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tling on the farm now occupied by our sub-
ject, where his mother died when he was
quite small. His father now resides in Ir-
vington, where for years he was Postmaster
and in mercantile business, from which he
has now retired. In politics, he is Repub-
lican, but has never taken part in political
life. He organized Companj H of the
Eightieth Illinois Volunteer Infantry, and
was elected Captain, but through exposure at
Central City, was taken si k and never went
to the field. His family by his first wife
consisted of six children, five of whom are
still living — Mary D. (wife of Joseph Por-
ter), David P., John H., Evaline V. (wife
of John M. Breeze), and Cynthia H. (wife of
Joseph D. Baldridge). Our subject was
reared on the farm and has made it his home
all his life, except one season. He was mar-
ried in this county, September 9, 1869, to
Rebecca E. Baldridge, daughter of Alexan-
der Baldridge and Evaline (West) Bald-
ridge, both deceased. Mr. and Mrs. Fonts
have six children living — Lemon A., David
A., Cora E., Lula A. and _Lela E. (twins),
and Daisie I. and one son deceased. Farm-
ing and stock dealing has been his occupa-
tion. Mr. Fouts is a member of the Chris-
tian Church, his wife of the Methodist Epis-
copal. In politics, he votes the Republican
ticket, but takes little part! in political life.

WILLIAM M. GALBR.ilTH. fruit-grow-
er, P. O. Walnut Hill, was born in Mount
Vernon, Jefferson County, 111., December 23,
1826, Sun of John S. Galbraith, a native of



Tennessee, but came to this county in 1825,
and died here in 1868. He was married in
Tennessee to the mother of our subject and
by her had two sons, viz., James M., of
Villa Ridge, 111., and William M. Mrs.
Galbraith died in this county during the in-
fancy of William M. Mi-. Galbraith was
again married - lo33 — and had a family of
four sons and one daughter. His occupa-
tion was that of farmer and horticulturist.
He had one of the first budded fruit orchards
in Southern Illinois, and to his industry and
success as a fruit grower can now be attributed
much of the success which this county has
attained in fruit growing. He was a
stanch Republican, and was one of the
stockholders of the lirst Republican paper in
Mount Vernon. He was a member of the
Methodist Episcopal Church and a thorough
temperance man. Our subject was reared in
this county, receiving such an education as
the common schools afforded. When twenty-
tv?o years of age, he went to Wayne County,
and for some years was engaged in the mer-
cantile business at Johnsonville. When the
civil war broke out, he responded to his coun-
try's call, enlisting in Company I, Forty-
eighth Illinois Volunteer Infantry. He was
mustered in as Quartermaster Sergeant and
was promoted successively to the Second and
First Lieutenancy, and then to Quartermas-
ter of the regiment. He remained in the
service till August, 1865, when they were
mustered out at Little Rock. After return -
in2 from the service, he again entered the
mercantile business at Johnsonville, contin-
uing in the same for two years. Then for
one year was in Cairo, and in 1868 came to
his present farm of 136 acre.s, and began its
improvement, it being all growing in brush, etc.
He has since been engaged in raising small
fruits, apples, etc. July 16, 1865, he was mar-
ried in this county to Miss Elizabeth M. Casey,

daughter of Rev. Abraham T. Casey and Vy-
linda (Maxey) Casey. This union has been
blest with the following childi-en: John and
Charles. He and wife have been members
of the Methodist Episcopal Church for years.
In politics, he is Independent, not voting for
the party but for the man. Rev. Abraham
T. Casey was born in Barren County, Ky.,
July 29, 1798, and in infancy came with his
parents to Illinois, and in 1817 to Jefferson
County, 111. He was converted when only
twelve years of age. August 28, 1824, he
was licensed as a local minister, and in 1833
was ordained Elder. In 1819, he was mar-
ried to Vylinda Maxey, daughter of William
Maxey. She was born December 31, 1803.
They were the parents of one son — Lafay-
ette- -and SIX daughters — Harriet (deceased),
Bell and Catherine (twins), Sarah (deceased),
Elizabeth, and Martha (deceased). Mr.
Casey carried the first temperance pledge in
this county. He died September 14, 1834.
Mrs. Casey remained a widow till the time
of her death, March 26, 1883.

JOHN W. HAILS, farmer, P. O. Rich-
view, was born in Sumner County, Tenn.,
March 19, 1823. His parents were Thomas
and Sarah (Justice) .Hails, his father a na-
tive of North Carolina and his mother of
Virginia. Previous to their marriage, they
had moved to Tennessee, and in 1827 came to
Illinois, settling in Jefferson County, near
Mount Vernon, where they lived until their
death. His occupation was that of farming,
making his home on the wild prairie, with
Indians camping near. They were the par-
ents of eleven children, six of whom are still
living. He was in the war of 1812, and
fought with Gen. Jackson at New Orleans.
Both wei-e members of the Methodist Episco-
pal Church and had been since early life.
The subject of this sketch was reared on the
farm and educated in the log schoolhouses of



the day. When he reached his majority, he
began life as a farmer, and has follownd the
same occupation to the present time, being
engaged in stock-raising in connection with
his farm. When he left the old home, he came
to his present farm and began to improve it.
He has now a well-cultivated farm of 330 acres,
and besides this has deeded to his children
360 acres. In politics, he still holds to the
opinions of his fathers. He has held various
township offices, and is now tilling the posi-
tion of Highway Commissioner. He and his
wife are both members of the Methodist
Episcopal Church (South). He was married,
August 8, 1848, to Annis M. Casey, daughter
of F. S.and grand-daughter of Abram Casey.
Mr. and Mrs. Hails have one child, dead,
and eleven living — Narcissus C. (deceased),
Thomas F., Alfred M., Zadok C, Sarah,
Harriet J., Ellen, Ida P., Mary, Charles,
John and Samuel T. — all living in the im-
mediate neighborhood.

Centralia, was born in Clark County, Ind.,
December 4, 1822. He is a son of John and
Millie (Bower) Johnson; he was a native of
New Jersey, she of North Carolina. They
came to Indiana about 1808, where they
died, he in 1836, she in May, 1839. They
had nine children, eight sons and onedaugh
ter. seven of whom are still living. Our sub-
ject was reared in Clark County,' Ind., and
in the fall of 1850 came to this county. In
1847, he enlisted in the Mexican war. Com-
pany B, Fifth Indiana Regiment, under
Col. James Lane, and served nine months,
when the war 'closed. September 28, 1854,
he was married in Indiana to Sarah B. Rog-
ers. She was born in Clark County. Ind., a
daughter of Archibald A. Rogers, a native
of North Carolina. Mi-s. Johnson died April
22, 1858; she was the mother of two chil-
dren, one of whom is still living, viz., John

A., of Nebraska. Mr. Johnson was again
married, in ISaU, to Susan A. Beadles. She
was born in Clark County, Ind., but came to
this State when six years of age. She is a
daughter of Richard F. Beadles. There is
one son — William R. — by this marriage. In
the fall of 1854, Mr. Johnson moved to his
present farm of 200 acres. He has a splendid
rock quarry on his farm, and furnishes stone
for different localities. He and his wife are
both members of the Methodist Episcopal
Church. In politics, he is a Republican.

CHARLES D. KELL, farmer, P. O. Wal-
nut Hill, was born on his present farm,
April 24, 1859, son of James and Margaret
(Baldridge) Kell. he born in North Carolina
and the son of Thomas Kell. one of the early
settlers of this county; she a sister of James
C. Baldridge. whose sketch appears in this
work. They settled the farm now owned V>y
our subject, but both died at Walnut Hill,
Marion County, he in 1873, she in 1875.
The}' were the parents of seven children,
three of whom still survive, viz., D. T>. Kell,
of Walnut Hill; Margaret M. (wife of James
L. Patton), and Charles D. Kell. For some
years his occupation was that of farmer; he
then removed to Walnut Hill and engaged
in the milling and mercantile business, and
in his business was a successful man. In pol-
itics, he was a Republican. Our subject was
reared in this and Marion Counties, received
his education in the common schools of Wal-
nut Hill and in Irvington College. Since
embarking in life for himself, he has fol-
lowed different employments. One year he
rented and ran the mill at Walnut Hill; then
for two years was in mercantile business, but
in 1882 came to this farm, which contains
28Q acres of land. In connection with his
farming, Mr. Kell also gives some attention
to the growing of fruits, and in 1883, from
one acre of strawberries, cleared $430. Jan-



narj- 13. 1881, he was married to Sarah E.
Foust, daughter of Reuben Foust, a success-
ful fruit grower of this county. Mr. and
Mrs. Kell have one child— Clara. In poli-
tics, he is a Republican.

CHARLES DULLER, farmer, P. O. Ir-
vington, was boin in Prussia September 28,
1821. He is the son of Hemy Miller, who
came to the United States in 1835, settling
first in St. Clair County, then in Washington
County, where he died in 1856. His iirst
wife died in Germany, and of her children,
two daughters and one son, our snljject, still
survive. Before leaving Germany, Mr. Mil-
ler was again married. The subject of our
sketch was reared on his father's farm, re-
ceiving his education in th« schools of his
native land, except the English language,
which he taught himself. His occupation
has always been that of farming, first in
Washington County, where he remained un-
til 1867, when he bought his present farm
of 300 acres of Owen Breeze, paying $12,000,
this being one of the largest sales ever made
in the county up to that time. He was mar-
ried. December 19, 1843, to Hannah Mc-
Bride, who was born February 23, 1819, a
daughter of Hugh and Elizabeth (Rule) Mc-
Bride. He was a native of Pennsylvania,
his wife of Virginia; they were married in
Tennessee and came to Washington Coun-
ty, 111., in the fall of 1837. They were the
parents of seven children, Mrs. Miller lieing
the youngest and the only one now living.
Mr. and Mrs. Miller have four children liv-
ing and one dead, viz., Francis M., John Q.
M. (died, November 26, 1868), Charles M.,
William A. and Emeline. F. M. is a farmer
in the county; Charles M. is a doctor at
Brimfield; William A. is a farmer in Marion
County. In politics' he is a Republican.

ESSEX PAYNE, farmer, P. O. Richview.
Among the most thrifty farmers in Grand

Prairie Township, who have made for them-
selves pleasant homes in the heretofore wilder-
ness, we find the gentleman whose name heads
this sketch. He was born near Mount Ver-
non January 31, 1840, to Joseph and Har-
riet (Stanford) Payne. They were natives of
Smith County, Tenn., and came to Jefterson
County, 111., about 1835, and died in the
county, he at the age of seventy-two years,
and she at seventy-four. His occupation was
that of farming. They reared to maturity a
family of seven children, three of whom still
survive, viz., J. H., Essex and J. T. They
were both members of the Methodist Ejiisco-
pal Church. In politics, he was Democratic.
Our subject's early life was spent on the
farm and in attending the common schools
of the county. In 1862, he came to his
present farm, which then had none of the
splendid improvements it now has. His
farm contains 240 acres, and on this he does
general farming and stock-raising. August
10, 1861, he was married to Miss Margaret
E. Casey, daughter of Maj. F. S. Casey (de-
ceased). This union has been blest with five
children, viz., Martha, Mary, Horatio, Cora
I. and Joseph F. In politics, Mr. Payne is
Democratic. He and wife are connected
with the Methodist Episcopal Church.

J. W. PORTER, farmer, P. O. Centralia.
The subject of this sketch was born in Jeffer-
son County, 111. , March 16, 1838, to James
and Sarah (Baldridge) Porter; she is a sister
of James C. Baldridge (see sketch). He was
a native of North Caro^na, but came to this
county when small, and died here in 1850.
She it, still living and is the wife of George
Baltzell, of Centralia. Our subject is one of
a family of six children, viz., William C,
Joseph W., Martha, James M. and Julia.
Only the two eldest now survive. James was
lost during the battle of Perryville. Mr. Por-
ter's life, with the exception of two years.



has been spent in this county. He was edu-
cated in the common schools and has always
been engaged in farming, except for two years
he was in the mercantile business in Walnut
Hill, 111. November 28, 1860, he was mar-
ried to Mary D. Fouts. She was born in
Clark County, Ind., but came to this couaty
when small. Her father. Lemon Fouts, is
now a resident of Irvingtou. Mr. and Mrs.
Porter have three children living and one
dead, viz., Sherman S., James E., Walter
P., and Sarah E. (deceased). Mr. Porter has
been on his present farm of 300 acres since
marriage, and has always had to depend
upon his own energy to make a success. He
and wife are members of the Methodist Epis-
copal Church. In politics, he is a Repub-

THOMAS L. RATTS, farmer, P. O. Jr-
vington. was born in Clark County, Ind.,
November 27, 1830, to Jacob and Cynthia
(Fouts) Ratts. He was born in North Caro-
lina in 1806; she in Indiana in 1810, Jacob
being only fifteen years of age when his
father went to Indiana. Jacob and wife
were married December 25, 1828, and are
the parents of seven children, sis of whom
still survive, viz., Thomas L., David F.,
Malinda E. (deceased), Mary E., Sarah J.,
Henry H., Margaret and Evalino. Since
going to Indiana, his occupation has been
that of farming, but in early life he learned

the hatter's trade. In politics, ho is a strong
Republican. For many years he was a Dea-
con in the Christian Church, but when about
sixty-five years of age changed to the belief
of the Universalist Church. Our subject was
reared on the farm and received his educa-
tion in the common schools of the county.
He remained at home till his marriage,
March 30, 1854, to Miss Sarah E. Grisamore.
She was born November 27, 1832, in Clark
('ounty, Ind., to John and Rebecca (Henley;
Grisamore. He was a native of Pennsyl-
vania, she of North Carolina. Both were
born in 1806, and were early settlers in Clark
County, Ind., and for some years have been
residents of Irvington, 111. Mr. and Mrs.
Ratts are the parents of eight children, seven
of whom still survive- -Mary E. (deceased),
Ida E. (wife of William F. Copple), John
H., J. Oscar, David G., Rebecca J., Cynthia
E. and Thomas L. In 1851, Mr. Ratts came
to this county and settled on his present
farm, which now contains 482 acres, 400 of
which are in good state of ,cultivation. He
is engaged in farming, stock-dealing and
fruit-growing. He is a member of A., F. &
A. M., Irvington Lodge, No. 650. He and
wife are members of the Methodist Episco
pal Church, and have been since before mar-
riage. In politics, he votes with the Repub-
lican party. He has held the various town-
ship offices. Supervisor, etc.


HARDIN BARKER, fai-mer, P. O. Di-
vide, is a native of St. Clair County, 111., and
was born August 15. 1847. His father. Nel-
son Barker, was a native of Maine, and came
to Illinois with his parents in 1820, when but
a child. Our subject attended the common

schools of his native county, and has always
been a farmer. He has also run a thresher
nearly every season since he became grown.
He now owns the Belleville Separator and
engine, made by Harrison &Co. , of Belle-
ville, 111. This machine does excellent and



very rapid work. In one day he threshed
1,003 bushels of whecat with it, and set three
times. Mr. Barker was married, first, in 1873,
to Emily Sargent, by whom he had three
children— Lucy, George and Frank. Mrs.
Barker died in 1880, and he a ain married in
December, 1882, this time to Ellen Sledge.
Mr. Barker came to this county in 1875,
where he has since resided.

Dix, was born in Knox County, Tenn.,
August 27, 1819, and is the son of Ephraim
Claybourn, of Knox County, Tenn., after-
ward of Allen County, Ky., where he died
in the summer of 1850. Our subject got his
education in DeKalb County. Tenn., and
came to this county in the fall of 1840,
where he still resides. He was married,
September 4. 1838, to Miss Frankie. daugh-
ter of Reuben Hawker, of Virginia. Mi-s.
Claybourn died July 23, 1863, leaving ten
children, viz., Catharine, Sarah J., James
T., William P., John B., Harriet N., Eph-
raim S , Reuben C, Joseph M. and Cassius
C. February 14, 1865, Mr. Claybourn mar-
ried Mrs. Elizabeth J. Maxey, daughter of
Francis Sterns, of Virginia; by her he had
two children — Charles F. and Lucy B. Mrs.
Elizabeth Claybourn had five children by
her former husband, viz., Melissa V., George
W., Laura S., Mary L. andW'illiam H, Sub-
ject is a member of the Methodist Episcopal
Church He served one year in the army, in
Company H, First Illinois Cavalry. James H.
and William P., his sons, each served four
years in Company H, Eightieth Illinois Cav-
alry. They were in the battles of Perryville,
Lookout Mountain and several others. James
was wounded at Atlanta, Ga. John enlisted
when seventeen years of age, and William
when eighteen years of age. Mr. Claybourn
is engaged in farming and stock-raising. He
is a Republican in politics.

RDFUS FIELDS, farmer, P. O Mount
Vernon, was born October 1, 1844, in Jeffer-
son County, 111., and is the son of James
Fields, of North Carolina, since then of Jef-
ferson County, 111. James Fields came here
when eighteen years of age. and was married
to Elizabeth Hays, daughter of Samuel Hays,
of Alabama, afterward of Jefferson County,
111. Subject had eleven children, seven liv-
ing, viz., Ruth S.. Malinda, Heni-y P., Ru-
fus, James M., Noah and Priscilla. Rufus
was educated in Jefferson County, Hi., and
owns 11J5 acres of land, and is engaged in farm
ing and stock-raising. Politics, Democrat.

stock-raiser, P. O. Divide (commonly known
as Dick Garrison), was born in Field Town-
ship, this county, June 4, 1837. He was
brought up on the farm and received a com-
mon school education. He went to Califor-
nia in 1857, remaining in that State and in
Oregon until 1869. when he i-eturned to this
county. In 1865, on the 2d day of March,
while in Oregon, he married Phoebe A. Swee-
tin, by whom he had five children; biit two
of these are living — Joel J. and Charles
Quinc}-. Mrs. Garrison died March 5, 1874.
and the 20th day of August of the same year
he married Rachel Payne, by whom he has
six children, viz., Nora, Lucy J., Myrtie E.,
James H., Millie A. and Myra A. Mr. Gar-
rison owns 320 acres of land, and is a suc-
cessful stock-raiser. He is a member of the
Chapter in the Masonic fraternity. Our sub-
ject held the office of Highway Commission-
er for three vears, has held the office of
Supervisor for six years and is the present
incumbent. His father, Jam&s N. Garrison
(deceased), was born near Nashville. Tenn.,
and died October 14, 1851, aged thirty-nine
years eight months and eighteen days, and
is a pioneer of this county, who married
Milly Wimberly, and by her had nine chil-



di'en, six of whom are living, viz.. Joel V.'
Martha A., the subject of this sketch, Thomas
W., Caroline and James K. The elder Mr.
Garrison died.

JOSEPH HA.WKINS, farmer. P. O. Dis,
was born January 19. 1824, in Fayette
County, Ind. , a son of John Hawkins, Sr. ,
of Georgia, who came to this county in the
fall of 1840, where he died October 22,1879.
Our subject was educated in Fayette Coun-
ty, Ind., and was Justice of the Peace in Jef-
erson County eleven years, and is a member
of the Christian Church. He was man-ied,
September 17, 1843. to flliss Millie, daugh-
ter of William Whitlow, of Virginia, later of
Jefferson County, III. William Whitlow
died August 7, 1866. Mr. Hawkins has ten
children, viz., Malinda J., William J., Nan-
cy S., Rebecca, Moses D., Tiltha. Susan,
Pleasant E., Lucy and Joseph A. Our sub-
ject owns 160 acres of valuable land and is
engaged in farming and stock-raising. He
has been Township Treasurer for twenty-one
years, and is a Republican.

JOHN HAWKINS, Jr.. farmer, P. O.
Dix, was born September 8, 1827, in Ken-
tucky. He is a son of Benjamin Hawkins,
of South Carolina, who had moved to Ken-
tucky. Indiana, Missouri, and at last settled
in Jefferson County, 111., where he died Sep-
tember, 1880, leaving three children, viz.,
John, Eliza and Rachel. Our subject came
to Jefferson County, 111. , when young, and
still resides there. He is a member of the
Masonic fraternity, and was educated in
Jnfferson County. He was in the war with
Mexico iu 1846, in Company H. Third Illi-
nois Volunteer Infantry. He was married,
April 2, 1848, to Miss Julia A., daughter of
Elisha Wimberly, of Tennessee, since of
Jefferson County, III. Our subject is the
father of thirteen children, twelve living,
viz., Elisha. Benjamin J., Charle?, John,

Burl, Laura, Maria. Belle, Emma. Ella.
Lena and Eva. Mr. Hawkins has been Su-
pervisor one year, Road Commissioner six
years, of Field Township. He owns 520
acres of land, and is engaged in farming and
stock-raising. Politics, Democratic.

ELISHA HAWKINS, farming. P. O. Dix,
was born August 22, 1836, in Fayette Coun-
ty, Ind. , son of John Hawkins, of same
county. He served three years in the late
war in Company H, Eightieth Illinois Vol-
unteer Infantry, and was in the Ijattles of
Perryville and Milton Heights, Tenn., and
several other skirmishes. He was educated
in Jefferson County, 111., and was married,
February 16, 1859, to Miss Susan, daughter
of Henry Fields, of Jefferson County, 111.
He has nine children, viz., Richard W. ,
James E.,Mary D., Sarah, Lucinda, Emeline,
John, Henry and Laura Our subject owns
110 acres of land, and is engaged in farm-
ing and stock-raising. Politics, Republican.
Is a member of the Christian Chui-ch.

S. L. HAWKINS, farming, P. O. Dix.
was born December 5, 1859, in Jefferson
County, 111., son of Jacob Hawkins, of Jef-
ferson County, 111., and was educated in
Jefferson County, where he was married,
January 11, 1879. to Rosa, daughter of S.
Murphy, of Jefferson County, 111. Our sub-
ject had one child, but it died in 1882. He
owns thirty-three acres of land, and is en-
gaged in farming and stock-raising. Poli-
tics, Republican.

M. M. HOWARD, farmer, P. O. Dix, was
born December 5, 1821, in Kentucky, son of
Ignatius Howai'd, of Tennessee, afterward of
Jefferson County, 111. Om- subject wont to
White County, Tenn., and remained there
until 1837, and he afterward moved to Jef-
ferson Counly, 111., where he still resides.
He is a member of the Methodist Episcopal
Church and was ;narried, August 12, 1841,



to Miss Censsey J., daughter of Lewis Car-
penter, of Marion County, III., and has had
six children, viz., Hiram, Sarah, Hezekiah
F., John W., Nancy A. and Censsey J.
Hiram, son of M. M. Howard, served three
years in the array. He enlisted in Company
C, Twenty-second Illinois Volunteer Infan-
try. He was in the battles of Mission Ridge,
Peach Tree Creek and several other battles.
Subject is engaged in farming and stock-
raising. Politics, Democratic.

JOBN C. McCONNELL, farming, P. O.
Dix, was born January 6, 1825, in Jefferson
County. 111., son of Burl McConnell, from
Sumner County. Tenn.. late of Jefferson
County, 111., deceased. MJr. McConnell is a
member of the Masonic fraternity, also a
member of the Methodist Episcopal Church.
He was in the Mexican war in 1846 and 1847,
and was married, August 25, 1847, to Miss
Sarah J., daughter of Samuel Cummins, of
Jefferson County, 111., and has had seven chil-
dren, five living, viz., Samuel F., William
H., Harriet, John D. and James W. Mrs.
McConnell died April 18, 1879, and he was
again married, to Amering Howard, of Sa-
line County, 111. He was educated in Jeffer-
son County, and owns 480 acres of land, and
is engaged in farming and stock-raising,
. DR. WILLIAM K. PARKER, physician.
Divide, was born in this county March 3,
1851. He was brought up on the farm, and

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