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Bartimeus Hevvett.
Joseph Hanks.
John Holmes.
Jonathan Harris.
Solomon Randall.
Nehemiah Randall.
John Stone.
James Stone.
John Turner.
David Taylor.

Of this company, John Turner died July 30, Joseph Hanks
September 2d, John Woodcock the nth, and Jonathan Harris
the 19th of the same month ; and Daniel Niles, November 2.
Captain Luscomb's company served for six months, beginning
May 3, in the vicinity of Boston, which was then held by the

Capt. Macey Williams's company was enlisted about the same
time and for the same service. The names of the Easton men
in this company are as follows : ^ —

Macey Williams, Captain,

Lemuel Gilbert, Sergeant.

Marlborough Williams, Corporal.

Unite Keith, Fifer.

Lewis Gilbert.

Elijah Williams.

Matthew Keith.

Clement Drake.

Jacob Thayer.

Stephen Thayer.

Ebenezer Gibbs.

Moses Downe.

Daniel Wood.
Thomas Willis.
Ebenezer Vining.
Jonathan Knapp.
Joshua Stearns.
Ruel Keith.
Nathan Gibbs.
Seth Williams.
Zephaniah Lothrop.
Timothy Gilbert.
Japheth Keith.

^ State Archives, Revolutionary Rolls, vol. xvi. p. 80 ; Military Papers, vol. Ivi.
p. 137 ; Coat Rolls, vol. i. p. 37.



Of this company Matthew Keith died September 21, 1775.
It will be observed that most of the men in these two companies
were among those who went out on the Lexington alarm. Their
names are given here because they served at this time from three
to six months. They were in the twenty-second regiment, com-
manded by Col. Timothy Walker. Easton furnished four other
captains during this year ; two of them were in Col. Paul D.
Sargent's regiment. They had in their companies but few
Easton men, whose names are given below : ^ —

James Keith, Captain. David Keith. Nehemiah Keith.

Another company^ contained —

James Perry, Captain. David Mehurin.

John Woods, Corporal. Nathan Gibbs.

Cornelius Gibbs. William Hayward.

In the same regiment, and in a company of which Frederic
Pope was captain, were the following Easton men :^ —

Elijah Turner, Sergeant. Hugh Washburn.

Robert Hill, Corporal. Jonah Drake.

Nathaniel Packard. Seth Drake.
Nathaniel Stone.

One of these men, Nathaniel Packard, died September 10.
In another company, commanded by Capt. John Porter, were
the following :^ —

Isaac Fuller, Lieutenant. Benjamin Hanks.

Oliver Mann, Corporal. Abraham Howard.

John Freelove. James Manley.
Oliver Phillips.

James Manley died November 22. In Captain Badlam's com-
pany, of Colonel Gridley's regiment, was Seth Watkins.^ In
Captain Curtis's company, of Col. Ephraim Leonard's regiment,
was Anthony Hayward.*^ Moses Hayward enlisted in Capt.
Daniel Lothrop's company, of Col. John Bailey's regiment.^

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The names of the Easton volunteers already noted comprise all
who served from this town during the year 1775-

Those enlisting after the Lexington alarm, and those for the
eight months' service, were entitled to a coat as bounty. After
their return they sent in their orders for the coats. The follow-
ing are copies of orders of that kind: —

Mr. Richard Devins, Paymaster :

Sir, — I desire you to let Hopestill Randall the bearer hereof have
the coat [for uniform], or cash or both, that is due to my late husband
Sergt. Daniel Niles, who deceased Nov. 2nd, 1775 i ^" of

mark ) ^^^ estate.^

Easton, December y

Online LibraryWilliam L. (William Ladd) ChaffinHistory of the town of Easton, Massachusetts (Volume 3) → online text (page 21 of 78)