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Now, as I can remember, by my troth,
I never did her hurt in all my life;
I never spake bad word, nor did ill torn,
To any living creature : believe me, la,
J never killd a mouse, nor hurt a fly:
I trod upon a worm against my will,
But 1 wept for it How have I offended,
Wherein my death might yield her any profit,
Or my life imply her any danger?

Leon. My commission
Is not to reason of the deed, but do it.

Mar. Yon will notdo*t for all the world, I hope.
You are well-favour*d, and your looks foreshow
Yoo have a gentle heart. 1 saw you lately,
When you caught hurt in parting two that fought:
GK>od sooth, it show'd well in you ; do so now :
Your lady seeks my life ; -come yoa between.
And save poor me, the weaker.

Leon, 1 am sworn.

And will despatch.

JSMer Pirates, uik3ti the it ttniggUng.

1 Hrate. Hold, yilkin ! [Leoh. runt awoff.

2 Pirate, A prize! aprizel

8 PiraU. Half-part, mates, half-part. Come,
let% haye her aboard suddenly.

[EaociuU Pirates wUk Mab.

SCENE IL^The tame.


Leon, These roguing thieves senre the great
pirate Valdes ;
And they have seized Marina. Let her go ;
There*s no hope shell retur n. Ill swear she*s dead.
And thrown into the sea.— But 111 see further;
Perhaps they will bat please themselves upon her.
Not carry her aboard. If she remain,
Whom they have ravish'd must by me be slain.


SCENE IIL- MUylene. A Soon in a BroOeL
Enter Pander, Bawd, nnd Boui/r.

Fland, Boult

BouU. Sir.

PofidL iSearch the market narrowly; Mitylene
is full of galUnts. We lost too much money this
mart by being too wenchless.

Baxod, We were never so much out of creatures.
We have but poor three, and they can do no more
than they can do ; and they with continual action
are even as good as rotten.

Pond. Therefore let's have fresh ones, whatever
we pay for them. If there be not a conscience to
be lued in every trade, we shall never prosi>er.

Bawd. Thou say St true: *tis not our bringing up
of poor bastards, as I think I have brought up some
eleven —

BoulL Ay, to deyen, and brought theaMlown
again. But shall I ^rch the market?

Bawd, What else, man ? The stuff we have, a
strong wind will blow it to pieces, they are so
pitifiuly sodden.

Pana. Thou say*st true; theyVe too unwhole-
some o* conscience. The poor Transylvanian is
dead that lay with the little baggage.


BoulL Ay, she quickly poop'd him ; she made
him roast-meat for worms :~but 111 ^ search
the market. [Exit BoUlt.

Pond, Three or four thousand chequins were as
pretty a proportion to live quietly, and so rive over.

Batod. Why, to give over, I pray yon ? If it a<
shame to get when we are old?

Pond, 0, our credit comes not in like the com-
modity; nor the commodity wages not with the
danger: therefore, if in our youths we oould pick
up some pretty estate, *twere not amiss to keep
our door batched. Besides^ the sore terms we
stand upon with the gods, wiD be strong with as
for giving over.

BawcL Come, other sorts offend as well as we.

Band, As well as we! ay, and better too; we
offend worse. Neither is our profession any trade ;
it's no calling ; but here comes Boult.

Enter tkt Pirates and Boult, dragging in Mabika.

BottU, Come your wajrs. [7b Mardia.] My
masters, you say she*s a virgiin ?
1 Pirate, O sir, we doubt it not
Boult. Master^ I have gone thorough for this

I»iece, you see : if you like her, so ; if not I haye
ost my earnest

Bawd. Boult, has she any qualities?

Boult 8he has a good face, speaks well, and
hath excellent good clothes; there's no farther
necessity of qualities can make her be refused.

Bawd, What's her price, Boult?

BouU, I cannot be baited one doit of a thousand

Pand. Well, follow me, my masters ; yon shall
have your money presently. Wife, take her in ;
instruct her what she has to do, that she may not
be raw in her entertainment

[Exeunt Pavdeb and Rrates.

Bcttod, Boult, take you the marks of her ; the
colour of her hair, complexion, height, her age,
with warrant of her virgmity : and cry, ** He that
will give most, shall have tier first.** Such a
maidenhead were no cheap thing, if men were as
they have been. Get this done as I command you.

BoulL Performance shall follow, f^^ Boult.

ifor. Alack, that Leonine was so slack, so slow
(He should have struck, not spoke) 1 or that these

Not enough barbarous, had but overboard
Thrown me, for to seek my mothf^r!

Bawd. Why lament you, pretty on© ?

Mar. That I am pretty.

Bawd. Come, the gods haye done their part m

Mar, I accuse them not

Bawd, You are lit into my hands, where yoa
are like to live.

Mar, The more my fitult, to Escape his hands,
where I was like to die.

Bawd, Ay, and yon shall live in pleasure.

Jfar. No.

Bawd Yes, indeed shall yon, and taste gentle-
men of all fashions. You shall fare well; you
shall have the difference of all complexions.
What 1 do you stop your ears ?

Mar, Are you a woman ?

Bawd, What would yoa have me be, an I be
not a woman ?

Mar. An honest woman, or not a woman.

Bated. Marry, whip thee, gosling : I think I
shall have something to do with you. Come,
you are a young foolu«h sapling, and most be
\K,wed » 1 would hgvejjoj^y GOOglC



Mar, The gods defend me I

Bawd. If it please the gods to defend yon hj
men, then men mast comfort yon, men most feed
yon, men must stir yon up.~Boalt*8 returned.

JEnter Boult.

Now, sir, hast thou cried her through th«

BoulL I have cried her almost in the number
of her hairs; I hare drawn her picture with my

Bawd, And I prithee, tell me, how dost thou
find the inclination of the people, especially of the
younger sort?

BouU. 'Fsith, they listened to me, as they would
have heaikened to their father's testament There
was a Spaniard*s mouth so watered, that he went
to bed to her very description.

BawtL We shall have him here to-morrow,
with his best ruff on.

BouU. To-night, to-night. But, mbtress. do
vou know the French knight that oowersi the
iiams ?

Ba^wd. Who? Monsieur Veroles?

BouU, Ay; he offered to cut a caper at the
proclamation; but he made a groan at it, and
swore he would see her to-morrow.

BavkL Well, well ; as for him, he brought his
disease hither: here he doth but repair it I
know he will come in our shadow, to scatter his
crowns in the sun.

BouU. Well, if we hfld of every nation a travel-
ler, we should lodge them with this sign.

Bawd. Pray you, come hither a while. You
have fortunes coming upon yon. Mark me;
you must seem to do that fearfnllv which you
commit willingly; to despise profit where you
have most gain. To weep that vou live &h you do
makes pity in your lovers: Seldom but that pity
begets yon a good opinion, and that opinion a mere

Mar, I understand you not

BoulL O take her home, mistress, take her home :
these blushes of hers must be quenched with some
present practice.

Baw^. Thou 8ay*st true, i' faith, so they must;
for your bride goes to that with shame, which is
her way to go with warrant.

BouU. 'Faith, some do, and some do not. But
mistress, if 1 have bargained for the joint, —

Bawd. Thou mayst out a morsel off the spit

BouU. I may so.

Bawd. Who shall deny it? Come, voungone, I
like the manner of your garments well.

BouU. Ay, by my faith, they shall not beT
changed yet.

BoMxL Boult, spend then that tn the town:
report what a sojourner we have; youll lose
nothing by custom. When nature framed this
piece, she meant thee a Kood turn : therefore sav

SCENE lY.— ul Boom m Cleon^ Ome ai

Enter Clsoh and Dionyza.

Dion, Why, are you foolish? Can it be undone?

Cle. O Dionyza, such a piece of slaughter
The sun and moon ne'er look'd upon I

Diotu I think you'll turn a child again.

CU. Were I chief lord of all this spaoioo/
I'd give it to undo the deed. O lady.
Much less in blood than virtue, yet a prinoeas
To equal any single crown o' the earth,
I* the jostice of compare ! O vilhu'n Leonine,
Whom thou hast poison 'd too !
If thou hadst drunk to him, it had been a kindnesfi
Becoming well thy face : What canst thou say
When noble Pericles shall demand his child ?

Dion, That she is dead. Nurses are not the
To foeter it, nor ever to preserve.
She died at night ; I'll say so. Who can cross it ?
Unless you play the impious innocent,
And for an honest attribute, cry out,
" She died by foul play."

Cle. 0, go to. Well, well.

Of all the faults beneath the heavens, the gods
Do like this worst

Dion. Be one of those that think

The pretty wrens of Tharsus will fly hence,
And open this to Pericles. I do shame
To think of what a noble strain you are.
And of how ooward a spirit

Cle. To such proceeding

Who ever but his approbation added,
Though not his pre-consent, he did not flow
From honourable courses.

Dion. Be it so then :
Yet none doth know, but jou. how she came dead,
Nor none can know, Leonine being gone.
She did disdain my child, and stood between
Her and her fortunes : none would look on her,
But cast their gazes on Marina's face;
Whilst ours was blurted at, and held a malkin
Not worth the time of day. It pierc'd me through ;
And though you call my course unnatural.
You not your child well loving, yet I find,
It greets me, as an enterprise of kindness,
Perform'd to your sole daughter.

Cle. Heavens forgive Itl

Dion. And as for Pericles,
What should he say. We wept after her heane.
And even vet we mourn : her monument
Is almost finished, and her epitaphs
In glittering golden characters express
A general praise to her, and care in us
At whose expense tis done.

CU. Thou art like the barpy,

Which, to betray, dost, with thine angel's Cace,
Haiza with thine easle's talons.

Digitized by



W here oar soenes seem to live. I do beseech 70a,

To learn of me, who stand i' the gaps to teach jrou,

The stages of oar storj. Pericles

Is now again thwarting the wayward seas,

(Attended on by many a lord and knij^rht),

To see his daughter, all his li'e*8 delight.

Old E^scanes, whom Uelicanus late

Advanced in time to great and high estate,

Is left to govern. Bear you it in mind,

Old Helicanus goes along behind.

Well-sailing ships and bounteous winds have

This king to Tharsus (think his pilot thonght,
So with his steerage shall your thou<;hts grow on).
To fetch his daighter homo, who first is gone.
Like motes and shadows see them move a while;
Your ears onto jour eyes I'll reconcile.


Enter Pericles at one door^ with aU his train;
Cleon ami Dionyza at Vie other. Cleon shoiot
Periclss the tomb [o/* Marina] ; whereat Peki-
0LB8 makes lamentation, puts on sackcloth, and in
a mighty passion departs,

Chw, See how b(>lief may suffer by foul show I
This borrowed passion stands for true old woe;
And Pericles, in sorrow all devour d.
With sighs shot through, and biggest tears o*er-

shower 'd,
Leaves Tharsus, and again embarks. He swears
Never to wash his face, nor cut his hairs;
He puts on sackcloth, and to sea. He bears
A tempest, which his mortal vessel tears.
And yet he rides it out. Now please 70U wit
The epitaph is for Marina writ,
By wicked Dionyza.

[Jieads the inscription on Marina "^ numtcment.

Tha falmt. sweetest^ best, lies here,

Who withef d In her spring of year.

Bbtf was of TyruB. the king's daughter.

On whom foul death haib made this slaughter ;

Manna waaahe call'd ; and at her bhlh.

Thetis, being proud, swallotr'd some lart o* the earth ;

Therefore the ear h, fearing to be overdow'd.

Hath Thetis' birth-child on the heavens beatow'd :

Wherefore she does, and swears she'll nerer stint.

Make raging batteiy upon shores of flint.

No vizor does become black villainy,

80 well as soft and tender flattery.

Let Pericles believe his daughter's dead,

And bear his courses to be ordered

By lady Fortune ; whi'e our scenes display

His daughter's woe and heavy weil-a-day,

In her unholy service. Patience then,

And think you now are all in Mitylene. [Exit,

SCENE v.— Mitylene. A Street before the Brotliel,
Enter, fiom the Brothel, two Gentlemen.

1 Oent Did you ever hear the like ?

2 Oent, No, nor never shall do in such a place
as this, she bemg once gone.

1 Gent. But to have divinity preached there!
did you ever dream of such a thing?

2 Oent. No, no. Come, I am for no more
bawdy-houses: shall we go hear the vestals sing?

1 Oent. I'll do anything now that is virtuous,
but I am out of the road of rutting, for ever.


SCENE VL— The same. A Boom in the BrUhd,

Enter Pander, Bawd, and Boult.

Pond, Well. I had rather than twice the worth
of her, she had neV come here.


Bxojd, Fie, fie upon her ; she is able to freeze
the god Priapus, and undo a whole generation.
We must either get her ravish 'd, or be rid of her.
When she should do for clients her fitment, and
do me the kindness of our profession, she has me
her quirks, her reasons, her master-reasons, hef
prayers, ht^r knees; that she would makes puritan
of the devil, if he should cheapen a kiss of her.

BouU. 'Faith I must ravLsh her, or shell dis-
furnish us of all our cavaliers, aud make all oar
swearers orients.

Pond, Now, the poz upon her green-sickness for

Bawd, 'Faith, there^ no way to be rid on't, but by
the way to the pox. Here comes the lord Lysi-
machus, dis^^uised.

BohU, We should have both lord and lown, if
the peevbh baggage would but giye way tc ona-

Enter Ltbihachub.

Lys, How now? How a dozen of virginidea .

nawd. Now, the gods to-biess your honour I

BouU, I am glad to see your honour in good

Lys. You may so ; 'tis the better for you that your
resorters stand upon sound legs. How now, whole-
some iniquity ? Have you that a man may deal
withal and defV the surgeon ?

Bawd. We have h»^re one, sir, if she wocUd —
but there never came her like in Mitylene.

Lys. If she'd do the deed of darkness, then
wouldst say.

Bawd. Your honour knows what *tb to nj^
well enough.

Lys. Well; call forth, call forth.

Boult. For flesh and blood, sir, white and red,
^u shall see a rose ; and she were a rose indeed,
if she had but

Lys. What, prithee?

Boult. 0, sir, 1 can* be modest

Lyi. That dignifies the renown of a bawd, no
less than it gives a good report to a number to be

Enter liABiSA.

Bawd, Here comes that which grows to tha
stalk; — ^never plucked yet, I can assure you. Is
she not a fair creature?

Lys. 'Faith, she would serve after a long voyage
at sea. Well, there's for you ; — leave us.

Bawd. 1 beseech, your honour, give me leave
a word, and 111 have done presently.

Lys. I beseech you, do.

Baiod. First, L would have you note, this is aa
• honourable man.

[7b Marina, whom she takes aside.

Mar, I desire to find him so, that I may worthily
note him.

Bawd Next, he's the governor of this oonntry,
and a man whom I am l^und to.

Mar, If he govern the country, you are bouxMl
to him indeed ; but how honourable he is in that,
I know not

Bawd. Pray you, without any more virginal
fencing, will ^ou use him kindly? He will line
your apron with gold.

Mar. What he will do graciously I wiil thank-
fully receive.

Lya. Have you done?

Bawd. My lord, she's not pac'd yet ; you must
take some pains to work her to your manage.
Come, we will leave his honour and her together.

Xyt. Go thy ways.— Now. pretlj one, bow long
have jou been at this trade?

Mar, What trade, sir?

Lus, What I cannot name bnt I shall offend*

Mar, I cannot be offended with my trade. Please
yon to name it.

Lvs. Uow long haTB yon been of this proflae-

Mar. Erer since I can remember.

Xys. Did yon go to it so young? Were yon a
gamester at five, or at seven?

Mar, Earlier too, sir, if now I be one.

Iiyt. Why, the noose yon dwell in proclaims
yoa to be a creature of sale.

Mar, Do yon know tliis house to be a place of
such resort, and will come into it ? I hear say, you
are of honourable parts, and are the governor of
this place.

Ly$, Why, hath your principal made known
onto you who I am ?

Mar. Who is my principal?

Jjy$, Why, your herb-woman; she that sets
seeds and roots of shame and iniquity. 0, you
have heard something of my power, and so stand
aloof for more serious wooing. But I protest to
thee, pretty one, my authority shall not see thee,
or else, look friendlv upon thee. Come, bring me
to some private place. Come, oome.

Mar. Ir you were bom to honour, show it
If put upon you, make the judgment good
Tfaiat thought you worthy of it

Xys. Uow*s this? how*s this?— Some more}—
be sage.

Mar, For me, that am a maid, though most
Fortune hath plao*d me in this loathsome sty.
Where since I came, diseases iiave been sold
Dearer than physic, — that the good gods
Would set me free from this unbailow'd place.
Though they did change me to the meanest

That flies i' the purer airl

Ly$, I did not think

Thou cooldst have spoke so well; ne*er dreamed

thou couldst.
Had I brought hither a corrunted mind.
Thy speech had alter'd it. Hold, here's gold for

Perseyer in that clear way thou goest.
And the gods strengthen thee I
Mar, The good gods preserve youl
Lys. For me, be yoa thoughten

Thai I came with no ill intent ; for to me
The very doors and windows savour vilely.
Fare thee well. Thou art a piece of virtue,
And 1 doubt net but thy training hath been

Hold; berels more gold for thee.
A curse upon hini. die he like a thief,
That roba thee of thy goodness! If thou hear^t

from me
It shall be for thy good.

[Am LTsiMAOHin U pMug up hU pttrtt^


BofiL I b eeeec h your booour, one piece for

£fif. Avannt, thou damned door-keepert
roar bouse, but for this virgin that dotb prop




. and oyerwbelm yon. Away.


BouU, How% this? We must take another
course with you If your peevish chastity, which
is not worth a breakfast in the cheapest country
under the cope, shall undo a whole household,
let me be gelded like a spaniel. Come your

Mar, Whither would you have me?

BouU, I must have your maidenhead taken off,
or the common hangman shall execute it. Come
your way. We'll have no more gentlemen driven
away. Come your ways, I say.

B&enter Bsiwd,

Bawd. How now I what's the matter?

BouU. Worse and worse, mistress ; she has here
spoken holy words to the lord Lysimachns.

Bauxt O abominable 1

BouU, She makes our profession as it were to
stink afore the face of the gods.

Bawd. Marry, hang her up for eyer I

BouU. The nobleman would have dealt with her
like a nobleman, and she sent him away as oold as
a snow-ball ; saying his prayers too.

Batod. Boult, take her away; use her at thy
pleasure: crack the glass of her yirginity, and
make the rest malleable.

Boidi. An if she were a thornier piece of ground
than she is, she shall be ploughed.

Mar, Hark, hark, ye godsl

Bawd. She conjures : away with her. Would
she had never come within my doors ! Marry hang
you 1 She*s bom to undo us. Will you not ^ the
way of womenkind? Marry come up, my dish of
chastity with rosemary and bays!

[EjbU Bawd.

BouU. Come, mistress; come your way with

Mar, Whither would you have me?

BouU, To take from you the Jewel yoa hold so

Mar. Prithee, tell me one thing first.

BouU. Come, now, your one thing?

Mar. What canst thou wish thine enemy to

BouU, Why, I oould wish him to be my master,
or rather, my mistress.

Mar, Neither of these are yet so bad as thoa

Since they do better thee in their command.
Thoa hold^ a pUce, for which the pained^t

Of hell would not in reputation change:
Thou art the damn*d door-keeper to eyerj

ooystVel *

That comes inquiring for his tib;
To the choleric fisting of every rogue thy ear
If liable ; thy food is such
As hath been belch'd on by infected lungs.

BouU. What would you have me do? go to
the wars, would yoa? where a man may serve
seven years for the loss of a leg, and have not
money enough in the end to buy him a wooden

Mar, Do anything but this thoa doest. Empty
Old receptacles, or oommon sewers of filth ;
Serve by indenture to the common hangman ;
Any of these ways are better yet than tbi3 ;
For what thou professest, a baboon, oould he

Would own a name too dear. Tbat the gods

would safel;^
Deliyer me trom tms place I Here^ bere^ gold

^^' ^^ Digitized by GOOgle



If that thj master would ^ain aught by me,
Proclaim that I oasx smg, weave, sew, and

With otlier virtues, which III keep firom

And I will undertake all these to teaeh.
I doubt not but this populous city will
Yield many scholars.
Boult. But can you teach all this yon apeak

Afar. Prove that I cannot, take me home


And prostitute me to the 'basest groom
That doth frequent your house.

BoiiU. Well, I will see what I can do for tbee.
if 1 can place thee, I will.

Mar, But amongst honest women?

BouU. 'Faith, my acquaintance lies little amongn
them. But since my master and mbtress have
bought you, there's no going but b^ their consent:
therefore I will make Uiem acquamted with your
purpose, and I doubt not but I shall find them
tracuble enough. Come, 111 do for thee what I
can : come your ways.


Enter Gowsb.

Oow, Marina thus the brothel 'scapes, and

Into an honest house, our story says.
She sings like one immortal, and she dances
As goddess-like to her admired lays :
Deep clerks she dumbs; and with her neeld com-
Nature's own shape, of bud, bird, branch, or

That even her art sisters the natural roses;
Her inkle, silk, twin with the rubied cherry:
That pupils lacks she none of noble race,
Who pour their bounty on her ; and her gain
She gives the cursed bawd. Here we her

And to her father turn our thoughts again.
Where we left him on the sea. We there him

Where driven before the winds he is arrived
Here where his daughter dwells; and on this

Suppose him now at anchor. The oitv striv'd
Good Neptune's annual feast to keep: from

Lysimachus our Tyrian ship espies.
His banners sable, trimm'd with rich expense;
And to him in his barge with fervour hies.
In your supposing once more put your sight:
Of heavy Pericles think this the bark :
Where, what is done in action, more, if might,
Shall be discover'd ; please you, sit and hark.


SCENE I,— On board Pericles' $k£p of Mity-
lene. A dose Pavilion on deck^ with a Cm tain
b^oreit; FERiCLEnwithinit^reclmedonacouch,
A barge lining beside tiie Tyrian vetiteL

Enter tux> Sailors, one belongina to ike Tyrian vessel^
the other to the barge; to tnem Helicanus.

Tyr. 8aiL Where is the lord Helicanus? He
can resolve you. [To the Sailor of Mitylene.] O,
here he is. Sir, there is a barge put off from
Mitylene, and in it is Lysimachus the governor,
who craves to come aboard. What is your

Hd, That he have his. Call up some gentlemen.

Tyr, SaU, Ho, gentlemen ! my lord calls.

Enter two Gentlemen.

1 Oent Doth your lordship call ?
HeL Gentlemen, there is some one of worth
would come aboard ; I pray, greet him fairly.
[The Gentlemen and the two Sailors deteend,
and go on board the barge.

Enter from thence Ltsdiaohus, attended; the
Tyrian Gentlemen, and the two Sailors.

7)fr, 8aiL Sir, this is the man that can, in aught
you would, resolve you.
Lye. Hail, reverend sirl The gods preserve

Bid, And you sir, to outlive the age I am.
And die as I would do.

Lys, You wish me welL
Being on shore, honouring of Neptune's triumphs,
Seeing this guodly vessel ride before us,
I made to it, to know of whence you are.
HeL First, what is your place?
Lya, I am the governor of this plaoe you lie

Hd. Sir, our vessel is of Tyre, in it the king ;
A man, who for this three months hath not

To any one, nor taken sustenance.
But to prorogue his grief.
Lya. Upon what ground is his distemperature?
HeL Sir, it would be too tedious to repeat ;
But the main grief of all spring from tne loss
Of a beloved daughter and a wife.
Lv8, May we not see him ?
HeL You may,
But bootless is your sight ; he will not si)eak to
Lya, Yet let me obtain my wish.
HeL Behold him, sir. rpERiCLES dieooveredS]
This was a goodly ^person,
Till the disaster that, one mortal night.
Drove him to this.
Ijye, Sir, king, all hail I the gods preserve yon I
Roval sir 1
JkeL It is in vain ; he will not speak to yov.
Lord. Sir, we have a maid in Mitylene. 1 durst
Would win some words of him.

Lys. Tis well bethought.

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