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with your Requisition, moved that you might have Permission to
draw on the Continental Treasury in the State for reimbursing
such Supplies. The Congress declined to give their Opinion upon
the Subject & commited it to an especial Committee; when they
report, we shall not fail to give you the Result of their Deliberation
in the mean Time, we think, no ill Consequence can attend drawing
on that Fund for the above Purpose. We have the Honor to be with
the highest Sentiments of Respect Y'^ Excellency's most ob' & very
h^'^ Servants

February 23 [Ben Stoddert, Secry, War Office, to His Excy The Govr Lee]

No°7 Sir I have the honor to forward to Your Excellency, a return of
Letter ^he officers & men belonging to the State of Maryland, attached to
the additional & Independent Corps, therein specified. It may not
be unnecessary to observe, that the Original returns from which this
was taken, were made out some months ago, since which many
alterations must undoubtedly have taken place, and of course the
present, together with the returns before sent, contain but a very
inaccurate State of the Troops of Maryland, attached to the add^ &
Independent Corps.

February 25 [Sam Gadman A. A County, Elk Ridge Land« To his Excellency
Thomas Sim Lee, Governor of Maryland, & his H''^^ Council]

Whereas information has been made to me, one of the lustices
assigned to keep the Peace, in said the County, that a certain John
Hobbs, in the County aforesaid, being pursuant to an Act of As-

Letters to the Council. 433

sembly of this State, appointed a Recruiting Officer, for the said February 25
County has frequently and in diverse manner abused the Trust
reposed in him, by Inlisting of Men for the Army of the United
States, and suffering them, for certain considerations paid him
to be at Liberty, taking advantage of unguarded men w' families,
by making them Drunk, and inhsting them, with a view of making
them Ransom themselves at a very high rate those that had not
money to do it, he'd take an Indenture on, and sell them for 2, 3 or
4 years during the continuance of the Substitute Law, he recruited
a number of Men, which he sold to different People for Substitutes
at a very advanced Price, it appears from the general Tenor of his
Conduct, since his commencement, that he has continued an entire
prostitution of the publick Money, in such, and the like egregious
enormities. The better to make this appear, the summoning of John
Horn Benjamin Stevens John Ellicot & Misael Deaver, all of this
County (except Jn° Ellicott) will shew the matter very clearly.

Presupposing it was to your Honorable Board the information
ought to be given, I have taking the Liberty to present the above

[John Randall Philadelphia to Gov. Lee] February 25

Sir I inclose a Transcript of the necessaries I've purchased here
for our Troops, I wanted to purchase more Rum, but none of the
traders would agree to wait for the Money till it could be sent from
Maryland. I have been detained five days for want of Waggons,
which I have just procured and sent of with the Goods, but fear
they'll be Stop'd at Trenton with the Ice, every exertion will be
made to get them to Camp as Quick as possible

I hope to Receive an Answer soon, to the Letter sent by Cap*
Keeports, with full instructions how I am to proceed in my dis-
tribution of the Cloathing and necessaries, to the Oflficers which I
shall attend to with the greatest care

Morris Town s^^ ¥th^ 1780

John Randall Bought Of Aaron Forman
13 Barrels Sugar 32*^.0^.24"' Neet @ £200 p C* 6439. 5.0

6 ditto & I Tierce Coffee 15 is^^*" 90/ 6819.15.0

4 Boxes Chocolate 2801'*" 105/ 1472. 12.6

Bought of Stevenson & Canfield
I Hhd Bohea Tea 287"^ Neet @ 57 Dollars 6 134. 12.6

£20,866. 5.0











£75 VC'













ee £162.0









434 Journal and Correspondence.

February 25 Sundries Bo' in Philad*^ By J. Randall for the Maryland Troops

20'^ feb"^ 1780

2 Hhds best West India Rum 228 GalP
2 ditto common d° 230 d°

5 Boxes Soap 485"

2 Hhds Leaf Tobacco N' 1682
262* Manufactur'd d°

3 Packages & Cooperage


{4*'' Bohea Tea £90 4''' Chocolate £ 21..0
52"' Powder'd Sugar £i56..o..36** Coffee £162.0
8 Gallons Rum @ £35.0
3 loafs Sugar 24^.7. @ 90/
2 Tin Measures & i brass lock

£19704.. 1 0..0

* These Articles were bought for four Officers on duty in Philad*
The loaf Sugar for Gen' Gist, he takes it in lieu of other Articles

February 26 [Sam Huntington, President, Philadelphia, to His Excy the Govr
No°7 (Lee) of Maryland]


No. 26 Sir. Your Excellency will receive herewith enclosed an Act of
Congress of the 25"^ Instant by which the several States are called
upon to procure their respective Quotas of Supplies for the ensuing
Campaign in the Articles and quantities specified in the Act.

Congress in assigning the quotas have endeavoured to suit the
Circumstances and conveniency of each State as far as possible.

You will observe that the Prices affixed to the several Articles are
in Spanished milled Dollars and the accounts are to be kept and
finally Settled in like Currency as a fixed Standard in order that
equal Justice may be done to all the States, and to prevent the great
Inequality of Prices which hath happened in some Instances in differ-
ent States and Places for articles of the same kind and quality.

As it is not in the power of Congress at present to determine the
just quota of each State they have made Provision in this as in
former Acts that equal lustice shall be done to each State in the
final Settlement of their Accounts.

It is supposed that each State will chearfully take upon themselves
to furnish collect and deposite the Provisions and Articles assigned
to them respectively which being done will supersede the necessity
of purchasing Commissaries and quarter masters in the several
States. In order to enable the States the more easily to comply with
this Act, you will observe they are excused from paying into the

Letters to the Council.


Continental Treasury two thirds of the monies which they called on Red Bw^k
to raise monthly for the use of the United States by the Resolution ^^- ^
of the 6'** of October last.

Congress have thought it expedient to form the estimate of Sup-
plies as large as would be necessary for the most vigorous Exertion
in any Case that may be with probability supposed ; but as the scene
of Action may change or from a variety of other Causes and unfore-
seen Events the quantity of supplies necessary to be furnished by
all or any of the States cannot be reduced to a Certainty it is ex-
pected the Commissary Gen' will give due notice to the several
States of the Kind and Quantity of Articles wanted from Time to
Time that they may be collected or deposited at the places assigned
by the Commander Chief.

The Importance and necessity of a substantial Compliance with
this Act of Congress are so obvious that nothing farther seems
necessary to be added to excite the most vigorous exertions on the
Part of the several States to carry the same into Execution.

I have the honour to be with every Sentiment of respect your
Exc^* h^'^ servant

[Thos Lansdale, Baltimore Town to Gov. Lee] Februan- 27

Sir As you have not any blue Cloth in the store, I find there is as
much in Town as will make two Coats. Co' Hall is here if you'l give
us the indulgence of purchasing, we will take it as a favour. The
price is £95 y'' you'' please to let me have Orders on the Store for
37 yards of the striped Cloth and linnen for shirts.

[Thos Sollers, Bait. Town to His Excellency Thos. S. Lee Esqr] Februao- 28

S' Agreable to your request I have Examin"^ the Clearances of
the Different Vessells and find Inclosed you an Account of all the
flour Bread &c. Shiped by M'' William Smith, and M' Samuel Smith
since the first of Aprill Last as appears by the Manifests left in the
Office. The death of M'' Dafifen who Transacted the Business for me,
has Delayed my not sending it sooner, he lay a long time Sick during
which the papers and every thing were much Confus*^

An Account the fiour Shiped by Coll. Samuel Smith from the
Port of Baltimore Since the i Apr' 1779

Masters of Vessells

Vessells Names

Where Bound

on board


Oct. 21

George Hunt

Schooner Willing

York River in Va.


Nov. II

Shadrick Ames

Sloop James

Ditto Ditto


Dec. 20

Peregrine Dunk

Sloop Molly

Ditto Ditto



Journal and Correspondence.

Red Book
No. 7






JC o





3 1-1

r; CLi

o ^
o u

C «





O 1 PO

Is Ke
d Bis


0» 1 C^


tr> vo

C3 O

CO '^

CO "^




t>» lO

ONOO o o

0< m CO


j; 3


t^ r^

ro ^ O 0\

h^ t^ 0<



\0 fO

lO ro




Ji '^






. <u



• 3

. tn

. . ^


■ ■ .^

: : u




'O tn



C ^




J5 w



fcuO-C rfi



u >


2^ ?^ o- <u

.S g 'S ^





c/^ c 2 g



o c






tj -G

(U ^ Mh '-Tl
cj en «+H •-:

!/5 o d pq
I- rn oj V-



-a (u




" §

"5 k2 ^ u
CO >^ w CO









o _


•n f

a "S ^

.b ^i^ o




t: ^

C en C oj

rt -H ^





1 — >

rt O

« rv,

^ ^ M




t-c ro

■^ t^ On ^)

1-1 TfVO



M oq

CO 01 1-1


bjo *J

> cJ


3 o

o <u



^ Q


Letters to the Council. 437

[Samuel Chester Baltimore to His Excelency Thomas S. Lee] February 28

. . [The tn-

S"" Havmg the honour of your Orders for Recruitmg men for closed list

the Service of the united States with the Lawes of this State To )'q^^L

Direct me and Likewise positive orders not to Inlist Erittish or

forreign Deserters

But I find that there are officers in this Town which Inlist Boath
Deserters and prisoners of war which I Can by no means Do my
orders Being to the Contreary had I had that Liberty I could have
Recruited more then the Col. of men for Baltimore Countey

I herewith send you a List of the men Recruited By me and
Delivered To Capt. Samuel Farmer of the third Maryland Battalion
agreeable To your orders I Drew on the Sherriff of Baltimore
County for 3000 Dollars which I applyed Towards Raising these

But Two of these men after Being Duley attested Before a Majis-
trate Deserted and as Capt Farmer says not Being Regularly passed
Before a field officer he Could not Give me a Recipt for them But
I had Carried them Before Maj"" Sollers and he said they wair Good
men But Gave no further Certifycate

Now should I be at the Loss of these mens Bountey it would Be
hard as there is not an opertunity of meeting with a field officer
Every Day in Town and as I mentioned Before Brittish Deserters
and prisoners of war pass Before our Field officers without Ex-

Therefore I should Be Glad of your Honours Further Instruc-
tions about the matter

[Conrad T. Wederstrandt, Wye River, to His Excellency February 29

Thomas Sim Lee, Esquire]

Sir I had the honor to write to your Excellency the 5^^ instant
since which M'' Richard Keene Commissioner for Caroline County
has attempted to seize the Continental flour & wheat I have purchased
in part of that County and also to press the Continental Waggons
I have drawing the said flour to the Delawar Landings in order to be
fowarded to the army pretending to be authorized by Law So to do,
in order to remedy to the deffect occasioned by my neglect, which
being erroneous is the more sencible, and Gentlemen of the House
of Delegates having informed me it was look upon the Law passed
appointing Commissioners would facilitate the Commissaries pur-
chases, I am the more Surprized at M'' Rich*^ Keene's conduct:
therefore must desire Your Excellency's orders how to proceed,
meanwhile I have directed the Millers & Waggoners to go on their
usual way unless M"" Rich"^ Keene should apply by authority and
with proper officers in which case I have directed to let him take
possession without opposition 'till I am informed by your Excel-

438 Journal and Correspondence.

February 29 lency how to act, desiring you'll please to consider how hard it
would be to me after all the trouble & difficulties I have had to see
other persons take away the commissions I have right to (which
will hardly be adequate to my expences) without forwarding the
Service more than I have done.

Col. Peregrine Tilghman told me he had wrote to your Excellency
about the 28 barr'^ of flour I purchased last December of W™
Hemsley Esq"" as mentioned in my letter of the s'** instant, & he
thought himself obliged to detain it 'till your orders are known ; be
pleased to inform me if I can forward them to your Excellency &
the Gentlemen in Annapolis I bought them for.

I was lately in' Somerset County and was informed there was
about 70 or 80 barr'^ of flour in a Store at Salisbury purchased last
Summer by M*" M'^Bride, by order of the late Governor & Council
for the use of the States ; it has been so long there, that most of it
is Sour. If brought up to Baltimore it may Sell to mix with Ship
Stufif and make Ship bread otherwise it must be lost.

[W. Smith, Baltimore, to Gov. Lee.]

February 29 Sir By a letter of the 25* Inst, from the Agent general of the
Marine of france. I am directed to apply to your Excell^ for per-
mission to load with provisions for acco' of his most Christian
Majesty fleet & Army in the W. Indies the two following Vessells.
To wit the schooner Holker & the schooner Morris, mounting four
carriage guns & four swivels each, with fourteen men. I am also
directed to withdraw the application made on Acco* of the Brig.
Hawke Capt. Taylor. I am sorry to be troublesome on this subject
and must plead my instructions as an appology.

I would lust beg leave to observe to your Exc^ that as I am in-
formed much pains has been taken to injure my character with the
public & reports circulated to induce a belief that under cover of a
permission to purchase a quantity of flour for the french navy I had
engrosed considerable quantitys for my own Acco* & far exceeded
the quantity permited to be purchased in this State. And as I am
told returns have been made or are to be made to your Board of all
the wheat & flour seized in my possession and in the possession of my
Agents, I take the liberty for the information of your Excellency
& the Council (who I wish to be acquainted with every of my trans-
actions respecting this business) to mention that fourteen or fifteen
hundred bb'^ of the flour seized in my stores at Balt° is no part of
that purchase, but delivered to my by order of the late Gov'' & Coun-
cil by the State of Virginia & by the Continental commissary of pur-
chases, this flour I was directed by the several committees of Con-
gress to appropriate to diferent purposes. To "Wit, for the use of the
American Navy at Boston a part to be delivered to the order of the
Comm^ general but principbly for the Marine of france. Add to this

Letters to the Council. 439

the Ship Defences Cargo which was cleard out at this port, returned, February 29

& relanded here again, this Cargo was a purchase preceding the

last years crop partly bought in this State & partly in Virginia. I

flatter myself y"' Excellency will excuse my being this particular,

from a wish to prevent y'^ being Led into any mistake on this head,

& to Justify my character from any imputations to my prejudice.

On the whole you may be assured from the best returns I have yet

been able to collect, the Amount of my purchase will not much exceed

one the quantity permitted

P. S. the bearer M"" Ch° Johnson, will be so obliging as to call for
an answer

[James Shaw to The Governor and Council]

I hereby Certify, that on the 26 Instant a Certain Person who calls February 29
himself by the name of Freeborn Garretson (was brought before me
the subscriber one of the Justices assigned to keep the Peace for
Dorchester County) as a Fugitive Dissaffected Person, from the
State of Delaware, on Examination, he Acknowledged he had not
taken the Oath of Fidelity to his State, or either of the United States,
and also refused to take the Oath Prescribed by the General Assem-
bly of the State of Maryland, in an Act entitled an Act for the better
Security of the Government. I therefore Committed him to the Jail
of Dorchester County, which Jail he is now Confined in.

[Holker, Philadelphia to His Excellency Gov Lee] Mzroh 3

^ Brown

Sir In answer to the letter with which you have honored me of Book Xo. 8
the 21^* february I shall inform you, that so soon as the intelligence No. 36
of his Exc^ Count d'Estaing's arrival on the Coast of Georgia See also
reached us & of her firm intention to visit these quarters, it was No. 40
agreed that every exertion should be made to procure an ample !^^^^^ ^ C
Supply of provisions for his fleet which contained 25000 men & to p. 69.)"
Cooperate with him: it was determined that M"" W" Smith of
Baltimore with the permission & approbation of the then Governor
& Council of Maryland should be requested to purchase 8000 barrels
of flour with all possible dispatch, 4000 were ordered by my letter
of the 30* of August & 4000 more by my letter of the 7"" of Sepf
the choice of M"" Smith was approved of & Governor Johnston
pledged himself for his success; in this I believe he has not been

On the * the Hon : Committee of Congress for the Com-
missaries departments informed me that in addition to the Supplies
for the Army & to those I had demanded from IM"" Smith they had
directed the Commissaries on the Eastern Shore of Mar^dand in

*This letter to me on the Subject was lately burned with mj' dwelling House
in this city.

440 Journal and Correspondence.

Brown consequence of my application to them of the 27"" Sep"" to purchase
Book No. 8 ^QQQ barrels, which were to be delivered to said M"" Smith, on
account of the Royal Marine : this additional order formed my pre-
tentions for 12000 Barrels & they have been acknowledged by the
same Hon' Committee, when they applied some time since to your
Excellency & Council for all the flour purchased by my Agents over
& above that quantity.

At the same time that the above mentioned purchases were
directed to be made 12000 barrels of flour were demanded from
the State of Pensilvania, who entered upon measures to obtain
them forthwith, these however had not the desired effect, were soon
after annuled & have not Supplied me yet with 1500 barrels of
flour in the whole. Some time after the Steps were taken I perceived
that the Continental Commissaries on the eastern shore of Mary-
land could not furnish any of the flour demanded from them be-
cause the wants & urgent necessity of the Army were so great that
I was repeatedly applied to for the flour stored by my agents in
this city : & in the beginning of November I was apprised that my
conjectures were but too true, for instead of Supplying the 4000
barrels. Colonel Blaine applied for & obtained unknown to me, from
M'' Smith 500 barrels of flour for the immediate relief of the Army,
and under the most Solemn promise that he should replace them
without delay, promise which he has not fulfilled to this moment.

Influenced by the apprehension of the fatal Consequences of these
my Conjectures, I determined in the run of October to press M""
Smith more & more : I told him that I expected the fleet on the
Coast forth with, that all my resources were almost frustrated in
every quarter but his : I reminded him of the engagement of the
Commissaries & Concluded that all my expectations for assistance
and relief lay with him : it was on this ground that he pushed for-
ward, that he exerted all the influence he was master of; had he
obtained 20000 barrels I should have claimed the whole for the
Royal Marine, as it would have been paid for by the remittance I
should have directed to be made in behalf of the King's service &
for the use of his fleet which was hourly expected, but this I knew
was not the case. I knew it by the sums of money paid to M"" Smith,
or by his demands on M'' Rob* Morris, & therefore I willingly con-
sented that the Scrutiney should be made under the idea that he was
only authorized to purchase 12000 barrels & that the overplus should
be applied for the relief of the American Army. How far I have
been grounded in my Conjectures your Excellency can but inform,
by the return I have demanded of the flour seized by the State Com-
missaries and redelivered to my Agents.

With respect to the letter of a Committee of Congress of the 12*''
July 1779 I shall observe that 3000 barrels only were accepted of by
M'' Smith in Consequence of my directions instead of 8000, though

Letters to the Council. 441

ten thousand had been ordered by a Committee of Congress & were Brown
purchased for the use of the Royal Marine for purposes then in '^

M*" Gerard claimed leave to export 5 or 6000 barrels of flour by
his letter of the 21" of August. 3000 barrels thereof have not yet
left your State, which you'll perceive by the return of the Naval
office; therefore nothing has been done contrary thereto from the
purchasing 12000 barrels, it is not all ways to be concluded thai
the same is to be exported forthwith — whenever that would have
become necessary I should have made application for the same, &
it would have been so if three large * Store ships which sailed from
Martinico on the 14'*' November under Convoy of three frigates
with Cargoes of Salt & West indies produces could have reached
the Shores of America.

Permit me now to observe to your Excellency that to this day
from the moment of the arrival of the Count de Estaings fleet in
the American Seas, 8000 barrels of flour have not yet been furnished
to the Royal Marine from the United States comprehending the
supplies furnished that very fleet, off New York, Rhode Island & in

It is also incumbent on me to inform you, that his Majesty's fleet
off Georgia, was ardently wished for & expected in the run of
October last. It was intended that it should Cooperate with the
American Army & should be seconded by a large body of militia :
this body was not assembled, no fleet arrived here & notwithstanding
these two circumstances, all the flour procured in Pennsilvania for
the sole use of that fleet, has been taken from my Agents for relief
of the Continental Army : what was Shipped on board vessels bound
to Join the fleet, has been demanded & granted; no flour has been •
delivered by the Commissaries on the eastern Shore : the whole
of what remained & which had been purchased at the greatest expence
&c with immense trouble by M'' Smith of Baltimore has been seized
& wrested from the hands of my Agents under pretence of the
immediate relief of the American Army, the Vessels chartered to
export the same have been refused a permission to load ; His
Majesty's Ship the Pendant then in Chesapeak could not have been
supplied from the King's Stores in Baltimore, because they were
no more at my disposal, & what is still more incomprehensible the
provisions have been seized in consequence of Circular letters under
the dates of the 17* January & 3*^ february Coppies of two of which
I have the honor of inclosing, in order to know from you whether
they are genuine & whether they had the sanction of the Govern-
ment of Maryland: I shall draw no Consequence, nor make any
inference from those faits ; I can only request you'll please to submit

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