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attended the common schools. He farmed
until twenty-one years of age, when he be-
gan to read medicine and also worked for
railroad companies for about four years. He
graduated from the College of Physicians
and Surgeons of Keokuk, Iowa, in the spring
of 1883. He at once began the prai^tice of
medicine at his home in Field Township,
and is building up a good practice. His
father, James T. Parker (deceased), was born
in Kentucky in 1824; came to this county

with his parents when a child; was married
to, Mickey A. Hutcherson, by whom he had
six children, viz., Mary C, our subject, El-
sah E., Nettie V. (deceased), Charles F. and
Wincey A. The father died December 14,
1864. He was a member of the Methodist
Episcopal Church in good standing, a con-
sistent Christian and a temperance worker.

BE.^JAJHN F. PRIMM, farmer, P. O.
Mount Vernon, was born in Menard County,
111., November 19, 1841 . Subject is the son
of Enoch Primm, of St. Clair County, 111.,
who was a carpenter by trade, from whom
subject learned the use of tools when young,
and uses them at leisure. Subject was mar-
ried, November 14, 1866, to Martha J.,
daughter of Peter Conover, of Elk County,
Kan., by whom our subject had six children,
viz., Minnie A., Thomas S. , Charlon M. , Ar-
thur C, John S. and Benjamin F. . Our sub-
ject is a member of the Masonic lodge, also a
member of the Christian Chiu'cb. He served
three years in the army, in Company K, One
Hundred and Sixth Illinois Volunteer Infan-
try, and yras in the siege of Vicksburg and
many other engagements. He is engaged in
farming and stock-raising, aad owns 240
ftcres of land.

SILA.S J. SIMMONS, farmer, P. O. Di-
vide, was born in Sumner (now Macon) Coun-
ty, Tenn., May 28, 1835. and is a son of Joel
Simmons, of Marion County, 111., who was
barn in Franklin County, Va. , January 17,
1804, and who came to Marion County in
1840, and to this county in 1844, where our
subject has since resided. Silas J. was mar
ried, November 1, 1855, to Prudence E,,
daughter of Ellis Branson, of Marion Coun-
ty, 111. They had twelve children, but three
of whom are living— Mary J. (Mrs. John
Barnett), William F. (see his biography) and
Carroll J. The latter is a promising young
school teacher, with a bright future prospect.



One daughter — Martha A. — died in her six-
teenth year. Mr. Simmons was Postmaster
at Divide Post Ofi&ce from December, 1879,
until March, 1883. He owns eighty acres
of land. In religion is a Baptist.

WILLIAM F. SIMMONS, teacher and
farmer, P. O. Divide, was born in this town-
ship, where he still lives, on Section 11, No-
vember 19, 1857, and is a son of Silas J.
Simmons, whose biography also appears in
this work. He was brought up on the old
homestead, and is what we would term. a self-
educated man; often " burned midnight oil "
in pursuing his studies, and worked hard
during the day to assist in supporting the
family. He now teaches of winters and farms
during the summer seasons, aud owns 120
acres of land. He held the office of Clerk
of Field Township for two terms, and is As-
sistant — and at present acting-Postmaster
of Divide Post Office, which is kept at his
father's house.

Dix, was born in Parke County, Ind., Sep-
tember 13, 1832, and is a son of Stephen
Whitson (deceased), a native of Tennessee,
born in 1811, and brought his family to
Marion County, 111., in September, 1853.
Our subject attended a subscription school in
his native county. He came to this county
in 1857, where he has' since resided. He
was married, February 1, 1855, to Mrs. Ag-
nes White, daughter of Michael Collins.

They have had sis ehildi'en, four living —
Susan F.. John, Mary E. and Nancy I. Mrs.
Whitson had five children by iher first hus-
band, two living — George W. and Samuel
White. The last two are in Marion County,
111. Mr. Whitson has held the office of Jus-
tice of the Peace for seven years, and has
been School Director for fifteen years. He
is a member of the Masonic fraternity and
of the Methodist Episcopal Church. He
owns eighty acres of valuable land, and re-
sides on Section 21. Mr. Whitson is also a
minister uf the Gospel.

JAMES J. WILLIAMS, farming, P. O.
Dix, was born April 29, 1822, in Bedford
County, Tenn., a son of Moses Williams, of
Bedford Country, Tenn., who moved to Marion
County. 111., in the fall of 1849. Our subjec
came to Jefferi^onl County in the spring of
1852. He is a;member of the L O .0. F.,
nlso of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and
has been a local preacher for fifteen years.
He was married, January 17, 1852,' to Miss
Sophronia, daughter of Nathaniel Bryon, of
Jefferson County, 111., and has had eleven
children, nine living, viz., W. C, Mary A.,
Moses N., Sarah E., Sophronia L., Rosa
C, Lavada J., Charles H. and James E.
Mr. Williams has 140 acres of land, and is en-
gaged in farming and stock-raising. He went
to school six weeks only, in Bedford County,
Tenn., but he studied of nights at home to
obtain an education. Politics, Democratic.


Opdyke, was born in Georgia Jul}- 7, 1802, and
was a son of Barton and Prudence (Nill) Atch-
isson, both natives of ^laryland. Our subject
was the second of three children who left
Georgia with the father when the former was

only eight years oiti. The father settled in
Smith County, Tenn., and there subject received
his first education. When he was fifteen, the
lather moved to Jetfer.son County, and settled
near where subject now lives. Again the lat-
ter was permitted to attend school, but it was



mainly the subscription school. On the home
farm, subject remained until about twenty -two,
and then started out in life on a Government
improvement. There he remained two years,
and then came to his present farm. He now
owns 167 acres in Section 6. Town 4, Range -1
east, and of that all except about thirty acres
is in process of cultivation. Mr. Atchisson
was married in 1824 to Philadelphia Hopper,
a daughter of Thomas Hopper, a native
of Tennessee. This lady is the mother of
ten children, six of whom are now living —
Samuel (in Oregon), Thomas. Barton and Igna-
tius. Jr. (all farmers in this township), Winnie
(wife of John Allan, of Spring Garden Town-
ship), Harriet (wife of James Marlow) ; this ladj-
died in 1860. and he was married the second
time, in August, 1863, to Mrs. Keziah Williams.
Our subject has served his township as Justice
of the Peace one or two terms. Was out three
months in the Sp3" Battalion, one of the com-
panies that was in the Black Hawk war. Is a
Democrat in politics.

JOHN BURCHELL. farmer, P. 0. Opdyke.
This gentleman was born in Rockingham Coun-
ty, N. C., May 5, 1823, and was a son of John
and Ruthie (Grogin) Burchell, both natives of
North Carolina. When subject was five months
old, his parents moved to Hawkins County,
Tenu., and there the former received his educa-
tion. Subject assisted at home until twenty-
one, and then came to Jefferson Count}'. He
arrived in Moore's Prairie Township November
7. 1840. and settled down about two miles from
where he now lives. After nine jears' resi-
dence there, he came to his present farm, and
now owns 280 acres, most of which is in Sec-
tion 17, Town 4, Range 4 east. Mr. Burchell
was married. November 10, 1852, to Mary Da-
vis, a daughter of Lewis and Sarah Davis, both
natives of Tennessee. This lady died June 10,
1855, and he was married the second time,
January 25. 1857, to Minerva Jane Bingham, a
daughter of David and Melinda Bingham, also

of Tennessee. This lady is the mother of ten
children — Harriet Alice (wife of Daniel W.
Hughey). James P., Artemesia, Isabella (wife
of James Adams), Lill}' E., George W., John
A., Martin L., Dellie J. and Maude. Subject
is a member of the Missionar}- Baptist Church,
and a Republican in politics.

G. W. CLARK, farmer. P. 0. Belle Rive,
was born in Wilson County, Tenn., October 6,
1841, and is a son of J. A. and Margaret
(Beard) Clark, both natives of that State. Sub-
ject is the oldest of six living children, and
obtained his education in the subscription
schools of that county. He remained at home
with his father until 1862, and then came to
this county, and worked for a number of dif-
ferent farmers, among them James Waters. In
1868, he purchased his present property, and
now owns 200 acres in Section 15, Town 4,
Range 4 east. He has about 160 acres in culti-
vation, and two acres in orchard. Mr. Clark
was married, January 19, 1873, to Jennie Mc-
Carver, a daughter of ]Mrs. Margaret McCarver,
and a native of Northern Arkansas. She is
the mother of one child now dead. He is a
member of^the Missionary Baptist Church.
He has served as Township Supervisor. In
politics, he is an Independent.

WILLIAM COFIELD, farmer, P. 0. Moore's
Prairie, was born in Wilson County, Tenn.,
February 12, 1826. and is a son of Willis and
Maria (Thomas) Cofleld. The father was a na-
tive of Virginia, and the mother was born in
Kentucky. Subject was the second of R^-e chil-
dren, and was brought, when a child of six years,
to this county, where the father settled in Pendle-
ton Precinct, about a mile east of Belle Rive. In
the schools of that township, the son received
his education. It was but limited, and our
subject is truly what might be called a self-
made man. The father having died when sub-
ject was about sixteen years old, the latter, to-
gether with his two brothers, took charge of
the home place. There he remained until



twenty, and then started out in life on a pur
chased farm, about two miles from his present
place, and where Thomas Shipley now lives-
There he remained twelve months, and then re-
turned to Pendleton Township, and settled on
the home farm. After living on that farm
eighteen years, he again moved, and then set-
tled on part of the tract of land that Belle Rive
now occupies. In 1875, he left that farm and
came to his present location, where he now
owns a farm of 200 acres, situated in Sections
22, 23 and 27. He has about 190 acres in cul-
tivation, and two acres in orchard. Mr. Cofield
was married, on June 22, 1848, to Bruuetta
Wiiky, a daughter of Maxy and Jennie Wilky,
one of the oldest families in this county. She
was the mother of three children, one of whom
is now living — ^Thomas, now in Clinton County,
111. This lady died in January, 1854, and our
subject was married the second time, to Nancy
J. Laird, a native of Pendleton Township, and
the daughter of David and Elizabeth (Tumble-
son) Laird. Tiiis marriage resulted in ten
children, six of whom are now living — W. H.
(in Ottawa, Kan.), Leaton, Ransom. Charles
Hannibal. Isabelle and Charity. He is a mem-
ber of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and is
a Republican in politics.

C. H. JUDD, farmer, P. 0. Moore's Prairie.
This gentleman was born in Gnyandotte, Cabell
County, W. Va., December 7, 1835; he was a
son of John T. and Doratha M. (Prosser) Judd.
The father, who was a mechanic, was a native
of New York, the mother, of Prince William
County, Va. At the age of eight years, the
father moved to Lawrence County, Ohio, where
subject attended the free schools until about
eighteen, and then attended the Marietta High
School; he remained there two years. Then
subject came to Jefferson County with his
father, and settled in Moore's Prairie Township,
where the father erected a saw and flouring mill,
the first in this section of tiie country. When
subject became of age, he became a partner in

his father's mill, and soon after he assumed the
entire charge of the concern. When the father
died, in 1858, the estate was divided and the
mill fell into the hands of the younger brother,
Lewis Judd. Our subject then turned his at-
tention to farming, and first settled on a farm
of 120 acres, about two miles from his present
location. There he remained about fourteen
years. In 1873, he came to his present location.
He now owns 300 acres in Section 21, Town 14,
Range 14 east. In 1881, he erected what is
considered to be the finest house in the county,
at a cost of about $4,000, Subject was married,
March 4, 1858, to Elizabeth Riddle, a daughter
of Charles H. and Harriet (Irvin) Riddle. The
mother was one of the daughters of Abraham
Irvin, one of the earliest settlers in the south-
ern part of the State. The result of this mar-
riage was ten children, Leota V. (wife of T. N.
Woodruff), John T., Nattie L., Dollie L., Lewis
C. William T., Samuel CQuincy A.. Grade E.
and Anna P. Mr. Judd has been Justice of
the Peace four times. Township Supervisor sev-
eral times, also Chairman of the County Board
of Supervisors. He is a Greenbacker in poli-

A. KNOWLES, farmer, P. O. Belle Rive, was
born in Posey County, Ind., September 7, 1844,
and is a son of Wiley and Minerva (Scott)
Knowles. The father was born in Georgia, and
the mother in Ohio. Subject was tiie seventh
of ele\en children, and, when two years of age,
his father came to this couutj* and settled about
one mile from Spring Garden, in that township,
where he now resides. Subject received a com-
mon school education, within the confines of
that township, and afterward remained at home
with his father until his twentieth year, when
lu! started out on a trip of pleasure and obser-
vation. He was absent two years, and during
tiie interval he visited fowa, Colorado. Utah,
Wyoming Territory, Oregon and California.
He was engaged a part of the time as a stock-
driver. At San Francisco, he took a steamer,



and from there sailed to the Isthmus, and,
crossing it again, took a steamer to New York,
and from there home again by way of Chicago.
Soon after his arrival home, he commenced life
for himself on a farm about one and a half
miles from Spring Garden. On that farm he
remained two years, and then came to his pres-
ent farm, where he now owns 295 acres, situ-
ated in Sections 8 and 9, of Town 4, Range 4
east. 'Of this there are about 290 in cultivation
and 3 acres in orchard. Mr. Knowles was mar-
ried, February 26, 1867, to Harriet Smith, a na-
tive of this township, and a daughter of Jesse
H. (whose sketch appears elsewhere in this
work) and Jane (Bliss) Smith. The result of
this marriage was five children, one only of
whom is now living, Gertrude, born in Septem-
ber, 1879. Mr. Knowles is a Greenbacker in

JOHN LOWRY, Sr., farmer, P. O. Dahlgren,
Hamilton County. One of the oldest residents
in this county is the gentleman whose name
heads this sketch, born in Warren County, Ky.,
May 3, 1803, a son of John and Elizabeth
(Reese) Lowry. When three years old, his fa-
ther brought him to what is now Coffee County,
Tenn., then Franklin County. There our sub-
ject attended the subscription schools but slight-
ly, but in after years he taught himself, and is
trulj' a self-made man. Until he reached man-
hood's estate, he remained at home assisting
some on the home farm and also in his father's
cooper shop. January 25, 1824, he came to
Hamilton County, this State, where he settled
about three miles from his present location, and
there he remained about one year. From there
he came to his present farm, where he now owns
280 acres in Sections 7, 13 and 18, of Town 4,
Range 4 east. Besides this, he also owns 86
acres in Town 4, of Range 5, Hamilton County,
52 acres within the present limits of the town
of Dahlgren, Hamilton County, and 15 town lots
in that town Of the whole, he now has about
160 acres in cultivation, and 2^ acres in orchard.

Mr. Lowry was married in Franklin County,
Tenn., July 3, 1823, to Nancy Martin, a daugh-
ter of Alexander and Nancy (Dabney) Martin,
both of whom were natives of Pennsylvania.
This lady was the mother of fourteen children,
the following of whom are now living, viz.:
David, in Washington Territory ; John, in this
township ; Thomas, in Hamilton County ; Elisha,
in Stoddard Count}', Mo.; Jefferson, in business
in the town of Dahlgren ; Sarah, wife of Zacha-
riah Sinks, now in Texas ; Elizabeth, wife of
Alfred Dees, of Bald Township; and Mary, wife
of Gabriel Joins, of Hamilton County. She
died November 16, 1880. and he -was married
the second time, June 9, 1881, to Nanc}- Willis,
a daughter of James and Nancy Willis, both
natives of Virginia. One child is the result of
this union, Susie, born May 20, 1882. Sub-
ject is a member of the Sugar Camp Bap-
list Church. Has held the offices of Justice of
the Peace and Constable, Township Trustee and
School Trustee and Director. In the time of
the old State Militia, dating from 1832, he was
elected to the office of Lieutenant of a company,
and held it for about five years. He was a
soldier in the Black Hawk war under Becker-
stoff In politics, he is a Democrat.

B. B. PETTYPOOL, farmer, P. 0. Opdyke,
was born in Rutherford County ,Tenn., April 23,
1821, and was a son of Thomas and Mary ( Nix-
on) Pettypool. Subject was the second of six
children, and is the only one now living of that
number. When he was six years old, his fa-
ther came to White Count}', 111., and settled in
Hervel's Prairie Township. There subject was
permitted to attend school but slightly, and is
what might be trulj' called a self-made man.
Helped on the home farm until eighteen, and
then settled near his father's farm, but in the
course of a year or two, his father having be-
come old and infirm, he returned to the home
place. In 1868, he came to Jefferson County,
and settled on his present farm ; he now owns
about 280 acres, 80 of which are situated in Sec-



tion 21, 160 in Section 20, and 40 in Section 19.
Of the whole piece, 240 acres are in cultivation.
He has about six acres in orchard. Mr. Pett} -
pool was married, August 2, 1839, to Celia Mc-
Geahej-, a daughter of Parent and Jeminiina
(Pierce) McGeahej-, both natives of Tennessee.
His lad}- was the mother of eight children, and
of that number six are now living — Thomas, in
ilffinghara County ; Frances, in White County ;
Daniel, in White County ; Huldah ; Telitha,
wife of John Hanle}- ; Sarah Ellen, wife of Will-
iam Jones. The lady died January 15, 1856, and
he was married, February 28, 1857. to Mrs.
Mary Teachenor, a native of New York. She
was the daughter of Reuben Catline, of that
State, and the mother of five children, three of
whom are now living — Joel, in Spring Garden
Township ; Ezekiel, in Franklin County,
Kan.; and Marshall, in Spring Garden Town-
ship. His second wife died October 2, 1876,
and on July 4, 1877, he was united in
marriage to Mary Jones, a native of this coun-
ty, and a daughter of John and Mahala Jonss.
She is the mother of three children, Leah, Dora
and Hardin. Subject is a Democrat in politics.
DAVID ROTRAMEL, farmer, P. 0. Moore's
Prairie, was born in Logan Count}-, Ky.. April
8, 1814, and was a son of Henr}- and Keziah
(Simpson) Rotramel. When our subject was
five years old, his father moved to Wilson
County, Tenn., and there the former attended
the schools of that county. He remained on
the home farm until 1837, and then came to
Frankfort, Franklin Co., 111. He remained in
that town until the next spring, and then com-
menced farming in that township. In 1846, he
left Frankfort Township and went to Benton
Township, same county, where he remained two
years. In 1848, he came to Jefferson County,
and first settled about two miles from where
he now resides. In the year 1850, he entered
a portion of his present farm, but did not move
on the place for about seven years afterward.
He now owns 200 acres. 120 of which are in Sec-

tion 21, and eighty in Section 20, Town 4,
Range 4 east. Of this all is in cultivation. Mr.
Rotramel was married, January 25, 1847, to
Mar}- M^-ers, a daughter of Christopher and
Agnes (Bright) M^-ers, both natives of Ten-
nessee. This lady was the mother of eight
children, and of this number seven are now
living — George Alice, wife of Richard Nooner ;.
Florida, wife of Edward Burkhead ; Henry
Olive, wife of William Hunter ; David Wash-
ington ; Arilla, wife of Oscar McClure ; William
Lincoln and Richard Yates. Our subject is a
Republican in politics. Has served as Town-
ship Commissioner.

JESSE H. SMITH, farmer, P. O. Opdyke.
was born in Hickman Count}-, Tenn., Septem-
ber 14, 1823, and was a son of Isaac and Millie
(Hassell) Smith, both of whom were natives of
Tyrrel County, N. C. He was the youngest of
nine children, and of that number but two are
living — Joan, wife of a Mr. Ilarrell. of Spring
Garden Township, and Jesse H., our subject.
When he reached the age of six years, his par-
ents moved to Jefferson County, 111., and set-
tled in Spring Garden Township. In the
schools of that county our subject received his
education. In 1 843-44. at the request of his
father, he attended the St. Louis Medical Insti-
tute, but never followed the practice of his pro-
fession. He came back home and worked on
his father's farm until twenty-four, and then
settled on a Government improvement in Spring
Garden Township, and finally had about forty
acres in improvement. After ten years' resi-
dence there, he came to his present farm, where
he now owns 400 acres lying in Sections 8 and
18, Town 4, range 4 east, and of that 360 acres,
are now in cultivation. Mr. Smith was married,
March 30, 1847, to Eliza Jane Bliss, a daughter
of Noah and Elizabeth (Martin) Bliss, of
Vermont. This lady is the mother of ten chil-
dren, seven of whom are still living — Harriet,
wife of Ananias Knowles, of this township ;
Florence, wife of Francis Knowles, of Spring



Garden Township ; Hubbard S., Cora, Kirby,
Elnora and A. C. A son, L. D., died October
14, 1880. Mr. Smith has held numerous offices,
among wliich are those of County Surveyor,
County Coroner, Deputy Sheriff, Township
Trustee, Supervisor and Assessor, also the dif-
ferent school offices. He is a member of Ham's
Grove Grange, No. 1,604. He is connected
with the Baptist organization. In politics, he
is a Greenbacker.

JAMES WATERS, farmer, P. 0. Moore's
Prairie, was born twelve miles east of Lebanon,
the county seat of Wilson County, Tenn., March
7, 1815, and was a son of Shelleah and Nancy
(Turner) Waters, both natives of Maryland.
He was next to the youngest of thirteen chil-
dren, and of that number our subject is the
only one now living. After receiving a fair
education, he assisted on the home farm until
the age of twenty-four, and then came to Jef-
ferson County, 111. On July 15, 1839, he set-
tled on his present farm, and there remained
eight years, and then went back to Wilson
County, Tenn. There he remained until Au-
gust 27, 1860, and then returned to Illinois,
and again settled on the farm in this county
September 5 of the same year. He now owns
280 acres ; 160 are in Section 28, 80 in Section
29, and 40 in Section 33. Of this all is in cul-
tivation except about sixty acres ; there are also
four acres in orchard. Mr. Waters was mar-
ried, July 7, 1842, to Sarah Ann Estes, a
daughter of John and Dicia M. (Jordan) Estes ;
the father was one of the oldest settlers in Pen-
dleton Township. To this lady were born three
children, one of whom is now living — John
Thomas. Mr. VVaters is a member of the
United Baptist Church ; he is a Republican in

JACOB P. WELLS, farmer, P. 0. Moore's
Prairie, was born in Indiana County, Penn.,
January 26, 1840, and was a son of James and
Elizabeth (Pierce) Wells, both natives of that
State. Our subject received his education in

the schools of that county, and at the age of
eighteen he was apprenticed to a cabinet-maker
in the town of Plumville, Penn., and remained
with him three years, and then followed that
trade for himself In 1861, he came to Rock
Island County, 111., where he still follows his
trade. In the spring of 1866, after the war was
ended, he came to Franklin County, and settled
there on a farm about six miles from his pres-
ent location. There he farmed in the summer,
and worked at the carpenter's trade in the
winter. In the winter of 1871, he came to the
place where he now resides, and soon after his
arrival there purchased the saw and grist mill
of Edward Choicer. This mill was continued
in operation until it was destroyed by fire in
1877. Since then Mr. Wells has given his
principal attention to farming. He now owns
240 acres, 180 of which are in Sections 26 and 35
of Town 4, Range 4 east, and 60 acres in Frank-

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