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Some wanton charm upon this man and maid.
Whose vows are that no bed-rite shall be paid
Till Hymen% torch be lighted : but in vam ;
Mars's hot minion is return 'd again ;
Her wasnish-headed son has broke his arrows,
8wears ne will shoot no more, but play with

And be a boy right out.

Cer, Highest oueen of state,

Great Juno comes : I know her oy her gait
.En^ JUKo.

Jim. Howdoesmybounteoussister? Go with me.
To bless this twain, that they may pro^ieroui be.
And honoured in their issue.

JwL Honour, ricbea, marriase blessing;

Long continuance aiid Increa^iug,

Hourly Joys be fttill upon you i

Juno sings ber blessings ou you.
Cer, Barth'8 increase, fuison plenty.

Bams and gamers never empty ;

Vinos, with clust'rlng bunches growing :

Plants with goodly burthen bowing ;

Spring come to you, at the fartlic^

In the rery end of harvest I

Scarcity and want shall shun you ;

Geres' blessing so is on you.

Fer, This ij» a most majestic vision, and
Harmonious charmingly : May I be bold
To think these spirits ?

Pro, Spirits, which by mine ari

I have from their confines call*d to enact
My present fancies.

Fer, Let me live here ever ;

So rare a wondered father, and a wife,
Make this place Paradise.

[Juno and Ceres to^tsper, and send Iru
on emphument.

Pro. bweet now, silence ;

Juno and Ceres whisper seriously :
There *s something else to do : husn and be mute.
Or else our s|)ell is marr'd. [brooks,

Iris, You nymphs call'd Naiads, of the wmdering
With your sedg'u crowns, and ever harmless looks.
Leave your crisp channels, and on tliis green land
Answer your summons : Juno does command :
Come, temperate nymphs, and help to celebrate
A contract of true love ; be not too late.

Enter certain Nymphs.
You 8un-bum*d sicklemen, of August wenry.
Come hither from the furrow, and be mcny;
Make holiday : your rve-straw hats put on,
And these fresh nympns encounter every one
In country footing.

Enter certain Reapers, properUj habited; they join
with the NyrMihs in a graceful dance ; towards the
end tdiereof Prospero starts suddenly, and
speaks; after which, to a strange, hollow, and oof»>
fused noise, they heavily vanish.
Pro. [AsideA I had forgot that foul consphncy
Of the beast Caliban, and his confederates.
Against my life ; the minute of their plot
Is almost come.— [7b the Spirits,] Well done ;—
avoid; — no more. [passion

Fer. This is strange: your fkther *s in some
That works bim strongly.

Mira, Never till this day.

Saw I him touched with anger so dbtemper'd.
Pro, You do look, my sou, in a mov'd sort,
As if you were dismay 'd : be cheerful, sir:
Our revels now are ended : tliese our actors,
As I foretold you^ were all spirits, and
Are melted into air, into thin air:
And, like the baseless fabric of this vision.
The cloud-capp'd towers, the gorgeous palaces,
The solemn temples, the great globe itself^
Yea, all which it inherit, shall dissolve ;
And, like tills insubstantialpageant faded.
Leave not a rack behind: We are such stuff
As dreams are made on, and our little life
Is rounded with a sleep. — Sir, I am vex'd ;
Bear with my weakness ; my old brain is troubled
Be not disturbed with my infirmity ;
If you be pleas'd, retire into my cell.
And there repose; a turn or two 111 walk
To still my beating mind.



^Bt, Come with a thought ^— I think th•e^-
Ariel, come.

Enter Ariel.

An. Thy thoughts I cleave to: What's thj

Pto, Spirit, [pleasure?

We must prepare to meet with Caliban.

ArL Ay, my commander ; when 1 presented Ceres,
I thought to have told thee of it ; but I fear'd
Lest I might anger thee. Pels?

/^. Say agaih , where didst thou leave these y ar-
Aru I told you,sir,thej were red-hot with drink-
So ful^of valour that they smote the air Ting :
For breathing in their faces ; beat the ground
For kissing of their feet ; yet always bending
Towards their project : Then I beat my tabor,
At w hich, like unbacked colts, they prick'd their eais,
Advano'd their eyelids, lifted up their noses.
As they smelt music; so I charni'd their cars,
That calMike, they my lowing follow 'd, through
Tooth'd briers,sharpfurze8,prtcking gussand thoinSf
Which enter'd their frail shins : at last I left theui
1' the filthy mantled pool beyond your cell,
There dancing up to the chins, that the foul lake
O'erstunk their feet.

Pn, Thi? was well done, my bird;

Thy shape invisible retain thou still :
The trumpery in my house, go, bring it hither,
For stale to catch these thieves.

ArL I go, I go. [BxdU

Pro. A devil, a bom devil, on whose nature
Nurture can never stick; on whom my pains.
Humanely taken, all, all lost, quite lost:
And as, with age, his body uglier grows,
80 his mmd cankers: I will plague them all,
Be-tnUr Abibl, haden with glUtening appard^ dtc
Even to roaring: — Come, hang them on this line.
PBOSPEROmwf Ariel rcmmn twin Wc ^n^Cau-
BAN, Stefhamo, and Trinculo, all wet.

Otd, Pray you, tread softly, that the blind mole
nuv not
Hear a foot fall : we now are near his cell.

SU. Mimster, your fairy, which you say is a
harmless foiry, has done little better than phyed
the Jack with us.

Tritu Monster, I do smell all horse-piss; at
which my nose is in great indignation.

Ste, So is mine. Do you hear, monster? If I
■hould take a displeasure against you; look you,~

TritL Thou wert but a lost monster.

Qd. Good my lord, give me thy favour still:
Be patient, for the prize lU bring thee to Py,

Shall hoodwmk this mischance : therefore speak soft-
All ^ hush'd as midnight yet.

Trin. Ay, but to lose our bottles in the pool, —

SU. There is not only disgrace and dishonour in
that, monster, but an infinite loss.

Tnn, lliat 's more to me than my wetdng: yet
Chii U your harmless fairy, monster. '

SU. 1 will fetch off my bottle, though I be o'ei
ears for my labour.

Cal. Prithee, ray king, be quiet : See'st thou here,
This is the mouth o*the cell : no noise and enter..
Do that good mischief, which may make this island
Thine own for ever, and I, thy Caliban,
For aye thy foot-licker. [thoughts.

Ste. Give me thy hand: I do begin to have bloody

Trin. O King Stephanol peerl worthy
Stephano I look, what a wardrobe here is for thee I

UaL IjQt it alone, thou fool ; it b but trash.

Trin. O, ho, monster ; we know what belongs to
a firippery ; — King Stephanol

Su. Put off that gown, Trinculo ; by thb hand,
1 11 have that gown.

Trin. Thy grace shall have it [mean,

CaL The dropsy drown this fool I what do you
To dote thus on such luggage ? Let ^ alone,
And do the mnrther first: if he awake,
From toe to crown he 11 fill our skins withpmches {
Make us strange stuff.

St€. Be you quiet, monster. — ^Mistress line, is
not tliis my jerkin? Now is the jerkin tmder the
line : now, jerkin^ you are like to loee your hair,
and prove a bald lerkin.

Irin. Do, do : We steal by line and levels an \
like your grace.

Ste. I tlumk thee for that jest : here 'ii a garment
for t: wit shall not go unrewarded while I am
king of this country : Steal by line and level is an
excellent pass of pate ; there '^ another garment for *t.

Trin. Monster, come, put some lime upon ;^our
fingers, and away with the rest. [time,

CaL I Mrill have none on trwe shall lose our
And all be turn*d to barnacles, or to apes
With foreheads vilUinous low.

Ste. Monster, lay-to your fingers ; help to bear
this away where iny hogshead of wine is, or I 'U
turn you out of my kingdom : go to, carry this.

Trin. And this.

Ste. Ay, and this.
A noue of hunters heard. Enter diven Spirits^ m

j/iOM of houndsj andhufii tJiem about Prospero

ana Ariel $ettmg them on.

Pro, Hey, Mountain^ hoy I

ArL Silver I Uiere it goes, Stiver!

Pro. Fury^ Fury! there, Tyrant^ there 1 hark,

[Cal., Ste., and Trim, are driven out.

Go, charge my goblins that they grind their joints
With dry conviiJsions ; shorten up tlieir smews
With aged cramps : and more pinch^spotted nuke
Than pard or cat mountain. [them,

ArL Hark, they roar.

Pro. Let them be hunted soundly: At this hor"
Lie at my mercy lUl mine enemies :
Shortly shall all my Ubours end, and thou
Shalt have the air of freedom : for a littleu
Follow, and do me service. lExeunL

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•SCENE L—jgie^ theCeUof Prospero.
Elder PBOSPBro, in his magic robes ; and Arisl.

Pro. Now does my project gather to a head :
My charms crack not ; my spirits obey; and Time
GJoes upright vrith his carriage. How 's the day ?

Ari, On the sixth hour : at which time, my lord,
You said oar work should cease.

Pro. I did say so,

When first I rais'd the tempest Say, my spirit,
How fiures the king and 's followers ?

Art, Confin'd together

In the same fashion as you gave in charge ;
Just as ^ou left them ; all prisoners, sir.
In the hne-grove which weather-fends your cell ;
They cannot budge till your release. The kuig.
His orother, and yours, abide all three distracted :
And the remainder mourning over them,
Brimful of sorrow and dismay ; but chiefly
Him that you termed, sir, "The good old lord,

Gk)nza]o ; "
His tears run down his beard, like winter^ drops
From eaves of reeds: your charm so strongly

works them.
That if YOU now beheld them your affections
Would become tender.

Pro, Dost thou think so, spirit?

Aru Mine would, sir, where I human.

Pro, And mine shalL

Hast thou, which art but air. a touch, a feeling
Of their afHictions? and shall not myself.
One of their kind, that relish all as sharply,
Passion as they, be kindlier mov'd than thou art ?
Though with their high wrongs I am strook to the

Yet, with my nobler reason *^inst my fury
Do I take part : the rarer action is
In virtue tnan in vengeance : they being penitent.
The sole drift of my purpose doth extend
Not a frown further : Go, release them, Ariel ;
My charms 1 11 break, their senses I 'U restore,
And they sludl be themselves.

An. 1 11 fetch them, sir. [ExU,

Pro, Ye elves of hills, brooks, standing lakes,
and groves ;
And ye that on the sands with printless foot
£>o chase the ebbing Neptune, and do fly him,
When he comes back ; you demi-t)uppets that
By moonshine do the green sour ringlets make,
Whereof the ewe not bites; and you, whose

Is to make midnight-mushrooms ; that rejoice
To hear the solemn curfew ; by whose aid
[Weak masters though ye be] 1 have bedinmi*d
The noontide sun, caird forth the mutinous winds,
And *twixt the green sea and the azur'd vault
Set roaring war : to the dread rattling thunder
Have I given fire, and rifted Jove's stout oak
With his own bolt: the strong-based promontory
Have I made shake ; and by the spurs pluck 'd up
the pine and cedar : graves, at my oonmiand,
Have wak'd their sleepers ; op*d and let them forth
By my so potent art : But tlus rough magic
I here abjure : and, when I have requir^
Some heavenly music, (which even now I do,)
To work mine end upon their senses that
Phis airy charm is for, I *11 break my staff,
Bury it certain fathoms in the earth,
And, deeper tlian did ever plummet sound,
111 droMii my book. [Solemn rmuto

B&tnter Ariel: a/Ur Am, Alonso, toUk a fmaOk
gesture, attended by Gonzalo; bsBAsriAK and
Antonio m Uke manner attended by Adriam
and Francisoo: they all enter the ards w/Uch
Prospebo had made, and there stand charmed;
tohich Prospero observing, speaks,
A solenm air, and the best comforter
To an imsetled fancy, cure thy brains.
Now useless, boil'd within thy skull 1 There stand,
For you are all spell stopp'd. •

Holy Qonzalo, honourable man.
Mine eves, even sociable to the show of thine,
Fall feUowly drops. — Th». charm dissolves apace;
And as the mommg steals upon the night,
Melting the darkness, so their rising senses
Begm to chase the ignorant fumes that mantle
Their clearer reason.— good Qonzalo,
My true preserver, and a loyal sir
To him thou follow *st, I will pay thy graces
Home, both in word and deea — Most cruelly
Didst thou, Alonso, use me and my daughter:
Thy brother was a furtherer in the act ; — [blood
Thou art pinched for \ now, Sebastian. — Fl^ ana
You brother mine, that entertained ambition,
Expeird remorse and nature; who, with Sebastian,
rWhose inward pinches therefore are most strong^
Would here have kill'd your kbg ; I do forgive theo,
Unnatural though thou art! — Their understanding
Begins to swell ; and the approadiing tide
Will shortly fill the reasonable shores,
That now he foul and muddy. Not one of them
That yet looks on me, or would know me ; — Ariel,
Fetch me the hat and rapier in my eel 1 : [Exit Ariel.
I will disease me, and myself present.
As I was sometime Milan:— quickly spirit
Thou shalt ere long be free.


ArL Where the bee sucks, there sock I;
Inaoowslip's bell I lie:
There I couch when owls do cry,
On the bat's back I do fly
After summer merrily :
Merrily, merrily, shall I live now.
Under the bloasom that hangs on the bough.

Pro. Why, that 's my dainty Ariel : I shall miss
But yet thou shalt have freedom : so, so, so. —
To the king's ship, invisible as thou art:
There shalt diou find the maiiners asleep
Under the hatches; the master, and Uie boatswain,
Being awake, enforce them to this place;
And presently, I pritliee.

An, I drink the air before me, and return
Or e'er your pulse twice beat. [Exit Ariel.

Oon, All torment,trouble,wunder,and amazement
Inhabits here: Some heavenly power guide us
Out of this fearful country I

Pro, Behold, sir king,

The wronged Duke of Milan, Prospero :
For more assuranoe that a living prince
Does now speak to thee, I embrace thy body
And to thee and thy company, I bid
A hearty welcome.

Alan, WheV thou beest he, or no,

Or some enchanted trifle to abuse me.
As late I have been, I not know : thy pulse
Beats, as of flesh and blood ; and, since- 1 saw \hsx\
The affliction of my mind amends, with which,
I fear, a madness held me: this must crave
CAu if this be at all] a most strange^tory.

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Thy dukedom I resign ; and do enh-eat

Thon pardon me my wrongs: — But how should

Be living, and be here ? [Prospero

Pro, First, noble friend,

Let me embrace thine a^ife : whose honour cannot
Be measur'd or confined.

Oim. Whether this be,

Oc be not, 1 11 not swear.

Pro, You do yet taste

Some snbtilties o* the isle, that will not let you
Believe things certain : — Welome, my friends all : —
But you, my brace of lords, were I so minded.

\ABidt to Sedas. and Ant.
[ here oould pluck his highness' frown upon yon,
And justify you traitors; at this time
ni tell no tales.

Seb. The devil spoaks in hun. [Aside,

Pro. No :—

For yon, most wicked sir, whom to call brother
Would even infect my mouth, I do forgive
Thy rankest fault ; all of them ; and require
My dukedom of thee, which, perforce, I know
Thou must restore.

AUm, If thou beest Prospero,

Give us particulars of tliy preservation:
How thou hast met us here, who three hours since
Were wrack 'd upon this shore ; where I liave lost

Slow sharp the point of this remembrance is I)
y dear son Ferdinand.

Jh>. I am woe for X sir.

Ahnu Irreparable is the loss; and patience
Says it is past her cure.

Pro,' I rather think,

Tou have not sought her help ; of whose soft grace
For the like loss, 1 have her sovereign aid.
And rest myself content.

AUm, You the like loss?

Pro. As gn*at to me, as late ; and supportable
To make the dear loss, have I means much weaker
Than you may call to comfort you : for I
llMve lost my daughter.

Alon. A daughter?

heavens! that they were living both in Naples,
The king and queen there I that tnev were, I wish
II yself were mndded in tliat oozy bed [daughter ?
Where my son lies. When did you lose vour

Pro, In this last tempest I perceive these fords
At this encounter do so much admire,
riuU they devour their reason ; and scarce think
rheir eyes do offices of truth, their words
Are natural breath : but howsoe'er you have
Been jnstled from your senses, know for certain
That I am Prospero, and that very duke
Which was thrust forth of Milan; who most
strangely [landed,

Upon this shore, where yon were wrack *d, was
To be the lord on % No more yet of this ;
For *t is a chronicle of day by day,
Not a relation for a breakfast, nor
Befitting this first meeting. Welcome, sir;
This cell 's my court : here have I few attendants,
And subjects none abroad : pray you, look in,
Uy dukedom since yon have given me again,

1 will reouite you with as good a thuig ;

At leastj bring forth a wonder to content ye,
As much as me my dukedom.
Tkeeutraneeo/the Cetl opens^ and diacovers TtSDh
■AXD ami MlAAKDA playing at che$$,

Mvra. Bweet lord, you play me false.

-Wt. No, my dearest love,

I would not for the world. [wrangle,

Ukm, Yea. for a score of kingdoms you should


And I would call it fdr play.

Alan, If this prove

A vi.^ion of the island, one -dear son
SJiall I twice lose.

ikb, A most high miracle f

Fer, Though the seas threaten, they are merciftU I
I have cursed them without cause. [Per. huxh

to Alon.] Now all the blessmgs

Of a glad lather compass thee about I
Arine, and say how thou cam*st here.

Mira, 01 wonder I

How many goodly creatures are there here !
How beauteous mankind is 1 O brave new world.
That has sucli people in W

Pro. T is new to thee.

Alon, What is this nuiid, with whom thou wast
at play ?
Your eld'st acouaintance cannot be three hours:
Is she the goddess tliat hath severed us.
And brought us tlius togetlier?

Fer, Sir, she is mortal :

But, by immortal providence, she *s mine ;
I chose her, when 1 could not ask my father
For his advice; nor thought I had one: she
Is daughter to this famous Duke of Milan,
Of whom so often I have heard renown,
But never saw before ; of whom 1 have
l{eceiv*d a second life, and second father
This lady makes him to me.

Alon. I am hen :

But O, how oddly will it sound that I
Must ask my cliild forgiveness 1 .

Pro, There, sir, stop;

Let us not burthen our remembrances with
A heaviness that 's gone.

Qon, I have inly wept,

Or should have spoke ere this. Look down, you gods,
And on this couple drop a blessed crown ;
For it is you tliat have cluik'd forth the way
Which brought us liitherl

Alon. I say, amen, Gonzalof

Oon. Was Milan thrust from Milan, that his issue
Should become kmgs of Naples ? O, rejoice
Beyond a common joy ; and set it down
With gold on Usting pillars: In one voyage
Did Claribel her husband find at Tunis :
And Ferdinand, her brotlier, found a wife
Where he himself was lost; Prospero, his dukedom.
In a poor isle ; and all of us, ourselves.
When no man was his own.

Alon, Give me your hands :

[7b Fer andiiltu
Let grief and sorrow still tmbrace his heart
That doth not wish you joy I

Oon. Bo^soIAmenl

He-enter Abisl, vfith the Master and Boatswain
amazaUy foUotoing.

look, su*, look, sir ; here are more of us I

1 prophesied if a gallows were on land.

This fellow oould not drown ; now, blasphemy.
That swear 'st grace o'erboard, not an oath on shore ?
Hast thou no mouth by land ? What is tlic n«;\vs ?

Boats. The best news is that we have safely found
Our king, and company : the next our ship,—
Which, but tliree glasses since, we gave out si)lit,—
Is ti^ht, and yare, and bravely rigg'd, as when
We first put out to sea.

Art. Su-, all this service )

Have I dona smee I went y-Aaide^

Pro. My tricksy spu-it! )

Alon. These are not natural evenu; they


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Vram itrange to stranger ^— Say, bow came you
Jhats. If I did think, sir, I were well awake,
IVi strive to tell you. We were dead of sleep,
And (how, we know not) all clapp'd under hatches,
Where, but even now, with strange and several

Of roaring, shrieking, howling, gingling chains,
And uiere diversity of sounds, all horrible,
We were awak'd; straightway, at liberty:
Where we, in all our tnra, freshly beheld
Our royal, good, and gallant ship; our master
Cajering to eye her: on a trice, so olease you.
Even in a dream, were we divided irom them.
And were brought moping hither.

ArL Wast well done? )

Pro. Bravely, my diligence. Thonshsit> Aside,
be free. )

AUm. This is as strange a maze as e*er men trod :
And there is in this business more than nature
Was ever conduct of: some oracle
Must rectify our knowledge.

Pro, Sir, my liege,

Do not infest your mind with boating on
The strangeness of this business : at picked leisure.
Which shall be shortly, single 1 11 resolve you
JWhidi to you shall seem probable) of every
These happen 'd accidents: till when, be cheerful.
And tliinlc of each thing well. — Come hither, spirit ;
Set Caliban and his com^mnions free :
Untie the spell. [Exit Ariel.] How (kres my

gracious sir?
There are yet missing of your company
Some few odd lads t^t you remember not

Be-enter Ariel, drivmp in Caliban, Stbphako,
and Trinculo, in their stolen AppareL

Ste, Every man shift for all the rest, and let no
man take care for himself; for all is but fortune : —
Cora^io, bully-monster, Coragio!

2Vwi. If these be true spies which I wear in my
head, here 's a goodly sight.

CaL Setebos, these be brave spirits, indeed I
How fine my master is I I am afraid
He will chastise me.

Seb, Ha,hal

What things are these, my Lord Antonio Y
Will money buy them ?

Ant. Very like ; one of them

If a plain fish, and, no doubt, marketable.

Pro, Mark but the badges of these men, my lords,
Th^ say if they be true : this misbhapen knave, —
His mother was a witch, and one so strong
That could contiol the moon, make flows and ebbs,
And deal in her command, without her power :
These three have robb'd me : and this demi -devil

?''or he *8 a bastard one) had plotted with tliem
9 take my life : two of these fellows you
Must know, and own; this thing of darkness I
Acknowledge mine.

CaL I shall be pinch'd to death.

Aloru Is not this Steplumo, my drunken butler?
Sd>. He is drunk now : Where had he wine ?
Alan. And Trinculo is reeling ripe: Where
should they
Find this grand liquor that hath gilded them ?
Uow cam 'at thou m tliis pickle ?
Triu, 1 have been in such a pickle, since I saw

you last, that, I fear me, win never oat of my
bones : I shall not fear fly-blowing.

&b. Why, how now, btephano? [craropi.

t^tc. O, touch me not ; I am not Stephano but a

l*ro. You 'd be king o' the isle, sirrah ?

8te. I should have been a sore one then.

AloTL This is as strange tiling as e V I look*d on.
[Painting to Cal.

Pro. He is as disproportion *d in nis manners
As in his sliape:— Go, sirrah, to my cell;
Take with you your companions ; as you look
To have my pardon, trim it handsomeij.

Cal. Ay, that I will ; and 1 11 be wise hereafter,
And seek for grace : What a thrice-double an
Was I, to take this drunkard for a god,
And worship this dull fool I

Pro. Goto; away!

Alon. Hence, and bestow your luggage where
you found it.

Seb. Or stole it, rather.

[Exettnt Cal., Ste., and Triw.

Pro. Sir, I invite your highness, and yonr train,
To my poor cell : where you shall take your rest
For this one night : which (part of it) I 11 waste
With such discourse, as, I not doubt, shall make it
Go quick away: the story of my life.
And the particular accidents gone by,
Since 1 came to this isle : And in the mom
I 11 bring you to your ship, and so to Naples,
Where 1 nave hope to see the nuj»tial
Of these our dear-belov'd solemnized ;
And thence retire me to my Milan, where
Every tliird thought shall be my grave.

Alon. 1 long

To hear the story of your life, which must
Take the ear strangely.

Pro. I 11 deliver all ;

And promise yon calm seas, auspicious gales
And sail so expeditious, that shall catch
Your royal fleet far off. - My Ariel ;~cliick,— •
That is thy charge ; then to the elements
Be free, and fare thou well I— [aside,] Please yon
draw near. [£xemA


Spoken by Frobpero.

Now my charms are all o'erthrown,
And what strength I have *s mine own ;
Which is most faint: now *t is true,
I must be here conlin'd by you.
Or sent to Naples : Let me not,
Since I have my dukedom got.
And pardon 'd the deceiver, dwell
In this bare island, by your spell ;
But release me from my bands.
With the help of your good hands.
Gentle breath of yours my sails
Must fill, or else my project fails,
Which was to please: Now I want
Spirits to enforce, art to enchant;
And my ending is despair.
Unless I be reliev'd by prayer;
Which pierces so, that it asjiaults

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