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send them to York by Vessels he was to send, but I have never yet
seen the Vessels, and suppose by his not sending they are not wanting
there; unless something is done with them very soon I shall have
the Mortification of sending (instead of fine beef when procur'd)
nothing but bones. If they should be wanting to the Southward
please to order the officer in Annap : to send Vessels for them as
there are none here. I can have them all kill'd and salted on board
in seven days.

[P. S.] Immediate orders would be a great saving of beef.

FDan"! Jenifer, Port°, to Gov. Lee.] (By Mr. Verdin) Octobers

Red Book
Your Letter of the 29"' Ult" I yesterday rec** and shall send off No. 29

the horses to-morrow there is among them a small Bay horse with ^"^''S^

a Roan tail if he shou'd be thought under size, I will gladly exchange


514 Letters to the Goz'ernor and Council

October 5 an Excellent stout well made Draught horse for him, which I think
No 20 ^^'°"'"i render the state much more service than the little horse. M''

Letter 52 Vardin has seen the horse and knows him & can describe his qualities.
His being very mischiveous is the reason of my wanting to part with

If your Ex"^^' and the Council shou'd approve the exchanges I shall
be obliged by the little horse's being sent down by Verdin and the
other shall be sent up as soon as he gets fat which he is not at present,
being a good deal \\'orried in treading out wheat. I will also thank
your Excy for about an hundred or an hundred and fifty pounds of
the new money to pay for forage pasturage &c.

Octobers [C. Th. \Vederstrand, Wye to Hon'^''^ Matthew Tilghrnan Esq''

In Council Talbot County]

Col. Blaine requested me this evening to send a letter he had
from Your Hon''''^ Board, directed to M"" Henry Coursey, which
having done, I received the inclosed letter & transmit it for your
perusal judging the present Service requires it.

Octobers [Inclosure]

[Henry Coursey, E. B. Works, to Mr. C. T. Wedestrandt]
You may inform Col° Blaine that I have not any salt at pres-
ent and shall not make more this fall than I have ingaged to the
farmers in the Neighbour Hood.

October 6 [Joseph Dashiell, Worcester County, to Gov. Lee.]

(?"• Mr. Parker) '

The Barer M' Scarbrough Parker, Brings up Sundry Desartors &
Draughts &c. and as we ware oblidged to send a guard we thought it
advisable to send a Capt. West a prisoner Taken by Capt. Walley
sum time ago, he aledges that he was the Capt of one of the Enemys
Barges but I am of Oppinion that his Commission is a Counterfeit,
his Conduct Since he has bin in Gaol proves him to be a Very low
life Dirty Blackgard.

I sent up by the Barge the week before last Sundry Draught &
substitutes, several of the latter has Returned with Out any Dis-
charge from your Excellency or Gen' Smalwood, and Inform me
that the Gen' would not receive them as they ware Only to serve till
the 10 Dec'' they ware Substitutes for the men Last Draughted, they
ware not Oblidg'd to find Substitutes for any longer time then they
had to serve, I should be glad of Your Direction, wheather these men
that have rec** a bounty, are not to serve their time Out.

The people of this County would be Very Glad to know Your
Excellencys Determination relitive to Levin Dishroon, the Criminal
now under Sentence of Death in Our Gaol, the Gaol is so bad that

January i-Deceniber j/, Ij8i 515

we are Oblidge to keep a gard Constantly Over him, and he is all the October 6
prisoner that is now in Our Gaol.

NB. The public Corn in this County will all be lost if it is not Dis-
pos'd of I rote you abought it sum time ago should be Glad of your

[John Gordon, James River, Trebells Landmg, To The Honorable October 6

Red Book

No. 28
Letter 17

James Brice, Esq. Annapolis.] (By the Hetty, Capt. Cramphin) No. 28

I make no doubt but his Exelency with the H. Council is much
surpriz'd with the detention of the Plater. She came safe as far as
the enterence of the River where wee met with a Ship which had on
board his Exelency General Washington, our delay by Gen' Lincoln
was so late in the night that I refus'd to proceed without a Pilot up
the River when he order'' me to follow Cap' Hall who had on board
one of the first Pilots belonging to the River with his Exelency's
Baggage & that there was no danger, but after a few hours the Plater
with many others were run on shore by mistake of the Pilot, where
she now lays in a most dangerous situation. I have done everything
in my power to git her a float, but with out effect, I have made appli-
cation to Gen. Lincoln & his Exelency for Assistance but can git none
they being employed on other matters, the inhabit*^ will not suffer
their Negroes to assist, they themselves being disaffected, the conse-
quence from every apper*; I am afraid is against the Boats ever
geting off I have continued by her 16 days expos'd to every sort of
weather (& yet could git her a flot if asst^ could be obtain'd) without
the least damage. I likewise have made application to Comodore
Barron, but to no purpose. (I am distrest in every respect) neither
Victuals or drink, or Credit, nor am I allow'd to draw.

As this opportunity is in a moment going for Baltimore I cannot
observe to you any farther particulars, but shall with every possible
effort endeavour to git her on Float, as I am about to git some negroes
to assist to the approbation of their masters. There is nothing pre-
vents her giting off but the want of some nails to stop a leak in her
Gar board seem, as she is now a float allmost every high Water, the
leak was occasion'd by being washt off the Blocks after raising her
out of the Sand.

I shou'd have been more particular but the Boat is under Way

P. S. Every thing here is a profound secret with respect to when
the Siege will open, but it is generally believ'd will be on Monday,
when a Batt^ on our side will open with 200 (or near that) pieces
of iSP''^ & 24P''=' w' 10. 13""-'' morters which will fire 10 times a
minute. This is on the American side. The French has a far superior

5i6 Letters to the Governor and Council

October 6 Tarlton two nights ago like to have been taken, 50 of his men kild

^No°28 "^ wounded, himself dangerously in the Back. Great desertion from

Letteri; the English, Cornwallis has doubled his Rations; which is lookt on

as a favourable Matter on our side His Men has anything they ask for.

October 6 [Geo. Lux, Baltimore, to His Exc-' Governor Lee In Council]

In compliance (as I conceive) with my duty as a Citizen, and the
Oath I have taken to support our present happy Constitution to the
utmost of my power, I have the honour to inform your Exc^ & the
Hon**'^ Executive Council of this State, that on the late Alarm Col.
Isaac Hammond of the Soldiers Delight Battalion of Militia of this
County appeared to misbehave in such a manner as at any rate to
require a trial — the Company of Militia, in which I am an Officer,
particularly clamoured for a Court Martial upon him & as no other
Person would step forth, I thought it my duty to take an active part
upon the occasion — I therefore drew up 3 pointed charges against
Col. Hammond, mentioned the evidences I wished to summon in
order to prove them, and handed them in to the Lieutenant of our
County, demanding a Court Martial — Gen' Buchanan knew appear-
ances were against Col' Hammond, and would have been glad to have
given him an opportunity (if innocent) to evince it, or to make an
example of him, if guilty, but he thought he had no power to arrest
an Officer in order to bring him to trial, except when on duty, & the
Militia were discharged, before I reported Col. Hammond —

The purport therefore of this letter is to require the opinion of
the Hon'''" Council, whether Gen' Buchanan has a power or not to
call a Court Martial in the present instance, and I have the firmest
confidence in the rectitude of their determination — I arraigned Col.
Hammond upon the 3 following charges

i^' Disobedience of Gen' Buchanan's positive orders in not form-
ing his Battalion in Brigade.

2'"^' Drmikenness, when on duty

3*"^ Ungentlemanly Behaviour unbecoming an officer —

I hardly know Col. Hammond even by sight, and have & can have
no private motives, pique or resentment to gratify, for I belong not
to his Battalion.

October 6 [David Poe, D. O. M., Baltimore, to Gov. Lee.] (P' Capt. Plandy)

The bearer Cap' James Handy have Charge of 500 Bb'* flour for
the use of the Army in Virginia.

You will please to give him Directions what River to sail for to
Discharge his Cargo.

January i-December S^> ^7^^ 5^7

[Edward Gaither Jr, Elkridge, to His Excellency Thomas Sim October?

Lee Esq"']

Please to give M"" David Stewart an order on the Treasury in
my favour for thirty five Pounds to enable me to settle up my Com-
missarys Ace''

[Ephrm. Howard of (H>), Elk Ridge, to the Council.] Octobers

I send you down 48 pick axes 50 spades 50 axes & 140 shovels
I shall be down the last of the present week or the forepart of the
ensuing, when I shall lay my ace' before you for the articles supplyed
& waggonage. I flatter myself the quality will please. In case you
shall in future want any thing in my way, you will be kind enough
to give me timely notice by which, I shall be enabled to supply you at
leisure, and in the best manner. Nothing gives me greater pleasure
than to contribute to the advantage of my country in any manner
that I am capacitated to serve it.

[T. Yates, Baltimore, to His Excellency Thomas Sim Lee Esq'] Octobers
( honor 'd by Luther Martin Esq'')

By Luther Martin Esq"" Your Excellency will receive three hun-
dred & Seventy three pounds fourteen shillings & three pence spe-
cie, it being money which I have received on Acco' of the Lots on
Whetstone Point, but from Col° Ramseys Letter to Your Excellency
of the 6 Current you'll find I had directions from him to keep the
above Cash untill further order, but meeting with so good Convey-
ance (as M'' Martin) I have taken the Liberty of sending it down to
Annapolis which I hope will meet your approbation

[Walter Hanson, Jn° Dent, Rich'^ Barnes, W. H. Jenifer, Portobacco October 9
To His Excellency Thomas Sim Lee Esq"']

Dan' Jenifer Esq'' the present Register of Wills for Charles
County having informed us that he had written to your Excel^ &
the Council desiring that he might be superceded in that office. If
therefore no appointment has already been made to fill his place, we
beg leave to recommend to your Excellency M'' John Muschett as a
person well qualified for the business and who now acts as deputy

[D. Jenifer, Portobacco, to Hon'"''" Major Gen' Smallwood, October 11

Annapolis] Red Book

r<o. 29

This will be handed to you by Doctor Harrison, who has Lived Letter 53
upwards of three years with my Son, and is a Gentleman of real
Merit. He wants to be intruduced as a Mate to soine Regimental
Surgeon, or interne of the hospital, the latter he wou'd prefer. If


Letters to the Gozmior and Council

October 1 1 you cou'd Sir by your address get him an appointment; it wou'd
Red Book j^^ doing the young Gentleman a kindness, and lay an Additional
Letter S3 obligation on your aff'^ Friend & Serv'

P. S. I am told that you are about to go to head Quarters, shou'd
you take your Baggage Waggon I will thank you to let me throw
into it a few articles of Cloathing for my son who will be ordered
(I am inform'd) to S. Carolina; where the hospital stands in Great
need of Surgeons. There is a Bal. of last years Cloathing, of a Jackett
& Breeches, for which the Com*^ of Cloathing had a Regular order.
The full allowance of this year is still due & in all probability there
will not be shortly so favorable an opp'^ You will oblige Dan' much
by applying to the Governor & Council for them. Excuse this add'

October ii [Dr W" H. Jenifer to the Honble Major General Smallwood,


D'' Harrison who has lived with me upwards of three Years will
have the Honor of handing this to you. He will make You ac-
quainted with the Business that carries him to Annapolis.

I can safely say for the Young Gtntleman, that ever since he lived
with Me, he has been remarkably studious, and attentive to Business
& I am satisfied is at this Time better qualified as to medical chirur-
gical knowledge for a Surgeoncy in the Line or Hospital, than many
who now fill those places. I could add many Encomeums on his Con-
duct but as you are in some measure acquainted with M'' Harrison &
know something of his Character, it is unnecessary for me to enlarge.

Shall we have the Happiness of seeing you before You go to
Camp? It would give much satisfaction to every Body in Charles,
and none more than Dear General Your very respectful Serv'

October II [Thos. Beall of Geo. for T. Richardson, Geo. Town, to His

Excellency Thos. S. Lee Esq"']

Inclosed you have Septem'' Retiirn of Forage and Provisions Pro-
cured in this County ; and from the short notice I had I am happy to
inform you that there was no want, for neither Provision nor Forage
when the Troops pased here on their way to Virg*

I have Collected in this County 200 head Cattle which have dele*^
to Cor Joshua George A. D. Q. M. at this place; Col' George has
sent forward the Cattle as fast as they come, to Head Quarters there
was five Sloops and Schooners Arrived here last night for flour they
will Carry about 1000 Barrels; they will all be loaded by to-morrow-

dont believe I shall be able to get any more Cattle in this County,
without greatly distressing the People; our County has been seling
all this Spring and Summer to the Butchers at Baltimore and Anna'

January i-Deceinber J/, I/81 519

which has made Cattle fit to slaughter very scarce, I have no prospect October 11
of geting any Liquors : red money has almost ceased Circulating
hard money is the General Cry ;

[H. Hollingsworth, Head of Elk, to His Excellency Thomas S. October 11

Lee, Esqr.] ^^^fr""

And please your Excellency and Honours Your Letters of the better 46
24"^ of September the q"" of October I received and immediately
sent of an Express with the necessary directions to the Several
Comm^"'* of this shore to have the orders therein executed, fully in-
tending to follow as soon as the messenger returnd or as soon as I
had accomplished my design here which was to get the Wheat col-
lected and collecting in this County to Mills where it could be Imme-
diately Manufactured and to borrow all the flour I possibly could on
state account knowing there was none below. The difficulties which
now offers in supplying our Army with Flour presented themselves
to me as fully six weeks ago as now which I did myself the Honour
of advising your Excellency of in my Letters of the first 15'** and
25* of Septemb'' and every means in my power has been useing ever
since to prevent it, but being confined to this place where only wheat
can be manufactured at this dry season, I have been obliged to do my
business below by letter and with much difficulty have done a very
little here, for want of vessels to forward the wheat from the County
commissaries, and I must say have been much disappointed in those
I obtained, to give you a detail of which would be rather disagreeable
at present, shall therefore only inform you of my present prospect
which is that I have been able to borrow about 200 Barrels of flour
half of which is delivered the other half making, I had not one bushell
of wheat (at Mills that could grind it) on the 15"' of September so
that the wheat I have since received must go to pay for the Flour
borrowed, unless I can borrow again, I could get wheat in plenty here
I believe I could get it ground into Flour as I am determin'd to insist
on those INIills that have water shall grind nights and Sundays, but
this I must stay here to look to myself, otherways it will not be done,
therefore I must intreat that you dispense of my going the Tour
through the Eastern shore at present, as I can do more good Essen-
tial Service here in one week than in three any where else this being
the only place at present that business can be done at, and should 1
leave it the business would not go so well ; must therefore Intreat that
such of the wheat as cant be manufactured below be sent me here, and
the vessels shall be either returned for more wheat or Loaded with
flour for the Army — heretofore the Vessels has been so taken up by
the Troops and stores that this business has been much retarded,
every thing in my power has been, and shall continue to be done and
as soon as the Service will admit of it shall immediately visit the
several Posts on the Eastern shore,

520 Letters to the Governor and Council

October ii P. S. it gives me pleasure to inform your Excell'^^ and Honours
Red Book ^j^^j jj^g Special Council of the Eastern shore has appointed M'
Letter 46 Rich'^ Tilghman the 4"' to assist the business below as tis impossible
I can properly attend there and here both at this Juncture.

October II [Pat Sim Smith, Calvert, to Gov. Lee.]

Red Book

No. 27 I have just received your Orders for sending the Horses collected

.etter 14 j^ ^j^j^ County to the care of John Bullen Esq'' my being from home
prevented my receiving it sooner, I have Collected five for the
Draught — four of the latter were sent up some time past — they still
want one of the number of draught Horses I was ordered to Collect.
Should such a Horse be now wanted I can get one immediately have
hitherto neglected it, on a presumption that there might not be Occa-
sion for them. The Horses are not all at present in my care, some
being at pasture in the Lower part of the County. However shall get
them up & will Send the whole to Annapolis the last of this or first
of the next week at farthest.

October II [George Strieker, Frederick Town, to the Council] (favoured by

Red Book Geo: Bare, Jun''.)

No. 27 ' -" '

Letter 145 j received Yours of the 29"" L^l' a few days ago and Agreeable to
your request I send by the Bearer George Bare Jun'' Twelve of the
State Horses to John Bullen Esq'' fourteen was the number remain-
ing one of which about two weeks ago was taken with a Swelling in
the neck which Turned out to be a fistula it is with the farrier and is
recovering fast the Other I left in the Persons hand seized from who
Promised deliver it when called for. It was unfortunately gone from
home on a Journey when the Orders of the Board arrived but will
return in a few days and as I intend to Annapolis in a few weeks to
settle my Ace' I shall bring the two above mentioned with me or do
with them as you shall please to direct. I should have sent them sev-
eral Days sooner but was prevented on Ace' of Hard Money to bear
the Expences which I Borrowed of two Indifferent Persons the sum
is four Pounds which I should be Glad to have remitted me by the
Bearer and thirty shillings the sum Contracted with the Person who
brings the Horses which Money I shall Account for in my Settlement

October II [George Webb, Council Chamber Virginia, to Governor Lee]

We had the honor of your Excellency's favor of the 27"" Sep-
tember which came to hand yesterday in the absence of Governor
Nelson ; the Business was immediately pressed on the Continental
Quarter master for this State, in whose Department the impress-
ments were made without the knowledge of the Executive : We take
the liberty to inclose you his Answer on the subject, and hope he has
given satisfaction to the Proprietors of the waggons and Teams.

January i-December 31, i/Si 521

[Extract of a letter from the Continental Quarter Master for this October 10
State, to the Board]

Richmond loth Octo'' 1781
I had the honor to receive your favor of this morning, inclos-
ing a letter from his Excellency the Governor of Maryland to
His Excellency the Governor of Virginia, dated the 2/-^ September.
The waggons and teams mentioned, were impressed by the Clerk to
the Assistant Deputy Quarter Master at Staunton, and forwarded
to this place with Flour for the Army before York Town. I am
sorry that the Gentleman exceeded his authority by taking the prop-
erty of another State, as my instructions extended no farther than
Virginia, as did his Excellency Governor Nelson's warrant, in conse-
quence of which an impressment was made for waggons for the Con-
tinent. I have given orders that the Waggons, teams, & Geers shall
be immediately returned to their respective owners, and shall give
such instructions throughout the department, as shall prevent every
thing of the kind in future. I beg leave to assure you Gentlemen,
that it is my wish to have harmony, and a good understanding kept
up in the point you recommend, and trust that you will communicate
to his Excellency Governor Lee that this, with every other matter
which comes before me, in which any Subject of the State of Mary-
land may be interested, shall be satisfactorily settled, as far as I have
it in my power.

[G° Washington, Head Quarters Before York, to His Excellency, Octobena

Governor Lee.]

I was yesterday honored with your Excellency's favor of the 3*^ « ^'■44
Give me leave to return you my sincerest thanks for your exertions
on the present occasion. The supplies granted by the State are so
liberal, that they remove every apprehensions of want. Col" Blaine
has gone himself over to the Eastern shore to see that the Cattle from
thence are brought down to the proper landing where they will be
slaughtered, and the meat sufficiently salted to be transported by
W^ater. Proper measures have been taken by the Commissaries to
receive the Cattle of the Western Shore, and to have them driven by
Land. Arrangements have also been made to send up the Craft for
Flour as fast as they discharge their lading of stores.

I will desire Col° Stewart to send up all the empty Flour Barrells
that can be made of further use.

We opened our first parallel on the night of the 6'*' and established
it compleatly with a loss too trifling to mention. Our shells have done
considerable damage in the Town, and our fire from the Cannon has
been so heavy and well directed against the embrasures of the Ene-
my's Works, that they have been obliged, during the day to withdraw
their Cannon and place them behind their Merlens.

Brown Book

No. I

522 Letters to the Governor and Council

October 12 The Charon of 44 Gun and two large Transports have been burnt
Brown Book ^y j^^j. galls. The Guns and Stores have been previously taken out of
Letter 44 the Frigate

We last night advanced our second parallel within 300 yards of
the Enemy's Works without the least annoyance from them. Lord
Cornwallis's conduct has hitherto been passive beyond conception,
he either has not the means of defence, or he intends to reserve him-
self untill we approach very near him. A few days must determine
whether he will or will not give us much trouble.

I have the honor to be with great respect Your Excellency's Most
Obed' Servant

Letter 91

Octoberi3 [Dan'l Carroll, John Hanson, Phil'* to Gov. Lee.]

Red Book

No. 5 The Contents of the inclosd appear of such consequence, that two

expresses are immediately to be sent of, one to proceed by land, the

other by water from the Head of Elk — we have likewise thought it

proper to forward copy, to you, not doubting but that you will think

the intelligence of sufficient consequence to require a fast sailing boat

to be dispatch'd with it to the Count de Grass, least the Letters sent

by the President shou'd meet with some delay.

October; [W. Heath, Head Quarters, Conti'' Village, to His Excellency,
Red Letter < ~ t-> • 1 r r^ -1

Book No. 5 the President of Congress.]

Letter 93

Between twelve and one oClock this morning, I received the in-
closed intelligence through a Channel which Generally afforded such
as has been Authentic. I forward it by Express, and Submit to your
Excellency of how much importance it is that the Count de Grasse
should have notice of it, if it be possible, in Seeson, a Deserter from
the Princessa, Admiral Drakes Ship, came here last Evening. He
informed me that when he came away, the troops were embarking at
Staten Island — that as he came up to the City, two Scows full of
Horses, and one with three peices of Brass Cannon twelve or Eighteen
pounders, passed them going down to the fleet

The person who sent me the inclosed intelligence observes — " In-
closed you will receive a letter from one of my old Correspondents

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