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myself with an answer on his return, but am much disappointed,

of the Council of Maryland. 57

as I promised to inform M"' Barnaby, (who has been with me to know August 22
your answer) whether I could get an order on M'' Chamberlaine for
the Sum he is indebted to the State, which was to be applied to the
payment of the Flour purchased of him; I have received 105 Barrels
and sent it forward to the Care of Col. Hollingsworth at Elk shall
be obliged to your Excellency for an answer by the Bearer M"'
Gibson, whom I have requested to wait on you for one

As soon as I can procure Cash sufficient to defray the necessary
expences of the Horses I have received on the Road to the Head
of Elk, I will immediately send them ofif.

[Jos'a Beall, Lieut. Ps Gs Cty. Malbro to His Excellency August 23

Thos Sim Lee]

S"" There's yet 15 men Wanting to compleat the Quota of men
from this County, I am now out of Cash & have been obliged to draw
an Order or two on the Treasurer for part of the Bounty p** for some
recruits I have imployed two men who are now out on the recruiting
service shuld they succeed I am quite without money, I Expect I
shall be at this place till the End of the week if You' send me another
Order on the Collector of this county by the post to this place I shall
receive it without any risque or delay; without money I shall not
be able to proceed on the business & I doubt it will be some time
before I shall get it Collected from the people

[Major John Fulford, Baltimore, to Gov. Lee] August 23

Requests commission in army.

[Sam. Smith, Balto. to His Excelly Thomas Sim Lee] August 23

Sir Some time since I was ordered by Gov. Jefferson to recieve No. 32
from your order, the quantity of wheat & flour due by this State to ^^"^'"
the Commonwealth of Virg^ & as the bay was too much infested by
the Enemy to attempt sending it down, to pay it to some conti-
nental Commissary & take rec^^ for the quantities as part of the
specific supplies due by that commonwealth for the curr* year. I
then informed his Excell^ of the too well known state of the treas-
ury & the little probability there appeared of immediate restitution
being made & proposed the following mode That as the continent
had actually rec*^ the flour seized belonging to that commonwealth
your Excell'' I thought could with propriety & would think it just
to give such certificates as would entitle Virg^ to receive credit as
part of her specific supplies for the curr* year.

I have yesterday receiv'd orders to adjust it in that manner &
flatter myself as it is the easiest mode & at the same time a just mode
that your Excell^ will do me the honor to forward me such cer-

58 Journal and Correspondence

August 23 [T. Donellan, Baltimore, to Gov. Lee]

Red Book

No. 26 S' Am Honor'd with the Rec* of your ExcelP^* Letter of the


I did not presume to make any conditions with M"" Smith respect-
ing the Flour he Received from me. He told me it must be inspected
before he coud take it, and he also instructed the Inspector, that I
Employed, that he might pass any, but what was unsound. Sour,
musty or unreasonbly Coarse. This covers a Copy of his Rec* to me.

I take the Liberty to acquaint your Excellency that I have great
reason to think that what Flour I have on hand and what daily
comes in, is in General very faulty.

August 24 [Jona Hudson, Balt° to His Excellency Thomas Sim Lee]

Dear Sir This will be handed to you by M"" Pocy & Capt"
Dubreuil who comes to Annapolis for a comission for the latter they
being both Strangers & the Capt" Cannot speak English, you will
oblige me to Render them your assistance & Remove any Difficultys
sh** any happen the schooners Name is Necessity Burthen 45 Ton
mounts four Guns the Property of Mess*"^ Laraye & Malett Residents
here, she is a New Vessel If a Regester is Necessary I hope it can
be Granted without M'' Laraye Coms. down but I am told the New
law does not take place untill Nov"" & that a Regester is not Nessary
when there is a Com. however of this you know best, & please give
them disposition I have wrote to M'' Mene to be the Capt^ security
sh^ he Refuse please get some other person & I hereby Promise to
keep such person harmless being what Occurs.

August 24 [J. Nicholson Jr, Chester Town, to Gov. Lee.]

Sir I begg leave to introduce M*"® Chalmers to your Excellency
& the Council. M""^ Chalmers is very anxious to have permission to
go into New York & to return, therefore waits on your Excellency
& the Council, to make a personal application for that purpose, which
permission I flatter myself your Excellency & the Council will be
pleased to grant her, M''^ Chalmer's Anxiety to have pennission to
return to this State arises from a hope, that the Legislature will
grant her & Children a Genteel Support out of her Husbands Estate,
which originally belonged to her,

Mrs. Chalmers has been under my Care a considerable time for an
Ulcer in her Nose which has some small Appearance of being can-
cerous, and probably will degenerate into one, without much Care;
the best Advice I think necessary for M" Chalmers Care Ja^ An-
derson Jun''
Chester Town Aug' 31. 1780.

I have attended and administered to M" Chalmers for the com-
plaint in her face, and am of opinion that it has a great tendency to

of the Council of Maryland. 59

be cancerous, in which Case, the utmost precautions shoud be used, August 24

and the best advice be had upon the occasion, as soon as possible.

I presume also to say, that I think an immediate Journey to the

northward, in order to avoid the diseases of the present season,

which might hasten its progress, woud contribute in no small degree

to her relief W. Rogers

Kent County Maryland Aug* 25"" 1780

[Matt. Ridley, Baltimore to J. H. Stone Esqr.] August 24

Sir I was duely favored with his Excellencys Letter of the 7*
Curr^ Yours of the 16"' was received in my Absence.

Capt Berry never applied for the Goods, or they would have been
sent by him.

In the Account rendered there is a mistake in the quantity of
Shoes as you will see by the Acco' now sent which makes the am*
£41.281.. 17.. 6. There are Still fifty pair of Shoes over the 700
which I must beg the favor of you to order up here as they were
reserved for a particular purpose. M'' Pringle not knowing the cir-
cumstance sent the whole down

The 12 1'^^ Thread shall be delivered to your Order. I must take
the liberty to remind the Gentlemen of the Council that I expect
strict punctuality in the payment for these Goods. They are charged
at the same price which I sell to Shopkeepers to retail & who pay the
money. M'' Chase knows my reason for selling them to the State
was solely to render a Service, having known several Instances
where the Agents have been obliged to buy of those I had sold to
with a heavy advance ; being thus actuated I rely on Council to pre-
vent me suffering

M'' Chase & myself had some Conversation about a purchase of
Linnens, in which I offered my Service ; but if I undertake any busi-
ness of the kind I must be furnishd with money. Indeed I offered
to do the Agents business for the Troops generally provided I could
be enabled to fulfill the Engagements I entered into, without which
I must suffer as a Merchant. To be candid my own business takes up
much of my time, and I am therefore not scllicitous for the State
business farther than that if by devoting some of it, I could render
any service to the public it would give me pleasure.

In consequence of M"" Chase's request about Linnens I wrote to
Phil^ At that time none were to be procured. I am informed a prize
is carried in there with some on board. But nothing can be done
without cash.

[Chas Blake Corsica to His Excellc'y Thos. Sim Lee Esqr] August 25
Sir I receiv'd y" Excellency's order on our Collector and shall
in a few days make a return of what wheat I have got the private

6o Journal and Correspondence

Augustas purchasers who are able to lay down the Cash gets wheat much
faster than I can. I have got some from Doctor Davidson who de-
sires to know if he can be furnished with Medicine out of the State
Store for the amount ; some Gent" desire to know what I shall be able
to allow of the new Emission, I shall be glad to know what I may
offer of the New emission when it comes out. Some Gent" will lett
me have their wheat on engaging to give them the markett price at
the time the money is paid they say tis hard to furnish the wheat and
lay out of the Cash and not receive the price going at the time of
payment but I have refused to make any such contract without I
have y'' instructions. I know not what to offer of the money to be
Struck as some desire to wait and receive that. I hope y"" Excell"^^
will instruct me as soon as possible what to offer and whither I may
engage to give the markett price (to those who will furnish the
Wheat) at the time of payment

Augustas [Jno. Reid, Capt Fort Fred'' to Gov. Lee]

Sir I received your Excellencys order on M'' Abram Faw in
Frederick town for twenty suits of Cloaths, on application to him
he cou'd only furnish me with Cloth five shirts & three Hatts in Con-
sequence of which I sent a copy of your order with my Receipt for
Articles rec'' from him, to Capt" Keepot in Baltimore hoping it woud
be in his Power to fill up the order & furnish the residue but as the
order was not immediately to him from your Excell^ he cou'd not let
me have the Cloathing.

The great necessity the men are in for the want of Cloathing has
obliged me to send down Lieu* Magruder to see if your Excell''*
wou'd be kind enough to grant me an order on Capt. Keepot for the
remainder of the order.

I am sorry to inform your Excell^ that I have not been able to
procure a single Recruit since my last owing to the extravagant
prices given to Soldiers for the reg' Extraord^ but am still in hopes
of making a few in the fall & winter

Inclosed is M'' William Pile's resignation Since which M"" Gab'
Jacob has Acted ; upon what your Excell^ said to Col° Rawlings re-
specting him, Your Excell^ will be pleas'd to send his commission.

I shoud be very happy if your Excellency woud grant me an order
for a suit of Cloaths for myself & officers and also some Stores the
Stores Col° Rawlings will furnish me with if your Excell^ ap-
proves of it.

Sir finding the Appointm* I rec^ from the Governor & Council
of Lieu* in your Comp>' wou'd interfere too much with my Private
affairs must decline accepting & hope youll receive this as my resig-
nation I am Sir with esteem your Hum'''' Serv* W"^ Pyle
June i^' 1780 To Capt. John Reid

of the Council of Maryland. 6i '

[Pat. Sim Smith Calvert County to Gov Lee] Augustas

Sir I have Contracted for a Considerable Quantity of v^^heat
payable in money & Certificates as I shall v^^ant, the money Immedi-
ately, wish to have an order on the Collectors of our County for as
much as may be necessary for the purpose of Complying v^rith my

I have not as yet engaged more than five or Six hundred Bushells,
tho have promises of as much more as soon as it can be got out of
the Straw. I wrote last week by our Post requesting an order on
the Collectors but as I did not receive it, fear the letter has miscarried.

Have herewith inclosed a Transcript of the Condemnation of a
Negro for Felony at our last Court, together with a Petition from
the Justices & other Inhabitants of the County for a Reprieve

[U. Forrest to Gov'r Lee] Augustas

Sir The bearer M'' Jacob Gray who is a serg* in the 2^ Maryland
Regiment, has been some Time from the Army, owing to the loss of
his Arm; he has made repeated applications to me, for to request
that your Excell^ would be pleased to order him a shirt Overalls,
Shoes and some other Articles, but from my knowing the scarcity
of these things, I have hitherto denied him.

The furnishing him with these few Articles cannot make any
great detention, in forwarding these Troops, and will be rendering
his situation much more Comfortable

[Moses Rawlings Fort Frederick to His Excellency August 26

Thomas Sym Lee Esquire]

Sir I have the honour to inform your Excellency that I find it
impossible to make any Purchases worth while with Certificates, for
any of the articles specified in the Act of Assembly for the immediate
supply of the army, as for Beef & Porke in Barrels there is none in
this County to be Bought

Bacon I could buy a little for Cash, there will be a great Deal of
Wheat to be bought in this County, but none at present because The
Farmers have not begun to Thrash.

it appears To me as if the Inhabitants of this County will pay the
last Assesment entirely in wheat, so that we shall get no Beef that
way, the people Expect to get 60 Dollars p*" Bushel for their wheat
as they are allow'd that by the Act of Assembly in paying off there
Assessment, But I am Fully Convinc'd it Can be Bought upon much
Better Terms for Cash, I have bespoak a Number of Flour Barrels,
shall have the Wheat Manufactured as fast as the People Brings it
to the Different Mills

There may be a great many Cattle bought in this County, and the
sooner I can begin on this Business the better. If your Excellency

• 62 Journal and Correspondence

August 26 intends that I shall Purchase Cattle Wheat and &*^ y" please To send
me a supply of Money and Instructions how to Proceed.

At the same Time your Excellency may rest assur'd that I shall
use every Exertion in my Power to Expedite the Business

August 27 [Richd Dallam to Gov. Lee]

Red Book

No. 26 Sir I shall be much obliged if your Excellency will inform me

No"82 whether I may expect immediate payment from the treasury for

about four hundred pounds hard money on an order from M""

Wheeler on account of the purchase of Waggons &c

August 27 [Richd. Dallam to Gov. Lee]

No. 26 Sir I have sent Six recruits & Deserters p"" Capt" Thompson
Letter hearing that the Troops were to be sent from Annapolis & having
Little hopes of geting any more in a Short time & having much
trouble with these Induced me to send them away.

List of Soldiers sent p Cap" Thompson

John Collens, a recruit

Michael Daugherty, a recruit

James Obrian, a recruit (but twice deserted from Harford.

Thomas Hanan a Deserter sent to Annapolis by Cap* Praul &
from thence deserted & again taken up & reenlisted on pretence of
being discharged by the Council.

John Jones, a Deserter from Bait. Town, twice deserted

Edw*^ Hawkins a Deserter from Annapolis

James Fitzgeral a recruit, twice deserted from me.

August 28 [J- Bolton, Chestertown, to Gov. Lee]

Sir The Butcher that furnishes me with meat for the Maryland
add' Reg* recruiting here has not only sunk all his Money but his
Credit too, & unless I get a supply of Money to pay him, he can
supply me with no more, do therefore intreat you will convey me
some Money to pay him.

The order you sent me on the Collector for £4000 as I wrote you
before he can pay no part of till November, the Butcher tells me if
he has to wait till then it will break him up.

Beside paying the Butcher, its necessary I should have some
money to buy some Bacon, that when they have to March, they may
have salt meat, as fresh will not keep sweet more than one day ; if
therefore you can send me one half of the sum now, it will serve for
the present, the remainder will endeavour to do without till

of the Council of Maryland. 63

[Jos'a Beall. Lieut, P" G= O^ to His Excellency August 28

Thos Sim Lee, Esqr]

S' I received Yours of the 19. 21 & 22** Yesterday Evening
William Ussher was a Substitute I passed, I thought him rather
Old, but finding from the information of those who knew him, that
he had always been a healthy hearty man I lookt on him as a man
that might be usefull in the Army, Thomas Walls I have Under-
stood by some persons, since I sent him off, that Edward Magruder
the head of the Class who procured him, gave him £400. more than
they had agreed for, to conceal his sore leg from Coll' Addison the
field officer who past him. This has Occasioned a dispute with many
of the Class about paying for him, and as there has been but a small
part of the money paid I shall Endeav"" to prevent any farther pay-
ments, Benj" Whitmore thought his Enrolement was returned to me,
which I inclosed with the Others, it seems he was an apprentice &
taken away by his Master, so that the Class will be obliged to pro-
cure another or pay the money. Edward Donahy & George Bryan
I shall Endeavour to have apprehended if to be found in the county.
James More is supposed to have stole a horse & gon off, I imployed
a man to go after him, & furnished him with money in case he
could here of him, to pursue him, but as we could then get no intelli-
gence of him, or which way he had gon, I thought it would be spend-
ing the publick money to very little purpose, I have since heard he
has been seen on his way to Carolina. I shall loose no time in in-
deavouring to procure grain, which I think will be much Easier come
at than Either the money or men, I have as yet recruited only two
men which stands me in £3000. Each That busness will be at an
End here for some time, as I Understand the Virginians are giving
£3000 for men to serve only 18 months

[Ben Stoddart War Office to Col Jas. Wood Commanding at the August 28
Convention Barracks, Virginia] ^^ ,2°°

Sir At the request of Col. Fitzhugh of Maryland the Board have no"Y
Consented that Capt. Geo. Brodie of the Convention Troops, be per-
mitted to Visit his relations in Maryland

You will be released therefore to take his Parole for the purpose.
To return when called for

A Copy of the passport

The Bearer Captain George Brodie, of the 21^' British Regiment;
having obtained Permission from the Continental Board of War, to
reside in the State of Maryland, untill he shall be called for By
Authority. Captain Brodie is hereby Permited with two Servants
to Pass to, and remain in the State of Maryland untill further Or-
ders. As Captain Brodie has since I have had the Direction of the

64 Journal and Correspondence

August 28 Convention Troops, always Conducted himself Perfectly Consistant
^^'ikr32 ^'^'^ *^^ Gentleman and Officers it is hoped and Expected he will
Letter meet with Polite Treatment, and every Degree of Civility on his
°' 5 Journey Charlottsville 20*'' September 1780

James Wood Col. Com.
Captain Brodie Only left the Barracks of Virginia the first of
Novem'' G. B. 23. Nov'' 1780

August 29 [W. Smith, Baltimore, to His Excellency, Thos. Sim Lee, Esqr.,

in Council.]

Sir I have the Councils Letter of the 24* with permission to get
the 9" shott from M"" Keepot, for which I am much oblig'd. M''
Keepott has rec*^ from me 200 very good Soldiers Shirts in conse-
quence of an order for 260 of those preparing by the Ladies of this
place, theirs not being ready ; I have ventured on this emergency
to send the above quantity, which were in my possession purchased
to order of the Board of War. I doubt not your Ex*^^ & the Coun-
cil will take care that those shirts are replaced to me as speedily as
possible of equal quality, as I have done this act without any
orders, at Least I flatter myself I will be saved from censure

August 29 [Jas. Calhoun, Geo Lindenbarger, Ab'm Van Bibber, Geo Lux

Bait. Town to Gov. Lee]

Sir We the Subscribers, Justices of the Peace for Baltimore
County, in County Court assembled, take the liberty of acquainting
your Excellency, and the Honourable Council of this State, that
Captains Yellot & Fulger in his outward passage has lately taken one
of the British Whale Boats or Galley Barges which have for some
time past so greatly infested our Bay, and in it captured a certain
James Anderson, who has been a Resident of this Town since the
formation of our Government, and, as such, has taken the Oath of
Fidelity by law prescribed before a Magistrate of this County, he
has been a Lieutenant in one of the State Gallies, and practically
carried away a Vessel belonging to this Post. We are humbly of
opinion, the said Anderson is a Subject of this State, and therefore
amenable to the Laws of it, and, as in duty bound, request your
Excellency, and the Honourable Council, to apply to the State of
Virginia & request them to send up the said Anderson from Rich-
mond (to which place we understand he was carried) in order to
take his trial for Treason & Barratry. We beg leave further to re-
mark, that Anderson is well acquainted with this Bay, and has for
sometime past been extremely active in molesting our trade, and
that we humbly apprehend it will be attended with very prejudicial
consequences, if lie is considered merely as a Prisoner of War, and
as such liable to be exchanged and thereby left at liberty to commit

of the Council of Maryland. 65

further depredations. We beg leave to assure your Excellency, and August 29
the Honourable Council, that in making this application, we are
solely actuated by a sense of duty,

[Robt. T. Hooe, Alexandria to His Excellency Thomas Sim Lee] August 29

S*" I received your Excellencys Letter of the 28*'' and Communi-
cated it to Col° fitzgerald, the only Gentleman in this town, who has
a Vessell in Port beside myself. He has a Brig. Pierced for Guns,
but they now lye on James River & cannot be got up, she is nearly
y^^^ Loaded with Tobacco and has not yet her compliment of Men.
I have a Brig deep Laded with Tob° not yet fully Manned, mounting
8 three Pounders & not well fitted for an engagement. This being
our situation both Col° fitzgerald and myself are of opinion no assis-
tance can be afforded from hence for which we are extremely con-
cern'd too well knowing what has been and may be the consequence
of the Enemy being suffer'd to go unmolested in Chesepeake Bay.

[Geo P. Keeports, Baltimore, to Gov. Lee] August 29

Red Book
May It Please Your Excellency I Received your Letters of the No. 30

24* & 25''' and Made Application to M*" William Smith for the 260 No.'^s^
Shirts on the order of Madam Lee Mrs Smith Informed me that
the shirts were not yet Finished and would not be before the Latter
End of this Week She Informed me at the same Time that the
Ladys of the Town had passed a Resolve not to Deliver the Shirts
before they had sent them to Head Quarters She has Wrote Madam
Lee About the Matter.

M'' William Smith had Bo' 200 Ready made shirts for the Con-
tinental Service which he has Spared on Condition they are to be
Return'd Again when Wanting. M*" Isaac Griest did not Receive
The Letter you sent him (before Yesterday for Procuring Vessels
when he was Informed the Troops were Mostly Gone from An-
napolis he has a sore hand which makes him Incapable of Writ*
himself Desired I would Inform your Excell^ That he sent But one
Vessel and was Afraid that wou'd be too Late as his Letter was so
Long Comming. Inclosed is the Invoice of Cloathing I have Now
sent Directed to M"" John Muir) which is all the Ready made Cloath-
ing with the 200 Shirts I got of M' Will" Smith that I have Except
8 Bolts Ozna^*^ that was not made up and 20 Blankets which I Did
not send

[Tho. Richardson Georgetown to His Excellency August 30

Thomas Sim Lee Esq'']

Sir Your fav' of 21^' came duly to hand with notes for 12 hh*^'
of Tobacco & some Blank Certificates & have sold 10 hh*^' of Tobacco
at the price limited which will enable me to make easy some of the


66 Journal and Correspondence

August 30 most importunate of my Creditors. It is not in my power to advise
you at present the exact quantity of Wheat taken in as I have not
been lately at the Mills where it is received but believe it is between
12 & 1400 Bushells it would come in fast if I had Cash to pay for it,
but the people hold back from an apprehention that they are to be
paid off in the new money at 40 for one, which they seem generally
averse to, apprehending they will not be able to pay off their former
contracts with it at the same rate. I apprehend very little Wheat
will come into my hands from the Lieutenant of this County as I
understand our full quoto of recruits was procured & delivered to
him. I have employd a proper person to look out for Beef but do
not expect he will be able to purchase much as this is by no means a
Grazing Country & I apprehend what little Beef there is, is yet too
poor to drive but shall be able to say more on this subject in a few-

As Provisions are so much wanting in the Army would it not be

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