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attachment to my Country its Liberties and Independance to sup-
pose I need a Stimulus herein ; I am by Experience having bore my
Attachment, thro' the Fire ; for having been so well paid for Catch-
poleing, that I need not the Emoluments of Pimping of which I am
intirely ignorant, and am, so determined to remain

[John Smith Brookes to The Honb' The Governor & Council.] January 6

Your favour of the 27"^ LHto. is now before me and in persuance
of your commands, I have made preparation of the reception of Pro-
visions and flatter myself I shall he able to collect a pretty consid-
erable quantity especially of the Beef kind. I have taken in Soo
weight and could have taken in more but for the want of salt. I have

6 Letters to the Governor and Council

January 6 been under the necessaty of borrowing and must beg you will for-
ward me about 50 bushels with the utmost expedition. I shall either
wait on you or send a messenger in few days for a supply of cash
without which I cannot act to advantage. I do not apprehend Pork
can be had for less than £3 p C as it seems to be generally known
that the Legislature allows that price in payment of Taxes. Beef
from 5 to 6 dollars p pound. I shall wait with the greatest anxiety
for the arrival of the Salt

January 6 [John Smith Brookes to The Honb'*^ The Governor & Council]

I did myself the honour to write you a few lines this Morning at
which time I thought it would have been in my power to have waited
on you in a day or two, but from the nature of the business you have
been pleased to intrust me with, find it very inconvenient at present.
[ have therefore sent the Bearer M"' Hutchinson purposely with this
reurging the necessaty of your furnishing me with about 50 bushels
of Salt immediately. I have been under the disagreeable necessaty
of turning off some meat this day for the want of Salt, and could
scarcely borrow as much in Town, as would secure 800 w' of meat,
which I rec*^ of AI"" Nathan Soaper, on his assuring me that you had
ordered him to deliver it at this place. I have to request you will
furnish me with a sum of money by this oppertunity for the purpose
of Conducting the business.

I think it will be necessary to fix a purchaser in the Neighbour-
hood of Magruders warehouse, as also another at Piscattaway — pray
your directions

January 6 [B. Carrole, Surg", 20"^ British Reg', Frederick Town, To The
^* N^o°28 Hon'''= Dan' Carrole, Esq"- Annapolis.]

^^'^ My friend Brent leaving this jilace a day sooner than I ex-
pected deprived me the pleasure of writing by him to you, I am
happy to tell you that he is in the opinion of every one who knows
him a most deserving good young Gent" I must also beg leave to tell
you that he was the Only .\merican officer among us that was taken
notice off by Ours, which I believe created no little Jealousy, in fact
his gen' conduct was such that gave the greatest Satisfaction, yet I
must own I am very glad he is out of the Army — the line he was in
was no very Virtuous one.

I aplied to the Comm^ officers here for leave to go & see my friends
but have rec'' for answer that it is not in their power without the
leave of the Gov*" & Counc" as it is a matter imediately under your
cognizance as a part of the Coun' I request your interest with the
Gov' to extend my parole that I am may have the Pleasure of seeing
my friends once more before I leave this country — which I hope is
not long having every reason to expect an exchange in two or three

January i-December ^i, I'jSi 7

months, I request you'l Present my best comp" to all the Gent" & January 6
Ladies in Annapolis you think I have the Pleasure of Knowing. My v'^^°^''
best respects to y^ son D' & M" Sim y'' family & gen' Letter 25

[Col. Robt. Harrison, L' D. Cof Cambridge to ] January 6

The Bearer hereof Cap' Whitehead having this day been deliv-
ered to me together with Eight Prisoners of War under a guard of
Militia by order of Major Follin, and having given his Parole of
Honor to Col' Steward as by the underwritten Copy of said Col'
Stewards Letter to said Maj"or Follin may more fully appear. I have
given the afs'' Cap* Whitehead liberty to Travel to Annapolis either
by Land or Water as he may think most convenient

Copy of Col' [John] Stewards Letter to Alajor Follin

4"' Jan^' 1 78 1
You are on Receipt of this to detach a guard with Seven Prison-
ers of War which I have sent you, & give orders to the officer of the
guard to convey them to Cambridge and there deliver them to some
Field officer with the Letters which I herewith send.

Cap' Whitehead has given me his Parole of Honor and as such
you are to consider him.

[Luther Martin, Baltimore Town, to Gov. Lee.] January -

Red Book
("p Col. John Dorsey) No. 28

A small boat belonging to the Enemy was taken a few weeks past
and brought to this Town. She was commanded by one Joseph
Shoemaker who has a Commission and is connected with the Good-
riches. He is now in Goal at this Town and being desirous to be
exchanged or paroled has applied to me on the occasion. I do myself
therefore the Honour of giving your Excellency the following State
of facts which I believe to be just. He is a native of Philadelphia
and before the Declaration of Independance and formation of our
Government, took an Active part in the present Dispute — at the time
or about the time of those Events taking place he was residing, in
consequence of some mercantile concerns in which he was engaged,
at York Town in Virginia where I remember to have seen him fre-
quently — from that Town he sailed in a Vessel which he fitted out in
Virginia, and was taken (it is said) and carried to New "S'ork where
he took advantage of Howes Proclamation, and accepted a commis-
sion to cruise against us — in October last he left New York in a
whale boat and came into this Bay where he remained till taken —
during that time it appears from his Journal he has committed divers
acts of Hostilities and while the Fleet was in James River was active
in piloting them and in procuring them Intelligence. I have now
only to add that if your Excellency should think he ought to be con-

Letter 77

8 Letters to the Governor and Council

January; sidered merely as a Prisoner of war and not as a rebel subject of
•'^^^J^^^g some one of the States, I have full Confidence that if he should be
Letter 77 indulged with a Parole, he would not violate it


January 7 [Jos Shoemaker, Baltimore goal to His Excellency Iho'* Lee]
Red Book

No. 28 May it please y'' Excellency I addres'd a few lines to you the other
Letter 78 j^y ^^^ ^^^ Subject of my exchange, expecting they would have been
handed you by Capt. Murry: as he neglected calling on RP Landen-
berger for the same, I presume they have not reached j'ou.

I have been confin'd here a considerable time, as nothing has ap-
peared to alter my being a prisoner of War, I hope your Excellency
will allow an Exchange to take place. Excuse me for saying I found
this hope in the knowledge I have, of their being a Number of
.American Sea Officers in Maryland, who have been Paroled, in order
to their sending one of equal rank in their room.

Should your Excellency chuse to wait longer, in order to [see
wether] any of the Neighbouring States will chuse to send for me in
that case, I hope your Excellency will allow me a parole for this
Town & its vicinity, and I will give security if you request it, to
appear at your call.

Having an ancient Mother residing in the Town of Reading
Penns^ who I have not seen for some years, could I be indulged so
far as to be allowed to pay her a Visit — the singular favour shall be
remembred w"' Gratitude. And if my connections in N. York can
be of Service to any American Officers there, rest assured they shall
be used for them

Januarys [Tho^ Beall of Geo. for T. Richardson, George Town, to

His Excellency Tho. Sim Lee Esq''.]

Your Favors of the 27"^ & 30"' Decern"' last Directed to T. Rich-
ardson Esq'' of this place, came to hand the 4 & Inst. I am Sorry
to inform you that there is but little Pork or Beef to be bought
in this County the Season of the year being far Advanced to
make a purchace of these Kind of Provitions, be this as it may shall
do every thing that lays in my Power to procure as much of boath
as to be had, Agreable to your last orders will send the Beef I may
buy on the Hoof to ^P Geo. Murdock of Fre"^ Town, for the use of
the Convention Troops, perhaps I shall be able to procure 15 or 20
in the Course of this week, & believe from the best information I
can get that there will not any more to be had, if that Quantity. I
have made the strictest enquiry about Pork, 1 cannot hear of more
than Between 3 or 4 M w* for Sale — which shall engage the Refusal
tell I can possibly hear from you, the holders of Pork in this County,
woud sell for 6 of (iold at 90 exchange as there is very little Gold or
Silver sold here am at a loss to know what is the exchange, but am
informed to day by a Man from Baltimore that Pork is seling there

January i-December ^i, ijSi






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Request of t
I send John i
Exchange for
Cap" of

Hughes, Com
for th
James Wheeler
aken on board

John Killen, Lieut of Marien
for Jam
Charles Turner, Boatswain
Patrick Hease, Marien
John Pennal, Stewart
James M^Caflferty, private
Henry Barney, Boy
Littleton Huston. 2"'' Mate
George Duck, 2nd Lieu'

. B. At the
Dowans in
Mr Kell late

nv 8'h 1 78 1.
John Killen t

1 •z. A



Y> a

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r- W 00 I-^CO

rs of V

:? j=o_oo .oo-S .

0^ <u 5 5 5

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January 8
Red Book
No. 23
Letter 92

lO Letters to the Governor and Council

January 8 at £300. Con' p C the truth of this your possibly know whether so
or not. I think you had better send SaU as soon as Possible to cure
about 5 or 6 M w'. — if you think this small Quantity of Pork worth
Attending to. You' please send by first safe hand about four hun-
dred Pounds of the New Emission of money, as the wheat purchace
has taken near all that has been sent.

January 9 [Chas. Blake, Corsica, to Governor Lee]

I yesterday rec"' y'' Excell''^'' of the 27"' Ult° M"' Earle wherein
you desire me to purchase all the beef and Salt that is for Sale here,
at the same time you limitt me to for Pork that will not

command one pound, I am left at large in the price of beef, but as I
suppose you would not have me exceed the price you allow for Pork
I shall stop till farther directions as that price will not do. In y'' letter
of the I'' of Dec"' now before me you desire me to purchase what
beef and Pork I can, at the same time recommend me to attend to
the publick Interest, which I hope I have done, by never raising the
price of any article wanted, but followed the private purchasers when
they had fixt the price. For beef I have given £150 p'' h'' and for
Pork 3£ hard at an exchange of 75 and in one instance 85 for 3013.
IVP Tilghman offer'd me 6000 at that price which I rejected not sup-
posing he could gett it, however in a few days he sold odd of 2000
for a half Joe p'' h'' and 300 at 3f Gold exchange 85, when I gott
these a third time he was offr'd 3£ gold for the remaining part but
they dififer'd about the gutt fatt, I then thought it time to strike for
, the State and not lose so fine a parcel of that necessary Article, which
is the only time I have exceeded the exch^ of 75. At the Head of
Chester the price is 225 M"" T. Emory ofiferd me his Pork (at the time
I thought it might be had lower) for 225 I would not give it.
M' Plutchings bought it at that price. From these and many other
instances which might be given I hope y"" Excell"^^ will be convinced
I have always had the Interest of the State in View. The purchase
has been chiefly carried on in hard money and you must know the
ex^ is above 40. I shall be ever happy in doing every thing in my
Power to contribute towards forwarding the establishment of our

January 9 [John Smith Brookes to The Hon''''^ The Governor & Council.]

I had the honour this Morning to receive your favour by M''
Hutchinson covering me £250 of the new money. I shall pay the
strictest attention to your orders respecting Beef being purchased
on the Hoof and shall do my utmost to execute the business.

The present is princepally to request you will forward my salt,
with the utmost haste as I have received a quantity of pork which I
cannot salt up untill I receive it from you.

January i-Decemher j/, lySi ri

[Sam. Huntington, Tresident of Congress, Philadelphia, to January 9

r"„,, T 1 Red Book

Gov. Lee.] N^^

You will receive herewith enclosed, Copies of two Acts of Con- Letter 113
gress of the s"" & 8"^ Instant

By the former you will be informed that from the unwarrantable
& cruel Treatment which our People who are Prisoners with the
Enemy have of late received from them, in the opinion of Congress
an Exercise of the Law of retaliation has become necessary and it is
especially recommended to the Executives of the States respectively
to take effectual Measures for carrying into Execution the Acts of
Congress of the 13"' of January 1780 respecting Prisoners taken by
the Citizens Troops or Ships of particular States

By the other Act (of the 8"' Instant) it is earnestly recommended
to the several States from New Hampshire to North Carolina in-
clusive to procure for the Use of the Officers in Captivity at New
York & on Long Island to be charged to the United States their
respective Quotas therein mentioned in Specie or Bills of Exchange
on New "^'ork.

It is presumed the necessities of those Ofificers, the Distresses they
have already suffered and the more disagreeable Situation they must
yet be reduced to for want of the IMeans of Subsistence unless those
supplies are obtained will be sufficient to induce a Compliance with
this requisition as speedy as possible.

[Joseph Brufif, Talbot Court house. His Excl^ Tho' Sim Lee.] January 10
(fav'' p'' Capt. Howard)

The Leut'" of Dorchester County, having sent Eight of the Pris-
oners Taken on Board the Active Priviteer to me with a Request,
that I would send them under a proper Guard to Annapolis ; I have
committed them to the care of Capt. Howard, who happen'd to be
at this Place on his return home, and willingly undertook the charge
of them. I make no doubt he will deliver them safe. I thought it
better, to send them by him than any other way as it appear'd not only
safe but Attended with less Expence to the State

[Thomas Johnson, Jr. Sec^' to the Counl. Annapolis Mary'"* to January 10
Sec>' of the Board of Admiralty PhiP] Na8^°°''

Having heretofore received blank Commissions, Bonds and In- /^raftl^
structions for Private Armed Vessels, from the Secretary of Con-
gress, on my last Application to him he requested me in future to
apply to the Secretary of the Board of Admiralty.

I have therefore to request you will as soon as possible send a
supply having Issued all those received of him. Many Inconvenien-
cies have attended the Owners of Vessels for the want of Commis-
sions, to remove which I hope there may be no delay in sending them.
All the Bonds in my Possession shall be transmitted to you by the
next Post

12 Letters to the Governor and Council

January 10 [Pat. Sim Smith, Calvert, to Gov. Lee.]

Red Book-
No. 27 Since receiving your Instructions to purchase Beeff and Pork in
Letter 13 j.].jjg County I have made inquiry and find a considerable Quantity of
both may be had. Pork not to exceed £3. hard money, some I be-
lieve for less and Beefif at fifty shillings hard money p Hundred pay-
able as you direct, but it is absolutely necessary that I should be fur-
nished immediately with cash to pay for it, and Salt to cure it, as
those who have for sale have been feeding some time, and am desir-
ous of killing to prevent their destroying their corn in waste.

I have engaged some Pork and Beeff & have more promised, but
Can't say what Quantity of salt may be necessary, twenty or thirty
Bushells will perhaps be Sufficient for the present. However should
there be more sent than I may have Occasion for, shall take particu-
lar care of it.

I must begg to be directed at what Exchange to pay the new Bills,
and as my success in purchasing depends on having the Cash to lay
down Hope I may be supplied by the Bearer hereof or some other
safe Conveyance in the course of this week.

January II [Chas. Blake, Corsica, to His Excel"^^ Tho^ Sim Lee Esq'']

(p"" Capt" Middleton)

In my letter of the 9"' I inform'd you of the price I have given
for beef and Pork which I hope will not be thought out of the way
as it was what was and is giving here, I know not what are the
prizes else where the quantitys are as follows of Pork 6808"' of beef
7796 rec'^ and engaged perhaps may turn out a little more perhaps
a little less. I shall be glad to know what to do with the lard and tal-
low the provision shall go off very soon ; there is still wheat here for
Sale the price is now about 27.10.0 some ask 30. I shall be glad to be
instructed what to do with the Con' Money in my hands whether to
go on in the purchase of beef and Pork or wheat and at what price
nothing can be had unless I give as much as others. M"' R"^ Earle
desires y'' Excel, to send by AP Bruft' £1250 lent the State, I shall be
glad to do that which will contribute most to the publick good.

January 11 [Sam' Duvall, Jn° \\'. Charlton, Raphael Brook, San:' Xoland, Philip
^'^'no°28 jMcconey, Edward Hall, Nicholas Dawson, William Jacobs,
Letter 31 Richard Sheckles, Thomas Noland, Sam' Boone, John Johnson,
Joseph Swearingen, Sam' Hanson, Rich'' Richards, Jeremiah Belt
3'', George Schnertzel, William Meng, Peter Grosh, Nathan Ci.
Thomas, Abraham Faw, Jacob Gomber, Sam' Price, Frederick
County, to Gov. Lee] (p"" Mr. Boone)

May it please your Excell'' In consequence of an Act of the Gen-
eral Assembly to encourage the raising of a Voluntier Troop of
Light Horse in each County we the subscribers have enrolled for the

January i-December 5/, 1^81 13

purpose of forming ourselves into a Troop of Light Dragoons on J*","^''^ "
the Terms prescribed by the Law ; and we take the Liberty to recom- xo. 28
mend Docf Philip I'homas to be commissioned as Captain, & John I-etter3i
Ross Key Escf as Lieut to the Troops by your Excellency and the
Honorable Council, we shall use every exertion to equip ourselves
with all possible expedition and shall acquaint your Excellency & the
Honble Council as soon as we have everything ready.

We have deferred recommending a person for Cornet until the
number of subscribers is increased.

[Rich'' Conway, Alexandria, to Gov. Lee and Council] January 12

fp"' Mr. Langdon)

I Received the Eighty Thousand Dollars by M"" Langdon which
you have Credit for, and would Acknowledged it By the Post, But
Expected Langdon to have gone over Before this. I hope it will be
Convenient to send the Ballance by him, which is Realy wanted

[Geo. P. Keeports, Baltimore, to Gov. Lee.] January 12

Red Book
( Favd By Mr. S. Steward) No. 30

Letter 126
I Received your Letter dated yesterday and shall be Attentive to

the Contents your Excell^ will Please to send me up some Conti-
nental Money as it is Impossible for me to Get Workmen to do any-
thing for New money

[Geo. Murdock, k'red 1'own, To Governor Lee] January 12

The Twenty Hogsheads of Tobacco by Docf Schnebely I have
rec'', which I hope to be in cash for in a few days, at the price I
mention'd in my last, However that will l)e very insufficient for the
demands here, as I still can make but little or no use of the new
money. I am sorry to inform your Excellency that our Stock of meat
is now almost out and that T apprehend but a small quantity more can
be collected in this County. I have Rec'' no assistance from the lower
Countys except Montgomery Six small Cattle, every exertion in my
power shall be made use of, for the .\ccommodation of the Guard
& Prisoners here

[John Peyton, Hooe's I*"erry on Potoniack to Gov. Lee] January 12

As a friend to the cause of America think it my duty to warn my
Countrymen of the danger that may threaten them within my knowl-
edge; Give me leave to inform you Sir, that having the honor to
command the Militia of the county of Gloster, on my way in return-
ing from Baltimore, met at this place an Express in persuit of me by
which I am inform'd, the traitor .\rnold with about 16 or 1800
troops under his command, entered the town of Richmond, on friday
last, destroyed all the puhlick buildings witli four Stores, carrying

14 Letters to the Governor and Council

January 12 off the Records & Publick papers, and by Intelligence from deserters,
they intend up this River to Anapolis, and Baltimore, hearing by a
Gentleman, of your State, that you have rec"* no express from Virg*
on this head therefore take the liberty to give you this information,
that necessary steps may be taken to prevent your State having the
same unhappy fate, am told by the Express that the Cover" & Deli-
gates had like to have fallen into the hands of the enemy, they have
allso destroyed the Foundery when this Express came away Gen'
Nelson with 1500 Militia was endeavouring to cut them off from
their ships, God grant he may effect it, have only to beg you will
excuse this freedom.

[Indorsed " The within being on Publick business, of consequence
to the State of Maryland Mrs. Young is therefore requested to send
by Express."]

January 12 [S. West, To ]

I think there are State Arms in the hands of Contractors.

Peter Keener of Baltimore

Peter Lettigg I believe of Bait.

James Mey for 50. delivered 15. q"^ of Hartford

Jacob Reaser of Frederick County

Jacob Schley for 10 Rifles p'' Contract. Frederick

Nicholas White of Fred'' Town

John Yost Fred'' or Montgomery County.

January 13 [John Smith Brookes, U Marlbro, to The Hon''''^ The Governor

& Council]

I have to acknowledge the Rec' of 50 bush'^ of salt sent me by the
Waggons. 25 of which agreeable to your orders shall be forwarded
to M"' Beall at George Town as soon as a Cart or Waggon can be

I lament the quality of the Salt, apprehending there is danger in
curing meat with it, however I shall make use of the greater quan-
tity. I have not been able to receive more than one thousand weight
of meat arizing from the want of salt, do not suppose the quantity
sent me will be sufficient and therefore by you will forward me
another load as soon as possible. I fear it will be difficult to engage
Beef on the hoof as the hide & taller seem to be an object of much
Consequence to the sellers. I hope to get a good deal to be salted

January 13 [Matt. Ridley, Annapolis, to the Governor and Council]

You having been pleased this day to promise your exdeavours
to procure me a Bill of Exchange for £46,281 Continental Cur-
rency due Ridley & Pringle when the Exchange of Bills was forty
five for one I take the liberty of having this Letter to serve as a

January i-Decembcr J7, lySi 15

memorandum and to advise you that I shall as you have requested January 13
wait three weeks or a month for the performance. Should the Bill
exceed rather the exact sum wanting I agree to pay for the surplus
on the same terms as you purchase.

[Nathan: B" Magruder, Lt. of the Inf. to Gov. Lee.] January 13

I understand their is som small Presents made to the Officers
and as Intend to Fort Frederick in a few Days and have not Drew
any Money this Nine Mounth I will be glad if you will send it by

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