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be divorced.

The girl who wants to “be a good Indian” will, when a woman, be a
repulsive savage.

The girl who deceives her mother will deceive her husband.

All men know this fact.

Remember that marriage does not make a happy woman, but a woman has it
in her power to make marriage a happiness.

The most reasonable woman will have hours of being unreasonable, but
these are the hours you should be unreasonable with yourself while
searching for reasons.



The jolly, vivacious girl; the girl who is happy obeying her mother,
contented in school or laughs while at work, is really a girl in whom
every organ and function are properly adjusted. In other words, a girl
who is in perfect health is a joy to herself and makes life worth
living for others. It is the same idea that I have given you regarding
a perfectly-running machine――every part works harmoniously and there is
no complaining, no feeling of harshness in life, no grinding or jolting
as you go along.

And almost every girl who starts right can be put in this desired state
and keep herself so. But she must understand that it is in her own
power to have red cheeks, happy thoughts, vivacity, pleasure in what
she does, and to bring sunshine around her.

Doctors cannot do this for her; patent medicines, “blood purifiers,”
“eye drops,” tonics and complexion foods; all and everything of the
kind will injure her and prevent any chance of obtaining and keeping
perfect health. I purposely repeat this statement, for we are now
going to chat in detail about many of those little things you can do
for yourself better than any doctor――even the most experienced. Of
course you cannot do all this until you understand the causes for those
many little annoyances which come to every growing girl.

Your complexion, your spirits, your physical form, all depend upon
what the body takes in and what it casts off. This cannot too often be
repeated to you, because the simple facts are so easily understood when
clearly explained and are under the control of every girl.

It does make all the difference between a vivacious and attractive
girl and one who is constantly complaining, who knows that her eyes
and complexion are dull; how life appears to each; all the difference
between happiness and misery. And this difference arises from the
methods of eating, thinking, and getting rid of the body’s poisons.
One girl does not know that all the cells in her body are constantly
undergoing decay and new ones taking their places and so neglects to
give her body such food, rest and exercise as will keep the body’s
outgo and input evenly balanced. The other girl with red cheeks and
laughing mouth, has this evenly balanced condition during the body’s
constant changes.

Too many of you have been taught to neglect the proper feeding process
of the body; you have been allowed to eat proper food at improper
times and not been shown the necessity of doing just the opposite.
But few of you have ever considered the true relation of food to
health and happiness; the fruit market has been neglected, the butcher
disinterestedly visited and the greengrocer never considered as an aid
to perfect health. What have taken their places? Patent medicines,
all sorts of poisonous “tonics,” drugs, fake foods and hundreds of
dangerous concoctions to replace the want of real nourishment.

Instead of nourishing the body and of course the nerves, these fake
foods directly injure every cell in the body. They cannot keep up the
repair daily needed in every tissue of the human system. Do not forget
that every day your body undergoes more or less wear. In the growing
girl it is unstable, sometimes through much worry or fear the wear is
greater than the ability to repair, and unless the girl realizes this
and at once commences to give extra aid to the repairing process by
eating proper food and plenty of it, resting from all physical and
mental excitement, she will reach full womanhood with some little nerve
or tissue lacking its full strength; and she can never repair the

Each day, too, by radiation, her body loses a large amount of heat,
and for the perfect health of man or woman the temperature of the
body must be maintained. Now this loss of heat has to be replaced
constantly. It is only done through the regular supply of fuel. This
fuel is the food we eat. It must be of such a nature as to burn up in
the body and give out its heat. This fuel――food――has to be supplied
according to the amount of work the body and brains do every day――yes,
every hour. If you have to keep the furnace going to warm your rooms,
you well know that it must have good coal about so often; according to
the amount of work it is compelled to do. You also know that putting
clinkers, shavings or newspapers into the furnace will not give your
rooms the needed heat. Well, it is just so with your body.

Also, if you allow the clinkers from good coal to remain in the bottom
of the furnace, soon there comes a time when no amount of coal will
give out the full strength of its heat, and finally the fire goes out.
Again, it is just the same thing that happens if you keep the clinkers
of your fuel in your body; the waste products left over after the
food has given out its heat. You know how these waste products are
eliminated from your body――through the bowels, skin, kidneys, lungs and

Now, please remember this most important fact――Food, including water,
is for the sole purpose of supplying heat to the body and to replace
the dead cells which are constantly being cast off in every portion of
your body. This decay and birth of the cells of the body goes on in
every living thing. When the decay is greater than the repair, some
part of your body is dying. In such a condition, you are a fit subject
for the attack of some of the many disease germs all around us. It may
be a serious one or merely some form of skin disease; then goes, whack!
your good complexion.

A girl needs more food and at more frequent intervals than a grown
woman because, besides keeping up the heat of the body she also has to
supply the material for the growing process active in her. The building
up of the frame, the full strength of the nerves, the hard working
blood, must all be supplied by a surplus of food, for if she eats only
enough to supply heat, the other needs of her body will suffer and
finally become useless.

Now, girls, eat plenty of food that will aid in all your growth. I know
some girls who think it is unladylike to have a good appetite; I have
treated girls who were really starving themselves because they dreaded
to become fat, and I have seen others whose appetite was unnatural
because they denied themselves proper food. It is not necessary for
me to say any more about the kind of foods to eat; we have already
gone into this matter, but remember this, that the degree of energy
essentially depends on the nutritiveness of the food you do eat.

Not a single gland in the body can do its proper work unless it is
supplied with its proper stimulant; and this stimulant is food. If you
wish to have a soft, smooth and attractive skin, you must always keep
in your mind the fact that it is the glands of the skin that exist for
this very purpose. I have said something to you about perspiration and
exercise, but beside this activity of the glands, produced by exercise,
there is constantly an “insensible perspiration” taking place in every

This unnoticeable perspiration amounts daily to about two pints
of watery fluid. Think of it! A quart of water leaving your body
through the skin every twenty-four hours and in such a way that you
do not notice it. You see now why I have laid so much stress upon the
statement that you should drink plenty of water, and why the average
American girl suffers from poor complexion and constipation.

Fat is poured out in this “insensible perspiration.” Even the finger
tips will secrete it. If the palm of the hand is cleansed with soap and
then with ether; held in the sunlight and observed with a magnifying
glass, you can see little bubbles arising which immediately evaporate,
leaving tiny drops of an oily substance――fat.

If this is so――and it is a scientific fact――is not the statement I made
to you, that water will help reduce fat instead of making it, easily
understood? But, then, why will drinking water also make fat? Because
it simply balances the physiological functions, brings about a proper
chemical action throughout the whole body and in doing this enables the
tissues to extract from your food the elements which go to make up fat,
flesh and blood.

In other words, give the body its needed supply of water, air, food and
exercise, and it will take care of itself――give you the amount of fat
you really need or take off the fat you do not need.

All these matters of controlling the action of the skin are dependent
upon special nerves; nerves which have nothing to do but look after
the health of the skin. These are the nerves which close or open the
pores to let out the “insensible perspiration,” which keep the body
temperature equal under all conditions of exposure and rest, which
allow the blood to get through the tiny arteries and veins of the
cheeks and make for a good or poor complexion.

Don’t listen to those who tell you that your unsatisfactory complexion
is due to “bad blood.” There is really no such state in the good
girl or woman as “bad blood.” Affections of the skin such as a muddy
complexion, greasy looking skin, rough skin, pimples and blotches are
not signs that there is something the matter with your blood. Generally
speaking these are signs of some faulty adjustment between nerves and
blood vessels, sweat glands and the tiny muscles of the skin.

These muscles of the skin are very delicate and sensitive muscles and
easily prevented from working properly. When they do not do their work
constantly and correctly, what happens? Wrinkles of course, then a
tightening of the skin which prevents the outpour of the “insensible
perspiration” and the escape of the oily substance. This latter,
remaining, causes the greasy skin; the tiny wrinkles keep behind
the outer skin some of the inward dirt, and then you have the muddy

Another way you can see the action of these tiny skin muscles is in
“gooseflesh.” “Gooseflesh” is due to the general contraction of these
tiny skin muscles. They contract into the little pin-head knobs which
make the peculiar appearance we call “gooseflesh.” The contracting
or expanding of these skin muscles is absolutely necessary for good
health, as the action regulates secretion and excretion and also
protects the body from sudden temperature changes. When you jump into
bed and find the sheets cold, you immediately have “gooseflesh;”
that is, the skin muscles close at once all the pores. If they did
not do this, the contact with the cold sheets would reduce your body
temperature and disturb the even working of the organs of the body.
The reason fear and shock also bring on “gooseflesh” is due to the
nerves of the skin being affected by the fright you have had, and so
the muscles become uncontrollable. This causes the skin muscles to
contract and its bunches are the “gooseflesh” skin. Very often a fright
or emotion is the cause for a bad complexion, for as you can readily
understand, all the functions of the skin being disturbed, it cannot
remain healthy.

It is for this reason you should avoid all thoughts, reading or
association which will affect the nervous system, if you wish to have a
clear and beautiful complexion.

Proper clothing has, of course, a great deal to do with preventing a
disturbance of the nerves of the skin and through these nerves the
muscles of the skin. I have warned you about keeping next to your skin
any garment soggy with human excretions or secretions――perspiration
with its fats and acids――and explained why a daily bath is the only way
to be certain of a healthy and hence a beautiful skin. The changing of
underwear by a set rule――such as once or twice a week, is barbarous.
Undergarments should be changed as often as they have absorbed any
unusual amount of perspiration. Always change after exercise, and
in the warm weather every day. It is not absolutely necessary that
clothing worn during a morning’s walk should be sent to the laundry,
but it should be hung where it can dry, then put where the fresh air
will go through its meshes. This being thoroughly done it may be used
during the next form of exercise. But if it has been soaked with
perspiration, then it should be thoroughly washed and dried in the air.

Carelessness in these matters is often the cause of skin diseases;
especially of that distressing affection, eczema.

Woolen undergarments are a prolific source of mischief in most of these
cases. In fact, as I have suggested to you, woolen underwear is not
the thing for a girl or young woman to wear if she wishes a clear and
attractive complexion.

Even in cold weather you can wear silk, muslin, or linen undergarments
next the skin. Be certain to have them white, or at least undyed, and
have no colored ribbons where they can come in contact with the skin.
Outside of these garments you may wear woolen articles required for
warmth. Another little matter of importance to the growing girl――fur,
velvet or cloth collars of garments worn tightly about the neck, the
lining of gloves, dyed stockings and even the lining of your hats,
sometimes will start a skin trouble which will be difficult to cure.

Your sleeping garments should be as loose as possible――especially
around the neck. They should be such that you can turn IN them and not
have them stick to your body when turning.

Turning while in bed is one of Nature’s ways of giving all the skin
covering your body a chance to get air and allow of the evaporation of
that “insensible perspiration.” Now, if a certain part of your body
has gotten rid of its inside poison――the region over the liver, for
example――and in turning over to give that portion access to air, your
garment simply sticks and goes with it, don’t you see that you are
sleeping with a soggy bit of clothing pasted right over the region
which needs fresh air and a chance to evaporate its perspiration?

During warm weather you will find bran baths not only very soothing,
but giving to the skin a very smooth and pleasing appearance. About
four pounds of bran to a bathtub of water is what you need.

There is an annoying skin affection, though not a disease, which may
embarrass the most careful girl. It is a summer occurrence and I dare
say that most of you know something about it. I refer to “prickly
heat,” a most annoying thing to the girl who wishes to enjoy her summer
outing and has to keep away from the bathing beach and the pleasures of
all her friends. This trouble may come out suddenly all over the body,
sometimes it is confined to certain large areas, more often to the arms
and shoulders. It is accompanied by excessive sweating and intolerable
itching, prickling and tingling.

You all can avoid this distressing condition. Light clothes, linen
undergarments of the flimsiest material, the use of plenty of water
taken inwardly, the avoidance of hot rooms, no exercise, such as
dancing or tennis, are the things to remember.

Do not put anything on the skin such as powder, ointment or ammonia.
Bathe in cool water; put into your bath a handful of bicarbonate of
soda. Take every morning a full glass of some saline water or a glass
of water in which you have dissolved a lithia tablet. Eat plenty
of green vegetables and fresh fruit, but avoid spiced food. Rice,
chicken, mutton, will not harm you, but pork, ham and underdone beef
at this time should be let alone. At night you should sponge your body
with vinegar and water.

Whatever affects the skin affects also the hair and nails, for those
are only extensions of the skin. I have told you about the hair in a
former chat which leaves little more to say; for after you understand
the secret of beauty――good health――common-sense will dictate to you
what to do. However, here are a few more things about the care of the

In trying to get rid of some of the dirt which the hair will collect,
don’t use a fine tooth comb. This cannot, without difficulty and
injury, be made to take hold of the dirt, because when it does, it will
pull so severely as to pull out or break the hairs. This is especially
true of the thick hair of the brunette. Use a comb having large smooth
teeth. Your brush should have bristles moderately stiff and the tufts
of these bristles should be well set apart. Never use a brush whose
bristles are short and closely set. Pearline is a good washing material
in which to soak your combs and brushes. In drying the brush be certain
to place it in the sun, bristles down, so that the water drains off,
instead of soaking into the back of the brush. If this latter condition
is allowed, the moist roots of the bristles will take up all the dirt
and germs floating around and they will then be transferred to your

The number of times the hair should be washed depends entirely upon the
amount of dirt or dust it has accumulated. But the rule is, as I have
mentioned, that washing the hair should be done only when there is an
accumulation of dust, for the more it is let alone the better hair you
will have. In washing the hair you remove the protective oil and this
leaves the hair dry and brittle. All applications of oil or vaseline to
the hair are injurious; man cannot make the artificial take the place
of the natural. If you must use any oil, then use pure olive oil.

Never attempt to remove superfluous hair from the face or neck. If you
do attempt it yourself, unsightly pimples will follow, perhaps ugly
sores and in the end the roots will be left to send out larger and
darker hairs. If troubled with superfluous hairs, go to a reputable
physician. He can, by a method of using an electric needle, rid you of
your trouble. Never go to an advertising man or woman for this trouble
or any other.

Never try to beat Nature――you cannot do it. Help her and she will do
the best thing for you. I make this remark because I know many girls
who have straight hair want to have curly hair and try all kinds of
methods to get curls.

Curly hair is due to the angle it is placed in the skin of the scalp.
Straight hair simply means that the hair grows straight up from the
scalp. You can now see that it is impossible to get a natural curly
hair from straight roots. If you persist in this useless process, you
are bound to disturb the roots and ultimately find that your hair is
dropping out.

Then there is another fact to remember. The face and skin develop along
their own lines and in harmony with each other. A face and complexion
made for straight hair will always look somewhat out of proportion
surrounded by artificially curled hair. This gives the head and face
that “frowsy” look so often seen in the most carefully dressed girl.
Such a girl thinks she has beaten Nature. But it is the other way about.

Don’t use a HAIR nailbrush. In doing so you are liable to tear the
tender skin at the base of the nails and open opportunities for germs.
A rubber nail brush is the very best to use. Such a brush is generally
called a flesh brush. It is a rubber plate with many cylindrical
projections rising from one of its flat surfaces. These little rubber
projections do better work than the bristles of a hairbrush and get in
under the nail better and do much less damage. The flesh brush, beside
cleaning the nails well, and with little damage to the surrounding
skin, is itself easily washed and sterilized.

The finger nails ought to be trimmed so that they may fulfill their
function of supporting and protecting the pulp of the fingers. They
therefore ought to be cut in a line corresponding to, but slightly
behind, the round of the finger tip. They should not be cut too close
at the corners. The manicure method of cutting the nails close at the
corners and trimming them too close, is injurious and dangerous. The
finger nails can pick up more poisonous germs than any other portion
of the body, and unless they are protected by their tough surroundings
they will carry into the body deadly microbes. Never use a knife or
nail scissors in pushing back the skin lying at the base of the nails.
Gently work it back by the tip of your fingers or thumb.



Don’t think because you hear so much about the dangerous germs to be
found everywhere, that you are certain to catch some horrible disease.
True, there is great danger in ignorantly living around these germs,
but the danger is mostly in ignorance and not in the fact that the
disease microbes are always with us.

The old idea that such germs as those of scarlet fever, typhoid,
smallpox, etc., could be carried from the ill to the well on clothing,
books, toys and other similar articles is not strictly true. Equally
true is it that these kinds of germs do not stay long upon walls of
rooms, floors or ceilings. They will stay and breed diseases in such
places if they are allowed to thrive under moist and dark conditions.

Sunlight and fresh air are deadly enemies to all germs except those
of venereal origin. If a smallpox patient has been confined to a room
and after being taken away the room is fumigated and then closed, the
chances are that the smallpox germs――some of them――will remain and
increase. Hence, to again occupy this room would be dangerous. But if,
instead of fumigating the room, if all the windows were open; if every
corner and floor could receive the rays of the sun for many days; the
last germ in the room would have to give up the ghost.

Don’t think that fumigating and washing clothes or other articles which
have come in contact with a diseased person make for absolute safety.
But do remember that SUNLIGHT and fresh air are deadly enemies to most
disease germs.

There are certain diseases which are carried around by persons in whom
you would never suspect danger. Typhoid germs, for example, may be
carried around in the intestines of a person who is in apparent health.
Now everywhere this person lives, or uses the toilet, the germs are
deposited, and if they happen to get into the drinking water――wells or
streams――or are carried by the flies’ legs to the food or milk, you run
great risks of getting typhoid fever.

Those germs of two horrible diseases which are to be found upon public
toilet articles, public drinking cups, upon the leaves of common
books――in fact everywhere man or woman is to be found, are _not_ killed
by sunlight or fresh air. This subject should be thoroughly understood
by every young woman, but it is of too great importance to be dealt
with here in a few paragraphs.

The breath of a consumptive patient will not carry directly the germs
of consumption to another person. Oh, I know that is what many of you
have been taught, but we are dealing with the facts as they are known
up to this very year of 1911. It has long been the general idea that
disease germs were carried from one person or thing to another person
or thing. Now this is not strictly true. All germs increase and thrive
in moist and dark conditions. The throat of a consumptive patient is
one of these conditions. The germs are sent out into the air of the
room in surrounding moisture. They land somewhere; on the tablecloth,
in the carpet, or hide in a dark corner. In these places they dry and
become dust――germ-laden dust. Now stir up this dust and then you have
the germs free to rush into the healthy lungs around them, and then a
person runs great risk of contracting consumption.

Don’t stir up a room by dusting if that room has been occupied by a
diseased person. Don’t wash the walls or floor of such a room and then
close it, unless you want to go into the business of breeding germs.

Knock out the windows of such a room――open it up for the sun’s rays to
penetrate and kill off the enemy. Take all carpets out and put them
where nothing but DRY air and sunshine can get at them. Do the same
thing with every movable object in the room.

Don’t do anything but just this with rooms where scarlet fever,
diphtheria, measles, whooping cough and other contagious diseases have
been running their courses.

I spoke to you about the hands being the greatest carriers of

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