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HALLAM. 2 vols., Svo, Cloth, $4 00.

HALLAM'S MIDDLE AGES. State of Europe during the Middle Ages.
By HENEY HALLAM. 8vo, Cloth, $2 00.

From the First Settlement of the Country to the Adoption of the Federal
Constitution. SECOND SEEIKS: From the Adoption of the Federal Con-
stitution, to the End of tire Sixteenth Congress. 6 vols., Svo, Cloth,
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HUME'S HISTORY OF ENGLAND. History of England, from the Inva-
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ments. To which is Prefixed a short Account of his Life, written by
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JEFFERSON'S DOMESTIC LIFE. The Domestic Life of Thomas Jeffer-
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JOHNSON'S COMPLETE WORKS. The Works of Samuel Johnson, LL.D.
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KINGLAKE'S CRIMEAN WAR. The Invasion of the Crimea, and an Ac-
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KINGSLEY'S WEST INDIES. At Last: A Christmas in the West Indies.
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el: a Portrait drawn from Bible History and the Book of Psalms. By
bite," &c. Translated under the express Sanction of the Author by the
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LAMB'S COMPLETE WORKS. The Works of Charles Lamb. Compris-
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Harper 6 Brothers' Valuable and Interesting Works. 7

LIVINGSTONE'S SOUTH AFRICA. Missionary Travels and Researches
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Interior of Africa, aud a Journey from the Cape of Good Hope to Loan-
do on the West Coast ; thence across the Continent, down the River
Zambesi, to the Eastern Ocean. By DAVID LIVINGSTONE, LL.D., D.C.L.
With Portrait, Maps by Arrowsmith, and numerous Illustrations. Svo,
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LIVINGSTONES' ZAMBESI. Narrative of an Expedition to the Zambesi
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assa. 186S-1S64. By DAVID and CHAELES LIVINGSTONE. With Map and
Illustrations. Svo, Cloth, $5 00.

M'CLINTOCK & STRONG'S CYCLOPAEDIA. Cyclopaedia of Biblical,
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MARCY'S ARMY LIFE ON THE BORDER. Thirty Years of Army Life
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found in the West, and the Methods of Hunting them ; with Incidents
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MACAULAY'S HISTORY OF ENGLAND. The History of England from
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an Original Portrait of the Author. 5 vols., Svo, Cloth, $10 00; 12mo,
Cloth, $T 50.

which the Rise, Progress, and Variation of Church Power are considered
in their Connection with the State of Learning and Philosophy, and the
Political History of Europe during that Period. Translated, with Notes,
&c., by A. MAcr.AiNK, D.D. A new Edition, continued to 1820, by C.
COOTB, LL.D. 2 vols., Svo, Cloth, $4 00.

THE DESERT OF THE EXODUS. Journeys on Foot in the Wilderness
of the Forty Years' Wanderings; undertaken in connection with the
Ordnance Survey of Sinai and the Palestine Exploration Fund. By E.
H. PALMEK, M.A., Lord Almoner's Professor of Arabic, and Fellow of
St. John's College, Cambridge. With Maps and numerous Illustrations
from Photographs and Drawings taken on the spot by the Sinai Survey
Expedition and C. F. Tyrwhitt Drake. Crown Svo, Cloth, $3 00.

OLIPIIANT'S CHINA AND JAPAN. Narrative of the Earl of Elgin's Mis-
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Irving, Minister of the National Scotch Church, London. Illustrated by
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dent History, from the Earliest Times to the Fall of the Western Empire.
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Parthiit, and Rome. By GKORGK RAWLINBON, M.A., Camden Professoj
of Ancient History in the University of Oxford. 12mo, Cloth, $2 50.

RECLUS'S THE EARTH. The Earth: A Descriptive History of the Phe-
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RECLUS'S OCEAN. The Ocean, Atmosphere, and Life. Being The Second
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printed in Colors. Svo, Cloth, $0 00.

8 Harper dr Brothers' Valuable and Interesting Works.

SHAKSPEARE. The Dramatic Works of William Shakspeare, with the
Corrections and Illustrations of Dr. JOHNSON, G. STKVKNS, and others.
Kevised by ISAAC KEEK. Engravings, ti vols, Royal 12mo, Cloth. $9 00
2 vols., Svo, Cloth, $4 00.

son, and of his Son, Robert Stephenson ; comprising, also, a History of
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tlements, Churches, and Industries in England and Ireland. By SAMUEL
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SPEKE'S AFRICA. Journal of the Discovery of the Source of the Nile.
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STRICKLAND'S (Miss) QUEENS OF SCOTLAND. Lives of the Qneens of
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France. Engravings. 12mo, Cloth, $2 00.

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Old Testament History. Engravings. 12mo, Cloth, $2 00.

New Testament History. Engravings, 12mo, Cloth, $2 00.

Strickland's Qneens of England. Abridged. Eng'tj. 12mo, Cloth, $2 00.

Ancient History of the East. 12mo, Cloth, $2 00.

Hallam's Middle Ages. 12mo, Cloth, $2 00.

Hallam's Constitutional History of England. 12mo, Cloth, $2 00.

Lyell's Elements of Geology. 12mo, Cloth, $2 00.

TENNYSON'S COMPLETE POEMS. The Complete Poems of Alfred Ten-
nyson, Poet Laureate. With numerous Illustrations by Eminent Artists,
and Three Characteristic Portraits. Svo, Paper, 75 cents; Cloth, $1 25.

THOMSON'S LAND AND THE BOOK. The Land and the Book; or, Bib-
lical Illustrations drawn from the Manners and Customs, the Scenes
and the Scenery of the Holy Laud. By W. M. TIIOMSON, D.D., Twenty-
five Years a Missionary of the A.B.C.F.M. in Syria and Palestine. With
two elaborate Maps of Palestine, an accurate Plan of Jerusalem, and
several hundred Engravings, representing the Scenery, Topography, and
Productions of the Holy Land, and the Costumes, Manners, and Habits
of the People. 2 large - 12mo vols., Cloth, $5 00.

TYERMAN'S WESLEY. The Life and Times of the Rev. John Wesley,
M.A., Founder of the Methodists. By the Rev. LUKE TVEKMAN. Por-
traits. 3 vols., Crown Svo, Cloth, $7 50.

TYERMAN'S OXFORD METHODISTS. The Oxford Methodists: Memoirs
of the Rev. Messrs. Clayton, Ingham, Gambold, Hervey, and Broughton,
with Biographical Notices of others. By the Rev. L. TYEUMAN. With
Portraits. Crown Svo, Cloth, $2 50.

VAMBfiRY'S CENTRAL ASIA. Travels in Central Asia. Being the Ac-
count of a Journey from Teheren across the Turkoman Desert, on the
Eastern Shore of the Caspian, to Khiva, Bokhara, and Samarcand, per-
formed in the Year 1863. By AISMINICS VXMHEIIY, Member of the Hun-
garian Academy of Pesth, by whom he was sent on this Scientific Mis-
sion. With Map and Woodcuts. Svo, Cloth, $4 50.

WOOD'S HOMES WITHOUT HANDS. Homes Without Hands : being a
Description of the Habitations of Animals, classed according to their
Principle of Construction. By J. G. Wooi>, M.A., F.L.S. With about
140 Illustrations. Svo, Cloth, Beveled Edges, $4 60.

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