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I hope your Excellency will excuse this presumption on your
Excellencys goodness and believe me to be with Sincere Esteem

March 16 [Donaldson Yeates, D. Q. M., Elk, to Gov. Lee.]

I rec*^ your letter yesterday Afternoon acquainting me of the
Situation of our fleet and troops and the two British Ships, previous
to this I had dispatched two Vessels with Bread and flow'r for the
troops, and an Express Boat with two large Packages for the Mar-
quis, and sundrie Public letters, all which I have come up with and
stoped from proceeding, till I receive further information, I have
Just regained the Public Papers and send them forward by land,
as I don't know where the Marquis is at present I have directed the
riders to wait on you for orders with them, from this circumstance
that has happened, it has delayed them one day, it was the Mar-
quis's orders to me to provide express boats and send dispatches in
that way I have three hundred Barrels of bread and flow'r shiped
in these Vessels I have stoped, but no flesh provisions as yet, the
day before yesterday I rec'' a letter under Cover from G' Washing-
ton to the Marquis, but directed if he had embarked from this place
to distroy it which I did, Col° Miles advises me he was in Rhode
Island. I have acquainted the Lieut' of Kent County of the Brittish
Ships passing Annapolis

P. S. I am requested to attend to fixing and keeping up a regular
Chain of riders thro' this and the Delaware State, would it be Agre-
able to you to order such as are appointed by you for the State, to
attend to the Passage of all Public papers and acquaint me with the
terms usual in this case

January i-December j/, lySi 131

[Wm McLaughlin, Baltimore Town, to His Excellency March 17

Thomas Sim Lee Esq'']

May it Please Your Excellency The Commissioners of the Tax
for this County have been Inform'd that there is a Supplement to
the Supply Bill for this year Passed the last Session, and that the
Assembly has settled the Exchange between New money and hard
at Two of the new for one hard.

I have it Therefore in Command from the Commissioners to
request Your Excellency to Transmit the Supplement by the Bearer
hereof as the Commissioners Can't determine what Instructions to
give me as Collector of this County without seeing the said Sup-

[D. Carroll, Baltimore, to Gov. Lee.] March 18

Red Book
I am in a few days going to see a relative of mine D*" Carroll of No. 29

the Convention Troops now in Frederick Town, shall esteem it as a [indorsed

particular favour if you will grant him liberty to come & stay with "Dan' Car-

nie a few days or as long a time as you think proper I shall be an- Balto."]

swerable for his return when ever he is ordered, or by the time that

is given to him is out

[Le Ch Dubuyson, Philad^ to His Excellency Govr. Lee.] March 18

Brown Book
Before the departure of M"' Henry & M'' Platers from Philadel- No. 7

phia, I mentioned my wish that the State of Maryland would take ^"^""i
into Consideration the two sons of my late Worthy friend the Baron
de Kalb who nobly fell at the head of the Troops of your state. In
Case the state grant the title of Citizens to those two Orphans, I
wish at the same time they had a rank in the Troops of the line,
they are from fourteen to sixteen years Old. Having not heard from
M"" Plater I mentioned this affair to M' Carrol who assur'd me, that
part of my Petition had been Already granted ; and that an Act had
pass'd in favour of the Baron and his Family; which Act I should
be much oblidged to your Excellency to send me; and if it is in your
power, to procure the Commissions I could wish to have them for-
warded with the Act. Your Excellency will please to Accept of my
warmest thanks for the Favour confer'd upon your Excellencys most
Obed. Hum. Servt.

[H. Hollingsworth, Head of Elk, to Gov. Lee] March 18

1 1 o'clock at
And please Your Excellency We were allarmed here on Satur- night
day night by a report of two arm'd Vessels stand [ing] up the Bay No. 30
above Pools Island, which was pretty well quieted yesterday, as report Letter in
by Post and otherway said they had fallen down as Low as your oppo-
site Citty or Kent Island, but are now again allarm'd by a picket
which I had requested to be kept a look out at Turkey point, that
there is two Frigets and some other Vessles in the mouth of Elk
River, which came up with the Last tide and appear to Intend up.

13^ Letters to tlie Governor and Council

March i8 as I know of no object worthy of their notice above Patapsco Ex-

" °*^^night '^^P*- *^^ Vessles and Stores at this place, or perhaps the Vilage, we

Red Book are collecting all the Militia (or rather the Inhabitants of the Vilage)

Letter°iii ^^ '"^^^^ the best defence we possibly can to night, which should the

Enemy come in any force we are scarcely Equal to oppose them, but

should they delay it untill morning I am in no doubt of collecting a

sufficient number not only to cover the Vessles, and Stores, but give

a pretty good account of the Enemy should they be daring enough

to attempt anything above the narrows of the River, our Lieutenant

is unluckely indisposed and Field officers Live at a distance, Capt

Booth is doing all He can to Collect and arm the men as they come

in, I am much in haste

March i8 [Geo. P. Keeports, Baltimore, to Gov. Lee.] (Fav'' By Mr. Poe)
Red Book

No. 30 May It Please Your Excellency Since Writing the is'** Ins' I

have been Prevented Sending the Cloathing ^Mentioned, To M"'
Muir for Want of a Conveyance the Cloathing and the Cloths Pur-
chased of M*" H. Courtney are all Pack'd up and Ready to be For-
warded by the First Good Oppertunity.

I must Beg Leave to Inform your Excellency that the Late Alarm
we had Here Occasioned by the Two Ships Going up the Bay I was
Called on by the Militia Artillery Officers for Field Peices and Am-
munition the First of which not Being Repaired were Useless and
of the Latter There was not any Suitable made up (For the want
of Money only) which Occasioned much unEasyness and Dissatis-
faction with Numbers of the Inhabitants.

I have Engaged a Workman to make Wheels & Repair the Field
Peices But he has Declined going on with the Work untill I Pay
him as much Money as his work will Amount to Weekly. The
Armourers Likewise that I have Employed Cleaning & Repairing
the Arms have Refused Doing any more work Several Times but
Through Perswasion and Getting Provision for them on Credit
have Hitherto Pervailed on them to Continue Working, But shall
not have it in my Power to get them to Continue at work Longer
without I am Enabled to Pay their Wages for the Want of which
they are in the Greatest Distress I yesterday Finished Casting Musket
Balls of the Whole of the lead Lead that was in this Place which
made about 5000 Ounce Balls the Half of which I have Given out
to be made up and am to pay Ready Money for making the Car-
tridges your Excell'' will see By the Inclosed memorandum what
Num'' of Musq'^ Cartridges are Ready Made and will Please to order
more Lead sent me if you shou'd Judge it Necessary to have More
Musq' Cartridges made up The Great Distress I am in for Want of
Money to have the Publick Business under my Care Executed and
for my own Subsistance I Hope will Apologize for my Freedom of
Making such Constant and Pressing Application for Money and
Procure a Speedy Relief

January i-December ^i, i'j8i 133

[Norm'd Bruce to Gov. Lee.] March 19

The Bearer W Mungo Fairlie, a native of Scotland being lately
made acquainted with some Family incidents, which requires his
presence in the Place of his nativity, as quickly as possible, is there-
fore desirous of going by way of New York. I Venture to recom-
mend M'' Fairlie to your Excellency & the Gentlemen of the Council
as a Person to whom, that Priviledge may be granted, if admissable
to any, for as M'' Fairlie has, ever since Sepf 1776 been a near, and
intimate neighbour, it has furnished me with an opportunity of
knowing his Conduct, which I can safely aver, to have been entirely
in offensive and quite agreeable to all his neighbours, who to a man,
are all Zealous Friends to America. Should their be any impropriety
in this Adress your Excellency will do me the Justice, to atribute it,
to my ignorance, and a desire to serve a good neighbour and one
I verily believe to be a worthy man.

[\Vm. Sanders, South River, to the Council.] March 19

Red Book

Yesterday Evening the Barges from the Ships Chased a small j^'o- ^7
Schooner Boat a shoar at my Landing on the Bay and By firing ^

Signall Guns from the Boat the Barges retur'd and Quitted the
schooner — wee this morn^ got the Vessell of and Carried her up the
River — and also about dusk we saw a Canoe which Came a shoar
with the Bearer Thomas Donnock and his Brother a Small Lad — the
said Donnock Goes to the office with money to Exchange — he sais
he lives in Dorchester County on the Eastern Shoar — he is well
known to M' James Tootle and M"" Joseph Dawson — they Can an-
swer for him as he sais.

he has a Good deal of Con' Money with him

[Thomas Williams, Prince Geo* County to Governor Lee] March 19

I have sent up the deserter agreable to your Orders. W Hen-
derson Committed him by the name of Lucas Ives, of the Pensyl-
vania Line I refer to the mans own Account for particulars,

[John Smith Brookes, U. Marlbro, to The Hon'''^ The Governor & March 20
Council.] (Favour of Capt. Trueman)

Your letter of the 7* instant did not reach me 'till the 17"' which
will account for your not hearing from me upon a subject so impor-
tant. I proceeded immediately upon the execution of the business
you gave me in charge and have collected about 20 very fine Cattle,
and am in hopes in a day or two I shall be able to collect the whole
quantity mentioned I beg you will give me your orders immediately,
where I am to have them driven to. as your letter does not express
the place. I have of my purchase about two thousand weight of salt
provision on hand exclusive of what has been sent forward to

134 Letters to the Governor and Council

March 20 George Town. I have reason to be assured, that M'' Stephen Steward
has a quantity of sah i>ork at Nottingham and Magruders— probably
he may have engaged it for PubHck use, if not, I shall be glad to
receive your instructions respecting it — as Ar Steward is a Builder
of Vessells I was doubtfull with respect to the propriety of the
seizure. I am extreemly anxious to hear from you upon these mat-
ters and beg you will not omit the first oppertunity.

March 20 [Daniel Carroll, Philadelphia, to Gov. Lee.]

Red Book

No. s I write this from the presidents who is this moment sending of an
Letter 76

express with intelligence from Gen' Washington of the sailing of

the French fleet from Newport on the Evg of the 8*** Instant & of

the sailing of the British from Gardiner Bay on the morning of the

10'^. underneath is a list of the two fleets as I have been informed.

We are anxiously expecting intelligence from the Southward.

State of the French Fleet Guns British Guns

Le Due de Burgoyne 80 London 90

Le Neptune 74 Royal Oak 74

Le Conquerant

Le Eveille

Le Jason

Le Ardent

Le Province

Le Fantasque [c]



74 Note A



64 B.














68 Guns

Frigates Guns 548

Romalus 44

La Survillante 32 Frigates

La Gentible 32 Guadalope 28

La Hermione 32 difference 112 & 14

140 140 14
La Guepe Cutter 14 —

Note A the Bedford supposed to be refitted

B The America had returned to Gardiners Bay before the

British Saild
C did not sail being an old Hospital ship

March 20 [Daniel Carroll, Philadelphia, to Gov. Lee.]

Red Book ... t- „ , . ,

No. 5 I did myself the honor of writmg to y"' Excellency a few tmies by

Letter 77 g^press the 16"' Instant, & inclosed a List of the force of the two

fleets which lately saild from New Port & Gardiners Bay. One of

January i-December ji, 1/81 135

the French ships mentiond calld the Fantasque did not sail, being March 20
an old Vessel made a hospital Ship of, please therefore to correct No'^c^""''
the list. The Board of war refered to Congress two Letters from Letter 77
y"" Excellency on the Subject of Co' Smith & the 4 Artillery com-
pany — these papers are refer'd to a committee of which I am one. I
shall be glad to receive every information in y'' power on the Subject —
particularly relative to the Artillery company. I believe there are
among the Council papers some Letters from Gen' Washington &
returns show^ that almost the whole of Harrison's Reg' of Artillery
was compos'd of Maryland troops. Extracts of what may appear
proper from these letters & a copy of the returns (which I cannot
get from the board of war) may serve to put that business in a way
to obtain justice. The State appears to have been injured by the
arrangement, & some of her officers in consequence of it.

[Joseph Dashiell, Wor. County, to Gov. Lee.] (By Mr. McBryed) March 20

I Rec"^ a letter from the M' J. T. Chase of the 27"' Feb^^ request-
ing a return of all the provisions that had been procured by me, as
Commisary of this County. I made a return last Winter when at
the Assembly, and as soon as I Can see the persons Intrusted with
that Business, in my absence, I will make a return of the Disposition
of it, tho I am afraid we shall find Considerable Waste & Dammage
in the Corn, which has bin Shipt & reshipt, on ace' of the Navigation
being stopt by the Enemy, I Believe that thirteen Bar : pork & about
Twelve hundred b*"^ of Corn is still on hand, which is at Snow hill
& Mattapany the Militia oflScers has Drawn out of Our hands near
all the Bacon and sum pork which I shall make a return of with
their Receipts

I am Convinced that if no French Fleet arive nor we have no
Navel force that the Militia heare will Consume all the Meat provi-
sion we Can procure and will not be able after all the Care that Can
be Taken to prevent the Enemys getting suplyed. Except sum few
Examples are made of those who furnish them provisions The Barer
M"' McBry'd Can inform you of Our Situation and how Impracti-
cable it is to prevent them getting suplys, with Out we had a Naval

You may expect to heare from me in a few days by M"' Shockley,
who I have apprehended, and shall send forward Next Tuesday

N B. My Bro : & my self have about fifty thousand pounds public
money which we shall send in this week.

[T. Pickering, O. M. G., Philadelphia, to Gov. Lee.] March 20

. Brown Book

A few days smce I was mformed of a parcel of biscuit in this No. 8

city which came from Maryland, & is said to be unfit for use. More ^^"^"^ ^

of the same kind is baking at the Head of Elk & Baltimore But for

more particular information I beg leave to refer your Excellency

136 Letters to the Governor and Council

March 20 to the certificate of M'' Ludwick — Master Baker to the army, a copy
Brown Book q£ which is inclosed. Your Excellency may depend on his testimony,
Letter 2 for he is a competent judge in his profession, and a very honest man.
I thought it necessary to advise your Excellency of this matter, as
my duty obliges me to direct my deputy and his storekeepers to re-
ceive no more such bread.

March 16 [Christophel Ludwick, Baker Master, Philadelphia, to

Brown Book ^^^ Pickering, O. M. G.]

[copy] When I was lately at the Head of Elk and Baltimore I saw con-
siderable quantities of hard bread or biscuit, which I found was
baked for the use of the Army, About two hundred Barrels of the
like kind of bread are now in this City, which were brought hither
from the head of Elk; but the bread is so bad that even the prison-
ers of war in goal refuse to receive it. All such bread if sent to the
Army will be condemned, & become a loss to the United States, in
addition to the great expence attending the transportation of it. The
materials of which that bread was made, were from its appearance,
condemned flour with a large proportion of ship Stuff; and the pre-
paring & baking them very badly performed

March 20 [Fran's \\'are. Port Tobacco, to Col° John H. Stone]

The following Gentlemen are Recommended to fill Vacancys in
The Militia of this County to wit. Bennet Dyson Cap^ of the Com-
pany formerly Commanded by Cap' John Parnham Resign'd the 12
Batalion. Samuel Lucket Capt. Robert Tayler i Lieu' Humphrey
Posey 2 Lieu' and George Dunnington Ensign of the Company Late
^lastins 26 batalion, I Rec"* a Commission for Luckitt some time
ago ; Which I enclosed in a letter to him, but as it Never come to
hand, Supose some mischievious person has distroyed it, Therefore
beg you will furnish him another, as also the above mention'd Gen-
tlemen by the first opertunity. I Rec"* your Favour p'' Charles \\' illitt
but it is not in my power as yet to place Him to a Class as W^e have
not Compleetly settled them, but as soon as that is done, shall do
\\'hat is necessary. I am sorry to inform you that it appears to me
that we shall be able to Raise but very few Recruits in this County
this year, having heretofore been much pillaged of our youth tho
be assured S'' that I shall do every thing in my power to promote the

March 21 [Jas. Calhoun, Baltimore, to the Governor and Council]

(Han'i by Mr. Smith.)

Yours of the 19"' was last night delivered me. AP Smith who is
the bearer of this has the quantity of Bread you require which he
will either sell or exchange for Flour. .\s he goes to Annapolis have
thought it most proper to refer the bargain to your Honble Board

January i-Decemher j/, ijSi 137

but must observe that by the Law there is no Merchant Flour to be March 21
Manufactured unless ordered by the Governor & Council or the
Com^ of the Shore and as these persons who mean to pay their Taxes
in Flour will doubtless have it made of a quality most to their advan-
tage submit it to your Hon''''^ Board whether it would not be proper
to direct a certain quantity of the wheat to be Manufactured in a
different manner

I have not been able to procure any information from the County
Commissaries as yet respecting their prospects of collecting Specific
articles although I wrote to them individually on that head. ]\P
Griffith of this County is beginning to receive flour tolerable fast
but no Meat and our Market for these several days past have fallen
off amazingly in that article insomuch that I have been oblidged to
break in on the quantity of Beef that was salted fit for the use of the
Marquis Lafayette Detachment in order to supply the Issues at this
Post which is now very considerable. I imagine the change of the
money prevents people coming to A'larket at this time

[Th. Jefferson, Richmond, to His Excellency, President March 21

„r r'„„,^ „„^ n Red Book

of Congress.] ^^^^

The inclosed letter will inform you of the arrival of the British [c^opyl
fleet in Chesapeake Bay the extreem negligence of our Stationed
Expresses is no doubt the Cause why has yet no authoritic Account
has reached me of a General Action which happened on the 15'^
Instant about a mile and a half from Guilford Court house between
Gen. Green and Lord Cornwallis, Cap' Singleton an intelligent officer
of Harrison's Artilliery who was in the action is this moment arrived
here and gives the general information that both parties were pre-
pared and desirous for action. The Enemy supposed about 2500
Strong, our Army about 4000. That after a very warm and general
Engagement of about an hour and a half we retreated about a mile
and a half from the Field in good order having as he supposes be-
tween two and three hundred killed and wounded — the Enemy be-
tween 5 and 700 killed and wounded — that we lost 4 peices of Artil-
lery. That the militia as well as regulars behaved Exceedingly well.
That Gen. Green he believes would have renewed the Action the next
day, had it not proved rainy, and would renew it as soon as possible
as he supposes — That the whole of his Troops both Regular and Mili-
tia were in High spirits and waiting a second Engagement. That the
loss has fallen pretty Equally on the Militia and regulars. That Gen.
Stevens received a Ball through the thigh, Alajor Anderson of
Maryland killed and Cap' Barrett of Washingtons Cavalry. Capt.
Fountleroy of the same Cavalry shot through the thigh, and left in
the field Capt Singleton having left Camp the day after the Battle
does not speak from particular returns none such having been then

138 Letters to the Governor and Council

March 21 I must inform your Excellency from him till more regular appli-
No°s cations can reach you that they are in Extreme want of lead Car-
Letter 54 tridge paper and thread. I think it improper, however it might urge
Icopyj ^^ instenious supply to repeat to you his state of the extent of their
stock of those articles. In a former letter I mentioned to you the
failure of the Vein of our lead mines which has left the Army here
in a state of equal distress and danger

Look out Boats have been ordered from the Sea Board of the
E. Shore to apprize the Commander of the french fleet on its ap-
proach of the British being in Chesapeake

Ibid. [James Barron, Hampton, to His Excellency Thos Jefferson.]

Yesterday morning twelve large ships came within the Capes and
anchored sent up one Frigate this morning under English Colours
which proves them to be a British fleet. The frigate lies now in
Hampton Road, with Arnolds Ships, the other Ships are still in the
Bay at Anchor. I take them all to be men of War, and no transports
among them.

March 21 [Rich'd Dallam, Harford County, to Gov. Lee.]

On Thursday the 15* Inst. I received Intelligence that two Brit-
ish Ships & some small Vessels lay off Pools Island that they had
then land'd some Men & were taking off the Stock, I immediately
orderd out two Companies of Militia nearest the shores to oppose
their landing. On Saturday I was informed that they had gone off
after robing Pools Island of 14 head of Cattle all the hoggs & Corn
& the Overseer of his Bacon knives & Spoons and Capturing some
small Vessels amounghts which unfortunately was a small schooner
on board which was 100 Barrels flour I had forwarded, & to the
Comm^ of Issues at Elk & also another with nearly the same Quan-
tity belong^ to M'' Tho^ Hall which he was sending up the Bay. On
Sunday two Top sail Schooners & some Smaller Vessels returned &
stood up towards the mouth Elk & since they are constantly Passing
& repassing & have taken allmost all the small craft & I am just in-
form'd that last night they went up Susquehanah & took out a Vessel
with 50 Barrels flour & as many of Bear belonging to W" Cox. I
have order'd out parties of Militia to different Posts the most likely
for their landing tho they have never attempted landing or coming
on Shore except at Pools Island

The Greatest force above Pools Island from my best Intelligence
are the 2 Schooners above which have a Number of Tenders &
Barges, Its said a Ship & a Brigg lay below Pools Island as this
was the whole force of the Enemy I have not ordered out many of
the Militia on this occation. I conjectured their great object in com-
ing up was the Capture of the Transports with the Troops going
down which happily escaped, I am sorry to inform your Excell*^^ that

January i-Decemher Ji, 1/81 139

their is a very Great Backwardness in their Militia to turn out And March 21
not knowing any Law that can force them I am much at a loss how
to act

If their should be an occation & our Men would turn out I am not
able to Arm above 150 with Proper Musketts nor have I ammuni-
tion or Meat Provisions. I have sent to Baltimore & received some
Powder & about 2000 Cartridges. As your Excellency must be in-
formed of the Enemies Whole forces can form some good conjec-
ture of their designs I should be happy to receive Instructions how
to conduct myself & where to apply for such Articles as I may want
I am apprehensive that if the Enemy command the Bay this summer
we shall receive frequent Vessels from their Tenders & Armd Boats
therefore wish to be directed as to the mode of defence most likely to
be effectual to prevent their depredation.

If there is any late Laws for the regulation of the Militia I shall
be obliged by having them sent by return of the post with Commis-
sions for Officers agreeable to the Inclosed lists Who are now on

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