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of a poor helpless charge, having no other support than the depen-
dance of Pet" Daily Labour.

Your honours kind interposition will not only Taken as one of
the greatest favours but Pef As in Duty bound will ever pray

Benj'" Browning Charles Fr. Niemanne Adam Devilbiss

Henry Wickham John Brown George Beckwith

Jacob Cookerly Nicolas Hog George Wrodes

Mat. Myler Jn° Chapman Jacob Wrodes

November27 [Ja^ Calhoun, Baltimore to the Governor & Council]

The bearer of this M*" John Roberts of Frederick County is by
Trade a Tanner and has been well recommended to me. He waits
on Your Excellency & the Hon'^''^ Council respecting the Hides of
the Cattle Slaughtered at Frederick Town which he is desireous
either to purchase or Tan for the State I believe him to be a Person
worthy employment should it be thought most eligable to have them
Tanned and I am informed he can give proper security for any bar-
gain he may make.

November28 [Tho^ Williams, L'pper Marlbro to His Excell>' Tho^ Sim Lee Esq']

(By Capt. Handy)

AP David Craufurd has committed to my Goal a man by the
Name of Jn° Conway who was Impeached by a M"' Handy. I
hope your Excellency & the Hon° Council will be pleas'd to say what
I am to do with him as its said he does not come under the predecim'
of a Prisoner of War — But a Spy.

January i-Decembcr 31, I'jSi 559

[James [Hendricks], Alexandria, to David Craufurd Esq'', Upper November27
Marl™] (p' Cap' Handy)

Inclos'd is a deposition taken before me by Capt. Handy, the man
Charg'd acknowledges he hath frequently Supply 'd the enemy but
does not think its Criminal as they are Both inhabitants of your
State will do nothing with them here.

[Deposition of Joseph Handy] Novemberay

I Joseph Handy of Somerset County State of Maryland do dipose
that being in a party of L' Horse comanded by Col° Done some
time in June last came to the House of W"" Dickson in s** County
we saw a Schooner Boat coming up Colborns Creek which we sup-
pos'd belong'd to the enemy on which we fir'd on the Boat, the
People on Board endeavour'd to turn her out of the Creek on failure
of which they to the number of about Eight leap'd out and made
their escape, amongst which was a Certain John Conway that s**
Conway is advertised in Somerset County by the inhabitants as a
disaffected person and a Considerable reward Offerd for him, that
I myself with many others have often been in pursuit of s** Conway

Fairfax C° Virg^ ss The above Joseph Handy was Sworn before November29
me this 2^^^^ Nov'' 1781 James Hendricks

[Thos Beall of Geo. for T. Richardson, Geo. Town, to His Excel-
lency, Tho'' S. Lee Esq'']

I am to Acquaint you that the several Mills in this County, ap-
pointed for the Reception of the F*ublick wheat, are all full & if I
am not supplied with hard money I shall not be able to procure flour

The Coopers will not work unless I pay them as soon as the work is
done and delivered, the Mills above mentioned are standing still for
want of Barrells — have agreeable to your Orders sold thirty Bar-
rells of flour belonging to the State and have Supplied Coll° J.
George at this place with Beef Barrells, have likewise dele'' Coll.
George all the Publick Salt I had on hand which was about twelve

[John Hanson, Presid't, Philadelphia, to Gov. Lee.] Novembersi

Your Excellency will receive enclosed herewith a copy of an Act i]
of Congress of the 23'' instant respecting infractions of the laws of KedBook
nations, and the erection of proper tribmials for punishing them. Letter 123

Such is the importance of the objects recommended in that Act,
and, so obvious is the necessity for some regulations respecting
them, that I feel satisfied they will engage the immediate attention
of your Excellency & the Legislature of your State.

560 Letters to the Governor and Council

[November] [And. Buchanan, Bait. County, to His Excell^ Tho^ Sim Lee Esq'']

Lieu' Co' Charles Carnan and Major Joseph Gist of Col. Ham-
mond Batta" having resigned their Commissions, the Batta" at a
]\Ieeting recommend that Capt Nathan' Stinchcomb be appointed
Lieu' Col° and Cap' Elias Dorsey Major in their steads. I suppose
they may be Equal to any in the Battalion, if you Approve of them
be Pleased to forward their Commis"^

Decembers [Chas. M. Croxall to Gov. Lee.]

In consequence of information by a Gentleman from New York —
and hearing the intentions of your Excellency & Council to draw on
Congress or Financier for Specie for the supplying Lt. Cornwallis's
Captive Troops with rations, during their Captivity — I doe myself
the honor of soliciting the preferance to an appointment which may
soon take place in this State ; as negotiator for Provisions for that
part of the Troops, in this State.

By this Gen' I am inform'd on the Capture of L' Cornwallis being
confined in New York, Sir Henry Clinton, and Governor Robinson
express'd their apprehentions that they should be obliged to be put
to extreme inconveniency in supplying those Troops with rations —
unless the States w'' admitt a negotiator to be appointed of by them,
and that negotiator to be allowd, so much p'' ration and receive specie
in New York for the purpose.

As persons who have suffer'd in the service of this State have
ever experienced the attention of your Excellency and Council, in
preferance to others, that added to my having the honor of an ap-
pointment in post issues, I flatter myself with merriting your Atten-
tion on this.

I can say from my own knowledge that during my Captivity,
many hundreds of our Soldiers perished in their Goals for provi-
sions which obliged Congress to appoint a Com'*' in their lines and
send in rations, for the support of our Captives.

Those apprehentions are Justly founded or they would not first
talk of preparations for a Mode, All I wish at present is your Excel-
lencies & Council's recommend" to Congress on the Subject, as
negotiator for this State, in case such a mode is adopted your requi-
sition is only wanting to effect it

Decembers [Tho. Price, Frederick Town, to Gov. Lee.]

I wrote you the 23'' of November last requesting your &: Councils
Instructions relating to some Beef Cattle I had received from Vir-
ginia, which were too poor to be slaughtered this \\'inter. Viz.
whether they should be disposed of by public Sale, or placed out
during the Winter among the neighbouring Farmers. I also re-
quested your Instructions relating to the giving out Liquors as part


January i-December j/, I/81 561

of the Rations, during the Winter to the Guards & Fatigue parties December 3

here. I also requested a supply of Money to make the necessary

Purchase of Liquors for that Purpose. I have now further to add,

that the great Quantity of Hay & Corn I am obliged to impress

the Number of Hands I am obliged to employ in slaughtering &c &c

makes a Supply of Money the more necessary at this Time. If you

will please to recur to my last, of the Date mentioned above, where

these several Points are spoken to more largely, I perswade myself

you will judge your Instructions not unnecessary.

[Jas. Calhoun, Baltimore, to the Council.] December 4

M' Griffith informs me that two Men which he had sent out to col-
lect Cattle for the state went to the Houses of Johannes Bop and
Henry Wareham two ignorant Dutchmen who had three head of
Cattle for Sale, but finding they were wanted for the State and
would be paid for in Paper Money they sent them out of the way,
upon which application was made to two Magistrates, who gave
judgment for their forfeiture, for the use of the State agreeable to
Law. M"" Griffith is of opinion that these Men were unacquainted
with the Law and their conduct proceeded more from ignorance
than any other motive and as they are poor Men that it will be hard
to take their Cattle without any compensation therefore hopes your
Excellency & Hon'''^ Council will please release the forfeiture and
allow him to pay for the Cattle

[Jas. Calhoun, Baltimore, to the Council.] December 4

I had the honour to receive Yours of the 28"' Ult. requesting me
to make an inmiediate return of the Provisions received on Public

Before your letter reached me I had wrote in the most pressing
manner to the different County Com''^^ or their returns expecting
they would be wanted at this time, but have not yet been able to pro-
cure them, I hope they will come in pretty generally this week how-
ever I will at any rate make out the most perfect one that it is in my
power to do in a very few days and either take down myself or
transmit to your Hon'''^ Board. I last summer made out a form of
such a return as I deem'd most proper which was sent to every com''
in my district with a request that they would without fail furnish me
with one agreeable to that form regularly every Month that I might
be enabled to make out a general return & transmit you Monthly,
but many of them pay not the least regard to this request although
repeatedly urged to a complyance therewith

I can at any hour make out a return of all the Provisions that
have passed through my hands but that is a very small part of what
has been supplyd by the State

562 Letters to the Governor and Council

December 4 [John Hanson and Dan'l Carroll, Ph*, to Gov Lee.]

Red Book

No. 5 We have the honor to enclose an extract from the communica-

Letter 90 tions lately made by the Minister of France to Congress, & request
to be informed of the quantity of arms & military Stores you have
ordered, and of any other circumstances relative to this Subject you
may see proper

The Count de Vergennes in a letter dated the 7* of Sepf men-
tions, that in consequence of applications from the States of Vir-
ginia & Maryland, the King had orderd a number of Arms & Mili-
tary Stores to be shiped to them, subject however to the order of
Congress : that these were to be paid for out of the Loan negotiating
in Holland, which he had reason to think wou'd be compleated

Dec. 4 [John Stewart, On board the Porpois, off Hoopers Straights To
%B°°k Go^. Lee.]

This morning at Day light we made the Schooner Active Priva-
teer we immediately dispatch'd Captain Revelly with the Barge and
twenty men to reconoitre her, which he did ; after about five hours
working to wind ward we got within half a mile of her; Capt.
Revelly then with great alacrity fired a Volly into her, and boarded,
this Gentlemans merit is too well known to admit a farther Com-
ment than to say that his Gallantry in this Action could not be sur-
passd even by himself. We have two prizes now in chase therefore
I will conclude this letter by informing y"' ExceP^ that the Capt of
the Prize says the last embarkation from N York is intended for
this Bay where he expects they are now arrived

December 6 [H. Hollingsworth, Head of Elk, to His Excellency, Thos. S.
^'n^o"3o Lee, Esqr.]

" ^' And please your Excellency & Honours Gentlemen on receipt of
yours of the 22'' Nov. Immediately began to Slaughter the Cattle
and sent Express to Col° Blain for the Salt according to your or-
ders. Inclosed you have his answer by which you will be informed
there is none to be expected from him, as about one hundred of the
Cattle were Slaughtered before I received his answer I was obliged
to make use of what Salt I had of my own, and to borrow as much
of my neighbours as would Strike the Beef now slaughtered, but
shall want immediately for the remainder (and to pack the whole;)
as also to pay my debts will thank your Excellency & Honors for
your direction on this matter and how long I am to continue to
Slaughter as the Cattle are falling off, as also whether I am to con-
tinue to supply Col° Yeates with Forage (through the season) and if
so how I am to obtain money to pay for it — whither I can have any
red (and hard) money to pay for the Forage already purchased, (in

January i-Decemher j/, ij8i 563

consequence of your order of the 30'^ August) and if any is to be December 6
had, that you will be pleased to forward by a safe hand as soon as -^^ ^°°
possible such sum as your Excellency & Honours may think meet, Leuersi

[Eph. Blaine, C. G. P., Philad'', to Colo Hollingsworth] Novemberao

Red Book
Your favour of the 28'" Instant came safe to hand and am sorry No. 30

its not in my power to furnish you with salt for the purpose of salting ^ ^^ '^^

what Beef Cattle there remains upon hand. Governments are still

In debt a large quantity and you must make application to them for

what may be necessary for the above purpose

[Pat Sim Smith, Calvert County, to Gov. Lee.] December 6

I have delivered 149 Beef Cattle at George Town and 27 at Fred- No. 27
ericks Town, and have the Quarter Masters and Commissarys re- L^"^'' '57
ceipt for them.

My whole collection will amount to Two hundred & I believe a
few over including Seventeen sent first to Annapolis, and a few
that would not drive. One of which I delivered yesterday to a de-
tachment of Continental Troops, who were on their march thro,
this county to the Northward and were in want of provisions, & two
were left in the drove & have since strayed from the places they were
left at. However I will endeavour to have them found and taken
care of with any others that may remain untill they are Called for.

I have not as yet an Exact Account of the whole collection, but
on a rough Calculation think that the whole Beef will amount to
upwards of £1400. and as I had your directions to pay the Collec-
tors and Drivers Accounts, which together with pasturage for the
Cattle, have proved more Considerable than I expected owing to
the depreciation of the money (especially the last drove sent to
Frederick Town) I find I shall want about £ Three hundred pounds
to pay up the balances now due for the Beef & hope I may be Imme-
diately furnished with it, as the people are in want of it to pay their
assessments, and I gave them assurance they should be paid. I am
also very anxious to close my purchase and render a General Ac-
count of the whole. I must beg leave to assure you that I have been
as saving of the publick money as circumstances would admit, and
flatter myself my Accounts will be as moderate as any others, con-
sidering the Situation of the County, (most of the Cattle being in
the Lower part of it) and the distance we had to drive them, with
many difficulties attending it.

Should no opportunity offer sooner, Hope the money will be sent
me by the Post as I am daily pressed for it.

A large Quantity of wheat has been received for this falls Tax.
the wheat at Col° Fitzhughs Mill, he has engaged to furnish Bar-
rells for, but the remainder with a great deal of the last Springs

564 Letters to the Governor and Council

December 6 Collection and some of my old purchase must continue on hand
Red Book attended with great loss, unless I can be supplied with Barrells from
Letter 157 Annapolis or elsewhere, I have taken every Step in my power to
procure them here without any prospect of Success.

I believe a considerable Quantity of Pork will be paid in the
County for the next January Tax — several applications have already
been made to me, and as the time draws near, if I am to receive it.
I could wish to be furnished with Salt in time. I have engaged some
pork Barrells and think there is a prospect of getting a Sufficient
number for what pork may be Collected here.

December 6 [Stephen Steward, West River, to the Gov & Council.]

No. 27 (P'' Captain Harrison)

Letter 64

I have a vessell about the sise of the Porpass which we Intended
to have loaded with flower If the State would have Paid us any
thing to Inable us to have Bought the flower finding wee are not like
to Git any thing with Sertenty from the State the winter now ad-
vansing fast so that wee are Runing the Danger of our vesell being
Stopt with the frost wee have Determined to Load with tobacco
and flower the tobacco wee have by us the State Holding so much
Muny of ours wee are not able to Buy the flower without Seling some
of our affects therefore wee begg the favor of you gentelmen of
the Counsell to send up 50 bar'^ of your best flower If it is Con-
venient to you an order on your Comesery at Baltemore town would
be most Convenent to us Wee have a Ouanti'^ of tobacco In Phil*
which wee have ordered to be sould for Cash at any Price the muny
wee Cant git In time to Buy the flower or we would not be so trubel-
som to you you may Depend in having the flower Returnd In ten
Days or suner after Calling for it If you have not flower the milers
will Give up flower for Wheat If you will send up wheat, the as-
sembly & Counsell Borowed the Porpass of us last winter She
Returned to us a wreck it tuck up near two months to Repair hir
hull hir Rigen Sails masts yards and spars was so shot to Pises wee
ware oblige to git Everything Intierly new which Cost us £800
when wee Got hir Completed so as to be fit to take In a Cargo wee
Chartred hir to the Counsell wee then Bought a load of fine flower
for the State which Cost up about £600 wee sould a Parsel of Goods
to the State to the amount of £1800 to Cloath the Souldiers with
which wee ware to be Paid for last May the galle I have advanced
full i6oo£ Hard muny If I Charge my mens wages these advances
with many Capetel misfortunes occations me to ask this faver of
the lone of 50 bar'^ of flower of you the Nesbitt the state kept hir
two months from us with Near about 40 Hands at our Expence
I think on the hole it would be much better for my Purse If I had

January i-Dccembcr 31, ijSi 565

acted the Part of a tory or a luke warm whig If I had acted that December 6
Part my Houses would be standing and the State would have got j^^ 27°°
nothing from me but my taxes I beleve many that cals them selves Letter 64
Whiggs has not Paid to this Day

[Petition of Robert Gilchrist of Caroline County] December 7

Unto his Excellency Thomas Sim Lee Governor of Maryland And
unto his honourable Council

Humbly Represents That your petitioner is a native Of Britain
and came early into this Country where he carried on a very exten-
sive and Successful trade, both upon his own Account, and Con-
junct with some Gentlemen of London, until this war put a total
stop thereto, which, your petitioner has suffered so severely by the
Tender Law's being in force so long. And by many and heavy losses
by Sea, that he is now reduced from a State of Genteel and Inde-
pendent affluence, to that of great; if not ridiculous distress, which
moves him to beg, more from necessity, than choice.

That Your Excellency and honours would give him Liberty to
move into the city of New York, that he may remove from thence
to Great Britain or unto the Island of Jamaica, at both which places
he has many friends and relations in very Affluent circumstances,
who have long wished him among them. He begs leave to prefer this
method of removing hence, at least, to that of touching at any
of the Neuter Islands. As when he gets to New York, if Jamaica
should be in possession of our Allies (which is not very improb-
able) or any Accident ma}' have happened to his friends there, he
may shape his course to Britain Accordingly, he at New York
will be supplyed with Cash and Cloths which he now much wants.
Whereas at present it would be difficult for him to raise money to
pay his passage to any of the Neutral Islands, And if he could,
having no friends or acquaintances, at any of them, must be left
destitute and forlorn, and it might be many, many days ere he could
get a passage to Britain or Jamaica, Even by the assistance of
friends or money.

Your Petitioner is farther induced to think your Excellency and
honours will grant his request, as his conduct and behaviour has
been steady, regular and uniform during this Contest, early taking
the Oaths prescribed by Law and behaving in all respects as a peac-
able and dutiful Subject, which he will always endeavour to do re-
move where he will, nor will any rewards, threats or promises, ever
make him forfeit his declared Allegiance to these States, to whom
he wishes all success and will leave with regret.

Your Petitioner humbly prays Your Excellency and honours to
take the above into Consideration and will ever pray &c.

566 Letters to the Governor and Council

December? [Duplicate of the above to the General Assembly of Mar>-land
with the following endorsement " We the Subscribers recommend
the within Petitioner to your Excellency and Council. Geo. Plater,
J. A. Thomas, Uriah Forrest."]

December 7 [Ephraim Blaine, Comy. Gen'l, P., Philad^, to Jas Calhoun, Esq.]

The inclosed letter from M"" Morris to me will shew you his desire
of having all the Specific supplies of Flour and Salted Provisions
in your State forwarded to this place, have therefore to request you
upon rec* of this to give orders to your Assistants to forward all
your flour and Salt Provisions without a moments delay to the
Head of Elk (except such as may be necessary for supplying the
Prisoners at Frederick Town and such Troops as may be passing
your Post at Baltimore as the season is far advanc'd and two Ves-
sels waiting in the Delaware to receive those supplies beg that no
time may be lost in the execution thereof — please to favour me with
a line by the return of the Express and inform what may be ex-
pected to Elk

December 4 [Robt. Morris, Office of Finance, to Ephraim Blaine Esqr,

Comy. Gen'l.]

I am to request that you will as soon as possible bring on hither
and deliver to M'' John Ross Merch' of this City who has my orders
for the disposition of it all such of the specific supply of Flour and
Salted Meat of the States of Delaware & Maryland as can be con-
veniently transported to this place, and that you will deliver to the
use of the Army of his Excellency the Count D : Rochambeau or to
such persons as he may direct to receive the same all the Flour which
may be convenient for delivery there When you shall have taken
your measures on this subject let me know them

December 7 [Moses Hazen, Brig Gen'l, Commandg. at Head of Elk, to His

Brown Book Excellency, Governor Lee.]

No. 8 -^ ■'

Letter 7 It having been represented to me that, the sick Men left at An-
napolis under the care of Lieu' Michael Jackson are in great want of
clothing; I have in consequence thereof directed forty pair of shoes,
forty Vests and Ten damaged coats to be sent them from this post
and as no other Articles of clothing which those men may want, can
be had at this place, and as it would be impracticable to attempt
conveying to them in time the necessary supply from the Deposite
at West — Point, I beg you will supply their real wants to render
their situation as comfortable as possible while at Annapolis, as well
as to enable them to joine their respective Regiments : as soon as
may be. As Hospitals are established at this place, I recommend

January i-December j/, lySi 567

your forwarding those sick by Watter before the bad season for December 7
Navigation in the Bay comes on, of which however You are the >;o°8"^°'*''

best judge Letter 7

I have learnt with some concern, that an attempt has been made
by Cap' John Carlile (late of the Regiment I have the honor to
Command) to receive the loan certificates of the State of Maryland
for the depreciation of wages due to the non commissiond officers
and Men serving in the Regiment, and considered as a part of the
states Quota. I am in possession of a Return made by Capt. Carlile
of those non Commiss"'' off" and Soldiers, under which he has cer-
tifyed that they have not received more Clothing than their allow-
ance by Congress during their time of service, which supposing it
to be true, was impossible for him to know, it being not only out
of the line of his Duty, but he was a prisoner with the Enemy near
two years of that time.

It is also reported to me that, a considerable number of those men
have actually sold their right to those Certifycates for a mear trifle
not exceeding five Eight or ten Dollars each, and that Capt. John
Carlile has guaranteed the bargin and delivery of the certificates.
These are facts which I think it my Duty to make your Excelency
acquainted with.

What I could wish as well for the benefit of those deserving men,
the credit of the State and honor of Our Service that those certifi-
cates might remain for the present, in the hands of the Treasurer
of the State that the Interest might be punctually paid to the Sol-
diers and that such abominable Trafic might be discouraged

[M[ountjoy] Bayly, Fred"", to Gov. Lee.] December g

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