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Sir Since my last to you of the 16''' I have purchased seventy
Barrels of Flour and could have got as much more if I had been
able to pay for it but am intirely out of Continental money and the
Millers v^rill not take the new^ Emissions of i for 40 until I get a
farther supply

I have received but about £22.000 for the whole of the orders
you drew in my favour and am not likely to get much more for
the Collectors say the greater part of their Collections is either in
Certificates or new money, Capt" Sam' Godman, refuses to pay the
order drawn on him alledging, he has an Acco' against the State
for the hire of a Vessel. It was not in my power to present it sooner
as he has been abroad ever since I got it until within these few days.
If it is in your power to send me a supply of Money please do so
as this is the best season to make purchases flour begins to come in
tolerable plenty & now sells at £70 p C

[Moses Rawlings Baltimore to His Excellency October 22

Thomas S. Lee Esqr.]

Sir I have the honour to beg Your Excellency, would have the
men forwarded to fort Frederick, as a guard to the British prisoners.

For I am apprehensive there will be some Difficulty in geting the
Militia in Time, I think there men will answer for garrison Duty.

[Geo. P. Keeports, Baltimore, to Gov. Leel October 22

Red Book

May It Please your Excell^ I Received your Letter of Yesterday ^°-^°
By Lieut Plant and Thirty pounds of the New Emission I have No. 2
with some Dificulty made up The Articals you Wrote for By Pur-
chase, Borrowing and some on Credit

There is About Three Hundred Blankets Expected in Town to
Morrow The Price will be About Four Hard Dollars on The
Exchange I cannot say any Thing About The Quality or Size. If
they are Wanting you will Please to Give me Instructions About
them I have Engaged The Refusal of Them and Must Give an
Answer Soon

[Joseph Ford, Leonard Town, to Gov, Leel October23

-' Red Book

Sir I Received a letter Signed by M^ Johnson Your Excellencies JJ^^ff

Clerk wherein he mentions Inclosing Two Orders on the Collectors No. 136

of this County which I never Received I suppose they were mislaid

I made a mistake in adding My Returns of Wheat Bacon &c of

f 1 000.. 0.0 which I hope may be Rectified

158 Journal and Correspondence

October 24 [Job Garrettson to Gov. Lee]

Applies for shrievalty of Baltimore County. On the next day,
W" Spear recommends him as an " industrious man, a man of
property and a true Whig."

October 25 [Jas Calhoun Baltimore to Gov Lee]

Sir I received Your Excellencies Letter of yesterday as also that
of the 19* p Lieut Plant inclosing Notes for 40 H'^'^ Tobacco
which I have not yet been able to dispose of at your limits.

M"" Smith asks f8o p O for the Bread one half at least payable
in Continental money the other either in the i for 40 State or
Continental Emission but as I could not engage to pay him in that
way have declined the purchase until I receive your farther orders,
the reason why he will not take the whole in the new money is
because he wants to lay it out in flour & the Millers and Farmers
will not receive it

I shall purchase the Ship Stuff for M"" Donnellan the moment it
is in my power, but until I get a supply of circulating cash either by
the Sale of Tobacco or in some other way it will be in vain to
attempt it, a Miller who I had persuaded two weeks ago to take £25
of the I for 40 money returned it to me this day declaring he could
not purchase a single Bushel of Wheat with it

October 25 [Benj Cawood Jr. Charles County to His Excellency

Thos. Sim Lee, Esqr.]

May it please your Excellency; The Bearer M"" Duncan Car-
michael has been in my Custody as Sheriff of said County about
three months, Committed as one of General Burgoynes Convention
Troops who made his escape from the Barracks in Virginia as he
says with the only intent of Going as far as Frederick Town, their
to be imployed in the Branch of Business he was Taught up to,
in Order that he might be doing something for himself untill he was
Legally exchanged, and from the Behaviour of the man since in
my Custody, I veryly believe it to be the Truth, in Consequence
thereof shou'd be thankfull if in your power you will Grant him
his Liberty within this state, on his Parole, until an Exchange shall
take place.

October 25 [E. Finley, Camp near Hillsborough, to Colo. Forrest.]

Sir I take the liberty from my former acquaintance with you
and your General character, to recommend Six men of Capt Dor-
sey's company of artillery (who have been discharged) to your
Continuance and direction, in their Applications for what arrears
of pay and cloathing are due to them, and for which they have

of the Council of Maryland. i^g

I believe I apply to you in this Case very much out of your Depart- October 25
ment. But I have been so long absent from the State, That I really
do not know the different departments, or who is at the head of
each, and I am at present so circumstanced that I can get no infor-

I beg you will excuse the trouble this application may occasion
you. The men are really worthy men and have behaved themselves
particularly well as Soldiers. On this Account I am anxious that
every Justice possible should be done to them

[Edwd Cockey Baltimore to Gov Lee] October 26

Sir There are several Commissions wanting for the Officers of
my Battalion, Cap* Henry Howard has Resigned and Informs me
that he has given up his Commission to Your Excellency, Beg that
you will be pleased to Commission the following Gentlemen as
officers for that Company, Joshua Marsh, Capt. William Ensor first
Lieut. Aurthor Chineworth Secon'^ Lieu* and James Hooper En-
sign. And also Commissions for the following Gentlemen, as offi-
cers for Capt. John Cockey's Company, who has resigned, and has
not acted for some time; Benjamin Talbott Capt. Vincent Talbott
first Lieut Thomas Chineworth second Ditto and Philip Pearce
Ensign. Likewise Commissions for Officers in Capt. Luke Wyley's
Company who has been Dead some time, Vz. Rich*^ Cromwell Cap'
Walter Bosley first Lieu* W™ Lane second D° and Nicholas Steven-
son Ensig:n.


[Sam Huntington, President, Philadelphia, to His Excellency October 26

The Governor Lee] Red Book

No. 7

(Circular) Sir Your Excellency will receive herewith enclosed \^^^^^
the Copy of an Act of Congress of the 24 Instant, directing that the
Commissary General make accurate Returns to Congress of the
supplies furnished by each State since the last Day of December
last, and that the State Agents transmit to the Commander in Chief
& the Commissary General respectively, monthly returns of all the
Provisions which shall be drawn into their Hands specifying the
Articles & Places where they shall be deposited and also earnestly
recommending to the several Legislatures to enjoin it as a Duty on
their State Agents in such Manner as to enforce a punctual Obedi-

I am also directed to transmit you the enclosed Copy of Col.
Blaine's Letter & Papers to which it refers, and to request the
serious Attention of the States to the present wants & Distresses of
the Army & the most efficacious means in their Power to furnish
the supplies requested with unremitted Attention

i6o Journal and Correspondence

October 2 [Richd Dallam Harford County to His Excellency

Red Book Thomas Sim Lee Esqr]

No. 26
Letter Sir I am just Returnd from forwarding to Elk forty nine head

of Cattle which has taken me up near two weeks to purchase &
Collect it so imployed my time that I have not been Able to compleat
my returns, but having the Cattle a Way I shall send my accounts
in a very few days. As they want very little more then an examina-
tion from me. I hope they will not be too late to give Satisfaction

The Greatest part of my Purchase has been made in hard money
to be paid at the exchange with Continental & have been obliged to
pass my notes & Bonds, for payment The Cattle of this County
are not by any means fatt. I got the best I could, A number yet
remain that I may purchase with Cash, but do not believe I could
get at any Price on Credit as many more in this County therefore if
more must be got I must be supplyd with money

I would be more perticular In giving your Excellency further
information but M*" Paca waits & he can tell how much I am Hurryd
& Fitisfued with this Business.


October 28 To his Excellency the Governor, his Honourable Council and the

Honourable The Senators and Delegates for the State of Maryland.

Memorial of Legh Master, Captain of a Flagg of Truce, lately

arrived from New Providence with Thirty three prisoners of Warr,

humbly sheweth.

That your Memorialist, on the Voyage from Providence to Bal-
timore, sprung his Mast, lost his Top Mast Steel Ankor and Cable ;
and while lying at Ankor in the Bason at Baltimore, some person
or persons unknown. Stole and took away his long Boat. That
getting in a New Mast &" hath been the only means of detaining
him longer than he expected, or even intended. As soon as the
Vessel was fitted your Memorialist applied to Daniel Hughes Esq''
commissary of Prisoners, who at Two several Times, order'd on
board the Flagg Ten prisoners to return to Providence with. Your
Memorialist asked M"" Hughes how much provisions he wou'd be
allow'd to take for the said Ten prisoners, and his people, who
replied, that your Memorialist must have a full sufficiency, but did
not direct the quantity, your memorial' begs leave to remark, that
he expended a large quantity of Provisions, in bringing the Thirty
three prisoners from Providence, which cost hirn there upwards of
one Hundred Guineas, for which he has not been reimbursed, nor
received any Satisfaction. The great uncertainty in what Time
your Memorial' wou'd be in making the intended Voyage (having
once been upwards of five Weeks from the Capes to Providence)
ventured to give orders to his man, that had the care of his Vessel,
to take in Ten Barrels of Ship bread, of one hundred pounds each,
Fourteen Barrels of Flour, one Hogshead & one Barrel of Beef,

of the Council of Maryland. i6i

besides three Barrels of Apples, three Barrels of Cyder, about October 28
Twenty pounds weight of Butter, six small Gammons, fourteen
Tongues, and one Box of Soap, also about Two Tons of Pigg Iron
for Ballast, every of the said Articles (Soap & Tongues excepted)
your Memorialist, had brought from his own Plantation. The man
who had the charge of the Vessell, having many Errands, on shore
about the Vessell's materialls, directed one of the Prisoners (that
was to Act as mate) to take in and Stow the Bread & Flour, it
appears upon searching the Vessell, that he had taken in Six Barrells
of Flour more than your Memorialist had directed to be put on
board. That when your memorialist waited upon his Excellency
the Gov'' & Council, to the best of his knowledge (having lost or
mislaid the paper) he had directions to take on board, Four Barrels
of Flour & Four Barrels of Beef, without any mention of Bread,
which your Memorialist apprehends was forgot, at that Time, did
not expect the prisoners wou'd exceed five in number. But on having
Ten prisoners put on board, was the only reason, why your Mem-
orialist, order'd the Twenty four Barrels of Bread & flour to be
taken in, and the Quantity of Beef is not more than what his Excel-
lency the Gov' & Council & allowed for Five men. On Thursday
the 26* of Oct. 1780 your memorialist order'd the Sloop, to fall
below the Point, expecting to sail the next day : but was stopp'd by
Thomas Sollars Esq'' the Naval officer, who told your memorialist,
he had information, that Eighty Barrels of Provisions was on board
the Flagg and on searching the Hold he told your Memorialist,
that he had counted. Thirty Barrels of Bread & Flour, upon which
he order'd the Flagg sloop along side of a Vessell, commanded by
a certain Cap'' Allen, & believes, he gave him charge of her, for
on Friday the 27''' of Oct. 1780 in the morning, the said Cap" Allen,
sent his Hands & took away the long Boat, from the said Flagg and
in the afternoon of the same day, Thomas Sollars Esq'' in C° with
M'' Askquith (his Deputy) & the said Cap" Allen, came on board
the Flagg, and made a formal seizure, put the broad Arrow upon,
and intirely disposessed your Memorialist of her, and remanded the
prisoners back to Gaol, researched Her, to see if every thing was
in the same State as the preceeding night on overhauling the Hold,
Two negro men, was found there concealed, how, or when they
came on board, is intirely unknown to your memorialist, as will
appear by his Affidavit, hereto annexed. Your Memorialst humbly
hopes, that his Excellency the Gov'' his Council & the Honourable
Senators & delegates will take this matter into, their most serious
consideration and when they are convinced of the great expence,
Risque & Trouble, your Memorialist has been at, in bringing the
prisoners in perfect Health and safety from Providence to Balti-
more, they will be pleased, as soon as possible to give orders for his
Vessell and such quantity of provisions to be restored to him, as

i62 Journal and Correspondence

October 28 they may Judge sufficient for the intended Voyage, as your Memor-
ialists, affairs at Providence require his immediate presence. And
further humbly hopes that any thing, that has been done, thro'
inadvertinency, will not construed, to be done with design or inten-
tion of Injuring The Country, Your Memorialist, having not only,
a very considerable property in this State, but has with great Labour
almost Perfected a Scheme, that will, if adopted, be of the utmost
consequence, to the Welfare of this State and the whole Continent
of America

Baltimore County in the State of Maryland Js*
Befor me the Subscriber one of the Justices of the Peace for said
County Voluntarily came Legh Master and made Oath, that the
Two negroes found in the hold of his Sloop Experiment, was there
without his Knowledge privity or consent, & further declareth, that
the orders he gave David Turner, (the person who had the Care
of the Vessell) was to take in Twelve Barrels of Bread & Twelve
Barrells of Flour, but reflecting that it wou'd be better to have Two
Barrells of Flour more than Bread, he order'd the said David Turner
to return Two Barrells of Bread & take out Two Barrells of Flour
instead thereof, and that he never intended, to put on board any
more than the above Quantity ; nor was it ever his desire or inten-
tion to secret or convey away any Negro or Negroes & further
saith not. L Master

Sworn to and subscribed the 28*^^ day Ocf 1780 before Ja^ Calhoun

November 9 The answer of Leigh Master to the Libel or Bill of Complaint
of Thomas Sollers, Naval officer who prosecutes as well for the
State as himself, saith that thirty three Americans, Prisoners of
War whose Names are Specified in a List annexed to the Passport
or safe Conduct hereafter mentioned were detained as Prisoners
of War in New Providence one of the Bahama Islands that your
Respondents friendly Disposition towards America added to his
Desire to relieve the said Prisoners from the Calamities of Captivity
and the Importunity of some Americans residing in the said Island
induced him to solicit John Maxwell Esq'' Governor & Commander
in Chief of the Bahama Islands to grant a Flag of Truce to your
Respondent to Carry the said Prisoners to Baltimore in North
America and receive such British Subjects as should be delivered
in Exchange therefor. That the said John Maxwell in Consequence
of your Respondents application on the twenty third day of August
in the Year Seventeen hundred and Eighty granted a Flag to your
Respondent for the above Purpose that your Respondent was Sole
Proprietor of the said Sloop Experiment and at his own private
expense fitted out the said Sloop and purchased Provisions for the
Subsistance of the said Prisoners from new providence to Baltimore

of the Council of Maryland. 163

and expended near one hundred Pounds Gold Currency on that November 9
Account. That your Respondent with the said Prisoners on Board
the said Sloop Experiment sailed from the Island of New Provi-
dence on or about the twenty third Day of August in the year afore-
said and arrived at the Port of Baltimore on or about the fourteenth
day of September last. That it was the Intention of your Respon-
den to Stop at Annapolis and communicate the Business of the Flag
to the Governor of the State but your Respondent passed the said
Port of Annapolis in the night without knowing it and was pre-
vented by his Vessel being light and having sprung her mast from
returning. That your Respondent on his Arrival at Baltimore went
ashore and Carried his Flag & his Commission to M'' Daniel Hughes
Deputy Commissary of prisoners that the American Prisoners were
set at Liberty and Your Respondent Confined to the said Sloop by
the Order of Col° John Steward as Commanding a military Officer
then in the said Town of Baltimore that your Respondent was
released from his Confinement & permitted to go to Annapolis to
represent the Business of the Flag to the Governor & Council.

That the Governor & Council were of opinion your Respondent
had obtained a Flag of Truce from the Governor of New Provi-
dence in the Manner and for the purpose herein set forth and per-
mitted your Respondent to refit the said Sloop Experiment and to
take in three Barrels of Meat and three Barrels of Flour for the
Subsistance of four persons besides your Respondent which number
was deemed sufficient to Navigate the said Sloop from Baltimore
to New Providence. That your Respondent understood from the
Conversation that passed in Council at the Time the said permis-
sion was obtained that in case your Respondent could procure British
Prisoners in Exchange for the American Prisoners brought to
Baltimore that he would be allowed a further Quantity of Meat and
Flour according to the above Proportion of three Barrels of Meat
and three Barrels of Flour for every five men taken on Broad the
said Sloop that M*" Daniel Hughes Delivered to your Respondent
ten British Prisoners to be Carried to New Providence and your
Respondent took a further Quantity of Bread and flour for the
Subsistance that the Bread & Flour Shipped on Board the said Sloop
with the privity & Consent of Your Respondent and by his Order
did not in the whole exceed fourteen Barrels of Flour and ten
Barrels of Bread.

That your Respondent has not been reimbursed any part of the
sums of Money expended by him in the purchase of Provisions for
the use of the American Prisoners brought to Baltimore nor allowed
any compensation for his Vessel that your Respondent has not
wilfully Violated the Flag nor committed any Act which he sup-
posed Contrary to the Intention thereof and if there has been any
Irregularity in his manner of proceeding. It cannot justly be ascribed

164 Journal and Correspondence

November 9 to Design or any Sinister Motive in your Respondent Your Respon-
dent therefore prays that the said Libel or Bill may be dismissed and
that the said Sloop Experiment may be restored to your Respon-
dent and be permitted to return to new Providence with the British
Prisoners he hath Received in Exchange according to the Intention
of the Flag.

On the 9"^ Nov"" 1780 came Leigh Masters before me the Sub-
scriber One of the Justices of the Peace for Baltimore County and
made Oath on the Holy Evangels of Almighty God that the several
Facts Contained in the aforegoing answer are true to the best of
his knowledge

Sworn to before And'' Buchanan

October 28 [Chas. Blake, Corsica, to Gov. Lee]

Sir I wrote y*" Excel, the 9 of this instant when I inform'd you
that I had between 2000 and 3000 bus: of Wheat 1779 of which
are gone forward. M'' Hutchings and others raising the markett
here to 25 pounds and y*" Ex. instructions to Col° Hindman have
obliged me to do the same; my Cash is now all out, and I would
gladly wait on y*" Ex : if the particular situation of my Family did
not forbid my being absent at any distance I shall be glad to have
by the first opertunity a farther supply of about 2000 pounds. In y''
last you desir'd to know in what manner the wheat had been pro-
cur'd it has been chiefly purchased by me, M"" Hemsly by whom this
comes will inform you of what has been procur'd by the 15 p"" C
and for the tax I have only rec'^ six beefs and 9 bus : of Wheat every
one chusing rather to pay Tob° I shall in a few days send of a drove
of beef all purchas'd (but those mention'd) at 90 pounds p*"

October 28 [Richd Dallam Harford County to His Excellency

^^^■io°26 Thomas Sim Lee Esqr]

I^q'^^^j Sir Herewith I have sent Returns of the Militia of this County
Returns of the Recruits enlistd & deserters taken up of the money
received from Persons of those classes which did not procure Sub-
stitutes & what I have paid thereof, for Recruits deserters &c Also
Returns of what I received of the Tobacco Tax & the sums for
which I have given Cerftificates under the Law for an extra Supply
of Provisions and Also Returns of the Certificates I have given
for Provisions obtained & Freights &*= under the Law appointing
Commissioners to procure an immediate supply of flour &c for the

I have Likewise sent A Return of Stores I have forwarded since
last fall I should Also have sent A General State of all my Accounts
but being still in debt for my Purchase last fall & not having money

of the Council of Maryland. 165

to pay I cannot call on Millers and Others for settlements The October 28
Accounts I have heretofore furnished will show that a considerable ^^ ^^°^
sum is due me thereon therefore it cannot be thought I keep my Letter
Accounts back because of monies in my hands Your Excellency ^°- ^^
I know is fully satis fyed that I can have no such design The Returns
of Stores delivered may satisfye other Gen' that I could not purchase
them with the money supplyd me. The wheat delivered me on
account of Taxs has been Received in so many different Mills that
its scarce worth grinding until further Quantities can be procured
Your Excellency may be assured I will not delay it longer then I
think for the Public good. I mentioned some time agoe that I had
delivered in M"" Hutsons Mills Quantities of wheat the flour of
which I could not obtain The matter is yet unsettled & I have no
expectation of geting the flour but by a corse of Law I wrote
Attorney General on the subject but received no directions how to
proceed to recover it.

Our Farmers are sending their Wheat to other Maketts for cash
and therefore I have little hopes of obtaining any Quantity, this
distresses me especially as your Excellency seems to put dependence
on this County for considerable supplies for the Army I have done
everything in my Power to procure Provisions but having lost my
Credit with the People on ace* of bad payment It has answered
no good purposes therefore I have thought the Appointment of
some other person of Cappetal might tend to Public advantage As I
have no wish to continue longer in office then while I render real
Services to the Public

I hope my Returns tho : late will give Satisfaction

S'' The Express I employed to forward dispatches agreeable to Postscript
Your Excellencys orders is draneing on me for money and says November i
he cannot any longer Ride as he cannot get Cash to bare his Expences No_ 26 °
I have furnished him with New money but it will not pass. Please Letter
inform me what is allowd for Express riding and enable me to pay
if Possible. I have not a Dollar that will pass I would goe down
to inform your Excellency of my distress but have neither money
nor Cloths to make my appearance with at Annapolis

[Conrad Nichodemus, to Governor and Council] October 28

[Resigns captaincy in 2^^ Battalion, Washington County Militia
and recommends Martin Billmeyer as his successor.]

[Uriah Forrest to Gov. Lee] October 29

Sir Duty, together with a desire of doing a public Good Induces No. 26
me to address your Excellency Relative to the great Injustice done ^^"^'"
those men who have served faithfully the full Terms of their °' ^ ^
Enlistments and have been regularly discharged from the Army.

1 66 Journal and Correspondence

October 29 You are well informed that these men have procured proper Cer-
^^^I^°26 tificates of the Pay and Cloathing due to them Respectively, not-
Letter withstanding which, they have not been able to obtain either, nor

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