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another in the Lord, We purposs and promiss that we will live to-
gether in holy fellowship and all holy watchfullness over Each other,
to the prevention off", or Recovery from, any Scandalous Evils that,
thro' y^ Temptations of Satan or Corruptions of our own heart, we may
at any time be overtaken with : That we will be as Spedy as may be in
making up any difference that may arise in some Orderly way ; En-
deavouring also the Temporal & Spiritual good one of another.

Sly. We promiss that, by the help of God, we will have Respect
unto all the Dutys Enjoined in the 2^ Table as being Necessary parts
of a right Ordered Conversation ; Particularly be true and faithfuU to
all our Civil Contracts and agreements with one another and all men
we have to do with, that so none may have Occascion to speak Evil
of our profession.

gly. And, finally, wher'as there is a Strong Propensity in our Na-
tures to what is Evil and Sinfull, we purpose and promiss that, by the
help of God's Spirit, We will keep our hearts and Mortify those Lusts
that dwell in us ; Avoiding all such Temptations as our Sinfull hearts
are wont to be drawn aside withall, and that we may keep this Cove-
nant Inviolable for Ever in all the Branches of itt ; We desire to
Deny Ourselves, not trusting in our own Wisdom or Strength, humbly
and beleivingly Depending upon God in and thro' Jesus Christ and the
prescence of his holy Spirit with us, and where we Come Short, there
to wait on him for pardon and healing, for his Names Sake.

Solomon Prentice, pasr.

Josiah Perry. James Stacy.

Joseph Randall. Thos. Randall.

James Dean. Ephraim Randall.

John Kinsley. I-'^rael Randall.

Geor-e Keyzar. Thol Randall.

Benajah Smith. Sam'.' Phillips, Jun:

Nath'.' Perry. fEben^ Ames.



f David Newland.

John Drake.
fHenry Howard.

Benj^ Pettingill.
f Samuel Briggs.
fDaniel Niles.

Mathew Hayward.

Nath" Allger.

Tho': Randal], Jun':

Sam'.' Phillips.
Presbyterians admitl'1 : -
fW™ Pratt, Jun^

Sam'.' Randall.

Tho? Drake.

Sam'.' Drake.

James Pratt, Jun^

John Whitman, Jun":

Jos. Grossman, Jun^

Jonath. Lothrop.

Nehemi Randall.

Jos. Lothrop.

John Drake, Jun":
Abrah : Drake.
John Selle.
Wetherell Wittum.
James Pratt.
Robert Randall.
Ephriam Randall.
Israel Randall.
Edward Hayward.
Joseph Grossman.
Seth Babbitt.
John Phillips, Jun':
Tho^. Pratt.
Joseph Drake.
Eliphalet Leonard.
Tho^ Allger.
Benj? Drake.
Ebenr Phillips.
Joshua Phillips.
Israel Randall, Jun':
Solomon Hewitt.



Note. — Those who joined after April, 1747, are marked thus, t. The others
were no doubt the original signers.

The names of the Women Members of the Chh of Christ in Easton
follows ; viz. : —

1. Hannah Hayward.

2. Mary Daily.

3. Sarah Allger.

4. Hannah Lothrop.

5. Rebecca Phillips.

6. Ruth Leonard.

7. Sarah Babbitt.

8. Damaris Phillips.

9. Hannah Pratt.
ID. Mary Pratt.

11. Mehittable Perry.

12. Martha Randall.

13. Hannah Dean.

14. Mercy Randall.

15. Sarah Manley.

16. Elizab. Phillips.

17. Mary Keith.

18. Eliza Keyzar.

19. Abigail Williams.

20. Lydia Howard.

21. Elizab : Drake.

22. Susanna Hewitt.

23. Mary Williams.

24. Martha Pratt.

25. Hepzibeth Pratt.

26. Lydia Randall.

27. Mercy Drake.

28. Hannah Selle.

29. Mary Smith.

30. Mary Randall.

31. Mary Perry.

32. Tamar Drake.

33. Sarah Whitman.

34. Mary Whitman.

35. Hannah Woodward.

36. Susanora Lincoln.
^7. Mary Turner.

38. Anna Randall.

39. Mary Randall.

40. Experience Hudson.



41. Sarah Ames.f 51. Sarah Drake.

42. Prudence Drake. 52. Mercy Manley.

43- Experience Randall. 53. Lydia Manley, Widow.

44- Rachel Gilbert. 54. Bettie Kinsley.

45- Abigail Grossman. 55. Mary Pettingill.

46. Jane Allger. 56. Kezia Hayward.f

47. Mary Grossman. f 57. Abigail Newland.f

48. Sussanna Lothrop. 58. Sarah Phillips.f
49- Bethiah Sullard.f 59. Hannah Fobes.f
50. Mehitable Stacy.f 60. Sarah Jordan.f

Note. — Those who joined after April, 1747, are marked thus.t.

The Second Church Covenant, 1764.

There is a gap in the church records of about eight years (1754-
1762). A new book is bought in December, 1763, but the records
begin June 25, 1762. The book begins with a new covenant and list
of church-members, — probably drawn up after Mr. Campbell was
settled (1764).

Covenant of 1764.

We, the Subscribers, Each of us for ourselves and all of us Joyntly,
Do Enter Into Covenant with God and with one another in y'^ manner
Following; viz.: —

I. First of all, v/e Do Avouch y*" Lord JEHOVAH, Father, Son, and
Holy Ghost, for our Portion and Cheife good ; and give up our selves,
Bodys & Souls, to him, to be his servants, promising, by his ade &
assistance, to love, Fear, Trust in, & yeald obedience to him In all
things all the Days of our lives.

II. We Do accept of Jesus Christ (through grace), according to the
Gospel offer (viz.), as a Prophet, Priest, & King; Purposing by his
grace to Attend his Teaching by his word and Spirit, Relying upon
his Merrits & Intercession with the Father as the only way for ob-
taining y'= Pardon of Sin, y^ favour of God, and our Souls Everlasting

III. Where as there are Different Apprehensions among those that
Profess Christianity with Respect to y" Doctrines of Religion, We
Declare our assent to y' Assemblys Shorter Catechism, as Containing
those Doctrines that are agreeable to the word of God.

IV. We Do Promise to Dedicate our Children to God In Jesus
Christ In y'= ordinance of Baptism, & as they grow to years of under-
standing we will Instruct them Into the Principles of the Christian


Religion ; and that we will set good examples of Piety before them, &
Restraine them as far as we are able from y^ prevailing Sins of their
age & Time, & Indeavour that they may be prepared for the Injoy-
ment of God in all his ordinances, and, finally, be much In prayer for
them ourselves.

V. We Do Promise, by y^ help of God, that we will, with as much
frequency as may be, Read the word of God In our famelys, that So y^
word of God may Dwell Richly among us, & that we will Constantly
uphold y" worship of God therein.

VI. We Do promise, by the help of God, to avoid all Superstitions
and inventions of men In the worship of God, that we will not scandel-
ously absint ourselves from any part of Instituted worship, and Do
what In us lies for the upholding of all y*" ordinances of Christ to our
Spiritual benifits, and we will make Choice of two or more Elders in
ye Chh.

VII. Where as we have given our selves to the Lord, & to one
another In y" Lord, we Do promise to live together In holy fellowship
& watchfulness over Each other to y^ prevention of, or Recovery from,
any Scandalous Evils that we may be overtaken with ; that we will be
as speedy as may be In making up any Difference that may arise In
some orderly way ; and if any Ecclesiastical Differences shall arise
which y'' Chh Cannot Issue among themselves, the said Difference or
Differences shall be Referred to such a Number of ministers & Chh'. In
Regular standing as the Chh : shall chuse, and the Determination of
y*" major part of them shall be the final Decision of all Differences of
Ecclesiastical Controversies Referred to them.

VIII. And, lastly, that we may keep this Cov' Inviolably In all y^
Branches of It, we Desire to Deny ourselves, not Trusting In our own
Wisdom or Strength, & Believingly Depending upon God In & through
Jesus Christ & the Influences of his holy Spirit on us, where we Come
Short, there to waite on him for Pardon and healing for his Name

The following Persons Signed upon y" Renewal of the Covenant :

Robert Randall. James Pratt.

James Deane. Israel Randall.

Joseph Drake. Joseph Randall.

Benjamin Drake. Thomas Pratt.

Benjamin Drake, 2. Benjamin Pettingell.

John Selee. Jonathan Lathrop.

Thomas Drake. Nehemiah Randall.

Joseph Grossman. Mathew Haward.

Samuel Phillips. Joseph Gilbert.



William Pratt, 2"

Online LibraryWilliam L. (William Ladd) ChaffinHistory of the town of Easton, Massachusetts (Volume 3) → online text (page 73 of 78)