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which has this moment come to hand, who for particular reasons has
been silent for some time. When I tell you it comes from the same
person, whose information you frequently received from me while at
Newport, you will Judge of the credibillity of his accounts. The
destresses of the Tories and loyalists at New York as well as the prin-
cipal Officers of their Army for Lord Cornwallis is hardly to be de-
scribed my Correspondent informs me that they put the Issue of the
Contest allmost upon his defence or defeat the latter they expect and
almost realize his Capture."

January i-December Ji, Ij8i 523

[John Stump, Jur, to Gov. Lee & Council] (fav** by October 13

Jn° Patrick, EsqO ^o^^

May it Please Your Excellency & the Honourable Council This Letter 147
will be handed you by John Patrick Esq"' one of my Near Neigh-
bours, as he was going down on Business have Prevailed on him
to wait upon you with these lines; I Wrote your Excellency & the
Honourable Council two Letters some time Since Relative to my
Books & Papers, but not Receiving them nor any answer to my letters
have taken the Liberty to write y"' Excellency & the Honourable
Council again on the Subject, Thinking perhaps the other letters
might have miscarried or through the Multiplicity of business you
might have Forgot the Contents ; In my former letters I Requested
your Excellency & the Honourable Council to Consider the Disad-
vantages I Labour under for the want of my Books & Papers ; which
is what I have now to Request of your Excellency & the honourable
Council, and if you think Proper, that it may Please your Excellency
and the Honourable Council to have them Carefully Seiled up &
Delivered to John Patrick Esq"" who will have them Safely Con-
veyed to me, & as I mentioned in my Former Letters hope Your
Excellency & the Honourable Council have found nothing in them
Contrary to the Law of this State or any way Prejudicial to the
Common Cause of American Liberty.

[ W" Minor, Talbot Court House, to The Honble Mathew October 14

Tilghman Esq] \tff^

On Fryday Morning M^ Parker & the Card Left the place & the Letter ns
Prisoners in the Goal, I Continue to give them Victuals &c but shou"d
be glad to heare from you about them, as I Expect every night they
will break Goal, unless their's a gard Kept

[Edw"^ Burgess, Corseca to His Excellency Thomas Sim Lee] October is

May it please Your Excellency Enclosed I have sent a List of the
Books of Accounts &c. Late the property of Cunningham Findlay
& Company which are contained in a Large Pine Chest, they are
delivered to Captain Brock Mockbee the bearer hereof who has en-
gaged to Deliver them to the Treasurer. As our Excellency will be
pleased to observe that I have agreed with Captain Mockbee that he
shall be paid Six pounds Specie for his trouble in the Conveyance
of these Books which I doubt not your Excellency will think a reason-
able reward and accordingly order the payment thereof.

A List of the Books of Accompts &c. Late the property of Cunning-
ham, Findlay & Company contained in a Large Pine Chest \'iz

14 Day Books 32 Large and Small Bound Books and A parcel of
blank Bills of Exchange^delivered to the Care of Cap^ Brock Mock-
bee to be conveyed by him to the Treasurer at Annapolis

524 Letters to the Governor and Council

October 15 [J^s. Calhoun, Baltimore, to the Council.]

I Yesterday received a letter from Col. Stewart Com'' Gen' of
Issues respecting the forwarding of Liquors to the Army, and as I
know nothing of that matter having never received any direction on
the subject have taken the liberty to enclose a copy of Col' Stewarts
letter which although it expresses very great want of Liquors gives
me pleasure at the same time with respect to Provision. Our exer-
tions in forwarding flour from this State has certainly been very
considerable. From the best information I can collect there has been
at least 3000 Barrels sent from George Town & this place since Gen'
Washington went to Virginia

Yours of the 10"' was delivered me and I immediately sent off 44
Barrels of Flour for the Post at Annapolis, which was all that Boat
could carry and nearly all the Flour that was here Subject to my
orders for as fast as it comes in it is delivered over to the Conti-
nental Store Keeper to be forwarded to the Army and after he re-
ceives it from the State he cannot deliver it but to a Continental Offi-
cer or Issuing Com^', this I mentioned to Col° Stewart & he en-
gaged to appoint a Com^ at Annapolis which would have put this
business in its proper channel and save your honble Board the trouble
of ordering Flour &c. when wanted — but suppose it has not been

October; [Chas Steward, Commy. Genl. Issues, Camp before York Town, to
Jas Calhoun, Esquire, Agent for the Western Shore, Maryland.]

CoI° Blaine inform'd me that money was advanc"^ by the Gov' &
Council of your State to purchase a quantity of whisky, I am sorry
to acquaint you that great is the want of that Article in Camp, and
must beg your attention to Collecting and forwarding what may be
purchased with all possible dispatch to the Army, the possition of the
Troops as well as the real fatigue they undergo, require every sup-
port & encouragement you will therefore excuse my pressing sollici-
tation on the Subject of Supplies particularly spirits, Since my ar-
rival in this State the Troops have not wanted Bread or Meat & the
prospect in future is not discouraging in those Articles but much is
in regard to Liquors

October 16 [Joshua Burgess of the 4"' Maryland Regm* to His Excellency

Thomas Sim Lee]

To His Excellency the Governor and Council May it please your
Necessity compels me to apply to your Honours for relief in my
present Situation which is very weak and low, and has been from
the time of my return from my Captivity Insomuch that I have
from that time been under the Doctors hands. On my return from

January i-Deceniber j/, 1/81 525

New York was compelled to contract some debts to procure neces- October 16
saries for support which I pledged my honour to pay in hard money,
and some I have been compelled to contract since my return, for the
same purpose, therefore have to request Your Honours will furnish
me with, about £50, as also an order for a Sufficiency of Cloth for a
Great Coat, by the bearer my Brother, as I have drawn but little
since in the service, and my necessity so urgent flatter myself. Your
Honours, will grant my request

[Eph Blaine, C. G., Oxford, To The Honble Mathew Tilghman Esq. October 16
President of the Special Council, Talbot Court House] (By ^ff°°^
M' Blake) Letter 34

Your favour by M'' Blake I have just received, and have only to
observe that the requisitions of Congress in beef from the respective
States is neat beef, and they afterwards add pay for the hide and tal-
low, this convinces ine that the State ought to pay the expence of
Slaughtering and that expence will not exceed the cost of procuring
hands, paying pasturage while driving the Cattle to places where I
would be Justifiable in receiving them.

In the first place it is impossible for me to attend to the slaughter-
ing of the Cattle in the respective Counties, in the second I have not
one shilling of money to defray the expence allowing it to be a Con-
tinental charge, however as I do not wish to through any difficulty
upon your State, shall agree to the following proposals Viz. That if
M'' Morris with a Committe of Congress say the expence of Slaugh-
tering the Cattle shall be a charge against the United States, I will
pledge my honour to you to see it paid. If that of the State why it is
done — any additional expence which may attend the trying of the
tallow and procuring barrels to put it in, and drying the hides I shall
engage to pay, but be assured the slaughtering of the Cattle lays with
the State. I have requested the Commissioners to sell the hides, but
would rather wish them to dispose of them to good Tanners who
would tan them on the shares — such of the people as will carefully
slaughter their Cattle and are dispos'd to keep the fifth quarter I
agree to keep the beef but this I leave to your direction, and if the
hides and tallow can be saved they are much wanted for the Army.

I have been delay'd exceedingly by unfavourable winds and as
there is a prospect of getting down the Bay this morning I am pre-
vented of the honor of waiting on you. The Governor and Council
have engaged to send a boat to M'' Blake to load with beef I shall take
particular care to send boats to the sundry landing places to take in
beef. I have enquired the price of hides at Baltimore and find they
will bring four pence hard money -p lb.

I would wish the Commissioners to obtain that sum for what they
may sell, making a reasonable deduction for the expence of drying
the hides and freight to Baltimore

526 Letters to the Gozrrnor and Council

October 16 [John Hanson, Dan'l of St Thos Jenifer, and Dan'l Carroll, Phila-
^^'^^^J delphia, to Gov. Lee.]

Letter 89 jj^ consequence of Your Excellencys Letter of the 6"' We applied
to M"" Bradford the Dep'^ Com'"^ of Prisoners at this Post, who has
promissed to do every thing in his power to obtain the exchanges you
request, & has already transmitted the Paroles (which your Excel-
lency enclosed) to the Commis" of Prisoners at Elizabeth Town; as
it is not known where those taken from the Enemy now are, we
cannot with certainty say, that the exchanges will immediately take
place ; except as to Daniel Campbell, for whom \l'' Bradford had sent
a man from this place before your Letter came to hand. You may
assure the friends of these unfortunates, that we shall do every thing
in our power towards obtaining their releasement from Captivity.

October 18 [W. Smallwood, Annapolis to His Excellency Governor Lee]

Brown Book „ - ,,,1-. ■ , ^ i

No. 5 Doctor Murray has recommended the Persons mentioned below

Letter ^g proper objects for Discharges, judging they will not be fit for

Duty before the Time for which they are engaged expires.

Henry Saxon, Calvert County, Substitute Geo. Wheeler

Nicholas Goldsborough, St. Marys, Draught

Solomon Dixon, St. Marys, Draught

Zachariah Newton, St. Marys, Draught

John Holland, Queen Ann, E. Shore, Substitute Henry Spark

Thomas Monnohon, Harford Count., Substitute Tarman Byford

Patrick Owens, Washington County, Substitute Conrod Hogmires

October 18 [De Grasse, La ville de Paris, to Gov. Lee.]

Brown Book , 1 t- „ r 1 i

No. 7 f have the honor to thank y*" Excellency for the news w you have

Letter 75 been pleased to communicate. I have just desired Gen. Washington
copy] to send me back my troops of w*^ probably he will no longer stand in
need, as L*^ Cornwallis has surrendered, w*^ perhaps you will not have
heard before this reaches you; as soon as they are embarked, I shall
quit the Bay of Chesapeake, & I will endeavour still to contribute to
the welfare of the U. S. in Stopping if I can. Sir Henry Clinton.

I have the honor to be with the most respectful attachment y"' Ex-
cellency's most obd' hum. Serv'

October 18 [^^^ Smallwood, Annapolis, to Gov. Lee.]

Brown Book ... , ^ „ . , . ^

No. 2 1 have thought it necessary to enclose for Consideration 01 your

Letter 15 board, a Copy of a Letter from General Washington, in which you
will observe how solicitous he is to have our Quota compleat, and to
reinforce the Army under General Greene : it will also point out the
Expediency of using every Efifort to furnish as early as possible sup-
plies of Money, Cloathing, Arms and Accoutrements, to enable me

January i-December j/, 1781 527

to comply with his requisitions, by promoting the recruiting Service, October 18
equiping and marching the Levies as soon as they are raised to join ^q"^" °°
the Southern Army. Letter is

I am no Stranger to the want of Resources to accomplish this de-
sirable End, and that the present want of specie, or some other me-
dium must unavoidably retard this Business, yet I wish to call your
Attention in the most pointed manner to objects of such Importance,
that the most speedy and effectual measures may be adopted to sur-
mout these difficulties, and attain the purposes in view.

The General expects the nine Months Men to be equipped and held
ready to march, suggesting that Events may render their Service
necessary I am sensible their services can be of little Importance
unless they can be better clad ; as neither the Law, nor your Stock of
Stores on hand admit of this, I shall submit the Propriety of fur-
ioughing for eight or ten days all such who can get cloathing at
Home, and who may be depended on to return. Should they go into
the Field in their present State, I am apprehensive few of them
would survive their sufferings, and I am persuaded the State has
already, and will sustain the loss of many under this description who
went out in the third and fourth Regiments.

It is near a year since any Cloathing or Stores have been sent the
Officers and Soldiers of the two old Regiments in Carolina, the
former being by this Time relieved, it will only be necessary to sup-
ply the latter ; they amount I imagine inclusive of the Maryland Artil-
lery to six Hundred ; each Man will want a Blanket, Hat, Coat, Vest
one pair of Woolen, two pair of Linen Overals, two shirts, two
Pair of Shoes, two Stocks, and two pair of Stockings or Socks ; the
Conduct and Fortitude of these Men under there hardships and suf-
ferings entitle them to the greatest Attention, I must therefore en-
treat you to make the necessary Provision as soon as possible, that
I may have the supplies forwarded as the Season is approaching in
which the want of them cannot be dispensed with, at the same time
I should be happy in receiving the full Sum in specie directed by the
Assembly to be advanced the Officers and Soldiers as soon as it can
possibly be made up that the same may be forwarded to those in the
Field, and paid to such as remain in the State

It will also be necessary to make up, and forward the defiency of
Cloathing due the third and fourth Reg" ; especially Blankets, Woolen
Overals, Shirts and Shoes, which will be very essential in the Cli-
mate where they now are

[G° Washington, Head Quarters before York, to Major Gen. October 6

Smallwood.] Nar^""*"

I have received your favor of the 26''' of September I should have ^''«'' '°
esteemed it a fortunate circumstance to have had the pleasure to have
fell in with you on my route to Virginia


Letters to the Goz'enwr and Council

October 6 The 50 men engaged for three years and the war, of the Maryland
Brown Book ]j^^^^ which you mention I could wish should be moved on as soon
Letter 16 as may be, equipped in the best manner you are able to effect ; the nine
months men are not so necessary perhaps to be sent on immediately,
I wish however they may be equipped & held in constant readiness
to come on if needed — it is impossible at this moment to foresee all
the events which may render their services of importance

General Greene's little army having been so much reduced by
frequent Battles and Losses, it is of the utmost importance to recruit
the Troops assigned to him in the speediest manner and to the fullest
compliment possible I must therefore desire that you will continue
your exertions in superintending that service, especially as were you
to join me on the present enterprise the several commands are already
so filled that I should find it very difficult to dispose you in such man-
ner as I could wish and your merits deserve

I am Dear Sir with esteem your most obed' Serv'

October 18 [Pat Sim Smith, Calvert, to Gov. Lee.]

Red Book

No. 27 I shall send ofif my third Drove of Beef Cattle for George Town

Letter 148 g^rly tomorrow morning. 1 have receipts for one hundred head al-
ready delivered them and hope to get away my last Drove in the
course of the next week.

The Cattle purchased in this County will amount to between Six
& Seven pounds Currency each, upon an average. I have given as-
surance to the people that they shall have their money Immediately
and as they are in want of it to pay their assessments (for which
only it is now of any use to them) I shall be glad of a Supply for
the purpose by return of the Post, my present Stock being almost
exausted. I suppose about £500 more will be nearly sufficient for
the purchase & I wish to be informed if I am to settle & pay the assis-
tants & drovers or send these afterwards to Annapolis, these ex-
pences will be considerable but could not be avoided — indeed the red
money is of so little value now that it is with the utmost difficulty I
can employ any person for it.

A Body of the Jersey & other Continental Troops were sometime
put on shore at the mouth of Patuxent on their way to Virginia,
they were supplied during their stay with State flour from Col°
Fitzhughs mill, and the Inhabitants in the neighbourhood furnished
them with some Beef and Mutton, for which the Officers gave them
Certificates — these they have since sent to me with an Expectation
that I am to pay them — have made application for the money alledg-
ing that it was Beef they intended to let me have for the State.

However as I apprehend I have nothing to do with it, I have prom-
ised those Gentlemen to write your Excellency & Honors on the
Subject and must beg to be informed if there is a probability of their
being paid & How they are to proceed for that purpose.

I have the Certificates in my possession

January i-December j/, 1/81 529

[Joseph Ford, St Mary's County, to Gov. Lee.] (Favered by October 20
Mr. E. Fenwick)

I should have made returns for last month before this time but
have been prevented by a detension of My Book by the Commissioner
of the Tax at the Request of M"" Calhoun, for near a month and have
only been in Possession of it Two days and was preparing returns
to have sent up by express but happening to meet with M'' Edward
Fenwick going to Annapolis before they were finished I take that
oppertunity to enform your Excellency that the People here have by
some means got information that the Commissaries in other Coun-
ties are paying the whole for the Beef cattle they collect from the
people, this has caused some uneasiness among those that I have had
of, and difficulties in my collections

I have purchased of the Two last orders 353 Head 153 I have
sent to George Town about Sixty to collect as soon as they can be
got together and Branded they shall be sent forward to George
Town, which I expect will be some time next week I do not think
it will be possible to make up the 500 without distressing the People
exceedingly I shall make up 400 without much seizure but if the
whole it must be done by Violence In my conclusion I must begg
leave To submit a supposition of what 400 Beeves will cost with
the expence incur'd in collecting and driving to George Town, and
after deducting what money I have received from that sum, I should
be Glad that your Honble Board would give An Order for the Bal-
lance or so much of it as may be thought the Counties Proportion,
I shall make particular returns of Last and this Months Purchases
with an Account of the expences incur'd thereon by the next safe

400 Beeve each including the 5"^ q*^ 435 @ 4"^ is £2900

expences collecting & Driving to Geo. Town 300

Cash Rec'' by Post & Coll Forrest 1300

Bal £1900 October 21

" Col. Hen-

[Tho' Nelson Tr, Camp before York, to Governor Lee] dricks is

requested to

"When I wrote yesterday I forgot to observe to vou that the Mili- °'^'*^ ^'^'^ "?*

. . most spc^Qv

tia of this State have orders to conduct the British Prisoners al- conveyance'

lotted for Frederick Town, only to the Borders of vour State. Your ^9. 'i^""??'

oils Alex-
Excellency will therefore be pleased to make the necessary Prepara- andria 28th

tions for their Reception. I am not so well acquainted with the ^'^\7 ^''^,,

Geography of the upper Country as to be able to inform you at what &' deliver 'd

Ferry they will cross, but they will be marched by the most direct Imediately.

Route from Winchester to Frederick Town. Hendicks"]


530 Letters to the Governor and Council

October 21 [Ja'' Trapnall to Col" Ed. Cockey]


Take notice that I inform you that I have Join'd Captain Benjamin

Nicholson's Troop of Hght Dragoons and therefore Resign'd my

Commission which is Second Lieutennant of Captain Stephen Gales

Company of Maiitia —

October 22 [Petition of Henry Cyple of the City of AnnapoHs To his Excellency
Red Book t-, c - t t- rn

No. 27 Ihomas bmi Lee Esq"^]

Letter 36

Your petitioners wife was by a certain Mary Logan presented in
the General Court for an Assault on the said Mary & an Indictment
found thereon.

That in the absence of your Petitioner his wife was perswaded to
.submit the matter to the Court under a protestation of Innocence,
that in consequence thereof & she being wholly Ignorant of court
proceedings thought Evidence unnecessary — the court proceeded to
P'ine her, and did so to the Amount of £15. Specie

That your Petitioner & his wife are well known in this City and
he has the happiness to insinuate to your Excellency that they are,
and ever have been Esteemed by all their neighbours and acquain-
tance quiet, peaceable and orderly people.

That from the most indecent and abusive Language accompanied
with violent strokes with a stick, so far provoked your Petitioners
wife that upon wresting the Stick out of her Hands she returned
some of the Blows she had received.

That the said Mary Logan from the vicious habit of Drinking &
her ungovernable passions subjects herself to the ridicule of some &
to the Pity of others, insomuch that Molly Logan's Capers (as they
are called) are become a mere adage.

That if your petitioner had been apprized of the aforesaid Sub-
mission & had been in Town, he is Conscious and well assured that
he could have procured such Testimony relative to the matter as
would have made the invidious machinations of the said Mary recoil
with obloquy upon herself.

That if your Excellency should think it expedient or necessary
your pef by good Evidence could prove that so far from his wife
being the Agressor she had like to have become an Innocent Victim
to the rage of a Malignant, jealous drunken woman

Your Petitioner therefore prays your Excellency to take the prem-
isses into consideration and to grant him such relief therein, as you
in your wisdom shall think just and meet.

January i-Deccinber Jf, I'jSi 531

[Chas. Blake, Corsica, to His Ex: Tho^ S: Lee Esq''] October 23

(p"" M - Middleton)

By M'' Middleton I send to Col° Blaine 17729 pounds of Beef
Salted as order'd I wish to have Vessels as soon as possible to
send off the rest, as they are growing worse. I have 3 large odd of
three hundred head, have sent off 55 head by Middleton; as soon as
the hurry is over I shall do myself the pleasure to wait on y'' Ex:
with my Acc'^ but cannot spare time at present

[P. S.] No Vessels to be had here I wish you'd order Vessels as
soon as possible.

[H. Hollingsworth, Head of Elk, to His Excellency, Thomas S. October 23
Lee, Esqr, In Council.] No'' 3^0°°''

And please your Excell^ and Honours. Your Several Letters I better 45
have been honored with, am very unhappy that I have not had it
more in my power to comply with that of the 24"^ of September,
wherein you request me to have the several requisitions of your
Honorable Board Executed, and to make a return of the quantity
the Several County Commissaries have a certainty of procuring in a
short time.

As to the latter I flatter myself we shall be able and willing to com-
ply with the requisitions of your Excellency & Honors, but to say
how soon depends on the event of providence large quantitys of
wheat is collected and collecting, but the want of water to Manufac-
ture it in the lower Countys, or Vessels to bring it here retards the
execution of your orders, and could it be brought here, our streams
are now the lowest they ever were in the memory of the oldest man,
of course many Mills not able to work, I have given orders to the
Several Commissaries to use their utmost exertions and have given
them all the powers to impress Vessels waggons &c that you were
pleased to Honor me with, and have earnestly Intrusted that they
make me returns of the quantity they have a certain prospect of ob-

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