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other necessary Expences, my own travelling expences Included, if
what I have here proposed is thought worthy of the notice of your
ExcelP' & Honours, you are at Liberty to lay it before the General
Assembly, and rest assured that I have no other motive for making
this proposial, then that of doing business better, with less expence
to the State, and to have the provisions always convenient to where
they are wanted and ready when called for

January i-Dccciiiber j/, i/Si 293

[Rt. F. Hooe, Alex% to Gov. Lee.] Tune 14

I had the Honor of receiving Your Excellency's Letter of the N'o. 28
13"' last night. The report of the Arrival of a french fleet, and "S'our L^**^"" 52
hopes of confirming it soon, gives us high spirits here — and I beg
that you will be pleased to be assured that, I hold myself under the
greatest obligation for the interesting news you have been so kind
as to Communicate from time to time. I shall continue as I ever have
done, to take a Pleasure in giving you every information in my
power of the movements, and Transactions, of the Southern Armies,
There being various reports about the Vessells in our River, & hav-
ing had certain intelligence Yesterday that a ship was standing up
the River, & would be up as high as this Town, this ^lorn^ if she
was bound here, & being by some called a fiag Ship, & by others said
to be a fore runner from the Enemy's fleet. I thought it prudent to
detain Your Excellency's express rider 'till I could give you a certain
Account of that Vessell. She is most certainly a Flagg Ship & by
information from our County Lieut, may be expected here in a few
hours. The other Vessells below are nothing more than some Craft
getting off & bringing up a new Brig. CoP. Tupper from the Mar-
quis's Camp on Sunday last tells us that, the Enemy was by their
latest intelligence, at the Point of Forks on James River — supposed
to be ab' 5000 Strong, including horsemen — they have now ab* 1000
horse — at Present it is supposed their first object is our stores, some
of w"^'' they destroyed at Charlotte-Ville, that their next view was to
intercept the Prisoners under Washington, March^ from South Caro-
lina. That 96 and another small Part was still in Possession of the
Enemy, but invested by our .Army. That the Marquis had began
his March towards the Enemy that his front was within 25 Miles of
the Enemy's rear that he had sent ofif his Baggage, that he had a
respectable body of Militia, that every movement indicated an attack
on the part of the Marquis the moment he gets up with Cornwallis.
Baron Stueben with the stores was going up James River in Boats —
the light horse had given him some fires, but all was safe in that
quarter when they heard last. Gen' Green, Col° Tupper seems to think
is Strong. Morgan has unlimitted Powers to raise a Thousand Vol-
unteer horse & foot. Blank Commissions has been sent him by the
Assembly to fill up at discretion — he succeeds very well it is said. He
has killed some of the Tories in Hampshire disarmed others & quieted
the late insurrection. Our Militia turn out cheerfully but we want
Musquets & horse accoutrements. I cannot hear of a Man that has
Joined the Enemy from this State — they have made Prisoners of
several — the negros do not rini to them in such numbers as was fear'd
but they take many that are valuable against their inclination

[Sam. Huntington, President, Philadelphia, to Gov. Lee.] Tunc 14

A7 T- 11 ■ ^«'' Bock

Your Excellency will receive enclosed a Resolve of Congress of Xo. 8

the 12"' Instant, among other Matters, earnestlv recommending to '-^^*^'' '3

294 Letters to the Governor and Council

June 14 the State of Maryland to raise & accoutre two Troops of Militia
Red Book Horse properly officered, including those called for by the Act of
Letter 13 3 1** of IMav, and send them forward with all possible Expedition to
the Southern Army, to serve three Months after they join the Army.
It is hoped that the present Situation of Affairs in Virginia will
excite the most vigorous Exertions in Compliance with this recom-

June 14 [Sam. Smith, Bait., to Gov. Lee.] (favor'd by Coll Adams)
Red Book

No. 27 I Have the Honor to address your Excell^ in answer to a Letter
er 93 £j.Qj^ jj^g Hon. M'' Brice, since which I Have not been favor'd with
any Commands from your Hon. Board, Coll Adams applied yester-
day, for one Marquee, 8 Horsemens & 76 Common Tents, & re-
quested me with verbal directions from you to provide proper Linen,
which I Have nearly done & deliver'd to M'' Poe Quarter Master,
whose Business it is & who undertakes to have them made Imm^ I
request a Line of approbation from your Board, or an order for such
quantity of Linen as may be necessary for the above purposes. And
as this with some Extra acco' were not Estimated in my Demands,
I Have directed I\F John Muir to apply for 100 Hh'^^ Tobacco. I shall
be glad to know whether I am to obey Gen. Smallwoods orders on
my Department in future.

Flour comes in very slow, M'' Hollingsworth being at Anapolis dis-
appoints my Business much. Not being able to furnish Coll. Nichol-
son's Troops with swords I dispatch'd a Light Waggon which I
expect will be back this Morning for them & other Articles not ob-
tainable here — am I to have any direction over the sales of Tobacco to
be forwarded by M'' Key. HI am supplied there will be no occasion
for seizures, it Serves but to sour the Minds of our best friends, I can
purchase Cloths for 300 Coats above the Complement order'd, shall
they be secur'd & prepar'd for the Troops now at Camp. It obliges me
to act at Disadvantage receiving momentary orders, such as this for
Tents. I could do more Justice to the State Had I more Time given.

June 16 [The Petition of Thomas Pickerel of Charles County To his Excel-
^'"^No°°5 ^^^^^ '^'^°' ^'™ ^^^ ^^^' ^"'^ *^ Honourable Council]

"^ Most humbly sheweth.

That your Petitioner was draughted on Monday the 11"' Ins' to
serve as a Regular Soldier to the 10"' of December 1781

Your Petitioner is therefore under the Necessity of Shewing your
Excellency & Honours that he [h]as been Subject to a Grievous Com-
plaint in his Breast for several years past, for remedy of which he as
been under the hands of Doc'' Gustavus R. Brown these two years
past, as will appear by the Doctors Certificate.

January i-Decemher j/. i'/8i 295

Your Petitioner further begs Leave to shew that he was Draughted June 16
in the month of June 1778 but being then subject to the same Com- ^.'"^ ^°°^
plaint was discharged by the Court of Appeals appointed by Law to Letter 15
enquire into and Determine such Cases — shall therefore submit it
to your Great Judgment whether a person who has been In a declin-
ing State for several years and Weakening every day can be fit for
the service of his Country. And therefore Prays you would take the
matter into Consideration and Grant such relief as in your Great
wisdom shall seem meet — and your Petitioner as in duty Bound will
Ever Pray.

June 12"^ 1 78 1
Thomas Pickerel hath been subject to a complaint in the Breast
for two years, which very often terminates in Consumption, and
I am of opinion that the fatigues incident to a military life are such
as he will never be able to bear, but at the extreme hazzard of Life

I am Sir

¥"■ very ob' Serv'

G. R. Brown

To Col' Francis Ware. Blue Book

No. 4
We the Subscribers all of Charles County in the State of Mary- Letter 16

land being well acquainted with a certain Thomas Pickerel of said

County do certify that the said Thomas Pickerel hath Complain'd

of having a very great pain in his Breast for a very long time, that

the said Pickerel is of a weak Constitution, not able to go thro' hard

Labour, much more the fatigues of Marching witness our hands this

iG^ day of June 1781.

Jacob Ware Fra^ Sewall Raphael Tear

Tho' Hopewell Smith Hawkins Francis Tiar

Jn° Hopewell Joseph Dixson Joseph Tiar

Notly Lucket Isaac Lattimore W" B. Smoot

Jn° M. Crismond William Tear jur. John Cox

Fran^ Ware Isaac Latemore Walter Hanson S''

W" King Hugh Cox W" B. Dodson

F. H. Phillips John Dodson

[Rich*^ Barnes, Leo'' Town to His Excellency Tho* Sim Lee, Esq''] june 16

On my return to this County I found that a small Ship under
a Flag was near Blackistons Island (since which she has proceeded
up Potowmack) and a six and thirty gun Frigate, with two schoon-
ers, laying at the mouth of S* Marys River, where they had been
for several days, and have ever since continued without ever attempt-
ing to land, but on S' Georges Island, which they have regularly
done every day. On the 13* a Brig with two Shooners appeared off
the mouth of Clements Bay, and landed two barges loaded with men
at M'' Harbert Blackestons House, which they burned and carryed

296 Letters to the Governor and Council

June 16 Blackestoii with them, where he has continued. The Brig and Shoon-
ers having one to the mouth of Nomany, where they have been seen
to land from this side Potomack. The object these Vessels have in
view, further than plundering &c. I am apprehensive, is to git in-
formation, of our situation, before the arrival of the force bound
to Potomack which we were informed of before I left Annapolis.
I have just rec'' directions from the Council for the removal of the
Tob° in the Ware houses all of which I shall endeavour to have
removed except that in Chaptico Warehouse, which is nearly as
secure, as any place we can move it to

June 16 [Aquila Giles, Mount Felix, to Governor Lee.]

I must beg leave to trouble your Excellency with a line or two in
favour of M"" Davis and M"" Luckett, two Gentlemen that were Lieu-
tenants in Col° Rawlings reg' taken at Fort Washington & suffered
a four years tedious captivity on Long Island two years of the time,
I lived in the same disagreeable situation — & I think I can with truth
say they merit an attention from their Country. They solicited me
to mention them to your Excellency for appointments in the Corps
of Horse to be raised by this State ; I am conscious you will if you can
with propriety take notice of them. Permit me to again mention to
your Excellency, my desire of having a command in the Horse.
There is no likelihood of Gen' St. Clair (to whom I am an Aid de
Camp) taking the field this Campaign, and I am solicitous of ren-
dering every service that is within my power to my Country, as well
as taking revenge from an Enemy I received so many personal in-
sults from. Allow me to assure your Excellency, how great my
esteem & regard is for you

Saturday [John Hammond Cromwell to His Excellency Thomas Sim Lee
June 16 Esq"" Governor of Maryland & the Honorable Council.]

Being in Company with some of the Members of the Assembly
and Stating the situation of my Case in regard to the Restrictions
Laid on me, some of them were of Opinion that I scarcely cou'd so
Order my affairs as to obtain a Subsistance W^hich is undoubtedly
true, the Whole Limmits under which I shall be will not permitt me
to go more than three Miles at Most, if Your Honors will only Grant
me the Liberty of Going to my plantation in the fork of Gunpowder
once in two months and not to Continue there more than a few Days
at a time I shall be particular in not going at any time when the
Enemy are up the Bay shoud they Come there after I have heard it
I shall be particular in Staying at home, this request being but Small
but of very great advantage to me, I hope I shall be fav** but Cannot
this be obtained I shall Beg for some more Extent of Ground in
Cecil County, I have been induced to ask this favour from M"' John
Taylors informing me that some one or more of the Council said I
had better give in my further request in W^riting

January i-December ji, lySi 297

[The deposition of Philip Reploglel Tune 17

After being sworn saith that On the fourth day of this Instant he
was Persuaded by Henry Claycom to go and Take protection, that
they went to Docf John Hose and that said Hose Administered an
Oath to this Deponent not to bear Arms against the Brittish Army
and to Supply them with Provisions and a Waggon & Horses if
called on that said Hose Told him that John Parks of Baltimore was
one of the Head men and Fritchie in Frederick was Colonel he
further saith that John Gripe told him a few days after he was Sworn
that if the Potomack was not so High that the people from the South
Branch would Come down and rescue the prisoners from the fort and
Take them to the English that there was Two or three thousand
that had sworn in there. That the Head man at the south Branch
wears a Long Beard but does not remember his name ; he further
saith that Jn° Hose came by his House the Friday after Whitsunday
and Informed him he was going to swear in Twenty at Jacques
Furnace and that said Claycom Told him that George Stewart had
Sworn in Twenty men Viz. Jn° Carpenter, Jn° & James Blare, Jacob
& Philip Lear, William Jones, Adam Fisher, Jacob Easter Peter &
George Easter and Christian Livingston and a Weaver Living at
Claycoms the Remainder he does not remember

Copy. B. Johnson.

[Sam. Smith, Bait., to Gov. Lee.] Tune 17

Red Book
A Light Waggon I dispatch'd for Philad'' by Acadent was de- Xo. 27

tain'd untill yesterday, this prevents the 200 suits, being ready so soon ^"^"^ ^
as I expected, however on Wednesday, I expect they will be Com-
pleat'd & if a Boat Can be had will be forwarded together with 70
Camp Kettles, the Tents I expect will be ready on Saturday & may
meet the Troops at George Town. Not a Blanket was to be had in
Philad^ & but for the assistance of Maj. Jenifer who procurd them
from Congress, we should have had neither Lead nor Buttons, they
were at his request supplied by the Board of \\'ar. Swords to Com-
pleat Coll Nicholson's Troops are not obtainable either here or in
Philad., I must Employ a person to make which will take Time — the
Equipment of Moylans Dragoons, employs all such workmen in
Philad^. ]\P Keeport has in store about 50 Blankets & I have pro-
vided 8 more all there is in Town. Shall make an attempt with Coarse
woollens that may answer the purpose but promise myself little suc-
cess. 80 Hh** Tob° must in a few Days be in Philad'* I Have sold &
sent for all my first order E.xcept a very few. Flour falls very fast
in Philad^ which already is felt here

[Chas. Blake, Corsica, to His Ex. Thos. Sim Lee] (p"' Capt Howell) Tune 17

By Capt" Howell I send 79 barrels of Pork and one of Lard
receiv'd by Col° Hollingsworths orders from M'' McBride and M""

298 Letters to the Governor and Council

June I- Shelby, The Col" order'd rations for the Waggoners and as I had
none was obliged to take 33"'^ out of one of the barrels for them.
I make a return of the Whole of the provisions Rec"* by M'' Bunberry
which I hope came Safe to hand. I shall have 121 bar: of flour in a
few days on Corsica ready to deliver

June 17 [Thomas Sprigg, Co'ty. Lt., Hagars Town, to the Council.]
No. 27 (fav'd by Capt. Morgan)

Letter 95 j j^^^j y^^^ ^^^^,3 f^^^^^^g ^^ Q^^^n Qrnorf of the 9* and lo"'
before his return the Conspiracy was discovered and several persons
apprehended Among' them the two persons mention'd in Yours of
the 9"^ Henry Newcomer and Yost Pleacker, I've been busy exam^
evidences for several days and find A great N° are concernded in
this Co'^ Many in Virg^ some in Fred'' Co'^ there is about 30 in Goal
and expect the Guards every moment that are detatch'd for 50 or 60
more of those in prison their are 5 or 6 that Acknowledge them-
selves to be Captains that they have Inlisted and Admin'd the Oath
of Allegeance to many persons, one of them to the Amo' of 42 they
Confess very freely they say they expect and deserve to be hang'd,
and I pray God they may not be disappoint'd, I expect their will be a
Considerable N° more inform'd Ag', had the Law for trial by Court
Marshall Pass'd last Session, I should not be at any loss to proceed,
but at present I really am, Many of their Crimes have been Com-
mitd before the Meet^ of the Assembly, some of them since, I would
be Glad to be inform'd by Your hon""^ as soon as possible whether all
Laws pass'd at the same Session are in force from the first day of
the Session, if so I shall imm^ call a Court proceed to trial and Exe-
cution of those that Came under the Law, the Militia in General dis-
cover such a desire to appr** the trators that I think very few will
Escape, the Whigs are very desirous of hav^ a few of the principle
persons Execut'd I believe it would have a very good Effect. I but
this moment knew of this opp^ by Capt" Morgan that I hope Your
hon"'^ will excuse my not giving a fuller Ace' and the hurry in which
I write, as soon as the Offenders are all Apprehend'' and Exam'd
shall transmit the whole proceedings by Express, in the mean time
shall be Glad to receive Your Hon''* Instructions when I return'd
from Annap^ I found one Comp^ of the select Mil^ had march'd to
assist in Guarding the prisoners besides a N° of the Other Mil^ from
this Co'^ the whole of the prisoners Hessians and Brittish Consist^
of 15 or 1600 was guarded by this Co'^ to York, and also finding we
were likely to be in much Confusion, and that a Guard would be
necessary in Town, I Order'd the Other select Comp*' not to March
until further Orders but to appear at This place to Guard the Goal
which I hope will meet with Your hon" Approbation

Agreeable to Your directions I prov'd 20 four pound Guns at
M'' Hughes works, empress'd 10 wagons to haul them to Bait they

January i-Decemher ?/, ijSi 299

will set out to Morrow, of which please Advise M"' Hughes as I've June 17
not time to write him, they stood the first proof so well it induc'd S*^*^ ^°°'^
me to give them something more than the usual proof in the second Letter 93
Charge, I believe them to be Extry Guns.

P. S. the Cloathing that your hon''* propos'd sending up to the
rec' is not arriv'd, I wish could be sent as they might March.

[G. Weedon, B. G, Fredericks''^, to The Officer Commanding the June 17
Detachm' of Light Dragoons, from Maryland supposed to be
at G. Town]

The Situation of the INIarquis la Fayette makes it absolutely
necessary he should be speedily and powerfully reinforced with
Cavalry, I must therefore request you to push forward your Detach-
ment to this Place with all possible Expedition as much depends on
his being succoured with Horse.

[Indorsed, " Rec"^ at 7 oClock P. M. & forwarded Imediately from
my Office, James Hendricks "]

[Rich'' Barnes, Leo'' Town to His Excellency Tho"" Sim Lee Esq""] June 18

All the Vessels of the Enemy, left Potomack on Saturday last.
They landed at M" Egertons house, below Smiths Creek, and plun-
dered And destroyed all her Household furniture. Since I last wrote
to you, I have been informed, the Crew of the Frigate, that layed
at the mouth of S' Marys River were imployed the whole time
they were there in gifting Masts &c. for Ships ofif S' Georges
Island, where there is good Pine for the purpose. Some of the In-
habitants above S* Mary's River, I have been informed furnished
the Enemy with Provision whilst they were there. I shall do my
endeavours to find them out, the Law that passed for the punishing
such chaps, I shall be glad you would supply me with, as some exam-
ples may be necessary. If ammunition shuld be wanted, I shuld be
glad to be informed If you have any to spare as we shall soon be in
want of some owiiig to our not having Cartouch Boxes and the
pilfering of the Militia.

[Richd. Dallam, Harford County, to Gov. Lee.] June 18

Col'' Smith has wrote me to forward to him 160 Barrels flour
which I seized on board William Groves Sloop this I could not doe
without your Excellencys Perticular directions the flour has been
since it came into my hands Attachd by an order from the Court
of Admiralty but I shall notwithstanding by your Excellencys direc-
tions delivered to whom I am orderd In answer to Col" Smith I told
him I w''' not deliver it without this flour being particularly inen-
tiond to me by Your Excellency

300 Letters to the Governor and Council

June 18 [Chris"^ Birckhead Talbot County to His Excellency Tho* Sim

Lee Esq'']

I send by Cap' Rich'* Bruff Nine of the draughts from this County,
there are some from their indisposition of Body are not able to
march, and the others refuse to march at all. Your Excellency will
use y'' pleasure, respecting those that refuse to march, I hope some
other officer may be appointed to compel those that refuse

June 18 [Capt. Joseph Ford to Col. Forrest]

I have taken the Liberty of enclosing you a Letter for his Excel-
lency Tho. Sim Lee Esquire Respecting the Goods M'' Campbell
has Liable to a seizure by Law — it is my opinion that such goods
as he has may be laid in upon better terms in Annapolis and Bal-
timore & for that Reason I have thought best to lay the matter
before the Council and that we may get there determination more
Speedily I shall be obliged to you to wait on them and forward there
answer by the Return of Charles Lansdale. AP Campbell has sus-
pended the Sale of them till I have their directions if the Assembly
have taken order in my jMatter be so obligeing as to inform me of
their decree.

June 18 [Gabriel Jacobs, Frederick Town, to Gov. Lee.] (Hon*^ by
Red Book i\4- t7 i \

No 22 J^r- f oster)

Letter 16 ,

I wou d thank your excellency for an Order for the Cloathing

specified in a Memorandum from Capt. Reed & delivered to your

excellency by Cap' Davis & allso for twenty pair of Shoes, Capt.

Reed had the Promise of The shoes from Al'' Murdock but he has not

furnish'd them, the men are Exceedingly distressd for want of the


June 20 P- S. Since I wrote the above have inlisted two men shou'd be glad

of an order for Cloathing for them allso

June 18 [Hezekiah Reeder, Port Tobacco, to the Governor and Council.]

I receiv'd your order of the 9"" Ins' to purchase one hundred Beef
cattle which I expect to compleat in a few days, I hope you will direct
in what manner I am to be furnished with cash to enable me to carry
on the business in this County, the late commissary M'' Jenifer drew
on the collector of the Tax for £200 as directed by Law

June 18 [Sam. Smith, Balto., to Gov. Lee.] (p'' Mr. Buchanan)

No 27 I did myself the Honor to write your ExcelF yesterday since when

Letter 97 I rec"* Information that M"" Hollingsworth will fall short 1000 B'''"

flour from the order I rec'' & M'' Dallam writes that the principal part

of the wheat in his County is ground up, so that the Delivery in this

side M"' Calhoun's District will fall short at least 500 B'''" This will

January i-December j/, I/81 301

occasion to fall far short in Payment of the Contract I have made June 18
unless my order for Tobacco is Considerably Increas'd, I must there- ^-^ ^
fore pray that the Bearer M"" Buchanan may be supplied with an Letter 97
order on the Treasury for 100 Hhds. Tobacco — and that I may be
furnish'd with an order on M"" R. Dallam for 160 B'^''^^ flour which
he says he has in his possession, being part of a quantity seiz'd by him
& which he cannot deliver but by an express order from your Board.
I will thank you to send such order Imm^

I cannot procure more Tent Linen than will make i Marque
8 Horsemens Tents & 50 Common Tents — they will be ready next
Saturday. I Have this Day supplied 60 men at this Post with

[Petition of William farbutton lo his Excellency Thomas Simm [June 18]

Red Book
No. 26
Letter 105

Lee, and the honble the Council] ^^^ f^^

The Petition of William Tarbutton of Queen Anns County Hum
bly Sheweth That your Petitioner being one of the Militia in Captain
George Finley's Company in the fifth Battalion, hath been lately
draughted pursuant to an Act of Assembly intitled "An Act to pro-
cure Recruits " to serve in the Army of the United States

That your petitioner is and hath been for a long time very sickly
and Infirm, and wholly unable to perform the necessary Duties of a

That your petitioner when formerly called on for the like Service
was discharged by reason of his bodily Infirmities which have been
increasing on him ever since. That your Petitioners feeble Labor
is the only support to his Wife and Family. That his marching woud
only be attended with certain Expence to the Public, without a pros-
pect of rendering any essential Service to his Country in the Army.
That the Death of your Petitioners Father on Wednesday the thir-

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