Cap" in Col Armand's
Regiment in the Continental service, who has been insulted

364 yournal and Correspondence

Original in the most provoking manner By one Jeremiah Swain hostler
to the Deputy Quarter master in Baltimore, in Consequence
of this Accident this Gentleman has been Bound By the law
and is now prevented to Join the Army to the prejudice of
his Character and that of public service which he Can not
attend, unless your Exelency will relieve him, if you think the
man may be properly punished for an action which may
equally affect other officers in such Cases he would beg that
satisfaction in order to prevent any thing of that nature for
the future. M"^ Lindenberger is the magistrate Before whom
the mob brought them, not without striking that officer and
abusing him with the most insulting names either to him or
the nation he Belongs to. I Can assure your Exelency that
that Gentleman who left the french service for that of this
Country allways Bore an Exelent Character and is Generally
Esteemed as well for the mildness of his manners as for his
military Bravery.

I am with the Greatest Respect

Your most humble
Baltimore & most obedient Serv'

April 23 1779 LeChev D'anmours

Saturday 24 April 1779

Present as on Yesterday

Ordered that the western shore Treasurer pay to Frederick
Green One thousand eight hundred and Eighty two Pounds,
two shillings & six Pence due him p ace' passed by the
Aud. G'

That the said Treasurer pay to Robert Reith Fourteen
Pounds Eleven shillings and eight Pence due him as Mes-
senger to the Governor & Council to the 23"^ Inst

That the said Treasurer pay to John Brice Esquire Five
hundred and fourteen Pounds ten shillings for Cartage from
& to the Landing, Grinding and Bolting 1470 Bushels Wheat
@ 7/ -p Bushel for the Use of the State Troops per Agree-
ment with the Governor & Council

That the said Treasurer Exchange for Capt. Thomas Beall,
of one of the Rifle Companies, four hundred Dollars the
Present by the General Assembly agreeable to a Resolve of
the same.

Commission issued to Normand Bruce appointed Lieut of
Frederick County

of the Council of Maryland, 1778-1779. 365

[Council to D. Hughes.] c. c.

In Council Annapolis 24"' April 1779

Yesterday Afternoon, after writing the Letter herewith sent
you we received yours of the 19"' Ins' with Col" Barrett's
Letter inclosed.

We flatter ourselves that if an Expedition goes on the West-
ward, that Force will necessarily call off the Indians from the
Frontiers, but in the mean Time the Inhabitants must be en-
couraged and protected, or they will leave their Settlements,
Col" Barrett has proposed in liis Letters, the Building Stock-
aded Forts at three different Places; he does not mention his
Ideas of the Expence or the Number of Men which will be
necessary: we should have been Glad of your Sentiments on
these Points, as well as the Means of supplying Provisions,
Any thing that is done, we imagine, ought to be with a meer
Temporary View. You will be frequently advised of the
Situation of Things and therefore may, on a Change of Circum-
stances so likely to happen, be able to do what is proper
before you can advise us. As Things now appear to us, we
think it would be well for Col° Barrett to draw out a Com-
pany, for a Month from his Battalion and that about sixty Men
should be drawn out from your County Militia below, for the
same Time; Barrett's Battalion renewing their Number from
Time to Time, whilst necessary and, if it should be necessary,
to replace the sixty Men, then to draw them below: if you think
this Number necessary, we desire and empower you to give
the necessary Orders accordingly or to order any less Number
that you may think sufficient. If from the Situation of Affairs,
you should judge it absolutely necessary, that a greater Force
should be immediately sent we desire you to send out what
you may think necessary to keep the People from deserting
their Habitations and advise us by Express that we may exert
every Means in our Power to preserve the Settlements and
divide the Burthen as equally as may be. You do not men-
tion the Quantity of Powder & Lead that you have or whether
you have any ; furnish Col° Barrett with what may be neces-
sary, if you have it, if not, order from Frederick Town an
ample Supply. We wish you to concert the Means of supply-
ing Provisions on the best Terms and to appoint some Person
to conduct that Business whose Activity and Integrity may be
relied on.

We are &"

Daniel Hughes Esq"^ )

Lieu' of Washington County j

366 Journal and Correspondence

c. B. Monday 26 April 1779

Present as on Saturday

Ordered that the Commissary of Stores deliver to Lieut
Isaac Rawlings of the Matross Com^ in Ann*" Linen for 2 Shirts
& Cloth for a p^ Breeches & Jackett

That the Eastern Shore Treasurer pay to John Thompson
Purchaser of Queen Ann's County Six thousand Pounds to be
expended in the Purchase of Wheat, Plour & Bread

Commission issued to Joseph Merrikin appointed Coroner
in Ann Arundel County

c. c. [Council to W. Hyde.]

In Council Annapolis 26"" April 1779

This is designed to be left for you at the Head of Elk. M'
Sam' Gilpin one of the Purchasers from Cecil has been down
with us for Money & Instructions: he has a Probability of Pur-
chasing a Quantity perhaps as far as 800 or 1000 Barrels of
Flour, we have advised him as to the Price. We request you,
on your Arrival at the Head of Elk, you would send for him,
he lives only about seven Miles from thence & leave with him
what Money may be necessary. Take a Mem° of the situa-
tion of M' Gilpin's Purchase.

Col° W" Hyde

We are &"

[Council to H. Hollingsworth.]

In Council 26"" April 1779.

By Letters lately received, the Demand of the Army on us
is for 10,000 Barr'' of Flour, only 2000 Barr'' by the i" of
May, 3000 more by the i" of June & 5000 in the Month of
June. It is not distinctly expressed whether the Quantity of
10,000 Barr'' is inclusive or exclusive of what the Continental
Purchasers have on Hand ; we suppose and hope it is inclusive.
The Continental Purchasers of Provisions are stopped so that
the Supply is to rest almost wholly on our Agents. We have
Wheat and Flour engaged to the Amount of 3000 Barr'' &
have directed the Flour to be sent forward to you as quick as
possible, nor have we any Doubt of your Activity to send it
away with all possible Dispatch. It is highly necessary to be
informed from Time to Time of the Quantities which go
through your Hands and we request you'll take the Trouble
to do it ; be pleased to distinguish what may be sent by our

of the Council of Maryland, 177H-1779. 367

Purchasers and favor us also with the Quantity of Flour sent c. c,
forward since the 10"' of this Month and what you have re-
maining on Hand. We are glad to hear that you are so well
provided with Forage, we wish it removed We are &^'

Col° Henry Hollingsworth.

[Council to R. Ualiam.] p. 241

In Council Annapolis 26"' April 1779

We yesterday received your Letter of the 23'' Ins' ; this in-
closes you a Duplicate of your Appointment, we cannot account
for the Miscarriage of the first on any Supposition but the
Negligence of the Sheriff, which is intolerable with Respect to
public Letters. Cap' Richardson of Montgomery, a Conti-
nental Purchaser, was reappointed by us, he chuses to draw
the Money as before from the Continent for the Convenience
of setling Accounts ; if equally suitable to you, it would be
agreeable to us you should do so, if not, we hope on Col°
Hyde's Return, to be able to furnish you fully ; he is gone to
Philad^ for Money for that Purpose. The Demand on us is
only for loooo Barr'' 2000 by the first of next Month, 3000 by
the i" of June & 5000 in that Month. We look on it that we
have upwards of 3000 Barr'' in Wheat & Flour secured. The
Convenience of Transporta'' to the Head of Elk, where we
have requested all Flour to be sent to the Direction of Col°
Hollingsworth, makes it desirable to get as much as may be
in your Neighbourhood, we wish you to push it forward as
quick as you can. Our Letter was not intended to give you
any Uneasiness or convey an Idea of our thinking you blame-
able ; we have appointed Gentlemen in Kent who, we are
confident, will attend to the Purchase with Diligence & Honor,
and we think it desirable for the Purposes of Regularity & to
prevent public Purchasers from being made use of against
each other, that each be confined to his own County. We
have the strongest Reliance that you will conduct this as you
have other Business for the Public, the most for the general
Interest. We are &"

P. S. Advise us frequently of the )
Situation of your Purchase. j

Rich-^ Dallam Esq^

Tuesday 27 April 1779 c. b.

Present as on Yesterday.
Ordered that the western shore Treasurer pay to Adam

368 Journal and Correspondence

B. Martley Thirty six Pounds due him as Adjutant to Col° Wells
Batt Fred. County -p Ace' passed by the Dep^ Aud.

That the said Treasurer pay to Joseph White seven Pound,
twelve shillings and six Pence due him per Ace' passed by the
Dep>' Aud.

That the said Treasurer pay to Daniel Muno Six Pounds
the Allowance for enlisting Charles Rawlings a Private in the
I Maryl"* Reg' p Ace' passed by the Aud. Gen'

That the said Treasurer pay to Joseph Wood jun"" One hun-
dred and ninty nine Pounds, & seven Pence for the use of
John Balsell, Five Pounds, ten shillings for the Use of John
Shockey, Three Pounds, fifteen shillings for the Use of William
Weyor and also three Pounds ten shillings for the use of
Nich' Hartsock p Acc'^ passed by the Dep^ Aud.

Permission given to William Smith Esq' Agent for the
Honble Congress to Ship on Board the Schooner Hazard
Capt Perkins her full load of Flour for Portsmouth in the State
of New Hampshire the same being in Consequence of Orders
of the Navy Board the said Vessel Clearing out with the Naval
Officer at Baltimore


We request that you will deliver into the Hands, of M'
Thomas Harwood Treasurer of the western shore all the Con-
tinental Bills of Credit, of the Emissions of the 20"" May 1 777
and the 11"' of April 1778 in your Hands as Treasurer of the
Eastern shore taking his Receipt therefor on the Ace' of the
Quota of this State & Lodging the Receipt with the Aud.
Gen' who is to give you a Receipt for that which you deliver
to him To Henry Dickinson Treas"^ of the East. Shore

Commissions issued to Philip Smith jun" appointed a Major
William Carmack Capt in the room of Philip Smith, John
Parkinson i Lieut, Solomon Bentley 2"' Lieut, John Wood
Ensign. Jacob Trout Capt in the room of Christ° Stull,
Conrard Creekpaum i Lieut, Jacob Ramsberg 2^ Lieut. &
Philip Crist Ensign, Belonging to Col° James Johnson's Batt.
of Militia in Frederick County,

c. c. [Council to S. Gilpin.]

In Council Annapolis 27"" April 1779

In Conversation Yesterday on the Subject of your Purchase,
we advised you not to exceed twenty Pounds a Hundred for
Flour. We are apprehensive of the distressing Circumstances
which must follow from the Want of Flour, should it happen,

of the Council of Maryland, •77^-1779- 369

and would therefore wish to av(jid it. If you cannot get the c. c.
Flour you iiad in Prospect under, we wish you to contract, as
soon as you can, as far as £^22 . . 10. The Convenience and
Expedition with which it may be sent away, will make some

We are &'"
Sam' Gilpin

Wednesday 28 April 1779

Present as on Yesterday

Commission issued to John Barrick of Handeal appointed
Ensign of Capt Valentine Creagers Comp" in Col" James
Johnson's Batt of Milit-' in Frederick County

Ordered that the western shore Treasurer pay to Nicholas
Lingan Fifteen Pounds for the use of Thomas Richardson per
Ace' passed by the Aud. Gen'

That the said Treasurer pay to Col° Joseph Wood, seven
Pounds ten shillings for the use of John Hartfort per Account
passed by the Uep^ Aud. and also the further Sum of Two
hundred Pounds, to be delivered over to Capt Richard Hoff
on Account

That the said Treasurer pay to William Richardson Five
hundred and fifteen Pounds nine shillings due him per Ace'
passed by the Aud. Gen'

That the Eastern Shore Treasurer pay to Capt John Haw-
kins of the Fifth Maryl"* Regim' Two thousand Dollars to be
expended in the recruiting Service he being sent on that Duty
as per Gen' Smallwoods Instructions of the 9"" Instant

Commission of Letter of Marque & Reprisal issued to Luke
Matthewman Commander of the Brigantine Snake, 50 Tons
burthen, mounting 14 Carriage Guns, 6 Swivels & 18 Small
Arms Belonging to David Stewart, Hugh Young & Sam' &
Rob' Purviance of Baltimore Town

[Council to T. Richardson,]

In Council Annapolis 28"' April 1779

M" Lingan left your Lettei by accident, but informed us of
the Contracts. We would have you continue purchasing as
Agent of this State if you can continue to draw the Money
from the Continent, we would have you do so ; if you are p.
in any Difficulty about it, we hope to be able to furnish you in
a few Days, we having sent to Philad'' for Money to answer
the whole Purchase. We are sorry your Prospects are no

370 Jour^ial a?id Correspondence

c. c. better, small as the Quantity desired is, we are apprehensive
that we shall be puzled to get it

We are &"
Thomas Richardson Esq"^

Original [De Segond de la Place to Gov. Johnson.]

baltimore the 28 april 1779

agreeable to your desire I'll send my soldiers down the bay
as far as possible, they'll be provided here with vessel and
provisions but there being scarcity of flour in Virginia I
suppose it might be of some difficulty to renew and get other
provisions there.

was your excellency kind enough to write a letter to the
Virginia's governor to forward my transport and afford him
with necessaries thing in case of leading and crossing some
part of the state, the general the legion and peculiarly I
would be forever obliged to your public zeal.

I am, with the greatest consideration

His excellency's the most humble and obedient Servant

Chev"^ de Segond. Capt.

P. S. one vessel being to Sail Saturday evening, we wait for
your orders Saturday morning by the post

His excellency governor Johnson.

c. B. Thursday 29 April 1779

Present as on Yesterday

Ordered that the western shore Treasurer pay to John
Johnson Three Pounds seven shillings and six Pence due him
■p Ace' passed by the Dep^ Aud.

That the said Treasurer pay to Lieut. John Crapper of the
Baltimore Galley Eleven Pounds, ten shillings due him in lieu
of Rations p Ace' passed by the Dep^ Aud'

That the Commissary of Issues deliver to Lieut John
Crapper of the Baltimore Galley 92 Rations in the following
Species "p Ace' Lodged with & passed by the Dep^ Aud.
573^ Is Bread, 57^^ Is. Flour; 57^^ Is Beff & 46 Is Pork

Leave is hereby given if his Excellency General Washington
shall approve the same and accordingly grant Permission and
not otherwise, to M" Achsah Chamier Widow of Daniel
Chamier Esquire Deceased to Ship in New York on board an
Unarmed Vessel and therein to Transport to Hampton Road
in Virginia her Household Furniture and Wearing Apparel
where the same may be received on board Bay Craft and

of the Cowicil oj Maryland, 177H-1779. 371

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