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taining in a short time, which I doubt not they will do as soon as in
their power, but it is a work of some time. I look on it we are
obliged to comply with the requisition as soon as possible, the quan-
tity of flour I have been able to deliver since the first of September
is about one thousand Barrels at this Post Exclusive of about 200
Delivered at Xteen and Phila''^ apart of which I have borrowed and
am paying, and to pay for in wheat, I have been obliged lately to en-
gage to give wheat at Market price and to receive Common Flour
at 16/8 p C the common Flour thus received has the Midlings in it
(but not the Ship Stuff) I have now six Mills in this County going
on in this way, and could I get wheat enough sent me could do a
great deal, though am prodiguouly pushed for money to buy Casks,

532 Letters to the Governor and Council

October 23 nails, pay waggonage, Freight, Eaggs, and a number of other things
^^'^^°°'"' which nothing but my pressure has kept alive, shall as soon as the
Letter 45 circumstance will at any rate admit of it make a sale of some wheat
or Flour, unless furnished, by your Excellency & Honors, as the red
money wont do unless to pay a part of the Tax, and we in this
County have been so eaten up by the Army, that we have certificates,
enough for that, and should I offer to force it, a depreciation must
be the consequence, the people are now calling on me daily with their
certificates for pasturage and Forage furnished Col° Yeates and the
Army at your request, as this is a matter a Little out of the common
road of my first appointment, shall be much obliged to your Excel-
lency & Honors to be enabled to discharge it as I am kept near one
half my time unhappy by duners and detained and delayed in my
other business. Hay and short Forage is another matter which I am
at great difficulty for, Colo. Yeates calls on me for it, and says he has
a right to do so, I have no mode of making payment, as the sherifif
flatly refuses taking my Certificates for Forage in discharge of Taxes
(nor will the commissioners direct him) of course the post must be
without Forage unless I stake my private fortune for it, which I
have done for above one thousand pounds and am now dunn'd for
the money.

Inclosed you have the subscription paper sent me with such Sub-
scribers as I could collect, shall send of a messenger to-morrow to
wait on each commissary of this Shore in his County for their Re-
turns to the last of this month, by which messenger I shall further
enjoin it, that their prospect for a month to come be containd (as
near as may be) which as soon as obtained shall be sent you, this 1
must do by Messenger express, as should I leave this place to go this
Tour (as you were pleased to recommend) every thing must stop
here, and I am confident of doing more essential service here, then
it is possible for me to do any where else, the few Mills below that
can grind will be kept going and the cattle will be slaughtered, and
salted no doubt, as it requires little Skill to cure meat to keep one
month only, which is the present mode (as tis immediately wanted)
M"^ Tilghman 4* and the Special Council will I am confident, yield
every assistance, and the very first Hour that the Service (here) will
by any means admit of it, I will certainly (like the poor widow) add
my mite to their Indeavours I am very sorry to write such a long letter
but I have so many subjects to Touch on, so many difficulties to en-
counter, and so little in my Head or hands to do it with, that I flatter
myself your Excellency & Honors will Indulge it, and Look on it as
the weak efforts and struggles of one desirous to do good, though
much Hobbled in difficulties, from which pray Assist to Extricate,
Gentlemen Your most devoted & Most obed H''''^ Serv'

January i-Decemher 31, ij8i


We do hereby become subscribers of the sums affixed to our names,
on the scheme for an emission, in pursuance of the act for the emis-
sion of bills of credit not exceeding two hundred thousand pounds,
on the security of double the value in lands, to defray the expences
of the present campaign.

October 23
Red Book
No. 30
Letter 45

Subscribers Names

Joseph Gilpin
Sam' Thomas
H. Hollingsworth
David Smith
Sam' Gilpin

Samuel Maffith
Stephen Hyland
Thos. Huggins
Da'' Ricketts

Real Estate rn Lands

all his Real Estate

Part Triple Union

all His Real Estate

Part of Susquehannah manor

Part of a tract of Land call*^ Coxes

p' Vanbibber forrest
his real Estate
his real Estate
Real Estate


* Lotts




Red Book
No, 30
Letter 127
form signed
by subscrib-

[Petition of George Fleming To His Excellency Thomas Sim

Lee Esq""]

The humble petition of George Fleming sheweth that your peti-
tioner being left by his L^ncle M"" Simon Vashon in possession of a
house jointly with a certain Mary Coghlan who by her repeated ill
behaviour has provoked your petitioner to strike her so that himself
& security have forfeited their recognizances amounting to the sum
£150 specie for which Sciere facias's have been issued & served,
your petitioner being an unexperienced young man not yet of age &
dependant on his Uncle for Support who has been absent upwards
of two years & is thereby rendered incapable of paying said sum
which will consequently fall on his Securitys & greatly distress them
unless your Excellency will be pleased to relieve your petitioner from
this distressing penalty and as in duty bound your petitioner for your
prosperity & happyness will always pray &c.

Wee the Subscribers do recommend the above petitioner to your
Excellencys Clemmency.

John Cradock ; Thos. Sellers ; Peter Shepherd.

Rob' Lemmon; And. Buchanan;

John Moale ; Isaac V. Bibber ;

October 24
Red Book
No. 26
Letter 113

[Nath. Greene, Head Quarters, high hills of Santee, to Gov. Lee.]

Inclosed I send you a Return of the troops belonging to your
State serving with this Army, and I am happy to hear of a consid-
erable force having arrived in Virginia under General Gist, & joined
General Washington in his operations against Lord Cornwallis.
Those reinforcements could they have reached us a little earlier
would have been of great importance; for the want of which I have
been in the greatest distress, however by patience and perseverance

October 24
Brown Book
No. 8
Letter 12
" referred to
the Comni.
on the
service "]

534 Letters to the Governor and Council

October 24 we have overcome all difficulties. The gallant behavior of your line
Brown Book j,^ jj^g ]^gj. action, places them in the highest point of military glory.
Letter 12 This appears to me to be a Crisis of American affairs. If General
"re"erredto ^^'ashington is successfull against Lord Cornwallis, which hardly
the Comm. admits of a doubt, it will afiford leisure and opportunity to the united
recruking States, provided they improve it properly, of preparing themselves
service"] to meet the enemy upon more equal ground than they have con-
tended with them for a long time past, not to say, from the begining
of the War. I hope Maryland will loose no time in compleating her
line to the establishment it will give security to herself & proper aid
to her distressed neighbours, who have suffered more by the war
than she has.

I wish you an honorable and happy administration, beloved by
your friends & feared by your enemies.

With sentiments of esteem & regard, I have the honor to be Sir
Your most obedient Humble Servant

October 24 [Stephen Steward & Jno. Dorsey & Co., Annapolis, to the Council.]

^ No°27 ^^^ ^^^ informed that about 100 Ships & Briggs have been Cap-
Letter 149 tured at York and are the property of our Ally. If the Board incline
to Purchase any Vessells of Force for Defence of the Bay, or any
Vessells to Export — M'' Stephen Steward Jun*" will if authorised,
endeavour to Buy of Count De Grass such Vessells as the Governor
& Council may Direct, the Purchase Money payable in Flour or To-
bacco. As we propose to empower M"" Steward to Purchase Vessells
for us to the Ainount of £8000 Specie, We should Esteem it as a
Perticular favour if the Board would give M"" Steward an Introduc-
tion to the Count De Grasse with an Assurance that his Contracts
not Exceeding the above sum will be Punctually Complied with.

October 25 [Rich'd Dallam, Harford County, to Gov. Lee.]

The New money has no Credit in this County not an Article is to
be procured with it

M"' Osborn by the approbation and Consent of the Commission-
ers [damaged] the Commission Business. I am named as Commis-
sar}' at their request because they could not appoint M"' Osborn he be-
ing Collector, M'' Osborn inforins me that he was obliged to sell four
head of Cattle at Baltimore But of the last drove to enable him to
send the remainder on, he applyed to M'' Calhoun but could get no
assistance. He has sent off upwards of 100 & has an other drove to
send on but cannot get drovers He tells me it will be impossible to
procure the whole Number of Cattle required without taking 2 years
old & striping the people of the Provisions necessary for their Fami-
lies. He has had much trouble in collecting Cattle

I know & experience that meat is very scarce in this Coui:ty. Your
Excellency will Please to give what assistance is possible to enable
him to do what can be done

January i-Decembcr j/, i/Si 535

My situation is distressing I have staked my Credit & sold my October 25
Property for payment of debts & am still subject & am threatned
with such on public Ace' and a late Act of Assembly deprives me
even of the hopes of being enabled to pay. I have flour on hand on
which are due considerable sums for Cash Cartage &c.

It has been out of my power to forward it not a Vessel to be had
the greater part is sour'd Some Wheat still remains there not being
water for the Mills to grind, Could I get from the Sherif the money
for wheat I have grantd Executions for the 15 p C & 4/ Taxs I
might thereby be enable to goe on, but he does [not] I believe think
ever of paying it in, tho' he must long agoe have received the money.
I shall be Pleased to hear how I can get it out of his hands

[Pat Sim Smith, Calvert, to Gov. Lee.] October 25

Red Book
I yesterday received a letter from M'' Calhoun the Commissar}^ No. 27

General dated the 29''' Sepf requiring me to send the Flour remain-
ing in the County immediately to George Town to be Conveyed to
the Army, where it was much wanted. As this is a round about way,
to York where the Army lay, and I apprehend there will be a change
in the Arrangement from the late Glorious Event. I shall decline
sending it that Route, and must request the direction of ^'our Excel-
lency & Council where it shall be deposited as it may be some time
before I could hear from M"' Calhoun.

I have now a large Quantity of wheat on hand & Cant get it manu-
factured for the want of Barrells, I have taken every Step in my
power to procure them without Effect, there being no Coopers here
who will undertake to supply me, and unless I can be furnished from
Annapolis or else where, fear a great part of the wheat will be lost.
I have received £600 Cash by M'' Woolfe, I sent off my third Drove
of Cattle for George Town on Friday last and am now Collecting
the last drove which will be ready in a few days. I shall wish to know
if they are to be seiit to the same place or where else.

I will send a list of the Flour used by the Continental Troops
whilst at the mouth of Patux' with the certificates for that & the
other provision they seized, to the Auditor General as soon as I get
the whole together.

[Stephen Steward to the Council.] October 26

Red Book
We are much Disappointed In giting a boat to Gary Stephen and No. 27
Captain belt Down the Bay to Yorke If it is Convenient to you to Letter 144
let us have the Platter Carry them Down to ^'orke I will hear after
Do as much work to hir as will Com to the Hire of hir. Captain
Belt will tell you our Necessity so If you Can Conveniently Spare hir
you will lay us under the Greatest obligation If there is any services
Stephen Can Render the Council at Yorke he will do it with Pleshur

536 Letters to the Governor and Council

October 27 [M. Gist, Camp York, to His Excellency Governor Lee]

No. 3 Major Giles left this place the 20* Instant, by whom I make
Letter 71 no doubt you have been informed of the capitulation & surrender
of the British Garrisons of York & Gloster. I have now the honor
to enclose you a list of the prisoners amounting to 7050 exclusive
of Seamen. 74 pieces of Brass & 140 of Iron Ordinance, with up-
wards of 10,000 Stand of Arms and a large quantity of stores &'^
have fallen into our hands the further particulars of which with the
articles of capitulation, you will find publish'd in the public prints.

His Lordships defence of the post was not so obstinate as might
be expected from an experienc'd and determined Officer, his errors
impartially displayed wou'd increase his misfortunes and probably
involve him in difficulties with the ministry as hazardous as those
experienced thro' his Military operations in America.

His Excellency General Washington having since concerted mea-
sures with the Count De Grasse for our future operations — our
Artillery and Stores are in consequence thereof embarking — perhaps
Wilmington may be our first object.
Brown Book Enclosed is the State of my Brigade, exclusive of the Regiment

No. 3 Qf Virginians attach'd to it. The men enlisted to serve "till the lo""
Letter 70 -

Dec'' will be drawn from the others & left here, under proper Officers.

I L' General

1 Brigadier Gen'

2 Colonels

14 L' Colonels

15 Majors
90 Captains

175 Lieut.
46 Ensigns

3 Cornets

4 Chaplains
6 Adjutants

18 O"' Masters

18 Surgeons
25 Mates

385 Serjants
179 Drums & Fifes
5953 Rank & file

I Town Mayor

I Commissary of Prisoners

I Ass' Q' Master

1 Field Inspector

3 Hospital Surgeons
10 Mates

2 Purveyors

4 Stewarts
2 Ward Masters

19 Assistants

Hospital department

January i-December 31, 1781 537

2 Carpenters

4 Dep^ Commissaries of Issues

4 D° D° of Forrage

2 Ass' Commissaries

2 Clarks

■Commiss"" Dept.

Brown Book
No. 3
Letter 70

3 Issuers

2 Coopers
I Labourer

I Conductor ] „, t-.
25 Waggonersr^'^^g"" ^'^^''"^^
I Commissary of Military Stores
3 Conducters


5 D° of Horses
1 1 Artifices
4 Provost Marshal

?^Iilitary Stores

I D" Ass'

total 7050. 80 followers

f the Army

[Cha= Blake, to His Ex : Tho^ S. Lee Esq''] (p*^ M - Bash) October 28

I am to inform y'' Excell : that I have three hundred an odd Cat-
tle still on hand ; have sent in Middleton 55 head those on hand
will in a little time be unfitt for use as they are losing fast. I hope
you'll send Vessels for them or order them ofif immediately as they
will be good for very little in a little time the grass being all gone.

[Col° Wm Bordley, Chester, Kent Co to His Excell'"^ Thos. Sim October 29
Lee Esq""] (p Mr. Spencer's Boat)

I am of opinion, that it is absolutely necessary that one or more
Boats, should remain at Rock Hall, to keep open a communica-
tion between the Eastern & western shores, I mean that those Boats
should be exempt from being impressed into the public service,
except for the purpose of conveying intelligence, soldiers &c. from
hence to Annapolis. I have wrote this in consequence of M"" Spencers
application who informed me, that y"' Excellency required, something

from under my hand relative to this matter. October 29

Red Book
No. 27

[Henry W. Archer, Lieut. Legion Cavalry, Annapolis, to Gov. Lee.] Letter 3

On the receipt of a letter from Cornet Jordon informing me that
there were a number of saddles and bridles in the possession of
M' Bullen belonging to the State of Maryland, which the Governor
& Council would supply the Legion with if the United States would
give them credit for the same, I applied to the board of war, they
refered me to the financier Gen' who directed me to write to enquire
into the quality and price of the articles and make a report thereof.

Thinking I could much better do this in person, and at the same
time adjust some other public business I set off from Philadelphia

538 Letters to the Governor and Council

October 29 and came to this place at my own expence which upon an average
^^'\?°°'^ amounted to four Silver dollars p day. As this is an expence my
Letter 3 pocket is ill calculated to sustain, I beg leave to submit it to the wis-
dom and justice of your Excellency and the honorable the Council
whether I shall not be repaid it.

October 29 [W'il : Livingston, Trenton to His Excellency The Governor

of Maryland]

A certain Muliner who was lately executed in this State for several
Robberies, & other capital felonies, had. before he plundered on
shore, committed various depredations at Sea. During his piratical
Cruises he took several prisoners, Citizens of different States in the
Union. These he used to parole & dismiss. The inclosed parole, I
find he took from Inhabitants of your State. It will I suppose be a
satisfaction to the people concerned to have it back, for which pur-
pose I do myself the honour to transmit it to Your Excellency as the
surest way of its getting safe to their hands & am with the greatest

[Parole of Will" Van hollon [William Mullhon?] County Aco-
mac Alaryland, [Virginia]. Henry Bunyon, County Calvert, Samuel
Lambson County Worcester and John Rain [Rine ?] County Worces-
ter taken by Joseph Mulliner and Daniel Brooks. May 31, 1781

October 29 [David Poe, D. O. M., Baltimore, to Gov. Lee.]

I Beg leave to inform your Excellency and the Honourable Coun-
cil that I have lately had orders from the Commiss'' Gen' of Milla-
tary Stores to procure a Number of Craft to go to Susquehannah
to load with Stores and then to proceed to Head Quarters in Vir-
ginia, there is also Provisions Sent from the Head of Elk to this place
to be Shiped for Virginia owing to the want of proper Craft at that
place to proceed down the Bay, we have also some Flour here which
is wanted with the Army the whole I believe amounts to about 800
Ton of Shiping I have procured a part which is Sent to Susquehan-
nah, but from so many Vessels in this Harbour which I am told
belongs to Gentlemen of the French Nation who says they are not
to be interupted in their Trade, should 100 part of a Vessel belong
to any of them. I am unable for want of proper Craft to have the
Public Stores sent Down therefore would be Glad to be advised by
your Excellency about the French property I would beg your At-
tention to Another matter which is the Difficulties I every Day
labour under from the Owners of Teams I Employed this summer
for Public Service owing to the want of Money to pay them the
sums due to each is so small that numbers will never go to your City
for it, they are Growing so Clamours that I need never pretend to
get Waggons for Public Service again unless I can satisfy the

January i-December 31, 1781 539

People by some means or other the whole amounts only to about October 29
£1250 for hire of Teams and that is due to near 300 Persons If your
Excellency should think proper to order that Sum to be sent me of
the new Money by the Bearer it would be Confering a Particular
favour on me and I can Venture to say it would be Serving the
Public much, as Individuals would be much Readier to Serve in
future, I would also Beg that you will if Possible order some money
to be sent me for the Line of Express as I am unable otherwise to
keep it going.

I hope you will Excuse me for being Troublesome necessity
Urges me to Write as such a Number of Creditors Threatning to
Commence Suits for there money, and indeed some has already
Done it.

[John H. Cromwell, Cecil County, to Governor Lee] October 30

I find in the publick papers an advertisement setting forth the
Sale of all the Estate of James Russell & Com^ merch*' in London, on
the 10''' Day of November next on the premises, part of the Land ad-
joins Land of mine & I am very desirous of becoming a purchaser ;
and being Administrator of John Ham"* Dorsey Late of Bait'
County Deceased I have Lodged a very Considerable sum of Money
in the Office under the Act of Assembly to pay the Debt Due from
said Dorsey's Estate to Great Britain tS; he Owing Others I am
Called on to Settle the Estate which if not Done I shall become a
sufferer & as I have no way to Extricate myself from this Difficulty
or to Embrace an Oppertunity of purchasing Land which might be
of Considerable advantage to me as well as some Little to the State,
but by applying to your Excelency & the Honorable Council for per-
mission to Attend said Sale & Liberty to settle my Accounts, I have
taken this method of making my Application hoping you will take
the above into Consideration and grant my request which will be a
great advantage to me & Cannot be a disadvantage to any one & To
the community at large. I am besides all this Deprived of the sight
of my family being almost thirty miles Distant and have never seen
them since I Left Annapolis Except on my way here not having it
in my Power to bring them to this place, on ace' of it being put into
the hands of a man for a term which is not yet Expired- — resting on
Your Excelency & Honors Goodness to relieve me from such Diffi-
culties & hardships.

[Joseph Ford to Gov. Lee.] [October]

Your Excellencies favor by Coir Forrest with Eight Hundred
Pounds of the last emission I received and am sorry to find that 1
have made contracts that should be thought inadmissable by your
Hon''''^ Board but as my Instructions were not against Tobacco con-
tracts I thought they might be admitted of unless unreasonable and

540 Letters to the Governor and Council

[October] to make that appear it may be necessary to inform your Honb'^
Board of the prices Tobacco and Bacon, currently sold with us for
at the time of them contracts, in gold and silver Tobacco Plenty
at and under [illegible] Bacon scarce at [illegible] I had some of the
last emitted money of the Public in my Hands, but I could not procure
Bacon for it because it was Subject to depreciation and the Holders of
it chose to discharge there Public Assesment in other Articles which
they could much easier spare the recruits & Draughted men were
wanting provisions for immediate use and to forward them to An-
napolis and Bacon was not to be had unless I would agree either to
give Tobacco or hard money, those reasons induced me to make the
contracts in Tobacco, I am in hopes that Tobacco may Issue to dis-
charge the contracts already made and in future I shall take care to
Avoid them. I have sent of to Geo Town one Hundred and fifty
Three Beeves and expect in a few days to send forward as many
more. The last requisition of Three Hundred Head I am fearful!
cannot be made up without distressing our people much.

[October] [The Petition of William Proctor Junior To His Excellency Thomas
Blue Book gjj^ Lee, and His Honorable Council]

Letter i8 Humbly Sheweth. That your Petitioner was lately drafted to
serve as a Soldier till the lo* of December next, and has received
orders to march, which He is not able to comply with by reason of
his bodily infirmities, that your Petitioner has been for three years
last past, and stil is, in a very infirm and sickly State, and as his com-
plaint is of the Consumptive kind He has little prospect of recovery.
Added to this mismortune. He is very poor, and has a sickly wife and
three children, which live on the Bay side exposed to the Enemy, and
which He can scarcely support with the bare necessaries of life, under
these Circumstances your Petitioner Humbly begs your Excellency
and Honours will be pleased to excuse him from marching, and per-
mit him to remain with his poor helpless Family and He as in duty
bound will ever pray.

I am not acquainted with the above petitioner but from the report
of his neighbours I believe the contents of his petition are true

W" Ennalls William Thomas (p'

Tho' Barnett Hanley Byus

Roger Jones (p'

We the Subscribers are acquainted with the within William Proctor
and are Satisfied the contents of his Petition are true.

Ezekiel Vickars Henry Claridge

Joseph Hubbard Cap' James Claridge

James Bryan Joseph Payn Sen*"

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